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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
A00345271AAdenostoma fasciculatumR. McVaugh61691941-07-29 Contra CostaMaraga Ridge, 5 mi. e. of Berkeley
A00345309AAdenostoma fasciculatumC. F. Batchelder1888-04-22 VenturaOjai Valley
A00345310AAdenostoma fasciculatumG. N. Collins ; J. H. Kempton2231915-07-10 VenturaBetween Hemet & Murrietta
A00345311AAdenostoma fasciculatumD. L. Crawford1915-08-01 UnknownMts. near Claremont. [Los Angeles County, as per CCH, 30 Jun 2012]
A00345312AAdenostoma fasciculatumW. L. C. Muenscher ; M. W. Muenscher146321939-03-16 San BernardinoMill Creek Canyon
A00345313AAdenostoma fasciculatumB. Trask1901-03-01 Los AngelesAvalon, Santa Catalina Island
A00345314AAdenostoma fasciculatumT. S. Brandegee1888-06-01 Santa BarbaraIsland of Santa Rosa
A00345315AAdenostoma fasciculatumB. Trask1991903-06-01 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island
A00345316AAdenostoma fasciculatumE. L. Greene1886-01-01 Santa BarbaraIsland of Santa Cruz
A00345317AAdenostoma fasciculatumC. S. Sargent1894-09-16 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island
A00345318AAdenostoma fasciculatumA. Eastwood64281917-07-17 Santa BarbaraIsland of Santa Cruz
A00345319AAdenostoma fasciculatumA. Eastwood65061917-07-20 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island
A00345320AAdenostoma fasciculatumL. Abrams ; I. L. Wiggins3151931-07-04 Los AngelesWhite′s Landing, Santa Catalina Island
A00345321AAdenostoma fasciculatumL. Abrams ; I. L. Wiggins681930-04-26 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Vicinity of Pelican Bay
A00345323AAdenostoma fasciculatumA. Eastwood67321917-10-21 San BenitoThe Pinnacles
A00345324AAdenostoma fasciculatumA. Eastwood69431918-05-16 San BenitoSan Benito
A00345326AAdenostoma fasciculatumT. S. Brandegee1885-01-01 MontereyMonterey County
A00345327AAdenostoma fasciculatumA. A. Heller68531903-06-22 MontereyOn the Salinas road near Del Monte
A00345328AAdenostoma fasciculatumJ. G. Lemmon1866-01-01 UnknownCalifornia
A00345329AAdenostoma fasciculatumG. Engelmann ; C. S. Sargent1880-01-01 MontereyMonterey
A00345330AAdenostoma fasciculatumH. Davis1914-01-01 Santa CruzGlenwood
A00345331AAdenostoma fasciculatumW. N. Suksdorf5241913-07-14 MarinOn top of Mt. Tamalpais
A00345332AAdenostoma fasciculatumW. N. Suksdorf3281913-06-23 San MateoNear Crystal Springs Lake
A00345333AAdenostoma fasciculatumW. N. Suksdorf3741913-06-30 San MateoCrystal Springs Lake
A00345334AAdenostoma fasciculatumG. R. Vasey1880-05-13 San BernardinoSan Bernadino
A00345335AAdenostoma fasciculatumG. Engelmann ; C. S. Sargent1880-09-08 Santa CruzSanta Cruz
A00345336AAdenostoma fasciculatumA. Eastwood113661922-06-27 MendocinoUkiah
A00345337AAdenostoma fasciculatumR. J. Stinchfield3041916-06-18 Colusain ″Timber″ - College City
A00345338AAdenostoma fasciculatumR. J. Stinchfield3541916-06-26 YoloFoothills west of Dunnigan near Buckeye Creek
A00345342AAdenostoma fasciculatumC. B. Wolf41491932-09-22 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Prisoners Harbor, above water tank
A00345343AAdenostoma fasciculatumD. Demaree91871932-05-30 San MateoLos Trancos Woods
A00345344AAdenostoma fasciculatumP. A. Munz123941932-04-24 RiversideSnow Creek Canyon, San Jacinto Mts.
A00345345AAdenostoma fasciculatumD. Demaree92271932-07-16 MontereyMonterey County
A00345346AAdenostoma fasciculatumC. V. Meyer1421927-05-26 San Diego10 mi. ne. of San Diego
A00345347AAdenostoma fasciculatumG. L. Fisher1271922-06-28 Los AngelesMt. Wilson
A00345348AAdenostoma fasciculatumA. Eastwood14921912-07-29 MarinMt. Tamalpais
A00345349AAdenostoma fasciculatumA. Eastwood14921912-07-29 MarinMt. Tamalpais
A00345350AAdenostoma fasciculatumG. Newell1914-06-20 Santa ClaraRaymonds ranch, Los Gatos
A00345351AAdenostoma fasciculatumA. A. Heller75151904-06-16 Santa ClaraFoothills west of Los Gatos
A00345352AAdenostoma fasciculatumA. A. Heller75151904-06-16 Santa ClaraFoothills west of Los Gatos
A00345353AAdenostoma fasciculatumM. E. Jones22381881-06-24 Santa CruzSanta Cruz
A00345354AAdenostoma fasciculatumF. G. Woodcock1922-01-01 UnknownAdolphia Canyon, Huntington Park, San Diego
A00345355AAdenostoma fasciculatumP. A. Munz ; R. D. Harwood39541920-05-15 UnknownSanta Monica Mts. [Los Angeles County, as per CCH, 8 Jul 2012]
A00345356AAdenostoma fasciculatumG. L. Fisher981920-07-08 Los AngelesLos Angeles, Mt. Wilson
A00345357AAdenostoma fasciculatumA. Eastwood89291919-05-29 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Canyon
A00345358AAdenostoma fasciculatumC. G. Pringle1882-05-23 San BernardinoColton
A00345359AAdenostoma fasciculatumJ. S. Jack1907-07-06 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara
A00345360AAdenostoma fasciculatumG. J. Goodman ; C. L. Hitchcock17551930-07-01 San BernardinoCity Creek Road to Big Bear Lake
A00345361AAdenostoma fasciculatumT. S. Brandegee16421902-01-01 San DiegoSan Diego
A00345362AAdenostoma fasciculatumA. A. Heller114421914-05-27 Glennten miles east of Alder Springs
A00345363AAdenostoma fasciculatumGeorge Hansen2331896-10-07 AmadorIone
A00345365AAdenostoma fasciculatumC. A. Purpus1902-01-01 UnknownEel River
A00345367AAdenostoma fasciculatumC. C. Epling ; L. Ellison1929-04-27 Los AngelesTopanga Canyon
A00345371AAdenostoma fasciculatumM. E. Jones1923-08-15 San BernardinoSan Bernardino
A00345372AAdenostoma fasciculatumC. B. Wolf35191932-05-10 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island. Along the Equestrian trail, back of Avalon.
A00345373AAdenostoma fasciculatumI. W. Clokey ; B. C. Templeton45001929-03-01 Los AngelesMandeville Canyon, Santa Monica Mountains
A00345374AAdenostoma fasciculatumA. F. Buttle1913-07-01 San DiegoWarners Hot Springs
A00345376AAdenostoma fasciculatumA. Eastwood90931919-06-24 San DiegoDescanso
A00345377AAdenostoma fasciculatumM. E. Jones22381881-06-24 Santa CruzSanta Cruz
A00345378AAdenostoma fasciculatumL. Abrams37271903-06-04 San Diegonear Potrero
A00345379AAdenostoma fasciculatumM. F. Spencer21916-01-01 San Diegovicinity of San Diego
A00345380AAdenostoma fasciculatumS. B. Parish87021913-10-13 San DiegoTecate Mt.
A00345381AAdenostoma fasciculatumS. F. Blake9151910-09-03 Los AngelesAlong San Gabriel River beds, near Azus
A00345382AAdenostoma fasciculatumA. Rehder2021914-07-30 Los AngelesSierra Madre
A00345383AAdenostoma fasciculatumL. Abrams26491902-07-03 Los AngelesLittle Santa Anita canyon
A00345384AAdenostoma fasciculatumL. Abrams ; E. A. McGregor1401908-06-08 VenturaRed Reef Canyon, Topatopa Mountains
A00345385AAdenostoma fasciculatumA. M. Alexander ; L. Kellogg22721941-06-02 San BernardinoMorongo Valley
A00345386AAdenostoma fasciculatumH. L. Dale1927-06-01 San MateoJasper Ridge
A00345387AAdenostoma fasciculatumY. W. Winblad1941-05-20 Los Angelesnear Saugus, in Pico Canyon
A00345388AAdenostoma fasciculatumY. W. Winblad1941-05-27 RiversideSan Juan Mts, San Juan Canyon, Highway 74
A00345399AAdenostoma fasciculatumJ. G. Jack1907-07-13 Los AngelesLas Casetas Canon
A00345412AAdenostoma fasciculatumL. Abrams12631901-04-01 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mts.
A00345413AAdenostoma fasciculatumS. B. Parish ; W. F. Parish1521881-05-01 San BernardinoSan Bernardino
A00345415AAdenostoma fasciculatumC. A. Purpus1895-08-26 UnknownCalifornia
A00345416AAdenostoma fasciculatumE. Eizinger1041934-04-22 TuolumnePriests′ Grade, Big Oak Flat Road
A00420110AAdenostoma fasciculatumR. K. Oyama ; R. S. Oyama191998-07-22 TuolumneHwy 49, 1.8 northwest from Mariposa County line
AHUC044568DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumCollector Unknowns.n.2008-04-17 County UnknownCounty and location unknown.
AHUC100559DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumBeecher Crampton4811949-06-05 County UnknownCounty Unknown.
AHUC100564DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumBeecher Crampton92611975-08-27 AmadorAmador County: 1.5 miles S of Ione.
AHUC100565DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumBeecher Crampton52111959-05-18 AmadorAmador County: Along State Highway 16, about 5 miles east of Michigan Bar Store.
AHUC100566DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumBeecher Crampton92521975-08-27 AmadorAmador County: State Highway 16, 1.5 miles E of old Devore Station.
AHUC100567DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumBeecher Crampton48671958-05-29 El DoradoEl Dorado County: 1-2 mile south of the new Salmon Falls Bridge.
AHUC100568DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumBeecher Crampton4811949-07-15 Contra CostaContra Costa County: Site of old coal mining town of Judsonville.
AHUC100577DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumBeecher Crampton92541975-08-27 AmadorAmador County: 4.5 miles N of Ione (by road) on State Highway 124 at Tonzi Road.
BLMRD0751BLMRDAdenostoma fasciculatumRay Bosch1977-05-31 Unknown
BSCA4161BSCAAdenostoma fasciculatumSullivan, Bill10072010-09-08 San DiegoAnza-Borrego Desert State Park, along Lost Valley Road at Pacific Crest Trail.
CAS-BOT132893CASAdenostoma fasciculatumAbrams, Le Roy12631901-04-03 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mts.
CAS-BOT132894CASAdenostoma fasciculatumRaven, Peter H.; Thompson, Henry J.140801959-05-03 Los AngelesMulholland Drive 0.6 miles east of Coldwater Canyon
CAS-BOT132895CASAdenostoma fasciculatumRaven, Peter H.94271956-06-17 Los AngelesN.W. of Sunset Blvd at Sepulveda Blvd., Santa Monica Mts.
CAS-BOT132896CASAdenostoma fasciculatumHowell, John Thomass.n.1946-05-12 MarinCarson Ridge
CAS-BOT132897CASAdenostoma fasciculatumM., C. H.; B., V.s.n.1911-09-14 MarinLagunitas
CAS-BOT132898CASAdenostoma fasciculatumRattans.n.1880-06-01 Marin[Mt. Tamilpais] Mt. Tamalpais
CAS-BOT132899CASAdenostoma fasciculatumHowell, John Thomas57151930-12-28 MarinLower slopes of Mt. Tamalpais, Mill Valley
CAS-BOT132900CASAdenostoma fasciculatumHowell, John Thomas57201930-12-28 MarinSlopes of Mt. Tamalpais above Mill Valley
CAS-BOT132901CASAdenostoma fasciculatumEastwood, Alice14921912-07-29 MarinMt. Tamalpais
CAS-BOT132902CASAdenostoma fasciculatumHowell, John Thomass.n.1967-02-26 MarinOld railroad grade above Cascade Canyon, Mt. Tamalpais
CAS-BOT132903CASAdenostoma fasciculatumRaven, Peter H.; Johnson, Michael P.213051967-05-02 MarinNear road between Point Campbell and Hospital Cove, northwest side of island, Angel Island
CAS-BOT132904CASAdenostoma fasciculatumBallantyne, May1231958-06-02 MariposaVicinity of Mariposa
CAS-BOT132905CASAdenostoma fasciculatumHowell, John Thomas298951954-05-19 Mariposa4 miles nw. of Bagby
CAS-BOT132906CASAdenostoma fasciculatumFauntleroy, Sophies.n.1914-01-01 Mariposa
CAS-BOT132907CASAdenostoma fasciculatumCampbell, Mrs. Marian L.s.n.1894-07-01 MendocinoUkiah road
CAS-BOT132908CASAdenostoma fasciculatumEastwood, Alice113661922-06-27 MendocinoUkiah
CAS-BOT132909CASAdenostoma fasciculatumWheeler, Clare R.15471980-05-01 MendocinoMiddle Fork Eel River, about 1.5 mi SE of Salmon Creek, SE of Round Valley
CAS-BOT132910CASAdenostoma fasciculatumWheeler, Clare R.1021978-03-15 MendocinoHwy 162, 1 mi E of Dos Rios, overlook of Middle Fork of the Eel River
CAS-BOT132911CASAdenostoma fasciculatumWheeler, Clare R.1511978-03-30 MendocinoPine Mountain Road, 11 mi NE of Cloverdale
CAS-BOT132912CASAdenostoma fasciculatumHolman, R. M.s.n.1921-07-07 MendocinoPotter Valley, about 12.5 mi NE of Ukiah
CAS-BOT132913CASAdenostoma fasciculatumAbrams, L. R.63611916-07-10 MendocinoBell Springs Grade - n. side
CAS-BOT132914CASAdenostoma fasciculatumMcMurphy, Jas.2611903-07-01 MendocinoOrr′s Springs
CAS-BOT132915CASAdenostoma fasciculatumHead, Annas.n.1921-05-23 Mendocino
CAS-BOT132916CASAdenostoma fasciculatumEastwood, Alice32991913-06-13 MendocinoUkiah
CAS-BOT132917CASAdenostoma fasciculatumPainter, E.; Neese, E.; Chesnut, J.; Hazebrook, A.HL 6211994-06-20 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett (Training Areas 19, 23), Los Bueyes Creek, ca. 2.8 air km WSW of Hughes Reservoir, ca. 3 air km NE of Burro Mountain
CAS-BOT132918CASAdenostoma fasciculatumCarpenter, Jeanette2651983-06-05 MontereyRidge between Middle and South Forks of Devil′s Creek, above Canogas Falls
CAS-BOT132919CASAdenostoma fasciculatumElmer, A. D. E.33301901-06-01 MontereyTassajara Hot Springs
CAS-BOT132920CASAdenostoma fasciculatumGenetti, Cathy; Engles, Eric4401982-06-01 MontereyFrom alongside the Gamboa Trail just outside the study area on the south face of ′3850′
CAS-BOT132921CASAdenostoma fasciculatumTwisselmann, Ernest C.166481970-06-11 MontereyPlaskett Ridge Road 1.4 mile south of Nacimiento Summit
CAS-BOT132922CASAdenostoma fasciculatumThomas, John H.179641975-06-19 MontereyArroyo Seco, about 7 miles westward from Greenfield, eastern slopes of the Santa Lucia Mountains
CAS-BOT132923CASAdenostoma fasciculatumMcMurphy, Jamess.n.1906-06-24 MontereySan Jose Creek
CAS-BOT132924CASAdenostoma fasciculatumDudley, W. R.s.n.1905-10-01 MontereyE. side of Sawmill Gulch Basin
CAS-BOT132925CASAdenostoma fasciculatumPatterson, Miss.; Wiltz, Misss.n.1907-06-10 MontereyCarmel
CAS-BOT132926CASAdenostoma fasciculatumColeman, G. A.s.n.1905-07-15 MontereyPacific Grove
CAS-BOT132927CASAdenostoma fasciculatumDudley, W. R.s.n.1905-06-27 Monterey
CAS-BOT132928CASAdenostoma fasciculatumMcGregor, E. A.1101906-06-23 MontereyPoint Lobos - Carmel
CAS-BOT132929CASAdenostoma fasciculatumDudley, W. R.s.n.1905-06-26 MontereyCarmel River
CAS-BOT132930CASAdenostoma fasciculatumHeller, A. A.68581903-06-22 MontereyOn the Salinas road near Del Monte
CAS-BOT132931CASAdenostoma fasciculatumHowell, John Thomas413261965-06-15 MontereyNear summit of road between Pacific Grove and Carmel
CAS-BOT132932CASAdenostoma fasciculatumTwisselmann, Ernest C.166481970-06-11 MontereyPlaskett Ridge Road 1.4 mile south of Nacimiento Summit
CAS-BOT132933CASAdenostoma fasciculatumHowell, John Thomas394861963-06-21 MontereyMustang Grade east of San Lorenzo Creek
CAS-BOT132934CASAdenostoma fasciculatumHowell, John Thomas301721955-05-18 MontereyWest of saddle between Junipero Serra and Pinyon Peaks, Santa Lucia Mts.
CAS-BOT132935CASAdenostoma fasciculatumCook & Cook1191946-06-08 MontereyTop of School Hill, Frances Simes Hastings Natural History Reservation, Santa Lucia Mts.
CAS-BOT132936CASAdenostoma fasciculatumAbbott, E. K.s.n.1983-06-05 Monterey
CAS-BOT132937CASAdenostoma fasciculatumNewell, Gwendolans.n.1914-07-17 MontereyScenic drive, Monterey
CAS-BOT132938CASAdenostoma fasciculatumRaven, Peter H.2541A1950-07-12 MontereyAt NE corner of Lincoln St. & 11th Ave., Carmel
CAS-BOT132939CASAdenostoma fasciculatumMexia, Yness.n.1926-05-01 MontereyBig Sur
CAS-BOT132940CASAdenostoma fasciculatumBrewer, W. H.5871861-05-11 MontereyNear Camp 31, [Guadaloupe] Guadalupe Ranch
CAS-BOT132941CASAdenostoma fasciculatumHowitt, Beatrice F.; Vandevere, Judson691964-08-04 MontereyIn Mark′s acquisition to Pt. Lobos Reserve
CAS-BOT132942CASAdenostoma fasciculatumHowitt, Beatrice F.6751955-06-16 MontereyNear the trails in Del Monte Forest
CAS-BOT132943CASAdenostoma fasciculatumDurham, Floyds.n.1942-06-14 MontereyFrances Simes Hastings Natural History Reservation, upper Carmel Valley about 2 miles northeast of Jamesburg
CAS-BOT132944CASAdenostoma fasciculatumDudley, W. R.s.n.1895-05-14 MontereyAlong stage road grade between Jolon and [King′s] King City
CAS-BOT132945CASAdenostoma fasciculatumNott, Chas. P.s.n.1903-06-15 MontereySeaside
CAS-BOT132946CASAdenostoma fasciculatumThomas, John H.178261975-04-27 San BenitoPinnacles National Monument, Pinnacles Loop Trail
CAS-BOT132947CASAdenostoma fasciculatumEastwood, Alice69431918-05-16 San Benito10 miles w. of Panoche
CAS-BOT132948CASAdenostoma fasciculatumRodda, Mrs. A. F.s.n.1926-05-16 San BenitoPinnacles
CAS-BOT132949CASAdenostoma fasciculatumEastwood, Alice67321917-10-21 San BenitoThe Pinnacles
CAS-BOT132950CASAdenostoma fasciculatumKaune, Stephen M.3621962-06-13 San Benito30 mi. north of Coalinga, south end of Priest Valley, Hwy 25
CAS-BOT132951CASAdenostoma fasciculatumTwisselmann, Ernest C.128461966-10-04 San BenitoCanyon of Clear Creek
CAS-BOT132952CASAdenostoma fasciculatumTwisselmann, Ernest C.128461966-10-04 San BenitoCanyon of Clear Creek
CAS-BOT133124CASAdenostoma fasciculatumParry, C. C.; Lemmon, J. G.1051876-01-01 Unknown
CAS-BOT133125CASAdenostoma fasciculatumJotter, E. V.571911-07-21 UnknownTrinity National Forest
CAS-BOT133127CASAdenostoma fasciculatumCantelow, Ella Dales42931940-05-10 ButteE. of Oroville, Old road to Bucks Lake
CAS-BOT133128CASAdenostoma fasciculatumBlaisdell, M.D., F. E.s.n.1945-08-01 CalaverasMokelumne Hill
CAS-BOT133129CASAdenostoma fasciculatumVincent, Michael A.86211999-06-12 CalaverasShore of Tulloch Lake, 0.3 mile north of Tuolumne county line, along CA Rt. 49
CAS-BOT133130CASAdenostoma fasciculatumPawek, Jean L.2931957-06-27 El DoradoBetween Omo Ranch and Somerset
CAS-BOT133131CASAdenostoma fasciculatumHowell, John Thomas520431976-08-01 El DoradoCameron Park about 3 miles west of Shingle Springs
CAS-BOT133132CASAdenostoma fasciculatumThomas, John H.51081955-05-21 NapaSarco Creek drainage, near State Highway No. 37, about 6 miles from Napa
CAS-BOT133133CASAdenostoma fasciculatumMcMinn, H. E.13661925-01-23 NapaSummit Wooden Valley Grade
CAS-BOT133134CASAdenostoma fasciculatumWhite, A. M.13871974-06-03 OrangeCa. 20 mi. E. of Santa Ana, N. of Silverado Canyon
CAS-BOT133135CASAdenostoma fasciculatumHowell, John Thomas28731927-07-29 OrangeOn N. side of Santa Ana [Canon] Canyon
CAS-BOT133136CASAdenostoma fasciculatumVan Dyke, Mrs. E. C.s.n.1928-05-28 RiversideBanning
CAS-BOT133137CASAdenostoma fasciculatumHart, Cecil181922-05-21 RiversideSan Jacinto Pk.
CAS-BOT133138CASAdenostoma fasciculatumWorley, T.; Mill, M.; Rosenthal, F.761985-05-12 Shasta2 miles east of Platina CA. County road A16
CAS-BOT133139CASAdenostoma fasciculatumKildale, L. B.102701930-10-19 TrinityTrinity River at Betty May Mine
CAS-BOT133140CASAdenostoma fasciculatumKildale, L. B.104801930-09-01 TrinityBetty May Mine, Trinity River
CAS-BOT133141CASAdenostoma fasciculatumStinchfield, Roxana3541916-06-26 YoloFoothills west of Dunnigan near Buckeye Cr.
CAS-BOT133142CASAdenostoma fasciculatumCannon, Miss. E.s.n.1932-05-02 AlamedaLaundry Farm
CAS-BOT133143CASAdenostoma fasciculatumCarruth, W. W.s.n.1901-05-01 AlamedaOakland Hills
CAS-BOT133144CASAdenostoma fasciculatumZeile, E. M.s.n.1921-08-06 AlamedaRedwood Peak
CAS-BOT133145CASAdenostoma fasciculatumMcMinn, H. E.321944-06-22 AlamedaSlope of Oakland Hills
CAS-BOT133146CASAdenostoma fasciculatumCovel, Paul F.6821937-09-29 AlamedaOak. Hills
CAS-BOT133147CASAdenostoma fasciculatumCovel, Paul F.15011938-06-01 AlamedaEast [Oaklnad] Oakland Hills
CAS-BOT133148CASAdenostoma fasciculatumHansen, Geo.s.n.1892-01-01 Amador[Dry Town] Drytown
CAS-BOT133149CASAdenostoma fasciculatumHansen, Geo.2331892-06-01 AmadorDrytown
CAS-BOT133150CASAdenostoma fasciculatumHansen, Geo.2331893-06-02 AmadorDrytown
CAS-BOT133151CASAdenostoma fasciculatumFerris, Roxana S.5941917-04-14 Colusa5 mi west of Arbuckle along Sand Creek, Arbuckle - Rumsey Road
CAS-BOT133152CASAdenostoma fasciculatumStinchfield, Roxana3041916-06-18 ColusaCollege City
CAS-BOT133153CASAdenostoma fasciculatumStinchfield, Roxana3041916-06-18 ColusaNear College City
CAS-BOT133154CASAdenostoma fasciculatumBrandegee, Mrs.s.n.1968-06-01 Contra CostaAntioch
CAS-BOT133155CASAdenostoma fasciculatumBrandegees.n.1976-08-12 Contra CostaAntioch
CAS-BOT133156CASAdenostoma fasciculatumC., M. K.s.n.1886-05-01 Contra CostaAntioch
CAS-BOT133157CASAdenostoma fasciculatumHeller, A. A.114421914-05-27 GlennOn the grade about ten-9 miles east of Alder Springs
CAS-BOT133158CASAdenostoma fasciculatumHeller, A. A.114421914-05-27 GlennOn the grade about ten miles east of Alder Springs
CAS-BOT133159CASAdenostoma fasciculatumQuick, Clarence63-181963-06-21 GlennRidge above Grindstone Creek, between Del Harleson Camp and Elk Creek
CAS-BOT133160CASAdenostoma fasciculatumTwisselmann, Ernest C.36611957-06-05 KernCaliente Canyon: 3.2 miles above Caliente
CAS-BOT133161CASAdenostoma fasciculatumTwisselmann, Ernest C.36611957-06-05 KernCaliente Canyon: 3.2 miles above Caliente
CAS-BOT133162CASAdenostoma fasciculatumTwisselmann, Ernest C.125391966-07-05 KernSlope east of the mouth of Canyon de la Lecheria
CAS-BOT133163CASAdenostoma fasciculatumTwisselmann, Ernest C.125391966-07-05 KernSlope east of the mouth of Canyon de la Lecheria
CAS-BOT133164CASAdenostoma fasciculatumTwisselmann, Ernest C.69431962-04-18 KernTejon Ranch: Fireguard Road 1 mile from Oso Canyon Gate
CAS-BOT133165CASAdenostoma fasciculatumWilliams, Margaret J.; Roderick, Wayne84-17-31984-05-22 LakeWalker Ridge road, 1.4 mi in.
CAS-BOT133166CASAdenostoma fasciculatumJussel, M. S.3251933-06-30 LakeBetween Cobb Mountain and Adams Springs on the Binkley Ranch
CAS-BOT133167CASAdenostoma fasciculatumBlankinship, J. W.s.n.1928-07-22 LakeMt. Konocti
CAS-BOT133168CASAdenostoma fasciculatumPhelps, Kate Eastwoods.n.1934-07-01 LakeAdams Springs
CAS-BOT133169CASAdenostoma fasciculatumKildale, Doris K.20671926-05-30 LakeOn road to Upper Lake, 1 1-2 miles from Redwood Highway Junction
CAS-BOT133170CASAdenostoma fasciculatumEastwood, Alice3271906-06-06 Los AngelesRoscoe
CAS-BOT133171CASAdenostoma fasciculatumJones, Marcus E.s.n.1900-07-10 Los AngelesRavenna
CAS-BOT133172CASAdenostoma fasciculatumHill, A. J.s.n.1963-08-25 Los AngelesTopanga Canyon near intersection with Entrada Drive
CAS-BOT133173CASAdenostoma fasciculatumAbrams, LeRoy26491902-07-03 Los AngelesLittle Santa Anita Canyon
CAS-BOT133174CASAdenostoma fasciculatumMoxley, Geo. L.20351927-05-01 Los AngelesWash at La Crescenta
CAS-BOT133175CASAdenostoma fasciculatumAbrams, Le Roy; McGregor, E. A.3871908-06-19 Los AngelesOakgrove Canyon, Liebre Mountains
CAS-BOT133176CASAdenostoma fasciculatumDudley, W. R.; Lamb, F. H.43891896-06-08 Los AngelesKings Canyon, Liebre Mountains
CAS-BOT133177CASAdenostoma fasciculatumRoss, Timothy S.; Porter, J. Mark84231995-05-04 Los AngelesTexas Canyon: ca 1.9 road miles NE of Bouquet Canyon Road; Liebre Mountains
CAS-BOT133178CASAdenostoma fasciculatumRoss, Tim; Boyd, Steve72961993-05-23 Los AngelesLower, easterly ridge of Red Mtn, on northerly slope 140-220 m SE of the saddle between Ruby and Clearwater Canyons; Liebre Mountains
CAS-BOT133179CASAdenostoma fasciculatumRoss, Timothy S.; Boyd, Steve79321994-05-25 Los AngelesNecktie Basin: Hanging basin ca 470-830 m W of Warm Springs Mtn summit; from ca 600-800 m WSW of summit; Liebre Mountains
CAS-BOT133180CASAdenostoma fasciculatumRoss, Timothy S.; Steinmann, Victor W85721995-05-08 Los AngelesSlopes between Leona Valley and Lost Valley, Liebre Mountains
CAS-BOT133181CASAdenostoma fasciculatumJones, Marcus E.s.n.1926-05-20 Los AngelesMountains near Claremont (San Gabriel Mts.)
CAS-BOT133182CASAdenostoma fasciculatumJones, Marcus E.s.n.1926-05-20 Los AngelesMountains near Claremont, San Gabriel Mts.
CAS-BOT133183CASAdenostoma fasciculatumAbrams, L. R.s.n.1906-07-19 Los AngelesMount Wilson Trail, San Gabriel Mts.
CAS-BOT133184CASAdenostoma fasciculatumEastwood, Alice89291919-05-29 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Canyon
CAS-BOT133185CASAdenostoma fasciculatumDudley, W. R.s.n.1899-07-22 Los AngelesMt. Lowe, San Gabriel Mts.
CAS-BOT133186CASAdenostoma fasciculatumAbrams, L. R.1401908-07-05 Los AngelesLone Pine Canyon, desert slopes of the San Gabriel Mountains
CAS-BOT133187CASAdenostoma fasciculatumBlakley, E. R.47561961-09-23 Los AngelesAt east end of Isthmus Harbor, Santa Catalina Island
CAS-BOT133188CASAdenostoma fasciculatumAbrams, L. R.; Wiggins, I. L.3351931-07-04 Los AngelesWhite′s Landing, Santa Catalina Island
CAS-BOT133189CASAdenostoma fasciculatumGiddings, Junes.n.1924-08-01 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Islands - Summit
CAS-BOT133190CASAdenostoma fasciculatumWolf, Carl B.35191932-05-10 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island, along the equestrian trail, back of Avalon
CAS-BOT133191CASAdenostoma fasciculatumAbrams, L. R.; Wiggins, I. L.3151931-07-04 Los AngelesWhite′s Landing, Santa Catalina Island
CAS-BOT133192CASAdenostoma fasciculatumEastwood, Alice65061917-07-20 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island
CAS-BOT133193CASAdenostoma fasciculatumAbrams, L. R.; Wiggins, I. L.3151931-07-04 Los AngelesWhite′s Landing, Santa Catalina Island
CAS-BOT139876CASAdenostoma fasciculatumShevock, James R.97911982-06-23 TulareAlong Wishon Road, approximately 2 miles north of California highway 190, Wishon Fork Tule River, Sequoia National Forest
CAS-BOT139877CASAdenostoma fasciculatumPawek, Jean L.1201956-06-25 TulareMineral King Road
CAS-BOT139878CASAdenostoma fasciculatumWinblad, Ynez Whiltons.n.1937-06-07 TulareBalch Park
CAS-BOT139879CASAdenostoma fasciculatumTwisselmann, Ernest C.87431963-07-10 TulareKern Canyon, just below Fairview
CAS-BOT139880CASAdenostoma fasciculatumTwisselmann, Ernest C.176911971-06-19 TulareKern Canyon, 3.7 miles below Fairview; above Kern River
CAS-BOT139881CASAdenostoma fasciculatumWilliamson, Mrs. W. J.1721919-05-24 TuolumneHills above Indian Creek
CAS-BOT139882CASAdenostoma fasciculatumWilliamson, Mrs. W. J.1721919-05-24 TuolumneHills above Indian Creek
CAS-BOT139883CASAdenostoma fasciculatumPawek, Jean L.771956-05-24 TuolumneHighway 49, detour between Vallecito and Sonora
CAS-BOT139884CASAdenostoma fasciculatumStinchfield, Roxana911915-08-17 TuolumneVicinity of Rawhide
CAS-BOT139885CASAdenostoma fasciculatumHubby, Frank W.s.n.1894-04-01 VenturaOjai Valley
CAS-BOT139886CASAdenostoma fasciculatumAbrams, L. R.; McGregor, E. A.1401908-06-08 VenturaRed Reef Canyon, Topatopa Mountains
CAS-BOT139887CASAdenostoma fasciculatumPollard, Henry M.s.n.1962-06-20 VenturaNear Council Rock on Ortega Hill Trail, Ojai District
CAS-BOT139888CASAdenostoma fasciculatumPollard, Henry M.s.n.1945-04-21 Ventura[Senor] Senior Canyon
CAS-BOT139889CASAdenostoma fasciculatumEvermann, Dr. Barton W.s.n.1917-03-24 VenturaPine Creek near Sespe
CAS-BOT139890CASAdenostoma fasciculatumEvermann, B. W.s.n.1914-09-01 VenturaSespe Canyon
CAS-BOT139901CASAdenostoma fasciculatumElmer, A. D. E.45821903-06-01 Santa ClaraBlack Mountain
CAS-BOT139902CASAdenostoma fasciculatumNewell, Gwendolans.n.1914-06-20 Santa ClaraRaymonds ranch, Los Gatos
CAS-BOT139903CASAdenostoma fasciculatumWalker, Jay B.; Goldstein, Noah8921994-08-11 Santa CruzUCSC campus, adjacent to ″Natural Area″ at northern edge of campus
CAS-BOT139904CASAdenostoma fasciculatumGarron, Ozs.n.1967-10-14 Santa Cruz[Stephens] Stevens Creek, on the east slope of Monte Bello Ridge near the top of Monte Bello Rd.
CAS-BOT139905CASAdenostoma fasciculatumThomas, J. H.3365B1953-06-14 Santa CruzBracken Brae, about 1.5 miles NW of Boulder Creek near Boulder Creek- Big Basin Highway
CAS-BOT139906CASAdenostoma fasciculatumThompson, C. H.s.n.1903-06-27 Santa CruzSanta Cruz
CAS-BOT139907CASAdenostoma fasciculatumThomas, J. H.34481953-07-14 Santa CruzAbout 1.5 miles south of Bielawski Lookout (as measured by the road)
CAS-BOT139908CASAdenostoma fasciculatumThomas, J. H.19511950-06-05 Santa CruzAbout 1-2 mile below Saratoga Summit, along an abandoned road which runs toward the Ranger Station
CAS-BOT139909CASAdenostoma fasciculatumDavis, Horaces.n.1907-09-01 Santa CruzGlenwood
CAS-BOT139910CASAdenostoma fasciculatumThompson, C. H.s.n.1903-06-27 Santa CruzSanta Cruz
CAS-BOT139911CASAdenostoma fasciculatumJones, M. E.22381881-06-24 Santa CruzSanta Cruz
CAS-BOT139912CASAdenostoma fasciculatumRandall, Merles.n.1930-07-04 Santa CruzBig Basin, Summit
CAS-BOT139913CASAdenostoma fasciculatumThomas, J. H.19511950-06-05 Santa CruzAbout 1-2 mile below Saratoga Summit, along an abandoned road which runs toward the Ranger Station
CAS-BOT139914CASAdenostoma fasciculatumMexia, Yness.n.1926-06-13 Santa CruzLoma Prieta
CAS-BOT139915CASAdenostoma fasciculatumDavis, Horaces.n.1914-01-01 Santa CruzGlenwood
CAS-BOT139916CASAdenostoma fasciculatumKellogg, Dr. A.; Harford, W. G.W.2081868-01-01 Santa CruzSanta Cruz Mts.
CAS-BOT139917CASAdenostoma fasciculatumEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas74581939-07-09 Santa CruzNear Ben Lomond
CAS-BOT139918CASAdenostoma fasciculatumZeile, E. M.s.n.1921-08-14 Santa CruzBrookdale
CAS-BOT139919CASAdenostoma fasciculatumBolanders.n.1877-06-17 SonomaGuerneville
CAS-BOT139920CASAdenostoma fasciculatumHeller, A. A.57411902-06-23 SonomaPetrified Forest
CAS-BOT139921CASAdenostoma fasciculatumKnight, Walter; Knight, Irja1931963-08-23 SonomaJoost Ranch, Calistoga Rd.
CAS-BOT139922CASAdenostoma fasciculatumKnight, Walter; Knight, Irja4621963-12-27 SonomaSummit, Pine Flat Rd.
CAS-BOT139923CASAdenostoma fasciculatumShevock, James R.59111978-05-31 TulareAlong California highway 190 west of Moorehouse fish hatchery, Tule River Canyon, Sequoia National Forest
CAS-BOT139924CASAdenostoma fasciculatumShevock, James R.50951976-05-31 TulareAlong the Stevenson Fire Trail off of California highway 190, Tule River Canyon, Sequoia National Forest
CAS-BOT139925CASAdenostoma fasciculatumShevock, James R.91121982-02-25 TulareAlong the trail between Cherry Flat and the North Fork of the Kaweah River, Sequoia National Forest
CAS-BOT139926CASAdenostoma fasciculatumSnodgrass, R. E.s.n.1901-07-01 Santa BarbaraEast End Mt., Santa Cruz Island
CAS-BOT139927CASAdenostoma fasciculatumPeirson, Mabel B.; Peirson, F. W.71441927-04-14 Santa BarbaraOn terrace 100 ft. above sea and about 1 mile w. of pier, Prisoners′ Cove, Santa Cruz Island
CAS-BOT139928CASAdenostoma fasciculatumBlakley, E. R.; Balls, E. K.B-2592-a1958-10-14 Santa BarbaraRidge south of Canyon del Medio; 2 mi. west of Stanton Ranch Hdq., Santa Cruz Island
CAS-BOT139929CASAdenostoma fasciculatumPhilbrick, Ralph N.; Smith, D. M.; Flinck, AlB65-1301965-02-01 Santa BarbaraLimu Pasture, along road between Los Pinos del Sur and China Harbor, Santa Cruz Island
CAS-BOT139930CASAdenostoma fasciculatumBlakley, E. R.32971960-04-29 Santa BarbaraTop of ridge between Coches Prietos Canyon and Alberts Anchorage, Santa Cruz Island
CAS-BOT139931CASAdenostoma fasciculatumYoung, David A.; Junak, S.; Ayers, T.; Scott, R.19191989-04-18 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: Centinella Grade
CAS-BOT139932CASAdenostoma fasciculatumBourell, M.; Patterson, R.19861984-01-29 Santa BarbaraAlong trail from Stanton Ranch to Cochis Harbor, Santa Cruz Island
CAS-BOT139933CASAdenostoma fasciculatumDunkle, M. B.68091939-08-14 Santa BarbaraPelican Bay, Santa Cruz Island
CAS-BOT139934CASAdenostoma fasciculatumWebster, Grady L.74271966-09-21 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: lower part of El Camino Viejo
CAS-BOT139935CASAdenostoma fasciculatumBalls, E. K.; Blakley, E. R.237071958-10-14 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island, SE. from Cocho Diablo, ridges S. side of Canyon Medio
CAS-BOT139936CASAdenostoma fasciculatumWilliams, M. W.191939-06-24 Santa BarbaraHills between Smugglers and Yellow Banks, Santa Cruz Island
CAS-BOT139937CASAdenostoma fasciculatumMiller, Mrs. C. E.s.n.1918-06-06 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island
CAS-BOT139938CASAdenostoma fasciculatumHowell, John Thomas62281931-04-10 Santa BarbaraRavenswood, Santa Cruz Island
CAS-BOT139939CASAdenostoma fasciculatumMiller, Mrs. C. E.s.n.1916-08-11 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island
CAS-BOT139940CASAdenostoma fasciculatumWiggins, Ira L.92181939-05-31 Santa ClaraHillside along Page Mill Road, 3 miles southwest of Mayfield
CAS-BOT139941CASAdenostoma fasciculatumMartineau, Robert3041974-06-17 Santa ClaraToyon Trail. Foothills of the eastern side of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Five miles south of center of Palo Alto
CAS-BOT139942CASAdenostoma fasciculatumThomas, J. H.3978A1954-04-23 Santa ClaraVicinity of Mt. Umunhum
CAS-BOT139943CASAdenostoma fasciculatumCronemiller, F. P.31661967-06-06 Santa ClaraPalo Alto Foothills Park. Oak Grove
CAS-BOT139944CASAdenostoma fasciculatumWiggins, Ira L.92181939-05-31 Santa ClaraHillside along Page Mill Road, 3 miles southwest of Mayfield
CAS-BOT139945CASAdenostoma fasciculatumHeller, A. A.75151904-06-16 Santa ClaraFoothills west of Los Gatos
CAS-BOT139946CASAdenostoma fasciculatumElmer, A. D. E.45821903-06-01 Santa ClaraBlack Mountain
CAS-BOT139947CASAdenostoma fasciculatumRandall, Josephine D.3271907-05-30 Santa ClaraStanford University
CAS-BOT139948CASAdenostoma fasciculatumAtkinson, W. A.s.n.1900-04-01 Santa ClaraStanford Univ.
CAS-BOT139949CASAdenostoma fasciculatumDudley, W. R.s.n.1899-06-13 Santa ClaraNear Stanford Stock farm
CAS-BOT139950CASAdenostoma fasciculatumAbrams, L. R.s.n.1909-10-09 Santa ClaraBlack Mountain
CAS-BOT139951CASAdenostoma fasciculatumHemphill, Fred6601973-04-15 San MateoSan Carlos, area north of Malabar Rd. and Melendy Dr.
CAS-BOT139952CASAdenostoma fasciculatumHemphill, Fred7441973-04-22 San MateoSan Carlos, area north of Malabar Rd. and Melendy Dr.
CAS-BOT139953CASAdenostoma fasciculatumCahill, Ned2601974-05-13 San MateoNear the intersection of Canada and Edgewood roads, about 3 mi westward from Redwood City
CAS-BOT139954CASAdenostoma fasciculatumCahill, Ned3321974-06-21 San MateoNear the intersection of Canada and Edgewood roads, about 3 mi westward from Redwood City
CAS-BOT139955CASAdenostoma fasciculatumThomas, John H.158641971-05-02 San MateoNear intersection of Canada and Edgewater {Edgewood] roads, about 4 miles SW of center of Redwood City
CAS-BOT139956CASAdenostoma fasciculatumKeck, David D.17811932-05-25 San MateoHills two miles west of Belmont
CAS-BOT139957CASAdenostoma fasciculatumRose, L. S.412701941-06-12 San MateoEmerald Lake, hills west of Redwood City
CAS-BOT139958CASAdenostoma fasciculatumBarry, Margaret A.1901937-06-24 San MateoOn Coal Mine Ridge
CAS-BOT139959CASAdenostoma fasciculatumOberlander, George2341949-06-25 San MateoSawyer Ridge
CAS-BOT139960CASAdenostoma fasciculatumFox, Linda10011969-06-20 San MateoNear Canada College, Redwood City, just off of Farm Hill Blvd.
CAS-BOT139961CASAdenostoma fasciculatumRose, L. S.412701941-06-12 San MateoEmerald Lake, hills west of Redwood City
CAS-BOT139962CASAdenostoma fasciculatumPollard, Henry M.s.n.1958-06-06 Santa BarbaraCamino Cielo near San Marcos Pass Highway, Santa Barbara
CAS-BOT139963CASAdenostoma fasciculatumEastwood, Alice6111906-06-21 Santa BarbaraTrail to Zaca Pk., Zaca Lake Forest Reserve
CAS-BOT139964CASAdenostoma fasciculatumPhelps, Kate Eastwoods.n.1935-04-01 Santa BarbaraPt. Sal
CAS-BOT139965CASAdenostoma fasciculatumHoffmann, Ralphs.n.1907-05-30 Santa BarbaraElder Creek
CAS-BOT139966CASAdenostoma fasciculatumEastwood, Alice4621906-06-17 Santa BarbaraBlochman′s Ranch
CAS-BOT139967CASAdenostoma fasciculatumKnoche, HermanSeries A, No. 21051919-09-13 Santa BarbaraPelican Bay, Santa Cruz Island
CAS-BOT139968CASAdenostoma fasciculatumRothrock, Dr. J. T.201962-06-19 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara
CAS-BOT139969CASAdenostoma fasciculatumFerris, Roxana S.126691953-07-23 Santa BarbaraState Highway 166, Cuyama Valley, ca. 4 mi. E of junction with Buckthorn-Tepusquet Canyons road
CAS-BOT139970CASAdenostoma fasciculatumApplegate, Elmer I.53121928-02-19 Santa BarbaraSan Marcos Pass, south slope of the Santa Ynez Mountains
CAS-BOT139971CASAdenostoma fasciculatumEastwood, Alice64281917-07-17 Santa BarbaraIsland of Santa Cruz
CAS-BOT139972CASAdenostoma fasciculatumAbrams, L. R.; Wiggins, I. L.681930-04-26 Santa BarbaraVicinity of Pelican Bay, Santa Cruz Island
CAS-BOT139973CASAdenostoma fasciculatumAbrams, L. R.; Wiggins, I. L.2491931-06-30 Santa BarbaraVicinity of Bletcher′s [Bechers] Bay, Santa Rosa Island
CAS-BOT139974CASAdenostoma fasciculatumClokey, Ira W.49321930-07-28 Santa BarbaraPrisoners′ Harbor, Santa Cruz Island
CAS-BOT139975CASAdenostoma fasciculatumAbrams, L. R.; Wiggins, I. L.681930-04-26 Santa BarbaraVicinity of Pelican Bay, Santa Cruz Island
CAS-BOT139976CASAdenostoma fasciculatumParsons, David J.1171971-06-10 San DiegoAlong Boulder Creek Road, about 4 miles north of Descanso
CAS-BOT139977CASAdenostoma fasciculatumWolf, C. B.19881931-05-12 San DiegoSlope 1 mi. above Lake Hodges Grove, on the rd. to Escondido
CAS-BOT139978CASAdenostoma fasciculatumStockwell, Palmer12451935-05-13 San DiegoJamul
CAS-BOT139979CASAdenostoma fasciculatumJones, Marcus E.s.n.1906-04-14 San DiegoSan Diego
CAS-BOT139980CASAdenostoma fasciculatumMcGregor, E. A.s.n.1918-06-20 San DiegoBuckman′s Springs
CAS-BOT139981CASAdenostoma fasciculatumAbrams, LeRoy37271903-06-04 San DiegoNear Potrero
CAS-BOT139982CASAdenostoma fasciculatumAbrams, L. R.49021912-07-10 San DiegoNear Alpine
CAS-BOT139983CASAdenostoma fasciculatumBrandegee, T. S.16421902-06-20 San DiegoSan Diego
CAS-BOT139984CASAdenostoma fasciculatumWiggins, Ira L.30931928-06-14 San DiegoOn Cuca Grade above Rincon
CAS-BOT139985CASAdenostoma fasciculatumWiggins, Ira L.17991926-02-19 San DiegoOn Campo Rd. 1 1-2 mi. above Dulzura School House
CAS-BOT139986CASAdenostoma fasciculatumEastwood, Alice151091928-05-17 San Luis ObispoMorro Bay
CAS-BOT139987CASAdenostoma fasciculatumDale, Helen Loiss.n.1929-05-30 San DiegoDel Mar
CAS-BOT139988CASAdenostoma fasciculatumAbrams, L. R.48921912-07-09 San DiegoNear Del Mar
CAS-BOT139989CASAdenostoma fasciculatumDale, Helen Loiss.n.1929-06-06 San DiegoNear Campo
CAS-BOT139990CASAdenostoma fasciculatumStokes, S. G.s.n.1895-06-12 San DiegoNear San Diego
CAS-BOT139991CASAdenostoma fasciculatumParish, S. B.90691914-04-08 San DiegoDescanso
CAS-BOT139992CASAdenostoma fasciculatumDunn, G. W.s.n.1891-04-21 San DiegoAt San Diego
CAS-BOT139993CASAdenostoma fasciculatumMcMinn, H. E.12701924-07-04 San DiegoCampo
CAS-BOT139994CASAdenostoma fasciculatumHoover, R. F.89121964-06-05 San Luis ObispoRidge southeast of Cuesta Pass
CAS-BOT139995CASAdenostoma fasciculatumTwisselmann, Ernest C.21501955-06-16 San Luis ObispoQueen Bee Canyon
CAS-BOT139996CASAdenostoma fasciculatumEastwood, Alice149651927-07-29 San Luis ObispoMorro Sands
CAS-BOT139997CASAdenostoma fasciculatumS., R. W.s.n.1895-05-01 San Luis ObispoHill S. Lucia Range nr. Reservoir
CAS-BOT139998CASAdenostoma fasciculatumTwisselmann, Ernest C.21501955-06-16 San Luis ObispoQueen Bee Canyon
CAS-BOT139999CASAdenostoma fasciculatumHemphill, Fred8421973-05-14 San MateoSan Carlos, area north of Malabar Rd. and Melendy Dr.
CAS-BOT140000CASAdenostoma fasciculatumHemphill, Fred7221973-04-22 San MateoSan Carlos, area north of Malabar Rd. and Melendy Dr.
CAS-BOT140001CASAdenostoma fasciculatumAbrams, L. R.65971917-07-05 San DiegoTorrey Pine Hill
CAS-BOT140002CASAdenostoma fasciculatumMcGregor, E. A.511916-08-06 San DiegoLive Oak Springs, Laguna Mts.
CAS-BOT140003CASAdenostoma fasciculatumDale, Helen Loiss.n.1928-10-07 San DiegoNear Dulzura
CAS-BOT140004CASAdenostoma fasciculatumWiggins, Ira L.10241922-12-30 San DiegoNear Campo
CAS-BOT140005CASAdenostoma fasciculatumWolf, C. B.20681931-05-26 San Diego200 ft. from Old Spanish Lighthouse, Point Loma
CAS-BOT140006CASAdenostoma fasciculatumWolf, C. B.22751931-07-07 San DiegoPoint Loma, between Old Spanish Lighthouse and Cemetery
CAS-BOT140007CASAdenostoma fasciculatumWolf, C. B.21081931-05-27 San DiegoProctor Valley, 4 miles above the Upper Otay Reservoir, on the road to Jamul (east of San Miguel Mt.)
CAS-BOT140008CASAdenostoma fasciculatumWiggins, Ira L.19101926-03-07 San DiegoAt junction of Lion′s Valley Road with Campo Road 3-10 mi. W. of Jamul
CAS-BOT140009CASAdenostoma fasciculatumMearns, Edgar A.; Schoenfeldt, L.32731894-05-24 San DiegoJacumba Hot Spring
CAS-BOT140010CASAdenostoma fasciculatumMearns, Edgar A.33291894-05-28 San DiegoJacumba Hot Springs
CAS-BOT140011CASAdenostoma fasciculatumChandler, Harley P.52391904-05-21 San DiegoSan Miguel Mt.
CAS-BOT140012CASAdenostoma fasciculatumvan der Werff, H. H.40061980-07-03 San DiegoCorte Madera Ranch, Pine Valley
CAS-BOT140013CASAdenostoma fasciculatumShevock, James R.58521978-04-22 San DiegoOff of [Mira Mar] Miramar Road on Canal Road adjacent to the railroad tracks
CAS-BOT140014CASAdenostoma fasciculatumWiggins, Ira L.30981928-06-14 San DiegoNear summit of grade above Rincon
CAS-BOT140015CASAdenostoma fasciculatumWiggins, Ira L.23371922-12-30 San DiegoNear Campo
CAS-BOT140016CASAdenostoma fasciculatumWiggins, Ira L.26021927-08-29 San DiegoAlong Hatfield Creek 4 mi. E. of Ramona on highway to Santa Isabel
CAS-BOT140017CASAdenostoma fasciculatumWiggins, Ira L.19101926-03-07 San DiegoAt junction of Lion′s Valley Road with Campo Road 3-10 mi. W. of Jamul
CAS-BOT140018CASAdenostoma fasciculatumWiggins, Ira L.25461927-05-07 San Diego7 mi. above Lakeside on Mussey Grade
CAS-BOT140019CASAdenostoma fasciculatumRose, Lewis S.353201935-07-11 San DiegoPine Valley
CAS-BOT140020CASAdenostoma fasciculatumEastwood, Alice90931919-06-24 San DiegoDescanso
CAS-BOT140021CASAdenostoma fasciculatumButtle, Mrs. A.s.n.1941-08-03 San DiegoWarner′s Hot Springs
CAS-BOT140022CASAdenostoma fasciculatumBrandegee, T. S.16421902-06-20 San DiegoSan Diego
CAS-BOT140023CASAdenostoma fasciculatumBoyd, Steve; Rojas, Lisa113722004-05-26 San DiegoPeninsular Ranges; Cuyamaca-Laguna Mountains region: In-Ko-Pah Mountains, western flank of Thing Valley, northeast of transit station Posta, Cleveland National Forest along forest service road Elev. given as 4800ft.
CAS-BOT140024CASAdenostoma fasciculatumWolf, C. B.22761931-07-07 San DiegoProctor Valley, 4 mi. above the Upper Otay Reservoir, on the rd. to Jamul (east of Mt. San Miguel)
CAS-BOT140025CASAdenostoma fasciculatumOrcutt, C. R.s.n.1882-08-31 San DiegoNear Pine Valley
CAS-BOT140026CASAdenostoma fasciculatumAlexander, Annie M.; Kellogg, Louise22721941-06-02 San BernardinoMorongo Valley
CAS-BOT140027CASAdenostoma fasciculatumMcMinn, H. E.13381921-07-01 San BernardinoBig Bear Valley
CAS-BOT140028CASAdenostoma fasciculatumParish, S. B.; Parish, W. F.1521882-06-01 San BernardinoFoothills of the San Bernardino Mts.
CAS-BOT140029CASAdenostoma fasciculatumParish, S. B.s.n.1897-05-12 San BernardinoVicinity of San Bernardino
CAS-BOT140030CASAdenostoma fasciculatumMunz, P. A.27721919-05-10 San BernardinoDevil′s [Canon] Canyon
CAS-BOT140031CASAdenostoma fasciculatumParish, S. B.48381901-05-18 San BernardinoVicinity of San Bernardino
CAS-BOT140032CASAdenostoma fasciculatumParish, Samuel B.s.n.1888-07-01 San Bernardino
CAS-BOT140033CASAdenostoma fasciculatumThompson, David S.451917-12-01 San BernardinoCajon Pass
CAS-BOT140034CASAdenostoma fasciculatumRoss, Timothy S.26621990-05-27 San BernardinoLost Lake: sag pond on the San Andreas Fault, near the SE end of Lone Pine Canyon
CAS-BOT140035CASAdenostoma fasciculatumRaven, Peter H.; Snow, R.110741957-07-26 San BernardinoMill Creek Road at Mill Creek, just s. of the Ranger Station, San Bernardino Mts.
CAS-BOT140036CASAdenostoma fasciculatumEastwood, Alice186991932-04-29 San Bernardino5 miles on the Cajon Pass Rd.
CAS-BOT140037CASAdenostoma fasciculatumGreata, L. A.4381906-05-01 San BernardinoRedlands
CAS-BOT140038CASAdenostoma fasciculatumFosberg, F. R.83241932-05-30 San DiegoTecate n. Baja
CAS-BOT140039CASAdenostoma fasciculatumDale, Helen Loiss.n.1929-06-06 San DiegoNear Campo
CAS-BOT140040CASAdenostoma fasciculatumDale, Helen Loiss.n.1929-05-30 San DiegoTorrey Pines Park
CAS-BOT140041CASAdenostoma fasciculatumDale, Helen Loiss.n.1928-10-21 San DiegoSummit San Miguel Mt.
CAS-BOT140042CASAdenostoma fasciculatumDale, Helen Loiss.n.1929-06-06 San DiegoNear Campo
CAS-BOT140043CASAdenostoma fasciculatumDudley, W. R.s.n.1908-01-01 San DiegoPoint Loma, above Fort Rosecrans, San Diego
CAS-BOT140044CASAdenostoma fasciculatumPurer, Edith A.64921935-04-22 San DiegoCamp Kearney Mesa, north of San Diego
CAS-BOT140045CASAdenostoma fasciculatumWolf, C. B.21481931-05-28 San Diego4 1-2 mi. east of Campo on the rd. to Jacumba
CAS-BOT140046CASAdenostoma fasciculatumParish, S. B.87011913-10-13 San DiegoTecate Mt.
CAS-BOT140047CASAdenostoma fasciculatumRaven, Peter H.; Wedberg, L.94621956-06-23 San DiegoTorrey Pines
CAS-BOT140048CASAdenostoma fasciculatumWolf, C. B.20681931-05-26 San Diego200 ft. from Old Spanish Lighthouse, Point Loma
CAS-BOT140049CASAdenostoma fasciculatumEastwood, Alice94381920-04-23 San DiegoCampo
CAS-BOT140050CASAdenostoma fasciculatumDudley, W. R.s.n.1908-01-01 San DiegoNear Bennington, Pt. Loma, San Diego
CAS-BOT140075CASAdenostoma fasciculatumLindholm, Raymonds.n.1961-04-29 San BernardinoMentone
CAS-BOT154058CASAdenostoma fasciculatumSanders, A. C.; Kennedy, Helen294302005-04-13 Los AngelesWestern San Gabriel - Liebre Mtns. Region: Santa Clarita area, lower Mint Canyon at the community of Mint Canyon Elev. given as 1500-1600ft.
CAS-BOT167003CASAdenostoma fasciculatumSanders, A. C.; Salvato, T. B.; Malle, Matthew; Winbolt, Jonas; Kurtz, Katie A.378092010-04-07 RiversidePeninsular Range: southeastern Gavilan Hills north of Alberhill, under powerlines near dirt extension of Lake St., 1.1 mi. NW (356 ° ) of intersection of I-15 and Lake St. Elev. given as 1800 ft
CAS-BOT184116CASAdenostoma fasciculatumShevock, James R.93171982-04-24 TulareAlong Marble Fork Trail north of Potwisha Campground
CAS-BOT204679CASAdenostoma fasciculatumShevock, James R.405082012-07-14 TuolumneCentral Sierra Nevada, BLM Lands. Along Priest Grade less than 200 m below junction with highway 120
CAS-BOT231863CASAdenostoma fasciculatumKellner, C.; Olaveson, F.; Missaghian, J.; et al.18022012-06-23 MarinMarin Municipal Water District Lands: Mount Tamalpais. Old Railroad Grade from Ridgecrest Blvd to Miller Trail
CAS-BOT231864CASAdenostoma fasciculatumYoung, B.; Emmett, K.; Anderson, O.; Baxter, J.17142012-06-23 MarinMarin Municipal Water District Lands: Mount Tamalpais. Old Stage Rd., culvert OS-12
CAS-BOT231865CASAdenostoma fasciculatumda Silva, P.; Longstreth, C.; Turkle, E.; et al.16542012-08-25 MarinMarin Municipal Water District Lands: Mount Tamalpais. Off Ridgecrest Blvd., serpentine below old airforce base
CAS-BOT231866CASAdenostoma fasciculatumWhelan, S.; DiGirolamo, L.; Young, A.1102012-05-05 MarinMarin Municipal Water District Lands: Mount Tamalpais. Behind Throckmorton Fire Station, on slope between station and bypass trail
CAS-BOT258348CASAdenostoma fasciculatumDouglas, P.; Metz, L.; Painter, E.; Popolizio, C.HL 4921994-05-22 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett (Training Area 13), Ruby Canyon, ca. 1.5 km W of Jolon Road, ca. 2.2 air km N of Mission Creek Road
CAS-BOT361359CASAdenostoma fasciculatumde Nevers, Greg109381997-04-16 SonomaCavedale Road Area burned Sept. 1996
CAS-BOT361370CASAdenostoma fasciculatumde Nevers, Greg109211997-03-20 SonomaPepperwood Ranch, 3450 Franz Valley Rd., Santa Rosa Oak Hill
CAS-BOT376248CASAdenostoma fasciculatumde Nevers, Greg107841996-03-04 SonomaPepperwood Ranch Natural Preserve. 3450 Franz Valley Road. In Devil′s Kitchen outcrops on Oak Hill Ranch east of Chalk Mountain
CAS-BOT389683CASAdenostoma fasciculatumWicksten, Marys.n.1969-06-24 San MateoMiwok area - Huddart Park
CAS-BOT389782CASAdenostoma fasciculatumHennessey, R. D.931964-05-17 Santa Clara100 yards from the northwest bank of Stevens Creek Reservoir
CAS-BOT638957CASAdenostoma fasciculatumHorton, Diana G.; O′Brien, Terry J.303461990-05-28 San DiegoSE of De Luz on Vuelta Chica Road, ca. 1 mile from Carancho Road
CATA00239CATAAdenostoma fasciculatumMark L. Hoefs2351973-05-04 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Lower Middle Canon
CATA00303CATAAdenostoma fasciculatumMark L. Hoefs3231973-06-05 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: By upper White′s Landing Road
CATA00536CATAAdenostoma fasciculatumSara L. Crockett6961997-05-01 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: 0.2 mile W of jct. of Echo Lake Road (White′s Landing Road) with Airport Road, SW side of road
CATA00800CATAAdenostoma fasciculatumMark L. Hoefs13721991-06-12 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: 1-2 mile from Camp Cactus near road between Middle Canon and Bulrush Canon
CATA00997CATAAdenostoma fasciculatumMark L. Hoefs18751994-07-18 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Northeast of upper end of road to White′s Landing
CATA01064CATAAdenostoma fasciculatumMark L. Hoefs20041995-05-16 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: Near Airport Road, just past road to Black Jack Campground
CATA03203CATAAdenostoma fasciculatumJulie L. King222016-11-22 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: West End Rd., n-facing slope, south side of road, about 0.17 miles ESE of entrance to Cherry Valley
CDA0000346CDAAdenostoma fasciculatumD.G. Kelch7.2732007-05-13 SonomaCavedale Rd.
CDA0010859CDAAdenostoma fasciculatumG.F. Hrusa109541993-05-15 NapaUniversity of California, Quail Ridge Reserve betw. Hwy 128 and Lake Berryessa.
CDA0016682CDAAdenostoma fasciculatumG.F. Hrusa157532001-01-01 Santa BarbaraSlopes on E side of Water Canon. Santa Rosa Island.
CDA0019369CDAAdenostoma fasciculatumJ. DunnicliffPDR 5837681986-05-08 FresnoAlong Mineral Springs Rd. < 1 N of Hwy 198, ˜ 11 W of Coalinga. South Coast Ranges.
CDA0021275CDAAdenostoma fasciculatumG.F. Hrusa170562007-07-03 MontereyOld Coast Rd. approx. 200 meters E of Bixby Creek Bridge. South Coast Ranges.
CDA0022503CDAAdenostoma fasciculatumMike LahtiPDR# 14732432008-07-16 RiversideHemet, 41801 East Benton Rd.
CDA0025686CDAAdenostoma fasciculatumT.C. Fuller88541962-06-06 San BernardinoSouth of Palm Avenue, between Kendall Drive & Highway 66 freeway, ca. 5 miles northwest of San Bernardino.
CDA0025687CDAAdenostoma fasciculatumT.C. Fuller92341962-07-18 San Luis ObispoHead of small canyon west off See Canon on road to Coon Creek, 5 miles northwest of road junction, at mouth of See Canon, ca. 8 miles southwest of San Luis Obispo.
CDA0025688CDAAdenostoma fasciculatumH. Stabo1965-02-18 NapaConn Valley, St. Helena.
CDA0025689CDAAdenostoma fasciculatumT.C. Fullers.n.1958-05-09 Los AngelesMillard Canon, Chaney Trail above Altadena.
CDA0029631CDAAdenostoma fasciculatumM. Beyers1042009-06-13 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Wilderness. Along Sweetwater Trail, just north of the Sweetwater Amphitheater. Sierra Madre Mountains.
CDA0030660CDAAdenostoma fasciculatumD.G. Kelch10.2582010-07-25 Santa ClaraAbove Villa Montalvo. Saratoga.
CDA0031216CDAAdenostoma fasciculatumM. Beyers6262010-05-29 SolanoStebbins-Cold Canon Reserve. East of Cold Creek (Homestead Trail).
CDA0031293CDAAdenostoma fasciculatumD.G. Kelch10.22010-05-30 SonomaNear old Buena Vista Estate ˜ 3 km E of Sonoma.
CDA0034352CDAAdenostoma fasciculatumE. Finleys.n.1988-04-20 San DiegoVictoria Meadows Dr. 0.25 mi. E of W. Victoria Dr. Alpine.
CDA0035437CDAAdenostoma fasciculatumG.F. Hrusa183812011-06-09 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Wilderness. Sisquoc River canyon below intersection of Big Bend Canon and Sisquoc, approx. 1.5 miles downstream of Sycamore camp. Sierra Madre Mountains.
CDA0050365CDAAdenostoma fasciculatumLisa Andreano92000-10-07 San Luis ObispoBroderson Peak, Los Osos, oak woodland. Elev 400 ft.
CHSC100236CHSCAdenostoma fasciculatumJohn Dittes13792006-05-30 Los AngelesWestern Transverse Range; San Gabriel Mtns; Big Tujunga Cyn.; ca. 3.7 air-miles northeast of Verdugo Hills High School, ca. 2.5 air-mile southwest of Condor Peak., ca. 2.5 air-miles south x southeast of Mt. McKinley; slope above Trail Canon Creek, north of Big Tujunga Rd. T0 N R1 W S33 NW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Sunland 1:24,000
CHSC12131CHSCAdenostoma fasciculatumL. M. Mayer1001973-04-16 Santa BarbaraCa 10 ft from the e side of the Toro Canon Park Rd, ca. 8 mi s of the intersection of Toro Canon Rd and the Toro Canon Park rd.
CHSC13613CHSCAdenostoma fasciculatumM. Jaeckel361974-04-23 Butte
CHSC1532CHSCAdenostoma fasciculatumS. Westerberg1938-05-10 San BernardinoMentone.
CHSC1533CHSCAdenostoma fasciculatumA. Small1954-06-08 TehamaBetween Platina and Red Bluff.
CHSC1534CHSCAdenostoma fasciculatumV. Holt1935-05-12 ColusaNear Stonyford.
CHSC20048CHSCAdenostoma fasciculatumM. S. Taylor4941975-04-25 ButteCa. 1-2 mi e of Cohasset Hwy, ca. 10 mi n of Chico.
CHSC20478CHSCAdenostoma fasciculatumM. S. Taylor6801975-06-04 MontereyOn Cachagua Rd, ca. 4 mi se of Carmel Valley Village, Carmel Valley.
CHSC24188CHSCAdenostoma fasciculatumT. P. Spira551976-06-07 Los AngelesIn Stokes Canon, 1 mi n of Mulholland Hwy., 200 yd to e of Stokes Canon Rd.
CHSC26370CHSCAdenostoma fasciculatumP. D. Ricards141977-04-04 Ventura3.5 mi n of Santa Paula, .5 mi s of Kolenstein road.
CHSC26477CHSCAdenostoma fasciculatumJames Henrickson32901969-05-17 San DiegoCa. 12 miles n. of San Diego on Kearny Mesa, 1.5 miles N. of Mirmar near Hwy. 395.
CHSC26533CHSCAdenostoma fasciculatumJames Henrickson32901969-05-17 San DiegoCa. 12 miles n. of San Diego on Kearny Mesa, 1.5 miles N. of Mirmar near Hwy. 395.
CHSC27735CHSCAdenostoma fasciculatumW. K. Cheechov91978-04-27 TehamaCa. 25 ft w of Pettyjohn Rd. 2.8 mi sw of Saddle Canon, ca. 27 mi w of Red Bluff.
CHSC29515CHSCAdenostoma fasciculatumDibble1171979-07-12 LakeNear Bear Creek, close to the town of Stonyford. USGS Quadrangle: Potato Hill
CHSC29517CHSCAdenostoma fasciculatumDibble951979-07-11 LakeNear Bear Creek, close to the town of Stonyford. USGS Quadrangle: Potato Hill
CHSC29529CHSCAdenostoma fasciculatumDibble721979-07-08 GlennNear Gravelly Ridge, close to the town of Stonyford. USGS Quadrangle: Stonyford
CHSC29544CHSCAdenostoma fasciculatumDibble881979-07-10 LakeNear Bear Creek, close to the town of Stonyford. USGS Quadrangle: Potato Hill
CHSC29607CHSCAdenostoma fasciculatumDibble1031979-07-11 LakeNear Potato Hill, close to the town of Stonyford. USGS Quadrangle: Potato Hill
CHSC29613CHSCAdenostoma fasciculatumDibble1431979-07-19 LakeNear Packsaddle Creek, close to the town of Potter Valley. USGS Quadrangle: Lake Pillsbury
CHSC3688CHSCAdenostoma fasciculatumMacArthur201966-05-12 Los AngelesSan Raphael Hills - Glendale College.
CHSC3731CHSCAdenostoma fasciculatumSue Boerqadine1966-05-26 Los AngelesSan Raphael Hills.
CHSC39788CHSCAdenostoma fasciculatumEloise Gallatin1935-05-12 GlennStony Gorge Dam.
CHSC43083CHSCAdenostoma fasciculatumL. P. Janeway17711986-07-15 FresnoSeconds Ridge west of Long Hollow, ca 9 mi west of Coalinga via hwy 198 Warthan Cr. T21S R14E S10 SE1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Curry Mountain 1:24,000
CHSC48839CHSCAdenostoma fasciculatumVernon Oswald19941986-05-06 ButteCohasset Ridge along the dirt road paralleling Cohasset Hwy on the south. T2 N R02E S08
CHSC5093CHSCAdenostoma fasciculatumM. MacArthur781967-07-16 Los AngelesAlong lower Chilao Flat road, keeping to left at fork, near turn-off to water tower, about 1-2 mi. off Angeles Crest Hwy., Angeles National Forest, San Gabriel Mts.
CHSC59593CHSCAdenostoma fasciculatumLisa L. Serafini141982-05-30 El DoradoPine Hill, 1-3 mile east of lookout tower, near crest of east highpoint. T1 N R09E S16 SE1-4
CHSC64988CHSCAdenostoma fasciculatumVernon H. Oswald69951995-07-12 TehamaInner North Coast Ranges. W of Red Bluff and S of Platina on Forest Route 45 (Tedoc Mtn. Rd.), 2.5 mi S of Hwy. 36. T2 N R0 W S34 NE1-4
CHSC8062CHSCAdenostoma fasciculatumEdward L. Smith2471957-09-07 MarinLocated about 2 mi. e of Pantoll Area, Mt. Tamolpias State Park.
CHSC83602CHSCAdenostoma fasciculatumJohn Dittes811990-06-07 Los AngelesTransverse Range; San Gabriel Mts., Canon of Big Tujunga Creek; ca. 1.2 air miles northeast of dam. 30 feet above creek. T0 N R1 W S USGS Quadrangle: Condor Peak 1:24,000
CHSC90242CHSCAdenostoma fasciculatumT. H. Watroba201989-04-18 ButteCa. 50 yds e of Cohasset Rd., Cohasset Ridge, 8 mi nne of Chico.
CHSC94701CHSCAdenostoma fasciculatumLowell Ahart127462006-06-15 GlennOn the west side of Black Diamond Road, about 2 1-2 miles west of the paved road, about 4 3-4 miles (by road) from Stonyford. T1 N R0 W S15 SW1-4
CHSC9481CHSCAdenostoma fasciculatumG. Strausbaugh901970-05-30 ShastaShore opposite Oak Bottom Marina, ca. 50 ft. above lake on open hillside just beyond edge of dense Manzanita grove.
CHSC95533CHSCAdenostoma fasciculatumLeRoy Gross10872003-06-19 Los AngelesTransverse Ranges; Verdugo Mountains region: North side of mountains; South of Hostetter Motorway (On the thomas guide) just off La Tuna Canon Road, south of and you can see the 210 freeway. T0 N R1 W S30 NW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Burbank 1:24,000
CHSC99432CHSCAdenostoma fasciculatumLeRoy Gross9462003-05-29 Los AngelesTransverse Ranges: Verdugo Mountains region: West end of the mountains. At junction (saddle) of Verdugo motorway and Wildwood Fire Road (abandoned road, as the ranch north of here at mouth of canyon down at La Tuna Canon burned down a long time ago.) We went down into a small draw northeast of saddle, then came back up another canyon to the east of the main fire road on the crest of the ridge (Verdugo Motorway) Basically a triangle. UTM Zone : 3787 N 0378361E. T02N R1 W S26 SW1-4 USGS Quadrangle: Burbank 1:24,000
CLARK-A1528-3970CLARKAdenostoma fasciculatumJohn C. Roos1937-03-26 Santa BarbaraCuyama River
CLARK-A1528-3971CLARKAdenostoma fasciculatumJohn C. Roos38611948-05-22 RiversideReche Canon
CLARK-A1528-804CLARKAdenostoma fasciculatumC. M. FlanaganOO 6261973-05-31 RiversideMorongo Indian Reservation
CLARK-A1528-805CLARKAdenostoma fasciculatumEdson Follett# 871962-07-17 San DiegoMcCain Valley
CSUSB90142CSUSBAdenostoma fasciculatumRoy W. Martin750618-121975-06-18 San BernardinoLytle Creek
CSUSB90341CSUSBAdenostoma fasciculatumRoy W. Martin750612-81975-06-12 San BernardinoLytle Creek
CSUSB90463CSUSBAdenostoma fasciculatumRoy W. Martin760410-111976-04-10 San BernardinoLytle Creek
CSUSB93155CSUSBAdenostoma fasciculatumLalo Codona1972-07-15 San BernardinoHighway 18
CSUSB93156CSUSBAdenostoma fasciculatumEd Francisco1972-06-23 San BernardinoCSUSB [California State University, San Bernardino] near lot
CSUSB93157CSUSBAdenostoma fasciculatumM. Peterson1972-07-13 San BernardinoLost Lake
CSUSB93160CSUSBAdenostoma fasciculatumDenise MartinezS.N.2009-05-01 San Bernardino50 ft Southwest of the intersection of Northpark Avenue and West Campus Drive at California State University of San Bernardino
CSUSB93161CSUSBAdenostoma fasciculatumR.C. Smith4771972-06-29 San BernardinoCalifornia State University of San Bernardino campus
CSUSB93162CSUSBAdenostoma fasciculatumJanelle Williamss.n.2009-05-26 San BernardinoBehind the campus of California State University, San Bernardino
CSUSB93163CSUSBAdenostoma fasciculatumKayla Pages.n.2009-05-11 San BernardinoNorth East of Chaffey College off Miliken at Rancho Cucamonga, CA
CSUSB93164CSUSBAdenostoma fasciculatumMatthew C. Woodhalls.n.2011-05-08 San BernardinoWithin 100 m radius of coordinates
CSUSB93918CSUSBAdenostoma fasciculatumGenevieve Buack2012-05-24 RiversideHiking trail starts at the western end of the Temecula Public Library parking lot off of Pauba Road. Follow trail down a western facing slope for approximately 0.1 km.
CSUSB93996CSUSBAdenostoma fasciculatumJ.P. Sandahl141975-05-10 San Bernardino0.8 miles N. W. of intersection of Kendall Dr. and State College Parkway, south of Kendall Dr.
DAV235186DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumBeverly Williams1811979-05-06 GlennEast side Inner Coast Range. West of Stonyford-Ladoga Rd., 3.5 miles north of Stonyford.
DAV238777DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumDaniel Potter10132020-11-07 NapaHwy 1 W of Winters, S of Lake Berryessa, ca. .5 km W of Monticello Dam, slope on S side of highway
DAV301897DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumDaniel Potter101010-012010-10-10 NapaNorth side of Highway 128, above Lake Berryessa, ca. 1 W-SW of Monticello Dam.
DAV322155DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumSan-Hun Oh970424-011997-04-24 SolanoStebbins Cold Canon Reserve, 0.25 miles from Highway 128 along path.
DAV325786DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumEllen Dean37442007-05-11 YoloYolo County: Tuleyome Ireland Ranch. In inner coast range, northwest of the City of Winters, between Salt Creek and Enos Creek, just north of Wild Cow Mountain. Central part of ranch near western portion of loop road.
DAV325787DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumCNPS SSN-SJV Foothill Team1432008-07-02 TulareTulare County: Near Springville. Frances and Jim Pyle′s property.
DAV325788DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumAngelica Sauceda72009-04-26 YoloYolo County: Audubon Bobcat Ranch, lands to the north of Hwy 128 on north side of Putah Creek, downstream of Monticello Dam. Lower reaches of Bray Canon. West of creek.
DAV325789DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumChuck Hughes942009-06-04 El DoradoEl Dorado County: E of gate into retirement community at end of Palmero Circle.
DAV325790DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumRobert L. Rudd561947-05-24 Santa CruzSanta Cruz County: Highland Way, 2 miles S of Loma Prieta.
DAV325791DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumE. Gottschalk212001-04-28 NapaNapa Co.: Quail Ridge Reserve, SE corner of Lake Berryessa, just W of Monticello Dam. Along West Rd., N of jct with South Decker Canon Rd. Down a steep SW-facing slope, about 20 ft. below trail.
DAV325792DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumCNPS SSN-SJV Foothill Team1992008-06-23 CalaverasCalaveras County: East Bay MUD property, South of Camanche Reservoir.
DAV325793DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumL. Lina72000-04-22 NapaNapa County, California. McLaughlin Reserve, first ridge South of Knoxville-Berryessa Road, on Southeast side of Devilhead Road.
DAV325794DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumR. Blenkush92000-04-22 NapaNorthern Napa County, McLaughlin Reserve, first ridge south of Knoxville-Berryessa Road, on Devilhead Road.
DAV325795DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumA. Collier52002-05-04 NapaNapa Co.: Quail Ridge UC Reserve. At northern tip of ridge, N of the intersection of the jct of West and East roads. Along upper road leading to power lines, off W side of road 1 m.
DAV325796DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumC. H. Lamoureux10031955-11-25 El DoradoEl Dorado County: 2 miles NE of Bass Lake.
DAV325797DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumS. M. Smukler51995-05-19 YoloYolo County: Quail Ridge Preserve, 1 mile from the University Cabin, next to the trail.
DAV325798DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumRob Ickes231989-06-04 LakeLake County: 1-2 mile S of Fraiser Pt., on a hill above Soda Bay Road.
DAV325799DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumN. Nicola992001-09-05 YoloYolo County: Capay Valley, 0.9 miles as the crow flies N of Rumsey; Lowrey Ranch.
DAV325800DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumDeanna Lynn Pfleger201989-05-06 El DoradoEl Dorado County: 150 meters from Pine Hill Summit, 15-20 ft. off of road;
DAV325801DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumRachelle Raymond7021989-06-02 YoloYolo County: Outside Stebbins Reserve.
DAV325802DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumAndreas Stohr71996-05-03 SolanoStebbins Cold Canon Reserve. Roadside chaparral along road 128 south of Lake Berryessa.
DAV325803DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumC. H. Lamoureux11171956-06-06 El DoradoEl Dorado County: 2 miles west of Shingle Springs on Highway 50.
DAV325804DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumRoman Gankin2281957-05-30 NapaNapa County: 5.1 miles W of Monticello Dam, just off of highway on top of hill.
DAV325805DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumJulie Knorr151977-05-29 PlacerPlacer County: Auburn Ravine Road, ca. 2.2 miles S from Auburn.
DAV325806DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumTad Gantenbein52009-06-10 SacramentoSacramento County: Rancho Cordova. Goethe Park (also known as Riverbend Park).
DAV325807DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumLynn Wheeler32001-04-28 NapaNapa Co.: Quail Ridge Reserve, SE corner of Lake Berryessa, just W of Monticello Dam. Found downslope of West Rd. ca. 0.45 as the crow flies miles (2400 ft.) NW of jct with S. Decker Canon Rd.
DAV325808DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumAlice Warrick251979-05-19 SolanoStebbins Cold Canon Reserve. 9 miles west of Winters on Rt. 128. 1-2 mile south of hwy and approx. 150 east of stream.
DAV325809DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumS. Colby232001-04-14 NapaNapa Co.: Quail Ridge Reserve, SE corner of Lake Berryessa, just W of Monticello Dam, E side of Decker Canon about 200 m up Cut-Off Rd. from South Decker Canon Rd.
DAV325810DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumJulia Curlette1511993-05-11 SolanoStebbins Cold Canon Reserve. NW Solano Co. just east of Monticello Dam on Lake Berryessa.
DAV325811DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumBill Chally201989-06-02 SolanoSolano County: Stebbins Cold Canon Reserve.
DAV325812DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumJessica Le151989-05-27 SolanoCold Canon.
DAV325813DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumD. Sanchez-Matas.n.1996-06-11 SolanoStebbins Cold Canon Reserve. Lake Berryessa. Adenostoma fasciculatum chaparral in eastern slope.
DAV325814DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumCharles Martin271986-05-17 ColusaColusa County: Along Sites-Lodoga Road, ca. 8.2 miles W of Sites, on roadside.
DAV325815DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumGerald Dickinson351962-05-08 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: 3 miles W of Topanga Canon-Mulholland, Santa Monica Mountains.
DAV325816DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumJason Saavedra62012-05-05 NapaNapa County: Las Posadas State Experimental Forest. Northeastern part of property, uphill and just north of Recreation Flat, on south facing slope.
DAV325817DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumPerry S. Allen3361969-05-20 StanislausStanislaus County: S of rodeo grounds at La Grange.
DAV325818DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumH. A. Borthwick3931925-06-20 County UnknownCounty Unknown: 18-Mile Group, American River.
DAV325819DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumKamala Crompton71996-05-03 NapaNapa County: Along Road 128, S of Lake Berryessa.
DAV325820DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumKai Battenberg62014-06-21 LakeLake County: McLaughlin Natural Reserve. Off Morgan Valley Road, 0.5 km Southeast on Pipeline Road East.
DAV325821DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumAlice Warricks.n.2008-04-22 NapaNapa County: Quail Ridge UC Reserve. 2005 Pleasure Fire burn site, along west loop road, north of Decker canyon. Middle section.
DAV325822DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumRoman Gankin7441966-06-01 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara County: 2.4 miles N of Point Sal Beach Park.
DAV325823DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumKevin Fort231996-05-26 YoloYolo County: E side of Pleasants Valley Road, 3 miles from Monticello Dam by car, 20 feet from roadside.
DAV325824DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumE. Frost231996-05-26 SonomaSonoma County: Mt. St. Helena, 200 yards in along hiking trail.
DAV325825DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumL. Flahertys.n.1991-04-04 NapaNapa County: Moskowite Corner.
DAV325826DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumK. Esaus.n.1935-06-20 RiversideRiverside County: Beaumont Grade.
DAV325827DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumHeidi E. M. Dobson3351978-05-31 MarinMarin County: Above Bolinas-Fairfax Road at base of Pine Hill.
DAV325828DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumJennifer Bury2701993-05-08 SonomaSonoma County: Sugarloaf Ridge State Park. About 40 air miles N of San Francisco, about 11 air miles E of Santa Rosa and 2.5 air miles NE of Kenwood. In Adobe Canon N of Sugarloaf Ridge and S of Red Mountain 1 mile. Near visitor center, 100 feet above parking lot, along Lower Bald Mountaing Trail.
DAV325829DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumMorris Halperins.n.1932-06-22 MarinMarin County: Muir Woods.
DAV325830DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumG. K. Helmkamp106392006-06-04 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Northern Sierra Nevada Foothills: Along Highway CA-193, 0.6 mile W of its junction with Rock Creek Road.
DAV325831DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumRoman Gankin8551966-09-21 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara County: Along road leading down Sauces Canon, ca. 400 yards from junction with Ridge Road, Santa Cruz Island.
DAV325832DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumG. F. Hrusa111041993-05-22 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo County: Black Butte Research Natural Area.
DAV325833DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumRoman Gankin7971966-06-06 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara County: 0.4 mile SW of Ridge Road down Canada Los Sauces, Santa Cruz Island.
DAV325834DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumG. K. Helmkamp107162006-06-14 PlacerPlacer County: Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains foothills. 0.2 mile N of the Forest Hill Road on unnamed road to Lake Clementine (general area NE of Auburn on Forest Hill Divide).
DAV325835DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumGordon J. Pilone1791962-04-13 San BernardinoSan Bernardino County: 2 miles north of Highland Ave. in Fontana.
DAV325836DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumJ. I. Mallory2991968-07-10 TulareTulare County: 2.75 miles SW of Mountain Home State Forest Headquarters, Sequoia National Forest.
DAV325837DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumAntonio F. Machado31993-04-28 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: Santa Clarita Valley, E of San Francisquito Road, 0.4 mile S of where road is intersected by aqueduct piping.
DAV325838DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumGeoffrey Levin4971975-05-09 RiversideRiverside County: Dripping Springs Forest Service Station, Cleveland National Forest.
DAV325839DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumC. H. Lamoureux11171956-06-06 El Dorado2 miles west of Shingle Springs on U.S. Highway 50.
DAV325841DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumEllen Dean86802015-05-02 NapaNapa County: Knoxville Wildlife Area. California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife public lands. Vicinity of headwaters of Nevada Creek. Northern part of land parcel.
DAV325842DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumG. L. Webster74271966-09-21 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara County: Lower part of El Camino Viejo.
DAV325843DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumT. E. Weiers.n.1941-06-24 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: Angeles Crest.
DAV325844DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumClifton F. Smith7451944-04-09 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara County: Jesusita Trail, Mission Canon, Santa Barbara.
DAV325845DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumLisa L. Serafini141982-05-30 El DoradoEl Dorado County: Pine Hill, 1-3 mile E of lookout tower, near crest of E highpoint.
DAV325846DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumKenneth A. Wilson8861961-03-01 Los AngelesLos Angeles County: Santa Monica Mtns. Mulholland Hwy about 2 mile west of Las Virgenes Hwy.
DAV326007DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumAdrienne Munns.n.1990-05-27 MariposaMariposa County.
DAV326008DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumG. Ledyard StebbinsC-4181984-05-26 SolanoStebbins Cold Canon Reserve. Near entrance.
DAV326009DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumH. B. Nidever361951-05-26 YoloYolo County: 2 miles N of Rumsey, Canon.
DAV326010DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumWarren RobertsSCI73-11973-09-18 Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara County: Santa Cruz Island. At head of Canada de los Sauces Road.
DAV326011DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumT. Tomich451949-05-15 SacramentoSacramento County: 3 miles E of Folsom.
DAV326012DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumC. J. W.s.n.1914-06-20 LakeLake County.
DAV326013DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumJ. M. Tucker13971946-08-08 MontereyMonterey County: Ca. 1.5 miles E of Bad Gulch, inland from Big Sur, along Pine Ridge Trail.
DAV358674DAVAdenostoma fasciculatumEllen Dean60812010-06-05 ColusaColusa County: Walker Ridge. Along Walker Ridge Road on southern part of the ridge, south of turnoff to Indian Valley Reservoir.
FSC0011564FSCAdenostoma fasciculatumJanice Hurado651181965-04-17 San Luis ObispoAbout 7 miles south of Marrow Bay on Highway 41.
FSC0011565FSCAdenostoma fasciculatumJohn Weiler650921965-07-26 Fresnogrowing near highway 168 just a half mile west of Pine Crest. Ranger Station.
FSC0011566FSCAdenostoma fasciculatumMarcus E. Jones1927-05-29 UnknownIsthmus, Catalina Island.
FSC0011567FSCAdenostoma fasciculatumC. H. Q.1929-07-15 MontereyCanonterey
FSC0011568FSCAdenostoma fasciculatumFranklin Beylik321958-05-12 San BenitoGriswold Creek Canon, ca. 1 West Juniper Mine.
FSC0011569FSCAdenostoma fasciculatumJohn Weiler; Roy L. Taylor611151961-05-12 Los AngelesLos Angeles. In wash along Soledad Canon Road 1.8 miles northeast of Solemint.
FSC0011570FSCAdenostoma fasciculatumSusan Walker643771964-10-30 Los Angeles18.6 miles south from Frazier Mtn. turnoff on U.S. 99 over the Ridge Route, in Piru Canon by the side of the road
FSC0011571FSCAdenostoma fasciculatumP. Greany66-0681966-04-29 San BernardinoAlong Highway 15 about 10 miles north of San Bernardino
FSC0011572FSCAdenostoma fasciculatumDean William Taylor33101970-04-12 Calaverasnear new hogan Reservoir
FSC0011573FSCAdenostoma fasciculatumJames McHenry1964-06-07 Los AngelesEncinal canyon 2.25 miles inland off Pacific Coast Highway. Soil type granite. North facing slope of approximately 30 degrees. Drainage to the west.
FSC0011574FSCAdenostoma fasciculatumNorman T. Blair640731964-11-04 TulareSix miles east of Ash Mountain Ranger Station, Sequoia and Kings Canon National Parks on Middle Fork Road
FSC0011575FSCAdenostoma fasciculatumMallory421953-07-25 Santa CruzChina Grade Rd. 1 mi. west Saratoga Rd.; South facing slope 500 feet above dense Redwood forest.
FSC0011576FSCAdenostoma fasciculatumKay Krikava; Freda Pinkoff1960-08-22 Santa CruzMt. top, 900, 2 miles E. of Felton, Calif. The desert at end of road which turns left up mt. from Lompico Rd. as it passes Lompico Pool.
FSC0011577FSCAdenostoma fasciculatumJ. M. Crawford601960-04-24 El Dorado12 miles west of Placerville, Highway 50 on a south 10% slope
FSC0011578FSCAdenostoma fasciculatumRosemarie WhitmoreC-271967-04-15 Los AngelesCollected on Mulhulland Drive .25 miles west from junction with highway 405
FSC0011579FSCAdenostoma fasciculatumMike Miller65-0951965-05-08 San Luis ObispoCollected along Highway 1 about 15 miles east of Morro Bay in the LOs Padres National Forest.
FSC0011580FSCAdenostoma fasciculatumS. A. Girts781963-04-14 Los AngelesOne-half mile from the sea.
GH00345262GHAdenostoma fasciculatumJ. G. Lemmon1845-01-01 SierraSierra Co. &c. [Sierra city]
GH00345263GHAdenostoma fasciculatumF. R. FosbergS44501931-04-02 Los AngelesCamp Frost. Santa Catalina Island
GH00345264GHAdenostoma fasciculatumL. Abrams ; I. L. Wiggins681930-04-26 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Vicinity of Pelican Bay.
GH00345265GHAdenostoma fasciculatumA. Eastwood89291919-05-29 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Canyon
GH00345266GHAdenostoma fasciculatumJ. F. Collins1918-05-03 MarinTop of Mt. Tamalpais
GH00345267GHAdenostoma fasciculatumI. L. Wiggins92181939-05-31 Santa Clarahillside along Page Mill Road, 3 miles southwest of Mayfield
GH00345268GHAdenostoma fasciculatumA. M. Alexander ; L. Kellogg2272a1941-06-02 San BernardinoBig Morongo Creek, Morongo Valley
GH00345269GHAdenostoma fasciculatumH. M. Hall96031913-08-12 MendocinoMill Creek
GH00345270GHAdenostoma fasciculatumP. A. Munz ; I. M. Johnston88601924-07-29 RiversideSan Jacinto Mts.
GH00345272GHAdenostoma fasciculatumW. S. Lyon531885-01-01 Los AngelesSa [Santa] Catalina Is.
GH00345273GHAdenostoma fasciculatumM. E. Jones1926-05-20 UnknownMountains near Claremont. [Los Angeles County, as per CCH, 1 Jul 2012]
GH00345274GHAdenostoma fasciculatumL. Abrams ; E. A. McGregor1401908-06-08 VenturaRed Reef Canyon, Topatopa Mountains
GH00345275GHAdenostoma fasciculatumL. S. Rose412701941-06-12 San MateoHills w. of Redwood City, Emerald Lake
GH00345276GHAdenostoma fasciculatumI. W. Clokey ; B. C. Templeton45001929-03-01 Los AngelesMandeville Canyon, Santa Monica Mountains
GH00345277GHAdenostoma fasciculatumI. W. Clokey49611930-03-26 Santa BarbaraDix Canon. Santa Cruz Island.
GH00345282GHAdenostoma fasciculatumK. T. Hartweg17201929-07-25 UnknownCalif.
GH00345283GHAdenostoma fasciculatumH. N. Bolander1919-03-07 UnknownCalifornia
GH00345284GHAdenostoma fasciculatumJ. M. Bigelow1853-01-01 San BernardinoCajon Pass
GH00345285GHAdenostoma fasciculatumA. K. Harrison ; Jack Whalen1946-03-08 UnknownHills above new reservoir for Napa, California
GH00345286GHAdenostoma fasciculatumJ. W. Blankinship1893-07-03 MendocinoCalpella
GH00345287GHAdenostoma fasciculatumA. A. Heller68531903-06-22 MontereyOn the Salinas road near Del Monte
GH00345289GHAdenostoma fasciculatumJohn Torrey1271865-01-01 LakeBorax Lake
GH00345294GHAdenostoma fasciculatumJ. P. Tracy22301905-07-06 NapaHowell Mountain, Head of Moore′s Creek, 3-4 Miles East of Angwin′s
GH00345295GHAdenostoma fasciculatumH. L. Mason41071927-09-25 Santa BarbaraHills about Pelican Bay, Santa Cruz Island
GH00345296GHAdenostoma fasciculatumA. Eastwood64281917-07-17 Santa BarbaraIsland of Santa Cruz
GH00345297GHAdenostoma fasciculatumL. Abrams26491902-07-03 Los AngelesLittle Santa Anita canyon
GH00345298GHAdenostoma fasciculatumW. L. C. Muenscher ; M. W. Muenscher146321939-03-16 San BernardinoMill Creek Canyon
GH00345299GHAdenostoma fasciculatumMrs. T. C. Pease1910-05-07 Los AngelesClaremont
GH00345300GHAdenostoma fasciculatumMiss H. Smyth1899-01-01 NapaNapa
GH00345301GHAdenostoma fasciculatumC. F. Batchelder1888-04-22 VenturaOjai Valley
GH00345302GHAdenostoma fasciculatumK. M. Wiegand ; M. C. Wiegand8471935-04-23 Riverside5 miles south of Beaumont
GH00345303GHAdenostoma fasciculatumP. A. Munz ; E. Crow118551930-04-10 Santa BarbaraLady′s Harbor, Santa Cruz Island
GH00345304GHAdenostoma fasciculatumA. Eastwood14921912-07-29 MarinMt. Tamalpais
GH00345305GHAdenostoma fasciculatumC. A. Purpus55871897-04-01 TulareMiddle Tule R. [Tulare County, as per CCH, 8 Mar 2013]
GH00345306GHAdenostoma fasciculatumL. F. Ward1895-09-21 TehamaAbove Cooper′s, South Fork of Elder Creek
GH00345307GHAdenostoma fasciculatumI. W. Clokey ; B. C. Templeton45001929-03-01 Los AngelesMandeville Canyon, Santa Monica Mountains
GH00345308GHAdenostoma fasciculatumL. C. Wheeler78401961-06-09 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains. Nameless gulch west of Lynx Gulch, off Big Tujunga Canyon.
GH00345322GHAdenostoma fasciculatumB. Anderson29601986-05-20 StanislausDel Puerto Rd E of the Santa Clara County line.
GH00345325GHAdenostoma fasciculatumR. F. Hoover21621937-05-16 MariposaNear Coulterville
GH00345339GHAdenostoma fasciculatumL. S. Smith1932-05-11 PlacerIn burn above Middle Fork American River. Forest Hill divide.
GH00345340GHAdenostoma fasciculatumC. C. Kingman1910-04-08 Los AngelesPasadena
GH00345341GHAdenostoma fasciculatumF. W. Hunnewell78071921-07-25 San MateoLahonda
GH00345364GHAdenostoma fasciculatum1922-04-06 Santa BarbaraSt. Barbara N. Cove
GH00345366GHAdenostoma fasciculatumF. G. Woodcock16101922-06-01 San DiegoCleaneise east San Diego
GH00345368GHAdenostoma fasciculatumG. D. Cromwell ; D. W. Wheat5221971-04-21 Los AngelesMystic Canyon, Angeles National Forest, San Gabriel Mountains. 2 mi. NE of Glendora, Calif.
GH00345369GHAdenostoma fasciculatumW. H. Brewer587, 6401860-01-01 Unknown[no additional data]
GH00345370GHAdenostoma fasciculatumH. N. Bolander1894-06-21 AlamedaOakland Hills
GH00345375GHAdenostoma fasciculatumA. A. Heller75151904-06-16 Santa ClaraFoothills west of Los Gatos
GH00345389GHAdenostoma fasciculatumL. E. Hoffman1931-01-10 San DiegoMcMurray Canyon
GH00345390GHAdenostoma fasciculatumF. W. Peirson781918-06-01 Los AngelesMt. Wilson Toll Road.
GH00345391GHAdenostoma fasciculatumP. H. Raven ; G. T. Robbins140801959-05-03 Los AngelesMulholland Drive 0.6 miles east of Coldwater Canyon
GH00345397GHAdenostoma fasciculatumT. Coulter1938-03-15 UnknownCalifornia
GH00345414GHAdenostoma fasciculatumD. Douglas1941-04-20 UnknownCalifornia
GH00403824GHAdenostoma fasciculatumJ. F. Macbride ; E. B. Payson7291915-06-22 Los AngelesDry roadside near Azusa
GH00403825GHAdenostoma fasciculatumA. A. Heller114421914-05-27 GlennOn a gravelly, easterly slope in the Coast Range on the grade about ten miles east of Alder Springs
GH00403826GHAdenostoma fasciculatumA. A. Heller57411902-06-23 SonomaPetrified Forest
GH00403827GHAdenostoma fasciculatumL. R. Landrum78161993-05-28 San Diego12 mi E of Campos on Hwy 94
GH00403828GHAdenostoma fasciculatumL. S. Rose412701941-06-12 San MateoEmerald Lake, hills w. of Redwood City
GH00403829GHAdenostoma fasciculatumP. A. Munz7056a1923-06-12 VenturaLiebre Mts.
HREC31HRECAdenostoma fasciculatumH. F. Heady1911952-06-18 MendocinoHopland Field Station: Vassar Pasture
HREC32HRECAdenostoma fasciculatumA. H. M.HB 461962-08-01 MendocinoHopland Field Station: Maude′s Glade
HREC33HRECAdenostoma fasciculatumA. H. M.HB 361962-07-05 MendocinoHopland Field Station: Chamise plot
HREC34HRECAdenostoma fasciculatumA. H. M.HB 361962-07-05 MendocinoHopland Field Station: Chamise plot
HSC225794HSCAdenostoma fasciculatumT.F. Newman65671965-10-10 ShastaS side of Whiskeytown Reservoir
HSC225795HSCAdenostoma fasciculatumCox3881968-06-19 MariposaHwy. 49, 0.6 mi. S of Coulterville, 9.6 N of junction of Hwy. 49 with Merced Rd.
HSC225796HSCAdenostoma fasciculatumW.R. Rogers2841965-07-03 YoloCo. Rd. 40, Fiske Creek Ridge
HSC225797HSCAdenostoma fasciculatumW.R. Rogers2501965-06-16 CalaverasRabbit Creek area of Camanchee Reservoir
HSC225798HSCAdenostoma fasciculatumThomas W. Nelson3371B1977-05-01 MendocinoAlong Mail Ridge Rd., 10 N of junction with Hwy. 101
HSC225799HSCAdenostoma fasciculatumThomas W. Nelson36331977-07-14 LakeAlong USFS Rd. 2 N01
HSC225800HSCAdenostoma fasciculatumThomas W. Nelson58621980-06-23 TehamaAlong Pettyjohn Rd., 0.5 mi. E of junction with road to Saddle Camp
HSC225801HSCAdenostoma fasciculatumD. Sanchez-Matasn1996-06-11 SolanoLake Berryessa, Stebbins Cold Canon Reserve
HSC225802HSCAdenostoma fasciculatumAndrew Buchanan531986-05-11 Trinity0.5 mi. E of A. C. Graves Ranch on Platina Rd. (A16)
HSC225803HSCAdenostoma fasciculatumThomas W. Nelson8351973-05-05 MendocinoRoberts Lake area of Eden Valley, N of Eden Valley Ranch
HSC225804HSCAdenostoma fasciculatumJ.P. Smith81841975-06-01 Shasta1 W of Beegum
HSC225805HSCAdenostoma fasciculatumJ.P. Smith80181974-12-31 San DiegoJct. of Mtn. Spring Rd. and Hwy. 8
HSC225806HSCAdenostoma fasciculatumJ.P. Smith95551978-04-02 ColusaBear Valley Rd., 1.3 mi. from its junction with Hwy. 20
HSC225807HSCAdenostoma fasciculatumDavid Portersn1965-05-02 Los AngelesAlong Mullholland Dr.
HSC225808HSCAdenostoma fasciculatumR. York1161978-04-08 Napa2 W of Angwin on Hwy. 128
HSC225809HSCAdenostoma fasciculatumE. Cope421977-04-23 Lake0.4 N of Hwy. 20 on the Walker Ridge Rd.
HSC225810HSCAdenostoma fasciculatumR. Kalal951980-08-24 El Dorado
HSC225811HSCAdenostoma fasciculatumDebbie Stamp201980-04-19 LakeColdsprings Campground along access road to Indian Valley Dam
HSC225812HSCAdenostoma fasciculatumR.A. Vanbianchi201971-07-01 MarinSan Geronimo Ridge
HSC225813HSCAdenostoma fasciculatumP. Markle49A1960-05-01 VenturaMaricopa Hwy. [399]
HSC225814HSCAdenostoma fasciculatumR. Spellenberg4041964-06-15 Sonoma5 W of The Geysers on road from Geyserville
HSC225815HSCAdenostoma fasciculatumLisa L. Serafini141982-05-30 El DoradoPine Hill, 1-3 mi. E of lookout tower near crest of E highpoint
HSC225816HSCAdenostoma fasciculatumG. Strausbaugh901970-05-30 ShastaShore opposite Oak Bottom Marina, 50 ft. above lake
HSC225817HSCAdenostoma fasciculatumMary Katherine Wicksten381971-06-17 San MateoHuddart Park, Zwierlein Trail
HSC225818HSCAdenostoma fasciculatumJ.P. Smith13,1952011-06-09 Riverside
HSC225819HSCAdenostoma fasciculatumR.M. Sullivan141975-05-03 Lake5.8 W of jct. with Hwy. 29 on Scotts Creek Rd.
HSC225820HSCAdenostoma fasciculatumWendell Wood71970-06-17 Los AngelesLinda Vista Rd. and Chevy Chase, Glendale
HSC225821HSCAdenostoma fasciculatumGary S. Lester1341974-05-04 LakeAlong Walker Ridge Rd., 0.5 mi. from junction with Hwy. 20
HSC225822HSCAdenostoma fasciculatumL. Ahart127462006-06-15 GlennBlack Diamond Rd., about 2.5 W of the paved road, 4.75 mi. from Stonyford
HSC225823HSCAdenostoma fasciculatumC.E. Fellows341965-04-13 Los Angeles2 mi. S of Hwy. 118 on Box Canon Rd., Chatsworth
HSC225824HSCAdenostoma fasciculatumA.M. Montalvo5091975-06-24 San Luis ObispoCerro Alto Campground off Hwy. 41, between Altascadero and Morro Bay; In the Santa Lucia Mtns.
HSC225825HSCAdenostoma fasciculatumW.R. Swain11975-03-10 Santa Barbara1-2 mi. above Toro Canon Park along trail
HSC225826HSCAdenostoma fasciculatumSusan H. Bicknellsn1988-08-15 San Luis ObispoMontana de Oro State Park, MDO 3
HSC225827HSCAdenostoma fasciculatumGena Calcarone671996-06-16 San DiegoRamona
HSC225828HSCAdenostoma fasciculatumJ.F. Knezevich2031967-06-05 Santa BarbaraNear Goddard Campground on W El Camino Cielo off the summit of San Marcos Pass on Hwy. 154
HSC225829HSCAdenostoma fasciculatumClare R. Wheeler15471980-05-01 MendocinoMiddle Fork of Eel River, ca. 1.5 miles SE of Salmon Creek; SE of Round Valley
HSC225830HSCAdenostoma fasciculatumRichard Spjut49511978-04-24 RiversideAlong Hwy. 71 between jct. of Hwy. 74 and Anza in San Jacinto Mtns.
HSC225831HSCAdenostoma fasciculatumC.S. Appersonsn1967-06-15 Los Angeles1 mi. down Canon Canon trail off the end of Townsend Pk. Rd.
IRVC14197IRVCAdenostoma fasciculatumGordon A. Marsh91965-07-31 Los AngelesCatalina Island, Fisherman Cove.
IRVC14506IRVCAdenostoma fasciculatumGail A. Baker951977-05-31 TulareTULARE COUNTY: Potwisha, Sequoia Nat. Park.
IRVC17812IRVCAdenostoma fasciculatumGail A. Baker21980-06-07 TulareSequia National Park, Shepherd Saddle, Fall burn plot.
IRVC19786IRVCAdenostoma fasciculatumKarlin G. Marshs.n.1983-04-14 OrangeLaguna Canon, Sycamore Hills, N sector
IRVC20431IRVCAdenostoma fasciculatumFred M. Roberts9791983-04-07 OrangeSouth Laguna: Niguel hill, 1.4km SE Aliso Peak; 2.9km Alicia Fire Station.
IRVC20645IRVCAdenostoma fasciculatumGordon A. Marshs.n.1972-03-02 OrangeSouth Laguna; Niguel Hill near end of 1st St.
IRVC21506IRVCAdenostoma fasciculatumFred M. Roberts12981984-03-21 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island, 2.8 km SE Research Station; 2.3 km ESE BM 1484 (El Tigre) in canyon above Obaches Prietos.
IRVC27304IRVCAdenostoma fasciculatumA.C. Sanders271522003-08-07 Los AngelesNewhall Ranch, Long [Larres] Canon, a tributary of the Santa Clara River NE of Potrero Canon
IRVC27481IRVCAdenostoma fasciculatumMark A. Elvin41402005-04-02 San DiegoE side of Otay Mtn; Marron Creek along Marron Valley Road; 2.1km (air) N of Mexico; near gate to City of San diego Preserve.
IRVC27761IRVCAdenostoma fasciculatumJoseph A. Betzler5062003-05-04 San DiegoOtay Mountain, Minnewawa Truck Trail about 3 miles from top. N slope near road
IRVC28033IRVCAdenostoma fasciculatumMark A. Elvin26262003-05-03 San DiegoOtay Mountain; SE base, W end Marron Valley on slopes N of Tijana R., between Mine and Butteweg canyons; S of Benchmark 838, ca. 1-2 N Mexican Border on slope above Tijuana R.
IRVC28262IRVCAdenostoma fasciculatumA.C. Sanders; M. Elvin, C. Burrascano, A. Pigniolo, A. Thompson, others265502003-05-04 San DiegoOtay Mountain, ridge ca. 2-3 miles east of the peak, around end of jeep trail
IRVC28682IRVCAdenostoma fasciculatumA.C. Sanders; Mark Elvin251292002-06-18 Los AngelesNewhall Ranch, hills 1 mile SSW of Canon, west of Magic Mountain amusement park
IRVC29601IRVCAdenostoma fasciculatumMark A. Elvin38312004-11-09 San BernardinoSW of Silverwood Lake, ca. 1.5km along FS road 2N59.
IRVC3281IRVCAdenostoma fasciculatumA.S. Boughey2021968-04-23 OrangeBlack Star Canon, .5mi below Hidden Ranch; area burned this winter.
IRVC3282IRVCAdenostoma fasciculatumR.H. Whittakers.n.1940-07-29 RiversideNo plant assoc., just rocks. San Jacinto Mts: summit Mt. San Jacinto.
IRVC3283IRVCAdenostoma fasciculatumR.H. WhittakerSJ-4771963-06-04 RiversideSan Jacinto Mts: Hwy. between idyllwild and Banning.
IRVC3284IRVCAdenostoma fasciculatumR.H. WhittakerSJ-4291963-06-12 RiversideSan Jacinto Mts: Idyllwild-Banning Rd. Slope NNE 20 degrees.
IRVC3286IRVCAdenostoma fasciculatumGordon A. Marsh91965-07-31 Los AngelesCatalina Island, Fisherman Cove.
IRVC9010IRVCAdenostoma fasciculatumPamela I. B. Roeber861974-11-09 NapaNapa Co., north end of the Capell Valley.
IRVC9948IRVCAdenostoma fasciculatumSusan C. Baugh321974-05-19 San DiegoNear Escondido; Hidden Meadows.
JEPS102078UCJEPSAdenostoma fasciculatumE. Neese, E. PainterHL16921995-05-19 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett; (Training Area 26), both sides of bridge over Nacimiento River, ca. 1.0 air km SE of Salmon Creek Road ford, ca. 2.2 air km SSW of Woodrow Reservoir, ca. 4 air km SE of Hughes Reservoir
JEPS102079UCJEPSAdenostoma fasciculatumP. Douglas, L. Metz, E. Painter, C. PopolizioHL101994-05-16 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett; (Training Area 2), near ford of San Antonio River on Del Venturi Road, ca. 1.7 W of Milpitas Reservoir, ca. 4 air km SW of Coleman Reservoir dam
JEPS102206UCJEPSAdenostoma fasciculatumE. Painter, E. Neese, J. Chesnut, A. HazebrookHL6211994-06-20 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett (Training Areas 19, 23), Los Bueyes Creek, ca. 2.8 air km WSW of Hughes Reservoir, ca. 3 air km NE of Burro Mountain
JEPS110462UCJEPSAdenostoma fasciculatumLowell Ahart127462006-06-15 GlennOn the west side of Black Diamond Road, about 2 1-2 miles west of the paved road, about 4 3-4 miles (by road) from Stonyford
JEPS110561UCJEPSAdenostoma fasciculatumJake Ruygt541976-05-06 Napa2.4 miles NE of Westgate Dr. on Atlas Peak Road
JEPS111516UCJEPSAdenostoma fasciculatumD. G. Kelch05.2792005-05-13 Contra CostaMartinez - West: Ozol Rock and Scenic Drive Ozol rock in chamise chaparral
JEPS112095UCJEPSAdenostoma fasciculatumD. G. Kelch05.852005-03-25 Contra CostaPinole Peak Fernandez Ranch. West of Christie Road. South of I-4 (behind golf course). East of Pinole Peak
JEPS44778UCJEPSAdenostoma fasciculatumMabel Peirson1927-04-12 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Isl., Prisoner′s Cove
JEPS44779UCJEPSAdenostoma fasciculatumFrank W. Peirson781918-06-01 Los AngelesMt. Wilson Toll Rd.
JEPS44782UCJEPSAdenostoma fasciculatumWillis L. Jepson166341934-05-05 TehamaBeegum
JEPS44783UCJEPSAdenostoma fasciculatumWillis L. Jepson138321892-06-20 SolanoVaca Mts., Collin′s Camp
JEPS44784UCJEPSAdenostoma fasciculatumWillis L. Jepson120921927-05-27 Santa Barbararidge behind Pelican Bay; Santa Cruz Isl.
JEPS44785UCJEPSAdenostoma fasciculatumWillis L. Jepson99671923-05-30 Amadorfoothills of Buena Vista
JEPS44786UCJEPSAdenostoma fasciculatumWillis L. Jepson97601922-07-23 Montereysandy flats e. Hotel Del Monte
JEPS44787UCJEPSAdenostoma fasciculatumWillis L. Jepson92441921-05-20 Mendocinoe. Ukiah (Black Rock Ridge, Forty Dollar Mt.); Forty Dollar Mt., Black Rock Ridge
JEPS44788UCJEPSAdenostoma fasciculatumWillis L. Jepson85071920-04-12 San DiegoSan Pasquale Grade
JEPS44789UCJEPSAdenostoma fasciculatumWillis L. Jepson65841915-12-06 NapaHowell Mt.
JEPS44790UCJEPSAdenostoma fasciculatumWillis L. Jepson56321913-06-22 Santa ClaraSaratoga Santa Cruz Mts., Saratoga
JEPS44791UCJEPSAdenostoma fasciculatumWillis L. Jepson24481904-06-03 NapaHowell Mt.
JEPS44792UCJEPSAdenostoma fasciculatumAlice King1906-06-01 ColusaCollege City
JEPS44793UCJEPSAdenostoma fasciculatumAdele Lewis Grant1915-06-13 CalaverasVallecito
JEPS44794UCJEPSAdenostoma fasciculatumAdele Lewis Grant6031916-02-06 TuolumneGrant Ranch Columbia;, Grant Ranch
JEPS44795UCJEPSAdenostoma fasciculatumAdele Lewis Grant6011916-02-06 TuolumneGrant Ranch near Columbia; Grant Ranch
JEPS44796UCJEPSAdenostoma fasciculatumOlive Thacher181915-07-13 VenturaOjai Valley
JEPS44797UCJEPSAdenostoma fasciculatumC. E. Hutchinson1892-07-20 Los AngelesOld Mt. Wilson Trail
JEPS44798UCJEPSAdenostoma fasciculatumS. B., W. F. Parish1886-06-01 San Bernardinofoothills of San Bernardino Mts.
JEPS44799UCJEPSAdenostoma fasciculatumAdele Lewis Grant17251923-07-28 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Isl., Valdez Harbor
JEPS44800UCJEPSAdenostoma fasciculatumFrida Sexauer1920-01-01 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Isl.
JEPS44801UCJEPSAdenostoma fasciculatumH. P. Kelly1924-05-12 San DiegoSan Diego
JEPS44803UCJEPSAdenostoma fasciculatumL. S. Smith1932-05-11 Placerabove Middle Fork American R. Forest Hill divide
JEPS44804UCJEPSAdenostoma fasciculatumWillis L. Jepson1896-06-02 Napanear St. Helena; Napa Valley
JEPS44805UCJEPSAdenostoma fasciculatumAdele Lewis Grant1914-09-19 Marinnear Rattlesnake Camp Mt. Tamalpais
JEPS46069UCJEPSAdenostoma fasciculatumEleanor Armstrong5261932-06-01 Sonoma4 mi. w. Camp Meeker (near Lake Nervana)
JEPS46182UCJEPSAdenostoma fasciculatumWilfred T. Frost4041932-08-20 MarinRattlesnake Camp No. 1
JEPS46395UCJEPSAdenostoma fasciculatumWillis L. Jepson1896-02-23 NapaHowell Mt.
JEPS46396UCJEPSAdenostoma fasciculatumWillis L. Jepson82111919-01-25 Contra CostaMoraga Ridge
JEPS96316UCJEPSAdenostoma fasciculatumE. R. Blakley, E. K. BallsB24831958-10-10 Santa Barbara1-2 mi ne of the Stanton Ranch Headquarters (s side of Canon del Puerto, Santa Cruz Island); Santa Cruz Island, Canon del Puerto
JEPS96317UCJEPSAdenostoma fasciculatumRalph N. Philbrick, R. E. Broder, M. R. BenedictB64901964-06-17 Santa Barbaranear head of Laguna Canon (just e of Centinela and just n of Ridge Road, Santa Cruz Island); California Islands, Santa Cruz Island
JEPS97439UCJEPSAdenostoma fasciculatumVernon H. Oswald, Lowell Ahart69951995-07-12 TehamaW of Red Bluff and S of Platina on Forest Route 45 (Tedoc Mtn. Rd.), 2.5 mi S of Hwy. 36 Inner North Coast Ranges
JEPS99944UCJEPSAdenostoma fasciculatumG. SmickGAS1902003-05-13 Contra CostaMt. Wanda; Martinez; John Muir National Historic Site; Mt. Wanda, John Muir National Historic Site
LA00642720LAAdenostoma fasciculatumNorman A. Cole3731964-05-01 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Piuma Rd, 1.2 mi from junction of Rambla Pacifico and Schuern Road
LA00642722LAAdenostoma fasciculatumMartha Hilends.n.1933-05-19 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Topanga Canon
LA00642723LAAdenostoma fasciculatumMartha Hilend Kinseys.n.1935-05-24 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Bel Air Estates
LA00642740LAAdenostoma fasciculatumA.M. Johnson40621932-05-14 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Los Alisos Canon; Summit Decker Road
LA00642741LAAdenostoma fasciculatumA.M. Johnson44301934-04-20 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Sepulveda Canon; Behind tunnel, right side of road
LA00642742LAAdenostoma fasciculatumLeo Boyds.n.1953-05-12 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; fireroad, 0.5 W of Mulholland Dr and Beverly Glen Blvd
LA00642743LAAdenostoma fasciculatumPeter H. Raven142031959-05-10 VenturaSanta Monica Mountains; Conejo Mountain; NE slopes of mountain
LA00642744LAAdenostoma fasciculatumJudith Webbs.n.1955-04-02 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; fireroad below Mount Saint Mary′s College
LA00642745LAAdenostoma fasciculatumJames Lauters.n.1953-05-07 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; 1 mi and a block W of Beverly Glen X Mulholland Dr
LA00642746LAAdenostoma fasciculatumCarl Eplings.n.1929-04-27 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Topanga Canon
LA00642747LAAdenostoma fasciculatumMartha Hilends.n.1929-03-09 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Cahuenga Hills; W of Hollywood Lake
LA00642748LAAdenostoma fasciculatumNorman A. Cole4291964-05-01 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; 1.3 mi from Pacific Coast Hwy along Rambla Pacifico
LA00642750LAAdenostoma fasciculatumCarl Eplings.n.1926-04-10 Los AngelesSimi Hills - Santa Susana Mountains; Santa Susana Pass
LA00642751LAAdenostoma fasciculatumMary Reynolds941927-04-12 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Higgins Canon
LA00642752LAAdenostoma fasciculatumBruce Douglas Clayton241972-03-30 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Mountain Park Research Campus; N end of Drawbridge firebreak
LA00642753LAAdenostoma fasciculatumC.L. Hogue1954-05-04 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Off Mulholland Dr
LA00642754LAAdenostoma fasciculatumArthur C. Gibson43482001-06-04 VenturaSanta Monica Mountains; N-fork Conejo Creek; Wildwood Regional Park, Thousand Oaks; above Paradise Falls
LA00642755LAAdenostoma fasciculatumPeter H. Raven140801959-05-03 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; 0.6 mi E of Coldwater Canon on Mulholland Drive
LA00642756LAAdenostoma fasciculatumO.H. Kappler231940-05-18 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; W-fork Las Trancas (Rattlesnake) Canon; N slope
LA105352LAAdenostoma fasciculatumBarry A. Prigge84261989-04-23 Los AngelesSanta Susana Mountains; between Falls Creek and Blind Canon, 1.5 W of junction of Simi Valley Freeway and Topanga Canon Blvd
LA207847LAAdenostoma fasciculatumH. Offords.n.1932-04-28 San DiegoLa Jolla
LA207848LAAdenostoma fasciculatumSherwin Wood1931-04-03 VenturaOjai Creek
LA207849LAAdenostoma fasciculatumSherwin Wood1931-04-03 San DiegoAlvarado Canon, just NW of SDSC
LA207850LAAdenostoma fasciculatumHarlan Lewiss.n.1936-05-10 San BernardinoSouthwestern California; Mentone
LA207851LAAdenostoma fasciculatumDavid D. Keck17811932-05-25 San MateoHills 2 W. of Belmont
LA207852LAAdenostoma fasciculatumJ. Sauer55091973-05-23 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island; Windswept ridge above Chinese Harbor
LA207853LAAdenostoma fasciculatumJ. Sauer50171972-03-22 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains; Lower City Creek Canon
LA207854LAAdenostoma fasciculatumJ. Sauer50941972-06-03 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island; Open ridge at edge of pine forest, head of Sauces Canon
LA207859LAAdenostoma fasciculatumGracia L. Jenkss.n.1911-05-24 San DiegoMt. Trail above La Jolla
LA207860LAAdenostoma fasciculatumH. Lewiss.n.1940-07-04 Lake3 mi. S of Kelseyville
LA207861LAAdenostoma fasciculatumCarl Eplings.n.1925-05-01 Los AngelesMint Canon
LA207862LAAdenostoma fasciculatumA.M. Johnson43091933-05-20 Los AngelesFish Canon Wash; N side Foothill Boulevard, just W of bridge
LA211925LAAdenostoma fasciculatumMark A. Elvin17162001-07-22 San DiegoSouth Coast Ecoregion; Carlsbad; NE corner intersection of El Camino Real X Palomar Airport Road, in canyon draw 300 meters N of intersection
LA211977LAAdenostoma fasciculatumDuncan Bell51442013-06-13 San BernardinoTransverse Ranges; San Gabriel Mountains; Sheep Mountain Wilderness; Coldwater Canon off of Canon on the SW flanks of Mount San Antonio
LA212952LAAdenostoma fasciculatumKelly Williams221980-04-30 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; 1.5 miles east of Stunt Road, Mulholland Highway.
LA212960LAAdenostoma fasciculatumHarold Piries.n.1963-04-16 Los AngelesCalifornia State Hwy 118, 1 N of Chatsworth in the Simi Hills
LA27800LAAdenostoma fasciculatumL. S. Rose412701941-06-12 San MateoRocky ridges, Emerald lake, hills W. of Redwood City
LA31221LAAdenostoma fasciculatumDavid S. Veritys.n.1960-02-14 Orangeone small area on ridge near summit of Temple Hills Dr. on E. slope of ridge, San Juaquin Hills behind Laguna Beach
LA52126LAAdenostoma fasciculatumM. Eplings.n.1925-05-18 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; Griffith Park; unspecific
LA83770LAAdenostoma fasciculatumNesta Dunns.n.1931-05-24 VenturaSanta Monica Mountains; Mountclef Ridge; Wildwood Regional Park, Thousand Oaks; Santa Rosa Trail
LA93443LAAdenostoma fasciculatumJonathan Sauer45391969-05-21 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mountains; above Encino
LA98082LAAdenostoma fasciculatumL. Fausett201979-05-10 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island; W, SW of University Field Station in Islay Canon
LOB115280LOBAdenostoma fasciculatumR. Lyons141970-05-15 Riverside2.7 miles S of Wesley Rd. on R-1
LOB115281LOBAdenostoma fasciculatumS. Haydens.n.1972-05-20 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mtns., Roadside Corral Canon Rd., 5 miles east of Pacific Coast Hwy.
LOB115282LOBAdenostoma fasciculatumJ. A. Thompson801973-05-12 OrangeAlong Ortega Hwy., 0.5 NE of Ranger Station.
LOB115283LOBAdenostoma fasciculatumF. DeVito591970-04-30 RiversideLord Canon, 3 mi. SW of Corona, Santa Ana Mtns.
LOB115284LOBAdenostoma fasciculatumP.C. Baker54021965-05-04 Riverside1.5 miles from R. & R. junct., and road to Idyllwild
LOB115286LOBAdenostoma fasciculatumLinda Williams1871970-04-17 Riverside5.5 miles SW of Murrieta on De Luz Rd.
LOB115287LOBAdenostoma fasciculatumH. Clarks.n.1955-05-15 OrangeSilverado Canon
LOB115288LOBAdenostoma fasciculatumD. Burke661972-03-29 Riverside3.5 miles inside San Bernardino National Forest, on Hwy
LOB115289LOBAdenostoma fasciculatumC. Stearns61974-03-09 VenturaOff side of road, 2.6 mi up Deer Creek Rd.
NY00044670NYAdenostoma fasciculatumJ. B. Walker19051996-07-02 ?  San DiegoWest of Tecate. 2km east of Barret Junction along highway 94
NY01393097NYAdenostoma fasciculatumM. C. Pace7092014-05-23 ?  NapaProperty of Erik Martella, Butts Canyon Road, Pope Valley. South-southeast of the intersection of Butts Canyon Road and Snell Valley Road. 7 miles north of Pope Valley town center.
NY2718417NYAdenostoma fasciculatumT. G. Yuncker39671931-06-21 UnknownNear Azusa
NY2718427NYAdenostoma fasciculatumSchuhs.n.2004-05-18 ?  San Bernardino2 km NW of I-15 on Rt 138, N of San Bernardino.
NY2718429NYAdenostoma fasciculatumSchuhs.n.2004-05-23 ?  TulareNW of Springville on Balch Park Drive.
NY2718436NYAdenostoma fasciculatumS. B. Parishs.n.1898-06-15 ?  San BernardinoMesas near San Bernardino.
NY2718448NYAdenostoma fasciculatumS. L. Welsh202201981-03-08 ?  San Bernardino17 mi W of Victorville.
NY2718469NYAdenostoma fasciculatumD. W. McNeal8551972-05-11 ?  TuolumneOn the hillside above Hwy.#49, 1.8 mi, n. of the Tuolumne - Mariposa Co. line.
NY2718484NYAdenostoma fasciculatumT. S. Ross26621990-05-27 ?  San BernardinoSan Gabriel Mountains; Lost Lake: sag pond on the San Andreas Fault, near the SE end of Lone Pine Canyon; Cajon USGS 7.5 quadrangle.
NY42409NYAdenostoma fasciculatumJ. B. Walker8921994-08-11 ?  Santa Cruz″UCSC campus, adjacent to ″″Natural Area″″ at N edge of campus″
OBI124674OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumMarcus E. Jones, A.M.22381881-06-24 Santa Cruz
OBI124675OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumElizabeth Rudd2831971-05-23 San Luis Obispo3 NE of Santa Margarita
OBI124676OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumJan Johnson171986-05-11 San Luis ObispoLos Padres Natl Forest. E Cuesta Ridge about 12 N of SLO, off hwy 101
OBI124677OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumR.A. Oyler6261975-05-22 San Bernardino1 NE of Chaffey College, Alta Loma
OBI124678OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumRobert J. Rodin68591964-05-08 San Luis ObispoOn ridge 4 mi SE of Cuesta Summit on hwy 101
OBI124679OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumJ.B. Carstens711966-05-23 San Luis Obispo2 mi from summit of Cuesta grade, hwy 101 and old Cuesta rd
OBI124680OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumCarl B. Wolf22761931-07-07 San DiegoProctor Valley, 4 mi above the Upper Otay Reservoir, on the road to Jamul (E of San Miguel Mtn)
OBI124681OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumF. Rush721956-06-01 San Luis ObispoMt. San Luis Obispo NE ridge top
OBI124682OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumDavid J. Keil269291998-04-27 San Luis ObispoMontana de Oro State Park. Valencia peak burn area, see earlier notes
OBI124683OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumCarl B. Wolf21081931-05-27 San DiegoProctor Valley, 4 mi above the Upper Otay Reservoir, on the road to Jamul (E of San Miguel Mtn)
OBI124684OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumTawney Odegard11985-01-25 San Luis ObispoMorro Bay Kangaroo Rat Reserve. SE of Morro Bay, 0.5 mi down Pecho Valley rd after passing Golf Course sign, turn rt on dirt rd just past Deer sign and continue toward dunes for 0.5 mi. MBKR site is on the left
OBI124685OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumH.F. Copeland5341924-06-16 MarinMt. Tamalpais
OBI124686OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumWalter F. Chesbro931978-05-06 San Luis ObispoHwy 58, 2 mi E of the intersection of hwy 58 and hwy 129
OBI124687OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumDavid J. Keil170171983-05-14 San Luis ObispoAlong ridge system between Arroyo de la Cruz and Arroyo del Oso
OBI124688OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumE. Painter, E. Neese, J. Chestnut, A. HazebrookHL6211994-06-20 MontereyFort Hunter Liggett (Training Areas 19, 23), Los Bueyes Crk, ca. 2.8 air km WSW of Hughes Reservoir, ca. 3 air km NE of Burro Mtn
OBI124689OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumCarl B. Wolf20681931-05-26 San DiegoFrom old Spanish lighthouse, Point Loma
OBI124690OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumLouis C. Wheeler6701932-04-30 Los AngelesMandeville Cyn, Santa Monica Mts
OBI124691OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumGregg A. Young591972-07-14 Santa BarbaraPt. Sal area
OBI124692OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumNancy E. Arnold3031981-05-17 San Luis ObispoChaparral area burned on 31 July, 1980. CDF fire no 53-265. 7.6 NE of Santa Margarita, Calf cyn, N end of La Panza Mts
OBI124693OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumNancy E. Arnold2661981-05-03 San Luis ObispoChaparral area burned on 31 July, 1980. CDF fire no 53-265. 7.6 NE of Santa Margarita, Calf cyn, N end of La Panza Mts
OBI124694OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumJenner Whitt22003-04-03 San Luis ObispoChaparral burn on hwy 58 1 mi E of jctn 229. Burned Jul 2002
OBI124709OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumJim Souzas.n.1981-02-01 San Luis ObispoGrover City
OBI124710OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumMichael Medveds.n.1978-04-03 San Luis ObispoFoothills of Santa Lucia Mtn on Cal Poly campus
OBI124711OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumDave Imper381977-01-08 San Luis ObispoPrice Cyn Tarsands Project. 1 mi SW of hwy 227 on Price Cyn rd
OBI124712OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumDavid J. Keil161351982-06-03 KernRoad leading to Willow Srpigs campground S of hwy 166
OBI124713OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumD. R. Miller694.4361994-06-10 San Luis ObispoPine Mtn Region; from the bottom of escarpment, Coles rd in Marmalejho crk drainage
OBI124714OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumLarry Kelly941988-05-13 Santa Barbara9 N of rte 154 on Figueroa Mt rd
OBI124715OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumJeffery Null341980-05-11 San Luis ObispoEcological Study area, Cal Poly campus
OBI124716OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumPhil Ashleys.n.1979-05-08 San Luis ObispoOn campus of Calif Polytechnic state univ
OBI124717OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumJulie M. Vanderweir191979-05-11 San Luis ObispoIndian Knob Tar Sands
OBI124718OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumKoomanoff, et al151981-05-16 San Luis ObispoSSE 45 ° slope near summit of Indian Knob
OBI124719OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumMelody Dickens27 BH1980-05-30 San Luis ObispoBlack Hill, Morro Bay state park
OBI124720OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumKristin Bryan and Carol Radike1-Jun1980-06-08 San Luis ObispoLas Pilitas rd at Salinas River bridge
OBI124721OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumKaren Symonds271982-07-25 San Luis ObispoMontana de Oro State Park, along coon Creek trail
OBI124722OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumKaren Wilferths.n.1982-05-01 San Luis Obispo25 mi E of Arroyo Grande on Huasna rd, just .25 of a mile before reachign Agua Escondido Campground
OBI124723OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumThomas Burrows481980-05-17 San Luis ObispoReservoir Cyn
OBI124724OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumJames Courtney321981-01-15 San Luis ObispoPennington Crk Bio reserve
OBI124725OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumNancy E. Arnold3031981-05-17 San Luis ObispoChaparral area burned on 31 July, 1980. CDF fire no 53-265. 7.6 NE of Santa Margarita, Calf cyn, N end of La Panza Mts
OBI124726OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumG.L. Parsons831976-05-23 VenturaDough Flat, Sespe Condor Refuge
OBI124727OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumNeil Havlik1891968-05-04 San Luis ObispoAlong roadside near Hi Mtn summit on Pozo-Hi mtn - Arroyo Grande Rd
OBI124728OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumJoy Nishida3991982-05-29 San Luis ObispoAmerican Cyn; .3 mi S of American Cyn campground
OBI124729OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumCliff Dimond571982-05-15 Montereyalong Canon side
OBI124730OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumRick Frelinger881982-05-25 San Luis ObispoSan Luis Crk in Reservoir Cyn
OBI124731OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumSpasbo-Krystoff331982-04-18 San Luis Obispo22 mi E of Arroyo Grande
OBI124732OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumDavid J. Keil26041967-09-11 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Natl Forest near Arrowhead springs
OBI124733OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumJulie M. Vanderweir191979-05-11 San Luis ObispoIndian Knob Tar Sands
OBI124734OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumBill Arbaughs.n.1966-05-17 Los AngelesPierce Arboretum
OBI124735OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumMark Schneider271973-05-17 Los AngelesSeven Hills Ranch, Tujunga, San Bernardino Mts
OBI124736OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumRobert J. Rodin68591962-05-08 San Luis ObispoOn ridge 4 mi SE of Cuesta Summit on hwy 101
OBI124737OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumLynne Dee Althouse1051977-05-23 San Luis ObispoWolfe′s horse ranch near San Luis High School
OBI124738OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumDavid Keil337212016-03-15 San Luis ObispoSouthern foothills of San Luis Range. Wild Cherry Ranch west of Avila Beach.
OBI124739OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumJillian C. Boettcher182002-05-05 San DiegoDel Mar. Torrey Pines Cyn at end of Del Mar Heights rd exit off I-5
OBI124740OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumLarry Kelly1091988-05-13 Santa BarbaraCachuma Saddle-jctn Figueroa mtn rd and Happy cyn rd
OBI124741OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumDavid J. Keil256231995-07-25 Santa BarbaraVandenberg AFB. North bse. 0.5 mi E from Main Gate along Vandenberg rd (Calif hwy 1)
OBI124742OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumBeth Waterbury761983-03-13 Santa BarbaraState hwy 154 (San Marcos Pass) at viewpint turnout, .5 mi SE of Cachuma Lake
OBI124743OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumDavid J. Keil332432015-06-12 MontereyArea adjacent to campus of California State University, Monterey Bay. Bordered to east and north by Imjin Road and to south by 8th Street and Engineering Equipment Road, and traversed by blocked-off northern extension of 6th Avenue
OBI124744OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumW. Kent Allenders.n.1962-12-17 San Luis ObispoCollected in burn area, Cuesta Summit N of US 101, San Luis Obispo
OBI124745OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumJohn Jackman431980-06-01 San Luis ObispoMacGillivary Ranch, Adelaida
OBI124746OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumNeil Havlik326-191967-05-14 San Luis Obispo2 mi E of Navajo campground, La Panza district, Los Padres Natl Forest
OBI124747OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumT.J. Ayers7561989-06-22 San Luis ObispoLos Padres Natl Forest; W facing cleared slope below TV towers just E of W Cuesta Ridge rd at eastern botanical area boundary sign, ca 3 W of hwy 101
OBI124748OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumMargaret Przybylski1542004-04-09 AlamedaThe Oakland Zoo, E of main parking lot in rolling hills
OBI124749OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumCarl B. Wolf22751931-07-07 San DiegoPoint Loma, between Old Spanish Lighthouse and Cemetary
OBI124750OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumDavid J. Keil246261995-03-16 Santa BarbaraVandenberg AFB. NE part of base, along NW side of Calif hwy 1, 0.7-1.6 NE of intersection with San Antonio rd W
OBI124751OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumDavid J. Keil231031992-05-15 TulareSequoia Natl Forest. Hwy 190 at Coffee Camp Picnic Groudn along middle fork of Tule River
OBI124752OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumRobert F. Hoover89121964-06-05 San Luis ObispoSanta Lucia Range; Ridge SE of Cuesta pass
OBI124753OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumLarry Kelly1211988-05-13 Santa BarbaraJctn of Figueroa Mtn rd and Catway road about 1 mi E of figueroa Station Ecotonal area
OBI124754OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumF. Rushs.n.1957-08-01 San Luis ObispoS. Morro Bay
OBI124755OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumDora Heaths.n.1998-04-27 Unknown
OBI124756OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumE.R. BlakleyB-24831958-10-10 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island; S side of Cyn del Puerto 1-4 NE of the Stanton Ranch HQ
OBI124757OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumSteve Boyd113722004-05-26 San DiegoPeninsular Ranges; Cuyamaca-Laguna Mts region: In-Ko-Pah Mts, western flank of Thing Valley, NE of transite station Posta, Cleveland Natl Forest along forest svc road
OBI124758OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumKathleen Goddard Joness.n.1993-10-21 Santa BarbaraLos Padres Natl Forest; vicinity of Aliso Park campground SW of New Cuyama and SW along jeep trail
OBI148258OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumReed Kenny3292019-04-13 San Luis ObispoHalter Ranch
OBI149854OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumKathryn Bay3481988-05-17 San Luis ObispoBotanical survey of El Morro Elfin Forest. Nature preserve located along the fringe of the Morro Bay salt marsh north of Santa Ysabel Ave. and west of South Bay Blvd. at the northern fringe of the Baywood Park-Los Osos residential area.
OBI152612OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumDavid J. Keil264371998-03-27 San Luis ObispoMontana de Oro State Park. Slopes W of Valencia Peak burned over in summer 1997
OBI152613OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumJohn Knapp352003-04-13 Los AngelesCatalina Island, 3694442.1 N x 368796.921E
OBI161630OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumDavid Keil358782019-05-10 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mountains. Phytojog 2019 trip to The Nature Conservancy′s Jack and Laura Dangermond Preserve. Jalama Ranch side. Jalachichi Gate south of Jalama Rd, intersection of NE boundary of Santa Ynez Mountains. Phytojog 2019 trip to The Nature Conservancy′s Jack and Laura Dangermond Preserve and Jalama Rd. 5.25 miles west from intersection of Jalama Rd. and Hwy 1.
OBI174912OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumTheo Fitanides1682010-05-07 San Luis ObispoTierra Redonda Mtn BLM ACEC
OBI178592OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumR.G. Swinney120812010-03-22 Los AngelesLopez Canon Rd., 1.4 miles west of Kagel Canon Road junction.; San Fernando 7.5′ Q.
OBI186118OBIAdenostoma fasciculatumMonika Richardson3402017-08-21 Santa CruzScott Creek Watershed, Swanton Pacific Ranch, School House Ridge
PASA1203PASAAdenostoma fasciculatumM. Stason1931-04-18 Los AngelesWash near Azusa
PASA1204PASAAdenostoma fasciculatumSally Ellis1939-05-05 Los AngelesBaseline
PASA1205PASAAdenostoma fasciculatumM. Stason1931-04-18 Los AngelesWash near Azusa
PGM1653PGMAdenostoma fasciculatumYadon, Vern1977-07-13 MontereyMonterey Peninsula, Hwy 6 Where rd parallels M.P. Airport
PGM1682PGMAdenostoma fasciculatumGriffin, James R.1972-07-05 MontereyMonterey Peninsula, Del Monte Forest, SFB Morse Botanical Reserve
PGM1683PGMAdenostoma fasciculatumGriffin, James R.1973-06-24 MontereyMonterey Peninsula, Del Monte Forest, SFB Morse Botanical Reserve
PGM593PGMAdenostoma fasciculatumYadon, Vern1960-06-13 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Bottchers Gap Los Padres Nat For, Bottchers Gap
PGM6755PGMAdenostoma fasciculatumHowitt, Beatrice F06751955-06-16 MontereyMonterey Peninsula, Del Monte Forest, Near trails in open exposed places
PGM6756PGMAdenostoma fasciculatumHowitt, Beatrice F00551954-06-27 MontereySierra de Salinas, Hastings Reservation, Along road to Melin′s
PGM7107PGMAdenostoma fasciculatumYadon, Vern2003-07-07 MontereySanta Lucia Mountains, Granite Cyn south of along Hwy 1, In weathered sandstone exposures
POM122694RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumMarcus E. Joness.n.1926-05-31 San DiegoJacumba.
POM615RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumCaroline S. Weinlands.n.1910-07-30 Los AngelesPalmer Canon. N of Claremont.
POM90012RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumMarcus E. Joness.n.1883-05-09 Los AngelesPasadena.
POM90018RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumMarcus E. Joness.n.1902-06-28 Los AngelesPasadena.
POM96983RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumPhilip A. Munz94401925-04-23 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Canon.
PPWD1527PPWDAdenostoma fasciculatumG. de Nevers139802018-03-31 SonomaPepperwood Preserve - Rogers Ridge. Chaparral burned in Oct. 2017 fire; with Arctostaphylos. 38.56 N; 122.68 W. 1065 ft.
PUA10658PUAAdenostoma fasciculatumHoward Walton1975-10-22 NapaLocal landmark: Pope Valley. Aetna Springs Quad.
PUA10728PUAAdenostoma fasciculatumBill Grummer1978-01-27 NapaLocal landmark: Mt. St. Helena Fire Road. Detert Reservoir Quad.
PUA10739PUAAdenostoma fasciculatumBill Grummer1978-01-24 NapaLocal landmark: Mt. St. Helena Fire Road. Detert Reservoir Quad.
PUA1442PUAAdenostoma fasciculatumD.V. Hemphill1970-07-11 GlennLocal landmark: Hokey Pokey Ridge. Anthony Peak Quad.
PUA16998PUAAdenostoma fasciculatumBill Grummer1978-02-18 NapaLocal landmark: Robert L. Stevenson Mem. Park. Detert Reservoir Quad.
PUA17176PUAAdenostoma fasciculatumBill Grummer1978-06-13 NapaLocal landmark: Robert L. Stevenson Mem. Park. Detert Reservoir Quad.
PUA17503PUAAdenostoma fasciculatumB. Tam1976-03-20 NapaLocal landmark: Ink Grade. St. Helena Quad.
PUA1754PUAAdenostoma fasciculatumH. Paul Buchheim1970-05-10 NapaLocal landmark: Wild Lake. St. Helena Quad.
PUA1760PUAAdenostoma fasciculatumW.D. Sumner1972-05-10 NapaLocal landmark: Veterans Home. Yountville Quad.
PUA1775PUAAdenostoma fasciculatumG.L. Clifton1971-04-25 NapaLocal landmark: Pope Creek. Chiles Valley Quad.
PUA2598PUAAdenostoma fasciculatumJohn Roos1939-04-28 NapaLocal landmark: Angwin. St. Helena Quad.
PUA2599PUAAdenostoma fasciculatumW.D. Sumner1971-05-07 NapaLocal landmark: Aetna Springs. Aetna Springs Quad.
PUA30779PUAAdenostoma fasciculatumDibble And Griggs1979-07-11 LakeLocal landmark: Potato Hill. Potato Hill Quad.
PUA30801PUAAdenostoma fasciculatumDibble And Griggs1979-07-11 LakeLocal landmark: Bear Creek. Potato Hill Quad.
PUA30803PUAAdenostoma fasciculatumDibble And Griggs1979-07-10 LakeLocal landmark: Bear Creek. Potato Hill Quad.
PUA30854PUAAdenostoma fasciculatumDibble And Griggs1979-07-19 LakeLocal landmark: Packsaddle Creek. Lake Pillsbury Quad.
PUA30879PUAAdenostoma fasciculatumDibble And Griggs1979-07-12 LakeLocal landmark: Bear Creek. Potato Hill Quad.
PUA30885PUAAdenostoma fasciculatumDibble And Griggs1979-07-08 GlennLocal landmark: Gravelly Ridge. Stonyford Quad.
PUA3231PUAAdenostoma fasciculatumJ.M. Fallon1970-04-19 NapaLocal landmark: Angwin. St. Helena Quad.
PUA33617PUAAdenostoma fasciculatumBill Grummer1979-07-08 NapaLocal landmark: Bothe Napa Valley State Park. Calistoga Quad.
PUA38622PUAAdenostoma fasciculatumDwain Goforth1980-04-09 SolanoLocal landmark: Blue Ridge. Lake Berryessa Quad.
PUA40788PUAAdenostoma fasciculatumThomas Nelson1980-06-23 TehamaLocal landmark: Saddle Canon. Yolla Bolly Quad.
PUA46861PUAAdenostoma fasciculatumG.L. Clifton1981-04-26 NapaLocal landmark: Luhman Property -- Sage Canyo. Yountville Quad.
PUA47076PUAAdenostoma fasciculatumG.L. Clifton1981-04-06 NapaLocal landmark: Manhattan Mine. Knoxville Quad.
PUA55544PUAAdenostoma fasciculatumG.L. Clifton1982-04-24 San DiegoLocal landmark: San Felipe Valley. Earthquake Valley Quad.
PUA56932PUAAdenostoma fasciculatumG.L. Clifton1983-06-02 LakeLocal landmark: Golden Creek. The Geysers Quad.
PUA57279PUAAdenostoma fasciculatumG.L. Clifton1983-05-19 LakeLocal landmark: Alder Creek. The Geysers Quad.
PUA57290PUAAdenostoma fasciculatumG.L. Clifton1983-06-14 LakeLocal landmark: High Valley Creek. The Geysers Quad.
PUA57329PUAAdenostoma fasciculatumG.L. Clifton1983-05-19 LakeLocal landmark: Alder Creek. The Geysers Quad.
PUA57449PUAAdenostoma fasciculatumG.L. Clifton1983-06-13 LakeLocal landmark: Alder Creek. The Geysers Quad.
PUA58183PUAAdenostoma fasciculatumG.L. Clifton1983-06-10 LakeLocal landmark: High Valley Creek. The Geysers Quad.
PUA58477PUAAdenostoma fasciculatumG.L. Clifton1983-06-13 LakeLocal landmark: Alder Creek. The Geysers Quad.
PUA58484PUAAdenostoma fasciculatumG.L. Clifton1983-06-13 LakeLocal landmark: Alder Creek. The Geysers Quad.
PUA59998PUAAdenostoma fasciculatumG.L. Clifton1984-05-30 SonomaLocal landmark: Socrates Mine. The Geysers Quad.
PUA60043PUAAdenostoma fasciculatumG.L. Clifton1984-05-30 SonomaLocal landmark: Socrates Mine. The Geysers Quad.
PUA61662PUAAdenostoma fasciculatumJoe Callizo1984-04-01 NapaLocal landmark: Lake Orville. St. Helena Quad.
PUA61779PUAAdenostoma fasciculatumJoe Callizo1986-04-01 NapaLocal landmark: Whitehead Lake. St. Helena Quad.
PUA62049PUAAdenostoma fasciculatumJoe Callizo1983-04-02 NapaLocal landmark: Four Corners. St. Helena Quad.
PUA63396PUAAdenostoma fasciculatumJoe Callizo1984-05-26 NapaLocal landmark: Dollarhide Road. Chiles Valley Quad.
PUA6407PUAAdenostoma fasciculatumDennis Kingma1974-05-19 NapaLocal landmark: Deer Park Road. St. Helena Quad.
PUA64340PUAAdenostoma fasciculatumG.L. Clifton1986-05-29 Santa CruzLocal landmark: Ruins Creek. Felton Quad.
PUA64963PUAAdenostoma fasciculatumG.L. Clifton1986-05-23 TulareLocal landmark: Kaweah River. Giant Forest Quad.
PUA66176PUAAdenostoma fasciculatumG.L. Clifton1984-07-13 SonomaLocal landmark: Bear Canon. The Geysers Quad.
PUA66251PUAAdenostoma fasciculatumG.L. Clifton1984-04-22 LakeLocal landmark: High Valley Creek. The Geysers Quad.
PUA8525PUAAdenostoma fasciculatumJ.C. Edwards1970-05-24 NapaLocal landmark: Angwin. St. Helena Quad.
RSA0018471RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumJames R. Shevock405082012-07-14 TuolumneAlong Priest Grade less than 200 m below junction with highway 120.
RSA0021515RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumDuncan S. Bell51442013-06-13 Los AngelesAngeles National ForestSheep Mountain Wilderness; Coldwater Canon off of Canon, on the southwestern flanks of Mount San Antonio.; Mount Baldy
RSA0027783RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumRobert F. Thorne496801977-04-27 OrangeNorthern Santa Ana Mountains: Coal Canon [NW of Sierra Peak]
RSA0029295RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumJustin M. Wood39982011-05-09 VenturaSimi Valley: Arroyo Simi: East of State Route 23, south of the Metrolink Railroad Tracks, and south of the creek.; Simi Valley West
RSA0031681RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumJane Snyder81966-05-10 Los AngelesSan Raphael Hills.
RSA0035028RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumVincent Arellano351980-06-02 Los AngelesLocation the same as plant #34. [2.5 miles south of Placerita at marker 4 West side of road.]
RSA0035030RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumW. M. Arbaugh2081968-05-07 San Luis ObispoMorro Road between Atascadero and Morro Bay.
RSA0035031RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumCarol Haines1191964-05-07 Los Angeles1-2 mile N. of Topanga Canon Blvd. on Hillside Drive, Santa Monica Mts.
RSA0035032RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumPaul Gripps.n.1951-05-11 Los AngelesMulholland Drive, San Fernando Valley.
RSA0035062RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumElwood Fordhams.n.1951-04-15 Los AngelesTopanga, Summit Rd.
RSA0035079RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumGeo. R. Julians.n.1962-06-21 Los AngelesTopanga Canon, Santa Monica Mountains.
RSA0036141RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumIra W. Clokey49641930-06-30 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. West Twin Canon.
RSA0036142RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumIra W. Clokey49631930-05-23 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Pelican Bay.
RSA0036143RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumIra W. Clokey49621930-07-26 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Pelican Bay.
RSA0047675RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumA. C. Sanders340572007-06-01 KernJohnson Canon above Bear Trap Canon, c. 7 miles NE of Lebec in vicinity of Calif. Aqueduct tunnel; Pastoria Creek 7.5′ Q.
RSA0057918RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumRichard G. Swinney122152010-04-15 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Lime Kiln Canon, 0.25-0.7 miles east of Pacoima Wash.; San Fernando 7.5
RSA0060511RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumR. G. Swinney118212010-03-10 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mts. ConservancyWhitney Canon, Whitney Canon Park, from 0.4 miles east of 14 Fwy. at the cyn. mouth to 300 meters SE along ridgetop to the east of Whitney Cyn.; Oat Mt. 7.5′ Q.
RSA0067571RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumR. G. Swinney125002010-05-04 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: north of Sylmar, 0.1 NNE (6 ° ) of Stetson Debris Basin, at north end of motorway at powerlines, west (250 ° ) of the debris basin in Sombrero Cyn., 0.4 miles north of I-210 Fwy.; San Fernando 7.5′ Q.
RSA0068253RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumR. G. Swinney120812010-03-22 Los AngelesLopez Canon Rd., 1.4 miles west of Kagel Canon Road junction.; San Fernando 7.5′ Q.
RSA0069831RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumR. G. Swinney128472010-05-19 Los AngelesHorseshoe bend in Pacific Telephone Access Rd., 0.3 air miles NNE of Oracle Hill Summit, 2.1 air miles due east of Angeles Forest Hwy, 0.8 air miles due west of Mt. Emma Rd.; Pacifico Mt. 7.5′ Q.
RSA0072131RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumFran Dourisboure81966-05-10 Los AngelesSan Raphael Hills.
RSA0080975RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumR. G. Swinney124132010-04-28 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: near Sylmar, Wilson Canon Park, from the mouth of eastern fork of Wilson Cyn. (at Wilson Debris Basin) to 0.5 miles east (upstream), below Natl. Forest boundary.; San Fernando 7.5 Q.
RSA0084868RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumR. G. Swinney134712010-08-09 Los AngelesBig Santa Anita Canon, 0.3 miles ENE of Camp Sturtevant at heliport.; Mt. Wilson 7.5 Q.
RSA0085316RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumR. G. Swinney123732010-04-23 Los AngelesEast end of Hansen Dam Basin, on N side of Big Tujunga Wash channel, 0.1-0.5 miles E of Orcas Park.; Sunland 7.5 Q.
RSA0087384RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumR. G. Swinney129732010-05-25 Los AngelesJust south of boundary of Placerita Canon Natural Area, in Natl. Forest, Manzanita Mountain (on park map but not on USGS topo), just north of jct. of Manzanita Mtn. Trail and USFS ridge firebreak.; San Fernando 7.5 Quad.
RSA0097954RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumDuncan S. Bell77192014-11-14 RiversideSan Bernardino National ForestSanta Rosa Mountains; in the Santa Rosa Wilderness area; west side of Martinez Mountain; collecting at Cactus Spring.; Toro Peak
RSA0107351RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumBonnie C. Templetons.n.1968-09-24 San BernardinoNear East fork, between Running Springs and Mt. McKinley.
RSA0114214RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumBonnie C. Templetons.n.1941-03-02 Los AngelesVasquez Rocks.
RSA0115315RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumR. G. Swinney129152010-05-25 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains; Placerita Canon Natural Area, 0.1 mile east of Nature Center along Placerita Cyn. bottom.; Mint Cyn. 7.5
RSA0116278RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumR. G. Swinney135672010-08-23 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains; Mt. Zion summit, between Hoegee Campground and Canon the Mt. Zion Trail.; Mt. Wilson 7.5 Quad.
RSA0124091RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumLouis C. Wheeler100121967-07-15 Los AngelesWest end. Waterman Mt.
RSA0164317RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumKristy Snyder0082017-08-31 Los AngelesAngeles National Forest, 5N27 Road, Southwest side of road.
RSA0164673RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumKristy Snyder0112017-08-31 Los AngelesAngeles National Forest5N27 road, along unmarked trail.
RSA0169181RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumSteven A. JunakSCa-16622001-05-26 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: At end of road into Cottonwood Canon, 4 mi inland from beach, 0.78 WNW of Black Jack Peak.
RSA0170573RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumR. G. Swinney128662010-05-21 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: unnamed ridgetop (summit 4322 ft.), 0.7 air miles due east of Angeles Forest Hwy., east of Kentucky Springs Canon, 1.35 air miles due north of jct. of Angeles Forest Hwy. and Mt. Emma Rd.; Pacifico Mountain 7.5
RSA0175191RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumJohn D. Olmsted54631962-06-28 Los AngelesNear Spring Canon Monrovia Pk T.T. [Monrovia Peak truck trail], central San Gabriel Mts.
RSA0175531RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumSteven A. JunakSC-41161995-05-02 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island: SW-facing slope on E side of Canada del Puerto, ˜ 0.25 N of Stanton Ranch.
RSA0198022RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumJohn H. Lane1721973-05-27 Los AngelesSanta Monica Mtns, by road just N of Saddle Peak. Vic. Malibu.
RSA0219793RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumSandra Newman501985-05-18 TulareAbout 2 miles above Coffee Canon Hwy #190 out of Springville.
RSA0373528RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumJon P. Rebman149692008-05-03 San DiegoSan Diego: Balboa Park; Florida Canon, east of Florida Drive and west of Pershing Drive, in the Morley Field area southwest of the velodrome.
RSA0380886RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumL. M. Moe611a1985-05-18 TulareWishon Road at junction with Hwy #190.
RSA0417348RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumVanessa Ashworth2151995-05-08 Los AngelesGraveyard Canon, San Gabriel Mountains.
RSA11728RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumFay A. MacFadden10731929-06-04 Los AngelesVerdugo Mountains: Tuna Canon.
RSA156036RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumPeter H. Raven178391962-05-22 Los AngelesMiddle Ranch, Santa Catalina Island.
RSA16343RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumPercy C. Everett71901935-06-18 OrangeSanta Ana Mountains. Main divide motorway to Santiago Peak, 1 mile from Ortega Highway.
RSA190798RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumRobert F. Thorne367951967-04-17 Santa BarbaraSanta Cruz Island. Along road between Valley Rd. and Eastern Ridge Rd.
RSA296168RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumBarry A. Prigge38661980-08-05 RiversideSan Bernardino Mts, Whitewater Canon: 0.5 miles N of trout farm. Slopes and terraces of canyon.
RSA390495RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumBonnie C. Templetons.n.1931-03-29 Los AngelesRidge west of Maudeville Canon
RSA390564RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumAnstruther Davidsons.n. Los AngelesGlendale.
RSA390565RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumGeorge B. Grants.n.1904-06-03 Los AngelesPasadena.
RSA390566RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumM. Bisbees.n.1917-05-18 Los AngelesHills, north of Eagle Rock Valley
RSA390571RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumBonnie C. Templeton89391930-05-27 Los AngelesNear Mulholland Drive, Santa Monica Mountains. North of Beverly Hills.
RSA390572RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumHoward Mullinss.n.1931-04-19 Los AngelesHillside chaparral, Flintridge
RSA390573RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumFay A. MacFaddens.n.1931-03-29 Los AngelesTuna Canon, Verdugo Hills.
RSA453168RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumRobert Gustafson10331978-06-21 VenturaHungry Valley, about 1-2 mile northwest of the Lane Ranch, about 3 miles south of Gorman
RSA498006RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumRobert F. Hoover204701939-04-01 Contra CostaHead west branch Markley Canon
RSA602576RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumLouis C. Wheeler68891952-09-03 LakeWhite Rock Mountain: near Blue Lakes.
RSA639075RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumLouis C. Wheeler73311958-07-23 El DoradoPillikin Mine.
RSA649082RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumKarl Price131988-04-29 OrangeAn unnamed side canyon within Hot Springs Canon. It is on Hot Springs Canon Rd., 0.75 North of Ortega Hwy. (74), 12.6 mi. East of San Juan Capistrano.
RSA653891RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumValerie L. Soza8272000-05-10 Los AngelesVerdugo Mountains, north side: Verdugo Crestline Dr., N of La Tuna Canon and S of Pasko Park.; Burbank
RSA654072RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumValerie L. Soza7352000-04-25 Los AngelesVerdugo Mountains, south side: Above Burbank, Wildwood Canon, west of Wildwood Canon Road. Trail along ridgetop to Forester Grove, Radio Towers, and Verdugo Mtwy; Burbank
RSA656174RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumJoseph M. Keefe232001978-05-23 Los AngelesVerdugo Mountains: 30 m east of Cafeteria, Glendale College, 1 North Verdugo Road, Glendale, San Rafael Mountains.
RSA657350RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumJ. Stephens331980-06-01 Los AngelesVerdugo Mountains Region: At foot of chaparral covered hillside, northeast of Maurice Ave., La Crescenta.
RSA657357RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumL. Yamanaka1241979-06-03 Los AngelesVerdugo Mountains Region: 1-4 mile east of Glendale College Administration Building, Glendale.
RSA657367RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumJoseph M. Keefe309472001-01-19 Los AngelesSouth by southeast face of The Eagle Rock, Eagle Rock District, Los Angeles.
RSA670168RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumJoseph M. Keefe311392001-03-19 Los AngelesSan Rafael Mountains. 10 meters north of Glenoaks Boulevard, 200 meters west of locked gate, 0.5 mile southeast of Flint Peak, 3 miles east of Harvey Drive; Glendale, CA 91208
RSA675809RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumLeRoy Gross7602003-03-07 Los AngelesNorthwest side. Verdugo Crestline Dr. (fire road) just north of the 210 freeway, enter on the west side at Topley Lane, off of Newhome Ave. in city of Sunland.; Burbank 7.5 Quad.
RSA679820RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumLeRoy Gross8292003-05-08 RiversideSan Bernardino National ForestNorth end of Rouse Ridge; South of the San Jacinto River, north of Rouse Hill Road.; Blackburn Canon Quad. 7.5
RSA680239RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumSarah J. De Groot6142002-05-08 San Diego10678 Cerveza Dr., Hidden Meadows 92026.
RSA680968RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumA. C. Sanders265502003-05-04 San DiegoPeninsular Range, San Ysidro Mtns.: Otay Mountain, ridge ca. 2-3 miles east of the peak, around end of jeep trail.; Otay Mountain 7.5
RSA681288RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumJoseph A. Betzler5062003-05-04 San DiegoPeninsular Range: Otay Mountain, Minnewawa Truck Trail about 3 miles from top. North slope near road.; Otay Mtn. 7.5 Quad
RSA682643RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumLeRoy Gross9462003-05-29 Los AngelesWest end of the mountains: At junction (saddle) of Verdugo motorway and Wildwood Fire Road (Abandoned road, as the ranch north of here at mouth of canyon down at La Tuna Canon burned down a long time ago).; Burbank 7.5 Quad.We went down into a small draw northeast of saddle, then came back up another canyon to the east of the main fire road on the crest of the ridge (Verdugo Mortorway) Basically a triangle.
RSA682666RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumLeRoy Gross10872003-06-19 Los AngelesNorth side of mountains: South of Hostetter Motorway (On the thomas guide) just off La Tuna Canon Road, south of and you can see the 210 freeway.; Burbank 7.5 Quad.
RSA682877RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumMark A. Elvin26262003-05-03 San DiegoPeninsular Ranges, San Ysidro Mountains: SE side of Otay Mtn., western Marron Valley, S of BM 838, ca. 1-2 N of Mexican border, slopes above Tiajuana River.; Otay Mountain 7.5
RSA684384RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumSarah J. De Groot7802002-06-23 San DiegoHidden Meadows 92026.
RSA689437RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumScott D. White92392003-05-13 RiversideWhitewater Canon Road, 0.4 of a mile from the junction with Interstate 1 Whitewater Canon washWhitewater Canon, ca. 2 miles north of Bonnie Bell.; Whitewater
RSA689614RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumJon P. Rebman67342000-05-26 San DiegoWest side of Otay Mountain; 8 miles east of 905 at the curve to Otay Mesa crossing.
RSA698592RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumMargaret Smarts.n.1934-04-15 San DiegoEast San Diego Co.
RSA700648RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumJon P. Rebman94192003-07-15 San DiegoLaguna Mountains: Lucky 5 Ranch; southern portion of new acquisition by California State Parks: west side of Sunrise Hwy (S-1) between Cuyamaca Lake and Mount Laguna.
RSA702289RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumScott D. White104392004-05-18 Los AngelesPrivate, proposed for developmentEastern Santa Susana Mtns. West of the I-5 Freeway, ca. 4 N of the I-5 - SH-14 jtn. and 6 mi S of Canon Canon and surrounding slopes, canyons, and ridges.; Oat Mountain
RSA703319RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumSteve D. Boyd111312004-05-04 San DiegoHills north of Warner Springs, north Indian Flats Campground of Cleveland National Forest along Road 9S05.
RSA706250RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumGary D. Wallace22021985-06-14 Santa CruzNW of Boulder Creek, SW of Eagle Peak. Along poor road above N side of Mill Creek. Lockheed Missile test base, Empire Grade road.; Davenport
RSA707597RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumNaomi S. Fraga15702005-05-26 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestCanon Canon, 1 mile south of Blue Cut, just south of Canon Blvd.; Devore 7.5 Quadrangle
RSA708689RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumValerie L. Soza16032003-03-26 Los AngelesNorth side of La Tuna Canon, Haines Canon Park vicinity, southwest of Dorothy and Estepa Dr. intersection.
RSA710275RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumA. C. Sanders271522003-08-07 Los AngelesNE end of Santa Susana Mtns.: Newhall Ranch, Long [Larres] Canon, a tributary of the Santa Clara River NE of Potrero Canon; Val Verde
RSA711106RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumTim Thibault3342004-10-07 San BernardinoPrivateRancho Los Flores.
RSA714423RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumA. C. Sanders278502004-05-11 RiversideElsinore Basin Region: Alberhill Mountain, ridgetop overlooking Walker Canon and I-15 Fwy.; Lake Elsinore
RSA723051RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumLeRoy Gross27522007-05-22 VenturaLos Padres National ForestSespe Wildlife Area (Condor Sanctuary). East of the Topatopa Mountains: Started at Dough Flat. Near 34.52 N, 118.89 W. End of oil exploration road out of the town of Fillmore (Goodenough Road).; Devils Heart Peak 7.5 Quad.General collecting from Dough Flat north along an old road that is a hiking trail now, to a little north of Squaw Flat near 34.54399N, 118.89703W.
RSA723471RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumTim Thibault5192007-05-30 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National Forestbluff on top of Waterman Canon off Hwy 18
RSA724973RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumL. Ahart127462006-06-15 GlennOn the west side of Black Diamond Road, about 2.5 miles west of the paved road, about 4 3-4 miles 9by road) from stonyford.
RSA725648RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumTim Thibault4232006-04-27 Los AngelesCanonservancySanta Catalina Island. Lower road above Cherry Cove just N of fourth of July Cove.
RSA725787RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumA. C. Sanders251292002-06-18 Los AngelesNE end of Santa Susana Mtns.: Newhall Ranch, hills southwest and west of Magic Mountain amusement park, within 1 mile of park.; Newhall
RSA731300RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumJames W. Raymonds.n.1960-03-01 Los AngelesBrand Park. Verdugo Hills.
RSA736705RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumScott D. White102442004-04-26 RiversideSan Jacinto Mountain foothills: Soboba Indian Reservation, Indian Creek Watershed.; Lake Fulmore
RSA746686RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumJon P. Rebman170252009-04-15 San DiegoCanon Marine Corps Base: Papa 3 Training Area in the NW portion of base and on the east side of the San Onofre Mtns.; along Horno Canon Rd.; burned in Horno Fire.
RSA748219RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumT. Scott1102007-03-09 RiversideCleveland National Forest. 0.8 mile down Woodridge Rd. in town of Oak Grove, at Oak Grove trailhead.
RSA748410RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumMargaret R. Mulligan25482008-05-12 San DiegoDel Dios Highlands County Preserve, top of peak, approx. 1 mile W on trail (road) beginning at Del Dios Highway parking lot, N of Lake Hodges.
RSA749144RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumC. Clarke32009-05-18 Los AngelesClaremont. In cultivation at RSABG. NE Indian Hill Mesa path leading from the main building, few feet past downhill fork before first stand of redwoods, east side.
RSA750003RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumA. C. Sanders353192008-05-09 OrangeWeir Canon, along fire line-bulldozer cut, c. 1.5 mi. east of Walnut Cyn Reservoir; Black Star Canon 7.5 Q
RSA751654RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumOrlando Mistretta36532009-05-14 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestSanta Ana River Canon. Near the confluence of Staircase Canon and the Santa Ana River.
RSA752688RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumOrlando Mistretta37912009-06-04 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestSanta Ana River Canon. Junction of Stetson Creek Road (Forest Road 1N36) and Round Cienega Creek.
RSA757282RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumMichael Honer26132007-06-11 Santa BarbaraLos Padres National ForestGaviota Peak Fire Road: about 1.5 hiking-miles up from parking lot.
RSA762284RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumJon P. Rebman193832010-06-03 San DiegoBureau of Land Management Property: northeast of Ramona, south of Highway 78 and north of Old Julian Highway. Square: K16.
RSA764427RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumMichael Honer34682010-06-17 San BernardinoSBNF [San Bernardino National Forest]: Upper Santa Ana River Watershed. Along switchbacks on Clarks Grade Rd., about 0.24 uphill (N) from intersection with Seven Pines Rd.
RSA770701RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumOrlando Mistretta48052010-04-12 RiversideWhitewater Cyn. Along Whitewater River drainage and adjacent slopes below Whitewater Visitor Center (Whitewater Trout Farm).
RSA772856RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumOrlando Mistretta48242010-04-13 RiversideWhitewater Canon. Along Whitewater River drainage and adjacent slopes 2-3 miles above Whitewater Visitor Center (Whitewater Trout Farm); between N34.025 W116.69098 N34.02135 and W116.68712.
RSA773294RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumR. G. Swinney112792009-06-24 Los Angelessummit of Roundtop Mountain, south end of USFS Rd. 3N90, 2.3 rd. miles south of Pacifico Mtn. Rd.; Chilao Flat 7.5 Q.
RSA774272RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumR. G. Swinney110952009-06-08 Los AngelesHorse Flats, 1 air mile NNW of Newcomb′s Ranch at Hwy 2-Angeles Crest Hwy.; Chilao Flat 7.5 Q.
RSA774601RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumR. G. Swinney114022009-07-29 Los AngelesHorse Flats, 1 air mile NNW of Newcomb′s Ranch at Hwy 2-Angeles Crest Hwy.; Chilao Flat 7.5 Q.
RSA782995RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumJ. D. Olmsted51261962-06-21 MontereyAlong dirt road to Cone Pk. ca. 1 N of jct. with road from Hwy. 1 to Jolon, 45 miles SE of Big Sur.
RSA783648RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumJ. D. Olmsted51471962-06-21 MontereyAlong dirt road to Cone Pk. ca. 1 N of jct. with road from Hwy. 1 to Jolon, 45 miles SE of Big Sur.
RSA786559RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumD. M. McFs.n.1954-06-18 San Luis ObispoDick Westerman Road. Arroyo Grande.
RSA790698RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumJeanne Paxton51934-04-21 OrangeModjeska Canon. PR8.
RSA790699RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumKenneth Beard61973-04-21 OrangeSilverado Canon.
RSA791562RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumJames R. Shevock93171982-04-24 TulareAlong Marble Fork Trail north of Potwisha Campground.
RSA792253RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumR. H. McArthur41934-04-07 OrangeLadd Canon.
RSA792646RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumDuncan S. Bell44322012-11-18 ImperialJacumba Mountain; at the northwest base of Blue Angel Peak, approximately 0.25 air mile north of U.S.-Mexico border.; In-Ko-Pah Gorge OE S
RSA795840RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumW. R. Ferren9571986-03-27 Santa BarbaraEnd of old road, 1.5 km northwest of gate and water trough, Pinos de la Calera, Santa Cruz Island.
RSA796343RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumForrest Freund1652013-04-09 Los AngelesCity of Claremont; Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden; Bed Co13
RSA797500RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumForrest Freund1832013-05-15 Los AngelesCity of Claremont; Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden; Bed CO12
RSA801512RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumW. R. FerrenCSM-1881987-08-12 Santa BarbaraAlong dirt road northeast of Bishop tracking station, Vandenberg Air Force Base.
RSA802101RSAAdenostoma fasciculatumDuncan S. Bell11762010-05-31 San BernardinoSawtooth Mountains; approximately 1.25 air mile southwest of Pioneertown, and approx. 0.75 air mile north of Chaparrosa Spring.; Rimrock
SBBG153977SBBGAdenostoma fasciculatumAndrew R. Pigniolo11752003-05-24 San DiegoJamul area: Honey Springs Rd, just S of Bratton Valley along graded dirt rd margin at first knoll 200 m SE of Honey Springs Rd.
SBBG163162SBBGAdenostoma fasciculatumBonnie C. Templeton1938-05-21 Los AngelesTopanga Cyn
SBBG168014SBBGAdenostoma fasciculatumSteven A. JunakSCa-16622001-05-26 Los AngelesSanta Catalina Island: At end of road into Cottonwood Canon, 4 mi inland from beach, 0.78 WNW of Black Jack Peak.
SBBG168021SBBGAdenostoma fasciculatumJ. Gilbert471973-05-13 Santa BarbaraPainted Cave Rd 1 mi from San Marcos Pass Rd.
SBBG170002SBBGAdenostoma fasciculatumJon P. Rebman302682015-05-20 San DiegoCanon, northern portion of Base, Bravo 1 Training Area, along ridge S of Talega Rd, steep SE-facing slope below ridge rd.
SBBG174273SBBGAdenostoma fasciculatumJon Rebman336832017-08-24 San DiegoFallbrook Naval Weapons Station: W of Fallbrook; N Magazine, northwestern part of station, just above the Santa Margarita River
SD00017147SDAdenostoma fasciculatumM.B. Dunkle73471939-11-24 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island; Canon head, Horse Canon.
SD00022294SDAdenostoma fasciculatumIan Cain6412007-04-29 San DiegoSan Diego, Cabrillo National Monument, southern tip of Point Loma, bluffs north west of lighthouse
SD00022958SDAdenostoma fasciculatumStephanie Glenns.n.2006-06-06 San DiegoCabrillo National Monument; Point Loma; Sub Base Navy Property on eastern side of the Peninsula
SD00023987SDAdenostoma fasciculatumAndrew R. Pigniolo11752003-05-24 San DiegoJamul area; Honey Springs Road; just S of Bratton Valley along graded dirt road margin at first knoll 200 m southeast of Honey Springs Road.
SD00023988SDAdenostoma fasciculatumNancy Nenow29032017-04-25 San DiegoLa Jolla; La Jolla Natural Park; W of Mount Soledad; along service road extension of Encelia Drive
SD00026420SDAdenostoma fasciculatumLouis C. Wheeler100121967-07-15 Los AngelesWest End. Waterman Mt.
SD00029468SDAdenostoma fasciculatumBrendan Leatham8-42004-05-26 Los AngelesSan Clemente Island; Malo; drive down to Malo camera pad. On ridge about 100 m down, on rock outcrop
SD00035276SDAdenostoma fasciculatumSteven A. JunakSC-41161995-05-02 Santa BarbaraSanat Cruz Islad; SW-facing slope of E side of canada del Puerto, ˜ 0.25 N of Stanton Ranch
SD00043134SDAdenostoma fasciculatumMary Alice Kessler1762006-04-30 San DiegoSpring Valley, Northeast base of San Miguel Mountain, 1.6 miles Northeast of Summit of San Miguel Mountain and 1 mile Southwest from intersection of Steel Canon Road and Highway 94
SD00043135SDAdenostoma fasciculatumDarin L. Banks5531995-06-02 San DiegoNW Palomar Mtns;Cleveland Nat′l Forest,Agua Tibia Wilderness Area;N face of N peak of Agua Tibia Mt;on burnt narrow ridge,N of Palomar-Magee Trail & W of large bowl shaped depression on N face of Agua Tibia Mt, approx. 50 m S of Riverside Co. boundary.
SD00043136SDAdenostoma fasciculatumEdith A. Purer59781935-03-04 San DiegoChaparral north of San Diego
SD00043137SDAdenostoma fasciculatumFrank F. Gander47751937-12-05 San DiegoSumner′s Ranch, San Felipe
SD00043138SDAdenostoma fasciculatumSkip Stone1741952-08-01 San DiegoLaguna Station Laguna Mountains
SD00043139SDAdenostoma fasciculatumCharles F. Harbisons.n.1935-08-03 San DiegoMonument Peak, Laguna Mts.