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  F  CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecollectorcoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
CAS-BOT604669CASAchnatherum speciosumMoe, L. M.26672005-05-21 UnknownFt. Tejon State Park, Kern County
CDA0018657CDAAchnatherum speciosumG.D. Barbe35561981-08-13 MonoOld Sherwin Grade Road (Old Hwy 395) 0.8 mile north of Mono-Inyo Co line. Great Basin.
CDA0028116CDAAchnatherum speciosumT.C. Fuller72521961-05-09 San BernardinoAntimony Gulch, southeast slope of Clark Mountain, 4 miles northwest of Highway 91.
CDA0028118CDAAchnatherum speciosumA.A. Beetle26551941-04-01 KernIndian Wells Valley, 10 mi S of Inyokern. Mohave Desert.
CDA0028119CDAAchnatherum speciosumA.A. Beetle26641941-04-12 Kern5 W of Mohave on Rte 466. Mohav Desert.
CDA0028120CDAAchnatherum speciosumBeecher Crampton76261955-04-27 San Bernardino1 mi S of Aztex Spring, Ord Mt. area, 12 mi S of DAggett.
CDA0028121CDAAchnatherum speciosumT.C. Fuller84811962-05-08 San BernardinoHighway 91 to Las Vegas, 17.7 miles east of Baker.
CDA0035436CDAAchnatherum speciosumG.F. Hrusa183522011-06-09 Santa BarbaraSan Rafael Wilderness. Mine Canon, approx. 1 mile upstream from confluence with Sisquoc River, approaching the narrows. Sierra Madre Mountains.
CDA0053283CDAAchnatherum speciosumAndra ForneyE05010935-B2008-05-01 KernE11 033 .
CSLA023533CSLAAchnatherum speciosumBarry A. Prigge18041977-05-29 San Bernardino11.2 (air) km NNW of Mountain Pass, along Green′s Well Road.
ELH-3967315-TEMPAIDELHAchnatherum speciosumGary Schoolcraft7211982-06-22 LassenNorth end of Fort Sage Mountain
FSC0001018FSCAchnatherum speciosumJames R. Gregory1741974-05-04 InyoFound in Owens Valley, near Roadside Rest, 10 miles north of Independence, on the east side of highway 395.
FSC0001019FSCAchnatherum speciosumDavid Cone711974-04-05 Kern0,5 mile north of Highway 58 on Rands Cutoff Road - 3,000 feet in elevation
FSC0001020FSCAchnatherum speciosumJoseph Andorfer Ewan71971932-05-29 Los AngelesLocal in gravelly ground along road. Lower Arrastre Canon 2800 ft. Upper Sonora zone.
FSC0001021FSCAchnatherum speciosumPatricia A. Gillies831954-04-13 InyoSpring, 1 mi. E. of the mouth of Goler Wash and 6-1-4 W. of Myers Ranch, S. fork of Goler Wash drainage. Growing rooted in the high steep S. facing wall of the canyon, N. of the Spring. Plants in scattered bunches on the S. facing wall of the canyon, none seen on the opposite side.
FSC0001022FSCAchnatherum speciosumJack D. Norlyn70-621970-03-23 San BernardinoSouth of the crest of Kramer Ridge, four miles South of the intersection of Highways 466 and 395; Elevation 3000 feet;
FSC0001023FSCAchnatherum speciosumRobert D. Haines742321974-05-03 KernCorner of H & C Streets northeast of California City. Elevation 2500 feet.
GH00361507GHAchnatherum speciosumD. D. Keck28131934-04-26 San Luis Obispo10 mi. W. of Simmler on road to La Panza
GH00361509GHAchnatherum speciosumA. M. Alexander ; L. Kellogg42841945-06-19 InyoMcGee Creek road, west of Bishop, east slope of Sierra Nevada.
GH00361510GHAchnatherum speciosumA. A. Beetle26641941-04-12 KernMohave Desert, 5 miles north west of Mohave, on rte. 466.
GH00361511GHAchnatherum speciosumA. A. Beetle26551941-04-11 KernMohave Desert, Indian Wells Valley, 10 miles south of Inyokern
GH00361512GHAchnatherum speciosumA. A. Heller82601906-05-15 Inyohills near county hospital at Big Pine
GH00361513GHAchnatherum speciosumM. F. Spencer21301922-04-12 RiversidePalm Springs. Colorado Desert
GH00361514GHAchnatherum speciosumL. Abrams36071903-05-26 San Diegonear Campo
GH00361515GHAchnatherum speciosumC. C. Parry ; J. G. Lemmon4231876-01-01 UnknownSouthern California
GH00361516GHAchnatherum speciosumC. A. Purpus50771897-04-01 KernErskin Creek
GH00361518GHAchnatherum speciosumL. Abrams34701903-05-14 San DiegoTia Juana
GH00361519GHAchnatherum speciosumR. S. Ferris90981935-03-29 San Luis Obispo7 miles east of Pozo, on the Santa Maria-McKittrick Road.
GH00361520GHAchnatherum speciosumA. Chase8021910-05-09 KernRandsberg, Mohave Desert, south of Sunshine Mills.
GH00361521GHAchnatherum speciosumJ. D. Morefield ; D. H. McCarty34111986-04-13 Inyo1.45 mi. N36 ° W of Poleta Mine, 3.5 mi. ESE of Laws, T7S R34E S6. Owens Valley drainage.
GH00361522GHAchnatherum speciosumR. L. Lowe227381930-04-18 UnknownMt. Whitney Toll Road
GH00361523GHAchnatherum speciosumS. B. Parish43771897-04-15 San BernardinoVicinity of San Bernadino
GH00361524GHAchnatherum speciosumJ. E. Cole9501942-04-01 RiversideSplit Rock Area, Joshua Tree National Monument
GH00361525GHAchnatherum speciosumE. C. Jaeger1944-06-10 San BernardinoJoshua Tree National Monument, Little San Bernadino
GH00361526GHAchnatherum speciosumP. H. Raven128571958-05-04 Inyo0.7 miles south of summit of Daylight Pass, Grapevine Mountains, Death Valley National Monument
GH00361527GHAchnatherum speciosumM. F. Spencer19471922-05-01 San BernardinoBarstow, Mohave Desert
GH00361528GHAchnatherum speciosumV. G. Duran31971932-05-11 San DiegoHead of Box Canyon, near Mason Valley
GH00361529GHAchnatherum speciosumA. A. Beetle31651942-04-21 San DiegoRt. 80, 1 mile west of Jacumba
GH00361530GHAchnatherum speciosumC. L. Hitchcock60461940-04-12 Riverside8 mi. northwest of Elsinore
GH00361531GHAchnatherum speciosumA. A. Beetle30831942-04-18 Los AngelesFoothill Blvd., 13 miles south of Pasadena
GH00361532GHAchnatherum speciosumC. B. Wolf65531935-04-28 San BernardinoMojave Desert, Granite Mts., 2 Mi. So. of summit of Barstow - Cave Springs road.
GH00361533GHAchnatherum speciosumC. G. Pringle1882-05-24 UnknownHills bordering the Mojave Desert.
GH00361534GHAchnatherum speciosumA. D. E. Elmer37091902-06-01 Los AngelesAcron, Mt. Gleason
GH00361535GHAchnatherum speciosumM. E. Jones1929-05-20 UnknownMojave Desert
GH00361536GHAchnatherum speciosumL. Abrams140751941-05-12 San Bernardino8 miles north of Valley Well air beacon on Excelsior Mine road, Kingston Mountains, Mojave Desert.
GH00361537GHAchnatherum speciosumL. S. Rose580431958-05-22 TulareSouthern Sierra Nevada, 6 mi. s. of Roads End P.O., Kern River Canyon
GH00361538GHAchnatherum speciosumW. H. Brewer5301864-01-01 Santa BarbaraSta. Ynez
GH00361539GHAchnatherum speciosumH. N. Bolander61171866-01-01 MonoMono Lake
GH00403633GHAchnatherum speciosumD. H. Goldman32902005-05-11 RiversideGarner Valley, just N. of the village of Thomas Mountain, about 0.1 mi NW of Morris Ranch Road & about 0.2 mi NE of Rt. 74. San Bernardino National Forest
GMDRC2604GMDRCAchnatherum speciosumJ. Andre88652007-04-25 San BernardinoMid Hills: Mid Hills: in Black Cyn Gorge, along Black Cyn Rd approx 2 mi. South of intersection with Wildhorse Cyn Rd near Mid Hills Campground.. Elev. 5167 ft.
GMDRC279GMDRCAchnatherum speciosumS. F. Warrick731978-05-19 San BernardinoSweeney Granite Mountains Desert Research Center: On open slope near Granite Peak, 6500
GMDRC3069GMDRCAchnatherum speciosumT. La Doux2562009-05-18 San BernardinoGranite Mountains: Granite Mountains: Northeast side of Granite Mtns, near Snake Spring; Sweeney Granite Mtns Desert Research Center. 34 ° 48.5 N 115 ° 37.8 W. - 3929 ft.
GMDRC314GMDRCAchnatherum speciosumJ. Evens211988-04-19 San BernardinoGranite Mountains: Adjacent to Cove Spring wash, on bajada with Eriogonum, c. 3950
GMDRC3558GMDRCAchnatherum speciosumJ. Andre108492009-05-03 San BernardinoNew York Mountains: New York Mountains: Mojave National Preserve. growing on N. side of NY Mtns in canyon above Brant Siding.USGS 7.5 min Quad: Ivanpah 35 ° 16.4 N 115 ° 18.8 W. Elev. 5942 ft.
IRVC30740IRVCAchnatherum speciosumMark A. Elvin; A.C. Sanders, Tim Thomas57472007-10-05 San BernardinoOrd Mtns: Ericksen Dry Lake, W edge.
JEPS102671UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumV. H. Oswald, B. Corbin, K. Earll, G. Schoolcraft100342001-06-02 LassenNE of Doyle (Fort Sage Mountains, trailhead to top of mountain from the end of a 4WD road)
JEPS103237UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumJ. Greenhouse, S. Edwards, C. Thayer, J. A. Delgado50402003-03-29 FresnoMonocline Ridge
JEPS122553UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumJ. Andre, T. La Doux, H. Bartosh, R. Preston121832010-03-20 San BernardinoTurtle Mountains; N end of Turtle Mountains just southwest of Los Arch Mine Area, at Mohawk Spring, approx. 12 miles west of Highway 95. Mohawk Spring 7.5 Q.
JEPS13850UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumRimo Bacigalupi, Lincoln Constance38181952-07-02 MonoLittle Round Valley
JEPS39978UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumCharlotte N. Smith11911963-06-25 Kernabout halfway betweeen Democrat Hot Springs and Delonegha Hot Springs (s facing watershed of Kern river; about 1 1-4 mi above the river; nw rim of Orejana flat); Orejana Flat
JEPS482UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumWillis L. Jepson59081914-05-09 San BernardinoStoddards Well Mojave Desert
JEPS483UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumWillis L. Jepson54301913-05-07 San BernardinoBarstow Mojave Desert
JEPS484UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumW. L. Jepson, H. M. Hall14551901-05-17 RiversideCoyote Canon
JEPS485UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumWillis L. Jepson125741928-04-25 RiversideCottonwood Spring Colorado Desert
JEPS486UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumWillis L. Jepson48411912-06-08 San BernardinoBarstow Mojave Desert
JEPS487UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumS. B. Parish1893-05-01 San Bernardino
JEPS488UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumS. B. Parish43771897-04-15 San Bernardinovicinity of San Bernardino
JEPS489UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumWalter Fry1903-08-30 TulareSequoia National Park
JEPS68829UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumAnnie M. Alexander2911930-04-14 San BernardinoYucca Groves
JEPS71294UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumMary Beal2711937-05-12 San BernardinoMitchell′s Caverns Mojave Desert, Providence Mountains
JEPS75608UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumWillis L. Jepson170611935-04-17 Los AngelesPortal Ridge
JEPS75620UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumWillis L. Jepson172411935-04-27 San BernardinoSecond Summit of the Barstow people Calico Mts. (on road to Paradise Spring)
JEPS75622UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumWillis L. Jepson172821935-04-29 San Bernardinos of Arawatz Mts. (ne of Mojave Desert); Granite Mts.
JEPS76030UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumWillis L. Jepson181811937-05-06 San BernardinoFountain Canon Providence Mts. (on a steep fertile slope)
JEPS76526UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumLawrence R. Heckard45791977-04-03 Kern1-4 mi w Red Hill (at nw west end of Rosamond Dry Lake); Rosamond Dry Lake
JEPS78021UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumS. B., W. F. Parish8791886-06-01 San BernardinoMojave Desert
JEPS82385UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumAgnes Chase8021910-05-09 KernOpen dry hills s Sunshine Mills; Mojave Desert, Randsberg
JEPS85811UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumRoy E. Buck13921989-09-01 Mono0,8 km nnw confluence of Rock Creek and Birch Creek (e side of Lower Rock Creek; wsw-facing slope along Lower Rock Creek Rd. just below bridge); Lower Rock Creek
JEPS8673UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumRimo Bacigalupi, G. Thomas Robbins, Roi Partridge, Ruth D. Sanderson36381952-04-18 San BernardinoBajada below Smith Talc Mine (on road from Tecopa to pass in Kingston Mts.); Kingston Mountains, nw slope
JEPS97714UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumAnnetta M. Carter, Ethel Crum, Elsie Osgood12931937-05-07 San BernardinoRidge SE of summit of Ord Mtns. road 8 1-2 mi. S of Daggett.
JOTR16771JOTRAchnatherum speciosumVanderspek & Youses.n.1964-04-19 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park. WILSON CANYON
JOTR871JOTRAchnatherum speciosumSipe, Frank2341958-03-09 RiversideJoshua Tree National Park. HIDDEN VALLEY
MACF033808MACFAchnatherum speciosumBrunell Wheeler1989-04-09 San BernardinoNear Lucerne Valley, San Bernardino Mountains
NY1801721NYAchnatherum speciosumE. Magnaghi832011-05-03 ?  KernRosamond. West Mojave desert north of Rosamond, east of Sierra Way, near cell tower.
OBI179126OBIAchnatherum speciosumDavid J. Keil250081995-04-29 InyoEastern slope of Sierra Nevada. Nine Mile Cyn rd, ca. 4 mi from Hwy 395.
OBI179149OBIAchnatherum speciosumDavid J. Keil271901998-05-11 San Luis ObispoCaliente Range. 4.9 mi from Soda Lake Rd. along Selby Rd.
OBI179151OBIAchnatherum speciosumDavid J. Keil301472003-05-04 KernRed Rock Canon State Park. Near nature trail in vicinity of Ricardo Campground
OBI179152OBIAchnatherum speciosumDavid J. Keil301472003-05-04 KernRed Rock Cyn State Park. Near nature trail invicinity of Ricardo campground
OBI179155OBIAchnatherum speciosumDavid J. Keil301302003-04-23 San Luis ObispoCanong main ridge northwest of Caliente Peak. Vicinity of 35.09798 ° N x 119.82927 ° W
POM1069RSAAchnatherum speciosumLe Roy Abrams36071903-05-26 San DiegoHills near Campo.
POM1070RSAAchnatherum speciosumJ. D. Abrams9901901-05-01 RiversideElsinore.
POM1071RSAAchnatherum speciosumH. M. Hall72611906-06-01 InyoBishop Creek.
POM1072RSAAchnatherum speciosumI. M. Johnston12381917-06-05 RiversideHills south of Arlington
POM1073RSAAchnatherum speciosumH. M. Hall60041905-05-10 RiversideCottomwood Pass.
POM116138RSAAchnatherum speciosumMarcus E. Joness.n.1906-05-02 San BernardinoKelso
POM116143RSAAchnatherum speciosumMarcus E. Joness.n.1903-05-16 San BernardinoCanon Pass.
POM116144RSAAchnatherum speciosumMarcus E. Joness.n.1903-05-18 San JoaquinVictor.
POM116145RSAAchnatherum speciosumMarcus E. Joness.n.1907-04-10 InyoFuneral Mountains, Death Valley.
POM116148RSAAchnatherum speciosumMarcus E. Joness.n.1897-05-14 InyoLone Pine. Owens Valley.
POM128626RSAAchnatherum speciosumLe Roy Abrams79641921-00-01 San BenitoGriswold Creek.
POM14428RSAAchnatherum speciosumI. M. Johnston65771922-05-14 San BernardinoBetween Crutts P.O. and Copper City.
POM145483RSAAchnatherum speciosumMarcus E. Joness.n.1927-05-12 San BernardinoNorth of Randsburg.
POM145574RSAAchnatherum speciosumLe Roy Abrams119031927-05-01 KernEl Paso Range between Red Rock Canon and Walker Pass Road.
POM145691RSAAchnatherum speciosumLe Roy Abrams117591927-04-30 KernIn Hills between Rosamund and Mojave.
POM156427RSAAchnatherum speciosumLe Roy Abrams34701903-05-14 San DiegoHills at Tia Juana, U.S. side of line.
POM160237RSAAchnatherum speciosumMarcus E. Joness.n.1929-05-20 San BernardinoHesperia.
POM182187RSAAchnatherum speciosumMarcus E. Joness.n1926-05-07 San BernardinoArrowhead Grade. San Bernardino Mts.
POM182237RSAAchnatherum speciosumP. A. Munz125901932-05-09 InyoAbove Keane Spring, Amargosa Range.
POM184715RSAAchnatherum speciosumJoseph A. Ewan71971932-05-29 Los AngelesLower Arrastre Canon
POM193467RSAAchnatherum speciosumJ. B. Feudge20341929-05-26 San Bernardino2 miles S of Highland.
POM197431RSAAchnatherum speciosumRoxana S. Ferris70801928-04-18 Imperial0.5 mile east of Mountain Springs.
POM199066RSAAchnatherum speciosumA. D. E. Elmer43491903-05-01 StanislausAdobe Valley.
POM203340RSAAchnatherum speciosumRoxana S. Ferris80751932-04-19 InyoDarwin Wash, Argus Mts.
POM209672RSAAchnatherum speciosumD. D. Keck28131934-04-26 San Luis Obispo10 miles W of Simmler on road to La Panza.
POM259296RSAAchnatherum speciosumM. French Gilman37081939-05-07 San BernardinoCanon, Death Valley, Avawatz Mts.
POM264237RSAAchnatherum speciosumA. A. Beetle26551941-04-11 KernMojave Desert, Indian Wells Valley, 10 miles south of Inyokern.
POM265757RSAAchnatherum speciosumJ. C. Roos20491937-05-28 San BernardinoBy roadside; Horsethief Canon, Off Canon Pass.
POM293833RSAAchnatherum speciosumLyman Benson122981947-04-16 San BernardinoEdge of Mojave desert, 10 miles northwest of Canon
POM295460RSAAchnatherum speciosumLyman Benson59851934-04-29 InyoLake Sabrina Road. Sierra Nevada Range, Owens River watershed.
POM295461RSAAchnatherum speciosumLyman Benson59231934-04-28 Inyo3 miles S of Bishop
POM299591RSAAchnatherum speciosumE. C. Jaegers.n.1944-06-10 San BernardinoJoshua Tree National Monument
POM301785RSAAchnatherum speciosumJ. Cole9501942-04-11 RiversideSplit Rock Area, Joshua Tree National Monument, Riverside County. alt 4000ft
POM319512RSAAchnatherum speciosumRosemarie zimmerman11211962-04-22 San Bernardino66-9 W of Victorville near turn of to Hesperia.
POM320002RSAAchnatherum speciosumGreg Wright381971-04-29 San BernardinoHwy 395, 10 miles S of Adelanto, Mojave Desert.
POM353187RSAAchnatherum speciosumChristopher Davidson3971b1976-05-21 Inyoca. 5 miles N of Little Lake on St. Hwy 395
POM353188RSAAchnatherum speciosumMaurice Zigmond5781939-05-29 KernJawbone Canon.
POM353190RSAAchnatherum speciosumAnstruther Davidsons.n.1893-04-23 Los AngelesSan Fernando
POM353193RSAAchnatherum speciosumChristopher Davidson55831977-04-07 RiversideWhitewater Canon Rd. (exit from Interstate-10 ca. 2.5 W of jct I-10 with State 62); near start of Angeles [Pacific] Crest Trail. Hillside, N slope
POM50527RSAAchnatherum speciosumS. B. Parish47641901-05-08 San BernardinoVicinity of San Bernardino.
POM7100RSAAchnatherum speciosumP. A. Munz25481919-04-12 San BernardinoBarstow.
POM7984RSAAchnatherum speciosumI. M. Johnstons.n.1920-05-17 San Bernardino9.0 miles NW of Hesperia.
POM8068RSAAchnatherum speciosumP. A. Munz41341920-05-21 San BernardinoVicinity of Bonanza King Mine, East Slope of Providence Mountains, Mojave Desert
POM9003RSAAchnatherum speciosumI. M. Johnston23191920-05-15 San Bernardino2 miles W of Deadman Pt, Mojave Desert, San Bernardino County
POM9254RSAAchnatherum speciosumI. M. Johnstons.n.1920-05-05 KernSouth of Mojave
POM96839RSAAchnatherum speciosumF. M. Reed53261926-05-08 RiversideRocky hill near [Good Hope] Mine.
RSA0011367RSAAchnatherum speciosumDuncan S. Bell45092013-03-16 San DiegoBLMThe Jacumba Mountains; north side of Table Mountain.; Jacumba Quad.
RSA0011384RSAAchnatherum speciosumDuncan S. Bell12012010-05-31 San BernardinoSawtooth Mountains; about 1.25 air mile southwest of Pioneertown, and approximately 0.5 air mile northwest of Chaparrosa Spring.; Rimrock
RSA0013200RSAAchnatherum speciosumOrlando Mistretta59352011-07-13 Los AngelesFall Creek Cyn near confluence with Big Tujunga Cyn, along Forest Road 3N27.
RSA0013989RSAAchnatherum speciosumLeRoy Gross61022013-05-16 San BernardinoBLMBighorn Mountains Wilderness; Middle branch of Ruby Canon. Near; Bighorn Canon 7.5 quad.
RSA0014925RSAAchnatherum speciosumDuncan S. Bell47942013-04-14 San BernardinoSawtooth Mountains; Water canyon, approximately 1.1 air miles southwest of Chaparrosa Spring.; Rimrock
RSA0017301RSAAchnatherum speciosumDuncan S. Bell47272013-04-05 San BernardinoBLMCollecting in Owl Canon to the east of Rainbow Basin, approximately 10 air miles north of Barstow.; Mud Hills
RSA0018484RSAAchnatherum speciosumDuncan S. Bell49372013-05-16 San BernardinoBLMBighorn Mountains; in the Bighorn Mountain Wilderness in rocky hills near the head of Ruby Canon approx. 5.75 air miles west of Ruby Mountain.; Bighorn Canon
RSA0019379RSAAchnatherum speciosumJoan Stewart3921995-04-15 KernKelso Valley
RSA0019626RSAAchnatherum speciosumDuncan S. Bell57642013-09-03 San BernardinoBLMBighorn Mountains; in bouldery hills on the north side of Ruby Mountain.; Landers
RSA0020286RSAAchnatherum speciosumDuncan S. Bell59532013-09-21 San BernardinoBLMCastle Mountains; south section of the range, just to the southeast of Hart Mine.; Hart Peak
RSA0020847RSAAchnatherum speciosumJim Andre220652011-04-18 San BernardinoGranite Mountains; Mojave National Preserve; at base of east fork of Willow Springs Basin, at interface between wash and granitic bouldery slopes.; 7.5 Bighorn Basin
RSA0020877RSAAchnatherum speciosumJim Andre244462013-04-10 San BernardinoOld Woman Mountains: Canonate Gulch, 1.0 mi east (upstream) from lower entrance to canyon, NW end of range, ca. 9 mi south of Danby, about 7 mi east of Ship Mtn.; 7.5 Woman Statue
RSA0021349RSAAchnatherum speciosumDuncan S. Bell60562013-10-09 San BernardinoBLMBighorn Mountains; within the Bighorn Mountains Wilderness area; collecting in the Parson Ranch boulder piles, about 0.5 air mile northwest of Parson Ranch.; Bighorn Canon
RSA0021991RSAAchnatherum speciosumT. SchappeCA-650-412013-05-24 KernFrom intersection of PCT and CA-178, take PCT 2.1 trail km. south from pass.
RSA0022677RSAAchnatherum speciosumJim Andre244802013-04-10 San BernardinoOld Woman Mountains: Canonate Gulch, just west of Dripping Spring, 3.2 mi east (upstream) from lower entrance to canyon, NW end of range, ca. 9 mi south of Danby, about 9 mi east of Ship Mtn.; 7.5 Woman Statue
RSA0023103RSAAchnatherum speciosumJim Andre256882013-08-28 San BernardinoNew York Mountains; Mojave National Preserve; southern base of range, along Maruba Road, 2.2 miles N of Cedar Canon Rd., south of Canon.; Pinto Valley 7.5
RSA0027439RSAAchnatherum speciosumDeidre Conocchioli1212013-10-29 San BernardinoE of Bighorn Mtn Wilderness. S of Ruby Mtn. From Yucca Valley, travel 11.3 miles N on Canon New Dixie Mine Rd. Continue for 1.5 miles onto BLM Rd 2330 to collection site.
RSA0028220RSAAchnatherum speciosumJim Andre236532012-04-04 San BernardinoGranite Mountains; UC Granite Mtns Desert Research Ctr; Granite Cove, at Pinyon camp.; 7.5 Bighorn Basin
RSA0031188RSAAchnatherum speciosumStan T. Blakes.n.1965-06-01 San BernardinoJoshua Tree National Monument
RSA0031271RSAAchnatherum speciosumNaomi Fraga46022013-10-09 San BernardinoBighorn Mountain Wilderness. South of BLM Road RC3208.; Bighorn Canon
RSA0031619RSAAchnatherum speciosumSarah J. De Groot71102014-05-14 San BernardinoBLMBighorn Mountains: Along Pipes Wash, south slope of hill between wash and Pipes Road; north of Pioneertown, east of Rimrock, northwest of Yucca Valley.
RSA0031630RSAAchnatherum speciosumSarah J. De Groot70702014-04-16 San BernardinoBighorn Mountains: New Dixie Mine Road (BLM RC 2330) at narrows, west-southwest of Ruby Mountain, west of Landers.
RSA0031791RSAAchnatherum speciosumNaomi Fraga44122013-08-27 San BernardinoBLMBighorn Mountain Wilderness. Upper reaches of east fork of Ruby Canon.; Bighorn Canon
RSA0033555RSAAchnatherum speciosumNaomi Fraga43462013-08-13 San BernardinoBLMBighorn Mountain Wilderness. Unamed drainage east of Ruby Canon.; Bighorn Canon
RSA0033601RSAAchnatherum speciosumNaomi Fraga46382013-11-06 San BernardinoBLMBighorn Mountain Wilderness. Along old mining road west of the headwaters of the east fork of Ruby Canon.; Bighorn Canon
RSA0033942RSAAchnatherum speciosumNaomi Fraga45562013-09-26 San BernardinoBighorn Mountain Wilderness. Near the intersection of BLM roads 2342 and 2356, west of the head of Ruby Canon and south of Bighorn Canon.; Bighorn Canon
RSA0036339RSAAchnatherum speciosumDuncan S. Bell64272014-03-29 San BernardinoCollecting in volcanic hills to the south of Arrastre Creek, approximately 2 air miles southeast of Old Woman Springs.; Old Woman Springs
RSA0045370RSAAchnatherum speciosumJ. M. Andre295002014-05-08 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains: east side of range, along Burns Cyn Rd, 13.1 W of Pioneertown, upper Rattlesnake Cr. drainage in Old Timer Cyn, about 1 mi. west of USFS boundary.; Onyx Peak 7.5 Quad
RSA0047029RSAAchnatherum speciosumDuncan S. Bell61522014-02-21 San BernardinoNewberry Mountains; northwest section of range; collecting within the Newberry Mountains Wilderness area; approximately 7.75 air miles northwest of Kane Springs.; Minneola
RSA0049804RSAAchnatherum speciosumDuncan S. Bell63512014-03-28 San BernardinoGranite Mountains; to the east of Apple Valley, approximately 3.5 air miles northwest of Rabbit Dry Lake, and about 1 air mile south of Amaral Spring.; Fairview Valley Quad.
RSA0050486RSAAchnatherum speciosumDuncan S. Bell62152014-03-07 San BernardinoNewberry Mountains; northeast section of mountain range; collecting within the Newberry Mountains Wilderness area; about 4 air miles north of Kane Springs.
RSA0054116RSAAchnatherum speciosumJ. M. Andre301702014-03-27 San BernardinoBLMKingston Range; north end of range, 3.1 mi. ENE of Horsethief Spring, 1.5 mi. north of campground.; Blackwater Mine 7.5 Quad.
RSA0057948RSAAchnatherum speciosumDuncan S. Bell64752014-03-29 San BernardinoBighorn Mountains; Bighorn Mountains Wilderness area; collecting in the lower section of Ruby Canon.; Bighorn Canon Quad.
RSA0058193RSAAchnatherum speciosumJ. M. Andre291972014-04-22 InyoUSFSMarble Canon, east side of range, along Waucoba-Saline Rd, 6.3 mi. south of junction with Death Valley Rd; Inyo Natl. Forest.; Waucoba Spring 7.5 Quad.
RSA0060628RSAAchnatherum speciosumDuncan S. Bell71692014-06-05 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National Forest; Bighorn Mountains; collecting in the southern section of the Granite Peaks area.; Rattlesnake Canon Quad
RSA0067639RSAAchnatherum speciosumJim Andre277302014-03-03 San BernardinoBLMAlong Ord Mountain Rd, 9.5 mi. east of Hwy 247, south side of Ord Mt, west of Camp Rock Rd.; Ord Mountain 7.5 Quad.
RSA0070311RSAAchnatherum speciosumDuncan S. Bell69012014-05-13 San BernardinoBighorn Mountains; southeastern drainage of Granite Peaks, approximately 1 air mile northwest of Viscera Spring.; Rattlesnake Canon
RSA0072317RSAAchnatherum speciosumJim Andre282102014-05-18 San BernardinoUnknownLittle San Bernardino Mountains: along dirt road (A Avenue), 1.4 mi. east of Pioneertown.; Yucca Valley North 7.5
RSA0072319RSAAchnatherum speciosumJim Andre274212014-04-14 San BernardinoAlong BLM Rd # 6381, east of Cuddleback Lake, NW end of Gravel Hills, NW of Black Mountain, NE of Fremont Peak.; Fremont Peak 7.5
RSA0072323RSAAchnatherum speciosumJim Andre287532014-03-27 InyoBLMKingston Range: vicinity of Crystal Spring, 0.3 mi. north of Excelsior Mine Rd.; Horse Thief Springs 7.5
RSA0080354RSAAchnatherum speciosumJ. M. Andre291372014-04-21 InyoUnknownOwens Valley: along dirt road just west of Ed Powers Rd and north of Hwy 168, 5.1 mi. west of Bishop.; Bishop 7.5
RSA0085209RSAAchnatherum speciosumJim Andre290892014-05-15 San BernardinoBLMSoutheast end of Mescal Range above Iron Horse Mine.; Mescal Range 7.5
RSA0085279RSAAchnatherum speciosumJim Andre281652014-05-18 San BernardinoUnknownLittle San Bernardino Mountains: end of Kickapoo Trail Rd, 2.4 mi. south of Hwy 62 (Yucca Valley).; Yucca Valley South 7.5
RSA0085328RSAAchnatherum speciosumJim Andre270482014-03-26 San BernardinoBLMGranitic foothills at northwest end of Goat Mtn, east of Stoddard Ridge, west of Ord Mtns, 0.3 mi. east of Hwy 247, 15.2 mi. south of Barstow (I-40 jct).; West Ord Mountain 7.5
RSA0092363RSAAchnatherum speciosumJim M. Andre302912014-05-01 San BernardinoNPSCastle Peaks; Mojave Natl. Preserve; far western end of Castle Pks, 0.5 mi. east of Ivanpah Rd, 3.5 mi. north of Barnwell and just east of New York Mtns.; Ivanpah 7.5
RSA0103317RSAAchnatherum speciosumJim M. Andre207012012-04-11 RiversideNPSLittle San Bernardino Mountains; Hidden Tank Picnic Area, 1.4 mi. SW of paved road (Utah Trail) to Cottonwood Spr, approx. 8 mi. south of North Entrance Sta., N. end of Hexie Mtns.; Malapai Hill 7.5 Quad.
RSA0135774RSAAchnatherum speciosumMartin P. Olivers.n.2017-06-05 MonoBLMCollection made approximately 5 miles south southeast of the town of Benton off Highway 6. The population can be reached by taking an unmarked dirt road for 1.1 miles off Highway 6.
RSA0138920RSAAchnatherum speciosumM. OliverCA170-1772016-05-19 InyoFrom Hwy 395 in Independence, drive west on Onion Valley road until reaching Foothill road, go south on Foothill Rd. Drive ˜ 1 mile. Plants collected on both east and west side of Foothill Rd.
RSA0157525RSAAchnatherum speciosumL. M. Moe26672005-05-21 KernFt. Tejon State Park.
RSA0319493RSAAchnatherum speciosumL. M. Moe16861985-07-11 KernNorth of Bissell Hills west of base HQ. Edwards Air Force Base.
RSA116140RSAAchnatherum speciosumMarcus E. Joness.n.1897-04-28 InyoDarwin.
RSA118769RSAAchnatherum speciosumL. S. Rose580431958-05-22 Tulare6 miles south of Roads End P.O., Kern River Canon.
RSA126800RSAAchnatherum speciosumD. Axelrod3511935-05-13 San Bernardino2 miles NE of Fifteenmile Point.; Deep Creek
RSA126801RSAAchnatherum speciosumH. S. Yates64631937-03-24 RiversideNear Head of Deep Canon.; Thermal
RSA126804RSAAchnatherum speciosumR. W. Lundhs.n.1934-05-04 MonoSherwin Hill.
RSA126805RSAAchnatherum speciosumH. S. Yates66851937-06-26 San BernardinoSanta Ana Canon Wash, San Gorgonio, San Bernardino
RSA129145RSAAchnatherum speciosumH. A. Jensen3041933-05-18 Los AngelesOposite mouth of Aliso Canon.; Tujunga
RSA129146RSAAchnatherum speciosumL. R. Short209981934-04-27 San Luis Obispo[Unspecifed]; Mckittrick Quad
RSA12973RSAAchnatherum speciosumC. B. Wolf65141935-04-27 San Bernardino0.8 miles north of 2nd summit, 15 miles NE of Barstow on Garlic Springs road.
RSA14179RSAAchnatherum speciosumRoxana S. Ferris90981935-03-29 San Luis Obispo7 miles E of Pozo, on the Santa Maria-McKittrick road.
RSA155496RSAAchnatherum speciosumL. S. Rose620501962-05-22 TulareRoads End, Kern River.
RSA15858RSAAchnatherum speciosumC. B. Wolf65531935-04-28 San Bernardino2 miles south of summit of Barstow- Cave Springs road.
RSA182248RSAAchnatherum speciosumJames Henrickson19881965-06-08 San Bernardino2 miles south of Joshua Tree, open Mojave Desert
RSA182335RSAAchnatherum speciosumJ. D. Olmsted34331962-05-01 RiversideW slope below Falls Plateau, Snow Canon N of Mt. San Jacinto.
RSA19089RSAAchnatherum speciosumI. W. Clokey65231935-04-25 San BernardinoNorth of Barstow.
RSA191169RSAAchnatherum speciosumR. F. Thorne371491967-07-19 Los AngelesAngeles National Forest: Crystal Lake Recreation area, just above junction of roads to Crystal Lake and Angeles Crest Hwy.
RSA191523RSAAchnatherum speciosumR. F. Thorne363651966-05-28 San BernardinoMojave Desert: just N of the San Gabriel Mountains, along Hwy 138, ca 2 miles WNW of Phelan near Los Angeles County line.
RSA196014RSAAchnatherum speciosumMary DeDecker18261967-07-02 InyoSierra Nevada: Owens Valley at base of Sierra Nevada; George′s Creek, mouth of canyon. George′s Creek Canon at base of mountains
RSA217228RSAAchnatherum speciosumD. E. Breedlove173231970-03-30 InyoSurprise Canon between Ballarat and Panamint City. Panamint Mountains.
RSA226144RSAAchnatherum speciosumR. F. Thorne399111971-06-17 Los AngelesN slope of San Gabriel Mountains: 1.3 mi. E of junction of Antelope Valley Freeway with Soledad Canon Road along latter, near junction of Bee Canon with Santa Clara River valley (NAD27); Agua Dulce
RSA228869RSAAchnatherum speciosumR. F. Thorne406311971-06-26 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains, Angeles National Forest: Big Tujunga Canon.
RSA230681RSAAchnatherum speciosumR. F. Thorne384301969-07-10 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mts; Angeles National Forest; 1.5 miles W of Wrightwood.
RSA232551RSAAchnatherum speciosumE. R. Chandler21951965-05-14 Santa BarbaraBallinger Canon 1-2 miles E of Rt 33, alt 2800ft. Santa Barbara County
RSA239028RSAAchnatherum speciosumC. W. Tilforth8161973-05-24 Los AngelesBobs Gap, ca. 2 miles NE of Valyermo, north desert slope of San Gabriel Mountains.
RSA247087RSAAchnatherum speciosumR. F. Thorne439711973-06-19 San BernardinoProvidence Mountains: N end of Mts. c. 7 mi SE of Kelso (by road); upper part of Globe canyon below the Globe mine
RSA24872RSAAchnatherum speciosumC. B. Wolf106691941-05-26 San BernardinoMojave Desert, Providence Mts., 3.8 miles W of Columbia Mine
RSA24971RSAAchnatherum speciosumC. B. Wolf101181941-04-29 San BernardinoS base of Old Dad-Granite Mt. Range. Mouth of Willow Spring Canon
RSA249795RSAAchnatherum speciosumR. F. Thorne434851973-05-11 Los Angeles0.25-0.5 mile N of Bobs Gap, N slope of Holcomb ridge, ca. 2.5 miles due S of Llano.
RSA25009RSAAchnatherum speciosumC. B. Wolf103641941-05-11 San BernardinoMojave Desert, SE Kingston Mts., 5.3 miles NW of Valley Wells-Kingston Rd. New Rd. to Excelsior Talc Mine.
RSA251018RSAAchnatherum speciosumR. F. Thorne436381973-05-30 San BernardinoNew York Mountains: Upper portion of Canon.
RSA25103RSAAchnatherum speciosumC. B. Wolf104601941-05-13 San BernardinoMojave Desert, Kingston Mountains. 1.5 mile E of Horse(thief) Spring by road and 0.5 mile S of same road.
RSA252071RSAAchnatherum speciosumR. F. Thorne441071973-06-21 San BernardinoNew York Mountains: W branch of Fourth of July Canon.
RSA25487RSAAchnatherum speciosumC. L. Hitchcock6209a1940-04-27 InyoDarwin Springs.
RSA256321RSAAchnatherum speciosumJ. R. Reeder62311973-06-02 Los AngelesAngeles National Forest: ca. 5 miles SE of Valyermo, 1 mile N of Paradise Springs
RSA269471RSAAchnatherum speciosumB. A. Prigge1050A1973-05-25 San BernardinoNE San Bernardino County, Clark Mt Range, above Umberci Mine, 11 miles NNE of Mt Pass
RSA269472RSAAchnatherum speciosumB. A. Prigge15891974-06-11 San BernardinoNE San Bernardino County, Clark Mt Range, Keany Peak, 9.5 miles N of Mt Pass, alt 5400ft.
RSA269473RSAAchnatherum speciosumB. A. Prigge10751973-05-26 San BernardinoClark Mountain Range, Colosseum gorge, 6 miles N of Mt. Pass
RSA269474RSAAchnatherum speciosumB. A. Prigge10431973-05-26 San BernardinoClark Mt Range, 1 mile S of Mesquite Pass, 11 miles NNW of Mt Pass
RSA270613RSAAchnatherum speciosumJames Henrickson100691973-03-26 San Bernardino15 air miles S of Kelso, just N of Pass between Granite and Providence Mts, along Kelbaker Road.
RSA270614RSAAchnatherum speciosumJames Henrickson10409b1973-06-02 San Bernardino6 (air) miles E of Cima in lower granitic Butcher Knife Canon of SW New York Mountains.
RSA270615RSAAchnatherum speciosumJames Henrickson103451973-06-02 San BernardinoCa. 5.5 miles E of Cima, in Cottonwood Canon near Cottonwood Spring, in SW New York Mountains.
RSA270665RSAAchnatherum speciosumJames Henrickson107921973-06-20 San BernardinoIn Providence Mountains; 9 (air) miles SE of Kelso in E-W running ryolite canyon N of Providence Mountains. State Recr. area; in lower canyon
RSA270667RSAAchnatherum speciosumJames Henrickson108441973-06-20 San Bernardino8 air miles ESE of Cima in W Pinto Valley, 2 miles E of Bathtub Spring
RSA27234RSAAchnatherum speciosumC. L. Hitchcock60461940-04-12 Riverside8 mi. northwest of Elsinore
RSA272350RSAAchnatherum speciosumJames Henrickson173241978-05-28 San BernardinoCa. 25 air mi. NW of Barstow, N of Black Mtns, in Inscription Canon.
RSA272351RSAAchnatherum speciosumJames Henrickson16797b1978-05-06 San BernardinoNewberry Mts., 19 mi ESE of Barstow; up canyon just W of Newberry.
RSA274118RSAAchnatherum speciosumRichard L. Zembal5641978-04-09 Inyo0.75 N of Coso Hot Springs.; USGS Haiwee Reservoir
RSA275241RSAAchnatherum speciosumB. A. Prigge22781977-10-15 San DiegoDe Luz Canon: Along De Luz-Murrieta Road and De Luz Creek.
RSA275546RSAAchnatherum speciosumR. F. Thorne512771978-05-09 San BernardinoE. Mojave Desert; Granite Mountains: Coyote Springs (NE corner of range).
RSA275866RSAAchnatherum speciosumR. F. Thorne491211977-05-27 San BernardinoClark Mountains: above Pachalka Spring on exposed limestone of rocky slopes.
RSA292261RSAAchnatherum speciosumJames Henrickson182831979-06-12 InyoCa 24 air miles SSE of Olancha, 5 miles NE of Little Lake, N of Volcano Peak in Naval Weapons Center
RSA295896RSAAchnatherum speciosumB. G. Baldwin421980-04-24 San Bernardino5.5 miles N, 10miles W of Kelso
RSA299174RSAAchnatherum speciosumJ. T. Howell333061958-05-24 InyoWhitney Portal road.
RSA299175RSAAchnatherum speciosumJ. T. Howell332301958-05-23 InyoAlabama Hills, alt 4800ft. Inyo County
RSA299226RSAAchnatherum speciosumJames R. Shevock35201974-05-30 TulareCa. 3 miles southeast of the Pyles Camp; Lloyd Meadows Basin, Sequoia National Park.
RSA299237RSAAchnatherum speciosumJ. T. Howell335111958-05-27 InyoBishop Creek.
RSA300466RSAAchnatherum speciosumWalter Wisura38281982-05-31 San BernardinoDr. Pittmans′s property off Spring Creek Rd. Desert slopes of San Bernardino Mtns above Lucerne Valley.
RSA307331RSAAchnatherum speciosumR. F. Thorne528811979-05-10 San DiegoDe Luz Canon: Along De Luz-Murrieta Road and De Luz Creek.
RSA308010RSAAchnatherum speciosumR. F. Thorne529611979-05-22 San BernardinoSouth of Santa Fe Railroad near Grapevine Canon Road ca. 3 air miles SSE of Fifteen Mile Point, near junction of Oreole and Flicker Streets.
RSA314973RSAAchnatherum speciosumF. C. Vaseks.n.1978-04-21 San DiegoDe Luz Canon: Along De Luz-Murrieta Road and De Luz Creek.
RSA31530RSAAchnatherum speciosumF. F. Gander91441941-04-29 San DiegoMontezuma View Point.
RSA319924RSAAchnatherum speciosumM. Kurzius8601979-04-25 InyoThe intersection of Scotty′s Castle road and Ubehebe Crater turnoff.
RSA328533RSAAchnatherum speciosumNate Stephenson431982-07-26 TulareApproximately 100 meters southwest of Kern Hot Springs, on west side of Kern River on steep slope above river.
RSA336957RSAAchnatherum speciosumT. S. Elias91711985-03-14 San DiegoAnza-Borrego State Park; end of Mine Canon road on north slope of Pinyon Mountains
RSA351722RSAAchnatherum speciosumP. M. Peterson5631982-06-02 InyoDeath Valley National Monument, Cottonwood Mountains; 1.5 miles W of White Top Moutain
RSA351723RSAAchnatherum speciosumP. M. Peterson4841982-04-08 InyoDry Bone Canon.
RSA352938RSAAchnatherum speciosumP. M. Peterson1391981-05-23 InyoLemoigne canyon.
RSA361887RSAAchnatherum speciosumC. R. Annable8481983-05-24 InyoChloride Cliff
RSA387725RSAAchnatherum speciosumJames D. Morefield3411a1986-04-13 InyoCyn 1.45 N36 ° W of Poleta Mtn, 3.5 mi ESE of Laws
RSA396041RSAAchnatherum speciosumMark O. Bagley19091987-04-10 San BernardinoKramer Junction, 0.2 W of US Hwy 395.
RSA43355RSAAchnatherum speciosumJ. T. Howell242661948-04-26 Kern2 miles north of Mohave.
RSA437029RSAAchnatherum speciosumJames D. Morefield36181986-05-08 Mono0.25 mile south of the mouth of McAfee Creek. Fishlake Valley drainage.
RSA44124RSAAchnatherum speciosumHenry M. Pollards.n.1947-05-10 VenturaOrtega Hill Trail.
RSA450644RSAAchnatherum speciosumJ. C. Roossn.1965-06-13 RiversideSan Jacinto Valley, Valle Vista (east of Hemet).
RSA456756RSAAchnatherum speciosumD. Charlton18461988-05-07 San BernardinoE Mojave Desert, on ranch road between Essex road and Black Canon Road at Colton Well. Providence Mountains; E of Mitchell Caverns.
RSA483591RSAAchnatherum speciosumD. Charlton18821988-05-08 San Bernardino1-2 mile N of Silver (Bonanza) King Mine. Providence Mtns., NE of Mitchell Caverns Rec. Area. Large N-S running wash just N of wooden cabins
RSA484100RSAAchnatherum speciosumRoy R. Snelling111977-05-02 Los Angeles2 miles south of Pearblossom.
RSA484142RSAAchnatherum speciosumS. B. Parishs.n.1901-05-01 San BernardinoCanon Pass.
RSA484143RSAAchnatherum speciosumN. C. Cooper12031944-05-05 San BernardinoColton.
RSA484144RSAAchnatherum speciosumChristopher Davidson78441979-05-09 San BernardinoSt Highway 18 up Cushenbury Canon, ca. 1-4 mi inside San Bernardino Nat′l Forest boundary
RSA484145RSAAchnatherum speciosumChristopher Davidson80541979-05-22 San BernardinoToward Apple Valley, near jct of Flicker and Oriole Rds, off Grapevine Rd.
RSA487443RSAAchnatherum speciosumJack Eastons.n.1988-05-02 RiversideAnza area.; AguangaNear 116d 4 W, 33d 2 N
RSA487542RSAAchnatherum speciosumKaren Kirtlands.n.1986-04-15 San BernardinoHills near West End, S of Trona, Searles Valley.
RSA491629RSAAchnatherum speciosumD. Charlton16171988-04-08 San BernardinoSouth side of Ord Mountain. North of Lucerne Valley. 10 miles north of the Bear Valley Road on Camp Rock Road. South-facing upper bajada with rocky canyons to 20 deep. Mojave Desert.
RSA49210RSAAchnatherum speciosumP. A. Munz136011949-06-16 MonoHot springs 1 mile southeast of Bridgeport. Foot of travertine ridge.
RSA494624RSAAchnatherum speciosumMaureen H. Pendletons.n.1987-05-20 RiversideCa. 0.8 mi. (airline) WSW of town of Anza on Terwilliger Rd.
RSA496560RSAAchnatherum speciosumJeri Hirshbergs.n.1988-03-16 San BernardinoMojave Desert, Yucca Valley area, Sunnymead Rd. at end of Palm Avenue.; Yucca Valley North
RSA5073RSAAchnatherum speciosumC. B. Wolf33211932-05-03 San BernardinoEast Mojave Desert. Ivanpah Mt., 1 mile S of Lakeview Service Station, on mesa at east base.
RSA512364RSAAchnatherum speciosumC. F. Smith36641952-07-11 VenturaVentura County, road cuts and foothill country along Hwy 399, E of Cuyama Peak, upper Cuyama Valley.
RSA51437RSAAchnatherum speciosumA. A. Beetle26641941-04-12 KernMojave Desert, 5 miles N W of Mojave on route 466
RSA515477RSAAchnatherum speciosumSteve Boyd18741986-06-09 TulareSouthern Sierra Nevada Mountains: Chimney Creek Canon, side canyon South Peak 7155 south of Chimney Creek Meadow.
RSA518498RSAAchnatherum speciosumO. F. Clarkes.n.1971-05-01 VenturaChorro Grande Canon, draining into Sespe Creek from the N off Pine Mountain, N of Ojai, near U.S. Gypsum quarry.; Wheeler Sprs. 7.5
RSA531263RSAAchnatherum speciosumWalter Wisura45151991-06-30 San BernardinoKingston Mts, E of Horse Thief Spring.
RSA550290RSAAchnatherum speciosumWalter Wisura47721992-05-19 Los AngelesW- Mojave: Mountain Brook Ranch near Valyermo.
RSA554134RSAAchnatherum speciosumB. Pitzer15621991-05-19 San DiegoDe Luz Canon: Along De Luz-Murrieta Road and De Luz Creek.
RSA571282RSAAchnatherum speciosumSteve Boyd83231994-04-29 Los AngelesSide draw on northeastern side of Mt. Emma, Santiago Canon drainage.
RSA574497RSAAchnatherum speciosumR. G. Swinney26371993-08-31 San BernardinoEastern San Gabriel Mountains: Horse Canon, 2.2 miles E-SE of Highway 2 at FS Road 3N12; Telegraph Peak
RSA584131RSAAchnatherum speciosumTimothy S. Ross29611990-06-08 Los AngelesUpper Big Tujunga Canon (ca. 0.9-1.4 air miles ENE of Barley Flats).; Chilao Flat
RSA584773RSAAchnatherum speciosumTimothy S. Ross67151992-07-17 Los AngelesCondor Peak and immediate vicinity.; Condor Peak
RSA585434RSAAchnatherum speciosumTimothy S. Ross27281990-05-31 Los AngelesRidge descending northward from Mt Gleason, between the upper reaches of Moody Canon and Arrastre Canon.
RSA585940RSAAchnatherum speciosumTimothy S. Ross26391990-05-23 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains. Mt Gleason Area: north-northwesterly ridge descending from Messenger Peak (6015 ft), on the watershed divide between Mill Canon and Moody Canon; Acton
RSA587358RSAAchnatherum speciosumOrlando Mistretta2371992-05-04 Los AngelesLittle Rock Creek, Alimony Ridge.; Juniper Hills 7.5
RSA587389RSAAchnatherum speciosumOrlando Mistretta2781992-05-08 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains. Little Rock Creek. Slopes E of Little Rock Creek Reservoir.; Pacifico Mtn. 7.5
RSA587755RSAAchnatherum speciosumTimothy S. Ross47201991-04-27 Los AngelesBlack Butte: easterly and northeasterly slopes.; El Mirage 7.5 Quad.
RSA588149RSAAchnatherum speciosumOrlando Mistretta12241994-05-23 Los AngelesLittle Rock Creek. Drainage E of Creek and N of Forest Rd. 4N15; Juniper Hills
RSA588840RSAAchnatherum speciosumD. L. Banks7831995-10-17 RiversideNW Palomar Mountains; Agua Tibia Mountains; Cleveland National Forest, Agua Tibia Wilderness Area; Along lower Arroyo Seco, S of the Dripping Springs Campground. Along the broad alluvial benches N of where Arroyo Seco turns to the E.; Vail Lake Quad
RSA589274RSAAchnatherum speciosumTimothy S. Ross47591991-04-28 Los AngelesAdobe Mountain: southwesterly extension of the mountain.; Abobe Mtn USGS 7.5 Quad
RSA589301RSAAchnatherum speciosumTimothy S. Ross29031990-06-08 Los AngelesUpper Big Tujunga Canon: Ridge and slopes descending +-- ENE from THORN (Triangulation Point 5499-ft) toward Big Tujunga Creek (about 0.6-1.6 air miles ENE of Barley Flats).; Chilao Flat 7.5
RSA592279RSAAchnatherum speciosumL. C. Wheeler94021967-05-09 Los AngelesGleason Canon, south of Aliso Canon.
RSA595458RSAAchnatherum speciosumTimothy S. Ross85691995-05-08 Los AngelesSlopes between Leona Valley and Lost Valley.; Sleepy Valley 7.5
RSA596754RSAAchnatherum speciosumR. G. Swinney48241996-06-01 San BernardinoSan Gabriel Mtns, Phelan Peak, Baldy Mesa, S of Phelan.
RSA597124RSAAchnatherum speciosumTimothy S. Ross37101990-06-22 Los AngelesPinyon Ridge: Eastern half of ridge, directly N of Fenner Canon.
RSA597191RSAAchnatherum speciosumTimothy S. Ross37311990-06-22 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains, Pinyon Ridge: Western half of ridge, between upper Little Rock Creek and San Andreas Rift Zone
RSA597196RSAAchnatherum speciosumTimothy S. Ross37251990-06-22 Los AngelesPinyon Ridge: Eastern half of ridge, directly N of Fenner Canon.
RSA599566RSAAchnatherum speciosumSteve Boyd95771997-04-20 KernSan Emigdio Range: Pleito Hills region, San Emigdio Ranch, ridge on west side of Pleito Canon, approximately 4.5 air miles due north of Antimony Peak.; Pleito Hills
RSA599797RSAAchnatherum speciosumSteve Boyd92891997-03-25 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains region: Knapp Ranch area at upper end of Castaic Creek drainage in broad alluvial valley at head of Cienaga Canon, south of Liebre Mountain, flats and slopes just northeast of ranch compound.; Liebre Mountain
RSA599810RSAAchnatherum speciosumSteve Boyd93021997-03-25 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains region: Upper end of broad alluvial valley at head of Cienaga Canon, southern base of Liebre Mountain, at end of dirt road leading 1 km northeast of Knapp Ranch.
RSA600072RSAAchnatherum speciosumSteve Boyd98271997-05-20 Los AngelesLiebre Mountains region: Southeastern flank of Liebre Mountain, along ridge dividing Fish Canon and Bear Canon drainages, northeast of Atmore meadows, along rough dirt track following old fuelbreak.; Burnt Peak
RSA604133RSAAchnatherum speciosumL. C. Wheeler73041958-07-14 KernGreenhorn Mountains: Silver Strand Mine, Cow Creek.
RSA607194RSAAchnatherum speciosumL. C. Wheelers.n.1968-05-30 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Devil′s Canon, depression on bench NE of Campground
RSA609762RSAAchnatherum speciosumL. C. Wheelers.n.1968-05-09 San BernardinoWildhorse Canon.
RSA615270RSAAchnatherum speciosumSuzanne Bell2621997-03-27 San DiegoE side of San Felipe Wildlife Area.
RSA616331RSAAchnatherum speciosumMary DeDecker18261967-07-02 InyoSierra Nevada: Owens Valley at base of Sierra Nevada; George′s Creek, mouth of canyon. George′s Creek Canon at base of mountains
RSA616990RSAAchnatherum speciosumValerie L. Soza396a1998-07-20 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains: Eastern side of Nelson Ridge, west of Smarts Ranch Road, north of 3N03B.; Big Bear City
RSA618071RSAAchnatherum speciosumValerie L. Soza1661998-06-09 San BernardinoSan Bernardino Mountains: East of Hwy 18, off Smarts Ranch Road, southeast of 3N03A junction.
RSA620384RSAAchnatherum speciosumMary DeDecker38131975-05-28 InyoLast Chance Mountains.: Canon southeast of Eureka Dunes.Near 37 ° 03 117 ° 37
RSA621658RSAAchnatherum speciosumMary DeDecker32551973-05-25 InyoInyo Mountains: S. of Santa Rita Flat between Christy′s Spring and Rose Spring.
RSA624909RSAAchnatherum speciosumJohn A. Churchill, M.D.834001983-04-30 San DiegoBanner. On Banner Grade below S2.
RSA625162RSAAchnatherum speciosumL. C. Wheelers.n.1973-05-05 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains: Mill Canon off Soledad Canon.
RSA629254RSAAchnatherum speciosumMary DeDecker20631969-05-29 InyoInyo Mountains: Canon north of Whiteside Mine, Branching east from Mazourka Canon.
RSA649804RSAAchnatherum speciosumKatherine Thomas1241988-04-22 San Bernardino3.5 miles NE of Kramer Junction (Hwys. 395 an d58 junction). On Fish and Game Land.
RSA650100RSAAchnatherum speciosumMarion P. Harthill1011971-03-28 San BernardinoCleghom [Cleghorn?] Area.
RSA651598RSAAchnatherum speciosumL. Williams260542010-05-21 San BernardinoCanon Pass, 1.3 mi. up US 18 from junction of U.S. 18 and 395.
RSA651599RSAAchnatherum speciosumMarion P. Harthill16711974-04-22 Los AngelesMojave Hwy. & N4.
RSA651600RSAAchnatherum speciosumMarion P. Harthills.n.1974-05-02 San BernardinoSummit Valley, Canon.
RSA651621RSAAchnatherum speciosumTom Griggss.n.1968-05-04 RiversidePalms to Pines Hwy.
RSA653936RSAAchnatherum speciosumBeecher Crampton26761955-04-27 San BernardinoSan Bernardino County, 12miles S of Daggett, 1 mile S of Aztec Spring, Ord Mtns.
RSA654693RSAAchnatherum speciosumPatricia Krueger1321991-05-05 Kern7.6 miles west of Hwy 14 on Oak Creek Drive; Mojave.
RSA654802RSAAchnatherum speciosumA. C. Sanders202161997-04-05 San BernardinoNorthern Mojave Desert: Avawatz Mtns.: Fort Irwin National Training Center, spring in canyon S of peak 4849. Avawatz Mtns.; Red Pass Lake NE 7.535 ° 2 N, 116 ° 17.5 W. UTM 10 km cell: 11S NK-64E, 26N. Avawatz Mtns.
RSA657248RSAAchnatherum speciosumScott D. White78142000-05-13 San BernardinoFoothills near Canon Pass: Northwest of the junction of Interstate 15 - State Hwy 138, ca. 1 air mile west of I-15, 1 air mile north of State Hwy 138.; Canon 7.5
RSA660082RSAAchnatherum speciosumOrlando Mistretta4111992-05-25 Los AngelesFenner Canon Conservation Camp.
RSA660173RSAAchnatherum speciosumOrlando Mistretta4501992-05-25 Los AngelesFenner Canon Conservation Camp. S side of camp.
RSA660430RSAAchnatherum speciosumOrlando Mistretta3281992-05-18 Los AngelesAngeles National Forest. Hunt Canon shooting area. Mt. Emma Road 2 miles W of Little Rock dam.
RSA663877RSAAchnatherum speciosumC. R. Annable25751995-07-17 InyoInyo National Forest. Buttermilk Country W of Bishop.
RSA664988RSAAchnatherum speciosumR. G. Swinney4020-0.11995-07-08 San BernardinoSan Gabriel Mountains, Ralston Peak: W of Hwy I-125 in Canon Wash, S of CA Hwy 138, E of Lone Pine Canon Road, near junction with Hwy 138.; Canon
RSA679876RSAAchnatherum speciosumLeRoy Gross8592003-05-13 Los AngelesAngeles National ForestBig Rock Creek, North and East of Valyermo Ranger Station, off Big Pines Highway.; Valyermo 7.5 Quad.
RSA680131RSAAchnatherum speciosumLeRoy Gross9822003-06-04 Los AngelesAngeles National ForestTrail from Islip Saddle to South Fork Big Rock Creek. 0.5 to 0.7 mile down trail from the Saddle, before Reed Spring.; Crystal Lake 7.5 Quad.
RSA680652RSAAchnatherum speciosumMichael Honer16602002-07-03 MonoInyo National ForestGlass Mountain Region: E-slope of Black Mountain, appx. 3km SSE of peak, 750m E of end of old mining - ranch road from Kelty Meadows area.; Benton Hot Sprs. quad
RSA682527RSAAchnatherum speciosumMichael Honer9622001-06-21 MonoInyo National ForestGlass Mountain Region: North Canon. Appx. 750 meters S of Hwy 120, due S of Granite Mountain.; Cowtrack Mtn.
RSA683052RSAAchnatherum speciosumMichael Honer9082001-06-07 MonoInyo National ForestN edge of Long Valley; Pinyon woodland slopes appx. 200ft. above valley floor.; Dexter cyn. quad
RSA695622RSAAchnatherum speciosumSteve Boyd105732003-06-27 TulareBLMChimney Peak Recreation Area, summit of northern high point on Bear Mountain (Bear Peak).
RSA700684RSAAchnatherum speciosumMichael Honer8422001-06-05 MonoBLMS end of Adobe Valley: Dry wash running down to S base of Black Lake from hills W. Appx. 1 W of Hwy 120, as the wash canyon begins to narrow.; Benton Hot Sprs. quad
RSA700889RSAAchnatherum speciosumMichael Honer8692001-06-06 MonoInyo National ForestKlondike Canon; appx. 300 W of end of 4WD road up canyon, on E-facing slopes of Black Mountain.; Benton Hot Sprs. Quad
RSA700916RSAAchnatherum speciosumMichael Wall1711996-06-08 San BernardinoHwy 138, S of Phelan, S slope of W drainage, turnout at Call Box 138-62, *.5 W of Fwy 15.
RSA700957RSAAchnatherum speciosumGary D. Wallace19981982-05-15 RiversidePalms to Pines Highway, 7 level hill.
RSA701979RSAAchnatherum speciosumSteve Boyd110272004-05-04 San DiegoHills north of Warner Springs, Indian Flats Campground of Cleveland National Forest along Road 9S05.
RSA703164RSAAchnatherum speciosumJon P. Rebman71342001-03-14 ImperialJacumba Natural Area, In-ko-pah Mountains.
RSA704059RSAAchnatherum speciosumJon P. Rebman89782003-05-10 ImperialJacumba Natural Area (BLM): In-ko-pah Mountains; East of Jacumba just over E of San Diego-Imperial County border and just N of the US-Mex border.
RSA704235RSAAchnatherum speciosumGary D. Wallace20401983-05-18 Los AngelesDirt road W of junction with Chesboro Road on Mt. Emma Rd. at 47th St. E
RSA704274RSAAchnatherum speciosumJon P. Rebman87072003-04-29 San DiegoWalker Canon Ecological ReserveBetween Boulevard and Jacumba on North side of Interstate 8, south facing slope above the pond.
RSA705944RSAAchnatherum speciosumLeRoy Gross19132005-04-12 San BernardinoMarble Mountains; south of gas line road, south of Highway 40, east of Kelbaker Road.; Browns ButteStarted near 34.70 N, 115.66 W, to 34.70204N, 115.65919W.
RSA707259RSAAchnatherum speciosumSarah J. De Groot38082004-03-18 San BernardinoBLMWHIPPLE MOUNTAINS: Trail to Cupcake Butte, NW of Whipple Wash. Just below summit.
RSA707642RSAAchnatherum speciosumSarah J. De Groot42222004-04-26 San BernardinoWHIPPLE MOUNTAINS: BLM Wilderness area, along summit ridge between D&W mine and highest peak.
RSA710550RSAAchnatherum speciosumLeRoy Gross20682005-04-25 San BernardinoMojave Desert. Southwest end of the Lava Mountains, north of Red Mountain, east of Trona Road. Side road off Steam Well Road (RM1444) to Skilling Well.; Klinker Mtn. 7.5 Quad.
RSA711023RSAAchnatherum speciosumLarry Hendrickson5992005-04-30 San DiegoPlum Canon, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. Approx. 0.6 air mi. SE of Sentenac Mountain and 1.8 miles SW of intersection of unpaved road and State hwy. 78, at Cal. Riding & Hiking Trail.
RSA712533RSAAchnatherum speciosumLeRoy Gross22692005-05-19 KernTehachapi Mountains region: southeast base of the mountains, just above the west side of Cottonwood Creek.; Liebre Twins 7.5 Quad.
RSA713258RSAAchnatherum speciosumLeRoy Gross22212005-05-03 Los AngelesWest terminus of Holcomb Ridge, west of Big Rock Creek. General collecting along the east, northeast side of hill. North of Fort Tejon Road, west of Valyermo Road.; Valyermo 7.5 Quad.Near 34.46 N, 117.86 W to 34.46838N, 117.87262W, than back to 34.47336N, 117.86053W.
RSA713722RSAAchnatherum speciosumLeRoy Gross21422005-04-28 Los AngelesRidgeline to Mt. Emma and canyon south of this ridge. West from Mt. Emma (northwest trending ridge, lower part of ridgeline starts to turn southwest.) East of Mt. Emma Road.; Pacifico Mtn. 7.5 Quad.Near 34.45 N, 118.08 W to 34.46310N, 118.07530W. Than dropped off ridge into canyon bottom back to origin.
RSA714175RSAAchnatherum speciosumG. Ocampo16852006-04-22 San BernardinoPoison Canon, sobre la ruta 178, entre Ridgecrest y Trona.
RSA714356RSAAchnatherum speciosumSarah J. De Groot47852005-03-19 San BernardinoBLMWHIPPLE MOUNTAINS: Cupcake Butte, N of Whipple Wash. Lower part of Berberis population in chute along trail up Cupcake Butte, two sections separated by pour-off over large boulders.
RSA714373RSAAchnatherum speciosumSarah J. De Groot49892005-05-21 San BernardinoMojave National PreserveSouth end of Providence Mountains, Arrowweed Spring, end of dirt road NE of Kelbaker Road. Horse Hills area.
RSA714955RSAAchnatherum speciosumSarah J. De Groot52172006-04-09 KernBLMIndian Wells Canon: Rock pile on N side of canyon near aqueduct.
RSA715215RSAAchnatherum speciosumGary D. Wallace19501982-04-26 Los AngelesFort Tejon Road.
RSA717217RSAAchnatherum speciosumScott D. White114352006-05-10 Los AngelesSt Tehachapi: Gorman area, valley and slopes along Gorman Creek, NE of I-5 Fwy. and SW of Gorman Post Rd.; Lebec
RSA717711RSAAchnatherum speciosumSarah J. De Groot28382003-05-04 San BernardinoBLMWHIPPLE MOUNTAINS: West slope just below saddle at north end of Savahia Peak.
RSA717953RSAAchnatherum speciosumR. G. Swinney52461996-08-07 Los AngelesEastern San Gabriel Mountains: San Dimas Experimental Forest, head of Dry Lake Canon at Dry Lake, site of CCC camp in 1930s; Mt. Baldy 7.5
RSA718624RSAAchnatherum speciosumMichael Honer00561999-05-26 KernShort Canon: riparian area just over hill (W) from parking area at end of Short Cyn. Rd.; Owens Peak quad.
RSA718988RSAAchnatherum speciosumR. G. Swinney48581996-05-27 San BernardinoPinyon Hills, peak (6150 ft) SE of Oak Springs Ranch.; Mescal Creek, 1956 P.R. 1988
RSA719224RSAAchnatherum speciosumSarah J. De Groot29202003-05-20 San BernardinoBLMWhipple Mountains: Hills between War EaglWhipple Mountains: Hills just north of summit ridge, south of War Eagle mine. e Mine and summit ridge.
RSA719256RSAAchnatherum speciosumMichael Honer22512006-05-11 San BernardinoRocky wash appx. 4 W of Flamingo Heights. Accessible by series of vague dirt roads running W from Hondo St. and Hwy 247.; Rimrock quad
RSA719845RSAAchnatherum speciosumR. G. Swinney33691994-11-12 San BernardinoCanon Canon, Baldy Mesa Ridge south of Phelan, FS Road. 3 W of Nuss Ranch.; Phelan
RSA720451RSAAchnatherum speciosumNaomi Fraga5662003-04-26 KernBLMThe Owens Peak Eastern Watershed. Short Canon.; Owens Peak 7.5 USGS Quad
RSA720680RSAAchnatherum speciosumNaomi Fraga2592003-02-23 KernThe Owens Peak Eastern Watershed: Indian Wells Canon.; Owens Peak 7.5 USGS Quad
RSA720848RSAAchnatherum speciosumNaomi Fraga6252003-05-02 KernBLMThe Owens Peak Eastern Watershed: East end of Five Fingers.; Owens Peak 7.5 USGS Quad
RSA720971RSAAchnatherum speciosumNaomi Fraga5422003-04-12 KernBLMThe Owens Peak Eastern Watershed: Short Canon, near dry fall.; Owens Peak 7.5 USGS Quad
RSA720979RSAAchnatherum speciosumNaomi Fraga5982003-05-02 KernBLMThe Owens Peak Eastern Watershed: East end of Five Fingers.; Owens Peak 7.5 USGS Quad
RSA725439RSAAchnatherum speciosumSteve Boyd105732003-06-27 TulareBLMChimney Peak Recreation Area, summit of northern high point on Bear Mountain (Bear Peak).
RSA730248RSAAchnatherum speciosumR. G. Swinney72681999-06-05 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mtns.: western end of ridge extending from Big John Peak, above Big John Flat
RSA731232RSAAchnatherum speciosumSteve Boyd118712008-04-11 InyoBLMSouthwestern base of Dublin Hills at eastern edge of lower Greenwater Valley, west of Shoshone, bajada east of Furnace Creek Wash Road, north and east to lowest rocky slopes and outlying hills.
RSA733169RSAAchnatherum speciosumR. G. Swinney66041998-08-01 Los AngelesMine Gulch at East Fork of San Gabriel River Canon. Open canyon bottom, lower Mine Gulch with no riparian development except right at aconfluence; sandy-silty soil with rocks.; Mt. San Antonio 7.5
RSA737762RSAAchnatherum speciosumLeRoy Gross31682008-04-10 InyoNorth Mojave Desert region: Northwest area of Eagle Mountain, east of Highway 127. Collections around the Amargosa river, southern portions of the alkali flat, to steep slopes of the northern portions of Eagle Mountain.; Eagle Mountain 15 Quad. 1951.Parked jeep near 36.23 N, 116.37 W southeast to 36.22727N, 116.36935.
RSA738591RSAAchnatherum speciosumJim Andre92722007-04-30 San BernardinoMid Hills: N. end of Woods Mtn, 0.5 mi. S of Government Holes, at base of bouldery slope.
RSA740826RSAAchnatherum speciosumNaomi Fraga22052008-06-12 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestKnoll ESE of Pacific Crest Trail S of Canon Spring and ca. 0.25 mi north of Burns Canon Road (2N02); Big Bear City 7.5 Quad
RSA746865RSAAchnatherum speciosumOrlando Mistretta3621992-05-21 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mtns region: Right Star Mine, S of Acton.
RSA747784RSAAchnatherum speciosumP. DeVries74122009-04-30 KernWestern Transverse Range; San Emigdio Mtns. Region; Bitter Creek National Wildlife Refuge; ca. 2.75 air miles SW of the junction of Cerro Noroeste and Klipstein Cyn Rd.; Ballinger Canon 7.5 USGS quadrangle
RSA748408RSAAchnatherum speciosumJustin M. Wood7852009-06-01 Los AngelesUSFSMill Creek Summit, roadisde turnout on Angeles Forest Hwy, 0 NE of Mt. Gleason Rd. junction.; Pacifico Mountain
RSA748519RSAAchnatherum speciosumJustin M. Wood8742009-06-10 KernPrivateTehachapi Mts: Ridgeline to SE of Oak Creek Canon, just SW of exisitng wind turbine facility.; Tehachapi South
RSA749534RSAAchnatherum speciosumMichael Wall5272009-06-30 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestCactus Flats area off Hwy 18 below Cushenbury Pass off FS Rd. 3N03
RSA749536RSAAchnatherum speciosumMichael Wall5302009-06-25 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestOn south and west slopes above Hwy. 18 north of Baldwin Lake just down from Cushenbury Pass
RSA750055RSAAchnatherum speciosumLeRoy Gross39322009-05-19 KernUS Fish and WildlifeCoast Ranges; Temblor Mountains region. Far west end of the San Emigdio Mountains: Bitter Creek National Wildlife refuge, south end, within map units 6, and 11. South and southwest of Cerro Noroeste Road. Just north of Ventura County line.; Ballinger Canon 7.5 Quad.Collections started in section 36, near 34.90 N 119.38 W, and ended in section 34, near 34.90862N 119.43329W. The end was along a dirt road that runs east back to the Cerro Noroeste road, and is across from Pelato Peak.
RSA752087RSAAchnatherum speciosumScott D. White130862009-06-03 KernPrivateRidgeline to SE of Oak Creek Canon, just SW of exisitng wind turbine facility.; Tehachapi South
RSA752190RSAAchnatherum speciosumJustin M. Wood9342009-06-17 San BernardinoSBNFCanon and ridgeline immediately northwest of Cienega Seca (Blue Sky Meadow).; Onyx Peak
RSA753530RSAAchnatherum speciosumMichael Wall5392009-07-15 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestBig Bear Valley, NE of Baldwin Lake along FS Rd. 3N16 west of Doble Mine.
RSA756622RSAAchnatherum speciosumOrlando Mistretta24812008-04-17 Los AngelesSouthern California transmission line tower (Segment 6, Structure 24 per TRTP survey 2008), vicinity of Aliso Cyn, W of the Angeles Forest Hwy.
RSA756694RSAAchnatherum speciosumBarbara Ertter70031987-05-25 KernPacific Crest Trail on south side of Walker Pass, Scodie Mountains about 21 air miles due west of Ridgecrest. Southwest side of ridge southwest of campground.
RSA757742RSAAchnatherum speciosumLeRoy Grosss.n.2010-04-12 RiversideWhitewater Canon Bioblitz: From camp near 34.02 N, 116.68 W, east of the Paw, near the mouth of Canon.; Catclaw Flat 7.5 Quad.Dropped down the Whitewater River to the first wide alluvial canyon to the east, near 34.02133N, 116.67779W. Surveyed this canyon to near 34.02483N, 116.66819W. Then surveyed back to camp by climbing to saddle of ridge to the north, near 34.02655N, 116.67484, and small draw at south end of Canon.
RSA757802RSAAchnatherum speciosumOrlando Mistretta23692008-04-07 Los Angelesalong SCE transmission line corridor, ca. 1 W of intersection of transmission line with State Hwy. 14 (1.25 mi. NW of Vincent substation), southeast edge of Sierra Pelona Ridge. (Segment 5, structure 46 per TRTP survey-2008)
RSA759055RSAAchnatherum speciosumMichael Honer33062009-07-05 InyoInyo National ForestBishop Creek Canon: S-facing slopes above Canong vague stock trail from Aspendell to North Lake.
RSA759817RSAAchnatherum speciosumR. F. Thorne555961983-05-06 InyoDeath Valley Nat′l Monument, Funeral Mtns, upper end of Red Amphitheatre, down canyon perhaps 1.5 mi
RSA761077RSAAchnatherum speciosumThomas Stoughton1402010-04-14 KernBLMShort Canon ACEC. Short Canon Trailhead. Above and below trail.; Owens Peak
RSA761078RSAAchnatherum speciosumThomas Stoughton1972010-05-12 San BernardinoBLMJohnson Valley OHV Area. Bessemer Mine Rd to Rock Pile Staging Area. In rocks to the E.; Old Woman Springs
RSA761354RSAAchnatherum speciosumLeRoy Gross42782010-04-06 KernUS Fish and WildlifeBitter Creek National Wildlife Refuge, far west end of the San Emigdio Mountains. Unit 10B on the map of the refuge. Started at knoll called Pattiway 34.95 N, 119.43 W.; Ballinger Canon 7.5 quad.Survey NW along slopes of grassy, gentle sloping hill, and south facing steeper open slope above creek just north of Cerro Noroeste Road. East of Highway 166, near Camp Dix. Ended near 34.96644N, 119.44003W.
RSA761728RSAAchnatherum speciosumThomas Stoughton1772010-04-28 KernGolden Valley Wilderness. 5 miles from Hwy 395 on Trona Rd. (BLM kiosk); Klinker Mountain
RSA761729RSAAchnatherum speciosumThomas Stoughton1812010-04-28 KernBLM. El Paso Mtns Wilderness. Red Rock Inyokern Rd. Near Freeman Wash Well.; Freeman Junction
RSA761910RSAAchnatherum speciosumLeRoy Gross46142010-05-24 KernUS Fish and WildlifeBitter Creek National Wildlife Refuge; Far west end of the San Emigdio Mountains. Unit # 3. Surveyed the middle drainage north of Pelato Peak. Started by saddle southeast of Pelato near 34.91 N, 119.40 W.; Ballinger Canon 7.5 quad.Traveled north, east of the peak, then finished at Cerro Noroeste Road, near 34.93626N, 119.40217W.
RSA764008RSAAchnatherum speciosumJustin M. Wood16952010-05-14 San DiegoEast side of Hwy 79, 0.6 miles south of Riverside-San Diego county line, +- 3.0 miles NW of Oak Crove.; Aguanga
RSA764391RSAAchnatherum speciosumJim Andre134152010-05-03 San BernardinoMescal Range; Mojave National Preserve; on south side of Striped Mountain. (NAD83); Mescal Range
RSA764463RSAAchnatherum speciosumDoris Hoover Bowers5731957-04-25 Los AngelesMohave Desert N-o Big Pines.
RSA764577RSAAchnatherum speciosumMichael Wall5742010-07-22 San BernardinoSan Bernardino National ForestAlong Nelson Ridge east of Baldwin Lake off FS Rd. 2N02 (accessed via Vale Rd. off Baldwin Lake Rd.); Big Bear City
RSA765796RSAAchnatherum speciosumJim Andre142332010-05-25 San BernardinoMid Hills; Mojave National Preserve; along Black Canon Road, 0.7 mi. south of Cedar Canon Rd.; 7.5 Mid Hills
RSA767583RSAAchnatherum speciosumJim Andre146742010-05-19 San BernardinoCima Dome; Mojave National Preserve; approx 3 N. of town of Cima.; 7.5 Cima Dome
RSA767927RSAAchnatherum speciosumOrlando Mistretta53912010-07-12 San BernardinoSanta Ana River Canon. Wildhorse Canon, along Wildhorse Canon trail.
RSA768128RSAAchnatherum speciosumJim Andre129782010-05-07 San BernardinoProvidence Mountains, just northwest of Foshay Pass, growing on banks of gravely (limestone) wash.; Fountain Peak 7.5
RSA768370RSAAchnatherum speciosumJustin M. Wood4402009-03-03 San BernardinoBLMMojave Desert: Shadow Mountains, +- 3.25 miles NE of El Mirage Dry Lake.; Shadow Mtns Quad.
RSA768419RSAAchnatherum speciosumJim Andre108562005-05-16 San BernardinoGranite Mountains: canyon upper Granite Cove, GMDRC UC Natural Reserve; Bighorn Basin 7.5
RSA770430RSAAchnatherum speciosumOrlando Mistretta48692010-04-13 RiversideWhitewater Canon. Along Whitewater River drainage and adjacent slopes 2-3 miles above Whitewater Visitor Center (Whitewater Trout Farm).
RSA770778RSAAchnatherum speciosumOrlando Mistretta46162010-04-12 RiversideWhitewater Cyn. Along Whitewater River drainage and adjacent slopes below Whitewater Visitor Center (Whitewater Trout Farm).
RSA771664RSAAchnatherum speciosumOrlando Mistretta49042010-04-13 RiversideTransverse Ranges; San Bernardino Mountains region: Whitewater Canon. Along Whitewater River drainage and adjacent slopes 1-2 miles above Whitewater Visitor Center (Whitewater Trout Farm).Between N34.019 W116.68175 N34.01041 and W116.67141.
RSA772189RSAAchnatherum speciosumSarah J. De Groot63102010-04-24 San BernardinoBLMWhipple Mountains: Drainage below cove, NE of highest peak along summit ridge.
RSA772368RSAAchnatherum speciosumR. G. Swinney108302009-05-20 Los AngelesPechner Canon, SE of community of Juniper Hills; Juniper Hills 7.5
RSA772419RSAAchnatherum speciosumR. G. Swinney107322009-05-12 Los AngelesTransverse Range, San Gabriel Mountains, Alimony Ridge, Junction of Alimony Ridge & Alimony Ridge Rd. and to 0.5 W up ridge; Juniper Hills 7.5
RSA773283RSAAchnatherum speciosumR. G. Swinney105472009-04-28 Los Angelessummit of Mt. Emma; Pacifico Mtn. 7.5
RSA774407RSAAchnatherum speciosumDuncan S. Bell21272011-04-02 San BernardinoThe Soda Mountains; northern section of the mountain range; approximately 6.7 air miles southwest of the junction of Highway 127 and Powerline Road.
RSA774569RSAAchnatherum speciosumJim Andre139172010-06-04 San BernardinoMid Hills; Mojave National Preserve; northern Pinto Valley at Howe Spring, 0.7 miles north of Bathtub Spring, approx. 2.5 miles west of 4th of July Canon (NY Mts.); Pinto Valley 7.5
RSA774960RSAAchnatherum speciosumR. G. Swinney105892009-04-29 Los AngelesCanon, 0.5-1.0 mi. east of Little Rock Creek confluence; Palmdale 7.5
RSA775504RSAAchnatherum speciosumOrlando Mistretta51642010-05-20 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains region: Aliso Creek, slopes W of Angeles Forest Hwy., 0.6 miles S of jct. with Aliso Cyn. Rd.
RSA776176RSAAchnatherum speciosumOrlando Mistretta53252010-06-16 Los AngelesTransverse Ranges; San Gabriel Mts region: Upper Big Tujunga canyon; Lynx Gulch drainage 0.86 air miles NE of junction of Lynx Gulch Road with Upper Big Tujunga Canon Road, along Southern California Edison transmission line corridor.
RSA776385RSAAchnatherum speciosumOrlando Mistretta52692010-06-07 Los AngelesMill Creek Canon; vicinity of Iron Mountain, along Southern California Edison transmission line corridor.
RSA776787RSAAchnatherum speciosumOrlando Mistretta51952010-05-26 Los AngelesUpper Mill Creek canyon drainage, S of Mill Creek Summit, along Southern California Edison transmission line corridor.
RSA777271RSAAchnatherum speciosumThomas Stoughton12322011-05-10 InyoBLMNorthwest of Darwin, west of Darwin Hills, southeast of Route 190, area of Lucky Jim Wash; Darwin 7.5 USGS
RSA778055RSAAchnatherum speciosumAmber Swanson4772011-04-15 KernBLMMiddle of Rand Mtns at Junction of R49 and R43 on slopes.
RSA778214RSAAchnatherum speciosumThomas Stoughton12092011-05-09 InyoBLMSW edge of Coso Range Wilderness, Cactus Flats area, west of China Lake Naval Air Station, East of North Haiwee Reservoir, East of Hwy 395.; Haiwee Reservoirs 7.5 USGS
RSA778316RSAAchnatherum speciosumAmber Swanson4262011-04-13 KernBLMIn Cyn off Hwy 14 S. of Lone Pine Cyn.
RSA778436RSAAchnatherum speciosumSarah J. De Groot65062011-03-18 San BernardinoBLMChemehuevi Mountains: Parrish Spring area.
RSA778606RSAAchnatherum speciosumJim Andre171852011-05-16 San BernardinoLittle San Bernardino Mountain, just north of Pioneertown along Pioneertown Road (north side) 6.1 miles NNW of Hwy. 62 (at Yucca Valley); Rimrock 7.5
RSA779060RSAAchnatherum speciosumJim Andre121342010-04-13 San BernardinoCima Cinder Cones; Mojave National Preserve; along Black Tank Wash Road (=Aiken Mine Road) just south of Button Mountain, approx. 10 miles north of Kelbaker Road, 1 mile N of Aiken Mine; Indian Spring 7.5
RSA779457RSAAchnatherum speciosumSarah J. De Groot66982011-05-06 San BernardinoBLMSheep Hole Mountains, SW Mojave Desert: East side of saddle east of Sheep Hole Pass, wash running ˜ N40 E, south of saddle. NE side of main ridge of the mountains.
RSA786629RSAAchnatherum speciosumLois GoodmanS.N.1982-05-06 San BernardinoFt. Irwin NTC, Military quad 183273
RSA787145RSAAchnatherum speciosumLois Goodmans.n.1982-08-23 San BernardinoGoldstone Vicinity
RSA788462RSAAchnatherum speciosumJames R. Shevock97001982-06-04 KernSouthern Sierra Nevada. Sequoia National Forest. Piute Mountains. Along county road 501 at Kelso Creek near Landers Station.
RSA789072RSAAchnatherum speciosumJames R. Shevock97001982-06-04 KernSouthern Sierra Nevada. Sequoia National Forest. Piute Mountains. Along county road 501 at Kelso Creek near Landers Station.
RSA789659RSAAchnatherum speciosumJames R. Shevock114001986-04-19 KernPiute Mountains. Above Erskine Creek road on the base of a limestone outcrop above the 8th creek crossing in canyon.
RSA789677RSAAchnatherum speciosumJames R. Shevock114001986-04-19 KernPiute Mountains. Above Erskine Creek road on the base of a limestone outcrop above the 8th creek crossing in canyon.
RSA793007RSAAchnatherum speciosumDuncan S. Bell42812012-09-22 San BernardinoKokoweef Mountain; southern section.; Mineral Hill
RSA793931RSAAchnatherum speciosumJim Andre214012012-03-19 San BernardinoGranite Mtns: Mojave National Preserve. Along dirt road marking SE boundary of Granite Mtns Wilderness area, about 1 mi south of main gate to UC Granite Mtns Desert Research Center.; 7.5 Bighorn Basin
RSA794929RSAAchnatherum speciosumSandra M. Namoff442011-03-27 San BernardinoBLMBureau of Land Management, White Water Canon, west side of Canon Rd. Drive, Painted Hill Canon.
RSA795060RSAAchnatherum speciosumJustin M. Wood34742011-04-06 San BernardinoMojave Desert: Ridgecrest, 1.2 miles southeast of BLM horse corrals (Highway 178). Small rock outcrop along existing transmission line access road.; Spangler Hills West
RSA795187RSAAchnatherum speciosumJim Andre144672010-06-16 San BernardinoClark Mountain Range; growing in limestone hill, SE end of range along road to Picnic Area.; Clark Mountain 7.5
RSA800862RSAAchnatherum speciosumThomas Stoughton14822011-11-03 San BernardinoBLMTransition between the San Bernardino Mountains and Little San Bernardino Mountains, South of Ruby Mountain, West of highway 247 New Dixie Mine Road; Landers
RSA801996RSAAchnatherum speciosumJ. Russell Bruffs.n.1934-03-28 San BernardinoCanon Pass
RSA85573RSAAchnatherum speciosumJ. C. Roos54951952-04-09 RiversideSW face Mountain Rubidoux.
RSA91666RSAAchnatherum speciosumVictor Duran31971932-05-11 San DiegoHead of Box Canon, near Mason Valley.
RSA91667RSAAchnatherum speciosumJoseph A. Ewan71971932-05-29 Los AngelesLower Arrastre Canon
SBBG104498SBBGAchnatherum speciosumF. L. Johnson, E. A. YoungROB5561993-05-24 San Luis Obispo2 km SE of Twin Bridges on Boy Scout Rd; Camp Roberts
SBBG112797SBBGAchnatherum speciosumClare B. Hardham18961957-05-04 San Luis ObispoTierra Redonda
SBBG114356SBBGAchnatherum speciosumR. Burgess46612001-05-27 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Alder Crk trail, jct with trail to Ant Camp; Topatopa Mtns
SBBG115169SBBGAchnatherum speciosumR. Burgess47502001-06-23 KernLos Padres National Forest; Quatal Cyn Rd in the vicinity of Toad Springs
SBBG115188SBBGAchnatherum speciosumCarol Bornstein, M. R. Benedict1990-06-02 San BernardinoGranite Mtns, off Kelbaker Rd by microwave relay station and Granite Pass
SBBG115947SBBGAchnatherum speciosumJ. T. Howell, G. H. True479411971-06-16 Kernca. 5 mi E of Claraville on rd to Kelso Valley
SBBG118863SBBGAchnatherum speciosumL. Gross20122005-04-19 San Bernardinobetween Camp Rock Mine to the W and Silver Bell Mine to the E, off rd that is E of the cinder cone quarry, Rodman Mtns
SBBG122717SBBGAchnatherum speciosumS. L. Timbrook8001986-04-08 San Diegounnamed rd ca. 0.1 N of jct of Tierra Estrella and Tierra del Sol, S of Tierra del Sol [community]
SBBG124670SBBGAchnatherum speciosumR. Burgess45572001-05-13 VenturaN side of Hwy 1, ca. 8 W of Los Angeles County Line, Santa Monica Mtns
SBBG125940SBBGAchnatherum speciosumT. Fitanides w- A. Baniaga1742010-05-07 San Luis ObispoTierra Redonda Mtn
SBBG136712SBBGAchnatherum speciosumDavid Keil, K. Keil339122016-04-04 San Luis ObispoGillis Cyn Rd
SBBG138773SBBGAchnatherum speciosumErika M. Gardner9082014-05-09 KernScodie Mtns; Kiavah Wilderness; BLM: Trailhead of the PCT in Walker Pass Campground.
SBBG140644SBBGAchnatherum speciosumR. C. Benkendorf7612017-06-10 San Bernardino[ca. 1.7 NNE of Tip Top Mtn; San Bernardino Mtns]
SBBG144362SBBGAchnatherum speciosumJon P. Rebman344082018-05-31 San DiegoCanon: upper Oriflamme Cyn, E of Sunrise Hwy (S1) and W of Oriflamme Mtn, US Bureau of Land Management property, N of the Laguna Mtns, along the upper end of Oriflamme Cyn
SBBG14495SBBGAchnatherum speciosumErnest C. Twisselmann71051962-05-08 InyoFossil Falls, ca. 2 N of Little Lake
SBBG14496SBBGAchnatherum speciosumErnest C. Twisselmann70691962-05-07 KernCode Siding, ca. 9 mi SW of Ridgecrest
SBBG161080SBBGAchnatherum speciosumMitch Provance105042009-04-21 KernTejon Ranch, ca. 4 miles NNW of Neenach, 0.25 miles north of the corner of 270th St. West and Holiday Avenue
SBBG16350SBBGAchnatherum speciosumM. A. Piehl636521963-07-07 VenturaQuatal Cyn, 5.3 mi E of Hwy 399 (near Ventucopa)
SBBG200454SBBGAchnatherum speciosumR. G. Swinney66041998-08-01 Los AngelesMine Gulch at East Fork of San Gabriel River Canon
SBBG20871SBBGAchnatherum speciosumErnest C. Twisselmann96151964-06-10 KernFrazier Park just below the Medical Center
SBBG21070SBBGAchnatherum speciosumErnest C. Twisselmann93291964-05-06 KernAlphie Spring, in fork of Jawbone Cyn
SBBG226499SBBGAchnatherum speciosumR. G. Swinney72681999-06-05 Los Angeleswestern end of ridge extending from Big John Peak, above Big John Flat
SBBG22704SBBGAchnatherum speciosumE. R. Chandler21951965-05-14 Santa BarbaraBallinger Cyn, ca. 1.2 mi E of Hwy 33
SBBG23214SBBGAchnatherum speciosumR. N. PhilbrickB65-12141965-05-26 Santa BarbaraSanta Ynez Mtns: just N of Old Man Mtn summit
SBBG24176SBBGAchnatherum speciosumErnest C. Twisselmann109141965-06-03 Kernhead of Spanish Needle Crk
SBBG25983SBBGAchnatherum speciosumErnest C. Twisselmann123701966-06-09 KernNoonday Rest (divide between Horse and Pine Tree Cyns)
SBBG32265SBBGAchnatherum speciosumLewis S. Rose680171968-04-05 Los AngelesActon
SBBG33426SBBGAchnatherum speciosumA. D. E. Elmer37091902-06-01 Los AngelesActon
SBBG34963SBBGAchnatherum speciosumT. L. Secrest1951-05-18 RiversideSan Jacinto River bed near Hemet
SBBG34972SBBGAchnatherum speciosumT. L. Secrest1951-05-21 San BernardinoSanta Ana River near Redlands
SBBG47091SBBGAchnatherum speciosumKatherine K. Muller30811972-05-02 Los AngelesRed Rover Mine turnoff from St Hwy 14 between Los Angeles and Palmdale
SBBG55925SBBGAchnatherum speciosumL. R. Bevier231983-04-30 Los AngelesN end of 167th E near Lake Los Angeles, Lovejoy Buttes
SBBG57060SBBGAchnatherum speciosumHenry M. Pollard1946-05-18 VenturaOrtega Hill Trail
SBBG57061SBBGAchnatherum speciosumM. N. Ackley1929-05-19 RiversideTahquitz Lodge
SBBG57062SBBGAchnatherum speciosumM. N. Ackley721931-05-10 Los AngelesPalmdale Dam, Little Rock Crk
SBBG57063SBBGAchnatherum speciosumRalph Hoffmann1928-05-25 VenturaLos Padres National Forest; Lockwood Valley
SBBG57064SBBGAchnatherum speciosumRalph Hoffmann1931-05-03 Los Angeleslower Bouquet Cyn
SBBG57065SBBGAchnatherum speciosumRalph Hoffmann1927-06-13 Los AngelesChandler′s
SBBG57066SBBGAchnatherum speciosumRalph Hoffmann1930-06-06 Los AngelesAlamo Crk
SBBG57067SBBGAchnatherum speciosumRalph Hoffmann1927-06-08 Los AngelesRidge Route (US Hwy 99) near Sandberg′s
SBBG57068SBBGAchnatherum speciosumRalph Hoffmann1929-04-28 Los AngelesHarold
SBBG57069SBBGAchnatherum speciosumRalph Hoffmann1929-05-08 KernRed Rock Cyn
SBBG57070SBBGAchnatherum speciosumRalph Hoffmann1930-05-16 San BernardinoProvidence Mtns
SBBG62SBBGAchnatherum speciosumRalph Hoffmann1925-05-17 Los AngelesAntelope Valley
SBBG736SBBGAchnatherum speciosumAlan A. Beetle26641941-04-12 Kern5 W of Mojave on St Hwy 466
SBBG737SBBGAchnatherum speciosumAlan A. Beetle26551941-04-11 KernIndian Wells Valley, 10 mi S of Inyokern
SBBG88482SBBGAchnatherum speciosumClifton F. Smith91841966-05-02 VenturaSt Hwy 33 in Sespe Gorge, upper Sespe Crk
SBBG88583SBBGAchnatherum speciosumClifton F. Smith96791979-06-02 VenturaLos Padres National Forest St Hwy 33 across from Sandstone Cmpgrd
SBBG88828SBBGAchnatherum speciosumClifton F. Smith16641952-07-11 VenturaHwy 399, E of Cuyama Pk
SBBG89092SBBGAchnatherum speciosumSteve Boyd w- D. Charlton, L. Arnseth, S. Meury, D. Nordin, R. Noyes16171988-04-08 San Bernardinosouth side of Ord Mtn, N of Lucerne Valley, 10 N of Bear Valley Rd on Camp Rock Rd
SBBG89155SBBGAchnatherum speciosumClifton F. Smith35451952-07-07 VenturaLos Padres National Forest Lockwood Rd, ca. 6 mi above Ozena
SBBG89158SBBGAchnatherum speciosumClifton F. Smith48541956-07-12 VenturaLos Padres National Forest rd to Reyes Pk on Pine Mtn ridge, near Hwy 399
SBBG94924SBBGAchnatherum speciosumD. Pritchett2011984-05-20 InyoUS Hwy 395, 3 km S of Lone Pine
SBBG98772SBBGAchnatherum speciosumCarol Bornstein, M. R. Benedict1990-06-02 San BernardinoVulcan Mine
THRI-SEKI19272THRIAchnatherum speciosumKane, S.; Klein, A.SEKI.0315.142001-07-16 UnknownVM.SEKI.0315. Kern Hot Springs
UC1106153UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumLewis S. Rose580431958-05-22 Tulare6 mi s Roads End P.O.; Sierra Nevada, Kern River Canon
UC1117702UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumA. A. Beetle43871946-06-10 RiversideMt. San Jacinto San Jacinto Mts., Mt. San Jacinto
UC1133226UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumR. W. Lundh2801934-04-10 Inyo4 mi w and 1 mi s Bishop; Bishop Quadrangle
UC1133227UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumD. Axelrod3191935-04-28 San Bernardino2 mi ne Fifteenmile Point; Deep Creek Quadrangle
UC1133232UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumW. A. Peterson7951937-05-03 San Luis Obispo4 mi n La Panza; La Panza quadrangle
UC1133233UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumP. L. Johannsen10821937-04-23 San Luis Obispo2 1-2 mi ese Panorama Pt.; McKittrick quadrangle
UC1133234UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumN. H. French9651937-04-07 Santa Barbara1 mi ne Cuyama Ranch; Mt. Pinos quadrangle
UC1133236UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumH. Lee2221935-03-26 San Bernardino2 mi w BM 3522 San Bernardino National Forest, Hesperia Quadrangle
UC1133237UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumR. W. Lundh3321934-07-10 Mono2 mi s and 1 mi e Leevining Ranger Station; Mono National Forest, Mt. Lyell Quadrangle
UC1133238UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumR. W. Lundh3071934-05-04 MonoSherwin Hill Inyo National Forest, Mt. Morrison quadrangle
UC1133239UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumR. W. Lundh2801934-04-10 Inyo4 mi w and 1 mi s Bishop; Bishop Quadrangle
UC1133242UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumA. Lewis1821933-04-20 Los AngelesVincent Station Elizabeth Lake
UC1133243UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumN. French3541934-05-11 Los Angeles1 mi ne Ravenna; Tujunga Quadrangle
UC1133244UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumA. Lewis1811933-04-02 RiversideSan Jacinto quadrangle
UC1133245UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumH. A. Jensen3041933-05-18 Los Angelesopposite mouth of Aliso Canon; Tujunga Quadrangle
UC1133246UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumT. M. Hendrix9821939-04-19 San Luis Obispo2.3 mi ese Giffard′s Ranch (Plot 104); Branch Mt. Quadrangle
UC1146360UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumVictor Duran30131931-05-15 Inyo4 mi above Marble Canon (canyon walls, Black Canon); White Mountains, Black Canon
UC1146713UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumRobert M. Lloyd26871963-06-18 InyoWestgard Pass, 5.4 mi w White Mt.; White Mountains
UC121723UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumC. A. Purpus50771897-06-01 KernErskine Creek Piute Mts.
UC127096UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumH. M. Hall61291905-05-17 San BernardinoNewberry Mohave Desert
UC127465UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumH. M. Hall64241905-06-24 Venturae slope Mt. Pinos Mt. Pinos
UC127467UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumH. M. Hall60041905-05-10 RiversideCottonwood Pass Colorado Desert
UC127468UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumH. M. Hall61991905-05-20 San Bernardinonear Victorville; Mohave Desert
UC129347UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumH. M. Hall, H. P. Chandler70811906-05-18 InyoMillspaugh Argus Mts.
UC129348UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumH. M. Hall, H. P. Chandler72611906-06-01 InyoBishop Creek
UC1516023UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumBaki Kasapligil31901960-04-10 Kernnear Bakersfield; San Joaquin Valley
UC1534840UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumJames D. Morefield, Douglas H. McCarty3411e1986-04-13 Inyocanyon 1.45 mi n 36 deg. w Poleta Mine (3.5 mi ese of Laws); White Mountains, Owens Valley drainage
UC1545311UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumJames D. Morefield, Douglas H. McCarty3618e1986-05-08 Mono0.25 mi s of mouth, in ravine McAfee Creek; White Mountains, Fishlake Village drainage
UC1545393UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumJames D. Morefield, Douglas H. McCarty3792e1986-06-07 Mono1 mi n 6 deg. w Black Warrior Mine (on fan sw of Morris Creek); White Mountains, Owens Valley drainage
UC1546681UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumBarry A. Prigge75701987-05-09 San Bernardino1.8 to 2.7 mi nne Mentone (below Greenspot Rd., Santa Ana River floodplain); Santa Ana River
UC1548633UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumP. ReisentzFS2491984-04-27 Inyo0.7 mi n on Fish Slough Rd Jean Blanc Rd (Fish Slough is 4.5 mi n of Bishop); Owens Valley, Fish Slough
UC1552078UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumDavid Charlton15121988-04-02 San BernardinoHwy 395 8 mi n Kramers Jct (4 Corners) (Kramer Hills); Kramer Hills
UC1578000UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumM. Barkworth34061981-05-08 Riversidenear Aguanga
UC1601392UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumH. M. Hall1177b1899-05-01 RiversideRiverside, El Toro Mt. El Toro Mt.
UC162431UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumA. A. Heller82601906-05-15 Inyohills w Big Pine
UC1738953UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumDean W. Taylor64191977-05-26 InyoAlluvial fan along Goodale Ceek
UC1745824UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumAnnetta M. Carter, Ethel Crum, Elsie Osgood12591937-05-06 KernBetween Mojave and Kramer, 12 mi. E of Mojave. 2.5 mi. S of highway.
UC1751050UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumAnnetta M. Carter, Ethel Crum, Elsie Osgood12931937-05-07 San BernardinoRidge SE of summit of Ord Mtns. road 8 1-2 mi. S of Daggett.
UC1786742UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumMichael Honer8422001-06-05 MonoGlass Mountain Region; S end of Adobe Valley: Dry wash running down to S base of Black Lake from hills W. Appx. 1 W of Hwy 120, as the wash canyon begins to narrow.
UC1786920UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumMichael Honer9082001-06-07 MonoGlass Mountain Region; N edge of Long Valley; Pinyon woodland slopes appx. 200ft. above valley floor.
UC1787122UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumMichael Honer16602002-07-03 MonoGlass Mountain Region; E-slope of Black Mountain, appx. 3km SSE of peak, 750m E of end of old mining - ranch road from Kelty Meadows area.
UC1787779UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumJon P. Rebman71342001-03-14 ImperialJacumba Natural Area, In-Ko-Pah Mountains.
UC1790231UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumJon Rebman89782003-05-10 ImperialJacumba Natural Area (BLM): In-ko-pah Mountains; East of Jacumba just over E of San Diego-Imperial County border & just N of the US-Mex border
UC1870325UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumLeRoy Gross22212005-05-03 Los Angeles[Transverse Ranges; San Gabriel Mountains region]; West terminus of Holcomb Ridge, west of Big Rock Creek. General collecting along the east, northeast side of hill. North of Fort Tejon Road, west of Valyermo Road. Near 34.46 N, 117.86 W to 34.46838N, 117.87262W, than back to 34.47336N, 117.86053W.
UC1870328UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumLeRoy Gross20682005-04-25 San Bernardino[Mojave Desert; North Mojave Desert region]; Southwest end of the Lava Mountains, north of Red Mountain, east of Trona Road. Side road off Steam Well Road (RM1444) to Skilling Well. Near 35.39 N, 117.56 W to 35.39745N, 117.56570W.
UC190962UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumKatharine Brandegee1894-06-01 San BernardinoCima
UC1922699UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumMichael Honer00531999-05-26 KernSierra Nevada; Southern Sierra Nevada region: Short Canon: riparian area just over hill (W) from parking area at end of Short Cyn. Rd.
UC1927350UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumNaomi Fraga, Sarah DeGroot, Mark Porter5982003-05-02 KernSierra Nevada; Southern Sierra Nevada region; THE OWENS PEAK EASTERN WATERSHED. East end of Five Fingers.
UC1927567UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumNaomi Fraga, Genie Fraga5422003-04-12 KernSierra Nevada; Southern Sierra Nevada region; THE OWENS PEAK EASTERN WATERSHED. Short Canon, near dry fall.
UC1927572UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumNaomi Fraga, M. Patrick Griffith, Karen Walker5662003-04-26 KernSierra Nevada; Southern Sierra Nevada region; THE OWENS PEAK EASTERN WATERSHED. Short Canon.
UC1927577UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumNaomi Fraga, Amber Maurice2592003-02-23 KernSierra Nevada; Southern Sierra Nevada region; THE OWENS PEAK EASTERN WATERSHED. Indian Wells Canon.
UC1927600UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumNaomi Fraga, Sarah DeGroot, Mark Porter6252003-05-02 KernSierra Nevada; Southern Sierra Nevada region; THE OWENS PEAK EASTERN WATERSHED. East end of Five Fingers.
UC1930137UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumLeRoy Gross, Steve Boyd31682008-04-10 Inyo[Mojave Desert; North Mojave Desert region]; Northwest area of Eagle Mountain, east of Highway 127. Collections around the Amargosa river, southern portions of the alkali flat, to steep slopes of the northern portions of Eagle Mountain. Parked jeep near 36.23 N, 116.37 W southeast to 36.22727N,
UC1930191UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumSteve Boyd, Tammy Morgan114472004-06-01 San BernardinoMojave Desert; East Mojave Desert Region: Clark Mountains, western flank of the range in large canyon S of Pachalka Spring
UC217499UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumH. M. Hall117661921-10-13 FresnoParkfield Road, 16.4 mi from Coalinga
UC219290UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumP. A. Munz, I. M. Johnston, R. D. Harwood41431920-05-21 San Bernardinovicinty of Bonanza King Mine (e slope of Providence Mountains); Mojave Desert, Providence Mountains
UC372705UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumMarcus E. Jones1917-05-31 KernMojave
UC40020UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumH. M. Hall21291901-06-01 Riversidehillsides of Coyote Canon San Jacinto Mountains, Santa Rosa Mountain, Coyote Canon
UC40022UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumJ. Burtt Davy22331896-05-09 Kernnear Rosamond; Antelope Valley
UC40023UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumS. B. Parish1886-06-01 San BernardinoMojave desert
UC494382UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumPhilip A. Munz125901932-05-09 Inyohigh ridge above Keanes Spring
UC496348UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumRoxana S. Ferris, Rimo Bacigalupi80751932-04-19 InyoDarwin Wash, near falls Argus Mountains
UC519658UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumVictor Duran31971932-05-11 San Diegonear Mason Valley (head of Box Canon); Box Canon
UC532081UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumDavid D. Keck28131934-04-26 San Luis Obispo10 mi w on road to La Panza Simmler
UC564171UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumRoxana S. Ferris90981935-03-29 San Luis Obispo7 mi e on santa Maria-McKittrick Road Pozo
UC573955UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumH. S. Yates64631937-03-24 Riversidenear head of Deep Canon; Thermal Quadrangle
UC573956UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumH. S. Yates66851937-06-26 San BernardinoSanta Ana Canon Wash San Gorgonio Quadrangle
UC577642UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumH. S. Yates65961937-06-24 Los AngelesSan Gabriel Wash Pomona Quadrangle
UC591540UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumClarissa Kimber471935-06-10 Inyo8 mi up Mt. Whitney Trail, near crossing of Lone Pine Creek Lone Pine; Lone Pine Creek
UC60156UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumDr. A. Davidson1977-04-03 Los AngelesLancaster
UC625887UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumAnnie M. Alexander6871939-05-05 San BernardinoGina Reservoir, Copper Basin < Rd? > Whipple Mts.
UC641647UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumG. L. Stebbins, Jr.27861939-06-04 San Benito1 mi e Cherry Hill School (hills at w end of Panoche Valley); Panoche Valley
UC641652UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumG. L. Stebbins, Jr.28541939-06-15 Kerncrest of volcanic ridge, Red Rock Canon Red Rock Canon
UC641657UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumG. L. Stebbins, Jr.28481939-06-15 Kernsummit of Walker Pass Walker Pass
UC661110UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumL. R. ShortS-1561934-03-27 San Luis ObispoTemblor Range McKittrick quadrangle
UC69342UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumW. L. Jepson, H. M. Hall18961901-05-17 RiversideCoyote Canon Santa Rosa Mt.
UC718588UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumCarl B. Wolf65531935-04-28 San BernardinoCave Springs Rd. 2 mi s summit of Barstow; Mohave Desert, Granite Mts.
UC736230UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg42841945-06-19 Inyos facing bank above McGee Creek (McGee Creek Road, w of Bishop); Sierra Nevada
UC768752UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumR. F. Hoover43781940-05-04 MercedPiedra Azul Canon
UC774721UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumCarl B. Wolf101181941-04-29 San Bernardinos base of Old Dad, Granite Mt. Range, mouth of Willow Spring Canon Mojave Desert, Old Dad, Granite Mt. Range, Willow Spring Can
UC774769UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumCarl B. Wolf106691941-05-26 San Bernardino3.8 mi w Columbia Mine; Mojave Desert, Providence Mts.
UC790928UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumA. A. Beetle26641941-04-12 Kern5 mi n on rte. 466 Mohave; Mohave Desert
UC790960UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumA. A. Beetle26551941-04-11 Kern10 mi s Inyokern (Indian Wells Valley); Mohave Desert, Indian Wells Valley
UC822041UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumI. W. Clokey, E. G. Anderson65231935-04-25 San Bernardinohillside n Barstow
UC822042UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumC. L. Hitchcock60641940-04-12 Riverside8 mi nw Elsinore
UC822043UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumC. L. Hitchcock6209a1940-04-27 InyoDarwin Springs
UC822049UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumAgnes Chase55341910-04-08 San Bernardinon San Bernardino (base of Little Mountain); Little Mountain
UC822050UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumL. R. Abrams119031927-05-01 Kernbetween Red Rock Canon and Walker Pass Road; El Paso Range
UC822051UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumI. M. Johnston65771922-05-14 San Bernardinobetween Crutts and Copper City; Mohave Desert
UC917193UCJEPSAchnatherum speciosumD. C. Finfrock281950-04-26 San Bernardino2 mi n Redlands
UCR245906UCRAchnatherum speciosumLeRoy Gross39322009-05-19 Kernfar west end of the San Emigdio Mountains, Bitter Creek National Wildlife refuge, south end, within map units 6 and 11. South and southwest of Cerro Noroeste Road, just north of Ventura Co. line. Along a dirt road that runs east back to the Cerro Noroeste Road, and is across from Pelato Peak [peak at 34 ° 55′ 1 N 119 ° 24 1 W]
UCSB15215UCSBAchnatherum speciosumLloyd, Robert4291961-03-27 Inyo13.3 mi from CA State Hwy 190 on road to Beatty, NV
UCSB18891UCSBAchnatherum speciosumJoseph M. Keefe8811965-05-25 VenturaAbove Pacific Coast Hwy, Point Mugu, 4 mi S of entrance to Pacific Missile Range
UCSB18915UCSBAchnatherum speciosumJoseph M. Keefe8501965-05-18 RiversideNE slope of Mt Edna, 2.1 mi S of Banning on road to Idyllwild.
UCSB19253UCSBAchnatherum speciosumJoseph M. Keefe1901961-04-07 San Bernardino26.4 mi S of Baker on road to Kelso
UCSB22335UCSBAchnatherum speciosumBollinger, Hugh511968-05-04 San BernardinoOn Mitchell Caverns Rd, 28 N of Essex; Providence Mtns
UCSB25733UCSBAchnatherum speciosumNan Black2341968-05-10 Los Angeles25 yds S of Escondido Cyn Rd, 0.3 mi S of junction with Hwy 14
UCSB26212UCSBAchnatherum speciosumGliessman, Nan1981968-04-06 Los Angeles100 ft S of Soledad Cyn Rd, 0.6 N of junction with Old Sierra Hwy, 4 mi NE of Acton
UCSB28940UCSBAchnatherum speciosumJacobs, L.1001974-05-19 Santa Barbara1.5 W of Los Alamos
UCSB30476UCSBAchnatherum speciosumJorgen, R.1431975-05-11 Los AngelesIntersection Ave U-8 and Pearblossom Hwy, 2.0 mi E of Littlerock on CA Hwy 138
UCSB31281UCSBAchnatherum speciosumHighley, L.481978-04-15 San BernardinoHwy 247, 9 N out of Yucca Valley, 6 mi E of Reches Rd, 4 mi S of Addaway Ln
UCSB36126UCSBAchnatherum speciosumDar A. Roberts30801980-05-23 KernWalker Pass area on CA 178.
UCSB37774UCSBAchnatherum speciosumJohn C. Roos1965-06-13 RiversideE of Hemet
UCSB39063UCSBAchnatherum speciosumKelly P. Steele521976-05-23 San Bernardinooff Kelbaken Rd, 3 mi from junction with Hwy 40.
UCSB39856UCSBAchnatherum speciosumShaw, J.11221982-05-14 VenturaOn Lockwood Valley Rd, 2 mi E of Hwy 33, Cuyama Valley
UCSB41322UCSBAchnatherum speciosumClark Cowan208(153)1974-05-18 InyoOn Lubken Cyn Rd 1.1 N of junction with Tuttle Creek Rd, 5.4 mi from junction with Whitney Portal Rd, 0.5 mi from Lone Pine and Hwy 395.
UCSB41504UCSBAchnatherum speciosumMarsalek, J.631979-05-17 San Luis ObispoOn N side of CA State Hwy 41, 7 N of intersection with CA State Hwy 46; inner Coast Range foothills
UCSB41986UCSBAchnatherum speciosumCorlett, David471979-05-17 Kings5 NE of Cottonwood Summit on Hwy 41
UCSB42319UCSBAchnatherum speciosumBridget Recht211980-05-11 Ventura13.2 mi fron CA Hwy 33 on wagon Wheel Canon Rd, W of Lockwood Valley, above wash on S side of road.
UCSB42423UCSBAchnatherum speciosumIngraham, Blake21981-05-21 KernRoadcut on Route 41, 5 NE of Cottonwood Summit
UCSB43923UCSBAchnatherum speciosumPembleton, R.451980-05-30 Mononear Sherwin Summit, on Shwerin Summit Grade Rd, 9.5 mi from Pine Creek Rd.
UCSB44545UCSBAchnatherum speciosumEckles, T.241977-05-29 Venturaon Lockwood-Ozena Rd, 3 mi from intersection with Hwy 33.
UCSB45174UCSBAchnatherum speciosumRick A. Burgess441978-05-06 VenturaHwy 33, 10 N of junction with Lockwood Valley Rd
UCSB46597UCSBAchnatherum speciosumWelton, Patti291983-05-22 Inyoon E side of US Hwy 395, 33 mi S of Olancha, Owens Valley.
UCSB47056UCSBAchnatherum speciosumFugle, C.10431982-05-14 San BernardinoHwy 18, 5 W from junction with Hwy 395.
UCSB47210UCSBAchnatherum speciosumMurphey, T.651982-05-21 InyoW side of South Round Valley Rd, 0.5 N of Sawmill Rd.
UCSB47214UCSBAchnatherum speciosumFugle, Dorothy10421982-05-14 San BernardinoHwy 18, 5 W from junction with Hwy 395.
UCSB47233UCSBAchnatherum speciosumde Queiroz, S.411978-05-26 InyoCA 14; 20 W of junction with US Hwy 395
UCSB47563UCSBAchnatherum speciosumCavanaugh, M.201979-05-12 San Bernardino6 mi E of I-15 on CA 138
UCSB47929UCSBAchnatherum speciosumJohnson, Melissa221983-05-20 KernCA 178 East, 3.5 mi E of Walker Pass
UCSB487UCSBAchnatherum speciosumJohn Mooring1831948-04-25 KernUS Hwy 6, 4 mi S od Mojave
UCSB48942UCSBAchnatherum speciosumZeeb, Marty341979-05-20 InyoNext to Hwy 14, 20 NE of Mojave
UCSB49627UCSBAchnatherum speciosumA. P. Smyth281983-05-29 InyoW side of Lower Round Valley Rd, 0.7 N of Sawmill Rd.
UCSB50687UCSBAchnatherum speciosumPhillips, B.781980-05-25 Inyoon E side of US Hwy 395, 15 N of Little Lake
UCSB52173UCSBAchnatherum speciosumHarvey, Bill201965-05-06 VenturaBear Canon in Bear Canon allotment, Los Padres Natl Forest.
UCSB53780UCSBAchnatherum speciosumPaul ReisentzFS 2491984-04-27 Inyo0.5 N on Fish Slough Rd from junction with Jean Blanc Rd.
UCSB55608UCSBAchnatherum speciosumWayne R. FerrenFS 4871986-05-03 InyoJust W of Fish Slough Rd, 2 N of Jean Blanc Rd; 4.5 mi N of Bishop
UCSB56065UCSBAchnatherum speciosumDiehl, Jon571984-05-19 InyoW side of Rock Creek Rd, 1 N of Paradise Camp
UCSB59661UCSBAchnatherum speciosumAlan P. Romspert316(3)1977-08-15 InyoArgenta Mine Area, Wood Cyn; Panamint Mtns.
UCSB59685UCSBAchnatherum speciosumPower, Paula711986-05-31 MonoLower Rock Creek Rd at Old Sherwin Summit
UCSB59723UCSBAchnatherum speciosumJennings, W.1991-05-21 KernSW end of the Rand Mtns on the NW side, S end of Koehn Lake.
UCSB69295UCSBAchnatherum speciosumLeRoy Gross21442005-04-28 Los AngelesTransverse Ranges; San Gabriel Mtns; ridgeline to Mt. Emma and canyon S of this ridge; W from Mt Emma; E of Mt. Emma Rd.
UCSB69528UCSBAchnatherum speciosumLeRoy Gross22212005-05-03 Los AngelesTransverse Ranges; San Gabriel Mtns; W terminus of Holcomb Ridge, W of Big Rock Creek, N of Fort Tejon Rd and W of Valyermo Rd; E and NE side of hill

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