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  F CCH1_AIDherbscientific namecoll. namecoll. num.formatted datecountylocality
SD00042387SDAcer glabrum var. glabrumMrs. R. M. Austins.n. PlumasMt. Dyer, Big Meadows
CAS-BOT330678CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumLovegrove, Elsie Zeiles.n.1841-9-18 El DoradoLake Tahoe Basin; Tamarack Trail
UC18092UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumW. H. Brewer19731863-7-31 AlpineBig Tree Road Silver Valley
UC18097UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumH. N. Bolander62971866-1-01 MariposaYosemite Valley
CAS-BOT330961CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumKellogg; Brannans.n.1870-7-10 SierraAlta. C. P. R. R.
UC193834UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumC. F. Sonne1882-6-01 Nevadaon road to Summit
UC333471UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumunknown1886-10-1 TulareBubb's Creek
UC338306UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumunknown1889-6-08 SierraGold Lake
CAS-BOT330971CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumCongdon, J. W.s.n.1889-8-1 MariposaYosemite Cliffs
UC337785UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumunknown1889-10-01 UnknownSierra Valley
UC337786UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumunknown1889-10-01 Unknownvicinity Sierra; vicinity of Sierra
CAS-BOT330968CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumHutchings, J. M.s.n.1890-1-1 MariposaYosemite
UC18093UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumGeo. Hansen1892-1-01 Amador
UC18096UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumA. M. Carpenter1892-8-01 Nevada
CAS-BOT330651CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumDudley, W. R.s.n.1893-6-7 El DoradoDonner Lake
UC35027UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumMiss Michener1893-8-01 NevadaTruckee
CAS-BOT330973CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumDudley, W. R.s.n.1894-6-11 MariposaYosemite Valley, near Illiouette Falls
UC1602363UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumR. M. A.4731896-5-01 Buttesummit Humboldt Road between Chico and Prattville; between Chico and Prattville
CAS-BOT331665CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumDudley, W. R.15181896-7-31 TulareSouthern Sierra Nevada, Marble Fork, Kaweah River Valley
CAS-BOT330604CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumHansen, Geo.20001896-8-2 AmadorMud Springs
CAS-BOT331666CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumDudley, W. R.18551897-7-15 TulareSouthern Sierra Nevada, Cahoon Meadow, region of Sequoia National Forest vicinity of Homer's Nose
CAS-BOT330658CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumPrice, W. W.s.n.1898-7-1 El DoradoGlen Alpine
UC170174UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumJoseph Burtt Davy, Walter C. Blasdale57801899-6-21 HumboldtTrinity Summit
UC170173UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumJoseph Burtt Davy, Walter C. Blasdale58211899-6-21 HumboldtTrinity Summit
CAS-BOT331046CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumBaker, M. S.s.n.1899-8-1 SiskiyouAsh Creek, East Slope of Mt. Shasta
UC138149UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumF. T. Bioletti1900-5-01 MariposaYosemite Valley
CAS-BOT330652CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumDudley, W. R.s.n.1900-6-1 El DoradoBy Donner Lake
CAS-BOT330638CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumDudley, W. R.s.n.1900-6-26 El DoradoBelow Lake Lucile
UC18094UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumH. M. Hall, H. P. Chandler4621900-7-06 FresnoTehipite Valley Sierra Nevada Mountains, Tehipite Valley (on valley walls)
CAS-BOT330656CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumGrant, Geo. B.s.n.1900-7-15 El DoradoAbout Lake Tahoe
UC35026UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumW. A. Setchell, C. C. Dobie1901-7-06 El DoradoGlen Alpine vicinity of Lake Tahoe, , Glen Alpine (Mt. Tallac)
UC54489UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumH. M. Hall, E. B. Babcock44931903-7-01 SierraHoward Creek Sierra Nevada Mountains, Howard Creek
CAS-BOT331035CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumHeller, A. A.70431903-7-29 NevadaAboive Donner Lake toward Donner Pass
CAS-BOT331036CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumHeller, A. A.70431903-7-29 NevadaAboive Donner Lake toward Donner Pass
UC58543UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumA. A. Heller70431903-7-29 Nevadaabove Donner Lake toward Donner Pass; above Donner Lake toward Donner Pass
UC452617UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumMilo S. Baker1904-6-30 El Doradonear Fallen Leaf Lake (near Lake Tahoe); , near Fallen Leaf Lake
UC64685UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumH. M. Hall, H. D. Babcock53641904-8-01 Tularevicinity Mineral King; Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains, vicin Mineral King
CAS-BOT331653CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumHead, Annas.n.1906-6-1 MariposaYosemite Valley
CAS-BOT330634CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumEastwood, Alice9501906-7-23 El DoradoGlen Alpine Region, Camp Agassiz
CAS-BOT330635CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumEastwood, Alice9501906-7-23 El DoradoLake Tahoe Region, Camp Agassiz
CAS-BOT330975CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumEastwood, Alice2531907-8-11 TuolumneTop of Tuolumne Canon near Harden Lake
CAS-BOT331670CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumDavidson M.D., A.16941908-7-1 TulareSequoia National Forest, near Wolverton Creek
UC166210UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumGeo. D. Butler5311908-8-05 Siskiyoucamp below Cold Spring (Woolly Creek); Woolly Creek
CAS-BOT331006CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumEastwood, Alice2681909-1-1 PlacerLake Tahoe Region. Deer Park
UC166211UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumGeo. D. Butler9081909-7-20 SiskiyouHighland Mine Highland Mine
CAS-BOT330676CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumMcGregor, E. A.1761909-8-22 El DoradoLake Tahoe Region; Glen Alpine
CAS-BOT330608CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumClemens, Mrs. Josephs.n.1910-7-19 FresnoWood's Creek
CAS-BOT330685CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumInyo National Forest1381910-9-30 InyoSawmill Creek, Eastern Sierras, Inyo National Forest
UC452616UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg1781911-6-23 SiskiyouJackson Lake
UC454748UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumI. J. Condit1911-7-10 SiskiyouShasta Retreat
CAS-BOT330965CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumAbrams, Le Roy47401911-7-21 TuolumneStanislaus River near Clark's Fork
UC4652619UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg2641911-7-21 Trinityhead of Grizzly Creek
CAS-BOT331007CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumEastwood, Alice3651912-6-15 PlacerLake Tahoe Region. Deer Park
CAS-BOT331024CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumEastwood, Alice12201912-7-19 SiskiyouMount Shasta
UC184672UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumHarry S. Yates4761914-7-13 TrinityBear Creek
CAS-BOT330613CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumHeller, A. A.120251915-6-16 ButteSummit of the Sierra Nevada above Jonesville
LA204382LAAcer glabrum var. glabrumA.A. Heller120541915-7-07 PlumasSierra Nevada; near the summit of Soapstone ridge, 12 W of Bucks
CAS-BOT330983CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumHeller, A. A.120541915-7-7 PlumasNear the summit of Soapstone ridge in the Sierra Nevada, 12 miles W of Bucks
CAS-BOT330984CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumHeller, A. A.120541915-7-7 PlumasNear the summit of Soapstone ridge in the Sierra Nevada, 12 miles W of Bucks
CAS-BOT330966CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumAbrams, L. R.54311915-8-11 MariposaTrail betweeen Illilouette and Glacier Point, YOsemite National Park
CAS-BOT331630CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumCampbell, Mrs. Marian L.s.n.1916-7-12 TulareMount Peterson, Moraine Lake
CAS-BOT330661CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumHeller, A. A.125031916-8-9 El DoradoHaypress meadow above Echo Lake
CAS-BOT330662CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumHeller, A. A.125031916-8-9 El DoradoHaypress meadow above Echo Lake
UC870268UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumA. A. Heller125031916-8-09 El DoradoHaypress meadow above Echo Lake; Haypress meadow above Echo Lake
CAS-BOT331010CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumHeller, A. A.127301917-6-19 PlacerEmigrant Gap
CAS-BOT331011CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumHeller, A. A.127301917-6-19 PlacerEmigrant Gap
CAS-BOT330660CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumAbrams, Le Roy68221917-9-22 El DoradoGlen Alpine to Susie Lake, Lake Tahoe Region
CAS-BOT330963CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumDurbrow, Piersons.n.1918-7-1 SierraSierra Buttes
CAS-BOT330982CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumWagner, W. W.3011919-6-29 PlumasSquirrel Creek, vicinity of Quincey
CAS-BOT331012CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumJones, Vincents.n.1919-7-7 PlacerRidge above Bear Valley
CAS-BOT330985CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumSutliffe, Mrs. E. C.s.n.1919-8-1 PlumasGold Lake Region
UC205485UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumJoseph P. Tracy52911919-9-23 HumboldtTrinity Summit Northern Coast Ranges, Trinity Summit
CAS-BOT330986CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumClemens, Mrs. Jos.s.n.1919-10-29 PlumasCrystal Lake
CAS-BOT330988CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumClemens, Mary Strongs.n.1920-5-26 PlumasTaylorsville
CAS-BOT330987CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumClemens, Mary Strongs.n.1920-5-28 PlumasCrystal Lake
UC496446UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumMerle Randall1920-6-26 PlumasFalls on Hawley Grade
CAS-BOT330653CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumCampbell, Mrs. Marian L.s.n.1920-6-28 El DoradoLake Tahoe Region; Fallen Leaf Lake
CAS-BOT330628CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumCopeland, H. F.361920-7-6 ButteJonesville
CAS-BOT330977CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumHead, Annas.n.1920-7-25 PlumasFeather River Region, Lake Center Camp
CAS-BOT331025CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumEastwood, Alice107281921-7-24 SiskiyouCastle Lake
CAS-BOT331040CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumApplegate, Elmer I.33671921-9-7 SierraGold Lake
CAS-BOT331005CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumStephens, Dr. W. PlacerSalmon Lake
CAS-BOT330990CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumApplegate, Elmer I.39691923-9-7 SiskiyouSiskiyou Mountains, Klamath River Watershed.
CAS-BOT330654CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumRodda, Mrs. A. F.s.n.1925-6-1 El DoradoFallen Leaf Lake
CAS-BOT330637CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumHowell, John Thomas11421925-6-10 El DoradoLake Tahoe Region, Eagle Lake Trail
CAS-BOT330636CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumHowell, John Thomas13811925-7-5 El DoradoLake Tahoe, Emerald Bay, Armstrong's
CAS-BOT330605CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumKildale, Doris K.12131925-8-17 HumboldtTrinity Summit
CAS-BOT330972CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumBaker, Milo S.124-251925-9-4 MariposaHighway between Yosemite Creek and Lake Tenaya
CAS-BOT330657CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumMcMinn, H. E.s.n.1926-5-30 El DoradoEmerald Bay, Lake Tahoe
CAS-BOT331041CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumBarker, H. Albert461926-7-3 SierraPacker Lake
CAS-BOT331045CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumBaker, Milo S.295b-261926-8-22 SiskiyouMineral to Sulphur Springs
CAS-BOT330978CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumBacigalupi, Rimo16591927-7-8 PlumasRidge SW of Long Lake
CAS-BOT331667CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumBacigalupi, Rimo17681927-7-29 TulareLower reaches of Kern-Kaweah Canyon, 0.25 mi E of Rockslide Lake
CAS-BOT330602CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumDuncan, W. B.s.n.1927-8-1 AmadorVicinity of Silver Lake
CAS-BOT330603CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumHansen, Geo.8111927-8-1 AmadorCold Springs
CAS-BOT331039CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumHaley, Georges.n.1927-8-6 SierraWebber Lake
UC452618UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumS. W. Austin1928-6-1 FresnoBubbs Creek at South Fork Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains, Bubbs Creek South Fork
CAS-BOT331015CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumKildale, Doris K.53391928-7-2 SiskiyouSalmon Summit via Horn Creek trail
CAS-BOT331674CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumDerby, Mrs. Charless.n.1928-7-3 TulareSequoia National Park, head of Kawaeh Creek
CAS-BOT330626CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumHeller, A. A.146981928-7-25 ButteAlong the forest service trail between Jonesville and Butte Creek House.
CAS-BOT331017CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumKildale, Doris K.64521928-8-18 SiskiyouHead of north fork of Salmon River at Finley's Upper Camp
CAS-BOT330612CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumWilkes, Maxines.n.1929-4-1 SacramentoCap. Park
CAS-BOT330627CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumCopeland, H. F.s.n.1929-6-11 ButteJonesville, near Butte Creek
UC600814UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumH. F. Copeland1929-6-11 Buttenear Butte Creek (Jonesville); near Butte Creek, Jonesville
CAS-BOT330960CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumApplegate, Elmer I.58451929-6-23 ShastaRound Mountain
UC635157UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumD. Tebbe121929-6-26 SiskiyouBig Bear Gully Salmon Mountains, Big Bear Gully
CAS-BOT331016CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumKildale, Doris K.86711929-7-20 SiskiyouRaspberry Lake, near east spur Preston Peak
LA204381LAAcer glabrum var. glabrumE.B. Copeland4231930-6-28 ButteHigh Canonesville
SD00042386SDAcer glabrum var. glabrumE. B. Copelands.n.1930-6-28 ButteJonesville
CAS-BOT330629CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumCopeland, E. B.s.n. (distributed as UCBerkeley's 423)1930-6-28 ButteJonesville, near Butte Creek
CAS-BOT330630CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumCopeland, E. B.s.n. (distributed as UCBerkeley's 423)1930-6-28 ButteJonesville, near Butte Creek
UC426916UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumE. B. Copeland4231930-6-28 ButteJonesville Jonesville (on shady side of high ridge)
UC421166UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumMilo S. Baker4230b1930-6-29 Tulareat West Mineral King near camp; West Mineral King
CAS-BOT330969CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumJussel, M. S.s.n.1930-7-1 TuolumneCamp Baxter, North Fork of the Stanislaus River
LA202794LAAcer glabrum var. glabrumLeRoy Abrams126931930-7-15 El DoradoGlenn Alpine Canon; Tamarack Trail to Glenn Alpine Canon
CAS-BOT330967CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumWalker, Burt381930-8-4 TuolumneYosemite National Park, Pate Valley Trail, 1 mile from Harden Lake
CAS-BOT330683CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumWolf, Carl B.16931930-10-3 InyoShort trail from Monachee Pack Station to summit meadows near Olancha; Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT330684CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumWolf, Carl B.16931930-10-3 InyoShort trail from Monachee Pack Station to summit meadows near Olancha; Sierra Nevada
CAS-BOT330962CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumDurbrow, Piersons.n.1930-10-3 SierraSierra Buttes
CAS-BOT330682CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumDuran, Victor30321931-5-22 InyoBirch Creek, White Mountains
UC600416UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumH. F. Copeland1932-6-29 Butteat the summit Jonesville
UC502939UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumJoseph P. Tracy104751932-7-12 Humboldthead of Brett Hole Klamath Mountains, Trinity Summit
UC600815UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumH. F. Copeland1932-7-16 Butteridge w of the summit Jonesville
LA204380LAAcer glabrum var. glabrumCharles Darlands.n.1932-8-18 TulareSierra Nevada; Sequoia National Park; Lodge Pole Camp
CAS-BOT331668CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumDarland, TulareLodge Pole Camp, Sequoia National Park
UC574907UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumChas. Darland1932-8-18 TulareLodge Pole Camp Sequoia National Park, Lodge Pole Camp
CAS-BOT330677CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumClausen, J.6281932-9-14 El DoradoTahoe Region, above Glen Alpine
UC668175UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumJoseph P. Tracy127071933-7-11 HumboldtGrouse Mountain North Coast Ranges, Grouse Mountain
CAS-BOT331044CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumShort, L. R.754001933-8-6 SiskiyouKlamath Forest
UC635162UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumH. L. Mason72601933-9-02 AmadorSilver Lake Sierra Nevada Mountains, Silver Lake
UC565957UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumD. Axelrod221934-6-09 Plumas2 1/4 mi nw Lexington Hill; Bidwell Bar Quad., nw of Lexington Hill
UC1171604UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumA. Lewis4971934-7-05 Sierra2.2 mi ne Poverty Hill; Plumas National Forest, Downieville Quadrangle
UC1071612UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumG. T. Nordstrom1971934-7-09 Plumas3/4 mi s Mt. Ararat; Plumas National Forest, Bidwell Bar Quadrangle
UC1171603UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumA. D. Gifford3041934-7-18 El Dorado1 1/2 mi ne Leek Springs Hill; Eldorado National Forest, Pyramid Peak Quadrangle
UC870007UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumRoxana S. Ferris90081934-7-25 Inyotrail to Big Pine Lakes along North Fork Big Pine Creek Sierra Nevada, North Fork Big Pine Creek
CAS-BOT331018CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumLee, Edward10781934-8-13 SiskiyouWatershed of West Branch of Indian Ceek, Happy Camp to Waldo (Oregon) road, Klamath National Forest
UC637141UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumEdward Lee10781934-8-13 SiskiyouHappy Camp to Waldo (Oregon) road Klamath National Forest, West Branch Indian Creek watershed (watershed of West Branch of Indian Creek, Klamath National Forest)
LA202799LAAcer glabrum var. glabrumCarl Eplings.n.1935-7-19 ShastaLassen Park; Sulphur Spring
UC566070UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumC. G. Albertus2611935-8-13 Plumas2 1/4 mi n Cates; Downieville Quad., n of Cates
UC1119862UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumC. G. Albertus2811935-9-11 Sierra1 mi ssw Sawmill; Tahoe National Forest, Sierraville Quad.
UC1071611UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumA. H. Hawbecker1936-7-17 Tuolumnenear West Peak; Yosemite National Park, Mt. Lyell Quad., near West Peak
UC1199015UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumJoseph P. Tracy150891936-8-07 Humboldthead of Little Hors-Linto Creek Trinity Summit
UC1558459UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumH. Marion951936-10-01 Tulare1/4 mi n Deer Creek (Atwell Hockett Trail); Sequoia National Park, n of Deer Creek
UC1564064UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumH. Marion941936-10-07 Tulare1/4 mi n Deer Creek (Atwell Hockett Trail); Sequoia National Park, n of Deer Creek
CAS-BOT330989CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumEastwood, Alice; Howell, John Thomas50181937-6-25 SiskiyouScott Mts. above Callahan
CAS-BOT331023CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumHowell, John Thomas135541937-7-26 SiskiyouCaribou Gulch
UC1093869UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumLawrence W. Reinecke1937-7-26 TuolumneZigzag Jack Main Trail Yosemite National Park, Zigzag Jack Main Trail
UC577778UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumG. A. Graham2161937-8-17 Mono7.7 mi n Hardy Station; Mono National Forest, n of Hardy Station
CAS-BOT330606CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumWolf, Carl B.93361937-9-13 HumboldtNorth Coast Range, Clear Lake between Horse Mt. & Grouse Mt.
CAS-BOT331048CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumCooke, Wm. Bridge110031938-6-17 SiskiyouMount Shasta; Sisson Southern Trail.
UC618775UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumW. Bridge Cooke110031938-6-17 SiskiyouSisson Southern Trail , Mount Shasta (a grove surrounds the spring near the trail)
CAS-BOT331651CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumCovel, Paul F.13801938-7-3 TuolumneBelle Mdw Road above Pinecrest
UC18090UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumGeological Survey62971938-7-18 Unknown
UC762184UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumR. F. Hoover36741938-7-18 TuolumneRelief Reservoir
CAS-BOT331047CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumCooke, Wm. Bridge113421938-7-22 SiskiyouMount Shasta; Sisson Southern Trail.
UC618774UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumW. Bridge Cooke113421938-7-22 SiskiyouSisson Southern Trail Mount Shasta, Sisson Southern Trail
CAS-BOT330631CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumKeck, David D.48011938-8-6 Del NorteSiskiyou Mts., 3 mi S of Oregon and 1 mi N of summit on Waldo-Happy Camp road.
CAS-BOT330632CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumKeck, David D.48011938-8-6 Del NorteSiskiyou Mts., 3 mi S of Oregon and 1 mi N of summit on Waldo-Happy Camp road.
UC595087UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumDavid D. Keck48011938-8-06 Del Norteon Waldo-Happy Camp road 1 mi n of summit and 3 mi s Oregon; Siskiyou Mts.
CAS-BOT330970CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumWiggins, Ira L.90001938-8-12 TuolumneGooseberry Camp. 3.5 miles above Pine Crest on road to Bell Meadows
CAS-BOT331001CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumHitchcock, C. L.; Martin, J. S.53801939-7-11 TrinityWest side of Upper Canyon Creek Lake, 11 miles N of Dedrick in Salmon-Trinity Alps
UC722687UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumC. L. Hitchcock, J. S. Martin53801939-7-11 Trinity11 mi n Dedrick (w side of upper Canon Creek Lake); Salmon Trinity Alps
LA202792LAAcer glabrum var. glabrumWm. Bridge Cooke138091939-8-04 SiskiyouCascade Ranges; Mount Shasta; along the Sisson Southern Trail in branches of Cascade Gulch and in the Gulch.
CAS-BOT331022CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumHowell, John Thomas150691939-8-5 SiskiyouSpirit Lake, Marble Mts.
CAS-BOT330974CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumDudley, Chesters.n.1940-4-1 TuolumnePine Crest
UC870006UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumLewis S. Rose406171940-6-17 AlpineCanon Pass , summit (summit)
UC1202033UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumKatherine D. Jones7231940-7-10 FresnoVidette Canon, Vidette Canon, on side of the canyon, 40 to 50 ft up)
UC1045246UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumW. Bridge Cooke153481940-7-12 Siskiyounear lower end of the Sisson Southern Trail springs Mount Shasta, Sisson Southern Trail springs
CAS-BOT331028CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumMunz, P. A.160971940-7-21 MonoBarney Lake, 18 mi SW of Bridgeport
UC1005027UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumPhilip A. Munz160971940-7-21 Mono18 mi sw Bridgeport; Barney Lake, sw of Bridgeport
CAS-BOT331627CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumKeller, Allan C.2101940-7-24 TulareAbove Tokopah Falls, Marble Fork of Kaweah River
CAS-BOT331628CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumKeller, Allan C.2111940-7-24 TulareAbove Tokopah Falls, Marble Fork of Kaweah River
UC1505812UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumRobert T. Clausen, Harold Trapido49591940-7-26 Siskiyoucanyon of Mud Creek So. Cascade Mts., Sacramento River Basin, Mt. Shasta (Sacramento River Basin, So. Cascade Mts.)
CAS-BOT330609CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumHowell, John Thomas156871940-7-29 FresnoBubbs Creek, Junction Meadow
UC902129UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumJoseph P. Tracy172481942-6-23 Humboldt3 mi e Box Camp; Trinity Summit
POM308837RSAAcer glabrum var. glabrumRoxana S. Ferris106631942-7-15 TulareAbout 1/2 mile from Mineral King Post Office on Eagle Lake Trail. Sequoia National Forest.
CAS-BOT331669CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumFerris, Roxana S.; Lorraine, Laura106631942-7-15 TulareSequoia National Forest, about 0.5 mile from Mineral King Post Office on Eagle Lake Trail
UC721937UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumRoxana S. Ferris, Laura Lorraine106631942-7-15 Tulareon Eagle Lake Trail about 1/2 mi from Mineral King Post Office; Sequoia National Forest
CAS-BOT330681CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumAlexander, Annie M.; Kellogg, Louise31201942-7-17 InyoInyo Mountains; In canyon below Lower Spring, 1.5 miles N of New York Butte
CAS-BOT331672CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumHowell, John Thomas170531942-7-24 TulareMineral king
CAS-BOT331033CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumHowell, John Thomas187341943-7-23 NevadaBetween Donner Pass and West Lake
CAS-BOT331031CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumJorgensen, Betty J.4951944-6-27 NevadaRidge above Tourist Club Lodge, between Norden and Donner Pass
UC747304UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumG. Thomas Robbins17841944-7-28 El Doradoca 1/4 mi w Rockbound Pass (rocky exposed slope along Willow Flat Trail, Desolation Valley Wilderness Area); Desolation Valley Wilderness Area, w of Rockbound Pass
CAS-BOT331652CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumHowell, John Thomas204701944-8-14 TuolumneTuolumne Canyon above Glen Aulin
CAS-BOT330655CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumRobbins, G. Thomas20321945-7-1 El DoradoSlopes above Island Lake, ca 4 mi NE of Wrights Lake, 9 me N of US Hwy 50
UC747305UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumG. Thomas Robbins20321945-7-01 El Dorado9 mi n of U.S. Highway 50 ca 4 mi ne Wrights Lake (above Island Lake); , ne of Wrights Lake
CAS-BOT331029CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumWiggins, Ira L.; Rollins, R. C.4991945-8-2 MonoNorth shoulder of Matterhorn Peak, above Twin Lakes; Mono National Forest
CAS-BOT331030CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumWiggins, Ira L.; Rollins, R. C.4991945-8-2 MonoNorth shoulder of Matterhorn Peak, above Twin Lakes; Mono National Forest
UC727393UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumIra L. Wiggins, R. C. Rollins4991945-8-02 Monoabove Twin Lakes (n shoulder of Matterhorn Peak); Mono National Forest, Matterhorn Peak, above Twin Lakes
CAS-BOT331626CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumPusateri, Samuel J.J.612-31946-7-1 TulareSequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks. Heather Lake trail
CAS-BOT330679CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumLovegrove, Elsie Zeiles.n.1947-5-29 El DoradoLake Tahoe Basin; Angora Lake Trail on Fallen Leaf Lake side
CAS-BOT330680CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumLovegrove, Elsie Zeiles.n.1947-5-29 El DoradoLake Tahoe Basin; Angora Lake Trail on Fallen Leaf Lake side
CAS-BOT330955CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumTucker, J. M.17371948-7-25 PlumasAt mine of United Mining Company, Pinchard Creek, SW side of Camel Peak
UC917262UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumJ. M. Tucker17371948-7-25 Plumassw side of Camel Peak Pinchard Creek, sw side of Camel Peak (Pinchard Creek, mine of United Mining Company)
UC1564857UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumHarold, Virginia Bailey2619a1948-7-26 Fresnotrail below Paradise Valley (S. Fork Kings R., Kings Canon National Park); Kings Canon National Park, S. Fork Kings R.
UC1564858UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumHarold, Virginia Bailey2800a1948-7-31 FresnoBubbs Creek trail below Vidette Mdws (Kings Canon National Park); , Bubbs Creek Trail
CAS-BOT331000CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumAlexander, Annie M.; Kellogg, Louise54391948-8-7 TrinityTrinity Mountains. Canyon Creek (tributary of Trinity River), below the lake
UC933426UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg54391948-8-07 Trinitybelow the lake (Canon Creek (tributary of Trinity River)); Trinity Mountains, Canon Creek (trib Trinity River)
CAS-BOT331019CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumAlexander, Annie M.; Kellogg, Louise55991948-9-8 SiskiyouTop of grade between Sawyers Bar and Etna
UC933425UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumAnnie M. Alexander, Louise Kellogg55991948-9-08 Siskiyoutop of grade between Sawyers Bar and Etna; top of grade btw Sawyers Bar and Etna
CAS-BOT330663CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumPrice, Franciss.n.1949-7-17 El DoradoLake Tahoe
CAS-BOT330607CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumTracy, Joseph P.185301949-8-26 HumboldtTrinity Summit, head of Little Hors-Linto Creek
UC902128UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumJoseph P. Tracy185301949-8-26 Humboldthead of Little Hors-Linto Creek Trinity Summit
CAS-BOT331020CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumParker, Dorothy4471950-6-4 SiskiyouSalmon Mountain
UC1222158UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumJoseph P. Tracy189471950-7-01 Humboldtnear Clear Lake (back of Cold Springs, Cold slope); Grouse Mountain, at Cold Springs, near Clear Lake
CAS-BOT330957CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumBalls, E. K.155941950-9-1 PlumasEast of Long Lake, by trail going S around lake, southern part of county
CAS-BOT330952CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumHowell, John Thomas277001951-6-28 PlumasEureka Peak
UC943001UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumLewis S. Rose511541951-7-20 TulareEagle Lake Trail Mineral King, Eagle Lake Trail
UC998327UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumE. K. Balls, P. C. Everett182061952-10-14 ShastaHwy 89, 5.8 mi sw Summit Pass (on Mt. Lassen); Mt. Lassen, sw of Summit Pass
CAS-BOT330994CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumBaker, Milo S.; Wagnon, H. K.128751953-7-12 TehamaWest Tehama County: 5.3 mi from Whitlock Camp along county road on E side.
UC1010368UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumMilo S. Baker, H. K. Wagnon128751953-7-12 Tehamaalong County rd on e side 5.3 mi beyond Whitlock Camp (w Tehama County); beyond Whitlock Camp
CAS-BOT330964CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumPollard, H. M.s.n.1953-8-20 TrinityCreek-cvrossing on Red Mountain Trail, north of Trinity Alps Resort
UC1052192UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumK. D. Gowans141954-8-23 Tehamatwo mi sw Turner Mountain (edge of Lassen National Forest); , sw of Turner Mt
CAS-BOT330959CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumEverett, P. C.; Balls, E. K.202581954-10-10 ShastaHwy 89, 9.5 mi NW of Lake Britton, between Burney Falls & McCloud
CAS-BOT330995CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumBacigalupi, Rimo; Robbins, G. T.; Wagnon, K.; Barbe, D.53501955-7-17 TehamaJust E of summit of ridge at Post Pile Camp, 19.5 miles N of Paskenta, Mendocino National Forest
CAS-BOT331004CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumThomas, John H.; Thomas, Hazelle A.61101956-7-21 PlacerSierra Nevada, vicinity of Donner Pass, about 80 miles NE of Sacramento.
CAS-BOT331032CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumRaven, Peter H.100451956-8-4 NevadaSierra Nevada; Fall Creek
CAS-BOT330951CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumGillett, George W.8581957-7-19 PlumasLassen Volcanic National Park. On trail to Sifford Lakes, aobut 1.25 miles above the Devils Kitchen.
SJSU10876SJSUAcer glabrum var. glabrumH.T. Harvey1958-6-16 NevadaDonner Summit
CAS-BOT331629CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumHowell, John Thomas341501958-8-1 FresnoSierra Nevada. Simpson Meadow, Middle Fork of the Kings River
CAS-BOT330993CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumHowell, John Thomas360241960-8-18 TehamaNear Lassen Volcanic National Park, Bluff Falls
CAS-BOT331008CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumBlakley, E. R.37991960-8-30 Placer0.5 mi W of Carnelian Bay, Lake Tahoe
DAV328046DAVAcer glabrum var. glabrumJohn Thomas Howell365651961-6-20 TehamaTehama County: Lassen Highway at Diamond Point.
CAS-BOT331043CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumKelsey, Ednas.n.1961-8-1 SiskiyouMarble Mts., Shackleford Trail below Bull Meadow
SD00042384SDAcer glabrum var. glabrumDarley F. Howe317201961-8-11 AlpineEast of Ebbetts Pass at 7000 foot marker
CAS-BOT331673CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumBlakley, E. R.46131961-8-19 TulareMarble Fork of the Kaweah River at Lodgepole Camp
CAS-BOT330633CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumBreedlove, D. E.32821962-6-10 Del NorteAlong Indian Creek Road from O'Brien to Happy Camp, 22.8 miles NW of Happy Camp; Siskiyou Mountains
CAS-BOT331003CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumTrue, Gordon H.9941962-8-21 NevadaSierra Nevada; Bear Valley - Bowman Road, near intersection with Lindsey Lakes Road
SDSU02130SDSUAcer glabrum var. glabrumHowe, D.F.36601963-8-03 Del Norte6 miles south of Canon Sanger Peak road, Siskiyou National Forest.
SD00042385SDAcer glabrum var. glabrumDarley F. Howe366001963-8-03 Del Norte6 miles south of Canon Line, Sanger Park Road, Siskiyou Nat.Forest
SJSU3964SJSUAcer glabrum var. glabrumC.W. Sharsmith73321964-6-20 El Doradoupper (S) end Fallen Leaf Lake
SJSU3965SJSUAcer glabrum var. glabrumC.W. Sharsmith73311964-6-20 El Doradoupper (S) end Fallen Leaf Lake
CAS-BOT331009CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumAhart, Lowells.n.1964-7-3 PlacerPlacer Queen Mine
CAS-BOT331037CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumMott, Lillian S.LM 63641964-7-12 NevadaSierra Nevada; Cave Lake
CAS-BOT330991CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumLeschke, Hans18821964-8-2 TehamaBetween Mill Creek Falls & Ski Hut, Lassen Volcanic National Park
SJSU10877SJSUAcer glabrum var. glabrumM.D. Fleschner1965-7-20 Tuolumneby Deadman Creek 4.5 W of Sonora Pass
CAS-BOT331021CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumMuth, Gilberts.n.1965-8-3 SiskiyouOn trail to 4-corners, Marble Mts.
DAV328052DAVAcer glabrum var. glabrumBarbara L. Rice1281966-6-22 TulareTulare County: Farewell Gap Trail, 2.5 miles southeast of Mineral King Village, Mineral King Game Refuge, Sequoia National Forest.
CAS-BOT331002CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumTrue, Gordon H.31521966-8-11 NevadaSanford Lake just E of Grouse Ridge Lookout, 6 miles NE of Yuba Gap
DAV328038DAVAcer glabrum var. glabrumCharlotte Glenn1351967 SiskiyouSiskiyou County: Shasta-Trinity National Forest. Castle Lake. [Coordinates and elevation estimated by label maker]
CAS-BOT330954CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.433401967-7-11 PlumasSierra Nevada. Summit ridge of Mt. Hough
THRI-SEKI168THRIAcer glabrum var. glabrumPusateri, Samuel J.1968-7-29 UnknownHeather Lk Tr
CAS-BOT331038CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumTrue, Gordon H.44561968-7-30 Nevada1 mile W of Soad Springs on Hwy 80
UC1408872UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumFrederick W. Oettinger4351968-8-07 Siskiyoue side Hancock Lake (High Lake Basins in the vicinity of English Peak, Salmon Mountains, Marble Mountain Wilderness Area, western Siskiyou County); Marble Mountain Wilderness Area, Salmon Mountains
DAV328047DAVAcer glabrum var. glabrumJ. I. Mallory3361968-8-09 TulareTulare County: on ridge between Silver Creek and Burrow Creek, 1.25 miles south-southwest of Maggie Mountain, Sequoia National Forest.
CAS-BOT331675CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumGlenn, C. K.6071968-8-21 TulareSequoia National Park, Kings Canyon N.P. along Cunningham Creek, 1 mile E of Cloud Canyon
CAS-BOT330953CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.458021969-6-23 PlumasSierra Nevada. 2.6 mi N of Middle Fork of Feather River at Nelson Point
CAS-BOT330956CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumRose, Lewis S.690421969-6-23 Plumas8 mi SW of Quincy, La Porte Road
CAS-BOT331663CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumTwisselmann, Ernest C.; McMillan, Eben; Zaninovich, Jack157151969-7-19 TulareSierra Nevada, Mineral King. Just S of Crystal Creek
CAS-BOT331664CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumTwisselmann, Ernest C.; McMillan, Eben; Zaninovich, Jack157151969-7-19 TulareSierra Nevada, Mineral King. Just S of Crystal Creek
UC1408873UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumFrederick W. Oettinger, R. F. Thorne12061969-8-05 Siskiyoualong trail bet Abbotts Upper Cabin and English Lake (Willow Springs, High Lake Basins in vicinity of English Peak, Salmon Mountains, Marble Mountain Wilderness Area); Marble Mountain Wilderness Area, Salmon Mountains
CAS-BOT650188CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumJohnson, Craig E.971969-8-7 El DoradoFallen Leaf Lake
CAS-BOT331671CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumHowell, John Thomas459031969-8-25 TulareSierra Nevada, Near Mineral King at Franklin Creek on Farewell Gap Trail
CAS-BOT330610CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumHardham, Clare B.174381969-8-28 LassenSierra Nevada. West of Janesville.
DAV396569DAVAcer glabrum var. glabrumN. Hopkins4201971-6-25 SierraSierra County: 0.25 mile north of Packer Lake.
CAS-BOT330996CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumCarter, Eugene6401973-7-24 TrinityNorth Fork Trinity River, Hobo Gulch Camp and vicinity. (18 mi NW of Weaverville). Along the grizzly Creek Trail near Lower Grizzly Meadows.
CAS-BOT330611CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumHowell, John Thomas; True, Gordon H.501521973-8-1 LassenSierra Nevada. Gold Run Creek road S of Susanville, Diamond Range
CAS-BOT330999CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumCarter, Eugene6931973-9-9 TrinitySalmon-Trinity Alps and vicinity. Along the Cold Springs Trail 1.5 miles N of Grizzly Creek
DAV328051DAVAcer glabrum var. glabrumDean W. Taylor35141974-5-19 AlpineAlpine County: west fork of Canon River Canon.
DAV328049DAVAcer glabrum var. glabrumDean W. Taylor42831974-7-20 AlpineAlpine County: Canon Pass, about 3 km east of summit of Round Top on south side of canyon of Summit City Creek.
CAS-BOT331654CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumShevock, James R.37471974-7-24 TulareSierra Nevada, Mineral King Game Refuge, Sequoia National Forest. Along Monarch Creek at Cold Springs Campground, Kaweah River Drainage
DAV328050DAVAcer glabrum var. glabrumDean W. Taylor48911974-8-27 AlpineAlpine County: Canon Pass, about 3 miles west from Upper Blue Lake.
CAS-BOT331049CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumMastrogiuseppe, R. J.; Mastrogiuseppe, J. D.s.n.1974-9-2 SiskiyouNear Kidd Creek
CAS-BOT331050CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumMastrogiuseppe, R. J.; Mastrogiuseppe, J. D.s.n.1974-9-2 SiskiyouNear Kidd Creek
DAV328042DAVAcer glabrum var. glabrumDean W. Taylor49201974-9-06 AlpineAlpine County: near Lost Cabin Mine above Woods Lake.
CAS-BOT331034CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumMcPherson, Emily; McPherson, Jr., EdwinIII-11974-9-29 NevadaGray Creek berween Murphy Meadows and the Truckee River, SE of Hirschdale
DAV328044DAVAcer glabrum var. glabrumJoseph M. DiTomaso2561975-8-13 TrinityTrinity County: JW Cow Camp at head of Deer Creek Trail.
CAS-BOT330979CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumSmith, Gladys L.46111976-6-7 PlumasSierra Nevada. S end of summit ridge, secondary road from Quincy to La Porte. Drainage of Middle Fork Feather River.
CAS-BOT331014CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumMcpherson, Emily K.s.n.1976-6-12 PlacerSierra Nevada. Loch Leven Lakes
CAS-BOT330976CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumHead, Annas.n.1976-6-12 PlumasFeather River Region, Lake Independence
CAS-BOT331662CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumShevock, James R.57251977-9-18 TulareSouthern Sierra Nevada; Sequoia National Forest. North face of Castle Rock into the Little Kern River gorge.
DAV313114DAVAcer glabrum var. glabrumJames A. Neilson, Jr.19641978-4-12 PlacerPlacer County: North Ward Creek Valley. Plot T4.
CAS-BOT331655CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumShevock, James R.62291979-6-2 TulareSouthern Sierra Nevada; headwaters of Coy Creek. Northwest summit of Slate Mountain above Camp Nelson. Middle Fork tule River Drainage, Ssequoia National Forest
CAS-BOT331659CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumShevock, James R.63441979-7-13 TulareSouthern Sierra Nevada; Sequoia National Forest. Golden Trout Wilderness. near the summit of Moses Mountain. Wishon Fork Tule River .
CAS-BOT331660CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumShevock, James R.64451979-8-10 TulareSouthern Sierra Nevada; Sequoia National Forest. North face of Baker Point on the upper (abandoned) trail to the lookout tower. Greenhorn Mts.
DAV328040DAVAcer glabrum var. glabrumPeter Rubtzoff94051979-8-30 NevadaNevada County: Southern shore of Fordyce Lake mainly in NE 1/4 of Sec. 35, T1 N, R13E.
CAS-BOT257967CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumRubtzoff, Peter; Critchlow, Ronald L.94051979-8-30 NevadaSouthern shore of Fordyce Lake mainly in NE 1/4 of Sec. 35, T18N, R13E.
CAS-BOT331661CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumShevock, James R.64901979-9-4 TulareSouthern Sierra Nevada; Sequoia National Forest. Along the trail between Redwood Crossing and Long Meadow, East base of Moses Mountain, Wishon Fork Tule River, Golden Trout Wilderness
CAS-BOT330686CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumShevock, James R.66531979-10-1 KernSouthern Sierra Nevada, Piute Mountains. Along the road to Brown Meadow, Sequoia National Forest
CAS-BOT330688CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumShevock, James R.87051981-6-2 KernSierra Nevada. 0.25 mi E of Inspiration Point, Piute Mountains, Sequoia National Forest.
CAS-BOT330687CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumShevock, James R.87961981-7-6 KernSouthern Sierra Nevada, Piute Mountains. West of Piute Mtn. road between Liebel Peak and Brown Meadow. Sequoia National Forest.
CAS-BOT331026CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumShevock, James R.89001981-7-30 KernSierra Nevada. Inspiration Point, Piute Mountains, Sequoia National Forest; Headwaters of Erskine Creek
CAS-BOT330980CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumAhart, Lowell30231981-8-7 PlumasAbout 1 mile NE of Pilot Peak, ca 16 miles NE of La Porte.
CAS-BOT331027CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumLavin, M.; Lavin, K.33721981-8-22 MonoCentral Sierra Nevada; Little Slide Canyon, W end of Sawtooth Ridge, W of Bridgeport
CAS-BOT331042CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumBest, Catherine7471982-7-12 SierraSierra Nevada, above Packer's Lake in the direction of the Sierra Buttes
CAS-BOT331657CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumShevock, James R.99551982-7-23 TulareSouthern Sierra Nevada; Sequoia National Forest. Golden Trout Wilderness. Along the eastern slope of Moses Mountain, Tule River Basin
CAS-BOT331658CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumShevock, James R.99551982-7-23 TulareSouthern Sierra Nevada; Sequoia National Forest. Golden Trout Wilderness. near the summit of Moses Mountain. Wishon Fork Tule River Drainage.
DAV328043DAVAcer glabrum var. glabrumBeth Lowe Corbin2451982-8-04 Placer1 1/4 mile NE of Onion Creek Campground. SE facing slope, 20% inclination. Partial sun. In damp canyon of white fir forest. Shrub 5 ft tall, with smooth, greyish bark. Fruit greenish.
CAS-BOT331656CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumShevock, James R.101001982-8-29 TulareSouthern Sierra Nevada; overlooking Kern Rivert Canyon below Thursday Peak, Kern Plateau
DAV328053DAVAcer glabrum var. glabrumArthur M. Shapiros.n.1983-7-26 NevadaNevada County: USFS Road 1 N18, 10 air miles north of State Higway 20 and 2 miles southwest of Bowman Lake.
CAS-BOT331013CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumShevock, James R.113371985-8-9 PlacerWestern slope of the northern Sierra Nevada. Tahoe National Forest, Granitie Chief Wilderness. Along trail 16E10 above Picayune Valley
SD00042388SDAcer glabrum var. glabrumD. E. Breedlove664061987-6-08 AlpineEast side Ebbetts Pass
CAS-BOT330601CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumBreedlove, D. E.; Bourell, M.; Patterson, R.6604061987-6-8 AlpineE side Ebbetts Pass
CAS-BOT330958CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumBartholomew, B.; Anderson, B.42131988-5-14 Shasta10 km NE of Montgomery Creek on State Hwy 299.
CAS-BOT330981CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumAhart, Lowell63481989-7-2 PlumasNW side of Pilot Peak, about 10 miles NE of La Porte
DAV328048DAVAcer glabrum var. glabrumRobert E. Preston16132001-6-23 SiskiyouSiskiyou Co.: Klamath National Forest, n-facing slope of Rainbow Mtn, T4 N R1W se 1/4 Section 15
DAV328045DAVAcer glabrum var. glabrumAlbert Grigarick2522010-6-2 NevadaNevada County: 11441 Lockwood Dr, Truckee CA
HSC102360HSCAcer glabrum var. glabrumM. R. Mesler13172012-7-13 Del NorteNear Wounded Knee Mtn, above FS rd 1 N08
CAS-BOT419725CASAcer glabrum var. glabrumNelson, Julie Kierstead; Lenz, Martin2014-0652014-6-3 ShastaVan Sicklin Road, Forest Road 37N48, 4 miles south of McCloud Dam.
JEPS121719UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumJulie Kierstead Nelson, Martin Lenz2011-0652014-6-3 ShastaVan Sicklin Road, Forest Road 3 N48, 4 miles south of McCloud Dam.
UCR0100781UCRAcer glabrum var. glabrumDuncan S. Bell82992015-5-23 San BernardinoPioneertown Mountains Preserve, upper section of Pipes Canon c. 1.5 air miles east of Onyx Peak, or c. 8 air miles west-northwest of the Preserve headquarters
DAV328041DAVAcer glabrum var. glabrumDaniel M. McNair21372016-6-10 El DoradoEl Dorado County: west side of Tahoe Basin at D.L. Bliss State Park. Above Rubicon Trail near southern boundary of the park.
DAV328039DAVAcer glabrum var. glabrumEllen Dean90162016-6-20 El DoradoEl Dorado County: West side of Tahoe Basin. D.L. Bliss State Park. West side of Highway 89. Vicinity of fire road near park residences. Northwest corner of park along unnamed drainage above metal dam near terminus of fire road.
JEPS129453UCJEPSAcer glabrum var. glabrumJulie Kierstead Nelson2018-1252018-7-9 TrinityKlamath Ranges, Trinity Alps.
CHSC121364CHSCAcer glabrum var. glabrumJulie Kierstead Nelson2018-1252018-7-9 TrinityKlamath Ranges, Trinity Alps. Open west-facing slope above south side of Lilypad Lake.
DAV304601DAVAcer glabrum var. glabrumHannah Kang3672019-8-19 SiskiyouSISKIYOU COUNTY: West end of Kangaroo Lake by Rail Creek. Klamath National Forest.

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