The CCH began as a data aggregator for California vascular plant specimen data and that remains its primary purpose to date. Responding to requests from participants to display specimen data from all groups of plants and fungi, from all locations (including those outside California), we have developed a new portal. There are now two CCH portals and each has a special purpose.

This site is under re-development. Results of searches may occasionally not work as expected. A CCH2-compatible data structure is being implemented in stages and the website is being constantly upgraded as a result.
CCH1 Consortium of California Herbaria Portal 1 serves as a gateway to information from California vascular plant specimens that are housed in herbaria, worldwide. Currently, the database includes over 2.2 million specimen records from 50 institutions.
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CCH2 Consortium of California Herbaria Portal 2 serves data from specimens housed in CCH member herbaria. These data are currently growing due to the work of the California Phenology Thematic Collections Network (CAP-TCN;
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California Digital Library; initial funding (2003–2006)
National Science Foundation; planning meeting (2006)
USDA Forest Service; georeferencing (2006 & 2007:Tehama, Trinity, Shasta, and Siskiyou counties)
Andrew W. Mellon Foundation; digitization of type specimens (2008–2013)
Global Biodiversity Information Facility; georeferencing records of non-native specimens (2008–2009)
Institute of Museum and Library Services (Museums for America program); databasing and georeferencing historical specimens collected in San Diego County (2005–2009).
National Science Foundation; databasing, georeferencing, and technical support (2010–2014), with an additional supplement in 2012.
National Science Foundation; imaging, databasing, georeferencing, scoring phenological traits, and technical support (2018–2022).

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