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Jepson Field Books

Modify 10_145

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Note: Don't reuse the form for a second page.
Generate a form from the page you intend to transcribe.
The idea is to concentrate on the content; the form we can get from the image.
You don't need to indicate underlining or other formatting.
Please use the form rather than copying and pasting from another editor.
You can expand abbreviations like this: spms [specimens].
We will index the content and point to the image pages.
If you encounter words that are illegible, put a guess in square brackets. You can retranscribe a page that you have already transcribed, and both versions will be retained.

Would you like your name to go on a credits page?
Would you like to get in touch with other transcribers?
Send me your information.
Richard Moe
rlmoe at (I put these pages together.
The work of scanning --a lot!-- was done by Edith Summers)