Silva Center for Phycological Documentation: Index Nominum Algarum

The INA is a card file and online reporting system maintained at the Silva Center for Phycological Documentation of the University Herbarium, University of California, Berkeley. It contains nearly 200,000 names of algae (in the broad sense). The BPU is a card file containing bibliographic references pertaining to algal taxonomy.
A working list of algal type specimens at UC is available here

Results from INA database

Botryocystis volvoxKützing image
Chaetotyphla volvoxEhrenberg image
Chilomonas volvoxEhrenberg image
EOVOLVOXJ. Kazmierczak image
Eudorina volvox(C.G. Ehrenberg) K.M. Diesing image
EUVOLVOXPrintz image
Monas volvoxC.G. Ehrenberg image
Pantotrichum volvoxEhrenberg image
Paulschulzia pseudovolvox(Schulz) Skuja image
Paulschulzia pseudovolvox f. inclusaSkuja image
Pseudosyncrypta volvoxKisselew image
Schulziella pseudovolvox(Schulz) Teiling image
Sphaeroeca volvoxLauterborn image
Sphaeroeca volvoxLauterborn image
Sphaerosira volvoxEhrenberg image
Syncrypta volvoxEhrenberg image
Tetraspora pseudovolvoxP. Schulz image
Uroglena volvoxC.G. Ehrenberg image
Uroglena volvox var. uplandicaSkuja Symb. Bot. Upsal. 9{3}: 270, pl. XII: fig. 15 1948
Uroglena volvox var. upplandica_('uplandica')H.L. Skuja image
Uroglena volvox var. verrucosa(B. Mack) R.H. Thompson & D.E. Wujek Phycologia 41: 298 2002
VOLVOXC. Linnaeus image
VOLVOX image
Volvox aeneusM. Losana image
Volvox africanus f. minorM.O.P. Iyengar image
Volvox africanusG.S. West image
Volvox amboensisM.F. Rich & M.A. Pocock image
Volvox annulatusM. Losana image
Volvox arenariusM. Losana image
Volvox asteroidesM. Losana image
Volvox atomus(O.F. Müller) M. Losana image
Volvox aureusC.G. Ehrenberg image
Volvox aureus f. madagascariensisF.E. Fritsch image
Volvox aureus var. hemisphaericusG.I. Playfair image
Volvox baccatusM. Losana image
Volvox barberiShaw Philippine J. Sc. 20: 496, fig. 5, pl. 3: fig. 12; pls. 4, 5 1922
Volvox barberiW.R. Shaw image
Volvox bernardiiG.I. Playfair image
Volvox beroe(C. Linnaeus) C. Linnaeus image
Volvox bicaudatusC. Linnaeus image
Volvox bicolorM. Losana image
Volvox bipunctatus_('bipunctatum')C.S. Rafinesque image
Volvox bivalvisM. Losana image
Volvox bullaJ.F. Gmelin image
Volvox bullatusM. Losana image
Volvox bursarioidesBory image
Volvox capensis f. rhodesiensisM.F. Rich & M.A. Pocock image
Volvox capensisM.F. Rich & M.A. Pocock image
Volvox carteri f. hazenii(J. Metzner) H. Nozaki Phycologia 27: 219 1988
Volvox carteri f. iyengariiK. Vani Manohar & R.J. Patel in V. Rajarao (ed.) Perspectives in phycology: 20, fig. 4 1990
Volvox carteri f. kawasakiensisH. Nozaki Phycologia 27: 219, figs. 1-53 1988
Volvox carteri f. manilana(W.R. Shaw) M.O.P. Iyengar image
Volvox carteri f. nagariensisM.O.P. Iyengar image
Volvox carteriF. Stein image
Volvox carteri f. weismanniana(Powers) M.O.P. Iyengar image
Volvox carteriStein f. iyengarii K. Vani Manohar & R.J. Patel image
Volvox carteri var. hazenii_('hazeni')J. Metzner image
Volvox carteri var. hazenii_(`hazeni')J. Metzner Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 72: 129, figs. 1-119 in Metzner, Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 72: 86-113 (1944) 1945
Volvox carteri var. homothallicusJ. Metzner image
Volvox chaosC. Linnaeus image
Volvox conflictorO.F. Müller image
Volvox coordinatusM. Losana image
Volvox cristallinusM. Losana image
Volvox dimidiatusC. Linnaeus image
Volvox dioicusF.J. Cohn image
Volvox dissipatrix(W.R. Shaw) Printz image
Volvox ellipticusM. Losana image
Volvox feroxM. Losana image
Volvox ferrisiiN. Isaka, R. Matsuzaki & H. Nozaki in N. Isaka et al. J. Phycol. 48: 766, pl. 2: figs. a-g 2012
Volvox fertilisA.A. Nayal image
Volvox floriferusM. Losana image
Volvox flosculosusM. Losana image
Volvox fuscescens_('fucescens')M. Losana image
Volvox galeratusM. Losana image
Volvox gigasM.A. Pocock image
Volvox glaucoma(O.F. Müller) Bory image
Volvox glaucomaC.G. Ehrenberg image
Volvox globatorC. Linnaeus image
Volvox globator var. australisG.I. Playfair image
Volvox globator var. maderaspatensisM.O.P. Iyengar image
Volvox globator var. maderaspatiensisM.O.P. Iyengar J. Linn. Soc. Bot. 49: 370, figs. 6A-C, 7G, 8C, 9A, 8, pl. 28: figs. 10, 15, 24 1933 ('8 June')
Volvox globator var. megasporaL.E. Gauthier-Lièvre image
Volvox globulatusM. Losana image
Volvox globulusO.F. Müller Verm. Terr. et Fluv. 1{1}: 28 1773
Volvox globulusO.F. Müller image
Volvox grandinellaO.F. Müller image
Volvox granulosusM. Losana image
Volvox granulumO.F. Müller image
Volvox kirkiorumH. Nozaki, H. Kawai-Toyooka & N. Isaka in N. Isaka et al. J. Phycol. 48: 765, pl. 1: figs. a-h 2012
Volvox kolpodaM. Losana image
Volvox lacustrisJ. Girod-Chantrans image
Volvox laevigatusF.P. Schrank image
Volvox lens(O.F. Müller) M. Losana image
Volvox lethaeusM. Losana image
Volvox lismorensisG.I. Playfair image
Volvox lismorensis var. globuliferus_('globulifera')G.I. Playfair image
Volvox lunulaO.F. Müller image
Volvox lunulatusM. Losana image
Volvox maderaspatensis_('madraspatensis')(M.O.P. Iyengar) K. Vani Manohar & R.J. Patel image
Volvox maderaspatensis_(`madraspatensis')(M.O.P. Iyengar) K. Vani Manohar & R.J. Patel in V. Rajarao (ed.) Perspectives in phycology: 19 1990
Volvox merrillii var. maderaspatensis(M.O.P. Iyengar) G.M. Smith image
Volvox merrillii_('merrilli')Shaw Philippine J. Sc. 20: 492, pls. 1, 2; pl. 3: figs. 6-11 1922
Volvox merrillii_('merrilli')W.R. Shaw image
Volvox mica(O.F. Müller) M. Losana image
Volvox migulae(W.R. Shaw) K.H.O. Printz image
Volvox minorF. Stein image
Volvox monoicusF.J. Cohn image
Volvox mononaeG.M. Smith image
Volvox morumO.F. Müller image
Volvox nutansM. Losana image
Volvox obversus(W.R. Shaw) K.H.O. Printz image
Volvox ocellus(O.F. Müller) M. Losana image
Volvox ovalisPocock ex Nozaki & A.W. Coleman J. Phycol. 47: 78, figs. 1-2 2011
Volvox papillatusM. Losana image
Volvox perglobatorJ.H. Powers Trans. Amer. Micr. Soc. 28: 162 1908
Volvox pileusF.P. Schrank image
Volvox pillularisM. Losana image
Volvox pilulaO.F. Müller image
Volvox pocockiaeR.C. Starr image
Volvox pocockiaeStarr J. Phycol. 6: 234, 235, figs. 1-17 1970
Volvox polychlamysA.A. Korshikov image
Volvox poonaensisV.V. Apte image
Volvox powersii(W.R. Shaw) Printz image
Volvox prolificusM.O.P. Iyengar image
Volvox proteiformisM. Losana image
Volvox proteusP.S. Pallas image
Volvox pulvisculusLosana Mem. Reale Accad. Sci. Torino, Cl. Sci. Fis. e Mat. 33: 6 1829
Volvox punctum(O.F. Müller) M. Losana image
Volvox punctumO.F. Müller image
Volvox radiatusM. Losana image
Volvox reticulatusM. Losana image
Volvox roseusM. Losana image
Volvox rousseletii f. griquaensisM.A. Pocock image
Volvox rousseletii f. kaokoensisM.F. Rich & M.A. Pocock image
Volvox rousseletii var. lucknowensisM.O.P. Iyengar image
Volvox rousseletii_('rousseleti')G.S. West image
Volvox saturniusM. Losana image
Volvox scutiferusM. Losana image
Volvox socialisO.F. Müller image
Volvox spermatospharaJ.H. Powers Trans. Amer. Micr. Soc. 28: 142, 151, pl. XXIII: figs. 1-13, pl. XXIV: figs. 14-23, 26 1908
Volvox spermatosphara var. minorM. Gupta & D.C. Pandey image
Volvox sphaerosiraF. Stein image
Volvox sphaerulaO.F. Müller image
Volvox stellatusC.G. Ehrenberg image
Volvox tertiusArt. Meyer image
Volvox tertius f. indicusM. Gupta & D.C. Pandey image
Volvox tertius var. godwardensisK. Vani Manohar & R.J. Patel image
Volvox tertius var. godwardensisK. Vani Manohar & R.J. Patel in V. Rajarao (ed.) Perspectives in phycology: 21, figs. 1-6 1990
Volvox tertius var. guttulosus_('guttulosa')G.I. Playfair image
Volvox tertius var. ovalisG.I. Playfair image
Volvox tertius var. tessellatus_('tessellata')G.I. Playfair image
Volvox tranquillus(O.F. Müller) M. Losana image
Volvox triflorusM. Losana image
Volvox trilobusM. Losana image
Volvox trisectusM. Losana image
Volvox ulvaGirod-Chantrans image
Volvox uranoidesM. Losana image
Volvox uvaO.F. Müller Anim. Infus.: 20, pl. III: figs. 17-21 1786
Volvox uvaO.F. Müller image
Volvox vegetansO.F. Müller Anim. Infus.: 22, pl. III: figs. 22-25 1786
Volvox vegetansO.F. Müller image
Volvox vitreusM. Losana image
Volvox weismanniaJ.H. Powers Trans. Amer. Micr. Soc. 28: 152, pl. XXIV: figs. 25-33, pl. XXV: figs. 34-44; pl. XXVI: figs. 45-61 1908
Volvox zeikusiiH. Nozaki in Nozaki et al. Phycologia 58: 197, figs. 13-20, 25, 26 2019
Volvox zonatusM. Losana image