Silva Center for Phycological Documentation: Index Nominum Algarum

The INA is a card file and online reporting system maintained at the Silva Center for Phycological Documentation of the University Herbarium, University of California, Berkeley. It contains nearly 200,000 names of algae (in the broad sense). The BPU is a card file containing bibliographic references pertaining to algal taxonomy.
A working list of algal type specimens at UC is available here

Results from INA database

Pseudovalonia forbesii(Harvey) Iyengar J. Indian Bot. Soc. 17: 191 1938
VALONIAC. Agardh (cont.: derivation of name) image
VALONIAC. Agardh image
Valonia aegagropilaC. Agardh Sp. Alg. 1: 429 1823
Valonia aegagropila f. confervacea(Zanardini) Kuckuck image
Valonia aegagropila f. venetaKuckuck image
Valonia aegagropila var. elongataC. Agardh image
Valonia aegagropila var. luxuriansSchiffner image
Valonia ambiguaZanardini image
Valonia barbadensisW.R. Taylor Contr. Univ. Michigan Herb. 9: 145-146, text-figs. 1-6 1969
Valonia caespitosaCrouan fr. image
Valonia caespitulaZanardini image
Valonia cespitulaZanardini ex Kützing image
Valonia chlorocladusHauck Hedwigia 25: 221 1886
Valonia cladophoraKützing Diagn. u. Bemerk.: 12 1863
Valonia cladophoraKützing image
Valonia cladophoraKützing image
Valonia clavataArdissone image
Valonia confervaceaZanardini image
Valonia confervoidesHarvey image
Valonia confervoidesHarvey image
Valonia confervoidesHarvey image
Valonia confervoidesHarvey ex J. Agardh Alg. Syst. 5: 100 1887
Valonia fastigiataHarvey image
Valonia fastigiataHarvey image
Valonia fastigiataHarvey image
Valonia fastigiataHarvey ex J. Agardh Alg. Syst. 5: 101, pl. I: fig. 5 1887
Valonia favulosaC. Agardh Sp. Alg. 1: 432 1823
Valonia filiformisDickie J. Linn. Soc. [London], Bot. 14: 198 1874
Valonia filiformisG. Dickie image
Valonia forbesiiHarvey Proc. Amer. Acad. Arts & Sci. 4: 333 1860
Valonia inconstans "Kützing" image
Valonia incrustansKützing image
Valonia intricata(Clem.) C. Agardh image
Valonia intricata(Clemente y Rubio) C. Agardh Sp. Alg. 1: 430 1823
Valonia macrophysa f. uvaria(Kützing) Kuckuck image
Valonia macrophysaKützing Phycol. General.: 307 1843
Valonia macrophysaKützing image
Valonia nutrix(G.T. Kraft & A.J.K. Millar) G.T. Kraft Mar. Benth. Alg. Lord Howe Island 1: 122, 321 2007
Valonia oblongataJ. Agardh image
Valonia ocellataM.A. Howe image
Valonia opuntoidesZanardini image
Valonia ovalis(Lyngbye) C. Agardh image
Valonia pachynema(G. Martens) Weber-van Bosse Siboga-Exped. Monogr. 59a: 61 1913
Valonia pisumBompard image
Valonia pusillaC. Agardh image
Valonia ramulosaJ. Agardh mscr. image
Valonia rhizophoraPiccone & Grunow image
Valonia savignyanaAudouin image
Valonia subverticillataCrouan fr. image
Valonia syphunculusBertoloni Mem. Soc. Ital. Sci. Modena 20{2}: 430, no fig. 1833
Valonia tenuisCrouan fr. image
Valonia tenuissimaFrauenfeld image
Valonia trabeculataEgerod image
Valonia trichophoraMontagne image
Valonia utricularis(Roth) C. Agardh Sp. Alg. 1: 431 1823
Valonia utricularis f. aegagropila(C. Agardh) Hauck image
Valonia utricularis f. caespitula(Zanardini) Kuckuck image
Valonia utricularis f. crustaceaKuckuck Bot. Zeit. 65{Abt. 1}: 180, pl. IV: fig. 10 1907
Valonia utricularis f. nanaSchiffner image
Valonia utricularis var. aegagropila(C. Agardh) Hauck image
Valonia uvariaKützing image
Valonia ventricosaJ. Agardh Alg. Syst. 5: 96 1887
Valonia verticillataKützing Bot. Zeit. 5: 165 1847
Valonia verticillataKützing image
Valonia verticillataKützing image
Valonia verticillata var. majorMartens image
VALONIACEAEJ. Agardh image
VALONIACEAENaegeli image
VALONIACEAEStitzenberger image
VALONIALESBessey image