Silva Center for Phycological Documentation: Index Nominum Algarum

The INA is a card file and online reporting system maintained at the Silva Center for Phycological Documentation of the University Herbarium, University of California, Berkeley. It contains nearly 200,000 names of algae (in the broad sense). The BPU is a card file containing bibliographic references pertaining to algal taxonomy.
A working list of algal type specimens at UC is available here

Results from INA database

LEURONEMAG.C. Wallich image
Leuronema nitensG.C. Wallich image
Leuronema nitensWallich Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. ser. 3 5: 193, pl. VII: figs. 10-14; pl. VIII: figs. 11, 13 1860
Stigeoclonium tenue f. uronemaCampbell & Sarafis image
URONEMALagerheim Malpighia 1: 518 1887.
Uronema acuminatum(K.R. Mattox & H.C. Bold) H. Ettl & G. Gärtner Syllabus der Boden-, Luft- und Flechtenalgen: 564 1995
Uronema acuminatum(K.R. Mattox & H.C. Bold) H. Ettl & G. Gärtner image
Uronema acuminatum_('acuminata')G.M. Lokhorst image
Uronema acuminatum_(`acuminata')G.M. Lokhorst BioSystems 18: 364 1985
Uronema africanumO. Borge image
Uronema barlowiiPringsheim image
Uronema barlowii_('barlowi')Pringsheim nom. prov. image
Uronema belkiae_('belkae')(Mattox & Bold) O'Kelly & Floyd image
Uronema belkiae_('belkae')Lokhorst image
Uronema brasilienseI.M. Franceschini & A. Couté Cryptog.: Algol. 13: 274, figs. 1-4 1992
Uronema brasilienseI.M. Franceschini & A. Couté image
Uronema confervicola var. africanum_('africana')(Borge) Printz image
Uronema confervicola var. javanicum_('javanica')Möbius image
Uronema confervicola var. uncinatumPopova Animadv. Syst. Herb. Univ. Tomsk. 1929(4/5): 5, figs. 7-14 1929
Uronema confervicola_('confervicolum')Lagerheim Malpighia 1: 518, pl. XII: figs. 1-10 1887
Uronema curvatum_('curvata')K.H.O. Printz image
Uronema curvatum_('curvata')Printz Skr. Norske Vidensk.-Akad. Oslo, Mat.-naturv. Kl., 1926{5}: 233, pl. VII: figs. 105-114 1926
Uronema elongatum var. robustum_('robustus')L.M. Mercado & M.A. Vigna Darwiniana 34: 279, fig. 2B 1996
Uronema elongatumW.J. Hodgetts image
Uronema falcatum_('falcata')Skvortzov image
Uronema gigasVischer image
Uronema indicumGhose image
Uronema intermediumBourrelly image
Uronema marinum_('marina')Womersley The marine benthic flora of southern Australia. Part I: 131, figs. 41D,E 1984
Uronema minutum_('minuta')Lokhorst image
Uronema simplicissimum(Reinsch) Lagerheim Malpighia 1: 522 1887
Uronema subelongatumJ.P. Keshri Algol. Studies 133: 37, fig. 9 2010
Uronema terrestreMitra image
Uronema trentonenseK.W. Lee image
URONEMATACEAEL. Caisová et al. Amer. J. Bot. 102: 1488 2015