Silva Center for Phycological Documentation: Index Nominum Algarum

The INA is a card file and online reporting system maintained at the Silva Center for Phycological Documentation of the University Herbarium, University of California, Berkeley. It contains nearly 200,000 names of algae (in the broad sense). The BPU is a card file containing bibliographic references pertaining to algal taxonomy.
A working list of algal type specimens at UC is available here

Tabular display

Results from INA database

  1. Gymnodinium triceratium Skuja image
  4. Praetriceratium inconspicuum (Rattray) P.A. Sims
  5. Praetriceratium lineatum_('lineatus') (Barker & Meakin) P.A. Sims
  6. Pseudotriceratium adleri A. Mahood
  7. Pseudotriceratium chenevieri (Meister) Gleser image
  8. Pseudotriceratium cinnamomeum (Greville) Grunow
  9. Pseudotriceratium fallax Grunow image
  10. Pseudotriceratium punctatum (Wallich) Simonsen image
  11. TRICERATIUM C.G. Ehrenberg image
  12. TRICERATIUM C.G. Ehrenberg image
  13. TRICERATIUM [subgenus] PSEUDOCOSCINODISCUS A. Grunow image
  14. TRICERATIUM subgenera EUTRICERATIUM F. Hustedt image
  15. TRICERATIUM subgenus EUTRICERATIUM De Toni image
  16. Triceratium abercrombieanum R.K. Greville image
  17. Triceratium abyssale Castracane image
  18. Triceratium abyssorum Grunow
  19. Triceratium abyssorum var. polycystinorum J. Pantocsek image
  20. Triceratium abyssorum var. saratovianum J. Pantocsek image
  21. Triceratium acceptum R.K. Greville image
  22. Triceratium aculeatum C.G. Ehrenberg image
  23. Triceratium aculeatum K.G. Shibkova image
  24. Triceratium aculeatum R.K. Greville image
  25. Triceratium acutangulum Greville
  26. Triceratium acutangulum Grunow {illegitimate}
  27. Triceratium acutangulum N.I. Strelnikova image
  28. Triceratium acutangulum N.I. Strelnikova {illegitimate}
  29. Triceratium acutangulum R.K. Greville image
  30. Triceratium acutangulum var. grovei J. Pantocsek image
  31. Triceratium acutum C.G. Ehrenberg image
  32. Triceratium admirabile Debes image
  33. Triceratium admirabile Debes ex Hustedt {invalid}
  34. Triceratium adriaticum (Kützing) Migula
  35. Triceratium adspersum A.W.F. Schmidt image
  36. Triceratium affine A. Grunow image
  37. Triceratium africanum C.G. Ehrenberg image
  38. Triceratium agnellus A.I. Krotov image
  39. Triceratium albifrons J.-J. Brun image
  40. Triceratium album J.A. Long, D.P. Fuge & J. Smith image
  41. Triceratium altar J.-J. Brun image
  42. Triceratium alternans (C.G. Ehrenberg) F. Schütt image
  43. Triceratium alternans Bailey image
  44. Triceratium alternans Bailey image
  45. Triceratium alternans J.W. Bailey
  46. Triceratium alternans f. minus_(`minor') Grunow
  47. Triceratium alternans var. tenuipunctatum_('tenuipunctata') K.S. Mereschkowsky image
  48. Triceratium alveolatum P. Bergon image
  49. Triceratium amblyoceros C.G. Ehrenberg image
  50. Triceratium amblyoceros Ehrenberg
  51. Triceratium amblyoceros var. nankoorense A. Grunow image
  52. Triceratium americanum (Bailey) A. Cleve-Euler image
  53. Triceratium americanum var. quadratum_('quadrata') E. Grove & G. Sturt image
  54. Triceratium americanum_('americana') J. Ralfs image
  55. Triceratium amoenum R.K. Greville image
  56. Triceratium amplexum A.W.F. Schmidt image
  57. Triceratium ananinense J. Pantocsek image
  58. Triceratium anderssonii Cleve
  59. Triceratium anderssonii P.T. Cleve image
  60. Triceratium anissimovae (A.P. Jousé) N.I. Strelnikova
  61. Triceratium anissimovae (A.P. Jouse) N.I. Strelnikova image
  62. Triceratium annulatum G.C. Wallich image
  63. Triceratium anostomosans E. Grove image
  64. Triceratium antarcticum C. Janisch image
  65. Triceratium antarcticum P.T. Cleve image
  66. Triceratium antediluvianum (C.G. Ehrenberg) A. Grunow image
  67. Triceratium antediluvianum f. pantagonum_('pantagona') E.E. Manguin & R. Leboime image
  68. Triceratium antediluvianum f. pentagona-abnorme_('pentagona-abnormisi') M. Peragallo image
  69. Triceratium antediluvianum f. pentagonum_('pentagona') Hustedt
  70. Triceratium antediluvianum var. minus_('minor') H. Peragallo & M. Peragallo
  71. Triceratium antediluvianum var. temperei J. Frenguelli image
  72. Triceratium antediluvianum var. trigonum_('trigona') M. Peragallo
  73. Triceratium antillarum Cleve
  74. Triceratium antillarum P.T. Cleve image
  75. Triceratium antillarum var. laetum J. Pantocsek image
  76. Triceratium antipodum J. Pantocsek image
  77. Triceratium antiquum J. Pantocsek image
  78. Triceratium approximatum R.K. Greville image
  79. Triceratium apsteinii Pantocsek
  80. Triceratium araneosum R.K. Greville image
  81. Triceratium archangelskianum O. Witt
  82. Triceratium archangelskianum O.N. Witt image
  83. Triceratium archangelskianum var. convexum K.G. Shibkova image
  84. Triceratium archangelskianum var. magnificum_('magnifica') F. Hustedt image
  85. Triceratium arcticum T. Brightwell image
  86. Triceratium arcticum f. balaena (Ehrenberg) Hustedt
  87. Triceratium arcticum f. campechianum_('campechiana') A. Grunow image
  88. Triceratium arcticum f. pentagona - - image
  89. Triceratium arcticum f. pentagona J. Pantocsek image
  90. Triceratium arcticum f. quinquegona J. Pantocsek image
  91. Triceratium arcticum f. quinquelobatum_('quinquelobata') (R.K. Greville) Grove & Sturt image
  92. Triceratium arcticum f. tetragonum ["tetragona"] A.W.F. Schmidt image
  93. Triceratium arcticum f. tetragonum_(`tetragona') A. Schmidt {illeg.}
  94. Triceratium arcticum var. antarcticum_('antarctica') A. Grunow image
  95. Triceratium arcticum var. californicum_('californica') A. Grunow image
  96. Triceratium arcticum var. charcotii M. Peragallo image
  97. Triceratium arcticum var. hybridum A. Grunow image
  98. Triceratium arcticum var. japonico-minus_('japonica minor') Grunow image
  99. Triceratium arcticum var. kerguelenense_('kerguelenensis') Castracane image
  100. Triceratium arcticum var. kerguelense_('kerguelensis') A. Grunow image
  101. Triceratium arcticum var. lucidum_('lucida') J.A. Tempère & J.-J. Brun image
  102. Triceratium arcticum var. majus_('major') M. Peragallo image
  103. Triceratium arcticum var. mitsukeense_('mitsukeensis') W. Ichikawa image
  104. Triceratium arcticum var. neapolitanum_('neapolitana') A. Grunow image
  105. Triceratium arcticum var. robustum_('robusta') A. Truan y Luard & O.N. Witt image
  106. Triceratium arcticum var. samoense_('samoensis') A. Grunow image
  107. Triceratium arcticum var. sexangulatum - - image
  108. Triceratium arcticum var. spitzbergense_('spitzbergensis') A. Grunow image
  109. Triceratium arcticum var. tetragona A. Grunow image
  110. Triceratium arcticum var. vulcanicum_('vulcanica') J.A. Tempère & J.-J. Brun image
  111. Triceratium arcuatum G. Shadbolt image
  112. Triceratium areolatum Greville {illegitimate}
  113. Triceratium areolatum P. Harting image
  114. Triceratium areolatum R.K. Greville image
  115. Triceratium areolatum f. minus_('minor') A.W.F. Schmidt image
  116. Triceratium areolatum var. venosum_('venosa') A. Grunow image
  117. Triceratium argus C. Janisch image
  118. Triceratium arietinum A.W.F. Schmidt image
  119. Triceratium armasevskii J. Pantocsek image
  120. Triceratium armashevskii_('armasevskii') Pantocsek
  121. Triceratium armatum F.C.S. Roper image
  122. Triceratium arrogans A. Truan y Luard & O.N. Witt image
  123. Triceratium ascensionis G. Leuduger-Fortmorel image
  124. Triceratium atlanticum Castracane
  125. Triceratium atlanticum F.S. Castracane image
  126. Triceratium atomus R.K. Greville image
  127. Triceratium attenuatum R.K. Greville image
  128. Triceratium attenuatum f. quadratum_('quadrata') J.A. Tempère image
  129. Triceratium auliscoides E. Grove & G. Sturt image
  130. Triceratium balaniferum J.A. Tempère & J.-J. Brun image
  131. Triceratium balaniferum J.A. Tempère & J.-J. Brun image
  132. Triceratium balaniferum Tempère & J. Brun
  133. Triceratium balearicum Cleve & Grunow
  134. Triceratium balearicum P.T. Cleve & A. Grunow image
  135. Triceratium balearicum f. biquadratum_('biquadrata') (Janisch) Hustedt
  136. Triceratium balearicum f. quadratum_('quadrata') Hustedt
  137. Triceratium balearicum var. sturtii J. Pantocsek image
  138. Triceratium barbadense R.K. Greville image
  139. Triceratium basilica J.-J. Brun image
  140. Triceratium bellum J.A. Long, D.P. Fuge & J. Smith image
  141. Triceratium bergonii J.A. Tempère & J.-J. Brun image
  142. Triceratium besseyi Pantocsek
  143. Triceratium bicorne Cleve
  144. Triceratium bicorne P.T. Cleve image
  145. Triceratium bicornigerum G D. Hanna
  146. Triceratium bicornigerum G.D. Hanna image
  147. Triceratium biddulphia P.A.C. Heiberg image
  148. Triceratium biforme F. Hustedt image
  149. Triceratium biharense J. Pantocsek image
  150. Triceratium bimarginatum E. Grove & G. Sturt image
  151. Triceratium biquadratum C. Janisch image
  152. Triceratium biquadratum Janisch
  153. Triceratium bireticulatum J.W. Barker & S.H. Meakin image
  154. Triceratium blanditum Greville
  155. Triceratium blanditum R.K. Greville image
  156. Triceratium blandum O.N. Witt image
  157. Triceratium blandum O.N. Witt image
  158. Triceratium boryanum J. Pantocsek image
  159. Triceratium bowerbankianum_('bowerbankiana') J. Ralfs image
  160. Triceratium brachiatum Brightwell
  161. Triceratium brachiatum T. Brightwell image
  162. Triceratium brachiolatum T. Brightwell image
  163. Triceratium brandtii J. Pantocsek image
  164. Triceratium brevinervum R.K. Greville image
  165. Triceratium brightwellii T. West image
  166. Triceratium brightwellii var. inaequale_(`inaequalis') (Bailey ex L.W. Bailey) Grunow
  167. Triceratium brightwellii var. tetragonum_(`tetragona') Grunow
  168. Triceratium brightwellii var. trigonum_(`trigona') (Bailey ex L.W. Bailey) Grunow
  169. Triceratium broeckii G. Leuduger-Fortmorel image
  170. Triceratium browneanum R.K. Greville image
  171. Triceratium brunii J. Pantocsek image
  172. Triceratium bullatum E. Grove image
  173. Triceratium bullosum O.N. Witt image
  174. Triceratium caducum J. Pantocsek image
  175. Triceratium caelatum C. Janisch image
  176. Triceratium californicum A. Grunow image
  177. Triceratium calvescens Castracane image
  178. Triceratium cambroneroi F. Azpeitia Moros image
  179. Triceratium campeachianum A. Grunow image
  180. Triceratium campeachianum Grunow
  181. Triceratium campechianum Grunow ex Cleve
  182. Triceratium canalifer J.-J. Brun image
  183. Triceratium canaliferum_('canalifer') Brun
  184. Triceratium cancellatum Greville
  185. Triceratium cancellatum R.K. Greville image
  186. Triceratium cancellatum var. minus_('minor') W.C. Walker & H.H. Chase image
  187. Triceratium capitatum J. Ralfs ex R.K. Greville image
  188. Triceratium capitiferum F. Hustedt image
  189. Triceratium caribaeum W.C. Walker & H.H. Chase image
  190. Triceratium carinatum C.G. Ehrenberg image
  191. Triceratium cariosum Castracane image
  192. Triceratium castellatum T. West
  193. Triceratium castellatum var. fracta A. Grunow image
  194. Triceratium castellatum var. fracta A. Grunow image
  195. Triceratium castellatum var. majus_('major') A.W.F. Schmidt image
  196. Triceratium castellatum var. quadratum_('quadrata') T. Reinhold image
  197. Triceratium castelliferum A. Grunow image
  198. Triceratium castelliferum A. Grunow image
  199. Triceratium castelliferum Grunow
  200. Triceratium castracanei J. Pantocsek image
  201. Triceratium caudatum O.N. Witt image
  202. Triceratium caudatum Witt
  203. Triceratium celebense A.W.F. Schmidt image
  204. Triceratium cellulosum R.K. Greville image
  205. Triceratium cellulosum var. californicum J.A. Long, D.P. Fuge & J. Smith image
  206. Triceratium cellulosum var. italicum_('italica') A.I. Forti image
  207. Triceratium cellulosum var. japonicum_('japonica') J.-J. Brun image
  208. Triceratium cellulosum var. majus_('major') W.C. Walker & H.H. Chase image
  209. Triceratium cellulosum var. simbirskianum_('simbirskiana') O.N. Witt image
  210. Triceratium cellulosum var. simbirskianum_(`simbirskiana') Witt
  211. Triceratium chenevieri F. Meister image
  212. Triceratium cinnamomeum Greville
  213. Triceratium cinnamomeum R.K. Greville image
  214. Triceratium circulare A.M. Edwards image
  215. Triceratium circulare f. tetrappendiculatum_('4-appendiculata') A. Grunow image
  216. Triceratium circumvallatum F. Hustedt image
  217. Triceratium clavatum E. Grove image
  218. Triceratium coerulescens J. Pantocsek image
  219. Triceratium columbi O.N. Witt image
  220. Triceratium columbi var. quadratum_('quadrata') T. Reinhold image
  221. Triceratium compactum T. Brightwell image
  222. Triceratium compar A.W.F. Schmidt image
  223. Triceratium comtum C.G. Ehrenberg image
  224. Triceratium concavum Harvey & Bailey
  225. Triceratium concavum W.H. Harvey & Bailey image
  226. Triceratium conciliatum J. Pantocsek image
  227. Triceratium conciliatum var. validior J. Pantocsek image
  228. Triceratium concinnum R.K. Greville image
  229. Triceratium condecorum C.G. Ehrenberg image
  230. Triceratium condecorum Ehrenberg
  231. Triceratium condecorum var. neogradense_('neogradensis') A. Grunow image
  232. Triceratium coniferum T. Brightwell image
  233. Triceratium consimile A. Grunow image
  234. Triceratium constans R.K. Greville image
  235. Triceratium constellatum J.A. Tempère & J.-J. Brun image
  236. Triceratium contortum G. Shadbolt image
  237. Triceratium contortum f. tetragona A.W.F. Schmidt image
  238. Triceratium convexiusculum A. Grunow image
  239. Triceratium convexum R.K. Greville image
  240. Triceratium cordiferum E. Grove & G. Sturt image
  241. Triceratium cornutum Greville
  242. Triceratium cornutum R.K. Greville image
  243. Triceratium cornutum f. pentagona_('5-gona') A. Grunow image
  244. Triceratium cornutum f. tetragona_('4-gona') A. Grunow image
  245. Triceratium coronatum (O. Witt) N.I. Strelnikova {illegitimate}
  246. Triceratium coronatum (O.N. Witt) N.I. Strelnikova image
  247. Triceratium coronatum Castracane image
  248. Triceratium coronatum G. Leuduger-Fortmorel image
  249. Triceratium coscinoides E. Grove & G. Sturt image
  250. Triceratium coscinoides var. quadratum_('quadrata') E. Grove & G. Sturt image
  251. Triceratium couturianum J.A. Tempère & J.-J. Brun image
  252. Triceratium crassum G. Shadbolt image
  253. Triceratium crebrestriatum E. Grove image
  254. Triceratium crenatum F. Kitton image
  255. Triceratium crenatum Kitton
  256. Triceratium crenulatum E. Grove & G. Sturt image
  257. Triceratium crenulatum Grove & Sturt
  258. Triceratium crenulatum f. gibbosum_('gibbosa') E. Grove & G. Sturt image
  259. Triceratium crispulum F. Hustedt image
  260. Triceratium cristatum J. Pantocsek image
  261. Triceratium cruciatum (C. Janisch & G.L. Rabenhorst) P.T. Cleve image
  262. Triceratium cruciferum (F. Kitton) A. Grunow image
  263. Triceratium cruciforme A.W.F. Schmidt image
  264. Triceratium crux T. Brightwell image
  265. Triceratium cucullatum J. Pantocsek image
  266. Triceratium cucullatum Pantocsek
  267. Triceratium cucullatum var. disseminato-punctatum_('disseminato-punctata') J. Pantocsek image
  268. Triceratium cucullatum var. latius_('latior') J. Pantocsek image
  269. Triceratium cucullatum var. validius_('validior') J. Pantocsek image
  270. Triceratium cultum A.W.F. Schmidt image
  271. Triceratium cuneatum A.W.F. Schmidt image
  272. Triceratium curvatovittatum A.W.F. Schmidt image
  273. Triceratium curvibaccatum J.-J. Brun image
  274. Triceratium curvicostatum J. Brun
  275. Triceratium curvicostatum J.-J. Brun image
  276. Triceratium curvilimbum J.-J. Brun image
  277. Triceratium curvilimbum var. decoratum_('decorata') J.-J. Brun image
  278. Triceratium cuspidatum C. Janisch image
  279. Triceratium cyclamen J.-J. Brun image
  280. Triceratium davidsonianum A. Truan y Luard & O.N. Witt image
  281. Triceratium daviyanum R.K. Greville image
  282. Triceratium de-tonii J. Pantocsek image
  283. Triceratium debesii J. Pantocsek image
  284. Triceratium debyi G. Leuduger-Fortmorel image
  285. Triceratium decorum R.K. Greville image
  286. Triceratium deductum J. Pantocsek image
  287. Triceratium definitum R.K. Greville image
  288. Triceratium deformatum J. Pantocsek image
  289. Triceratium delectabile J. Pantocsek image
  290. Triceratium delicatum R.K. Greville image
  291. Triceratium demissum F. Hustedt image
  292. Triceratium denticulatum Greville
  293. Triceratium denticulatum R.K. Greville image
  294. Triceratium denticulatum var. minus A. Grunow image
  295. Triceratium dictyotum P.A. Sims & R. Ross
  296. Triceratium dictyotum var. rawsonii (E.J.F. Wood) M.A. Harper
  297. Triceratium digitale J.-J. Brun image
  298. Triceratium dignum J.A. Long, D.P. Fuge & J. Smith image
  299. Triceratium disciforme R.K. Greville image
  300. Triceratium dissimile A. Grunow ex A.W.F. Schmidt image
  301. Triceratium dissimile Grunow ex A. Schmidt
  302. Triceratium distictum J.W. Barker & S.H. Meakin image
  303. Triceratium distinctum C. Janisch image
  304. Triceratium distinctum var. quadratum_('quadrata') A.I. Forti image
  305. Triceratium distinctum var. quadratum_('quadrata') A.I. Forti image
  306. Triceratium distinguendum J. Pantocsek image
  307. Triceratium diversum G.D. Hanna & A.L. Brigger image
  308. Triceratium divisum Grunow
  309. Triceratium dobreeanum G. Norman ex R.K. Greville image
  310. Triceratium dobreeanum var. novaeseelandiae Grove & Sturt image
  311. Triceratium dobreeanum var. novazealandicum_('nova Zealandica') E. Grove & G. Sturt image
  312. Triceratium dobreeanum var. novazealandicum_('nova Zealandica') Grove & Sturt
  313. Triceratium dubium Brightwell
  314. Triceratium dubium T. Brightwell image
  315. Triceratium dubium var. irregulare_('irregularis') A. Grunow image
  316. Triceratium dulce R.K. Greville image
  317. Triceratium dulce var. japonicum_('japonica') J.A. Tempère & J.-J. Brun image
  318. Triceratium duplicatum A. Schmidt
  319. Triceratium duplicatum A.W.F. Schmidt image
  320. Triceratium dutertrei Pantocsek & Tempère
  321. Triceratium dutertrei Pantocsek & Tempère image
  322. Triceratium eccentricum E. Grove & G. Sturt image
  323. Triceratium edgarti M. Hajós image
  324. Triceratium ehrenbergii A. Grunow image
  325. Triceratium ehrenbergii Grunow {illegitimate}
  326. Triceratium elaboratum A. Truan y Luard & O.N. Witt image
  327. Triceratium elatum J. Pantocsek image
  328. Triceratium elegans (R.K. Greville) A. Grunow image
  329. Triceratium elegans A.M. Edwards image
  330. Triceratium elegans f. majus_('major') A. Grunow image
  331. Triceratium elegans f. pusillum_('pusilla') A. Grunow image
  332. Triceratium elegans var. japonicum_('japonica') J.A. Tempère & J.-J. Brun image
  333. Triceratium elevatum J. Pantocsek image
  334. Triceratium elongatum A. Grunow image
  335. Triceratium elongatum Grunow
  336. Triceratium endlicheri_('endlicherii') J. Pantocsek image
  337. Triceratium epitheliale O.N. Witt image
  338. Triceratium eulensteinii A. Grunow image
  339. Triceratium eulensteinii Grunow
  340. Triceratium eulensteinii var. inornatum_('inornatai') A.W.F. Schmidt image
  341. Triceratium eulensteinii var. irregulare_('irregularis') A. Grunow image
  342. Triceratium excavatum (Heiberg) N.I. Strelnikova
  343. Triceratium excavatum (P.A.C. Heiberg) N.I. Strelnikova image
  344. Triceratium exiguum W. Smith
  345. Triceratium exornatum Greville
  346. Triceratium exornatum R.K. Greville image
  347. Triceratium exornatum var. ananinense_('ananinensis') J. Pantocsek image
  348. Triceratium exornatum var. giganteum_('gigantea') A.I. Forti image
  349. Triceratium exornatum var. robustum_('robusta') O.N. Witt image
  350. Triceratium exornatum var. simbirskianum_('simbirskiana') J. Pantocsek image
  351. Triceratium expressum C. Janisch image
  352. Triceratium fallaciosum A. Grunow image
  353. Triceratium fallaciosum A. Grunow image
  354. Triceratium fasciatum J. Pantocsek image
  355. Triceratium favus C.G. Ehrenberg image
  356. Triceratium favus C.G. Ehrenberg image
  357. Triceratium favus Ehrenberg
  358. Triceratium favus f. hexagona A. Truan y Luard & O.N. Witt image
  359. Triceratium favus f. octogonum_('octogona') T.V. Desikachary & P. Prema image
  360. Triceratium favus f. octogonum_(`octogona') T.V. Desikachary & P. Prema
  361. Triceratium favus f. parvum N. Woodhead & R.D. Tweed image
  362. Triceratium favus f. pentagona A. Truan y Luard & O.N. Witt image
  363. Triceratium favus f. pentagona E. Grove & G. Sturt image
  364. Triceratium favus f. quadratum_('quadrata') (Grunow) Hustedt
  365. Triceratium favus f. quadratum_('quadrata') - - image
  366. Triceratium favus var. heptagona A. Grunow image
  367. Triceratium favus var. late-areolatum_('late-areolata') Castracane image
  368. Triceratium favus var. maximum_('maxima') A. Grunow image
  369. Triceratium favus var. pacificum_('pacifica') Castracane image
  370. Triceratium favus var. planum C.G. Ehrenberg image
  371. Triceratium favus var. planum_('plan.') C.G. Ehrenberg image
  372. Triceratium favus var. quadratum_('quadrata') A. Grunow image
  373. Triceratium favus var. quadratum_('quadrata') Grunow
  374. Triceratium favus var. septangulatum_('sept-angulatum') F. Kitton
  375. Triceratium favus var. spinigerum P.T. Cleve image
  376. Triceratium favus var. subconvexum_('subconvexa') A.W.F. Schmidt image
  377. Triceratium favus var. turgidum C.G. Ehrenberg image
  378. Triceratium favus var. ventricosum C.G. Ehrenberg image
  379. Triceratium favus var. ventricosum F.T. Kützing image
  380. Triceratium febigeri W.C. Walker image
  381. Triceratium fenestratum O.N. Witt image
  382. Triceratium fenestratum Witt
  383. Triceratium ferox A.W.F. Schmidt image
  384. Triceratium ferox Castracane image
  385. Triceratium figuratum Greville
  386. Triceratium figuratum R.K. Greville image
  387. Triceratium fimbriatum G.C. Wallich image
  388. Triceratium finnmarchicum A. Grunow image
  389. Triceratium firmum R.K. Greville image
  390. Triceratium firthi G.D. Hanna & A.L. Brigger image
  391. Triceratium firthii_('firthi') Hanna & Brigger
  392. Triceratium fischeri A.W.F. Schmidt image
  393. Triceratium flabelliferum J.W. Barker & S.H. Meakin image
  394. Triceratium flexuosum R.K. Greville image
  395. Triceratium flos C.G. Ehrenberg image
  396. Triceratium flos Ehrenberg
  397. Triceratium flos var. duplicatum (A. Schmidt) A. Cleve-Euler image
  398. Triceratium flos var. hebetatum_('hebetata') (Grunow) A. Cleve-Euler
  399. Triceratium flos var. intermedium_('intermedia') A. Grunow image
  400. Triceratium flos var. italicum_('italica') A.I. Forti image
  401. Triceratium formosum T. Brightwell image
  402. Triceratium formosum f. quadrangulare_('quadrangularis') (Greville) Hustedt
  403. Triceratium formosum f. quadratum F. Heydrich image
  404. Triceratium formosum f. quinquelobatum_('quinquelobata') (Greville) Hustedt
  405. Triceratium formosum var. pentagonale_('pentagonalis') A.W.F. Schmidt image
  406. Triceratium forresteri_('forresterii') J.A. Tempère image
  407. Triceratium fossile A. Grunow image
  408. Triceratium foveatum Greville
  409. Triceratium foveatum R.K. Greville image
  410. Triceratium foveatum f. minus_('minor') A.W.F. Schmidt image
  411. Triceratium fractum W.C. Walker & H.H. Chase image
  412. Triceratium fragile J. Pantocsek image
  413. Triceratium frauenfeldii A. Grunow image
  414. Triceratium fulkii J.A. Tempère image
  415. Triceratium fusus (Ehrenberg) S.T. Moses
  416. Triceratium fusus [(C.G. Ehrenberg)] S.T. Moses image
  417. Triceratium gallapagense P.T. Cleve image
  418. Triceratium geminum A.W.F. Schmidt image
  419. Triceratium gemmatum A.P. Jouse image
  420. Triceratium gibbosum Harvey & Bailey
  421. Triceratium gibbosum W.H. Harvey & Bailey image
  422. Triceratium gibbosum var. crenulatum_('crenulata') A. Grunow image
  423. Triceratium gibbosum var. crenulatum_('crenulata') A. Grunow image
  424. Triceratium gibbosum var. elongatum_('elongata') A. Grunow image
  425. Triceratium gibbosum var. excisum_('excisa') A. Grunow image
  426. Triceratium giennense F. Azpeitia Moros image
  427. Triceratium giganteum R.K. Greville image
  428. Triceratium giganteum f. minus_('minor') A.W.F. Schmidt image
  429. Triceratium glandarium A.W.F. Schmidt image
  430. Triceratium glandiferum A. Grunow image
  431. Triceratium globosum "Bailey" image
  432. Triceratium globuliferum var. rotundum_('rotunda') J.-J. Brun image
  433. Triceratium globuliferum_('globulifer') J.-J. Brun image
  434. Triceratium godeffroyi A. Grunow image
  435. Triceratium godeffroyi Grunow
  436. Triceratium gombosii J. Fenner
  437. Triceratium gracile F. Hustedt image
  438. Triceratium gracillimum F. Hustedt image
  439. Triceratium grande T. Brightwell image
  440. Triceratium grande f. pentagona J. Pantocsek image
  441. Triceratium grande f. quadratum_('quadrata') A.I. Forti image
  442. Triceratium grande f. quadratum_('quadrata') E. Grove & G. Sturt image
  443. Triceratium grande f. quadratum_('quadrata') J.A. Tempère image
  444. Triceratium grande var. angulatum_('angulata') F. Kitton image
  445. Triceratium grande var. pentagona A. Grunow image
  446. Triceratium grande var. quadrangulare_('quadrangularis') A.I. Forti image
  447. Triceratium grande var. quadrangulare_('quadrangularis') A.I. Forti image
  448. Triceratium grande var. septangulatum_('septangulata') F. Kitton image
  449. Triceratium granulatum W.C. Walker & H.H. Chase image
  450. Triceratium gratiosum R.K. Greville image
  451. Triceratium gratum A.W.F. Schmidt image
  452. Triceratium grave A.W.F. Schmidt image
  453. Triceratium grayii E. Grove & G. Sturt image
  454. Triceratium groningense f. quadratum_('quadrata') A.M. Gombos & P.F. Ciesielski image
  455. Triceratium groningense f. quadratum_(`quadrata') A.M. Gombos, Jr. & P.F. Ciesielski
  456. Triceratium groningense_('groningensis') T. Reinhold image
  457. Triceratium grovei J. Pantocsek image
  458. Triceratium grovei var. boryanum J. Pantocsek image
  459. Triceratium gruendleri A.W.F. Schmidt image
  460. Triceratium gruendleri A.W.F. Schmidt image
  461. Triceratium grunowianum Castracane image
  462. Triceratium grunowii C. Janisch image
  463. Triceratium guinense G. Leuduger-Fortmorel image
  464. Triceratium gurowii J. Pantocsek image
  465. Triceratium guttatum P.T. Cleve image
  466. Triceratium guttatum var. minus_('minor') F. Azpeitia Moros image
  467. Triceratium haitianum F. Hustedt image
  468. Triceratium hannaianum F. Hustedt image
  469. Triceratium hannaianum Hustedt {invalid}
  470. Triceratium hardmanianum Greville
  471. Triceratium hardmanianum R.K. Greville image
  472. Triceratium harrisonianum G. Norman & R.K. Greville image
  473. Triceratium harrisonianum f. minutum_('minuta') A.W.F. Schmidt image
  474. Triceratium harrisonianum var. solidum_('solida') W.C. Walker & H.H. Chase image
  475. Triceratium harwoodii J. Witkowski
  476. Triceratium heibergianum A. Grunow image
  477. Triceratium heibergii A. Grunow image
  478. Triceratium heibergii var. rostratum A.P. Jouse image
  479. Triceratium heilprinianum C.H. Kain & E.A. Schultze image
  480. Triceratium heilprinianum C.H. Kain & E.A. Schultze image
  481. Triceratium hertleini G.D. Hanna image
  482. Triceratium hertleinii_('hertleini') Hanna
  483. Triceratium heterogonum J.W. Barker & S.H. Meakin
  484. Triceratium heteroporum A. Grunow image
  485. Triceratium heterostictum A.W.F. Schmidt image
  486. Triceratium hilaratum J. Pantocsek image
  487. Triceratium horridum J. Pantocsek image
  488. Triceratium horridum T. Brightwell image
  489. Triceratium horridum f. quadrigona J. Pantocsek image
  490. Triceratium horridum f. tetragona J. Pantocsek image
  491. Triceratium hungaricum J. Pantocsek image
  492. Triceratium hyalinum T. Brightwell image
  493. Triceratium hybridum A. Grunow image
  494. Triceratium hybridum var. australe_('australis') A. Grunow image
  495. Triceratium hybridum var. kamtschaticum_('kamtschatica') A. Grunow image
  496. Triceratium hybridum var. perforatum_('perforata') M. Peragallo image
  497. Triceratium hystrix J. Pantocsek image
  498. Triceratium idoneum J. Pantocsek image
  499. Triceratium illustrum J. Pantocsek image
  500. Triceratium impar A.W.F. Schmidt image
  501. Triceratium imperator A. Truan y Luard & O.N. Witt image
  502. Triceratium implicatum R.K. Greville image
  503. Triceratium impressum A. Grunow image
  504. Triceratium inaequale R.K. Greville image
  505. Triceratium incisum A.W.F. Schmidt image
  506. Triceratium inconspicuum R.K. Greville
  507. Triceratium inconspicuum var. trilobatum ["trilobata"] J. Fenner image
  508. Triceratium inconspicuum var. trilobatum_(`trilobata') J. Fenner
  509. Triceratium incrassatum Castracane image
  510. Triceratium indefinitum (A.P. Jousé) N.I. Strelnikova
  511. Triceratium indefinitum (A.P. Jouse) N.I. Strelnikova image
  512. Triceratium indentatum C.H. Kain & E.A. Schultze image
  513. Triceratium indentatum C.H. Kain & E.A. Schultze image
  514. Triceratium inelegans R.K. Greville image
  515. Triceratium inelegans var. araeopora A. Grunow image
  516. Triceratium inelegans var. micropora A. Grunow image
  517. Triceratium inelegans var. micropora A. Grunow image
  518. Triceratium inelegans var. nicobaricum_('nicobarica') A. Grunow image
  519. Triceratium inelegans var. tubulosum_('tubulosa') J.-J. Brun image
  520. Triceratium inelegans var. yucatense_('yucatensis') A. Grunow image
  521. Triceratium inflatum Greville
  522. Triceratium inflatum R.K. Greville image
  523. Triceratium inglorium Greville
  524. Triceratium inopinatum R.K. Greville image
  525. Triceratium inornatum R.K. Greville image
  526. Triceratium insigne f. minus_('minor') A.W.F. Schmidt image
  527. Triceratium insigne_('insignis') R.K. Greville image
  528. Triceratium insuave A. Truan y Luard & O.N. Witt image
  529. Triceratium insuave f. tetragona A. Truan y Luard & O.N. Witt image
  530. Triceratium insuave f. trigona A. Truan y Luard & O.N. Witt image
  531. Triceratium insutum Castracane image
  532. Triceratium interjectum A.W.F. Schmidt image
  533. Triceratium intermedium E. Grove & G. Sturt image
  534. Triceratium interpunctatum A. Grunow image
  535. Triceratium intricatum T. West image
  536. Triceratium irregulare Greville
  537. Triceratium irregulare R.K. Greville image
  538. Triceratium irregulare var. hebetatum_('hebetata') A. Grunow image
  539. Triceratium irregulare var. spiniferum_('spinifera') T. Reinhold image
  540. Triceratium ischaboense Hustedt
  541. Triceratium janischii A. Truan y Luard & O.N. Witt image
  542. Triceratium japonicum A.W.F. Schmidt image
  543. Triceratium javanicum P.T. Cleve image
  544. Triceratium jensenianum A. Grunow image
  545. Triceratium jeremianum A.W.F. Schmidt image
  546. Triceratium jimboi J. Pantocsek image
  547. Triceratium johnsoni J. Ralfs image
  548. Triceratium jordanii_('Jordani') A. Truan y Luard & O.N. Witt image
  549. Triceratium jucatense A. Grunow image
  550. Triceratium jucundum J. Pantocsek image
  551. Triceratium junctum A.W.F. Schmidt image
  552. Triceratium junctum var. fossile_('fossilis') Pantocsek image
  553. Triceratium kainii E.A. Schultze image
  554. Triceratium kainii E.A. Schultze image
  555. Triceratium kainii var. constrictum E.A. Schultze image
  556. Triceratium kainii var. constrictum E.A. Schultze image
  557. Triceratium kanayae J. Fenner
  558. Triceratium kanayae var. kanayae - - image
  559. Triceratium kanayae var. quadrilobum_('quadriloba') J. Fenner
  560. Triceratium kennettii Hajós & Stradner
  561. Triceratium kennettii_('kennetti') M. Hajós & H. Stradner image
  562. Triceratium kidstonii J. Pantocsek image
  563. Triceratium kinkeri A.W.F. Schmidt image
  564. Triceratium kinkerianum J.-J. Brun image
  565. Triceratium kinkerianum O. Witt
  566. Triceratium kinkerianum O.N. Witt image
  567. Triceratium kittonianum R.K. Greville image
  568. Triceratium kolbei F. Hustedt image
  569. Triceratium kolbei Hustedt ex Simonsen
  570. Triceratium kolbei var. uralense A.P. Jouse image
  571. Triceratium kolbei var. uralense P. Jousé
  572. Triceratium kuepperi M. Hajós & H. Stradner image
  573. Triceratium kusnetzkianum J. Pantocsek image
  574. Triceratium labyrinthaeum R.K. Greville image
  575. Triceratium laetum J. Pantocsek image
  576. Triceratium laetum f. doljense A. Jurilj image
  577. Triceratium laeve P.T. Cleve image
  578. Triceratium laeve var. annuliferum_(`annulifera') Grunow
  579. Triceratium laevepunctatum O.N. Witt image
  580. Triceratium lahusenii J. Pantocsek image
  581. Triceratium lahusenii Pantocsek
  582. Triceratium lanceolatum J. Pantocsek image
  583. Triceratium latipes ["latepes"] J. Fenner image
  584. Triceratium latipes_(`latepes') J. Fenner
  585. Triceratium latum Greville
  586. Triceratium latum R.K. Greville image
  587. Triceratium latum var. dissimile_('dissimilis') (A. Grunow) A.I. Forti image
  588. Triceratium latum var. inglorium (R.K. Greville) A.I. Forti image
  589. Triceratium lautourianum E. Grove image
  590. Triceratium lautum R.K. Greville image
  591. Triceratium leudugeri var. samoense_('samoensis') H. Peragallo & M. Peragallo
  592. Triceratium leudugeri_('ledugerii') (J. Deby) H. Peragallo & M. Peragallo
  593. Triceratium ligulatum R.K. Greville image
  594. Triceratium lineatum R.K. Greville image
  595. Triceratium lineatum f. biangulatum_('biangulata') L.J. Laporte & P. Lefebure image
  596. Triceratium lineolatum Greville
  597. Triceratium lineolatum R.K. Greville image
  598. Triceratium lineolatum var. gratiosum_('gratiosa') J.-J. Brun image
  599. Triceratium lobatogemmatum J.-J. Brun image
  600. Triceratium lobatogemmatum var. ornatum_('ornata') J.-J. Brun image
  601. Triceratium lobatum Greville
  602. Triceratium lobatum R.K. Greville image
  603. Triceratium loczyi_('lóczyi') J. Pantocsek image
  604. Triceratium loczyi_('lóczyi') var. confluens J. Pantocsek image
  605. Triceratium lucidum J. Pantocsek image
  606. Triceratium luculentum F. Hustedt image
  607. Triceratium luminosum J.A. Tempère & J.-J. Brun image
  608. Triceratium lunatum J.A. Long, D.P. Fuge & J. Smith image
  609. Triceratium lustratum J.A. Long, D.P. Fuge & J. Smith image
  610. Triceratium macroporum M. Hajós image
  611. Triceratium maculatum F. Kitton image
  612. Triceratium madagascarense A. Grunow image
  613. Triceratium majus (E. Grove & G. Sturt) E. Grove & G. Sturt image
  614. Triceratium majus E. Grove & G. Sturt image
  615. Triceratium malleus T. Brightwell image
  616. Triceratium malleus var. tetragonum_(`tetragona') Grunow
  617. Triceratium mamillanum Debes image
  618. Triceratium mamillanum Debes ex Hustedt
  619. Triceratium mammiferum A. Grunow image
  620. Triceratium mammiferum var. minus_('minor') A. Grunow image
  621. Triceratium mammosum R.K. Greville image
  622. Triceratium margaritaceum J. Ralfs image
  623. Triceratium margaritiferum Cleve
  624. Triceratium margaritiferum P.T. Cleve image
  625. Triceratium marginatum T. Brightwell image
  626. Triceratium marylandicum T. Brightwell image
  627. Triceratium mediterraneum Pantocsek
  628. Triceratium megastomum C.G. Ehrenberg image
  629. Triceratium megastomum f. quadratum_('quadrata') (A. Grunow) A. Amosse image
  630. Triceratium megastomum f. quadratum_('quadrata') (Grunow) A. Amossé
  631. Triceratium membranaceum T. Brightwell image
  632. Triceratium mereskovskii J. Pantocsek image
  633. Triceratium mereskovskii_('Mereskovskii') Pantocsek
  634. Triceratium mesoleium Grunow
  635. Triceratium microcephalum R.K. Greville image
  636. Triceratium microporum C.G. Ehrenberg image
  637. Triceratium microstictum R.K. Greville image
  638. Triceratium microstigma C.G. Ehrenberg image
  639. Triceratium microtis A. Grunow image
  640. Triceratium microtis var. quadriocellatum_('quadriocellata') J. Pantocsek image
  641. Triceratium minutum W.C. Walker & H.H. Chase image
  642. Triceratium mirabile Jousé
  643. Triceratium mirificum J.-J. Brun image
  644. Triceratium modestum R.K. Greville image
  645. Triceratium moelleri J. Pantocsek image
  646. Triceratium montereyi var. primordiale_('primordialis') J.-J. Brun image
  647. Triceratium montereyi_('Montereyii') T. Brightwell image
  648. Triceratium moreirae L.F. Fernandes & R.M. Souza-Mosimann
  649. Triceratium morenoense J.W. Barker & S.H. Meakin image
  650. Triceratium morlandii E. Grove & G. Sturt image
  651. Triceratium morlandii Grove & Sturt
  652. Triceratium morlandii var. apertum_('aperta') A. Grunow image
  653. Triceratium morlandii var. flexuosum_('flexuosa') E. Grove & G. Sturt image
  654. Triceratium morlandii var. subapertum_('subaperta') A. Grunow image
  655. Triceratium moronense Greville
  656. Triceratium moronense R.K. Greville image
  657. Triceratium moronense var. nicobaricum ["nicobarica"] A. Grunow image
  658. Triceratium moronense var. nicobaricum_(`nicobarica') Grunow
  659. Triceratium mucronatum A. Schmidt
  660. Triceratium mucronatum A.W.F. Schmidt image
  661. Triceratium multifrons J.-J. Brun image
  662. Triceratium multifrons f. strictum_('stricta') F. Hustedt image
  663. Triceratium multiplex C. Janisch image
  664. Triceratium multiplex f. minus_('minor') A.W.F. Schmidt image
  665. Triceratium muricatum T. Brightwell image
  666. Triceratium muricatum var. fossile_('fossilis') A. Grunow image
  667. Triceratium muricatum var. nudum J. Pantocsek image
  668. Triceratium nancoorense Grunow
  669. Triceratium nancoorense var. italicum_('italica') A.I. Forti image
  670. Triceratium nancoorense var. italicum_('italica') A.I. Forti image
  671. Triceratium nebulosum C.G. Ehrenberg image
  672. Triceratium nebulosum R.K. Greville image
  673. Triceratium needhami G.D. Hanna & A.L. Brigger image
  674. Triceratium needhamii_('needhami') Hanna & Brigger
  675. Triceratium neglectum R.K. Greville image
  676. Triceratium nervosum J. Pavillard image
  677. Triceratium nervosum J. Pavillard image
  678. Triceratium nicobaricum A. Grunow image
  679. Triceratium nitescens Greville
  680. Triceratium nitescens R.K. Greville image
  681. Triceratium nitescens f. minus_('minor') L.J. Laporte & P. Lefebure image
  682. Triceratium nitescens f. minus_('minor') Laporte & Lefébure
  683. Triceratium nitidum R.K. Greville image
  684. Triceratium nobile (R.K. Greville) P.T. Cleve image
  685. Triceratium nobile O.N. Witt image
  686. Triceratium normanianum R.K. Greville image
  687. Triceratium normanianum var. sextans J.-J. Brun image
  688. Triceratium notabile R.K. Greville image
  689. Triceratium notabile_('notabilis') O.S. Korotkevich image
  690. Triceratium notatum J. Pantocsek image
  691. Triceratium novaeseelandiae_('Novae Seelandiae') A.W.F. Schmidt
  692. Triceratium novazealandicum_('nova zealandicum') (E. Grove & G. Sturt) E. Grove & G. Sturt image
  693. Triceratium novazealandicum_('nova zealandicum') (Grove & Sturt) Grove & Sturt ex Grunow
  694. Triceratium novazeelandica_('Novae Seelandiae') A.W.F. Schmidt image
  695. Triceratium nudum J. Pantocsek image
  696. Triceratium oamaruense E. Grove & G. Sturt image
  697. Triceratium oamaruense Grove & Sturt
  698. Triceratium oamaruense var. sparsim-punctatum_('sparsim-punctata') E. Grove image
  699. Triceratium obesum Greville
  700. Triceratium obesum R.K. Greville image
  701. Triceratium obesum f. tetragona J.-J. Brun image
  702. Triceratium obliquum A. Grunow image
  703. Triceratium obscurum Greville
  704. Triceratium obscurum R.K. Greville image
  705. Triceratium obscurum f. minus_('minor') A.W.F. Schmidt image
  706. Triceratium obtusangulum F. Hustedt image
  707. Triceratium obtusangulum Hustedt
  708. Triceratium obtusum C.G. Ehrenberg image
  709. Triceratium obtusum C.G. Ehrenberg image
  710. Triceratium obtusum K.G. Shibkova image
  711. Triceratium occultum F. Hustedt image
  712. Triceratium ocellatum C.G. Ehrenberg image
  713. Triceratium oculatum Greville
  714. Triceratium oculatum R.K. Greville image
  715. Triceratium oculatum f. hillabyanum_('hillabyana') J.-J. Brun image
  716. Triceratium officiosum F. Hustedt image
  717. Triceratium officiosum Hustedt
  718. Triceratium orbiculatum G. Shadbolt image
  719. Triceratium orbiculatum K.G. Shibkova image
  720. Triceratium orbiculatum Shibkova {illegitimate}
  721. Triceratium orbiculatum var. elongatum (Grunow) Grunow
  722. Triceratium orbiculatum var. elongatum A. Grunow image
  723. Triceratium orientale Harvey & Bailey
  724. Triceratium orientale W.H. Harvey & Bailey image
  725. Triceratium ornatum R.K. Greville image
  726. Triceratium ornatum f. tetragona-parvum_('tetragona-parva') A. Grunow image
  727. Triceratium ornatum var. fallaciosum A. Grunow image
  728. Triceratium pallidum R.K. Greville image
  729. Triceratium pantocsekii f. convexum_('convexa') J. Pantocsek image
  730. Triceratium pantocsekii f. hexagona J. Pantocsek image
  731. Triceratium pantocsekii f. pentagona J. Pantocsek image
  732. Triceratium pantocsekii var. genuina J. Pantocsek image
  733. Triceratium pantocsekii var. hexagonum (J. Pantocsek) L.J. Laporte & P. Lefebure image
  734. Triceratium pantocsekii var. rectangulare_('rectangularis') A.I. Forti image
  735. Triceratium pantocsekii var. rectangulare_('rectangularis') A.I. Forti image
  736. Triceratium pantocsekii_('pantoczekii') A.W.F. Schmidt image
  737. Triceratium papillatum E. Grove & G. Sturt image
  738. Triceratium papillatum F. Kitton image
  739. Triceratium parallelum (C.G. Ehrenberg) R.K. Greville image
  740. Triceratium parallelum f. parvum_('parva') A. Grunow image
  741. Triceratium parallelum f. trigona A.W.F. Schmidt image
  742. Triceratium parallelum var. balearicum_('balearica') A. Gunow image
  743. Triceratium parallelum var. coloniense_('coloniensis') A. Grunow image
  744. Triceratium parallelum var. gibbosum_('gibbosa') (E. Grove & G. Sturt) E. Grove & G. Sturt image
  745. Triceratium parallelum var. gibbosum_('gibbosa') E. Grove & G. Sturt image
  746. Triceratium parallelum var. madagascarense_('madagascarensis') A. Grunow image
  747. Triceratium parallelum var. madagascarense_(`madagascarensis') Grunow
  748. Triceratium parallelum var. sparsum_('sparsa') A. Grunow image
  749. Triceratium parallelum var. trigona A. Grunow image
  750. Triceratium parallelum var. trigona-parvum_('trigona-parva') A.W.F. Schmidt image
  751. Triceratium pardus A.W.F. Schmidt image
  752. Triceratium parmula T. Brightwell image
  753. Triceratium partitum R.K. Greville image
  754. Triceratium patagonicum A.W.F. Schmidt image
  755. Triceratium pauperculum R.K. Greville image
  756. Triceratium pavimentosum Castracane image
  757. Triceratium pectinatum R.K. Greville image
  758. Triceratium pelagicum (J.L.B. Schröder) A. Sournia image
  759. Triceratium pentacrinus G.C. Wallich image
  760. Triceratium pentacrinus f. minus_('minor') A.W.F. Schmidt image
  761. Triceratium pentacrinus f. quadratum_('quadrata') A.I. Forti image
  762. Triceratium pentacrinus f. quadratum_('quadrata') Hustedt
  763. Triceratium pentacrinus var. loczyi J. Pantocsek image
  764. Triceratium pentacrinus var. quadratum_('quadrata') A.I. Forti image
  765. Triceratium peragalloi f. typica J.-J. Brun image
  766. Triceratium peragalloi var. subrotundatum_('subrotundata') J.-J. Brun image
  767. Triceratium peragalloi_('peragalloii') J. Pantocsek image
  768. Triceratium permagnum C. Janisch image
  769. Triceratium perminutum R.K. Greville image
  770. Triceratium perpendiculare J.-M. Lin & T.G. Chin
  771. Triceratium perplexum J.A. Long, D.P. Fuge & J. Smith image
  772. Triceratium perplexum J.A. Long, D.P. Fuge, & J. Smith
  773. Triceratium perpusillum R.K. Greville image
  774. Triceratium perryanum Truan & Witt image
  775. Triceratium pethoei J. Pantocsek image
  776. Triceratium petitianum G. Leuduger-Fortmorel image
  777. Triceratium petitianum Leuduger-Fortmorel
  778. Triceratium petitii J. Pantocsek image
  779. Triceratium picturatum R.K. Greville image
  780. Triceratium pileatum A. Grunow image
  781. Triceratium pileolus C.G. Ehrenberg image
  782. Triceratium pileolus var. minutum_('minuta') F. Hustedt image
  783. Triceratium pileus C.G. Ehrenberg image
  784. Triceratium pileus Ehrenberg
  785. Triceratium pileus f. quadrigona Pantocsek
  786. Triceratium pileus var. robustius_('robustior') J. Pantocsek image
  787. Triceratium planum N.I. Strelnikova
  788. Triceratium plenum E. Grove & G. Sturt image
  789. Triceratium plicatum (A. Grunow) A. Grunow image
  790. Triceratium plicatum Grunow
  791. Triceratium plumosum R.K. Greville image
  792. Triceratium polycistinorum J. Pantocsek
  793. Triceratium polygibbum J. Pantocsek image
  794. Triceratium polygonium R.K. Greville image
  795. Triceratium polymorphum ["polymorphus"] D.M. Harwood & T. Maruyama image
  796. Triceratium polymorphum_(`polymorphus') D.M. Harwood & T. Maruyama
  797. Triceratium ponderosum A.M. Edwards image
  798. Triceratium ponderosum A.M. Edwards image
  799. Triceratium portuosum C. Janisch image
  800. Triceratium praeferox J. Pantocsek image
  801. Triceratium praetenue Greville
  802. Triceratium praetenue R.K. Greville image
  803. Triceratium praeturgidum K.G. Shibkova image
  804. Triceratium productissimum P. Bergon image
  805. Triceratium productum R.K. Greville image
  806. Triceratium productum var. baleraricum P.T. Cleve & A. Grunow image
  807. Triceratium prominens R.K. Greville image
  808. Triceratium proprium J. Pantocsek image
  809. Triceratium protractum J. Pantocsek image
  810. Triceratium pruinosum J.A. Long, D.P. Fuge & J. Smith image
  811. Triceratium pseudo-nervatum E. Grove & G. Sturt image
  812. Triceratium pseudoarcticum J. Pantocsek image
  813. Triceratium pseudonervatum_('pseudo-nervatum') Grove & Sturt
  814. Triceratium pulchellum A. Grunow image
  815. Triceratium pulcherrimum R.K. Greville image
  816. Triceratium pulchrum F. Hustedt image
  817. Triceratium pulchrum Hustedt
  818. Triceratium pulvillus Castracane
  819. Triceratium pulvinar A.W.F. Schmidt image
  820. Triceratium punctato-lineatum A.W.F. Schmidt image
  821. Triceratium punctatum T. Brightwell image
  822. Triceratium punctatum f. hexagona A. Grunow image
  823. Triceratium punctatum f. pentagona A. Grunow image
  824. Triceratium punctatum f. pentagona_('5-gona') A. Grunow image
  825. Triceratium punctatum f. tetragona H. Heiden & R.W. Kolbe image
  826. Triceratium punctatum var. hexagona Leuduger-Fortmorel image
  827. Triceratium punctatum var. quinquegona Leuduger-Fortmorel image
  828. Triceratium punctigerum Castracane image
  829. Triceratium quadrangulare Greville
  830. Triceratium quadrangulare R.K. Greville image
  831. Triceratium quadrangulare var. pentagona A. Grunow image
  832. Triceratium quadratum R.K. Greville image
  833. Triceratium quadricorne Greville
  834. Triceratium quadricorne R.K. Greville image
  835. Triceratium quadrinotatum A. Schmidt
  836. Triceratium quadrinotatum A.W.F. Schmidt image
  837. Triceratium quinquefolium G. Leuduger-Fortmorel image
  838. Triceratium quinqueguttatum Grunow
  839. Triceratium quinquelobatum Greville
  840. Triceratium quinquelobatum R.K. Greville image
  841. Triceratium radians J.A. Tempère & J.-J. Brun image
  842. Triceratium radians f. quadratum_('quadrata') J.-J. Brun image
  843. Triceratium radians var. italicum_('italica') A.I. Forti image
  844. Triceratium radiato-punctatum A.W.F. Schmidt image
  845. Triceratium radiato-punctatum f. minus_('minor') J. Pantocsek image
  846. Triceratium radiato-punctatum var. calcareum_('calcarea') J.A. Tempère & J.-J. Brun image
  847. Triceratium radiatum Brightwell
  848. Triceratium radiatum T. Brightwell image
  849. Triceratium radiatum var. minus_('minor') A.W.F. Schmidt image
  850. Triceratium radiolatum C. Janisch image
  851. Triceratium radioso-reticulatum A. Grunow image
  852. Triceratium rattrayi J. Pantocsek image
  853. Triceratium receptum A.W.F. Schmidt image
  854. Triceratium rectangulare E. Grove & G. Sturt image
  855. Triceratium rectangulare Grove & Sturt
  856. Triceratium regina (Heiberg) Wolle
  857. Triceratium renunciatum J. Pantocsek image
  858. Triceratium reticulatum Greville
  859. Triceratium reticulatum R.K. Greville image
  860. Triceratium reticulum C.G. Ehrenberg image
  861. Triceratium reticulum C.G. Ehrenberg image
  862. Triceratium reticulum f. hexagonale M. Ricard image
  863. Triceratium reticulum f. pentagona A. Cleve-Euler image
  864. Triceratium reticulum f. pentagonum_('pentagona') Hustedt
  865. Triceratium reticulum f. quadrangulare_('quadrangularis') Hustedt
  866. Triceratium reticulum f. tetragona A. Cleve-Euler image
  867. Triceratium reticulum f. tetragonum_(`tetragona') Cleve-Euler
  868. Triceratium reticulum f. trigona A. Cleve-Euler image
  869. Triceratium reticulum f. trigona-minutum_('trigona-minuta') A. Cleve-Euler image
  870. Triceratium riedyi (G.D. Hanna & W.M. Grant) T. Reinhold image
  871. Triceratium rivale A.W.F. Schmidt image
  872. Triceratium robertsianum R.K. Greville image
  873. Triceratium robertsianum R.K. Greville image
  874. Triceratium robertsianum f. inerme_('inermis') A. Schmidt
  875. Triceratium robertsianum f. inerme_('inermis') A.W.F. Schmidt image
  876. Triceratium robertsianum f. quadratum_('quadrata') Hustedt
  877. Triceratium robertsianum var. dwarkensum J.N. Misra image
  878. Triceratium robertsianum var. macracanthum_('macracantha') A. Grunow image
  879. Triceratium robertsianum var. manorense K.M. Salim & M.M. Iqbal image
  880. Triceratium robustum R.K. Greville image
  881. Triceratium rostratum P.C.M. Petit image
  882. Triceratium rotiferum_('rotifer') G. Leuduger-Fortmorel image
  883. Triceratium rotundatum Greville
  884. Triceratium rotundatum R.K. Greville image
  885. Triceratium rugosum E. Grove & G. Sturt image
  886. Triceratium russlandicum J.A. Tempère image
  887. Triceratium rylandsianum R.K. Greville image
  888. Triceratium rzehakii J. Pantocsek image
  889. Triceratium sancta-helenae_('st.-helenae') H. Heiden image
  890. Triceratium saratovianum J. Pantocsek image
  891. Triceratium saratovianum Pantocsek
  892. Triceratium sarcophagus Castracane image
  893. Triceratium sarmaticum J. Pantocsek image
  894. Triceratium schlumbergeri J.A. Tempère & J.-J. Brun image
  895. Triceratium schmidtii C. Janisch image
  896. Triceratium schmidtii N.V. Anissimova image
  897. Triceratium schmidtii N.V. Anissimova {illegitimate}
  898. Triceratium schmidtii var. pustulatum_('pustulata') A.W.F. Schmidt image
  899. Triceratium schulzii A.P. Jousé
  900. Triceratium schulzii A.P. Jouse image
  901. Triceratium schulzii A.P. Jouse image
  902. Triceratium schulzii var. quadrilobum ["quadriloba"] J. Fenner image
  903. Triceratium schulzii var. quadrilobum_(`quadriloba') J. Fenner
  904. Triceratium scitulum T. Brightwell image
  905. Triceratium scitulum f. quadratum_('quadrata') A.W.F. Schmidt image
  906. Triceratium scitulum var. quadratum - - image
  907. Triceratium scopus J.-J. Brun image
  908. Triceratium sculptum G. Shadbolt image
  909. Triceratium sculptum Shadbolt
  910. Triceratium sculptum var. petropolitanum_('petropolitana') A. Grunow image
  911. Triceratium secedens A.W.F. Schmidt image
  912. Triceratium secedens var. quadratum_('quadrata') A.I. Forti image
  913. Triceratium secedens var. quadratum_('quadrata') A.I. Forti image
  914. Triceratium secernendum A.W.F. Schmidt image
  915. Triceratium semicirculare Brightwell
  916. Triceratium semicirculare T. Brightwell image
  917. Triceratium semicirculare var. productum_(`producta') (Grunow) Mills
  918. Triceratium semseyi J. Pantocsek image
  919. Triceratium sendaiense A.W.F. Schmidt image
  920. Triceratium sendaiense f. quadratum_('quadrata') A.W.F. Schmidt image
  921. Triceratium sentum O.N. Witt image
  922. Triceratium sentum Witt
  923. Triceratium sentum f. maius_('maior') F. Hustedt image
  924. Triceratium separatum A.W.F. Schmidt image
  925. Triceratium septum J. Pantocsek image
  926. Triceratium serratum G.C. Wallich image
  927. Triceratium setigerum Bailey image
  928. Triceratium sexangulatum R.K. Greville image
  929. Triceratium sexapartitum E. Grove & G. Sturt image
  930. Triceratium seychellense A. Grunow image
  931. Triceratium seychellense Grunow
  932. Triceratium shadboltianum R.K. Greville image
  933. Triceratium shadboltianum f. pentagona A. Grunow image
  934. Triceratium shadboltianum var. circulare (A. Grunow) E.J. Lemmermann image
  935. Triceratium shadboltianum var. elongatum_('elongata') (Grunow) Hustedt
  936. Triceratium shadboltianum var. pentagonia (A. Grunow) E.J. Lemmermann image
  937. Triceratium shadboltianum var. robustum E.J. Lemmermann image
  938. Triceratium shadboltii Bailey image
  939. Triceratium sibiricum A.P. Jouse image
  940. Triceratium sidereum A.W.F. Schmidt image
  941. Triceratium simile F. Hustedt image
  942. Triceratium simplex J.-J. Brun image
  943. Triceratium sinenese Schwarz image
  944. Triceratium smithianum R.K. Greville image
  945. Triceratium smithii J. Pantocsek image
  946. Triceratium sokolowii J. Pantocsek image
  947. Triceratium sol A. Grunow image
  948. Triceratium sol A.W.F. Schmidt image
  949. Triceratium solenoceros C.G. Ehrenberg image
  950. Triceratium sollemne A.P. Jouse image
  951. Triceratium sparsimpunctatum ["sparsimpunctata"] A.P. Jouse image
  952. Triceratium sparsimpunctatum_('sparsimpunctata') A.P. Jousé
  953. Triceratium sparsipunctatum F. Hustedt image
  954. Triceratium sparsipunctatum Hustedt
  955. Triceratium speciosum J. Pantocsek image
  956. Triceratium spectabile J.F. Weisse image
  957. Triceratium spinosum Bailey image
  958. Triceratium spinosum f. minor-fossile_('minor-fossilis') A. Grunow image
  959. Triceratium spinosum f. tetragonum_('tetragona') Hustedt
  960. Triceratium spinosum var. ornatum_('ornata') E. Grove & G. Sturt image
  961. Triceratium spinosum var. tetragona A. Grunow image
  962. Triceratium spinulosum A. Grunow image
  963. Triceratium splendidum F. Hustedt image
  964. Triceratium squamatum J. Pantocsek image
  965. Triceratium squamatum Pantocsek
  966. Triceratium squamatum var. radiatum_('radiata') J.-J. Brun image
  967. Triceratium squamiferum J. Pantocsek image
  968. Triceratium staubii J. Pantocsek image
  969. Triceratium stellatum F. Meister image
  970. Triceratium stigmaticum J. Pantocsek image
  971. Triceratium stokesianum Greville
  972. Triceratium stokesianum R.K. Greville image
  973. Triceratium stokesianum f. anomalum_('anomala') A.I. Forti image
  974. Triceratium stokesianum f. parvulum_('parvula') A.I. Forti image
  975. Triceratium stokesianum f. parvulum_('parvula') A.I. Forti image
  976. Triceratium stokesianum var. moravicum_('moravica') A. Grunow image
  977. Triceratium stolterfothii A. Truan y Luard & O.N. Witt image
  978. Triceratium strabo A.W.F. Schmidt image
  979. Triceratium striolatum C.G. Ehrenberg image
  980. Triceratium striolatum C.G. Ehrenberg image
  981. Triceratium sturtii J. Pantocsek image
  982. Triceratium subcapitatum J. Pantocsek image
  983. Triceratium subcapitatum R.K. Greville image
  984. Triceratium subcapitatum var. baccatum_('baccata') J.-J. Brun image
  985. Triceratium subcapitatum var. russicum_('russica') J. Pantocsek image
  986. Triceratium subcapitatum var. spinosum_('spinosa') A.I. Forti image
  987. Triceratium subcornutum A. Grunow image
  988. Triceratium sublime A.W.F. Schmidt image
  989. Triceratium subofficiosum F. Hustedt image
  990. Triceratium suborbiculare J. Pantocsek image
  991. Triceratium suborbiculare var. latilimba A.I. Forti image
  992. Triceratium suborbiculare var. latilimba A.I. Forti image
  993. Triceratium suborbiculare var. subcyclicum_('subcyclica') A.I. Forti image
  994. Triceratium suborbiculare var. subcyclicum_('subcyclica') A.I. Forti image
  995. Triceratium subquadrangulare F. Hustedt image
  996. Triceratium subrotundatum A.W.F. Schmidt image
  997. Triceratium subrotundatum f. italicum_('italica') A.I. Forti image
  998. Triceratium subundosum F. Hustedt image
  999. Triceratium subundosum Hustedt
  1000. Triceratium succinctum A. Truan y Luard & O.N. Witt image
  1001. Triceratium sundbyense F. Hustedt image
  1002. Triceratium sundbyense Hustedt ex R. Simonsen
  1003. Triceratium sundbyense Hustedt {invalid}
  1004. Triceratium swastika J.A. Long, D.P. Fuge & J. Smith
  1005. Triceratium synicum N.I. Strelnikova
  1006. Triceratium szakalense J. Pantocsek image
  1007. Triceratium tabellarium Brightwell
  1008. Triceratium tabellarium T. Brightwell image
  1009. Triceratium tabellarium var. areolatum K.G. Shibkova image
  1010. Triceratium tabellarium var. diplosticta A. Grunow image
  1011. Triceratium taeniatum F. Hustedt image
  1012. Triceratium tahitiense Castracane image
  1013. Triceratium tambovicum Jousé
  1014. Triceratium tambovicum f. tetragonum Jousé
  1015. Triceratium tectum J. Pantocsek image
  1016. Triceratium temperei J.-J. Brun image
  1017. Triceratium tertiarium J. Pantocsek image
  1018. Triceratium tessela (A.I. Krotov) N.I. Strelnikova
  1019. Triceratium tessellatum R.K. Greville image
  1020. Triceratium testudo J.-J. Brun image
  1021. Triceratium tetragonum J. Pantocsek image
  1022. Triceratium thaitiense Castracane image
  1023. Triceratium thumii A.W.F. Schmidt image
  1024. Triceratium thwaitesianum R.K. Greville image
  1025. Triceratium triasicum_('triascium') J. Pantocsek image
  1026. Triceratium tridactylum T. Brightwell image
  1027. Triceratium tridactylum var. saxolana A.I. Forti image
  1028. Triceratium tridactylum var. saxolana A.I. Forti image
  1029. Triceratium trifoliatum Cleve
  1030. Triceratium trifoliatum J.W. Barker & S.H. Meakin image
  1031. Triceratium trifoliatum P.T. Cleve image
  1032. Triceratium trifolium A.W.F. Schmidt image
  1033. Triceratium trigonum A.W.F. Schmidt image
  1034. Triceratium trilineatum R.K. Greville image
  1035. Triceratium trilingulatum "T. Brightwell" image
  1036. Triceratium trinitas J.-J. Brun image
  1037. Triceratium trinitas var. minimum_('minima') J.-J. Brun image
  1038. Triceratium trinitas var. strictum_('stricta') F. Hustedt image
  1039. Triceratium triorbicum A. Schmidt
  1040. Triceratium triorbicum A.W.F. Schmidt image
  1041. Triceratium tripartitum A. Grunow image
  1042. Triceratium tripartitum var. miocena J.-J. Brun image
  1043. Triceratium tripecten J.-J. Brun image
  1044. Triceratium tripecten var. spathulatum_('spathulata') J.-J. Brun image
  1045. Triceratium tripes J. Brun
  1046. Triceratium tripes J.-J. Brun image
  1047. Triceratium triplex J.-J. Brun image
  1048. Triceratium tripolare_('tripolaris') J.A. Tempère & J.-J. Brun image
  1049. Triceratium tripos P.T. Cleve image
  1050. Triceratium tripos f. majus_('major') P.T. Cleve image
  1051. Triceratium tripos var. microtis A. Grunow image
  1052. Triceratium trisulcum Bailey image
  1053. Triceratium trisulcum f. italicum_('italica') A.I. Forti image
  1054. Triceratium trisulcum var. acutilobum_('acutiloba') A.I. Forti image
  1055. Triceratium trisulcum var. acutilobum_('acutiloba') A.I. Forti image
  1056. Triceratium trisulcum var. cuneatum_('cuneata') A. Grunow image
  1057. Triceratium trisulcum var. haytianum_('haytiana') A. Truan y Luard & O.N. Witt image
  1058. Triceratium trisulcum var. hungaricum_('hungarica') J. Pantocsek image
  1059. Triceratium trisulcum var. minus_('minor') P.T. Cleve image
  1060. Triceratium trisulcum var. miocenicum_('miocenica') A.I. Forti image
  1061. Triceratium trisulcum var. productum_('producta') A. Truan y Luard & O.N. Witt image
  1062. Triceratium truanii J. Pantocsek image
  1063. Triceratium truncatum Brightwell
  1064. Triceratium truncatum J.-J. Brun image
  1065. Triceratium truncatum T. Brightwell image
  1066. Triceratium tschestnovii (J. Pantocsek) J. Pantocsek image
  1067. Triceratium tulkii J.A. Tempère image
  1068. Triceratium tumescens Castracane image
  1069. Triceratium tumidum R.K. Greville image
  1070. Triceratium tumidum var. costulatum_('costulata') A. Grunow image
  1071. Triceratium turgidulum F. Hustedt image
  1072. Triceratium turgidum A.W.F. Schmidt image
  1073. Triceratium turgidum P.T. Cleve image
  1074. Triceratium turriferum A. Truan y Luard & O.N. Witt image
  1075. Triceratium udiense_('udiensis') F. Hustedt image
  1076. Triceratium udiense_('udiensis') Hustedt
  1077. Triceratium umbilicatum J. Ralfs image
  1078. Triceratium uncinatum A.W.F. Schmidt image
  1079. Triceratium undatum A. Grunow image
  1080. Triceratium undatum A.M. Edwards image
  1081. Triceratium undatum J. Pantocsek image
  1082. Triceratium undosum J. Pantocsek image
  1083. Triceratium undulans J.W. Barker & S.H. Meakin image
  1084. Triceratium undulatum C.G. Ehrenberg image
  1085. Triceratium undulatum W. Smith image
  1086. Triceratium undulatum var. petropolitanum_('petropolitana') A. Grunow image
  1087. Triceratium unguiculatum Greville
  1088. Triceratium unguiculatum R.K. Greville image
  1089. Triceratium unguiculatum f. quinquangulum P.A. Sims & R. Ross
  1090. Triceratium unguiculatum f. triangulum P.A. Sims & R. Ross
  1091. Triceratium uralense N.I. Strelnikova
  1092. Triceratium uviferum A.W.F. Schmidt image
  1093. Triceratium validum A. Grunow image
  1094. Triceratium validum f. italicum_('italica') A.I. Forti image
  1095. Triceratium variable T. Brightwell image
  1096. Triceratium varians F. Hustedt image
  1097. Triceratium varians Hustedt
  1098. Triceratium variegatum R.K. Greville image
  1099. Triceratium vastum J. Pantocsek image
  1100. Triceratium vates J. Pantocsek image
  1101. Triceratium venosum Brightwell
  1102. Triceratium venosum T. Brightwell image
  1103. Triceratium venosum f. majus_('major') A.W.F. Schmidt image
  1104. Triceratium venosum f. parvum_('parva') A.W.F. Schmidt image
  1105. Triceratium venosum var. majus_('major') L.J. Laporte & P. Lefebure image
  1106. Triceratium ventriculosum A.W.F. Schmidt image
  1107. Triceratium venulosum R.K. Greville image
  1108. Triceratium venulosum f. quadratum_('quadrata') F. Hustedt image
  1109. Triceratium venulosum var. japonicum_('japonica') J.A. Tempère & J.-J. Brun image
  1110. Triceratium venulosum var. majus_('major') E. Grove & G. Sturt image
  1111. Triceratium venulosum var. majus_('major') Grove & Sturt
  1112. Triceratium venustum O.N. Witt image
  1113. Triceratium venustum Witt
  1114. Triceratium verecundum F. Hustedt image
  1115. Triceratium versicolor J. Brun image
  1116. Triceratium versicolor f. acutangulum_('acutangula') J.-J. Brun image
  1117. Triceratium versicolor var. cuneatum_('cuneata') J.-J. Brun image
  1118. Triceratium versicolor var. trigona H. Peragallo & M. Peragallo
  1119. Triceratium veterarium F. Hustedt image
  1120. Triceratium vetustum F. Hustedt image
  1121. Triceratium vittatum J. Pantocsek image
  1122. Triceratium wallichii J. Ralfs image
  1123. Triceratium websteri_('websterii') J.A. Tempère image
  1124. Triceratium weisseanum_('weisseianum') J. Pantocsek image
  1125. Triceratium weissei_('weissii') Grunow ex Witt
  1126. Triceratium weissflogii E. Grove & G. Sturt image
  1127. Triceratium weissflogii W.C. Walker & H.H. Chase image
  1128. Triceratium weissii A. Grunow image
  1129. Triceratium weissii A. Grunow ex O.N. Witt image
  1130. Triceratium weissii var. spinosum_('spinosa') A.I. Forti image
  1131. Triceratium weissii var. spinosum_('spinosa') A.I. Forti image
  1132. Triceratium westianum Greville
  1133. Triceratium westianum R.K. Greville image
  1134. Triceratium wettsteinii Pantocsek
  1135. Triceratium whampoense A.F. Schwarz
  1136. Triceratium whampoense Schwarz image
  1137. Triceratium wilkesii Harvey & Bailey
  1138. Triceratium wilkesii W.H. Harvey & Bailey image
  1139. Triceratium wittianum A. Truan y Luard image
  1140. Triceratium wittianum Truan y Luard
  1141. Triceratium wittii A.W.F. Schmidt image
  1142. Triceratium wittii f. hexagona (J. Pantocsek) J. Pantocsek image
  1143. Triceratium wittii f. quadratamajus_('quadrata major') A.I. Forti image
  1144. Triceratium wittii f. quadratum_('quadrata') A.I. Forti image
  1145. Triceratium wittii f. quadratum_('quadrata') A.I. Forti image
  1146. Triceratium wittii f. trigona A.I. Forti image
  1147. Triceratium zonatulatum Greville
  1148. Triceratium zonatulatum R.K. Greville image
  1149. Triceratium zonatulatum f. triangulare_('triangularis') A.W.F. Schmidt image
  1150. Triceratium zonatulatum f. trigona A. Schmidt
  1151. Triceratium zonatulatum f. trigona A.W.F. Schmidt image
  1152. Triceratium zonatum R.K. Greville image
  1153. Triceratium zonulatum "R.K. Greville" image