Silva Center for Phycological Documentation: Index Nominum Algarum

The INA is a card file and online reporting system maintained at the Silva Center for Phycological Documentation of the University Herbarium, University of California, Berkeley. It contains nearly 200,000 names of algae (in the broad sense). The BPU is a card file containing bibliographic references pertaining to algal taxonomy.
A working list of algal type specimens at UC is available here

Results from INA database

Costatumbella striatellaBerchenko image
PSEUDOSTRIATELLAS. Sato, D. Mann, & L. Medlin in S. Sato, D. Mann, S. Matsumoto & L. Medlin Phycologia 47: 373 2008
Pseudostriatella oceanicaS. Sato, D. Mann, & L. Medlin in S. Sato, D. Mann, S. Matsumoto & L. Medlin Phycologia 47: 375, figs. 1-53 2008
STRIATELLA(Agardh) Schütt image
STRIATELLAC. Agardh image
Striatella aberransM. Giffen image
Striatella aberransM.H. Giffen Bot. Mar. 19: 392, pl. II: figs. 61, 62 1976
Striatella amphilepta(Ehrenberg) Kuntze image
Striatella arcticaEhrenberg image
Striatella arcuata(Lyngbye) C. Agardh image
Striatella arcuata var. percursaC. Agardh image
Striatella bacillum(Ehrenberg) Kuntze image
Striatella biceps(Ehrenberg) Kuntze image
Striatella binalis(Ehrenberg) Kuntze image
Striatella camtschaticaGrunow image
Striatella catenulaEichwald image
Striatella chevreuxiLeuduger-Fortmorel image
Striatella chilensisGrunow image
Striatella clavator(Ehrenberg) Kuntze image
Striatella crozieriEhrenberg image
Striatella curviseptataO'Meara image
Striatella delicatula(Kützing) Grunow in Van Heurck Syn. Diat. Belg.: pl. LIV: figs. 5, 6 1881
Striatella delicatula var. gibbosaØstrup in Johs. Schmidt Bot. Tidsskr. 26: 124, pl. I: fig. 13 1904
Striatella delicatula var. gibbosa ěstrup image
Striatella delicatula var. minutissima(Kützing) Grunow in Van Heurck Syn. Diat. Belg.: pl. LIV: fig. 7 1881
Striatella delicatula var. obtusangula(Kützing) Grunow in Van Heurck Syn. Diat. Belg.: pl. LIV: fig. 1 1881
Striatella delicatula var. rectangula(Kützing) Grunow in Van Heurck Syn. Diat. Belg.: pl. LIV: fig. 3 1881
Striatella delicatula var. subarcuataGrunow in Van Heurck Syn. Diat. Belg.: pl. LIV: fig. 2 1881
Striatella eurycephala(Ehrenberg) Kuntze image
Striatella fenestrata(Lyngbye) Kuntze image
Striatella flocculosa(Roth) Kuntze image
Striatella gibberulaMereschkowsky image
Striatella girodiHeribaud & J. Brun image
Striatella girodii_('Girodi')Héribaud & J. Brun in Héribaud Diat. Auvergne: 157, pl. II: fig. 8 1893
Striatella groenlandica ěstrup image
Striatella hustedtianaR. Patrick Beih. Nova Hedwigia 31: 498, pl. I: fig. 1 1970
Striatella hyalina(Janisch & Rabenhorst) Rabenhorst image
Striatella hyalinaA. Cleve-Euler Kongl. Svenska Vet. Akad. Handl., ser. 4, 4{1}: 8, fig. 298c,d 1953
Striatella intermediaGrunow Hedwigia 6: 6, no fig. 1867
Striatella interrupta(Ehrenberg) Grunow Verh. K. Zool.-Bot. Ges. Wien 12: 427 1862
Striatella laevis(Ehrenberg) Kuntze image
Striatella laevis(Ehrenberg) Kuntze Rev. Gen. Pl. 3{3}: 432 1898
Striatella lindigianaGrunow Hedwigia 6: 6, no fig. 1867
Striatella nanhainicaGuo, Zhou & Ye image
Striatella nodosa(Ehrenberg) Kuntze image
Striatella pinnata(Ehrenberg) Kuntze image
Striatella pinnataEhrenberg image
Striatella pinnularia(Ehrenberg) Kuntze image
Striatella placochromaticaMereschkowsky image
Striatella platystoma(Ehrenberg) Kuntze image
Striatella rhabdosoma(Ehrenberg) Kuntze image
Striatella robusta(Ehrenberg) Kuntze image
Striatella schmitziiSenn image
Striatella semen(Ehrenberg) Kuntze image
Striatella silicula(Ehrenberg) Kuntze image
Striatella stellataSimon image
Striatella striata(Wigand) Rabenhorst image
Striatella teniaeformis(J.E. Smith) Ralfs image
Striatella teniaeformis var. serpentinaRalfs image
Striatella teniaeformis var. striataRalfs image
Striatella thienemanniEhrenberg image
Striatella thienemannii_('Thienemanni')Ehrenberg image
Striatella thwaitesii(Olney) Kuntze image
Striatella trochus(Ehrenberg) Kuntze image
Striatella undulata(Ehrenberg) Kuntze image
Striatella unipunctata(Lyngbye) C. Agardh image
Striatella unipunctata f. latestriata_('late striata')Reinsch Int. Polarforsch. 1882-1883, Deutsch. Exped. Ergebn. 2: 434 1890
Striatella venter(Ehrenberg) Kuntze image
Striatella ventricosaEhrenberg image
STRIATELLALESF.E. Round in Round, Crawford, & Mann Diatoms: 128, 655 1990