Silva Center for Phycological Documentation: Index Nominum Algarum

The INA is a card file and online reporting system maintained at the Silva Center for Phycological Documentation of the University Herbarium, University of California, Berkeley. It contains nearly 200,000 names of algae (in the broad sense). The BPU is a card file containing bibliographic references pertaining to algal taxonomy.
A working list of algal type specimens at UC is available here

Tabular display

Results from INA database

  1. Calothrix rhizosoleniae Lemmermann image
  2. RHIZOSOLENIA C.G. Ehrenberg image
  3. RHIZOSOLENIA T. Brightwell image
  5. RHIZOSOLENIA subgenus SOLENIA A. Cleve-Euler image
  6. RHIZOSOLENIA subsection ALATAE H.H. Gran image
  7. RHIZOSOLENIA subsection IMBRICATAE H.H. Gran image
  8. RHIZOSOLENIA subsection LAUDERIOIDEAE H.H. Gran image
  9. RHIZOSOLENIA subsection NERITICAE H.H. Gran image
  10. RHIZOSOLENIA subsection ROBUSTAE H.H. Gran image
  11. RHIZOSOLENIA subsection STYLIFORMES H.H. Gran image
  13. RHIZOSOLENIACEAE G.S. West image
  14. RHIZOSOLENIACEAE Lemmermann image
  15. RHIZOSOLENIALES P.C. Silva image
  16. Rhizosolenia acicularis B. Sundström
  17. Rhizosolenia acuminata (H. Peragallo) P.T. Cleve image
  18. Rhizosolenia acuminata f. debilis H.H. Gran image
  19. Rhizosolenia africana G. Karsten
  20. Rhizosolenia africana G.H.H. Karsten image
  21. Rhizosolenia africana J. Woloszynska image
  22. Rhizosolenia africana Woloszynska {illegitimate}
  23. Rhizosolenia alata Brightwell
  24. Rhizosolenia alata T. Brightwell image
  25. Rhizosolenia alata f. allaecica B.F. Osorio Tafall image
  26. Rhizosolenia alata f. curvirostris H.H. Gran image
  27. Rhizosolenia alata f. genuina H.H. Gran image
  28. Rhizosolenia alata f. gracillima (P.T. Cleve) H.H. Gran image
  29. Rhizosolenia alata f. indica (H. Peragallo) H.H. Gran image
  30. Rhizosolenia alata f. inermis (Castracane) Hustedt
  31. Rhizosolenia alata f. serpentina F. Wawrik image
  32. Rhizosolenia alata subsp. indica (H. Peragallo) R. Margalef & M. Durán image
  33. Rhizosolenia alata var. corpulenta P.T. Cleve image
  34. Rhizosolenia alata var. gracillima (P.T. Cleve) A. Grunow image
  35. Rhizosolenia alata var. gracillima P.T. Cleve image
  36. Rhizosolenia alata var. indica (H. Peragallo) C.E.H. Ostenfeld image
  37. Rhizosolenia alata var. inermis (Castracane) L.A. Mangin image
  38. Rhizosolenia alata var. truncata H.H. Gran image
  39. Rhizosolenia alata var. truncata H.H. Gran image
  40. Rhizosolenia amaralis G.M. Hallegraeff & D.R.A. Hill
  41. Rhizosolenia americana C.G. Ehrenberg image
  42. Rhizosolenia americana C.G. Ehrenberg image
  43. Rhizosolenia amputata C.E.H. Ostenfeld image
  44. Rhizosolenia annulata G.H.H. Karsten image
  45. Rhizosolenia antarctica G.H.H. Karsten image
  46. Rhizosolenia antarctica J. Fenner image
  47. Rhizosolenia antarctica J. Fenner {illegitimate}
  48. Rhizosolenia antennata (Ehrenberg) N.E. Brown
  49. Rhizosolenia antennata f. semispina B. Sundström
  50. Rhizosolenia arafurensis Castracane image
  51. Rhizosolenia arafurensis E.J.F. Wood image
  52. Rhizosolenia atlantica H. Peragallo image
  53. Rhizosolenia barbata C.G. Ehrenberg image
  54. Rhizosolenia barboi J.-J. Brun image
  55. Rhizosolenia bella A.P. Jouse image
  56. Rhizosolenia bergonii H. Peragallo image
  57. Rhizosolenia bergonii f. bidens (G.H.H. Karsten) K.R. Gaarder image
  58. Rhizosolenia bezrukovae_('bezrukovii') A.P. Jouse image
  59. Rhizosolenia bezrukovae_(`bezrukovii') A.P. Jousé
  60. Rhizosolenia bidens G.H.H. Karsten image
  61. Rhizosolenia blavyana (H. Peragallo) E. Steemann Nielsen image
  62. Rhizosolenia borealis B. Sundström
  63. Rhizosolenia braunii F. Hustedt image
  64. Rhizosolenia braunii Hustedt
  65. Rhizosolenia bulbosa H.-J. Schrader image
  66. Rhizosolenia bulbosa H.J. Schrader
  67. Rhizosolenia calcar-avis M.J.S. Schultze image
  68. Rhizosolenia calcar-avis f. lata J.L.B. Schröder image
  69. Rhizosolenia calcar-avis_('calcar avis') M. Schultze
  70. Rhizosolenia calcaravis M.J.S. Schultze image
  71. Rhizosolenia calcaravis f. gracilis J.L.B. Schröder image
  72. Rhizosolenia calcaravis var. cochlea (J.-J. Brun) C.E.H. Ostenfeld image
  73. Rhizosolenia calyptra C.G. Ehrenberg image
  74. Rhizosolenia campana C.G. Ehrenberg image
  75. Rhizosolenia capensis J. Fenner
  76. Rhizosolenia castracanei Cleve {illegitimate}
  77. Rhizosolenia castracanei var. neglecta B. Sundström
  78. Rhizosolenia castracanei var. rhomboidea R. Subrahmanyan image
  79. Rhizosolenia castracanei_('castracani') H. Peragallo image
  80. Rhizosolenia chunii G.H.H. Karsten image
  81. Rhizosolenia clevei C.E.H. Ostenfeld image
  82. Rhizosolenia clevei var. communis B. Sundström
  83. Rhizosolenia cochlea J.-J. Brun image
  84. Rhizosolenia corpulenta (P.T. Cleve) P.T. Cleve image
  85. Rhizosolenia costata R. Gersonde
  86. Rhizosolenia crassa A.F.W. Schimper image
  87. Rhizosolenia crassa V. Hensen image
  88. Rhizosolenia crassispina J.L.B. Schröder image
  89. Rhizosolenia cretacea M. Hajós & H. Stradner
  90. Rhizosolenia cretacea M. Hajós & H. Stradner image
  91. Rhizosolenia curva G.H.H. Karsten image
  92. Rhizosolenia curvata O. Zacharias image
  93. Rhizosolenia curvatulus E.J.F. Wood image
  94. Rhizosolenia curvicornis V. Hensen image
  95. Rhizosolenia curvirostris A.P. Jousé
  96. Rhizosolenia curvirostris A.P. Jouse image
  97. Rhizosolenia curvirostris A.P. Jouse image
  98. Rhizosolenia curvirostris var. inermis A.P. Jouse image
  99. Rhizosolenia curviseta F. Hustedt image
  100. Rhizosolenia curviseta Hustedt
  101. Rhizosolenia cylindrus P.T. Cleve
  102. Rhizosolenia debyana H. Peragallo image
  103. Rhizosolenia decipiens B. Sundström
  104. Rhizosolenia delicatula K.S. Mereschkowsky image
  105. Rhizosolenia delicatula P.T. Cleve
  106. Rhizosolenia delicatula P.T. Cleve
  107. Rhizosolenia eriensis H.L. Smith
  108. Rhizosolenia eriensis f. brevispina J. Woloszynska image
  109. Rhizosolenia eriensis f. diminuta A. Cleve-Euler image
  110. Rhizosolenia eriensis f. gedanensis P. Schulz-Danzig image
  111. Rhizosolenia eriensis f. genevensis J.-J. Brun image
  112. Rhizosolenia eriensis f. maxima A. Cleve-Euler image
  113. Rhizosolenia eriensis f. minima H. Rai & G. Uherkovich image
  114. Rhizosolenia eriensis var. bouakensis H. Rai & G. Uherkovich image
  115. Rhizosolenia eriensis var. comensis - - image
  116. Rhizosolenia eriensis var. europaea F. Hustedt image
  117. Rhizosolenia eriensis var. genuina A. Cleve-Euler image
  118. Rhizosolenia eriensis var. morsa W. West & G.S. West
  119. Rhizosolenia eriensis var. morsa West & G.S. West image
  120. Rhizosolenia eriensis var. pusilla J. Woloszynska image
  121. Rhizosolenia eriensis var. tenuis F. Hustedt image
  122. Rhizosolenia eriensis var. zachariasii_('zachariasi') (J.-J. Brun) G.I. Playfair image
  123. Rhizosolenia faeroensis C.E.H. Ostenfeld image
  124. Rhizosolenia fallax B. Sundström
  125. Rhizosolenia firma G.H.H. Karsten image
  126. Rhizosolenia flaccida Castracane image
  127. Rhizosolenia formosa H. Peragallo image
  128. Rhizosolenia fragilis (Grunow) J. Fenner
  129. Rhizosolenia fragilissima P. Bergon
  130. Rhizosolenia fragilissima f. septentrionalis A. Henckel image
  131. Rhizosolenia fragilissima f. typica A. Henckel image
  132. Rhizosolenia fragilissima var. bergonii A. Cleve-Euler image
  133. Rhizosolenia fragilissima var. caspica A. Henckel image
  134. Rhizosolenia fragilissima var. faeroensis (C.E.H. Ostenfeld) A. Cleve-Euler image
  135. Rhizosolenia fragilissima var. septentrionalis A. Henckel image
  136. Rhizosolenia fragillima H.H. Gran image
  137. Rhizosolenia gigantea V. Hensen image
  138. Rhizosolenia gracilis H.L. Smith
  139. Rhizosolenia gracillima P.T. Cleve image
  140. Rhizosolenia gravida A.M. Gombos & P.F. Ciesielski image
  141. Rhizosolenia gravida A.M. Gombos, Jr. & P.F. Ciesielski
  142. Rhizosolenia guldbergiana H.H. Gran & B. Ruud image
  143. Rhizosolenia hastata A. Grunow image
  144. Rhizosolenia hebetata Bailey image
  145. Rhizosolenia hebetata f. bidens H. Heiden image
  146. Rhizosolenia hebetata f. decorata H. Takano
  147. Rhizosolenia hebetata f. heterothrix A.F. Meunier image
  148. Rhizosolenia hebetata f. hiemalis Gran {invalid}
  149. Rhizosolenia hebetata f. hiemalis-spinosa H.-J. Schrader image
  150. Rhizosolenia hebetata f. semispina (Hensen) Gran
  151. Rhizosolenia hebetata f. semispina (Hensen) Gran {invalid}
  152. Rhizosolenia hebetata f. semispina (V. Hensen) H.H. Gran image
  153. Rhizosolenia hebetata subsp. semispina (V. Hensen) R. Margalef image
  154. Rhizosolenia hebetata var. subacuta A. Grunow image
  155. Rhizosolenia hebetata var. volatilis H.-J. Schrader image
  156. Rhizosolenia hebetata var. volatilis H.J. Schrader
  157. Rhizosolenia hemiaulus V. Hensen image
  158. Rhizosolenia hensenii F. Schütt image
  159. Rhizosolenia hiemalis V. Hensen image
  160. Rhizosolenia homannii_('homanni') J. Fenner
  161. Rhizosolenia hotaensis_('hotaense') F. Akiba image
  162. Rhizosolenia hotaensis_(`hotaense') F. Akiba
  163. Rhizosolenia hyalina C.E.H. Ostenfeld image
  164. Rhizosolenia imbricata T. Brightwell image
  165. Rhizosolenia imbricata f. tenuissima E.E. Manguin image
  166. Rhizosolenia imbricata subsp. shrubsolei (P.T. Cleve) R. Margalef image
  167. Rhizosolenia imbricata var. shrubsolei (P.T. Cleve) J.L.B. Schröder image
  168. Rhizosolenia imbricata var. striata (R.K. Greville) A. Grunow image
  169. Rhizosolenia inaequalis Castracane image
  170. Rhizosolenia indica H. Peragallo
  171. Rhizosolenia inermis Castracane image
  172. Rhizosolenia inermis F. Castracane
  173. Rhizosolenia inermis f. castracanei H. Heiden image
  174. Rhizosolenia inermis f. rostrata H. Heiden image
  175. Rhizosolenia inermis var. rigida H. Peragallo image
  176. Rhizosolenia interposita M. Hajós
  177. Rhizosolenia interposita M. Hajós image
  178. Rhizosolenia japonica Castracane image
  179. Rhizosolenia juetlandica J. Fenner
  180. Rhizosolenia karstenii_('karsteni') F. Hustedt image
  181. Rhizosolenia laevis H. Peragallo image
  182. Rhizosolenia lata V. Hensen image
  183. Rhizosolenia loanicola A. Boonprokob, N. Lundholm & Ø. Moestrup
  184. Rhizosolenia longiseta O. Zacharias image
  185. Rhizosolenia longiseta Zacharias
  186. Rhizosolenia longiseta f. parallela A. Cleve-Euler image
  187. Rhizosolenia longiseta var. levanderi A. Cleve-Euler image
  188. Rhizosolenia longiseta var. stagnalis O. Zacharias image
  189. Rhizosolenia longiseta var. typica A. Cleve-Euler image
  190. Rhizosolenia magna H.H.W.T. Stüwe image
  191. Rhizosolenia magna Hansen image
  192. Rhizosolenia massiva H.-J. Schrader image
  193. Rhizosolenia massiva H.J. Schrader
  194. Rhizosolenia matuyamae L. H. Burckle
  195. Rhizosolenia melo (C.G. Ehrenberg) C.G. Ehrenberg image
  196. Rhizosolenia minima H.-J. Schrader image
  197. Rhizosolenia minima K.M. Levander image
  198. Rhizosolenia minima Levander
  199. Rhizosolenia miocenica H.-J. Schrader image
  200. Rhizosolenia miocenica H.J. Schrader
  201. Rhizosolenia morsa (West & G.S. West) West & G.S. West image
  202. Rhizosolenia morsensis J. Fenner
  203. Rhizosolenia murrayana Castracane image
  204. Rhizosolenia naui I.A. Kisselev image
  205. Rhizosolenia norwegica H.-J. Schrader image
  206. Rhizosolenia norwegica H.J. Schrader
  207. Rhizosolenia nova V. Hensen image
  208. Rhizosolenia obtusa V. Hensen image
  209. Rhizosolenia oligocaenica H.-J. Schrader image
  210. Rhizosolenia ornithoglossa C.G. Ehrenberg image
  211. Rhizosolenia ostenfeldii B. Sundström
  212. Rhizosolenia pacifica H. Peragallo
  213. Rhizosolenia palliola H.-J. Schrader & J. Fenner image
  214. Rhizosolenia palliola H.J. Schrader & J. Fenner
  215. Rhizosolenia pellucida J.L.B. Schröder image
  216. Rhizosolenia pellucida P.T. Cleve image
  217. Rhizosolenia phuketensis B.G. Sundström image
  218. Rhizosolenia phuketensis B.G. Sundström
  219. Rhizosolenia pileolus C.G. Ehrenberg image
  220. Rhizosolenia pokrovskajae (A.P. Jousé) N.I. Strelnikova
  221. Rhizosolenia pokrovskajae (A.P. Jouse) N.I. Strelnikova image
  222. Rhizosolenia polydactyla Castracane image
  223. Rhizosolenia polydactyla f. squamosa B. Sundström
  224. Rhizosolenia praealata H.J. Schrader
  225. Rhizosolenia praebarboi H.-J. Schrader image
  226. Rhizosolenia praebarboi H.J. Schrader
  227. Rhizosolenia praebergonii V.V. Mukhina image
  228. Rhizosolenia praelata H.-J. Schrader image
  229. Rhizosolenia pungens A. Cleve-Euler image
  230. Rhizosolenia pungens Cleve-Euler
  231. Rhizosolenia quadrijuncta H. Peragallo image
  232. Rhizosolenia quadriseta O. Zacharias image
  233. Rhizosolenia recta P.T. Cleve image
  234. Rhizosolenia rhombus G.H.H. Karsten image
  235. Rhizosolenia rigida H. Peragallo image
  236. Rhizosolenia robusta G. Norman image
  237. Rhizosolenia robusta G. Norman ex J. Ralfs image
  238. Rhizosolenia robusta G. Norman ex J. Ralfs image
  239. Rhizosolenia robusta Norman ex Ralfs
  240. Rhizosolenia robusta var. lata De Toni & A.I. Forti image
  241. Rhizosolenia semispina Hensen
  242. Rhizosolenia semispina V. Hensen image
  243. Rhizosolenia setigera T. Brightwell image
  244. Rhizosolenia setigera f. kariana A. Henckel image
  245. Rhizosolenia setigera var. daga F.C. Müller Melchers image
  246. Rhizosolenia setigera var. subtilissima A. Grunow image
  247. Rhizosolenia shrubsolei_('shrubsolii') P.T. Cleve image
  248. Rhizosolenia sigma F. Schütt image
  249. Rhizosolenia sima Castracane image
  250. Rhizosolenia sima f. silicea B. Sundström
  251. Rhizosolenia similis A. Cleve-Euler
  252. Rhizosolenia similis Cleve-Euler {illegitimate}
  253. Rhizosolenia similis G.H.H. Karsten image
  254. Rhizosolenia simplex G.H.H. Karsten image
  255. Rhizosolenia simplex var. major G.H.H. Karsten image
  256. Rhizosolenia squamata V. Hensen image
  257. Rhizosolenia squamifera A. Sournia image
  258. Rhizosolenia squamoides V. Hensen image
  259. Rhizosolenia squamosa G.H.H. Karsten image
  260. Rhizosolenia squamosa J. Pantocsek image
  261. Rhizosolenia stagnalis O. Zacharias image
  262. Rhizosolenia stolterfothii H. Peragallo
  263. Rhizosolenia stolterfothii f. frigida H. Lohmann image
  264. Rhizosolenia striata G.H.H. Karsten image
  265. Rhizosolenia striata R.K. Greville image
  266. Rhizosolenia styliformis T. Brightwell image
  267. Rhizosolenia styliformis T. Brightwell image
  268. Rhizosolenia styliformis f. bidens (G.H.H. Karsten) H. Heiden image
  269. Rhizosolenia styliformis f. polydactyla (Castracane) G.R. Hasle image
  270. Rhizosolenia styliformis var. lata E.J. Lemmermann image
  271. Rhizosolenia styliformis var. latissima Brightwell ex Hustedt {invalid}
  272. Rhizosolenia styliformis var. longispina F. Hustedt image
  273. Rhizosolenia styliformis var. longispina Hustedt
  274. Rhizosolenia styliformis var. oceanica R.S. Wimpenny image
  275. Rhizosolenia temperei f. inaequalis J.L.B. Schröder image
  276. Rhizosolenia temperei var. acuminata H. Peragallo image
  277. Rhizosolenia temperi H. Peragallo image
  278. Rhizosolenia tenuijuncta E.E. Manguin image
  279. Rhizosolenia torpedo G.H.H. Karsten image
  280. Rhizosolenia truncata G. Karsten
  281. Rhizosolenia truncata G.H.H. Karsten image
  282. Rhizosolenia tubiformis G.R. Hasle
  283. Rhizosolenia twistata M.C. Whiting & H. Schrader
  284. Rhizosolenia victoriae J.L.B. Schröder image
  285. Rhizosolenia victoriae Schröder
  286. Rhizosolenia vulgaris C.G. Ehrenberg image