Silva Center for Phycological Documentation: Index Nominum Algarum

The INA is a card file and online reporting system maintained at the Silva Center for Phycological Documentation of the University Herbarium, University of California, Berkeley. It contains nearly 200,000 names of algae (in the broad sense). The BPU is a card file containing bibliographic references pertaining to algal taxonomy.
A working list of algal type specimens at UC is available here

Tabular display

Results from INA database

  1. Amphiprora navicularis C.G. Ehrenberg image
  2. Amphiprora navicularis Ehrenberg
  3. Amphiprora navicularis Ehrenberg
  4. Amphora naviculacea A.S. Donkin image
  5. Amphora navicularis C.G. Ehrenberg image
  6. Amphora navicularis C.G. Ehrenberg image
  7. Anomoeoneis sphaerophora var. navicularis O. Mueller image
  8. Blastodinium navicula Chatton image
  9. Chaetoceros navicula (Ehrenberg) T. Brightwell image
  10. Chilomonas naviculaeformis Schiller image
  11. Chlamydomonas navicularis J. Schiller image
  12. Closterium navicula (L.A. Brebisson) J. Lütkemüller image
  13. Closterium navicula f. duplo-maior J. Roubal image
  14. Closterium navicula f. majus_('major') F.E. Fritsch & M.F. Rich image
  15. Closterium navicula f. pyrenoidosum L.S. Peterfi image
  16. Closterium navicula var. granulatum (West & G.S. West) W. Krieger
  17. Closterium navicula var. inflatum (W. West & G.S. West) H. Croasdale
  18. Closterium navicula var. subcompactum (West & G.S. West) W. Krieger
  19. Closterium navicula var. tumidum Willi Krieger & P. Bourrelly image
  20. Cocconeis navicula C.G. Ehrenberg image
  21. Cocconeis navicularis C.G. Ehrenberg image
  22. Cocconema navicula C.G. Ehrenberg image
  23. Corbisema navicula (Ehrenberg) K.E. Busen & S.W. Wise, Jr. image
  24. Corbisema navicula (Ehrenberg) K.E. Busen & S.W. Wise, Jr. {invalid}
  25. Corbisema navicula subsp. constricta K.E. Busen & S.W. Wise, Jr. image
  26. Corbisema navicula subsp. constricta K.E. Busen & S.W. Wise, Jr. {invalid}
  27. Cosmarium naviculare Borge image
  28. Cryptomonas navicula J. Schiller image
  29. Cymbella incerta var. naviculacea (Grunow) Cleve
  30. Cymbella navicula (Ehrenberg) Ralfs image
  31. Cymbella navicula Skvortzov image
  32. Cymbella navicula Skvortzov {illeg.}
  33. Cymbella naviculacea Grunow
  34. Cymbella scotica var. naviculacea (Grunow) Ross image
  35. Cymbopleura navicularis L.L. Bahls
  36. Diadesmis navicula (C.G. Ehrenberg) J. Ralfs image
  37. Diatoma navicula Corda
  38. Dickensoniaforma navicularia R.P. Scherer
  39. Dictyocha navicula C.G. Ehrenberg image
  40. Dictyocha navicula C.G. Ehrenberg image
  41. Dictyocha navicula Ehrenberg
  42. Dictyocha navicula Ehrenberg
  43. Dictyocha navicula Ehrenberg
  44. Dictyocha navicula f. aspera P. Schulz
  45. Dictyocha navicula f. aspera P. Schulz-Danzig image
  46. Dictyocha navicula f. constricta P. Schulz
  47. Dictyocha navicula f. constricta P. Schulz-Danzig image
  48. Dictyocha navicula f. longispina K. Tsumura
  49. Dictyocha navicula f. minor P. Schulz-Danzig image
  50. Dictyocha navicula var. aspera P. Schulz
  51. Dictyocha navicula var. aspera P. Schulz-Danzig image
  52. Dictyocha navicula var. biapiculata E.J. Lemmermann image
  53. Dictyocha navicula var. constricta P. Schulz
  54. Dictyocha navicula var. constricta P. Schulz-Danzig image
  55. Dictyocha navicula var. minor P. Schulz
  56. Dictyocha navicula var. minor P. Schulz-Danzig image
  57. Dictyocha navicula var. naviculopsis K. Tsumura
  58. Dictyocha navicula var. rectangularis_('rectangulare') P. Schulz-Danzig image
  59. Dictyocha navicula var. robusta (Deflandre) K. Tsumura
  60. Dictyocha navicula var. trispinosa P. Schulz-Danzig image
  61. Dictyoneis navicula P.T. Cleve image
  62. Dictyoneis naviculacea P.T. Cleve image
  63. EU-NAVICULA F. Schütt image
  64. Encyonema prostratum var. naviculaceum A. Mayer
  65. Encyonopsis naviculacea (Grunow) K. Krammer
  66. Euglena navicula B. Zakrys image
  67. Euglena naviculiformis_(`naviculaeformis') J. Schiller
  68. Eunaviculopsis navicula (Ehrenberg) H.Y. Ling
  69. Gomphonema gracile var. naviculaceum_('naviculacea') P.T. Cleve image
  70. Gomphonema naviculaceum J. Pantocsek image
  71. Goniothecium navicula Ehrenberg image
  72. Hippodonta navicula M.S. Kulikovskiy, H. Lange-Bertalot, & D. Metzeltin
  73. Hippodonta navicula var. baicalensis G.V. Pomazkina & T.A. Sherbakova
  74. Histioneis navicula Kofoid image
  75. Homoeocladia navicularis (Brebisson ex Kützing) Kuntze image
  76. Leiofusa navicula Eisenack image
  77. Leptospathium navicula Cachon & Cachon-Enjumet image
  78. MELONAVICULA T. Christian
  79. Mastogloia asperula var. navicularis Jurilj image
  80. Melonavicula marylandica Christian image
  81. Melonavicula marylandica T. Christian
  82. NAVICULA image
  83. NAVICULA image
  84. NAVICULA image
  85. NAVICULA image
  86. NAVICULA image
  87. NAVICULA Bory image
  88. NAVICULA Gruppe LIMOSAE Grunow image
  89. NAVICULA division CALONEIS Cleve image
  90. NAVICULA sect. DIPLONEIS Karsten image
  91. NAVICULA sect. FISTULATAE D. McCall image
  92. NAVICULA sect. PSEUDO-AMPHIPRORA Cleve image
  93. NAVICULA subg. AURICULA Patrick image
  94. NAVICULA subg. DECUSSATA R. Patrick
  95. NAVICULA subg. GYROSIGMA (Hassall) Kützing image
  96. NAVICULA subg. NAVICULA Ehrenberg image
  97. NAVICULA subg. PINNULARIA Ehrenberg image
  98. NAVICULA subg. SURIRELLA Ehrenberg image
  99. NAVICULACEA Fjerdingstad image
  100. NAVICULACEA Focke image
  101. NAVICULACEA Perty image
  102. NAVICULACEAE Bessey image
  103. NAVICULACEAE Grunow image
  104. NAVICULACEAE Karsten image
  105. NAVICULACEAE Karsten image
  106. NAVICULACEAE Rabenhorst image
  107. NAVICULADICTA H. Lange-Bertalot
  108. NAVICULAE Schütt image
  109. NAVICULALES Bessey image
  110. NAVICULATAE Ehrenberg image
  111. Navicula [firma var.] tumescens Grunow image
  112. Navicula abaujensis Pantocsek image
  113. Navicula abbottii Cholnoky & Claus image
  114. Navicula abbreviata Grunow image
  115. Navicula abdita É. Manguin {illegitimate}
  116. Navicula abdita Krasske
  117. Navicula abdita Manguin image
  118. Navicula abducta Manguin image
  119. Navicula abelioensis Foged image
  120. Navicula aberantior R. Simonsen {illegitimate}
  121. Navicula aberrans R. Simonsen image
  122. Navicula aberrans R. Simonsen {illegitimate}
  123. Navicula abica J.R. Carter image
  124. Navicula abiskoensis Hustedt
  125. Navicula abiskoensis var. tibestii Manguin image
  126. Navicula abnormis Castracane image
  127. Navicula abnormis Grunow image
  128. Navicula aboensis (Cleve) Hustedt image
  129. Navicula abonuensis Foged image
  130. Navicula abraensis Foged image
  131. Navicula abrupta (Gregory) Donkin image
  132. Navicula abrupta var. compressa M. Peragallo image
  133. Navicula abrupta var. densestriata Østrup image
  134. Navicula abrupta var. linearis P. Schulz image
  135. Navicula abrupta var. rattrayi (Pantocsek) H. Peragallo & M. Peragallo
  136. Navicula abruptoides Hustedt
  137. Navicula abscondita Hustedt image
  138. Navicula absoluta Hustedt image
  139. Navicula absoluta Hustedt
  140. Navicula abstrusa Hustedt image
  141. Navicula abuensis Foged image
  142. Navicula abunda Hustedt image
  143. Navicula abundoides Cholnoky image
  144. Navicula abyssinica Grunow
  145. Navicula acacia Harting image
  146. Navicula accedens Hustedt image
  147. Navicula acceptata Hustedt
  148. Navicula accommoda Hustedt image
  149. Navicula accommoda f. robusta Foged image
  150. Navicula accomoda Hustedt
  151. Navicula accomoda f. robusta Foged
  152. Navicula accurata Hustedt image
  153. Navicula acephala Heribaud image
  154. Navicula acephala Schoeman image
  155. Navicula achnanthoides Skvortzov image
  156. Navicula achnanthoides Østrup image
  157. Navicula achthera M.H. Hohn & Hellerman image
  158. Navicula acidobionta Lange-Bertalot image
  159. Navicula acidobionta Lange-Bertalot {invalid}
  160. Navicula acidobiontica Tosh. Watanabe
  161. Navicula acidophila Cholnoky image
  162. Navicula acrocephala (Rabenhorst) Migula
  163. Navicula acrosphaeria (Brébisson) Kützing
  164. Navicula acrosphaeria (Brebisson) Kützing image
  165. Navicula acrosphaeria var. bacillaris Heribaud image
  166. Navicula acrosphaeria var. badeana Heribaud & Peragallo image
  167. Navicula acrosphaeria var. elongata Heribaud image
  168. Navicula acrosphaeria var. fossilis Lauby image
  169. Navicula acrosphaeria var. laevis M. Peragallo & Heribaud image
  170. Navicula acrosphaeria var. minor M. Peragallo & Heribaud image
  171. Navicula acrosphaeria var. sandvicensis A.W.F. Schmidt image
  172. Navicula acrosphaeria var. turgidula_('turgida') (Grunow) M. Peragallo
  173. Navicula acrosphaeria var. undulata (Cleve) M. Peragallo
  174. Navicula actinota G.W. Andrews image
  175. Navicula acuminata (Kützing) Kützing image
  176. Navicula acuminata (Smith) Ralfs image
  177. Navicula acus Cleve image
  178. Navicula acus Cleve image
  179. Navicula acus Ehrenberg image
  180. Navicula acus var. minuta Cleve-Euler image
  181. Navicula acuta (W. Smith) Hustedt image
  182. Navicula acuta (W. Smith) O'Meara image
  183. Navicula acuta (W. Smith) Schütt image
  184. Navicula acuta Kützing image
  185. Navicula acuta Meister image
  186. Navicula acuta Meister image
  187. Navicula acuta Skvortzov image
  188. Navicula acuticuneata D. Metzeltin, H. Lange-Bertalot & F. García-Rodríguez
  189. Navicula acuticuneatula D. Metzeltin, H. Lange-Bertalot & F. García-Rodríguez
  190. Navicula acutirostris Hustedt image
  191. Navicula acutiuscula (Gregory) Ralfs image
  192. Navicula adamantiformis Archibald image
  193. Navicula adamata Hustedt image
  194. Navicula adami Pantocsek image
  195. Navicula adamii_('Adami') Pantocsek
  196. Navicula adampeensis Foged image
  197. Navicula adamsii Cholnoky image
  198. Navicula addae_('addaae') Pantocsek image
  199. Navicula addicta Hustedt image
  200. Navicula adegoyensis D. Chudaev, I. Jüttner, & Z. Levkov
  201. Navicula adhaerens Mereschkowsky image
  202. Navicula admenda M.H. Hohn & Hellerman image
  203. Navicula adminensis D. Roberts & A. McMinn ex B. Van de Vijver & W.-H. Kusber {illegitimate}
  204. Navicula adminii D. Roberts & A. McMinn
  205. Navicula admiranda G.V. Pomazkina, E.V. Rodionova & T.A. Sherbakova
  206. Navicula admissa Hustedt
  207. Navicula adnata Hustedt
  208. Navicula adnata var. rostrata T. Watanabe & R. Usman
  209. Navicula adnatoides Cholnoky image
  210. Navicula adonis J. Brun image
  211. Navicula adonis var. gibbosa J. Brun image
  212. Navicula adriatica Grunow image
  213. Navicula adsidua R. Archibald image
  214. Navicula adumbrata Cholnoky image
  215. Navicula adumbrata M.H. Hohn & Hellerman {illegitimate}
  216. Navicula adumbrata M.H. Hohn & Hellerman image
  217. Navicula advena A.W.F. Schmidt image
  218. Navicula adversa Krasske image
  219. Navicula adversatrix Pantocsek image
  220. Navicula aedifex Pantocsek image
  221. Navicula aegyptiaca A.A. Zalat {illegitimate}
  222. Navicula aegyptiaca Salah image
  223. Navicula aemula Grunow image
  224. Navicula aemula var. major Cleve & Grove image
  225. Navicula aequalis (Ehrenberg) Kützing image
  226. Navicula aequalis Ehrenberg image
  227. Navicula aequatorialis Heiden
  228. Navicula aequinoctialis Montagne image
  229. Navicula aequoria Hustedt
  230. Navicula aerophila Krasske
  231. Navicula aestimata Hustedt
  232. Navicula aestiva Donkin
  233. Navicula aestiva var. rhombica P. Petit image
  234. Navicula aestuarii Brébisson ex Kützing
  235. Navicula aestuarii Brebisson ex Kützing image
  236. Navicula affinibaicalensis G.V. Pomazkina, E.V. Rodionova & T.A. Sherbakova
  237. Navicula affinis Ehrenberg
  238. Navicula affinis f. minor Frenguelli image
  239. Navicula affinis f. minor Frenguelli image
  240. Navicula affinis f. minor Suringar image
  241. Navicula affinis var. amphirhynchus (Ehrenberg) Grunow image
  242. Navicula affinis var. ampliata (Ehrenberg) Frenguelli image
  243. Navicula affinis var. firma (Kützing) Rabenhorst image
  244. Navicula affinis var. firma (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  245. Navicula affinis var. genuina Grunow image
  246. Navicula affinis var. intermedia Dippel image
  247. Navicula affinis var. producta (W. Smith) Rabenhorst image
  248. Navicula affinis var. undulata Grunow image
  249. Navicula affirmata Leuduger-Fortmorel image
  250. Navicula africana Ehrenberg
  251. Navicula africana Hustedt image
  252. Navicula africana P. Petit {illegitimate}
  253. Navicula afroalpina F. Gasse
  254. Navicula agatkae A. Witkowski, D. Metzeltin & H. Lange-Bertalot
  255. Navicula agellus Ehrenberg image
  256. Navicula aggerica E. Reichardt
  257. Navicula aggesta Hustedt image
  258. Navicula aglaos Hohn image
  259. Navicula agma M.H. Hohn & Hellerman image
  260. Navicula agmastriata Hohn & Hellerman
  261. Navicula agmastriata M.H. Hohn & Hellerman image
  262. Navicula agnewii Cholnoky image
  263. Navicula agnita Hustedt image
  264. Navicula agnita Hustedt image
  265. Navicula agrestiformis H.P. Gandhi ex Karthick
  266. Navicula agrestiformis H.P. Gandhi {invalid}
  267. Navicula agrestis Hustedt
  268. Navicula agulhasica Cholnoky image
  269. Navicula aikenenses Patrick image
  270. Navicula aikenensis R. Patrick
  271. Navicula airdevronsixii D.E. Kellogg, M. Stuiver, T.B. Kellogg, & G.H. Denton
  272. Navicula aitchelbee L. Bahls
  273. Navicula ajajensis A.P. Skabichevskij
  274. Navicula ajajensis Skabichevskií image
  275. Navicula ajenaensis Foged image
  276. Navicula aketechiensis Foged image
  277. Navicula akimensis Foged image
  278. Navicula aktinoides Skuja image
  279. Navicula alaskana Patrick & Freese image
  280. Navicula alata Ehrenberg image
  281. Navicula albinensis Grunow image
  282. Navicula alea M.H. Hohn & Hellerman image
  283. Navicula aleemii_('aleemi') Hustedt
  284. Navicula aleksandrae H. Lange-Bertalot, B. Bogaczewicz-Adamczak, & A. Witkowski
  285. Navicula algeriensis Montagne image
  286. Navicula algida Grunow image
  287. Navicula algor M.H. Hohn & Hellerman image
  288. Navicula aliena Krasske
  289. Navicula alineae H. Lange-Bertalot
  290. Navicula alisoviana (Skvortzov) A. Tuji
  291. Navicula allista M.H. Hohn & Hellerman image
  292. Navicula allmaniana (Gregory) Ralfs image
  293. Navicula allorgei É. Manguin
  294. Navicula allorgei Manguin image
  295. Navicula alluviana Heiden
  296. Navicula alpestris Grunow image
  297. Navicula alpestris var. inflata Pantocsek image
  298. Navicula alpestris var. minima R. d'Aubart image
  299. Navicula alpestris var. tatrica Gutwinski image
  300. Navicula alpha Cholnoky image
  301. Navicula alpha Cholnoky {illegitimate}
  302. Navicula alpha Cleve image
  303. Navicula alpina (W. Smith.) Grunow image
  304. Navicula alternans Schumann image
  305. Navicula alternans var. minor Schumann image
  306. Navicula alterofasciata Kooijman image
  307. Navicula altiplanensis U. Rumrich & H. Lange-Bertalot
  308. Navicula amabilis Hustedt image
  309. Navicula ambigua A.W.F. Smith image
  310. Navicula ambigua Ehrenberg
  311. Navicula ambigua f. craticula Van Heurck image
  312. Navicula ambigua f. craticularis Istvánffi image
  313. Navicula ambigua var. aubertii (Heribaud) Frenguelli image
  314. Navicula ambigua var. capitata Østrup image
  315. Navicula ambigua var. heribaudii_('heribaudi') Gallik image
  316. Navicula ambigua-perizonata Schumann image
  317. Navicula americana Ehrenberg
  318. Navicula americana Ehrenberg
  319. Navicula americana f. delicatula Moiseeva image
  320. Navicula americana f. delicatula Moisseeva
  321. Navicula americana f. hankensis Skvortzov image
  322. Navicula americana f. lignitica Hustedt image
  323. Navicula americana f. minor M. Peragallo & Héribaud
  324. Navicula americana f. minor M. Peragallo & Heribaud image
  325. Navicula americana f. pumicata Heiden image
  326. Navicula americana var. alastos Hohn & Hellerman
  327. Navicula americana var. alastos M.H. Hohn & Hellerman image
  328. Navicula americana var. bacillaris M. Peragallo & Heribaud image
  329. Navicula americana var. genuina Mayer image
  330. Navicula americana var. minor (M. Peragallo & Héribaud) M. Peragallo
  331. Navicula americana var. moesta Tempère & Peragallo
  332. Navicula americana var. parallela Mayer image
  333. Navicula americana var. yberae_('yberai') Frenguelli image
  334. Navicula amerinda J.R. Carter image
  335. Navicula amica Cleve & Grunow image
  336. Navicula amici -- image
  337. Navicula amicii -- image
  338. Navicula amicii Spencer image
  339. Navicula amicorum Grunow image
  340. Navicula amicorum var. madagascarensis Cleve image
  341. Navicula ammophila Grunow image
  342. Navicula ammophila f. minuta 'Grunow' image
  343. Navicula ammophila var. beckii Pantocsek image
  344. Navicula ammophila var. degenerans Grunow image
  345. Navicula ammophila var. flanatica (Grunow) Cleve image
  346. Navicula ammophila var. genuina Cleve-Euler image
  347. Navicula ammophila var. intermedia Grunow image
  348. Navicula ammophila var. lata Cleve-Euler image
  349. Navicula ammophila var. lata Karsten image
  350. Navicula ammophila var. latior Pantocsek
  351. Navicula ammophila var. oestrupii Cleve-Euler image
  352. Navicula amnicola M.H. Hohn & Hellerman image
  353. Navicula amoena Cleve image
  354. Navicula amoena E. Manguin ex Kociolek & Reviers
  355. Navicula amoena E. Manguin {invalid}
  356. Navicula amoena Manguin image
  357. Navicula amoena Manguin image
  358. Navicula amoeniformis_('amoenaeformis') Manguin image
  359. Navicula amoyensis Y. Gao, J. Sun & C. Chen
  360. Navicula amphibola Cleve
  361. Navicula amphibola f. alaskaensis Foged image
  362. Navicula amphibola f. rectangularis Foged image
  363. Navicula amphibola var. arctica Patrick & Freese image
  364. Navicula amphibola var. asymmetrica (Lagerstedt) A. Cleve-Euler image
  365. Navicula amphibola var. baicalensis Skvortzov & Meyer image
  366. Navicula amphibola var. curta Skvortzov image
  367. Navicula amphibola var. gracilis Skvortzov & Meyer image
  368. Navicula amphibola var. mandschurica Skvortzov image
  369. Navicula amphibola var. perrieri Peragallo & Heribaud image
  370. Navicula amphibola var. polymorpha P. Fusey image
  371. Navicula amphibola var. stauroneiformis Peragallo & Heribaud image
  372. Navicula amphibola var. subsalina Skvortzov image
  373. Navicula amphiceropsis H. Lange-Bertalot & U. Rumrich
  374. Navicula amphiceros Kützing image
  375. Navicula amphigomphus Ehrenberg
  376. Navicula amphigomphus Ehrenberg
  377. Navicula amphigomphus var. striata Kützing image
  378. Navicula amphilepta Ehrenberg image
  379. Navicula amphioxys Ehrenberg
  380. Navicula amphipleuroides Hustedt
  381. Navicula amphirhynchus Ehrenberg image
  382. Navicula amphirhynchus var. acuminata Pero image
  383. Navicula amphirhynchus var. major M. Peragallo & Heribaud image
  384. Navicula amphirhynchus var. majus -- image
  385. Navicula amphirrhina Ehrenberg image
  386. Navicula amphisbaena Bory image
  387. Navicula amphisbaena var. fuscata (Schumann) Grunow image
  388. Navicula amphisbaena var. liburnica (Grunow) M. Peragallo
  389. Navicula amphisbaena var. obtusa Carruthers image
  390. Navicula amphisbaena var. sphaerophora (Kützing) Rabenhorst image
  391. Navicula amphisbaena var. subsalina (Donkin) T. Marsson
  392. Navicula amphisbaena var. vukotinovicii (Pantocsek) M. Peragallo
  393. Navicula amphisphenia Ehrenberg image
  394. Navicula amphistylus (Ehrenberg) Kützing image
  395. Navicula amphora Brun image
  396. Navicula amphora Ehrenberg image
  397. Navicula amphoroides O'Meara image
  398. Navicula ampliata Ehrenberg image
  399. Navicula ampliata var. minor M. Peragallo & Heribaud image
  400. Navicula amygdalina Husted ex Foged
  401. Navicula amygdalina f. tenera Moiseeva image
  402. Navicula anassae Cholnoky image
  403. Navicula anatis M.H. Hohn & Hellerman image
  404. Navicula anca J.R. Carter image
  405. Navicula anceps (Ehrenberg) Mann image
  406. Navicula anceps (Ehrenberg) Migula
  407. Navicula anceps var. amphicephala (Kützing) Hustedt
  408. Navicula anceps var. elongata (Cleve) Hustedt
  409. Navicula anceps var. gracilis (Ehrenberg) Hustedt
  410. Navicula anceps var. linearis (Ehrenberg) Hustedt
  411. Navicula ancilla Hendey image
  412. Navicula ancisa Hustedt
  413. Navicula ancora Weisse image
  414. Navicula anderabensis Foged image
  415. Navicula anderssonii Cleve image
  416. Navicula andesitica Pantocsek
  417. Navicula andicola (Cleve) Schütt image
  418. Navicula andium Frenguelli image
  419. Navicula andranokelyna Manguin
  420. Navicula andrussowii Pantocsek image
  421. Navicula andrzej-witkowskii G.V. Pomazkina, E.V. Rodionova, & T.A. Sherbakova
  422. Navicula anenuta Fusey image
  423. Navicula angarae D. Metzeltin, M.S. Kulikovskiy & H. Lange-Bertalot
  424. Navicula angelorum Cleve image
  425. Navicula angelorum var. excavata Wolle {illeg.}
  426. Navicula angensis E.V. Rodionova & G.V. Pomazkina
  427. Navicula angleana Lauby image
  428. Navicula anglica Ralfs
  429. Navicula anglica f. elongata Østrup image
  430. Navicula anglica f. major Cleve-Euler image
  431. Navicula anglica f. minor Istvánffi image
  432. Navicula anglica f. minor Limanowska image
  433. Navicula anglica f. minor Limanowska {illeg.}
  434. Navicula anglica f. minor Schaarschmidt
  435. Navicula anglica var. genuina Meister image
  436. Navicula anglica var. minuta Cleve image
  437. Navicula anglica var. signata Hustedt
  438. Navicula anglica var. subcruciata Grunow image
  439. Navicula anglica var. subsalsa (Grunow) Cleve
  440. Navicula anglophila H. Lange-Bertalot
  441. Navicula anglophila Lange-Bertalot image
  442. Navicula anglophila var. signata (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot image
  443. Navicula angolensis Cholnoky image
  444. Navicula angulata J. Quekett image
  445. Navicula angulata Quekett
  446. Navicula angulosa Gregory image
  447. Navicula angulosa f. angustior Rabenhorst image
  448. Navicula angusta Grunow image
  449. Navicula angustata Ehrenberg image
  450. Navicula angustata W. Smith
  451. Navicula angustata var. flanatica (Grunow) Rabenhorst image
  452. Navicula anguste-fasciata Østrup image
  453. Navicula anhuiensis J.G. Yang
  454. Navicula ankobraensis Foged image
  455. Navicula anna Hendey image
  456. Navicula annexa Hustedt image
  457. Navicula annulana var. baikalensis Skvortzov image
  458. Navicula annulata Grunow
  459. Navicula anopaia Cholnoky image
  460. Navicula antarctica Frenguelli image
  461. Navicula antarctica J. Frenguelli {invalid}
  462. Navicula antarctica Karsten image
  463. Navicula antediluviana Hustedt
  464. Navicula anthracis Cleve & Brun image
  465. Navicula antillarum (Cleve & Grunow) A. Mann image
  466. Navicula antillarum (Cleve & Grunow) Mann image
  467. Navicula antillarum (Cleve) Schütt image
  468. Navicula antinitescens M. Peragallo
  469. Navicula antiqua Cleve-Euler image
  470. Navicula antiqua Skvortzov image
  471. Navicula antonii H. Lange-Bertalot
  472. Navicula antonioides B. Van de Vijver, A. Jarlman, & H. Lange-Bertalot
  473. Navicula antverpiensis B. Van de Vijver & H. Lange-Bertalot
  474. Navicula aparta Frenguelli image
  475. Navicula aperta Schumann image
  476. Navicula apia (Ehrenberg) Kützing image
  477. Navicula apiculata (Greville) A. Cleve-Euler {illegitimate}
  478. Navicula apiculata (Greville) Cleve-Euler image
  479. Navicula apiculata Brebisson image
  480. Navicula apiculata W. Smith ex Gregory image
  481. Navicula apiculata f. minima A.W.F. Schmidt image
  482. Navicula apiculata var. maculifera Grunow image
  483. Navicula apiculatoreinhardtii M.B. Edlund & N. Soninkhishig
  484. Navicula apiculatoreinhardtii f. biseriata M.B. Edlund & N. Soninkhishig
  485. Navicula aponina (Kützing) Kützing image
  486. Navicula aponina var. brachysira Kützing image
  487. Navicula appendiculata (C. Agardh) Kützing image
  488. Navicula appendiculata f. exilis (Grunow) Rabenhorst image
  489. Navicula appendiculata var. brevis R. d'Aubert image
  490. Navicula appendiculata var. budensis Grunow image
  491. Navicula appendiculata var. exilis Grunow image
  492. Navicula appendiculata var. irrorata Grunow
  493. Navicula appendiculata var. lanceolata Grunow image
  494. Navicula appendiculata var. naveana Grunow image
  495. Navicula appendiculata var. obtusa (Ehrenberg) Rabenhorst image
  496. Navicula applanata Hustedt image
  497. Navicula applicita Hustedt image
  498. Navicula applicita f. tenuis Hustedt image
  499. Navicula applicitoides Hustedt image
  500. Navicula apposita Hustedt image
  501. Navicula approximata Greville
  502. Navicula approximata f. elongata Hustedt image
  503. Navicula approximata f. manca (A.W.F. Schmidt) Hustedt image
  504. Navicula approximata f. morei (O'Meara) Hustedt image
  505. Navicula approximata f. typica Cleve image
  506. Navicula approximata var. couperi (Bailey) Cleve
  507. Navicula approximata var. finitima (Cleve) Hustedt image
  508. Navicula approximata var. kittoniana (A. Schmidt) Cleve image
  509. Navicula approximata var. mexicana Heiden image
  510. Navicula approximata var. nicaensis_('niceaensis') (Peragallo) Hendey
  511. Navicula approximata var. sardoa V. Zanon
  512. Navicula approximata var. schleinitzii (Janisch) Hustedt image
  513. Navicula approximata var. substauroneiformis Grunow
  514. Navicula approximatella Hustedt
  515. Navicula approximatella f. glabra Hustedt image
  516. Navicula approximatoides Hustedt
  517. Navicula apsteinii Pantocsek image
  518. Navicula apta Hustedt image
  519. Navicula aquaeductae (Krasske) Krasske image
  520. Navicula aquaeductae f. latiora Skvortzov image
  521. Navicula aquaedurae Lange-Bertalot
  522. Navicula aquaedurae Lange-Bertalot {invalid}
  523. Navicula aquitaniae J. Brun & Heribaud image
  524. Navicula aquitaniae var. undulata J. Brun & Heribaud image
  525. Navicula aquitanonipponica D. Sagnet, B. Van de Vijver & L. Tudesque
  526. Navicula aquosa Archibald image
  527. Navicula arabica Grunow image
  528. Navicula arabica Grunow ex A. Schmidt
  529. Navicula aradina Pantocsek image
  530. Navicula arata Grunow image
  531. Navicula arata var. minor A. Cleve-Euler image
  532. Navicula arata var. producta Pantocsek image
  533. Navicula arata var. validior Pantocsek image
  534. Navicula aratus Grunow
  535. Navicula araucaniana Frenguelli
  536. Navicula arcana Pantocsek image
  537. Navicula archeriana O'Meara
  538. Navicula archibaldiana Foged image
  539. Navicula arctica Cleve image
  540. Navicula arcuata Heiden image
  541. Navicula arcuata Heiden {illegitimate}
  542. Navicula arcuata Pantocsek image
  543. Navicula arcus Ehrenberg
  544. Navicula ardis Hohn image
  545. Navicula ardua Mann image
  546. Navicula arenaria Donkin image
  547. Navicula arenaria var. rostellata Lange-Bertalot image
  548. Navicula arenaria var. stricta Peragallo image
  549. Navicula arenaria var. sublinearis (Østrup) Boyer image
  550. Navicula arenariaeformis Pantocsek image
  551. Navicula arenariiformis var. major F. Gasse {invalid}
  552. Navicula arenicola Grunow image
  553. Navicula arenicola var. laticeps P. Schulz image
  554. Navicula arenosa Lauby image
  555. Navicula arenula M.H. Hohn & Hellerman image
  556. Navicula areolata Hustedt
  557. Navicula areschougiana Grunow image
  558. Navicula arguens Skvortzov image
  559. Navicula argunensis Skvortzov image
  560. Navicula argunensis var. jeniseyensis Skvortzov image
  561. Navicula argutiola M.H. Hohn & Hellerman image
  562. Navicula argutula Hustedt
  563. Navicula arida W. Bock
  564. Navicula ariiensis H. Okuno
  565. Navicula arkona H. Lange-Bertalot & A. Witkowski
  566. Navicula armata J.R. Carter image
  567. Navicula armoricana A. Amossé
  568. Navicula arraniensis O'Meara image
  569. Navicula artemidis Cholnoky image
  570. Navicula artificiosa Heiden image
  571. Navicula arvensiformis J.R. Carter image
  572. Navicula arvensis Hustedt image
  573. Navicula arvensis Hustedt
  574. Navicula arvensis f. major É. Manguin
  575. Navicula arvensis f. major Manguin image
  576. Navicula arvensis var. dubia H. Lange-Bertalot
  577. Navicula arvensis var. dubia Lange-Bertalot image
  578. Navicula arvensis var. major H. Lange-Bertalot {illegitimate}
  579. Navicula arvensis var. major Lange-Bertalot image
  580. Navicula arvensoides Hustedt image
  581. Navicula arverna M. Peragallo & Heribaud image
  582. Navicula arverna var. stauroneiformis Peragallo & Heribaud image
  583. Navicula asanwinsoensis Foged image
  584. Navicula asellus Weinhold ex Hustedt {invalid}
  585. Navicula ashantiensis Foged image
  586. Navicula asiatica Meister image
  587. Navicula asklepieionensis Foged
  588. Navicula aspera Ehrenberg image
  589. Navicula aspera var. hungarica Pantocsek image
  590. Navicula aspera var. intermedia Grunow image
  591. Navicula aspera var. pulchella (W. Smith) Cleve Frenguelli image
  592. Navicula aspergilla J.R. Carter & P. Denny
  593. Navicula aspersa Hustedt image
  594. Navicula asperula (Ehrenberg) Kützing image
  595. Navicula associata H. Lange-Bertalot
  596. Navicula assula Cholnoky image
  597. Navicula assuloides Giffen image
  598. Navicula assymetrica Pantocsek image
  599. Navicula astrolabensis Hendey image
  600. Navicula asymbasia M.H. Hohn & Hellerman image
  601. Navicula asymetrica Pantocsek image
  602. Navicula asymmetrica Cleve image
  603. Navicula atacamae Hustedt
  604. Navicula atacamana Patrick image
  605. Navicula atalos Hohn image
  606. Navicula atasensis Simonsen
  607. Navicula athenae A. Witkowski, H. Lange-Bertalot & D. Metzeltin
  608. Navicula atlantica (A. Schmidt) A. Schmidt ex H. Peragallo & M. Peragallo
  609. Navicula atomarius Skvortzov image
  610. Navicula atomoides Grunow
  611. Navicula atomoides var. subserians Grunow image
  612. Navicula atomus (Kützing) Grunow image
  613. Navicula atomus var. alcimonica E. Reichardt
  614. Navicula atomus var. circularis Østrup image
  615. Navicula atomus var. excelsa (Krasske) Lange-Bertalot image
  616. Navicula atomus var. nipponica Skvortzov image
  617. Navicula atomus var. permitis (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot image
  618. Navicula atomus var. recondita (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot image
  619. Navicula attenuata (Kützing) Kützing image
  620. Navicula atwateri A.W.R. Seddon, A. Witkowski & E. Hemphill-Haley
  621. Navicula aubertii Heribaud image
  622. Navicula aueri G. Krasske
  623. Navicula aueri Krasske image
  624. Navicula auklandica Grunow
  625. Navicula aulacophaena Ehrenberg image
  626. Navicula aurangabadensis Sarode & Kamat image
  627. Navicula aurantiaca Schoeman image
  628. Navicula auriculata Hustedt
  629. Navicula aurora H.E. Sovereign
  630. Navicula aurora H.E. Sovereign {invalid}
  631. Navicula aurora Sovereign image
  632. Navicula australasiatica Y. Li & D. Metzeltin
  633. Navicula australica (A. Schmidt) Cleve image
  634. Navicula australis (Petit) M. Peragallo
  635. Navicula australoceanica A. Witkowski, C. Riaux-Gobin, & G. Daniszewska-Kowalczyk
  636. Navicula australomediocris H. Lange-Bertalot & R. Schmidt
  637. Navicula australoshetlandica B. Van de Vijver
  638. Navicula austrocollegarum H. Lange-Bertalot & R. Voigt
  639. Navicula austroshetlandica Carlson image
  640. Navicula avenacea (Rabenhorst) Brebisson ex Grunow image
  641. Navicula avenacea Brebisson image
  642. Navicula avenaceoides Gandhi image
  643. Navicula avenaceoides f. linearis Gandhi image
  644. Navicula avittata (Cholnoky) Cholnoky image
  645. Navicula avium (Tiffany, Herwig & F.A.S. Sterrenburg) Yuhang Li & Kuidong Xu
  646. Navicula avonensis Round image
  647. Navicula baardsethii Cleve-Euler image
  648. Navicula babeiensis D. Chudaev, A. Glushchenko, M. Kulikovskiy & J.P. Kociolek
  649. Navicula baccata J. Brun image
  650. Navicula bachmannii Hustedt
  651. Navicula bacillaris Gregory image
  652. Navicula bacillaris f. lanceolata O. Müller image
  653. Navicula bacillaris f. linearis O. Müller image
  654. Navicula bacillaris f. subrostrata O. Müller image
  655. Navicula bacillaris var. constricta Frenguelli image
  656. Navicula bacillaris var. cruciata O. Müller image
  657. Navicula bacillaris var. fontinalis Grunow image
  658. Navicula bacillaris var. inconstantissima Grunow
  659. Navicula bacillaris var. thermalis Grunow image
  660. Navicula bacillifera Pantocsek
  661. Navicula bacilliformis Grunow
  662. Navicula bacilliformis var. bullata Østrup
  663. Navicula bacilliformis var. bullata Østrup image
  664. Navicula bacilliformis var. cruciata Hustedt image
  665. Navicula bacilliformis var. genuina Mayer image
  666. Navicula bacilliformis var. intermedia Manguin image
  667. Navicula bacilliformis var. neglecta Mayer image
  668. Navicula bacilliformis var. subcapitata Østrup image
  669. Navicula bacilloides Hustedt
  670. Navicula bacillum Ehrenberg
  671. Navicula bacillum f. baicalensis Skvortzov & Meyer image
  672. Navicula bacillum f. delicatula J.R. Carter & Denny image
  673. Navicula bacillum f. intermedia Hustedt
  674. Navicula bacillum f. lanceolata (Østrup) Hustedt image
  675. Navicula bacillum f. trinodis J.B. Petersen image
  676. Navicula bacillum f. undulata Istvánffi image
  677. Navicula bacillum var. capita Gandhi image
  678. Navicula bacillum var. densestriata Østrup image
  679. Navicula bacillum var. elongata Skvortzov image
  680. Navicula bacillum var. gregoryana Cleve & Grunow
  681. Navicula bacillum var. gregoryana Grunow image
  682. Navicula bacillum var. hankensis Skvortzov image
  683. Navicula bacillum var. inflatula Ströse
  684. Navicula bacillum var. jeniseyensis Skvortzov image
  685. Navicula bacillum var. jogensis Gandhi image
  686. Navicula bacillum var. lepida (Gregory) Cleve
  687. Navicula bacillum var. major Heribaud image
  688. Navicula bacillum var. mexicana Grunow image
  689. Navicula bacillum var. parallela Skvortzov image
  690. Navicula bacillum var. rectangularis Manguin image
  691. Navicula bacillum var. rostrata A. Mayer ex Hustedt
  692. Navicula bacterium Ehrenberg
  693. Navicula bacterium Frenguelli image
  694. Navicula bacula M.H. Hohn & Hellerman image
  695. Navicula baculus Cleve image
  696. Navicula baddensis F. Gasse
  697. Navicula bahiensis Zimmermann image
  698. Navicula bahuensoides Foged image
  699. Navicula bahusiensis (Grunow) Cleve image
  700. Navicula bahusiensis (Grunow) Grunow image
  701. Navicula bahusiensis var. arctica Grunow image
  702. Navicula bahusiensis var. istriana (Grunow) Cleve image
  703. Navicula bahusiensoides Foged
  704. Navicula baicalcollegarum M.S. Kulikovskiy & H. Lange-Bertalot
  705. Navicula baicalconcentrica M.S. Kulikovskiy, H. Lange-Bertalot & D. Metzeltin
  706. Navicula baicalensis Skvortzov & Meyer image
  707. Navicula baicalirmengardis M.S. Kulikovskiy & D. Metzeltin
  708. Navicula baicaloblonga G.V. Pomazkina, E.V. Rodionova & T.A. Sherbakova
  709. Navicula baicalocylindrata E.V. Rodionova & G.V. Pomazkina
  710. Navicula baicalofrigidicola D. Metzeltin, M.S. Kulikovskiy & H. Lange-Bertalot
  711. Navicula baicalogracilis M.S. Kulikovskiy, H. Lange-Bertalot & D. Metzeltin
  712. Navicula baicalogregaria G.V. Pomazkina, E.V. Rodionova & T.A. Sherbakova
  713. Navicula baicaloppugnata M.S. Kulikovskiy, H. Lange-Bertalot & D. Metzeltin
  714. Navicula baicaloradiosa M.S. Kulikovskiy, H. Lange-Bertalot & D. Metzeltin
  715. Navicula baicalupsaliensis (D. Metzeltin, M.S. Kulikovskiy & H. Lange-Bertalot) V.S. Vishnyakov & M.S. Kulikovskiy
  716. Navicula baileyana Grunow image
  717. Navicula baileyana var. septentrionalis Østrup image
  718. Navicula baileyi -- image
  719. Navicula baileyi Cholnoky image
  720. Navicula baileyi Ehrenberg
  721. Navicula bainii Cholnoky image
  722. Navicula bakiana A. Witkowski & H. Lange-Bertalot
  723. Navicula bakievae D. Metzeltin, M.S. Kulikovskiy & H. Lange-Bertalot
  724. Navicula balatonis Pantocsek
  725. Navicula balcanica Hustedt
  726. Navicula baldjickiensis Heiden
  727. Navicula balearica (Cleve) Cleve image
  728. Navicula balfouriana (Grunow ex Cleve) M. Peragallo
  729. Navicula balliformis -- image
  730. Navicula balnearis var. major W. West image
  731. Navicula baltica Ehrenberg
  732. Navicula baltica Grunow image
  733. Navicula bamboiensis Foged image
  734. Navicula bannajensis J.B. Petersen image
  735. Navicula bansoensis Foged image
  736. Navicula barbadensis Ehrenberg image
  737. Navicula barbadensis_('barbadense') Vickers image
  738. Navicula barbara Heiden
  739. Navicula barbara var. densestriata Foged
  740. Navicula barbarica Hustedt image
  741. Navicula barbarica var. robusta Foged image
  742. Navicula barberi Hendey image
  743. Navicula barberiana Foged image
  744. Navicula barbitos A. Schmidt
  745. Navicula barclayana Gregory
  746. Navicula barentsii Foged
  747. Navicula barentsii var. capitata_('capiata') W.M. Bao & C. Reimer
  748. Navicula barkeriana O'Meara image
  749. Navicula barkeriana O'Meara image
  750. Navicula barklayana 'Gregory', err. cit. image
  751. Navicula barodensis H.P. Gandhi ex Karthick
  752. Navicula barodensis H.P. Gandhi {invalid}
  753. Navicula barrowiana Patrick & Freese image
  754. Navicula bartholomei Cleve image
  755. Navicula basaltaeproxima J. Brun & Heribaud image
  756. Navicula basaltaeproxima f. bigibba J. Brun & Heribaud image
  757. Navicula basaltaeproxima f. recta J. Brun & Heribaud image
  758. Navicula basaltaeproxima var. longistriata Peragallo & Heribaud image
  759. Navicula basilica Brun
  760. Navicula basillica Pantocsek image
  761. Navicula bastowii Hustedt image
  762. Navicula bauemleri var. interrupta Pantocsek image
  763. Navicula bauemleri_('Baümlerii') Pantocsek image
  764. Navicula bawdiaensis Foged image
  765. Navicula bdesma Hohn image
  766. Navicula beaufortiana Hustedt image
  767. Navicula beccariana Grunow
  768. Navicula beckii Pantocsek image
  769. Navicula begeri Krasske
  770. Navicula begeri f. constricta Krasske
  771. Navicula beketowii Mereschkowsky image
  772. Navicula belacholnokyi Molinari & Guiry
  773. Navicula bella Hustedt
  774. Navicula bella Karaeva image
  775. Navicula bellatii Frenguelli image
  776. Navicula belliatula R.E.M. Archibald image
  777. Navicula bellissima Hustedt image
  778. Navicula belsesiensis J.R. Carter
  779. Navicula bendaensis H.J. Schrader & J. Fenner
  780. Navicula bengalensis Grunow image
  781. Navicula bergeni Hohn image
  782. Navicula bergeni M.H. Hohn
  783. Navicula bergstromiana B. Van de Vijver & E. Verleyen
  784. Navicula berriatii var. minor Heribaud image
  785. Navicula berriatii var. splendida Heribaud image
  786. Navicula berriatii_('Berriati') Héribaud
  787. Navicula berriatii_('Berriati') Heribaud image
  788. Navicula bertelsenii Foged image
  789. Navicula bertrandii_('Bertrandi') Lauby image
  790. Navicula besarensis Giffen image
  791. Navicula beta Cleve image
  792. Navicula beyrichiana A.W.F. Schmidt image
  793. Navicula beyrichiana f. minor Pantocsek image
  794. Navicula beyrichiana var. minor 'Pantocsek' image
  795. Navicula biaculeata Cleve-Euler image
  796. Navicula biakensis Cholnoky image
  797. Navicula bialbata H. Peragallo & M. Peragallo
  798. Navicula biblos Cleve image
  799. Navicula bicapitata Heiden image
  800. Navicula bicapitata Lagerstedt
  801. Navicula bicapitata O'Meara image
  802. Navicula bicapitata var. constricta (Grunow) O'Meara image
  803. Navicula bicapitata var. crucifera O'Meara image
  804. Navicula bicapitata var. hybrida Grunow image
  805. Navicula bicapitata var. sulcata Heribaud image
  806. Navicula bicapitata var. truncata Østrup image
  807. Navicula bicapitellata Hustedt image
  808. Navicula bicarinata Ehrenberg
  809. Navicula bicephala Hustedt image
  810. Navicula bicephala var. manguinii_(`manguini') R. Maillard {invalid}
  811. Navicula bicephaloides B. Van de Vijver & R. Zidarova
  812. Navicula biceps Bory image
  813. Navicula biceps Ehrenberg image
  814. Navicula biceps var. stauroneiformis M. Peragallo
  815. Navicula biclavata Cleve & Grove image
  816. Navicula biconica Patrick image
  817. Navicula biconifera Morren image
  818. Navicula biconstricta Grove & Sturt image
  819. Navicula biconstricta Grunow image
  820. Navicula bicontracta Østrup
  821. Navicula bicontracta Østrup image
  822. Navicula bicuneata Grunow
  823. Navicula bicuneolus D. Metzeltin & H. Lange-Bertalot
  824. Navicula bicuspidata Cleve & Grunow image
  825. Navicula biddulphioides Hustedt image
  826. Navicula bidentula J.B. Petersen image
  827. Navicula bievexa Hohn image
  828. Navicula bifax Hohn & Hellerman
  829. Navicula bifax M.H. Hohn & Hellerman image
  830. Navicula bifissa A.W.F. Schmidt image
  831. Navicula biflexa (A. Schmidt) Giffen image
  832. Navicula biformis (Grunow) A. Mann image
  833. Navicula biformis (Grunow) Schütt image
  834. Navicula bifrons Ehrenberg image
  835. Navicula bifurcatula Hustedt image
  836. Navicula bigemmata A. Mann image
  837. Navicula biglobosa Schumann image
  838. Navicula bihastata A. Mann image
  839. Navicula bilineata Schumann image
  840. Navicula bilobata Leuduger-Fortmorel image
  841. Navicula bimaculata Pantocsek image
  842. Navicula binaria A. W.F. Schmidt image
  843. Navicula binodis Ehrenberg
  844. Navicula binodis var. capitata Manguin image
  845. Navicula binodis var. stadleri Ant. Mayer {invalid}
  846. Navicula binodulosa Sullivan & Reimer image
  847. Navicula bintila J.R. Carter & Denny image
  848. Navicula binziana T. Marsson
  849. Navicula bioculata Grunow ex A. Schmidt
  850. Navicula bioculata Grunow ex A.W.F. Schmidt image
  851. Navicula bipatens Heiden image
  852. Navicula bipectinalis Schumann image
  853. Navicula bipunctata Bory
  854. Navicula bipunctata Grunow image
  855. Navicula bipunctata O'Meara image
  856. Navicula bipustulata Mann image
  857. Navicula birhis Hohn image
  858. Navicula birostrata Gregory image
  859. Navicula birostris (Ehrenberg) Ralfs image
  860. Navicula birostris Ehrenberg image
  861. Navicula biscalaris Brebisson image
  862. Navicula biseriata P. Petit
  863. Navicula biseriata Petit image
  864. Navicula biskanteri Hustedt image
  865. Navicula bisulcata Lagerstedt image
  866. Navicula bisulcata f. major M. Peragallo & Heribaud image
  867. Navicula bisulcata var. turgidula Lagerstedt image
  868. Navicula bita Hohn image
  869. Navicula bituminosa Pantocsek image
  870. Navicula bituminosa var. chankensis Jouse image
  871. Navicula bituminosa var. cincta (Pantocsek) Cleve image
  872. Navicula bituminosa var. latecapitata Pantocsek image
  873. Navicula bituminosa var. robusta Pantocsek image
  874. Navicula bituminosa var. signata Pantocsek image
  875. Navicula bituminosa var. staurophora Pantocsek image
  876. Navicula bituminosa var. valida Pantocsek image
  877. Navicula bivittata Pantocsek image
  878. Navicula biwaensis (Skvortzov) T. Ohtsuka
  879. Navicula bjoernoeyaensis D. Metzeltin, A. Witkowski, & H. Lange-Bertalot
  880. Navicula blanda A. Schmidt image
  881. Navicula blanda var. minor H. Peragallo & M. Peragallo
  882. Navicula blasii Frenguelli image
  883. Navicula blazenciciae_('blazencicae') Z. Levkov & S. Krstic
  884. Navicula bleischiana Janisch & Rabenhorst image
  885. Navicula bleischii Janisch image
  886. Navicula blessingii Gran image
  887. Navicula blotii Heribaud image
  888. Navicula bodosensis Pantocsek image
  889. Navicula boeckii (Ehrenberg) Heiberg image
  890. Navicula boergesenii Østrup image
  891. Navicula bogotensis Grunow image
  892. Navicula bohemica Ehrenberg
  893. Navicula bohemica f. tropicalis Brun
  894. Navicula bohemica var. tropicalis (Brun) M. Peragallo
  895. Navicula bolleana (Grunow) Cleve image
  896. Navicula bolleana var. asymmetrica Cleve image
  897. Navicula bolleana var. intermedia Østrup image
  898. Navicula bolleana var. siberica Grunow image
  899. Navicula bombiformis Leuduger-Fortmorel image
  900. Navicula bomboides A.Schmidt image
  901. Navicula bomboides var. limanensis_('limanense') Heribaud image
  902. Navicula bomboides var. media Grunow
  903. Navicula bomboides var. minor Heribaud & Brun image
  904. Navicula bomboides var. minor J. Brun & Heribaud image
  905. Navicula bombus (Ehrenberg) Kützing image
  906. Navicula bombus var. densestriata (A.W.F. Schmidt) A.W.F. Schmidt image
  907. Navicula bombus var. egena (A.W.F. Schmidt) A.W.F. Schmidt image
  908. Navicula bombus var. kuetzingii_('Kutzingii') (Grunow) Leuduger-Fortmorel
  909. Navicula bombus var. kutzingii -- image
  910. Navicula bombus var. minor Leuduger-Fortmorel image
  911. Navicula bongrainii M. Peragallo image
  912. Navicula bonnieri Lauby image
  913. Navicula borbassii_('borbássii') Pantocsek image
  914. Navicula borealis (Ehrenberg) Kützing image
  915. Navicula borealis f. minor (M. Peragallo & Heribaud) Frenguelli image
  916. Navicula borealis f. minor Frenguelli image
  917. Navicula borealis f. robusta Nave image
  918. Navicula borealis f. wagneri Eber image
  919. Navicula borealis var. fossilis Pantocsek image
  920. Navicula borealis var. linearis Heribaud image
  921. Navicula borealis var. major M. Peragallo & Heribaud image
  922. Navicula borealis var. minor M. Peragallo & Heribaud image
  923. Navicula borealis var. producta Grunow image
  924. Navicula borealis var. scalaris (Ehrenberg) Grunow image
  925. Navicula borinquensis Hagelstein image
  926. Navicula boris-skvortzowii M.S. Kulikovskiy, D. Metzeltin, & H. Lange-Bertalot
  927. Navicula borneoensis Hustedt image
  928. Navicula borowkae A. Witkowski, H. Lange-Bertalot & D. Metzeltin
  929. Navicula borrichii J.B. Petersen
  930. Navicula borrichii var. subcapitata J.B. Petersen
  931. Navicula borrichii var. undulata J.B. Petersen image
  932. Navicula borussica Cleve image
  933. Navicula borussica Cleve image
  934. Navicula boryana Pantocsek
  935. Navicula boseana Skvortzov image
  936. Navicula boseana var. bacillum Skvortzov image
  937. Navicula bossvikensis S. Busse & P. Snoeijs
  938. Navicula bosumtwiensis Foged image
  939. Navicula botteriana Grunow image
  940. Navicula botteriana var. minor Grunow image
  941. Navicula bottnica Grunow image
  942. Navicula bottnica Grunow image
  943. Navicula bottnica f. acuta J.R. Carter & P. Denny
  944. Navicula boudetii M. Peragallo image
  945. Navicula bouhardii_('Bouhardi') Heribaud image
  946. Navicula bouhardii_('bouhardi') Heribaud image
  947. Navicula bouillantensis D. Metzeltin & H. Lange-Bertalot
  948. Navicula bourgii_('Bourgi') Lauby image
  949. Navicula bourrellyi E. Manguin ex Kociolek & Reviers
  950. Navicula bourrellyi E. Manguin {invalid}
  951. Navicula bourrellyi Manguin image
  952. Navicula bourrellyivera H. Lange-Bertalot, A. Witkowski, & K. Stachura
  953. Navicula boyei Østrup image
  954. Navicula bozenae H. Lange-Bertalot, A. Witkowski, & A. Zgrundo
  955. Navicula brachium Hustedt
  956. Navicula brachysira Brebisson image
  957. Navicula brachysira Brebisson ex Rabenhorst image
  958. Navicula branchiata A. Mann image
  959. Navicula brandelii Cleve ex Migula
  960. Navicula brasiliana (Cleve) Cleve image
  961. Navicula brasiliana f. platensis (Frenguelli) Hustedt
  962. Navicula brasiliana var. guadalupensis Manguin image
  963. Navicula brasiliana var. platensis Frenguelli
  964. Navicula brasiliensis Grunow
  965. Navicula brasiliensis f. constricta Boyer image
  966. Navicula brasiliensis var. bicuneata Cleve image
  967. Navicula brasiliensis var. fossilis Pantocsek image
  968. Navicula brasiliensis var. minor Prowse image
  969. Navicula brasiliensis var. minor Zanon image
  970. Navicula brasiliensis var. notata Van Heurck image
  971. Navicula brauniana Grunow
  972. Navicula braunii Grunow image
  973. Navicula braunii var. moissacensis Héribaud
  974. Navicula braunii var. moissacensis Heribaud image
  975. Navicula braunii var. stauroneiformis_('stauroneiforme') (Grunow) Wolle
  976. Navicula brebissonii Kützing image
  977. Navicula brebissonii f. lucida Lauby image
  978. Navicula brebissonii var. angusta Grunow image
  979. Navicula brebissonii var. attenuata M. Peragallo image
  980. Navicula brebissonii var. bicuneata Grunow {invalid}
  981. Navicula brebissonii var. diminuta Grunow
  982. Navicula brebissonii var. elongata J. Brun & Heribaud image
  983. Navicula brebissonii var. fossilis Pantocsek image
  984. Navicula brebissonii var. intermedia M. Peragallo image
  985. Navicula brebissonii var. lanceolata Østrup image
  986. Navicula brebissonii var. mormonorum (Grunow) M. Peragallo
  987. Navicula brebissonii var. ovalis H. Peragallo image
  988. Navicula brebissonii var. subcapitata (Rabenhorst) M. Peragallo
  989. Navicula brebissonii var. subconstricta Pantocsek image
  990. Navicula breenii R.E.M. Archibald image
  991. Navicula brehmii f. elongata Skvortzov image
  992. Navicula brehmii_('Brehmi') Hustedt image
  993. Navicula brehmioides Hustedt
  994. Navicula breitenbuchii H. Lange-Bertalot
  995. Navicula brekkaensis J.B. Petersen
  996. Navicula brekkaensis var. andegavensis H. Germain
  997. Navicula brekkaensis var. bigibba Hustedt
  998. Navicula brekkaensis var. brekkaensoides (Bock) Lange-Bertalot image
  999. Navicula brekkaensis var. lata Cholnoky image
  1000. Navicula brekkaensis var. trigibba Cholnoky image
  1001. Navicula brekkaensoides W. Bock
  1002. Navicula bremensis Hustedt
  1003. Navicula bremeyeri Hustedt image
  1004. Navicula bremeyeri f. rostrata Hustedt
  1005. Navicula breviata Hustedt
  1006. Navicula brevicostata Cleve ex Migula
  1007. Navicula brevicostata var. demerarae (Cleve) M. Peragallo
  1008. Navicula brevicostata var. plana (J.-J. Brun) M. Peragallo
  1009. Navicula brevis Cleve-Euler image
  1010. Navicula brevis Gregory image
  1011. Navicula brevis f. angustior Grunow image
  1012. Navicula brevis var. distoma (Grunow) Frenguelli image
  1013. Navicula brevis var. distoma Grunow image
  1014. Navicula brevis var. vexans Grunow image
  1015. Navicula brevissima Hustedt
  1016. Navicula brevissima var. africana Cholnoky image
  1017. Navicula brevissima var. elongata É. Manguin
  1018. Navicula brevissima var. elongata Manguin image
  1019. Navicula brevistriata Grunow image
  1020. Navicula britannica Hustedt & Aleem
  1021. Navicula britannica var. apiculata R.F. Bastow
  1022. Navicula brockmannii Hustedt image
  1023. Navicula brockmannii var. enucleata Hustedt image
  1024. Navicula brockmannii var. undulata H.Z. Zhu & J.Y. Chen
  1025. Navicula brockmannii_(`brockmanni') Hustedt
  1026. Navicula broetzii H. Lange-Bertalot & Reichardt
  1027. Navicula brokenshirei R.F. Bastow
  1028. Navicula bronislaae I. Kaczmarska
  1029. Navicula bruchii Grunow image
  1030. Navicula brunelii M. Poulin, C. Hudon, & A. Cardinal
  1031. Navicula brunii Cleve image
  1032. Navicula brunii Pantocsek image
  1033. Navicula brunii_('Bruni') Cleve-Euler image
  1034. Navicula bruyantii_('Bruyanti') Lauby image
  1035. Navicula brygidae H. Lange-Bertalot, A. Witkowski & J.P. Kociolek
  1036. Navicula bryophila J.B. Petersen
  1037. Navicula bryophila f. constricta R.F. Bastow
  1038. Navicula bryophila var. aquaeductae (Krasske) Lange-Bertalot image
  1039. Navicula bryophila var. capitata Cholnoky image
  1040. Navicula bryophila var. lapponica Hustedt image
  1041. Navicula bryophila var. paucistriata H.Z. Zhu & J.Y. Chen
  1042. Navicula bryophila var. trigibba Cholnoky image
  1043. Navicula bryophiloides É. Manguin
  1044. Navicula bryophiloides É. Manguin {invalid}
  1045. Navicula bryophiloides Manguin image
  1046. Navicula bryophiloides Manguin image
  1047. Navicula bryophiloides var. linearis R. Maillard {invalid}
  1048. Navicula buccella M.H. Hohn & Hellerman image
  1049. Navicula buchansiana Woodhead & Tweed image
  1050. Navicula budayana Pantocsek
  1051. Navicula budda Skvortzov image
  1052. Navicula budensis Grunow image
  1053. Navicula buderi Hustedt
  1054. Navicula buderiformis H.P. Gandhi ex Karthick
  1055. Navicula buderiformis H.P. Gandhi {invalid}
  1056. Navicula bullata Norman image
  1057. Navicula bullata Norman image
  1058. Navicula bullata var. carinata Castracane image
  1059. Navicula bullata var. moelleriana Janisch image
  1060. Navicula bullata var. obtusa Castracane image
  1061. Navicula bullata var. rhomboidea Castracane image
  1062. Navicula bulnheimii Grunow image
  1063. Navicula bulnheimii var. belgica Grunow
  1064. Navicula bulnheimii var. caspica Karaeva Karajeva image
  1065. Navicula burckii_('burcki') Reinhold image
  1066. Navicula bushmanorum Cholnoky image
  1067. Navicula butreensis Foged image
  1068. Navicula caddoensis Bond image
  1069. Navicula cadeei B. Van de Vijver & C. Cocquyt
  1070. Navicula cadoi Z. Levkov & S. Krstic
  1071. Navicula caduca Hustedt image
  1072. Navicula caeca A. Mann image
  1073. Navicula caenosus J.R. Carter image
  1074. Navicula calcuttensis Skvortzov image
  1075. Navicula calcuttensis var. gracillis Skvortzov image
  1076. Navicula caldwellii Bastow image
  1077. Navicula caldwellii R.F. Bastow
  1078. Navicula calida Hendey image
  1079. Navicula calida N.I. Hendey
  1080. Navicula californica Greville
  1081. Navicula californica var. campechiana Grunow image
  1082. Navicula californica var. elliptica H. Peragallo
  1083. Navicula caliginosa Cleve & Grove image
  1084. Navicula calva Østrup image
  1085. Navicula calvata Manguin image
  1086. Navicula camerata Cholnoky image
  1087. Navicula campanilae Cholnoky image
  1088. Navicula campbellii P. Petit
  1089. Navicula campbellii Petit image
  1090. Navicula campylodiscus Ehrenberg
  1091. Navicula campylodiscus Grunow image
  1092. Navicula campylodiscus var. minor H. Peragallo & M. Peragallo
  1093. Navicula campylogramma Ehrenberg image
  1094. Navicula campylogramma Ehrenberg image
  1095. Navicula canali-kharicutensis Guiry & Karthick
  1096. Navicula canaliculata Cleve image
  1097. Navicula canalis Patrick image
  1098. Navicula canariana Lange-Bertalot
  1099. Navicula cancellata Donkin image
  1100. Navicula cancellata f. constricta P. Schulz image
  1101. Navicula cancellata f. minor P. Schulz image
  1102. Navicula cancellata f. stauroneiformis P. Schulz image
  1103. Navicula cancellata var. ammophila (Grunow) Van Heurck image
  1104. Navicula cancellata var. brasiliensis Zimmermann image
  1105. Navicula cancellata var. gregorii (Ralfs) Grunow image
  1106. Navicula cancellata var. impressa (Lagerstedt) Grunow image
  1107. Navicula cancellata var. interrupta Mereschkowsky image
  1108. Navicula cancellata var. interrupta Mereschkowsky image
  1109. Navicula cancellata var. maroccana Cleve image
  1110. Navicula cancellata var. minuta Grunow image
  1111. Navicula cancellata var. retusa (Brebisson) Cleve image
  1112. Navicula cancellata var. scaldensis Van Heurck image
  1113. Navicula cancellata var. schmidtii Grunow image
  1114. Navicula cancellata var. subapiculata Grunow image
  1115. Navicula candida Schumann image
  1116. Navicula canoris Hohn & Hellerman
  1117. Navicula canoris M.H. Hohn & Hellerman image
  1118. Navicula cantonatii H. Lange-Bertalot
  1119. Navicula cantonensis Ehrenberg image
  1120. Navicula capensis M. Peragallo image
  1121. Navicula capillata Giffen image
  1122. Navicula capitata Cleve image
  1123. Navicula capitata Ehrenberg
  1124. Navicula capitata Ehrenberg {invalid}
  1125. Navicula capitata Ehrenberg {invalid}
  1126. Navicula capitata Fontell image
  1127. Navicula capitata Fontell {illegitimate}
  1128. Navicula capitata var. hungarica (Grunow) R. Ross image
  1129. Navicula capitata var. luneburgensis (Grunow) Patrick image
  1130. Navicula capitatoradiata H. Germain {invalid}
  1131. Navicula capitellata Cleve-Euler image
  1132. Navicula capitellata Skvortzov image
  1133. Navicula capitulata Frenguelli image
  1134. Navicula capitulata var. punensis Frenguelli image
  1135. Navicula capsa Hohn image
  1136. Navicula capsula Cleve-Euler image
  1137. Navicula caractacus M.H. Hohn & Hellerman image
  1138. Navicula carassius Ehrenberg image
  1139. Navicula cardinaliculus (Cleve) Mann image
  1140. Navicula cardinaliculus var. margaritacea Zimmermann image
  1141. Navicula cardinalis Ehrenberg image
  1142. Navicula cardinalis var. africana Brun image
  1143. Navicula cardinalis var. subconstricta Rattray
  1144. Navicula carecti Cholnoky image
  1145. Navicula cari Ehrenberg image
  1146. Navicula cari f. indica Sarode & Kamat image
  1147. Navicula cari var. angusta 'Van Heurck' image
  1148. Navicula cari var. cincta (Ehrenberg) Lange-Bertalot image
  1149. Navicula cari var. divergentissima R. Maillard {invalid}
  1150. Navicula cari var. linearis (Østrup) Cleve- Euler image
  1151. Navicula cari var. minor Krasske image
  1152. Navicula cari var. recens H. Lange-Bertalot
  1153. Navicula cari var. rostrata Skvortzov
  1154. Navicula caribaea Cleve
  1155. Navicula carinata (Schumann) Cleve-Euler image
  1156. Navicula carinata Ehrenberg image
  1157. Navicula carinifera Grunow image
  1158. Navicula carinifera var. densius-striata A.W.F. Schmidt image
  1159. Navicula carinifera var. laxepunctata Cleve image
  1160. Navicula carinifera var. minor Grunow image
  1161. Navicula cariocincta Lange-Bertalot {invalid}
  1162. Navicula cariocinctae H. Lange-Bertalot
  1163. Navicula carlae A. Witkowski, H. Lange-Bertalot & J.P. Kociolek
  1164. Navicula carloffii Foged image
  1165. Navicula carminata var. africana Cholnoky image
  1166. Navicula carniolensis Hustedt image
  1167. Navicula carolinensis Ehrenberg image
  1168. Navicula caroliniae L. Bahls
  1169. Navicula caroliniana Patrick image
  1170. Navicula caroliniana R. Patrick
  1171. Navicula carpathorum Pantocsek image
  1172. Navicula carpathorum Pantocsek image
  1173. Navicula carpathorum var. bivittata Pantocsek image
  1174. Navicula carstensenii Foged image
  1175. Navicula carvajaliana Patrick image
  1176. Navicula carvajaliana var. attenuata Patrick image
  1177. Navicula cascadensis H.E. Sovereign
  1178. Navicula cascadensis H.E. Sovereign {invalid}
  1179. Navicula cascadensis Sovereign image
  1180. Navicula casertana De Notaris image
  1181. Navicula cassieana Foged image
  1182. Navicula castracanei Grunow image
  1183. Navicula castracanei var. caledonica (Cleve) M. Peragallo
  1184. Navicula castracanei var. philippinarum (Cleve) M. Peragallo
  1185. Navicula catalanogermanica Lange-Bertalot & G. Hofmann
  1186. Navicula catalanogermanica Lange-Bertalot & G. Hofmann {invalid}
  1187. Navicula cataracta-rheni Lange-Bertalot
  1188. Navicula cataractarheni Lange-Bertalot {invalid}
  1189. Navicula cataractarum Hustedt image
  1190. Navicula catarinensis G. Krasske
  1191. Navicula catarinensis Krasske image
  1192. Navicula caterva M.H. Hohn & Hellerman image
  1193. Navicula catharinae Ehrenberg image
  1194. Navicula caudata M.S. Kulikovskiy, D. Metzeltin & H. Lange-Bertalot
  1195. Navicula caudata var. austrolacustris E.V. Rodionova & G.V. Pomazkina
  1196. Navicula caudata var. elliptica G.V. Pomazkina, E.V. Rodionova & T.A. Sherbakova
  1197. Navicula caudata var. romboidea G.V. Pomazkina, E.V. Rodionova & T.A. Sherbakova
  1198. Navicula caudata var. skvortzowii E.V. Rodionova & G.V. Pomazkina
  1199. Navicula caupulus Hohn image
  1200. Navicula cavernae Cholnoky image
  1201. Navicula ceciliae B. Van de Vijver, A. Jarlman, & H. Lange-Bertalot
  1202. Navicula cefarellii A.A. Vouilloud & J.M. Guerrero
  1203. Navicula celinei A. Witkowski, D. Metzeltin, & H. Lange-Bertalot
  1204. Navicula cellesensis Heribaud & Peragallo image
  1205. Navicula cendronii Manguin image
  1206. Navicula centrafricana Fusey {invalid}
  1207. Navicula centrafricana var. elongata Fusey
  1208. Navicula centraster Cleve image
  1209. Navicula centropunctata Hustedt
  1210. Navicula ceratogramma Ehrenberg image
  1211. Navicula ceratostigma Ehrenberg image
  1212. Navicula ceres Schumann image
  1213. Navicula cerevisiae_('cerevisia') B. Laslandes & J.P. Kociolek
  1214. Navicula cerneutia Hohn image
  1215. Navicula certa Hustedt image
  1216. Navicula certa Meister image
  1217. Navicula cesatii Rabenhorst
  1218. Navicula ceylanensis Leuduger-Fortmorel image
  1219. Navicula chaberti Heribaud image
  1220. Navicula chabertii_('Chaberti') Héribaud
  1221. Navicula chadwickii Foged image
  1222. Navicula challengeri Grunow
  1223. Navicula chandolensis Gandhi image
  1224. Navicula chandolensis var. capitata Gandhi image
  1225. Navicula chansiensis Skvortzov
  1226. Navicula charcotii M. Peragallo image
  1227. Navicula charcotii Peragallo
  1228. Navicula charcotii var. fossilis Frenguelli
  1229. Navicula charcotii var. magellanica Frenguelli
  1230. Navicula charlatii M. Peragallo
  1231. Navicula charlatii f. chilensis (Hustedt) Hustedt image
  1232. Navicula charlatii f. simplex Hustedt
  1233. Navicula charlatii var. chilensis Hustedt
  1234. Navicula charlatii var. jogensis -- image
  1235. Navicula charlatii var. jogensis H.P. Gandhi
  1236. Navicula charlatii var. lanceolata Gandhi image
  1237. Navicula charlatii var. lanceolata H.P. Gandhi
  1238. Navicula charlottae Foged image
  1239. Navicula charontis Ehrenberg image
  1240. Navicula charontis Ehrenberg image
  1241. Navicula chasei Cholnoky image
  1242. Navicula chasmaensis Foged image
  1243. Navicula chasmigera Cholnoky image
  1244. Navicula chaspula J.R. Carter & Denny image
  1245. Navicula chassagnei Heribaud image
  1246. Navicula chauhanii H.P. Gandhi ex Karthick
  1247. Navicula chauhanii H.P. Gandhi {invalid}
  1248. Navicula cheldonensis R.F. Bastow
  1249. Navicula chersonensis Grunow image
  1250. Navicula cherubim R. Ross image
  1251. Navicula chi Cleve image
  1252. Navicula chiarae H. Lange-Bertalot & S.I. Genkal
  1253. Navicula chiengmaiensis Foged image
  1254. Navicula chilensis (Ehrenberg) Kützing image
  1255. Navicula chimmoana O'Meara image
  1256. Navicula chinensis Skvortzov image
  1257. Navicula chloridorum Cholnoky image
  1258. Navicula cholnokyana Foged image
  1259. Navicula cholnokyi H.P. Gandhi image
  1260. Navicula chordata Archibald image
  1261. Navicula chrissiana Cholnoky image
  1262. Navicula chutteri Cholnoky image
  1263. Navicula chyzeri_('chyzerii') Pantocsek image
  1264. Navicula ciliata Corda
  1265. Navicula cimex Cholnoky image
  1266. Navicula cincta (Ehrenberg) Ralfs image
  1267. Navicula cincta Pantocsek image
  1268. Navicula cincta f. curta J.B. Petersen image
  1269. Navicula cincta f. major Holsinger image
  1270. Navicula cincta f. minuta Van Heurck
  1271. Navicula cincta f. sphagnicola Skvortzov image
  1272. Navicula cincta var. angusta (Grunow) Cleve image
  1273. Navicula cincta var. cari (Ehrenberg) Cleve image
  1274. Navicula cincta var. genuina Mayer image
  1275. Navicula cincta var. heufleri (Grunow) Van Heurck image
  1276. Navicula cincta var. kansouensis Skvortzov
  1277. Navicula cincta var. leptocephala (Brebisson) Van Heurck image
  1278. Navicula cincta var. linearis Østrup image
  1279. Navicula cincta var. minuta Skvortzov image
  1280. Navicula cincta var. paucistriata Skvortzov image
  1281. Navicula cincta var. rostrata Reimer image
  1282. Navicula cincta var. siamensis Østrup image
  1283. Navicula cincta var. stricta R. d'Aubert image
  1284. Navicula cincta-magna_('cincta magna') J. Brun image
  1285. Navicula cinctaeformis Hustedt image
  1286. Navicula cingens Skvortzov
  1287. Navicula cingulatoides Cholnoky image
  1288. Navicula cinna M.H. Hohn & Hellerman image
  1289. Navicula circumnodosa Brun image
  1290. Navicula circumsecta (Grunow) Grunow image
  1291. Navicula circumtexta Meister ex Hustedt
  1292. Navicula circumvallata (Cleve) Cleve image
  1293. Navicula cistella Greville image
  1294. Navicula citrea A.W.F. Schmidt image
  1295. Navicula citriformis Lupikina image
  1296. Navicula citrus A. Cleve-Euler image
  1297. Navicula citrus Cleve-Euler image
  1298. Navicula citrus Krasske
  1299. Navicula clagesii G. Moser, H. Lange-Bertalot & D. Metzeltin
  1300. Navicula clamans Hustedt
  1301. Navicula clamans var. africana Cholnoky image
  1302. Navicula clamans var. minor Cholnoky image
  1303. Navicula clancula A.W.F. Schmidt image
  1304. Navicula clarensiana Schoeman image
  1305. Navicula claromontensis Heribaud image
  1306. Navicula clathrata Østrup image
  1307. Navicula clausa T. Marsson
  1308. Navicula clavata Gregory
  1309. Navicula clavata f. corpulenta (Mann) Hustedt image
  1310. Navicula clavata f. elliptica (A.W.F. Schmidt) Hustedt image
  1311. Navicula clavata f. elongata (Peragallo) Hustedt image
  1312. Navicula clavata f. indica (Greville) Hustedt image
  1313. Navicula clavata f. minor Cleve image
  1314. Navicula clavata f. minuta Cleve image
  1315. Navicula clavata f. proxima (Janisch) Hustedt image
  1316. Navicula clavata f. rhombica (Cleve) Hustedt image
  1317. Navicula clavata f. subconstricta Hustedt
  1318. Navicula clavata f. venustoides (Mereschkowsky) Hustedt image
  1319. Navicula clavata var. caribaea (Cleve) H. Peragallo image
  1320. Navicula clavata var. distenta (Kuntze) Hustedt image
  1321. Navicula clavata var. elliptica A.W.F. Schmidt image
  1322. Navicula clavata var. elongata H. Peragallo
  1323. Navicula clavata var. exsul (A. Schmidt) Cleve
  1324. Navicula clavata var. exsul (A.W.F. Schmidt) Cleve image
  1325. Navicula clavata var. indica (Greville) Cleve image
  1326. Navicula clavata var. proxima (Janisch) Cleve image
  1327. Navicula clavata var. rhombica Cleve image
  1328. Navicula clavata var. sparsa A. Amossé
  1329. Navicula clavata var. venustoides (Mereschkowsky) Amosse image
  1330. Navicula claviana O'Meara image
  1331. Navicula claviculus Gregory image
  1332. Navicula clementioides Hustedt image
  1333. Navicula clementis Grunow image
  1334. Navicula clementis f. major Compère image
  1335. Navicula clementis var. alaskaensis Foged image
  1336. Navicula clementis var. japonica Kobayasi image
  1337. Navicula clementis var. lanceolata Frenguelli
  1338. Navicula clementis var. quadristigmata Manguin image
  1339. Navicula clementis var. quadristigmatica E. Manguin ex Kociolek & Reviers
  1340. Navicula clementis var. quadristigmatica E. Manguin {invalid}
  1341. Navicula clementis var. rhombica Brockmann
  1342. Navicula clepsydra Donkin image
  1343. Navicula clericii Frenguelli image
  1344. Navicula clevei Lagerstedt image
  1345. Navicula climacospheniae Booth image
  1346. Navicula clipeiformis D. König image
  1347. Navicula clipeiformis D. König
  1348. Navicula cloacina H. Lange-Bertalot & K. Bonik
  1349. Navicula cluthensis Gregory image
  1350. Navicula cluthensis f. rostrata (Simonsen) Simonsen image
  1351. Navicula cluthensis var. erythraea (Grunow) Cleve image
  1352. Navicula cluthensis var. finmarchica Grunow
  1353. Navicula cluthensis var. maculifera Cleve
  1354. Navicula cluthensis var. minesta Wolle
  1355. Navicula cluthensis var. minuta Cleve
  1356. Navicula cluthensis var. novae-zealandiae Grunow image
  1357. Navicula cluthensis var. novaezealandiae_('Novae Zealandiae') Grunow
  1358. Navicula cluthensis var. producta O'Meara image
  1359. Navicula cluthensis var. striolata Grunow
  1360. Navicula cluthensoides Hustedt image
  1361. Navicula clypeus Ehrenberg
  1362. Navicula coarctata A. Schmidt
  1363. Navicula coarctata A.W.F. Schmidt image
  1364. Navicula coarctata Ehrenberg image
  1365. Navicula coccinella D. Metzeltin & H. Lange-Bertalot
  1366. Navicula cocconeiformis Gregory ex Greville
  1367. Navicula cocconeiformis Schumann image
  1368. Navicula cocconeiformis f. elliptica Hustedt
  1369. Navicula cocconeiformis f. parva D. McCall image
  1370. Navicula cocconeiformis var. bifurcata C.S. Singh image
  1371. Navicula cocconeiformis var. capitata Krasske image
  1372. Navicula cocconeiformis var. oblonga H.P. Gandhi image
  1373. Navicula cocconeis Ehrenberg image
  1374. Navicula cocconeoides (Rabenhorst) Ralfs image
  1375. Navicula cocconioides J.R. Carter image
  1376. Navicula coccus Schumann image
  1377. Navicula cochlearis Eichwald image
  1378. Navicula cocquytiae_('cocquytae') Z. Levkov & T. Nakov
  1379. Navicula coei Cholnoky image
  1380. Navicula coelata (Arnott Walker) Cleve image
  1381. Navicula coelata (Walker-Arnott ex Greville) Cleve
  1382. Navicula coerulea O'Meara image
  1383. Navicula coerulescens T. Marsson
  1384. Navicula coffeiformis A. Schmidt image
  1385. Navicula coffeiformis var. densestriata A.W.F. Schmidt image
  1386. Navicula coffeiformis var. subcircularis A.W.F. Schmidt image
  1387. Navicula cohnii (Hilse) Lange-Bertalot image
  1388. Navicula colii Héribaud
  1389. Navicula colii Heribaud image
  1390. Navicula collersonii D. Roberts & A. McMinn
  1391. Navicula collisiana O'Meara image
  1392. Navicula columbiana Hustedt image
  1393. Navicula columnaris Ehrenberg image
  1394. Navicula columnaris var. undulata Frenguelli image
  1395. Navicula comerei Heribaud image
  1396. Navicula commixta Brebisson image
  1397. Navicula commutabilis Hustedt image
  1398. Navicula commutabilis f. lanceolata Hustedt image
  1399. Navicula commutata Grunow
  1400. Navicula compacta Greville image
  1401. Navicula compar Janisch image
  1402. Navicula comperei Coste & Ricard image
  1403. Navicula complanata 'Ehrenberg' image
  1404. Navicula complanata (Grunow) Grunow image
  1405. Navicula complanata J. Brun image
  1406. Navicula complanata var. hyperborea (Grunow) Cleve image
  1407. Navicula complanata var. subinflata (Grunow) Cleve image
  1408. Navicula complanatoides Hustedt image
  1409. Navicula complanatoides Hustedt ex R. Simonsen
  1410. Navicula complanatoides Hustedt {invalid}
  1411. Navicula complanatula Hustedt image
  1412. Navicula complanatula Hustedt ex R. Simonsen
  1413. Navicula complanatula Hustedt {invalid}
  1414. Navicula completa Hustedt image
  1415. Navicula completaoides Foged image
  1416. Navicula compositestriata Jasnitsky
  1417. Navicula compositestriata var. rostrata Skabichevskii image
  1418. Navicula compressicauda A. Schmidt image
  1419. Navicula concamerata Hustedt image
  1420. Navicula concava Harting image
  1421. Navicula concava Patrick image
  1422. Navicula concentrica Bailey image
  1423. Navicula concentrica J.R. Carter image
  1424. Navicula concentrica J.R. Carter {illegitimate}
  1425. Navicula concilians Cleve
  1426. Navicula concilians var. clevei Mereschkowsky image
  1427. Navicula concinna Hustedt image
  1428. Navicula concordia C. Riaux-Gobin & A. Witkowski
  1429. Navicula confecta A. Schmidt
  1430. Navicula confecta A.W.F. Schmidt image
  1431. Navicula confederata Pantocsek image
  1432. Navicula confervacea (Kützing) Grunow image
  1433. Navicula confervacea f. nipponica Skvortzov
  1434. Navicula confervacea f. rostrata Krasske
  1435. Navicula confervacea var. baikalensis Skvortzov image
  1436. Navicula confervacea var. hungarica Grunow image
  1437. Navicula confervacea var. laterostrata H.P. Gandhi ex Karthick
  1438. Navicula confervacea var. laterostrata H.P. Gandhi {invalid}
  1439. Navicula confervacea var. peregrina (W. Smith) Grunow image
  1440. Navicula confervacea var. tenuis H.P. Gandhi ex Karthick
  1441. Navicula confervacea var. tenuis H.P. Gandhi {invalid}
  1442. Navicula confidens Cholnoky image
  1443. Navicula confoederata Pantocsek image
  1444. Navicula confundens Molinari & Guiry
  1445. Navicula confusa B. Laslandes & J.P. Kociolek {illegitimate}
  1446. Navicula confusa Manguin
  1447. Navicula congerana Hagelstein image
  1448. Navicula congeriana_('Congerana') Hagelstein
  1449. Navicula congolensis Hustedt
  1450. Navicula congrua Janisch image
  1451. Navicula conjugata Turpin image
  1452. Navicula conjuncta Hustedt image
  1453. Navicula connectens (Grunow) Cleve image
  1454. Navicula conops (Ehrenberg) Kützing image
  1455. Navicula consanguinea Cleve image
  1456. Navicula conscensa Cholnoky image
  1457. Navicula consentanea Hustedt image
  1458. Navicula consimilis A. Schmidt image
  1459. Navicula consors A.W.F. Schmidt image
  1460. Navicula conspersa Ehrenberg image
  1461. Navicula conspersa Ehrenberg {invalid}
  1462. Navicula conspersa Pantocsek
  1463. Navicula conspicua A.W.F. Schmidt image
  1464. Navicula constans Hustedt
  1465. Navicula constans var. symmetrica Hustedt
  1466. Navicula constricta (Ehrenberg) Schütt image
  1467. Navicula constricta Ehrenberg
  1468. Navicula constricta Grunow image
  1469. Navicula constricta Pero image
  1470. Navicula constricta var. linearis Mereschkowsky image
  1471. Navicula contempta Krasske image
  1472. Navicula contempta Krasske image
  1473. Navicula contenta Grunow
  1474. Navicula contenta f. attenuata Manguin
  1475. Navicula contenta f. biceps Arnott image
  1476. Navicula contenta f. elliptica (Krasske) Krasske image
  1477. Navicula contenta f. elongata Cholnoky image
  1478. Navicula contenta f. gigantea Cholnoky image
  1479. Navicula contenta f. inflata Manguin image
  1480. Navicula contenta f. parallela (J.B. Petersen) Cleve-Euler image
  1481. Navicula contenta f. parallela (J.B. Petersen) Hustedt
  1482. Navicula contenta f. parallela (J.B. Petersen) Krasske image
  1483. Navicula contenta f. undulata Cholnoky image
  1484. Navicula contenta f. undulata Manguin image
  1485. Navicula contenta var. biceps (Grunow) Van Heurck image
  1486. Navicula contenta var. elliptica Krasske image
  1487. Navicula contenta var. opulenta Cleve-Euler image
  1488. Navicula contenta var. parallela J.B. Petersen
  1489. Navicula contenta var. robusta J. Brun image
  1490. Navicula contenta var. typica Ross image
  1491. Navicula contentaeformis E. Manguin {invalid}
  1492. Navicula contentaeformis Manguin image
  1493. Navicula contermina A.W.F. Schmidt image
  1494. Navicula contigua A.W.F. Schmidt image
  1495. Navicula contorta Kitton image
  1496. Navicula contortula Sovereign image
  1497. Navicula contracta Ehrenberg image
  1498. Navicula contracta Grunow image
  1499. Navicula contraria Patrick image
  1500. Navicula controversa Mann image
  1501. Navicula conveniens Hustedt
  1502. Navicula conveniens var. rostrata Hohn image
  1503. Navicula conventus Heiden
  1504. Navicula convergens Patrick image
  1505. Navicula convergens R. Patrick
  1506. Navicula convexa W. Smith image
  1507. Navicula conveyi B. Van de Vijver
  1508. Navicula copiosa A. Schmidt
  1509. Navicula copiosa A.W.F. Schmidt image
  1510. Navicula coquedensis Donkin image
  1511. Navicula coraliana D. Metzeltin & H. Lange-Bertalot
  1512. Navicula corbieri Heribaud image
  1513. Navicula cordillerae Frenguelli image
  1514. Navicula cornubiensis Hendey image
  1515. Navicula corpulenta A. Mann image
  1516. Navicula correpta A.W.F. Schmidt image
  1517. Navicula corrugata É. Manguin
  1518. Navicula corrugata Manguin image
  1519. Navicula cortanensis Krasske image
  1520. Navicula corticola E. Manguin ex J.P. Kociolek & B. Reviers
  1521. Navicula corticola E. Manguin {invalid}
  1522. Navicula corticola Manguin image
  1523. Navicula corymbosa (C. Agardh) Cleve
  1524. Navicula cosmaria Brebisson image
  1525. Navicula costata (Ehrenberg) Héribaud {illegitimate}
  1526. Navicula costata Corda
  1527. Navicula costata Ehrenberg
  1528. Navicula costata Kützing image
  1529. Navicula costata Kützing {illegitimate}
  1530. Navicula costata var. minor Kützing image
  1531. Navicula costei Héribaud
  1532. Navicula costei Heribaud image
  1533. Navicula costei var. bacillaris Heribaud image
  1534. Navicula costulata Grunow
  1535. Navicula costulata f. curta Skvortzov image
  1536. Navicula costulata var. baikalensis Skvortzov image
  1537. Navicula costulata var. nipponica Skvortzov image
  1538. Navicula costulata var. sibirica Skvortzov image
  1539. Navicula costulata var. tenuirostris Skvortzov
  1540. Navicula costuloides Skvortzov
  1541. Navicula cotiformis Grunow image
  1542. Navicula couperi (Bailey) Ralfs image
  1543. Navicula crabro (Ehrenberg) Kützing image
  1544. Navicula crabro var. denticulata (O'Meara) O'Meara image
  1545. Navicula crabro var. intermedia O'Meara image
  1546. Navicula crabro var. japonica A.W.F. Schmidt image
  1547. Navicula crabro var. multicostata (Grunow) Grunow image
  1548. Navicula crabro var. nankoorensis Grunow image
  1549. Navicula crabro var. oranensis A.W.F. Schmidt image
  1550. Navicula crabro var. pandura (Brebisson) Rabenhorst image
  1551. Navicula crabroniformis Grunow image
  1552. Navicula crassa Gregory image
  1553. Navicula crassinervia Brébisson ex W. Smith
  1554. Navicula crassinervia Brebisson ex W. Smith image
  1555. Navicula crassirostris Grunow image
  1556. Navicula crassirostris var. maasoensis Grunow image
  1557. Navicula crassula Naegeli ex Kützing image
  1558. Navicula crassulexigua E. Reichardt
  1559. Navicula crateri Patrick image
  1560. Navicula craticula Ehrenberg image
  1561. Navicula craticula Ehrenberg image
  1562. Navicula craticularis Frenguelli image
  1563. Navicula craticuloides Y. Li & D. Metzeltin
  1564. Navicula cravenii Leuduger-Fortmorel image
  1565. Navicula cravenii_('Craveni') Leuduger-Fortmorel
  1566. Navicula crebra Hustedt
  1567. Navicula cregutii Heribaud & M. Peragallo image
  1568. Navicula cregutii var. lanceolata M. Peragallo & Heribaud image
  1569. Navicula cremeri B. Van de Vijver & R. Zidarova
  1570. Navicula cremorne M.H. Hohn & Hellerman image
  1571. Navicula cremorne var. salinarum Negoro & Gotoh image
  1572. Navicula crepitacula J.R. Carter & Denny image
  1573. Navicula creuzburgensis Krasske image
  1574. Navicula creuzburgensis Krasske image
  1575. Navicula creuzburgensis var. multistriata Patrick image
  1576. Navicula criophila (Castracane) Van Heurck image
  1577. Navicula criophiliforma C. Riaux-Gobin & A. Witkowski
  1578. Navicula crispa Krasske
  1579. Navicula cristata Ehrenberg image
  1580. Navicula cristata Ehrenberg image
  1581. Navicula cristata M. Peragallo image
  1582. Navicula cristata var. curta Peragallo image
  1583. Navicula cristula Guermeur & Manguin image
  1584. Navicula crocodili Cholnoky image
  1585. Navicula cronullensis E.J.F. Wood image
  1586. Navicula crucialis Frenguelli image
  1587. Navicula cruciata Cleve image
  1588. Navicula cruciata Leuduger-Fortmorel image
  1589. Navicula crucicula (W. Smith) Donkin image
  1590. Navicula crucicula f. arctica Krasske image
  1591. Navicula crucicula f. turkestanica Kisseleva Kisseleva image
  1592. Navicula crucicula var. alaskana Patrick & Freese image
  1593. Navicula crucicula var. barrowiana Patrick & Freese image
  1594. Navicula crucicula var. capitata Skvortzov image
  1595. Navicula crucicula var. capitata Østrup image
  1596. Navicula crucicula var. cruciculoides (Brockmann) Lange-Bertalot image
  1597. Navicula crucicula var. lanceolata Frenguelli image
  1598. Navicula crucicula var. minor Cleve-Euler image
  1599. Navicula crucicula var. minuta (Grunow) Cleve image
  1600. Navicula crucicula var. obtusata Grunow image
  1601. Navicula crucicula var. orientalis Skvortzov image
  1602. Navicula crucicula var. protracta 'Grunow' image
  1603. Navicula crucicula var. protracta Grunow image
  1604. Navicula cruciculoides Brockmann
  1605. Navicula crucifera Grunow image
  1606. Navicula crucifera O'Meara image
  1607. Navicula crucifera var. capitata Østrup image
  1608. Navicula crucifix Tempère & Brun image
  1609. Navicula cruciformis Donkin image
  1610. Navicula cruciformis var. brevior Cleve image
  1611. Navicula cruciformis var. seyschellensis Grunow image
  1612. Navicula cruciformis var. upolensis Grunow image
  1613. Navicula crucigera (W. Smith) Cleve image
  1614. Navicula crucigera Ehrenberg
  1615. Navicula crucigera var. subhyalina Cleve-Euler image
  1616. Navicula crucigera var. typica Cleve-Euler image
  1617. Navicula crucigeriformis Hustedt image
  1618. Navicula crucigeroides Hustedt image
  1619. Navicula crux Ehrenberg image
  1620. Navicula cruxmeridionalis D. Metzeltin, H. Lange-Bertalot & F. García-Rodríguez
  1621. Navicula cryophila Manguin image
  1622. Navicula cryophila var. stauroptera Manguin image
  1623. Navicula cryptocefalsa Lange-Bertalot
  1624. Navicula cryptocephala Kützing image
  1625. Navicula cryptocephala f. minuta J.B. Petersen image
  1626. Navicula cryptocephala f. nanissima É. Manguin
  1627. Navicula cryptocephala f. nanissima Manguin image
  1628. Navicula cryptocephala f. terrestris J.W.G. Lund
  1629. Navicula cryptocephala var. angusta J.B. Petersen image
  1630. Navicula cryptocephala var. angustata (W. Smith) Brun image
  1631. Navicula cryptocephala var. australis Skuja image
  1632. Navicula cryptocephala var. baicalensis E.V. Rodionova & G.V. Pomazkina
  1633. Navicula cryptocephala var. hankensis Skvortzov image
  1634. Navicula cryptocephala var. intermedia Grunow
  1635. Navicula cryptocephala var. lanceolata Grunow image
  1636. Navicula cryptocephala var. lata V.S. Poretzky & Anissimova
  1637. Navicula cryptocephala var. latior Juhlin-Dannfelt image
  1638. Navicula cryptocephala var. major Suringar image
  1639. Navicula cryptocephala var. minor Grunow image
  1640. Navicula cryptocephala var. perminuta (Grunow) Cleve image
  1641. Navicula cryptocephala var. pumila (Grunow) Cleve image
  1642. Navicula cryptocephala var. rhynchocephala Grunow image
  1643. Navicula cryptocephala var. subsalina Hustedt image
  1644. Navicula cryptocephala var. veneta (Kützing) Rabenhorst image
  1645. Navicula cryptocephaloides Hustedt image
  1646. Navicula cryptocephaloides f. angusta Cholnoky image
  1647. Navicula cryptocephaloides var. capitata Krasske image
  1648. Navicula cryptofallax Lange-Bertalot & G. Hofmann
  1649. Navicula cryptofallax Lange-Bertalot & G. Hofmann {invalid}
  1650. Navicula cryptofallax var. tibetica D.A. Chudaev
  1651. Navicula cryptogaster R.L. Lowe
  1652. Navicula cryptolyra C. Brockmann
  1653. Navicula cryptorrhynchus Cholnoky image
  1654. Navicula cryptostriata Salah image
  1655. Navicula cryptotenella Lange-Bertalot image
  1656. Navicula cryptotenelloides Lange-Bertalot
  1657. Navicula crystallina Hustedt image
  1658. Navicula csaszkae_('Csaszkaae') Pantocsek
  1659. Navicula csaszkae_('csaszkaae') Pantocsek image
  1660. Navicula cubitus Tempère & Brun image
  1661. Navicula cucullus Pantocsek
  1662. Navicula cummerowii L. Kalbe {invalid}
  1663. Navicula cumvibia Hohn & Hellerman
  1664. Navicula cumvibia M.H. Hohn & Hellerman image
  1665. Navicula cunctans Schoeman image
  1666. Navicula cuneata O'Meara image
  1667. Navicula cuneatostriolata M.S. Kulikovskiy, H. Lange-Bertalot & D. Metzeltin
  1668. Navicula cuneicephala Mann image
  1669. Navicula cunoniae Cholnoky
  1670. Navicula curiosa Cholnoky image
  1671. Navicula curiosa Cholnoky {illegitimate}
  1672. Navicula curiosa Hustedt image
  1673. Navicula curta (A. Cleve) M. Peragallo image
  1674. Navicula curta Hustedt image
  1675. Navicula curta Hustedt {illegitimate}
  1676. Navicula curta var. elongata M. Peragallo image
  1677. Navicula curte-striata Østrup image
  1678. Navicula curtestria Pantocsek image
  1679. Navicula curtestriata Pantocsek image
  1680. Navicula curtestriata_(`curte-striata') Østrup {illegitimate}
  1681. Navicula curtisterna H. Lange-Bertalot
  1682. Navicula curtisternoides D.A. Chudaev & I Jüttner
  1683. Navicula curvilineata Mann image
  1684. Navicula curvinervia Grunow image
  1685. Navicula curvipunctata Leuduger-Fortmorel image
  1686. Navicula curvula Ehrenberg image
  1687. Navicula cuspidata (Kützing) Kützing image
  1688. Navicula cuspidata (Kützing) Kützing
  1689. Navicula cuspidata f. angusta Dippel image
  1690. Navicula cuspidata f. angusta Dippel image
  1691. Navicula cuspidata f. asymmetrica Dippel image
  1692. Navicula cuspidata f. brevirostrata Gandhi image
  1693. Navicula cuspidata f. capitata Dippel image
  1694. Navicula cuspidata f. crassa Venkataraman image
  1695. Navicula cuspidata f. craticula (Ehrenberg) Dippel image
  1696. Navicula cuspidata f. craticula Frenguelli image
  1697. Navicula cuspidata f. craticula Frenguelli image
  1698. Navicula cuspidata f. craticula M. Peragallo & Heribaud image
  1699. Navicula cuspidata f. creticularis Skvortzov image
  1700. Navicula cuspidata f. danaica (Grunow) Cleve-Euler image
  1701. Navicula cuspidata f. diminuta Cleve-Euler image
  1702. Navicula cuspidata f. elongata Skvortzov & Meyer image
  1703. Navicula cuspidata f. heribaudii_('heribaudi') (M. Peragallo) Cleve-Euler image
  1704. Navicula cuspidata f. indica Krishnamurthy image
  1705. Navicula cuspidata f. longicollis Suringar image
  1706. Navicula cuspidata f. minor Mayer image
  1707. Navicula cuspidata f. obtusa Dippel image
  1708. Navicula cuspidata f. primigena Dippel image
  1709. Navicula cuspidata f. primigena Dippel image
  1710. Navicula cuspidata f. robusta Gonzalves & Gandhi image
  1711. Navicula cuspidata f. rostrata Germain image
  1712. Navicula cuspidata f. subcapitata O. Müller image
  1713. Navicula cuspidata f. subrostrata Dippel image
  1714. Navicula cuspidata f. subrostrata Dippel image
  1715. Navicula cuspidata f. subrostrata O. Müller image
  1716. Navicula cuspidata f. tenuirostris Cleve-Euler image
  1717. Navicula cuspidata var. alaskaensis Foged image
  1718. Navicula cuspidata var. alpestris Brun image
  1719. Navicula cuspidata var. ambigua (Ehrenberg) Cleve image
  1720. Navicula cuspidata var. ambigua (Ehrenberg) Kirchner image
  1721. Navicula cuspidata var. amphisphenia (Ehrenberg) Rabenhorst image
  1722. Navicula cuspidata var. conspicua Venkataraman image
  1723. Navicula cuspidata var. danaica Grunow image
  1724. Navicula cuspidata var. elkabensis Muschler image
  1725. Navicula cuspidata var. genuina Grunow image
  1726. Navicula cuspidata var. gracilis M. Peragallo
  1727. Navicula cuspidata var. halophila Grunow
  1728. Navicula cuspidata var. hankae Skvortzov image
  1729. Navicula cuspidata var. heribaudii_('Heribaudi') M. Peragallo image
  1730. Navicula cuspidata var. lanceolata Grunow image
  1731. Navicula cuspidata var. major Frenguelli image
  1732. Navicula cuspidata var. major Meister
  1733. Navicula cuspidata var. major Venkataraman image
  1734. Navicula cuspidata var. maxima Mereschkowsky image
  1735. Navicula cuspidata var. mayeri Cleve-Euler image
  1736. Navicula cuspidata var. media Meister
  1737. Navicula cuspidata var. minima Comère image
  1738. Navicula cuspidata var. minor Mayer image
  1739. Navicula cuspidata var. obtusa Grunow image
  1740. Navicula cuspidata var. obtusa Patrick image
  1741. Navicula cuspidata var. obtusa R.M. Patrick {illegitimate}
  1742. Navicula cuspidata var. subrostrata (Dippel) Mayer image
  1743. Navicula cuspidata var. tibetica Jao image
  1744. Navicula cuspis O'Meara image
  1745. Navicula cuvella J.R. Carter & Denny image
  1746. Navicula cyclophora Castracane image
  1747. Navicula cyclops A. Mann image
  1748. Navicula cylindrata M.S. Kulikovskiy, H. Lange-Bertalot & D. Metzeltin
  1749. Navicula cymatopleura W. West & G.S. West
  1750. Navicula cymatopleura West & West image
  1751. Navicula cymbelliformis Cholnoky image
  1752. Navicula cymbelloides Jouse image
  1753. Navicula cymbula Donkin image
  1754. Navicula cynthia A.W.F. Schmidt image
  1755. Navicula cyprinus (Ehrenberg) Kützing image
  1756. Navicula cyprinus var. linearis (Hustedt) Hendey image
  1757. Navicula cyprinus var. rostrata (Hustedt) Hendey image
  1758. Navicula czekehazensis_('czekeházensis') Pantocsek image
  1759. Navicula dactylus (Ehrenberg) Kützing image
  1760. Navicula dactylus var. argentina Frenguelli image
  1761. Navicula dactylus var. lata Frenguelli image
  1762. Navicula dactylus var. minor Østrup image
  1763. Navicula dahomensis Hustedt image
  1764. Navicula dahurica Skabichevskií image
  1765. Navicula dahurica Skvortzov
  1766. Navicula dahurica var. elliptica Skabichevskií image
  1767. Navicula dailyi Reimer image
  1768. Navicula dalmatica Grunow image
  1769. Navicula damasii Hustedt
  1770. Navicula damongensis Foged image
  1771. Navicula daochengensis W. Zhang, D. Chudaev & T. Wang
  1772. Navicula dapaliformis Hustedt
  1773. Navicula dapalis Frenguelli
  1774. Navicula dapaloides Frenguelli
  1775. Navicula dariana A.W.F. Schmidt
  1776. Navicula dariana f. minor Lauby image
  1777. Navicula dariana var. miocenica Heribaud & Peragallo image
  1778. Navicula dartevellei Kufferath image
  1779. Navicula darwiniana A.W.R. Seddon & A. Witkowski
  1780. Navicula davidovichii D. Chudaev, A. Glushchenko, M. Kulikovskiy & J.P. Kociolek
  1781. Navicula davidsoniana O'Meara image
  1782. Navicula de-toniana Gutwinski image
  1783. Navicula de-toniana Gutwinski image
  1784. Navicula de-wittiana_('De Wittiana') C.H. Kain & E.A. Schultze image
  1785. Navicula dealpina Lange-Bertalot
  1786. Navicula dealpina Lange-Bertalot {invalid}
  1787. Navicula debegenica Cholnoky. image
  1788. Navicula debilis Pantocsek image
  1789. Navicula debilis Pantocsek image
  1790. Navicula debilissima Grunow image
  1791. Navicula debilitata M. Peragallo image
  1792. Navicula deblockii Heribaud image
  1793. Navicula debyi Pantocsek image
  1794. Navicula decens Pantocsek image
  1795. Navicula dechambrei Bourrelly & Manguin image
  1796. Navicula decipiens Castracane image
  1797. Navicula decipiens Cleve-Euler image
  1798. Navicula decipiens Meister image
  1799. Navicula decipiens O'Meara image
  1800. Navicula decipiens P. Cleve image
  1801. Navicula decissa J.R. Carter image
  1802. Navicula declinata Hustedt image
  1803. Navicula declivis Hustedt
  1804. Navicula decora (Greville) Østrup image
  1805. Navicula decora Ehrenberg
  1806. Navicula decora Grove & Sturt image
  1807. Navicula decrescens Cleve-Euler image
  1808. Navicula decrescens Heribaud image
  1809. Navicula decumana Pantocsek image
  1810. Navicula decurrens (Ehrenberg) Kützing image
  1811. Navicula decurrens f. tenuior Rabenhorst image
  1812. Navicula decurrens var. curtecostata Heribaud image
  1813. Navicula decurrens var. subsolaris Grunow image
  1814. Navicula decussata (Ehrenberg) Kützing image
  1815. Navicula decussata Ehrenberg image
  1816. Navicula decussepunctata R. Simonsen
  1817. Navicula decussepunctata Simonsen image
  1818. Navicula decussis Østrup
  1819. Navicula decussis var. subdecussis (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot image
  1820. Navicula decussis Østrup image
  1821. Navicula definita Grove & Sturt image
  1822. Navicula definita var. intermedia Cleve image
  1823. Navicula defluens Hustedt image
  1824. Navicula degenii Pantocsek image
  1825. Navicula dehissa Giffen image
  1826. Navicula delastriata M.H. Hohn & Hellerman image
  1827. Navicula delata A. Schmidt image
  1828. Navicula delawarensis Grunow ex Cleve
  1829. Navicula delawarensis var. clevei Heiden image
  1830. Navicula delecta A. Mann
  1831. Navicula delecta Meister image
  1832. Navicula delginensis O'Meara image
  1833. Navicula delicata Frenguelli
  1834. Navicula delicatilineolata H. Kobayasi & S. Mayama
  1835. Navicula delicatilineolata S. Mayama & H. Kobayasi {invalid}
  1836. Navicula delicatula Cleve image
  1837. Navicula delicatula Skvortzov image
  1838. Navicula delicatula Skvortzov image
  1839. Navicula delognei Van Heurck image
  1840. Navicula delognei f. elliptica Lobban image
  1841. Navicula delpiroui M. Peragallo image
  1842. Navicula delta Cleve image
  1843. Navicula deltaica D.E. Kellogg, M. Stuiver, T.B. Kellogg, & G.H. Denton
  1844. Navicula deltoides Hustedt
  1845. Navicula demerara Grunow image
  1846. Navicula demerara Grunow {illegitimate}
  1847. Navicula demerarae Cleve image
  1848. Navicula demerarae Ehrenberg image
  1849. Navicula demeraroides Hustedt
  1850. Navicula demissa Hustedt image
  1851. Navicula demta A.W.F. Schmidt image
  1852. Navicula denizotii Manguin image
  1853. Navicula densa Hustedt
  1854. Navicula densa var. fossilis Manguin image
  1855. Navicula denselineolata_(`densilineolata') (Lange-Bertalot) Lange-Bertalot
  1856. Navicula densepunctata Hustedt image
  1857. Navicula densestriata Hustedt image
  1858. Navicula densestriata var. acuta Skvortzov image
  1859. Navicula densistriata var. acuta Skvortzov & Noda image
  1860. Navicula densuensis Foged image
  1861. Navicula denticulata O'Meara image
  1862. Navicula denudata Pantocsek image
  1863. Navicula depauxii M. Peragallo image
  1864. Navicula depressa Cleve
  1865. Navicula derasa Grunow image
  1866. Navicula derasa var. erosa (Cleve) Gran image
  1867. Navicula derasa var. gracilenta Grunow image
  1868. Navicula derasa var. transitans R. Ross image
  1869. Navicula dermochelycola C. Riaux-Gobin, A. Witkowski, J.P. Kociolek, & D. Chevallier
  1870. Navicula descripta Hustedt
  1871. Navicula descripta var. arctica Patrick & Freese image
  1872. Navicula deserti Forti image
  1873. Navicula destituta Hustedt image
  1874. Navicula destricta Hustedt
  1875. Navicula detenta Hustedt
  1876. Navicula detersa (Grunow) Gran image
  1877. Navicula detersa Grunow image
  1878. Navicula diabolica Geissler & Gerloff image
  1879. Navicula diaculus Schumann image
  1880. Navicula diagonalis Bailey image
  1881. Navicula diahotana R. Maillard {invalid}
  1882. Navicula diaphana Ehrenberg image
  1883. Navicula diaphanea Manguin image
  1884. Navicula dibola Hohn image
  1885. Navicula dibrinatemniskovae R. Zidarova & B. Van de Vijver
  1886. Navicula dicephala Ehrenberg image
  1887. Navicula dicephala f. australis É. Manguin
  1888. Navicula dicephala f. australis Manguin image
  1889. Navicula dicephala f. capitata Manguin image
  1890. Navicula dicephala f. cuneata M. Møller ex Foged image
  1891. Navicula dicephala f. cuneata Max Møller ex Foged
  1892. Navicula dicephala f. intermedia Lauby image
  1893. Navicula dicephala f. pygmaea Mayer image
  1894. Navicula dicephala var. chilensis Hustedt image
  1895. Navicula dicephala var. constricta Cleve-Euler image
  1896. Navicula dicephala var. constricta Frenguelli image
  1897. Navicula dicephala var. constricta Frenguelli {illegitimate}
  1898. Navicula dicephala var. elginensis (Gregory) Cleve image
  1899. Navicula dicephala var. elliptica Voigt
  1900. Navicula dicephala var. genuina Mayer image
  1901. Navicula dicephala var. genuina Mayer image
  1902. Navicula dicephala var. lata M. Peragallo
  1903. Navicula dicephala var. neglecta (Krasske) Hustedt image
  1904. Navicula dicephala var. neglecta Hustedt
  1905. Navicula dicephala var. rostrata Ant. Mayer
  1906. Navicula dicephala var. sannicoensis J.M. Guerrero & A.A. Vouilloud
  1907. Navicula dicephala var. subcapitata Grunow image
  1908. Navicula dicephala var. undulata Østrup
  1909. Navicula dicephala var. undulata Østrup image
  1910. Navicula dicephaloides P. Fusey image
  1911. Navicula dicurvata O'Meara image
  1912. Navicula didyma (Ehrenberg) Kützing image
  1913. Navicula didyma var. andesitica Pantocsek image
  1914. Navicula didyma var. elesdiana_('elesdiana') Pantocsek image
  1915. Navicula didyma var. major H. Peragallo & M. Peragallo
  1916. Navicula didymus Ehrenberg
  1917. Navicula differta Pantocsek image
  1918. Navicula difficilis Grunow
  1919. Navicula difficillima Hustedt image
  1920. Navicula difficillima Hustedt
  1921. Navicula difficillimoides Hustedt image
  1922. Navicula diffluens A. Schmidt
  1923. Navicula diffluens A.W.F. Schmidt image
  1924. Navicula difformis Eichwald image
  1925. Navicula diffusa A.W.F. Schmidt image
  1926. Navicula diffusa var. balearica Cleve image
  1927. Navicula diffusa var. minor Cleve image
  1928. Navicula dificilis Pantocsek image
  1929. Navicula digito-radiata (Gregory) Ralfs image
  1930. Navicula digito-radiata f. ceylonica Skvortzov image
  1931. Navicula digito-radiata f. minor Cleve-Euler image
  1932. Navicula digito-radiata var. aegyptiaca Aleem image
  1933. Navicula digito-radiata var. angustior Grunow image
  1934. Navicula digito-radiata var. arctica Patrick & Freese image
  1935. Navicula digito-radiata var. elliptica (Østrup) A. Cleve image
  1936. Navicula digito-radiata var. elliptica Hustedt image
  1937. Navicula digito-radiata var. obesa Heribaud image
  1938. Navicula digito-radiata var. seychellensis Cleve image
  1939. Navicula digito-radiata var. striolata Grunow image
  1940. Navicula digitoconvergens H. Lange-Bertalot
  1941. Navicula digitoradiata f. linearis Hustedt image
  1942. Navicula digitoradiata f. minor Foged image
  1943. Navicula digitoradiata f. obtusata (N.I. Karaeva) N.I. Karaeva
  1944. Navicula digitoradiata var. cubaensis Foged image
  1945. Navicula digitoradiata var. elliptica Hustedt ex Simonsen {illegitimate}
  1946. Navicula digitoradiata var. minor Krasske image
  1947. Navicula digitoradiata var. rostrata Hustedt
  1948. Navicula digitoradiata var. rotindus C.S. Singh image
  1949. Navicula digitoradiata var. striolata Grunow
  1950. Navicula digitulus Hustedt
  1951. Navicula digitus (Ehrenberg) Ralfs image
  1952. Navicula digna Hustedt image
  1953. Navicula digna Hustedt
  1954. Navicula digrediens A.W.F. Schmidt image
  1955. Navicula dilatata Ehrenberg
  1956. Navicula dilatata Ehrenberg
  1957. Navicula dilucida Hustedt image
  1958. Navicula diluviana Krasske
  1959. Navicula dimidiata Dujardin image
  1960. Navicula dimidiata Mayer image
  1961. Navicula diomphala (Ehrenberg) Ralfs image
  1962. Navicula diploneoides Hustedt
  1963. Navicula diplosticta Grunow
  1964. Navicula directa (Smith) Ralfs image
  1965. Navicula directa (W. Smith) Brebisson image
  1966. Navicula directa var. angusta Grunow image
  1967. Navicula directa var. constricta Heiden image
  1968. Navicula directa var. cuneata Østrup image
  1969. Navicula directa var. decussatim-striata Grunow image
  1970. Navicula directa var. derasa Østrup image
  1971. Navicula directa var. genuina Cleve image
  1972. Navicula directa var. heterostriata Mereschkowsky image
  1973. Navicula directa var. heterostriata Mereschkowsky image
  1974. Navicula directa var. incus (A. Schmidt) Cleve image
  1975. Navicula directa var. javanica Cleve image
  1976. Navicula directa var. lata Østrup image
  1977. Navicula directa var. oceanica Karsten image
  1978. Navicula directa var. planctonica Frenguelli image
  1979. Navicula directa var. remota (Grunow) Cleve image
  1980. Navicula directa var. remota Grunow image
  1981. Navicula directa var. rostrata Heiden image
  1982. Navicula directa var. subtilis (Gregory) Cleve image
  1983. Navicula dirhynchus Ehrenberg image
  1984. Navicula dirrhombus A. Schmidt
  1985. Navicula dirrhombus A.W.F. Schmidt image
  1986. Navicula discernenda Pantocsek image
  1987. Navicula disclusa Hustedt image
  1988. Navicula discrepans A.W.F. Schmidt image
  1989. Navicula discreta Hustedt
  1990. Navicula disculus Schumann image
  1991. Navicula diserta Hustedt image
  1992. Navicula disertoides Cholnoky image
  1993. Navicula disjuncta Hustedt
  1994. Navicula disjuncta f. anglica Hustedt image
  1995. Navicula disjunctoides E. Manguin ex Kociolek & Reviers
  1996. Navicula disjunctoides E. Manguin {invalid}
  1997. Navicula disjunctoides Manguin image
  1998. Navicula dismutica Hustedt
  1999. Navicula dispar Schumann image
  2000. Navicula disparata Hustedt image
  2001. Navicula disparilis Hustedt
  2002. Navicula dispensata Hustedt & Manguin image
  2003. Navicula dispensata f. constricta (Manguin) Manguin image
  2004. Navicula dispensata f. rostrata (Manguin) Manguin image
  2005. Navicula dispersa Grove & Sturt image
  2006. Navicula dispersa J.R. Carter image
  2007. Navicula dispersa Manguin image
  2008. Navicula dispersa f. constricta Manguin image
  2009. Navicula dispersa f. rostrata Manguin image
  2010. Navicula dispersepunctata A.P. Skabichevskij
  2011. Navicula dispersepunctata Hustedt image
  2012. Navicula dispersepunctata Skabichevskií image
  2013. Navicula dispersepunctulata Hustedt image
  2014. Navicula disphenia (Ehrenberg) Kützing image
  2015. Navicula disposita Hustedt image
  2016. Navicula disposita f. minor Foged image
  2017. Navicula disputans Patrick image
  2018. Navicula dissimilis (Rabenhorst) Ralfs image
  2019. Navicula dissimilis W. Smith image
  2020. Navicula dissipata Hustedt {invalid}
  2021. Navicula dissociata E. Reichardt
  2022. Navicula dissuta Giffen image
  2023. Navicula distans (Smith) Ralfs image
  2024. Navicula distans (W. Smith) Brebisson. image
  2025. Navicula distans var. borealis Grunow image
  2026. Navicula distantepunctata Simonsen
  2027. Navicula distauridium Ehrenberg image
  2028. Navicula distenta A.W.F. Schmidt image
  2029. Navicula distenta Schumann image
  2030. Navicula disticha A.W.F. Schmidt image
  2031. Navicula disticha A.W.F. Schmidt image
  2032. Navicula distincta G.S. West image
  2033. Navicula distinctastriata M.H. Hohn & Hellerman image
  2034. Navicula distinguenda (Cleve) Pantocsek image
  2035. Navicula distoma Grunow image
  2036. Navicula distoma f. angustior Grunow image
  2037. Navicula distoma f. latior Grunow image
  2038. Navicula dithmarsica D. König image
  2039. Navicula dithmarsica D. König
  2040. Navicula diuturna Cholnoky image
  2041. Navicula diuturnoides Archibald image
  2042. Navicula divaricata É. Manguin {illegitimate}
  2043. Navicula divaricata Hustedt image
  2044. Navicula divaricata Manguin image
  2045. Navicula divergens (W. Smith) Grunow image
  2046. Navicula divergens A.W.F. Schmidt image
  2047. Navicula divergens f. major Frenguelli image
  2048. Navicula divergens f. minor A.W.F. Schmidt image
  2049. Navicula divergens f. minor Frenguelli image
  2050. Navicula divergens var. bacillaris M. Peragallo
  2051. Navicula divergens var. constricta M. Peragallo
  2052. Navicula divergens var. elliptica Grunow image
  2053. Navicula divergens var. elliptica Grunow {illeg.}
  2054. Navicula divergens var. elliptica O'Meara image
  2055. Navicula divergens var. laticeps Frenguelli image
  2056. Navicula divergens var. longa O'Meara image
  2057. Navicula divergens var. parallela (Brun) Frenguelli image
  2058. Navicula divergens var. prolongata J. Brun & M. Peragallo image
  2059. Navicula divergens var. undulata M. Peragallo & Héribaud
  2060. Navicula divergens var. undulata M. Peragallo & Heribaud image
  2061. Navicula divergens var. undulato-cuneata Heribaud image
  2062. Navicula divergentissima Grunow image
  2063. Navicula diversa Greville image
  2064. Navicula diversa Pantocsek image
  2065. Navicula diversestriata Jasnitsky
  2066. Navicula diversipunctata Hustedt image
  2067. Navicula diversistriata Hustedt image
  2068. Navicula diverta J.R. Carter image
  2069. Navicula doczii_('dóczii') Pantocsek image
  2070. Navicula dodowaensis Foged image
  2071. Navicula doehleri H. Lange-Bertalot
  2072. Navicula doello-juradoi Frenguelli image
  2073. Navicula doeringii Frenguelli image
  2074. Navicula doeringii var. cryptocephala Frenguelli image
  2075. Navicula doeringii var. undulata Frenguelli image
  2076. Navicula doljensis Pantocsek image
  2077. Navicula dolomitica W. Bock
  2078. Navicula dolomitica var. fossilis I. Kaczmarska
  2079. Navicula dolosa Giffen image
  2080. Navicula dolosa Manguin image
  2081. Navicula domiciliensis E. Reichardt
  2082. Navicula donkinia O'Meara image
  2083. Navicula donkinii A. Schmidt image
  2084. Navicula donkinii Carruthers image
  2085. Navicula dorenbergi Reichelt image
  2086. Navicula dorenbergii_('dorenbergi') Reichelt
  2087. Navicula dorogostaiskyi Østrup
  2088. Navicula dorogostaiskyi Østrup image
  2089. Navicula dosseti-azpeitia Moros image
  2090. Navicula drouetiana Patrick image
  2091. Navicula drouetiana R. Patrick
  2092. Navicula dubia Ehrenberg image
  2093. Navicula dubia Heiden image
  2094. Navicula dubia var. acuta Heiden image
  2095. Navicula dubia var. signata Pantocsek image
  2096. Navicula dubitanda Hustedt & Kolbe
  2097. Navicula dubitata Héribaud
  2098. Navicula dubitata Heribaud image
  2099. Navicula dubravicensis Grunow image
  2100. Navicula dubravicensis var. gallica Heribaud image
  2101. Navicula duerrenbergiana Hustedt {invalid}
  2102. Navicula dugaensis Foged image
  2103. Navicula dulcioides Foged image
  2104. Navicula dulcis Foged image
  2105. Navicula dulcis Krasske image
  2106. Navicula dulcis Patrick image
  2107. Navicula dulcis R. Patrick {illeg.}
  2108. Navicula dumontiae Baardseth & Taasen image
  2109. Navicula dunstonii Salah image
  2110. Navicula duomedia Patrick image
  2111. Navicula duomedia R. Patrick
  2112. Navicula duplex Nygaard image
  2113. Navicula duplex Pantocsek image
  2114. Navicula duplicata Ehrenberg image
  2115. Navicula duplocapitata Hustedt image
  2116. Navicula durrandii Kitton
  2117. Navicula durrandii f. rhomboidea (Castracane) Hustedt image
  2118. Navicula durrandii var. intermedia A.W.F. Schmidt image
  2119. Navicula durrandii var. rhomboidea (Castracane) A.W.F. Schmidt image
  2120. Navicula dutoitana Cholnoky image
  2121. Navicula dux (Ehrenberg) Ralfs image
  2122. Navicula dystrophica Patrick image
  2123. Navicula eastwoodii Hanna & Grant image
  2124. Navicula ebor M.H. Hohn & Hellerman image
  2125. Navicula eburnea Zanon image
  2126. Navicula ectorii_(`ectoris') B. Van de Vijver
  2127. Navicula effrenata Krasske image
  2128. Navicula egena A.W.F. Schmidt image
  2129. Navicula egeria Pantocsek image
  2130. Navicula egregia Hustedt
  2131. Navicula egregia f. elongata Compère image
  2132. Navicula egregia f. fennica Hustedt image
  2133. Navicula egyptiaca Greville image
  2134. Navicula ehrenbergii Kützing image
  2135. Navicula ehrenbergii Kützing {illegitimate}
  2136. Navicula ehrlichiae H. Lange-Bertalot & E. Reichardt
  2137. Navicula eichhorniaephila Manguin image
  2138. Navicula eichhorniophila var. peracuta R. Maillard {invalid}
  2139. Navicula eichhorniophila_('eichhorniaephila') E. Manguin ex Kociolek & Reviers
  2140. Navicula eichhorniophila_('eichhorniaephila') E. Manguin {invalid}
  2141. Navicula eidrigiana J.R. Carter image
  2142. Navicula eileencoxiana B. Van de Vijver & K. Sabbe
  2143. Navicula eileeniae M.G. Potapova & A. Ciugulea
  2144. Navicula ekholmensis Foged
  2145. Navicula elaborata Hustedt
  2146. Navicula elaphros M.H. Hohn & Hellerman image
  2147. Navicula elata Gandhi image
  2148. Navicula elata H.P. Gandhi {illegitimate}
  2149. Navicula elata Leuduger-Fortmorel image
  2150. Navicula electa Hustedt image
  2151. Navicula electrolytifuga H. Lange-Bertalot & U. Rumrich
  2152. Navicula elegans W. Smith
  2153. Navicula elegans f. crowbillensis Foged image
  2154. Navicula elegans f. cuspidata (Cleve) Hustedt
  2155. Navicula elegans var. cuspidata Cleve
  2156. Navicula elegantissima Meister image
  2157. Navicula elegantoides Hustedt
  2158. Navicula elegantula Grunow image
  2159. Navicula elenkinii Goryacheva image
  2160. Navicula elephantis Cholnoky image
  2161. Navicula elesdiana Pantocsek image
  2162. Navicula elevata Kobayasi image
  2163. Navicula elginensis (Gregory) Ralfs image
  2164. Navicula elginensis var. campylonema R.B. McLaughlin
  2165. Navicula elginensis var. cuneata (M. Møller ex Foged) Lange-Bertalot image
  2166. Navicula elginensis var. cuneata (Max Møller ex Foged) H. Lange-Bertalot {illegitimate}
  2167. Navicula elginensis var. cuneata H. Kobayasi
  2168. Navicula elginensis var. lata (M. Peragallo) Patrick
  2169. Navicula elginensis var. neglecta (Krasske) Patrick image
  2170. Navicula elginensis var. neglecta R. Patrick
  2171. Navicula elginensis var. rostrata (Ant. Mayer) Patrick
  2172. Navicula elkab O. Müller image
  2173. Navicula elkab O. Müller ex O. Müller
  2174. Navicula elkab O. Müller {invalid}
  2175. Navicula elkab f. lanceolata O. Müller image
  2176. Navicula elkab f. subcapitata O. Müller image
  2177. Navicula ellips Harting image
  2178. Navicula ellipsis Smith ex Norman image
  2179. Navicula elliptica Ehrenberg image
  2180. Navicula elliptica Kützing image
  2181. Navicula elliptica W. Smith image
  2182. Navicula elliptica f. duplo-major Petkoff image
  2183. Navicula elliptica f. extenta Rabenhorst image
  2184. Navicula elliptica f. inflata Gutwinski image
  2185. Navicula elliptica f. minor Rabenhorst image
  2186. Navicula elliptica var. cocconeoides (Rabenhorst) Rabenhorst image
  2187. Navicula elliptica var. costata O'Meara image
  2188. Navicula elliptica var. davidsonii O'Meara image
  2189. Navicula elliptica var. fossilis Pantocsek image
  2190. Navicula elliptica var. genuina Arnoldi & Aleksenko, inval. image
  2191. Navicula elliptica var. grandis Grunow image
  2192. Navicula elliptica var. grosse-punctata Pantocsek image
  2193. Navicula elliptica var. ladogensis (Cleve) E.N. Bolokhontsev image
  2194. Navicula elliptica var. maeotica Pantocsek image
  2195. Navicula elliptica var. major M. Peragallo & Heribaud image
  2196. Navicula elliptica var. minima f. parallela Istvánffi image
  2197. Navicula elliptica var. minor Grunow image
  2198. Navicula elliptica var. ovalis (W. Smith) O'Meara image
  2199. Navicula elliptica var. parva O'Meara image
  2200. Navicula elliptica var. quilinoi Deletang image
  2201. Navicula elliptica var. tropica Zimmermann image
  2202. Navicula elmorei Patrick image
  2203. Navicula elongata Ehrenberg image
  2204. Navicula elongata Grunow image
  2205. Navicula elongata Grunow image
  2206. Navicula elongata V.S. Poretzky {illegitimate}
  2207. Navicula elongatula Pantocsek image
  2208. Navicula elpatievskyi Østrup
  2209. Navicula elpatievskyi Østrup image
  2210. Navicula elsae-thum Pantocsek image
  2211. Navicula elsae-thum f. craticularis Pantocsek image
  2212. Navicula elsoniana Patrick & Freese image
  2213. Navicula emarginata Ehrenberg image
  2214. Navicula endophytica Hasle
  2215. Navicula engelbrechtii Cholnoky image
  2216. Navicula englertiae A. Witkowski, H. Lange-Bertalot & J.P. Kociolek
  2217. Navicula enigmatica H. Germain
  2218. Navicula ennediensis Compère
  2219. Navicula ennediensis Compère image
  2220. Navicula entoleia P. Cleve image
  2221. Navicula entoleia var. minor Patrick & Freese image
  2222. Navicula entomon Ehrenberg image
  2223. Navicula entomon var. thaitiana Castracane image
  2224. Navicula entzii Pantocsek image
  2225. Navicula enucleata Hustedt image
  2226. Navicula eocaenica Schrader image
  2227. Navicula eomenisculus M.E. Benson & J.P. Kociolek
  2228. Navicula episcopalis Cleve ex Migula
  2229. Navicula episcopalis f. lata Fritsch & Rich image
  2230. Navicula eponka Hohn image
  2231. Navicula epsilon Cleve image
  2232. Navicula equiornata É. Manguin
  2233. Navicula equiornata Manguin image
  2234. Navicula erdmannensis Foged
  2235. Navicula ergadensis (Gregory) Ralfs image
  2236. Navicula erifuga Lange-Bertalot image
  2237. Navicula erosa Cleve image
  2238. Navicula erosa var. crassa Østrup image
  2239. Navicula erosa var. elegans Østrup image
  2240. Navicula erythraea Grunow image
  2241. Navicula esamangensis Foged image
  2242. Navicula escambia (Patrick) D. Metzeltin & H. Lange-Bertalot
  2243. Navicula escorialis R. Simonsen
  2244. Navicula escorialis Simonsen image
  2245. Navicula esoculus Schumann image
  2246. Navicula esoculus f. elongata A.W.F. Schmidt image
  2247. Navicula esox (Ehrenberg) Kützing image
  2248. Navicula esox var. recta Heribaud image
  2249. Navicula esromensis N. Foged
  2250. Navicula eta Cleve
  2251. Navicula eudoxia A.W.F. Schmidt image
  2252. Navicula eugenia A.W.F. Schmidt image
  2253. Navicula eugeniae Cleve image
  2254. Navicula eumontana Messikommer image
  2255. Navicula euryale Ehrenberg image
  2256. Navicula eurycephala Rabenhorst image
  2257. Navicula eurysoma Ehrenberg image
  2258. Navicula euthimius J.L. Stone
  2259. Navicula evanida Hustedt
  2260. Navicula evexa Sovereign image
  2261. Navicula evulsa Giffen image
  2262. Navicula evulsa Giffen {illegitimate}
  2263. Navicula evulsa Østrup image
  2264. Navicula exasperans Kociolek & Reviers
  2265. Navicula excavata Greville
  2266. Navicula excavata subsp. hungarica (Pantocsek) R. Ross image
  2267. Navicula excavata var. angelorum 'Cleve' image
  2268. Navicula excavata var. angelorum Cleve image
  2269. Navicula excellens Carlson image
  2270. Navicula excelsa Krasske
  2271. Navicula excentrica Grunow
  2272. Navicula excentrica f. curta Grunow image
  2273. Navicula excepta S.L. VanLandingham
  2274. Navicula exemta A. Schmidt image
  2275. Navicula exemta A.W.F. Schmidt image
  2276. Navicula exigua (Gregory) Grunow {illegitimate}
  2277. Navicula exigua Dujardin image
  2278. Navicula exigua Gregory image
  2279. Navicula exigua Gregory {illegitimate}
  2280. Navicula exigua Pantocsek image
  2281. Navicula exigua f. minor Chadha & D.C. Pandey image
  2282. Navicula exigua f. stigmata O. Müller image
  2283. Navicula exigua f. transitoria Manguin image
  2284. Navicula exigua f. undulata Hustedt
  2285. Navicula exigua var. alaskaensis Manguin image
  2286. Navicula exigua var. alaskensis E. Manguin ex Kociolek & Reviers
  2287. Navicula exigua var. alaskensis_('alaskaensis') E. Manguin {invalid}
  2288. Navicula exigua var. calcuttensis Skvortzov image
  2289. Navicula exigua var. capitata Patrick image
  2290. Navicula exigua var. capitata Patrick image
  2291. Navicula exigua var. elliptica Hustedt
  2292. Navicula exigua var. lanceolata O. Müller image
  2293. Navicula exigua var. signata Hustedt
  2294. Navicula exigua var. sinica Skvortzov image
  2295. Navicula exiguiformis Hustedt
  2296. Navicula exiguiformis f. capitata Hustedt image
  2297. Navicula exiguiformis f. elliptica Hustedt image
  2298. Navicula exiguiformis f. undulata Hustedt image
  2299. Navicula exiguiformis var. von-hauseniae (Cholnoky) Cholnoky image
  2300. Navicula exiguoides_('exiguoidis') Hustedt
  2301. Navicula exiguoidis Hustedt image
  2302. Navicula exiliformis Reichardt
  2303. Navicula exilioides S. Mayama & H. Kobayasi
  2304. Navicula exilior Østrup image
  2305. Navicula exilis Grunow image
  2306. Navicula exilis Kützing image
  2307. Navicula exilis var. thermalis (Grunow) O. Müller
  2308. Navicula exilissima Grunow image
  2309. Navicula exilissima var. dubia Hustedt image
  2310. Navicula exillima Grunow image
  2311. Navicula exiloides H. Kobayasi & S. Mayama
  2312. Navicula eximia (Grunow) Grunow image
  2313. Navicula expansa Hagelstein
  2314. Navicula expecta S.L. VanLandingham
  2315. Navicula expectilis Pantocsek image
  2316. Navicula expectilis var. producta Pantocsek image
  2317. Navicula expedita A.W.F. Schmidt image
  2318. Navicula expeditionis Frenguelli image
  2319. Navicula explanata Hustedt
  2320. Navicula explanata var. lanceolata Foged image
  2321. Navicula expleta A.W.F. Schmidt image
  2322. Navicula expleta O'Meara image
  2323. Navicula expleta var. domblittensis Grunow image
  2324. Navicula explicata Hustedt image
  2325. Navicula explicatoides Hustedt image
  2326. Navicula explorata Hustedt
  2327. Navicula exsul A. Schmidt
  2328. Navicula exsul A.W.F. Schmidt image
  2329. Navicula eymei Coste & Ricard image
  2330. Navicula faba (Ehrenberg) Kützing image
  2331. Navicula fabiformis A. Witkowski, C. Riaux-Gobin, & G. Daniszewska-Kowalczyk
  2332. Navicula faceta Hustedt image
  2333. Navicula facilis Krasske image
  2334. Navicula falaisensis Grunow
  2335. Navicula falaisensis f. capitula P. Fusey image
  2336. Navicula falaisensis var. capitata Manguin image
  2337. Navicula falaisensis var. lanceola Grunow
  2338. Navicula falaisensis var. nipponica Skvortzov image
  2339. Navicula falax Pantocsek image
  2340. Navicula falklandiae Ehrenberg image
  2341. Navicula fallax Cleve image
  2342. Navicula falsalyra Hendey image
  2343. Navicula famintzinii Mereschkowsky image
  2344. Navicula faoensis Pankow & Huq image
  2345. Navicula farakulumensis Foged image
  2346. Navicula farcimen Østrup image
  2347. Navicula farta Husted ex Foged
  2348. Navicula fasciata Lagerstedt
  2349. Navicula fasciata var. fontinalis (Grunow) Frenguelli image
  2350. Navicula fasciata var. gigantea M. Peragallo image
  2351. Navicula fasciata var. inflata Pantocsek image
  2352. Navicula fasciata var. marcata Østrup image
  2353. Navicula fasciata var. miramaris Frenguelli image
  2354. Navicula fasciculata (Grunow) Hustedt image
  2355. Navicula fastuosa Ehrenberg
  2356. Navicula fatigans Zimmermann image
  2357. Navicula fauta Hustedt image
  2358. Navicula fauta var. cubaensis Foged image
  2359. Navicula favus Salah image
  2360. Navicula fawumangensis Foged image
  2361. Navicula febigeri_('Febigerii') Cleve
  2362. Navicula febigeri_('febigerii') Cleve image
  2363. Navicula fenestrella Hustedt
  2364. Navicula fennica Hustedt image
  2365. Navicula fennoscandica Cleve-Euler image
  2366. Navicula fenzlii Grunow image
  2367. Navicula fernandae D. Metzeltin, H. Lange-Bertalot & F. García-Rodríguez
  2368. Navicula fernandesii A.R. Moura image
  2369. Navicula fernandi-koburg Pantocsek image
  2370. Navicula ferraziae_('ferrazae') Cholnoky image
  2371. Navicula festiva Krasske image
  2372. Navicula festiva f. latior Cleve- Euler image
  2373. Navicula feuerbornii f. africana Foged image
  2374. Navicula feuerbornii f. minor Cholnoky image
  2375. Navicula feuerbornii var. rostrata Gandhi image
  2376. Navicula feuerbornii_('feuerborni') Hustedt image
  2377. Navicula filarszkyana Pantocsek & Greguss image
  2378. Navicula filarszkyi Pantocsek image
  2379. Navicula filholi Soubeiran image
  2380. Navicula filholii_('Filholi') Soubeiran
  2381. Navicula filiformis Pantocsek image
  2382. Navicula finitima Hustedt
  2383. Navicula finitima Janisch image
  2384. Navicula finmarchica (Cleve & Grunow) Cleve
  2385. Navicula finmarchica var. acuta Salah
  2386. Navicula finmarchica var. elliptica P. Schulz image
  2387. Navicula firma Kützing image
  2388. Navicula firma Kützing
  2389. Navicula firma f. triundulata Suringar image
  2390. Navicula firma var. amphigomphus (Ehrenberg) Lewis image
  2391. Navicula firma var. cuneata Grunow image
  2392. Navicula firma var. diminuta Pantocsek image
  2393. Navicula firma var. genuina Grunow image
  2394. Navicula firma var. iridis (Ehrenberg) Lewis image
  2395. Navicula firma var. major Grunow image
  2396. Navicula firma var. scoliopleuroides Petit image
  2397. Navicula firma var. subampliata Grunow
  2398. Navicula firma var. subundulata Grunow image
  2399. Navicula firma var. tumescens (Grunow) Mann image
  2400. Navicula firma var. tumescens Grunow image
  2401. Navicula fischeri A.W.F. Schmidt image
  2402. Navicula fistula A. Schmidt image
  2403. Navicula flabellata F. Meister
  2404. Navicula flabellata Meister image
  2405. Navicula flagellifera Hustedt image
  2406. Navicula flahaultii_('Flahaulti') Lauby image
  2407. Navicula flamma A.W.F. Schmidt image
  2408. Navicula flammarionensis S.L. VanLandingham
  2409. Navicula flammula A.W.F. Schmidt image
  2410. Navicula flanatica Grunow image
  2411. Navicula flanatica var. ammophila (Grunow) R. Ross image
  2412. Navicula flanatica var. tenuis Cleve-Euler image
  2413. Navicula flandriae B. Van de Vijver & A. Mertens
  2414. Navicula flatheadensis L.L. Bahls
  2415. Navicula flattii Pantocsek image
  2416. Navicula flavascinensis F. Moghadam
  2417. Navicula flebilis Cholnoky image
  2418. Navicula flexuosa Ehrenberg image
  2419. Navicula floridana Cleve image
  2420. Navicula floriniae M. Møller image
  2421. Navicula floriniae_(`florinae') M. Moeller
  2422. Navicula flotowii Grunow
  2423. Navicula fluens Hustedt image
  2424. Navicula fluens var. baikalensis Skvortzov image
  2425. Navicula fluens var. linearis Nygaard image
  2426. Navicula fluens var. subrostrata Skvortzov
  2427. Navicula fluitans Brun image
  2428. Navicula fluitans var. biconvexa J. Brun image
  2429. Navicula fluitans var. cuneoquadrata J. Brun image
  2430. Navicula fluminensis Grunow image
  2431. Navicula fluminensis var. floridana 'Cleve' image
  2432. Navicula fluminensis var. kerguelensis Grunow image
  2433. Navicula fluminensis var. minor Grunow image
  2434. Navicula fluminisirtysch Chistyakov image
  2435. Navicula fluminitica Camburn image
  2436. Navicula fluviae-jenisseyi Skvortzov image
  2437. Navicula fluviatilis Hustedt image
  2438. Navicula fogedii F.R. Schoeman {illegitimate}
  2439. Navicula foliola Tempère & Brun image
  2440. Navicula folium Ehrenberg image
  2441. Navicula follis Ehrenberg image
  2442. Navicula fontana J. Zelazna-Wieczorek & H. Lange-Bertalot {invalid}
  2443. Navicula fontana J. Zelazna-Wieczorek, H. Lange-Bertalot, R. Olszynski & A. Witkowski
  2444. Navicula fontellii A. Cleve-Euler
  2445. Navicula fontellii Cleve-Euler image
  2446. Navicula fonticola Grunow image
  2447. Navicula fontinalis Grunow
  2448. Navicula forcipata Greville
  2449. Navicula forcipata var. balnearis (Grunow) Cleve
  2450. Navicula forcipata var. densestriata A. Schmidt
  2451. Navicula forcipata var. densestriata A.W.F. Schmidt image
  2452. Navicula forcipata var. minima Østrup
  2453. Navicula forcipata var. minima Østrup image
  2454. Navicula forcipata var. minor A.W.F. Schmidt image
  2455. Navicula forcipata var. nummularia (Greville) Cleve
  2456. Navicula forcipata var. nummularioides Grunow image
  2457. Navicula forcipata var. punctata Cleve image
  2458. Navicula forcipata var. spatiata Østrup
  2459. Navicula forcipata var. spatiata Østrup image
  2460. Navicula forcipata var. versicolor Grunow image
  2461. Navicula formica Ehrenberg image
  2462. Navicula formicata Krasske image
  2463. Navicula formicina Grunow image
  2464. Navicula formosa Gregory image
  2465. Navicula formosa var. cuneata Frenguelli image
  2466. Navicula formosa var. fossilis Pantocsek image
  2467. Navicula formosa var. intermedia (Frenguelli) Frenguelli image
  2468. Navicula formosa var. jaguaripensis Zimmermann image
  2469. Navicula formosa var. maxima Reinhold image
  2470. Navicula formosa var. typica Van Heurck image
  2471. Navicula fortii Pantocsek
  2472. Navicula fortis (Gregory) Ralfs image
  2473. Navicula fortis f. minor Cleve-Euler image
  2474. Navicula fortis var. opima Grunow image
  2475. Navicula fortunata Leuduger-Fortmorel image
  2476. Navicula fossalis Krasske
  2477. Navicula fossalis var. obsidialis (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot image
  2478. Navicula fossaloides Hustedt
  2479. Navicula fossilioides E. Manguin ex Kociolek & Reviers
  2480. Navicula fossilioides E. Manguin {invalid}
  2481. Navicula fossilioides Manguin image
  2482. Navicula fossilis Ehrenberg
  2483. Navicula fracta Hustedt image
  2484. Navicula fracta Hustedt ex R. Simonsen
  2485. Navicula fracta Hustedt {invalid}
  2486. Navicula fragilarioides Krasske image
  2487. Navicula fragilarioides var. laevissima (Cleve) Krasske image
  2488. Navicula fragilis (Greville) Heiberg image
  2489. Navicula fragilis Skvortzov & Meyer image
  2490. Navicula franciscae O'Meara image
  2491. Navicula frasnensis P. Fusey image
  2492. Navicula fraudulenta A. Schmidt
  2493. Navicula fraudulenta A.W.F. Schmidt image
  2494. Navicula frauenfeldii (Grunow) Grunow image
  2495. Navicula freesei Patrick & Freese image
  2496. Navicula frequens Van Heurck image
  2497. Navicula frequens f. major Peragallo image
  2498. Navicula frickei Pantocsek image
  2499. Navicula frickei Van Heurck image
  2500. Navicula friedelhinziae A. Wojtal, N. Ognjanova-Rumenova, K. Buczkó & B. Van de Vijver
  2501. Navicula friesneri Reimer image
  2502. Navicula frigida Grunow image
  2503. Navicula frigida Manguin image
  2504. Navicula frigidicola D. Metzeltin, H. Lange-Bertalot & N. Soninkhishig
  2505. Navicula frisiae Brockmann image
  2506. Navicula friska J.R. Carter image
  2507. Navicula fritschii J.W.G. Lund image
  2508. Navicula fromenterae Cleve image
  2509. Navicula frugalis Hustedt image
  2510. Navicula frustuliaeformis Cholnoky image
  2511. Navicula frustuloides Patrick image
  2512. Navicula frustulum Hustedt
  2513. Navicula fuchsii Pantocsek image
  2514. Navicula fuegiana Frenguelli image
  2515. Navicula fuegiana var. rostrata Frenguelli image
  2516. Navicula fuegiana var. yberiensis Frenguelli image
  2517. Navicula fujianensis T.G. Chin & Z. Cheng
  2518. Navicula fukiensis Skvortzov image
  2519. Navicula fulva (Nitzsch) Ehrenberg image
  2520. Navicula fulva Ehrenberg image
  2521. Navicula fulva f. asymmetrica Dippel image
  2522. Navicula fulva var. modesta Cleve-Euler image
  2523. Navicula fundata Hustedt
  2524. Navicula funiculata A. Mann image
  2525. Navicula furtiva É. Manguin
  2526. Navicula furtiva Manguin image
  2527. Navicula fusca (Gregory) Ralfs image
  2528. Navicula fusca var. delicata A. Schmidt image
  2529. Navicula fusca var. excisa A. Schmidt
  2530. Navicula fusca var. major H. Peragallo & M. Peragallo
  2531. Navicula fusca var. permagna Pantocsek image
  2532. Navicula fuscata Schumann image
  2533. Navicula fushimiensis H. Okuno
  2534. Navicula fusidium Ehrenberg image
  2535. Navicula fusiformis (Ehrenberg) Hemprich & Ehrenberg image
  2536. Navicula fusiformis Ehrenberg image
  2537. Navicula fusiformis Grunow image
  2538. Navicula fusiformis Grunow {illegitimate}
  2539. Navicula fusiformis var. ostrearia (Bory) Grunow image
  2540. Navicula fusioides Grunow image
  2541. Navicula fusoides Grunow image
  2542. Navicula fusticulus Østrup
  2543. Navicula fusticulus Østrup image
  2544. Navicula fustis Østrup image
  2545. Navicula fusus (O.F. Müller) Bory image
  2546. Navicula futilis A.W.F. Schmidt image
  2547. Navicula fuxianturriformis Y.-L. Li, J.-S. Guo & J.P. Kociolek
  2548. Navicula gaillonii Bory
  2549. Navicula gainii M. Peragallo image
  2550. Navicula galapagoensis A.W.R. Seddon & A. Witkowski
  2551. Navicula galea Brun image
  2552. Navicula galikii Pantocsek image
  2553. Navicula gallapagensis Cleve image
  2554. Navicula gallapagensis var. japonica Cleve image
  2555. Navicula gallica (W. Smith) Lagerstedt image
  2556. Navicula gallica var. laevissima (Cleve) Lange-Bertalot image
  2557. Navicula gallica var. perpusilla (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot image
  2558. Navicula galloae L.L. Bahls
  2559. Navicula galvagensis O'Meara image
  2560. Navicula gamma Cleve image
  2561. Navicula gamma var. rectilineata Cleve image
  2562. Navicula gandhii Meister image
  2563. Navicula gandrupii var. simplex Krasske
  2564. Navicula gandrupii_('gandrupi') (J.B. Petersen) Krasske
  2565. Navicula gannae V.S. Vishnyakov
  2566. Navicula garganica (Rabenhorst) Ralfs image
  2567. Navicula garkeana (Grunow) Cleve
  2568. Navicula gasilidei Héribaud
  2569. Navicula gasilidei Heribaud image
  2570. Navicula gasilidei var. major M. Peragallo image
  2571. Navicula gasilidei var. minor M. Peragallo image
  2572. Navicula gastriformis Hustedt
  2573. Navicula gastroides Harting image
  2574. Navicula gastroides var. elliptica M. Peragallo image
  2575. Navicula gastrum (Ehrenberg) Kützing image
  2576. Navicula gastrum (Ehrenberg) Kützing
  2577. Navicula gastrum -- image
  2578. Navicula gastrum Ehrenberg
  2579. Navicula gastrum f. elliptica M. Peragallo & Heribaud image
  2580. Navicula gastrum f. gasseana F.R. Schoeman {invalid}
  2581. Navicula gastrum f. major M. Peragallo & Heribaud image
  2582. Navicula gastrum f. maxima Lauby image
  2583. Navicula gastrum f. minor Dippel image
  2584. Navicula gastrum f. minor F. Gasse {invalid}
  2585. Navicula gastrum f. minor Fusey image
  2586. Navicula gastrum f. minor Grunow image
  2587. Navicula gastrum f. minor Krasske image
  2588. Navicula gastrum f. minuta O. Müller image
  2589. Navicula gastrum f. nipponica Skvortzov
  2590. Navicula gastrum f. rostrata Manguin image
  2591. Navicula gastrum f. stigmata O. Müller
  2592. Navicula gastrum var. baicalensis Skvortzov & Meyer image
  2593. Navicula gastrum var. bistigmata Rich image
  2594. Navicula gastrum var. boryana Pantocsek image
  2595. Navicula gastrum var. capitata Manguin image
  2596. Navicula gastrum var. elliptica (Peragallo & Heribaud) Østrup image
  2597. Navicula gastrum var. exigua (Gregory) Grunow image
  2598. Navicula gastrum var. exigua f. lanceolata (O. Müller) Woodhead & Tweed image
  2599. Navicula gastrum var. galikii Pantocsek image
  2600. Navicula gastrum var. genuina Mayer image
  2601. Navicula gastrum var. hankensis Skvortzov image
  2602. Navicula gastrum var. intermedia Østrup image
  2603. Navicula gastrum var. jenisseyensis Grunow
  2604. Navicula gastrum var. latiuscula Grunow
  2605. Navicula gastrum var. limnetica Skvortzov image
  2606. Navicula gastrum var. maxima Lauby image
  2607. Navicula gastrum var. minima Lauby image
  2608. Navicula gastrum var. minor Krasske image
  2609. Navicula gastrum var. minor Lauby image
  2610. Navicula gastrum var. mongolica Skvortzov image
  2611. Navicula gastrum var. placentula (Ehrenberg) Mann image
  2612. Navicula gastrum var. punctata Jouravleva
  2613. Navicula gastrum var. remote-striata Cleve-Euler image
  2614. Navicula gastrum var. signata Hustedt {invalid}
  2615. Navicula gastrum var. styriaca Grunow image
  2616. Navicula gastrum var. tanganikae Kufferath
  2617. Navicula gastrum var. transvaalensis Cholnoky image
  2618. Navicula gastrum var. turgida O. Müller image
  2619. Navicula gastrum var. turgida O. Müller
  2620. Navicula gaufinii F. Moghadam
  2621. Navicula gaussii (Heiden) Hustedt image
  2622. Navicula gauthieri Amosse image
  2623. Navicula gauthieri var. producta Amosse image
  2624. Navicula gebhardii_('gebhardi') Krasske image
  2625. Navicula gebhardii_(`gebhardi') Krasske
  2626. Navicula geisslerae R. Jahn
  2627. Navicula geitleri Guermeur & Manguin {illegitimate}
  2628. Navicula geitleri Guermeur & Manguin image
  2629. Navicula geitleri Hustedt
  2630. Navicula geitleri var. asymmetrica (H. Heiden) T.V. Desikachary & V.T. Sridharan
  2631. Navicula gelida Cleve image
  2632. Navicula gelida Grunow image
  2633. Navicula gelida var. antarctica Heiden image
  2634. Navicula gelida var. asymmetrica H. Heiden
  2635. Navicula gelida var. latiuscula Manguin image
  2636. Navicula gelida var. manitounukensis M. Poulin & A. Cardinal
  2637. Navicula gelida var. minor Heiden image
  2638. Navicula gelida var. parvula Heiden image
  2639. Navicula gelida var. perpusilla P. Cleve image
  2640. Navicula gelida var. radissonii M. Poulin & A. Cardinal
  2641. Navicula gelida var. subimpressa (Grunow) Cleve image
  2642. Navicula gelida var. tenuis Cleve image
  2643. Navicula gemina A. Schmidt image
  2644. Navicula gemina Ehrenberg image
  2645. Navicula gemina f. minuta Cleve image
  2646. Navicula gemina var. densestriata A.W.F. Schmidt image
  2647. Navicula gemina var. egena A.W.F. Schmidt image
  2648. Navicula geminata Turpin image
  2649. Navicula gemma Ehrenberg
  2650. Navicula gemmata Greville image
  2651. Navicula gemmata var. biseriata Grunow image
  2652. Navicula gemmata var. fossilis Pantocsek image
  2653. Navicula gemmata var. mediterranea Grunow image
  2654. Navicula gemmatula Grunow image
  2655. Navicula gemmatula var. lacrimans (A. Schmidt) Fricke
  2656. Navicula gemmifera R. Simonsen
  2657. Navicula gendrei Heribaud image
  2658. Navicula gendrei var. intermedia Lauby image
  2659. Navicula gendrei var. pantocsekii M. Peragallo
  2660. Navicula genestoermeri A. Witkowski, H. Lange-Bertalot & J.P. Kociolek
  2661. Navicula genevensis J. Brun image
  2662. Navicula geniculata Germain image
  2663. Navicula geniculata H. Germain
  2664. Navicula genifera A. Schmidt
  2665. Navicula genifera A.W.F. Schmidt image
  2666. Navicula genkalii M.S. Kulikovskiy, H. Lange-Bertalot & D. Metzeltin
  2667. Navicula genovefae Fusey image
  2668. Navicula gentilis Donkin image
  2669. Navicula genuflexa Kützing image
  2670. Navicula genustriata Hustedt
  2671. Navicula gerloffii Schimanski image
  2672. Navicula gerloffii f. lanceolata Schimanski image
  2673. Navicula germainii image
  2674. Navicula germainii J.H. Wallace
  2675. Navicula germanopolonica Witkowski & Lange-Bertalot
  2676. Navicula geronimensis M. Potapova
  2677. Navicula gibba Ehrenberg
  2678. Navicula gibba Ehrenberg
  2679. Navicula gibba Kützing {illegitimate}
  2680. Navicula gibba var. abaujensis Pantocsek image
  2681. Navicula gibba var. brevistriata (Grunow) Van Heurck image
  2682. Navicula gibba var. brevistriata f. major Petkoff image
  2683. Navicula gibba var. hyalina M. Peragallo & Heribaud image
  2684. Navicula gibba var. major Grunow image
  2685. Navicula gibba var. minor Balsamo image
  2686. Navicula gibba var. packii (Rabenhorst) Grunow image
  2687. Navicula gibba var. parva O'Meara image
  2688. Navicula gibba var. tabellaria Truan y Luard image
  2689. Navicula gibba var. undulata Pero image
  2690. Navicula gibba-perizonata Schumann image
  2691. Navicula gibberula Kützing image
  2692. Navicula gibberula var. capitata Lagerstedt image
  2693. Navicula gibberula var. oblonga Lagerstedt image
  2694. Navicula gibberula var. subinflata Wolle
  2695. Navicula gibbosa Hustedt
  2696. Navicula gibbula Cleve
  2697. Navicula gibbula f. undulata Hustedt image
  2698. Navicula gibbula var. cantalica Heribaud image
  2699. Navicula gibbula var. capitata (Lagerstedt) Cleve image
  2700. Navicula gibbula var. elliptica Cleve-Euler image
  2701. Navicula gibbula var. inflata Manguin image
  2702. Navicula gibbula var. oblonga (Lagerstedt) Cleve image
  2703. Navicula gibbula var. terrestris (J.B. Petersen) J.B. Petersen image
  2704. Navicula gibbula var. undulata Krasske
  2705. Navicula giebelii A.W.F. Schmidt image
  2706. Navicula gieniaflorentina A. Witkowski, H. Lange-Bertalot, A. Brzezinska & J.P. Kociolek
  2707. Navicula gieskesii Cholnoky image
  2708. Navicula giffeniana Foged image
  2709. Navicula giffeniana N. Foged
  2710. Navicula gigantea Hustedt image
  2711. Navicula gigantorum Cholnoky image
  2712. Navicula gigas (Ehrenberg) Kützing image
  2713. Navicula gigas Castracane image
  2714. Navicula gigas var. gracilis Heribaud image
  2715. Navicula gilva R.E.M. Archibald image
  2716. Navicula girodi Lauby image
  2717. Navicula girondica D. König image
  2718. Navicula girondica König
  2719. Navicula glaberrima W. West & G.S. West
  2720. Navicula glaberrima West & West image
  2721. Navicula glabra Østrup image
  2722. Navicula glabrissima A. Mann image
  2723. Navicula glabriuscula var. ellipsoidalis Proshkina-Lavrenko image
  2724. Navicula glacialis (Cleve) Cleve image
  2725. Navicula glacialis var. angusta Østrup image
  2726. Navicula glacialis var. elongata P. Petit image
  2727. Navicula glacialis var. hudsonii M. Poulin & A. Cardinal
  2728. Navicula glacialis var. inaequalis Østrup image
  2729. Navicula glacialis var. lanceoclata Heiden image
  2730. Navicula glacialis var. septentrionalis Cleve image
  2731. Navicula glaciei Van Heurck image
  2732. Navicula glangeaudi Lauby image
  2733. Navicula glans Ehrenberg image
  2734. Navicula glasovii Juse image
  2735. Navicula globiceps (Gregory) Ralfs image
  2736. Navicula globiceps f. gracilis_('gracile') Lauby image
  2737. Navicula globiceps var. crassior Grunow image
  2738. Navicula globifera O'Meara image
  2739. Navicula globosa Meister image
  2740. Navicula globosaoides Foged image
  2741. Navicula globulifera Hustedt image
  2742. Navicula globulifera var. nipponnica Skvortzov image
  2743. Navicula globulifera var. robusta Hustedt
  2744. Navicula globuliferiformis Lange-Bertalot
  2745. Navicula glomus J.R. Carter image
  2746. Navicula gloriosa Brun image
  2747. Navicula gloriosa var. inflata Brun image
  2748. Navicula godfroyi M. Peragallo image
  2749. Navicula goeppertiana var. dapaliformis (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot image
  2750. Navicula goeppertiana var. dapalis (Frenguelli) Lange-Bertalot image
  2751. Navicula goeppertiana var. monita (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot image
  2752. Navicula goeppertiana var. peguana (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot image
  2753. Navicula goersii L.L. Bahls
  2754. Navicula goesii Cleve image
  2755. Navicula gogorevii D. Chudaev, A. Glushchenko, M. Kulikovskiy & J.P. Kociolek
  2756. Navicula gomontiana Heribaud image
  2757. Navicula gomphonemacea Grunow image
  2758. Navicula gomphonemacea Østrup image
  2759. Navicula gomphonematoides Gusliakov
  2760. Navicula gomphonemoides Østrup image
  2761. Navicula gondwana Lange-Bertalot
  2762. Navicula gongii D. Metzeltin & Y. Li
  2763. Navicula gonzalvesiana H.P.Gandhi image
  2764. Navicula goohon M.S. Kulikovskiy, H. Lange-Bertalot & D. Metzeltin
  2765. Navicula gorjanovicii Pantocsek
  2766. Navicula gorjanovicii var. major Pantocsek image
  2767. Navicula gorjanovicii var. minor Pantocsek image
  2768. Navicula gotlandica Grunow image
  2769. Navicula gotlandica f. minor Cleve-Euler image
  2770. Navicula gottlandica Grunow image
  2771. Navicula gourdonii M. Peragallo image
  2772. Navicula gouwsii Cholnoky image
  2773. Navicula gracilis Ehrenberg image
  2774. Navicula gracilis f. constricta Frenguelli image
  2775. Navicula gracilis f. cuneata Lauby
  2776. Navicula gracilis f. laevis (Kützing) Rabenhorst image
  2777. Navicula gracilis f. minutissima Hustedt image
  2778. Navicula gracilis var. acuminata f. constricta Krasske image
  2779. Navicula gracilis var. antarctica M. Peragallo image
  2780. Navicula gracilis var. cincta-magna J. Brun image
  2781. Navicula gracilis var. constricta Ant. Mayer
  2782. Navicula gracilis var. genuina Mayer image
  2783. Navicula gracilis var. genuina f. minor Mayer image
  2784. Navicula gracilis var. laevis Kützing image
  2785. Navicula gracilis var. mandurahensis J. John
  2786. Navicula gracilis var. neglecta (Thwaites) G.S. West {illegitimate}
  2787. Navicula gracilis var. obesa Østrup image
  2788. Navicula gracilis var. radiosa (Kützing) Rabenhorst image
  2789. Navicula gracilis var. recurva Meister
  2790. Navicula gracilis var. schizonemoides Van Heurck
  2791. Navicula gracilis var. vulpina (Kützing) Rabenhorst image
  2792. Navicula gracillima (Gregory) Grunow image
  2793. Navicula gracillima var. linearis (Gregory) Rabenhorst image
  2794. Navicula gracillima var. lucida Heribaud image
  2795. Navicula gracillima var. subcapitata (Gregory) Rabenhorst image
  2796. Navicula gracillima var. tenuis (Gregory) Rabenhorst image
  2797. Navicula graciloides A. Mayer image
  2798. Navicula graciloides Mayer image
  2799. Navicula graciloides f. minutissima Hustedt image
  2800. Navicula graciloides var. barodensis H.P. Gandhi ex Karthick
  2801. Navicula graciloides var. barodensis H.P. Gandhi {invalid}
  2802. Navicula gradata Hustedt image
  2803. Navicula gradatoides Cholnoky image
  2804. Navicula graeffei_('graeffii') Grunow image
  2805. Navicula gralana J.R. Carter & Denny image
  2806. Navicula grammatostoma Ehrenberg
  2807. Navicula grammitis Bory image
  2808. Navicula grammitis Bory image
  2809. Navicula granii (Jørgensen) Gran image
  2810. Navicula granii Pantocsek {illegitimate}
  2811. Navicula granoryza Giffen image
  2812. Navicula granulata Bailey image
  2813. Navicula granulata Bailey {illeg.}
  2814. Navicula granulata Brebisson image
  2815. Navicula granulata Brebisson image
  2816. Navicula granulata Ehrenberg image
  2817. Navicula granulata f. minor Van Heurck image
  2818. Navicula granulata var. constricta H. Peragallo & M. Peragallo
  2819. Navicula granulata var. japonica Skvortzov image
  2820. Navicula granulata var. javanica Leuduger-Fortmorel image
  2821. Navicula granulata var. peragallorum De Toni & Forti image
  2822. Navicula granulata var. sublinearis Cleve- Euler image
  2823. Navicula granulifera Skvortzov image
  2824. Navicula granum Schumann image
  2825. Navicula granum-avenae Schumann image
  2826. Navicula grasmueckii Lange-Bertalot
  2827. Navicula grata Pantocsek image
  2828. Navicula grata Pantocsek image
  2829. Navicula gratissima Hustedt image
  2830. Navicula gravistriata Patrick image
  2831. Navicula gravistriata R. Patrick
  2832. Navicula gregalis Cholnoky image
  2833. Navicula gregaria Donkin image
  2834. Navicula gregaria var. genuina Cleve-Euler image
  2835. Navicula gregaria var. reductissima D. Metzeltin, H. Lange-Bertalot & F. García-Rodríguez
  2836. Navicula gregaria var. rostellata Mayer image
  2837. Navicula gregaria var. thurholmensis (Juhlin-Dannfelt) Cleve image
  2838. Navicula gregarioides Cholnoky image
  2839. Navicula gregarioides f. lata Cholnoky image
  2840. Navicula gregoriana Greville image
  2841. Navicula gregoriana O'Meara
  2842. Navicula gregorii O'Meara image
  2843. Navicula gregorii Ralfs image
  2844. Navicula gretharum Simonsen image
  2845. Navicula grevilleana Hendey image
  2846. Navicula grevillei var. apiculata (Greville) A. Cleve-Euler
  2847. Navicula grevillei var. apiculata (Greville) Cleve-Euler image
  2848. Navicula grevillei var. arbusta Proshkina-Lavrenko image
  2849. Navicula grevillei var. pararhombica Proshkina-Lavrenko image
  2850. Navicula grevillei var. remotiva Proshkina-Lavrenko image
  2851. Navicula grevillei_('grevillii') (C. Agardh) Heiberg
  2852. Navicula grevilleoides Hustedt image
  2853. Navicula grevillii (C. Agardh) Heiberg image
  2854. Navicula grimmei Krasske image
  2855. Navicula grimmei var. castelli Cholnoky image
  2856. Navicula grimmei var. producta Frenguelli image
  2857. Navicula grimmei var. rostellata Hustedt
  2858. Navicula grimmei_('Grimmii') Krasske
  2859. Navicula grimmeioides H.P. Gandhi {invalid}
  2860. Navicula grimmii Krasske image
  2861. Navicula grimmioides Cholnoky image
  2862. Navicula grippii Simonsen image
  2863. Navicula groenlandica Cleve image
  2864. Navicula groschopfii Hustedt image
  2865. Navicula grossepunctata Hustedt
  2866. Navicula grovei Cleve image
  2867. Navicula groveoides Hustedt
  2868. Navicula grudeensis Foged image
  2869. Navicula gruendleri (Cleve & Grunow) Cleve image
  2870. Navicula gruendleri Schmidt image
  2871. Navicula gruendleri var. angusta Hustedt image
  2872. Navicula gruendleri var. symmetrica Cleve image
  2873. Navicula gruendleriana O'Meara image
  2874. Navicula grundtvigii Foged image
  2875. Navicula grunovii O´Meara image
  2876. Navicula grunovii f. minor A.W.F. Schmidt image
  2877. Navicula grunowii Rabenhorst image
  2878. Navicula guadalupensis Manguin image
  2879. Navicula guarujana Zimmermann image
  2880. Navicula guatemalensis Cleve & Grove
  2881. Navicula guatemalensis var. minor (Frenguelli) Frenguelli image
  2882. Navicula guatemalensis var. pampeana (Frenguelli) Frenguelli image
  2883. Navicula guaynaboensis Hagelstein
  2884. Navicula guayqueriae Frenguelli
  2885. Navicula guetharyana Fusey image
  2886. Navicula guihotii Amosse image
  2887. Navicula guinardiana J. Brun image
  2888. Navicula gujaratensis Guiry & Karthick
  2889. Navicula guluensis Giffen image
  2890. Navicula gurowii Pantocsek image
  2891. Navicula guttata Grunow image
  2892. Navicula guttata var. maxima Cleve image
  2893. Navicula guttata var. peragalloi_('Peragalli') (Brun) Cleve image
  2894. Navicula guttulifera Rabenhorst image
  2895. Navicula gutwinskii Pantocsek image
  2896. Navicula gyrinida Mann image
  2897. Navicula gysingensis Foged
  2898. Navicula h Karsten image
  2899. Navicula h-album_('h album') Cleve image
  2900. Navicula habena M.H. Hohn & Hellerman image
  2901. Navicula habita Hustedt
  2902. Navicula hagelsteinii Hustedt image
  2903. Navicula hahni Petit image
  2904. Navicula hahnii var. stricta M. Peragallo image
  2905. Navicula halinae A. Witkowski, H. Lange-Bertalot & D. Metzeltin
  2906. Navicula halionata Pantocsek image
  2907. Navicula halionata var. directa Pantocsek image
  2908. Navicula halionata var. magna Hajós image
  2909. Navicula halionata var. minor Pantocsek image
  2910. Navicula halionata var. robusta (Pantocsek) Cleve image
  2911. Navicula halophila (Grunow) Cleve
  2912. Navicula halophila f. nabogoensis Foged image
  2913. Navicula halophila f. robusta Hustedt
  2914. Navicula halophila f. subcapitata (Østrup) Hustedt image
  2915. Navicula halophila f. tenuirostris Hustedt
  2916. Navicula halophila var. areata Cholnoky image
  2917. Navicula halophila var. arvernensis_('arvernense') R. d'Aubert image
  2918. Navicula halophila var. brevis Skvortzov image
  2919. Navicula halophila var. convergens Proshkina-Lavrenko image
  2920. Navicula halophila var. eusebioi Héribaud
  2921. Navicula halophila var. eusebioi Heribaud image
  2922. Navicula halophila var. fogedii H.P. Gandhi ex Karthick
  2923. Navicula halophila var. fogedii H.P. Gandhi {invalid}
  2924. Navicula halophila var. gallica Østrup image
  2925. Navicula halophila var. genuina Cleve-Euler image
  2926. Navicula halophila var. major Heribaud image
  2927. Navicula halophila var. minuta R. d'Aubert image
  2928. Navicula halophila var. obscura R. d'Aubert image
  2929. Navicula halophila var. okamurae Skvortzov image
  2930. Navicula halophila var. reducta Husted image
  2931. Navicula halophila var. rostrata Skvortzov image
  2932. Navicula halophila var. subcapitata Østrup
  2933. Navicula halophila var. subcapitata Østrup image
  2934. Navicula halophila var. szelidensis Szemes image
  2935. Navicula halophilioides Hustedt
  2936. Navicula hambergii Hustedt
  2937. Navicula hamiltonii A. Witkowski, H. Lange-Bertalot & D. Metzeltin
  2938. Navicula hamulifera Grunow image
  2939. Navicula hamulifera var. interrupta Cleve image
  2940. Navicula hamulifera var. plicata Proshkina-Lavrenko image
  2941. Navicula hancockiae_('hancockii') F.R. Schoeman {invalid}
  2942. Navicula hangaica V.S. Vishnyakov, M.S. Kulikovskiy, S.I. Genkal & N.I. Dorofeyuk
  2943. Navicula hangchowensis Skvortzov image
  2944. Navicula hankae Skvortzov image
  2945. Navicula hanseatica H. Lange-Bertalot & K. Stachura
  2946. Navicula hanseatica Stachura & H. Lange-Bertalot {invalid}
  2947. Navicula hanseatica subsp. circumarctica A. Witkowski, H. Lange-Bertalot & D. Metzeltin
  2948. Navicula hanseniana J.J. Lee & Reimer image
  2949. Navicula hansenii_('hanseni') M. Møller image
  2950. Navicula hantkenii Pantocsek image
  2951. Navicula haradae_('Haradaae') Pantocsek image
  2952. Navicula harbinensis Skvortzov image
  2953. Navicula harderi Hustedt
  2954. Navicula hariola Cholnoky image
  2955. Navicula harmoniae L.L. Bahls
  2956. Navicula harpa Ehrenberg image
  2957. Navicula harrisoniana Cholnoky image
  2958. Navicula hartii Cholnoky
  2959. Navicula hartzii Foged image
  2960. Navicula hassiaca Krasske image
  2961. Navicula hassiaca Krasske image
  2962. Navicula hassiaca Krasske
  2963. Navicula hasta Pantocsek
  2964. Navicula hasta f. minor Skvortzov image
  2965. Navicula hasta var. austrolacustris E.V. Rodionova & G.V. Pomazkina
  2966. Navicula hasta var. baicalensis E.V. Rodionova & G.V. Pomazkina
  2967. Navicula hasta var. fossilis Skvortzov image
  2968. Navicula hasta var. gracilis Skvortzov
  2969. Navicula hasta var. punctata Boyer image
  2970. Navicula hasta var. undulata (Skvortzov) H. Kobayasi
  2971. Navicula hastaeformis Cholnoky image
  2972. Navicula hastata Jurilj image
  2973. Navicula hastatula H. Lange-Bertalot & A. Miho
  2974. Navicula hauckii Cleve image
  2975. Navicula haueri Grunow image
  2976. Navicula haueri var. angustior Pantocsek image
  2977. Navicula hawaiiensis J.R. Johansen image
  2978. Navicula haynaldii Pantocsek image
  2979. Navicula haytiana Truan y Luard & Witt image
  2980. Navicula hazslinszkyi Pantocsek image
  2981. Navicula hebes Ralfs image
  2982. Navicula hebes f. bivittata Rabenhorst image
  2983. Navicula hecateia Cholnoky image
  2984. Navicula hedinii_('hedini') Hustedt
  2985. Navicula heeri_('Heerii') Pantocsek
  2986. Navicula heeri_('heerii') Pantocsek image
  2987. Navicula heilprinensis Foged image
  2988. Navicula heimansii van Dam & Kooyman image
  2989. Navicula heimansioides Lange-Bertalot
  2990. Navicula heimansioides Lange-Bertalot {invalid}
  2991. Navicula heimii Manguin image
  2992. Navicula heimii var. citriformis Manguin image
  2993. Navicula helea Frenguelli image
  2994. Navicula helensis P. Schulz
  2995. Navicula helensoides Archibald image
  2996. Navicula helmandensis Foged image
  2997. Navicula helminae Heiden image
  2998. Navicula helvetica J. Brun image
  2999. Navicula helvetica f. rostrata Hustedt image
  3000. Navicula helvetica var. woltereckii_('Wolterecki') Hustedt
  3001. Navicula hemiptera Kützing image
  3002. Navicula hemiptera var. angusta Heribaud image
  3003. Navicula hemiptera var. bielawskii Heribaud & M. Peragallo image
  3004. Navicula hemiptera var. gibba Heribaud image
  3005. Navicula hemiptera var. stauroneiformis (W. Smith) Lagerstedt image
  3006. Navicula hemiviridula M. Peragallo image
  3007. Navicula henckeli Skvortzov & Meyer image
  3008. Navicula hennedyella Hustedt
  3009. Navicula hennedyi W. Smith
  3010. Navicula hennedyi f. bacillifera (Pantocsek) Cleve
  3011. Navicula hennedyi f. californica (Greville) Hustedt image
  3012. Navicula hennedyi f. couperi_('couperii') (Bailey) Hustedt image
  3013. Navicula hennedyi f. cuneata (A.Schmidt) Hustedt image
  3014. Navicula hennedyi f. granulata (Grunow) Hustedt image
  3015. Navicula hennedyi f. insulans Jurilj image
  3016. Navicula hennedyi f. le-tourneurii (Pantocsek) Hustedt image
  3017. Navicula hennedyi f. longesulcata Hustedt image
  3018. Navicula hennedyi f. maculans Jurilj image
  3019. Navicula hennedyi f. major Heiden image
  3020. Navicula hennedyi f. minor Jurilj image
  3021. Navicula hennedyi f. obesa Jurilj image
  3022. Navicula hennedyi f. subrostrata P. Schulz image
  3023. Navicula hennedyi f. typica Hustedt image
  3024. Navicula hennedyi f. undulata (Cleve) Hustedt image
  3025. Navicula hennedyi var. aemilia Forti image
  3026. Navicula hennedyi var. africana Tempère & Peragallo
  3027. Navicula hennedyi var. bacillifera (Pantocsek) Fricke
  3028. Navicula hennedyi var. brachypleura Forti image
  3029. Navicula hennedyi var. californica (Greville) Cleve
  3030. Navicula hennedyi var. caliginosa (Cleve & Grove) Cleve image
  3031. Navicula hennedyi var. caliginosa Cleve & Grove image
  3032. Navicula hennedyi var. centraster Cleve image
  3033. Navicula hennedyi var. circumsecta (Grunow ex A. Schmidt) A. Cleve
  3034. Navicula hennedyi var. circumsecta (Grunow) Cleve image
  3035. Navicula hennedyi var. controversa A.W.F. Schmidt image
  3036. Navicula hennedyi var. crassa H. Peragallo & M. Peragallo
  3037. Navicula hennedyi var. cuneata A.W.F. Schmidt image
  3038. Navicula hennedyi var. dentata Jurilj image
  3039. Navicula hennedyi var. difficilis (Pantocsek) Cleve image
  3040. Navicula hennedyi var. finitima Cleve image
  3041. Navicula hennedyi var. fossilis Pantocsek image
  3042. Navicula hennedyi var. furcata H. Peragallo & M. Peragallo
  3043. Navicula hennedyi var. granulata Grunow
  3044. Navicula hennedyi var. lumbricina Jurilj image
  3045. Navicula hennedyi var. luxuosa Cleve-Euler image
  3046. Navicula hennedyi var. manca A.W.F. Schmidt image
  3047. Navicula hennedyi var. manca Schmidt
  3048. Navicula hennedyi var. maxima Cleve image
  3049. Navicula hennedyi var. minuta Cleve image
  3050. Navicula hennedyi var. neapolitana Cleve image
  3051. Navicula hennedyi var. nebulosa (Gregory) Cleve
  3052. Navicula hennedyi var. nebulosa Jurilj image
  3053. Navicula hennedyi var. nicaensis H. Peragallo image
  3054. Navicula hennedyi var. nicaensis Peragallo
  3055. Navicula hennedyi var. schleinitzii (Janisch) Cleve image
  3056. Navicula hennedyi var. sordida Jurilj image
  3057. Navicula hennedyi var. subrostrata C. Mereschkowsky image
  3058. Navicula hennedyi var. tahitensis Cleve image
  3059. Navicula hennedyi var. tenuistriata Cleve image
  3060. Navicula hennedyi var. tigrina Jurilj image
  3061. Navicula hennedyi var. undulata Cleve image
  3062. Navicula hennedyi var. venustoides Mereschkowsky image
  3063. Navicula hennedyi var. vermicularis Jurilj image
  3064. Navicula hennedyoides Hustedt
  3065. Navicula henriquesii Zimmermann image
  3066. Navicula herbstiae D. Metzeltin & H. Lange-Bertalot
  3067. Navicula heribaudii f. curta Skvortzov & Meyer image
  3068. Navicula heribaudii var. elongata Skvortzov & Meyer image
  3069. Navicula heribaudii_('Heribaudi') M. Peragallo image
  3070. Navicula heroina A. Schmidt
  3071. Navicula heroina A.W.F. Schmidt image
  3072. Navicula herrmannii_('Herrmanii') Reichelt
  3073. Navicula heteroflexa Pantocsek image
  3074. Navicula heteroflexa var. constricta Pantocsek image
  3075. Navicula heteroflexa var. minor Pantocsek image
  3076. Navicula heteropunctata_('hetero-punctata') T.G. Chin & Z. Cheng
  3077. Navicula heterostauron Germain image
  3078. Navicula heterostauron H. Germain
  3079. Navicula heterostauron var. rostrata Germain image
  3080. Navicula heterostauron var. rostrata H. Germain
  3081. Navicula heterostriata P. Fusey image
  3082. Navicula heterovalvata R. Simonsen
  3083. Navicula heterovalvata R. Simonsen {invalid}
  3084. Navicula heterovalvata Simonsen image
  3085. Navicula heufleri Grunow image
  3086. Navicula heufleriana (Grunow) Cleve
  3087. Navicula heufleriana var. minor J.W.G. Lund
  3088. Navicula heufleriana var. septentrionalis Hustedt
  3089. Navicula hevesensis Pantocsek image
  3090. Navicula heviziana_('héviziana') Gallik
  3091. Navicula hexagona Torka
  3092. Navicula hexapla A.W.F. Schmidt image
  3093. Navicula hibernica O'Meara image
  3094. Navicula hibernica O'Meara image
  3095. Navicula higleri A. Witkowski & H. Lange-Bertalot
  3096. Navicula hilarula Pantocsek image
  3097. Navicula hilliardii E. Manguin ex Kociolek & Reviers
  3098. Navicula hilliardii E. Manguin {invalid}
  3099. Navicula hilliardii Manguin image
  3100. Navicula hilliardii var. pseudosiliculaoides (Foged) Foged image
  3101. Navicula hilseana Janisch image
  3102. Navicula hintzii Lange-Bertalot
  3103. Navicula hintzii Lange-Bertalot {invalid}
  3104. Navicula hippocampus Ehrenberg image
  3105. Navicula hippocampus var. laevis Ehrenberg image
  3106. Navicula hippocampus var. striata (Corda) Ehrenberg image
  3107. Navicula hippodontafallax A. Witkowski & Chunlian Li
  3108. Navicula hippodontiformis_('hippodontaformis') A. Witkowski, C. Riaux-Gobin, & G. Daniszewska-Kowalczyk
  3109. Navicula hirudo Rabenhorst image
  3110. Navicula hitchcockii Ehrenberg
  3111. Navicula hitchcockii Ehrenberg
  3112. Navicula hitchcockii var. intermedia Lauby image
  3113. Navicula hochstetteri Grunow
  3114. Navicula hochstetteri var. patagonica Frenguelli
  3115. Navicula hochstetteri var. placita (Grove & Sturt) Cleve image
  3116. Navicula hochstetteriana Grunow image
  3117. Navicula hodgeana Patrick & Freese
  3118. Navicula hoefleri Cholnoky & Schindler image
  3119. Navicula hoevsgoelreinhardtii M.B. Edlund & N. Soninkhishig
  3120. Navicula hoffmannii Pantocsek image
  3121. Navicula hofmanniae Lange-Bertalot
  3122. Navicula hollandica Cholnoky image
  3123. Navicula hollerupensis Foged image
  3124. Navicula holmenii Foged image
  3125. Navicula holmenii N. Foged
  3126. Navicula holmiensis Cleve image
  3127. Navicula holstii Cleve image
  3128. Navicula holubyi Pantocsek image
  3129. Navicula homburgiana Hustedt image
  3130. Navicula hordeiformis Pantocsek image
  3131. Navicula hornigii Pantocsek image
  3132. Navicula horstii D. Metzeltin
  3133. Navicula hospes A.W.F. Schmidt image
  3134. Navicula howeana Hagelstein
  3135. Navicula hudsonis Grunow ex Cleve
  3136. Navicula huei Héribaud
  3137. Navicula huei Heribaud image
  3138. Navicula huei var. lata Lauby image
  3139. Navicula hugenottarum Cholnoky image
  3140. Navicula humboldtiana H. Lange-Bertalot & U. Rumrich
  3141. Navicula humerosa Brébisson ex W. Smith
  3142. Navicula humerosa Brebisson ex W. Smith image
  3143. Navicula humerosa f. capensis Giffen image
  3144. Navicula humerosa f. constricta (Cleve) Hustedt image
  3145. Navicula humerosa f. minor Heiden image
  3146. Navicula humerosa var. constricta Cleve image
  3147. Navicula humerosa var. densestriata Cleve-Euler image
  3148. Navicula humerosa var. elongata Pantocsek image
  3149. Navicula humerosa var. fuchsii (Pantocsek) Cleve image
  3150. Navicula humerosa var. fuscata (Schumann) O'Meara image
  3151. Navicula humerosa var. lata Mölder image
  3152. Navicula humerosa var. ovalis Frenguelli
  3153. Navicula humerosa var. quadrata (Gregory) O'Meara image
  3154. Navicula humilis Donkin image
  3155. Navicula humjibreensis Foged image
  3156. Navicula hummii Hustedt
  3157. Navicula hungarica Grunow
  3158. Navicula hungarica f. elegans Østrup image
  3159. Navicula hungarica f. ovalis Frenguelli image
  3160. Navicula hungarica var. acuta Cleve-Euler image
  3161. Navicula hungarica var. arctica Patrick & Freese image
  3162. Navicula hungarica var. arctica R. Patrick & L.R. Freese
  3163. Navicula hungarica var. capitata (Ehrenberg) Cleve
  3164. Navicula hungarica var. elegans (Østrup) Cleve-Euler image
  3165. Navicula hungarica var. genuina Mayer image
  3166. Navicula hungarica var. humilis (Donkin) Gutwinski image
  3167. Navicula hungarica var. intermedia Skabichevskij
  3168. Navicula hungarica var. lanceolata Skvortzov image
  3169. Navicula hungarica var. lanceolata Østrup image
  3170. Navicula hungarica var. linearis Østrup
  3171. Navicula hungarica var. linearis Østrup image
  3172. Navicula hungarica var. luneburgensis Grunow
  3173. Navicula hungarica var. obtusa R.F. Bastow
  3174. Navicula hungarica var. ovalis (Frenguelli) Frenguelli image
  3175. Navicula hungarica var. rechingeri Stockmayer
  3176. Navicula huniensis Foged image
  3177. Navicula hustedtiana R. Simonsen
  3178. Navicula hustedtiana Simonsen image
  3179. Navicula hustedtii Krasske
  3180. Navicula hustedtii f. philippina Skvortzov image
  3181. Navicula hustedtii var. rhodesica Cholnoky image
  3182. Navicula hyalina (Ehrenberg) Kützing image
  3183. Navicula hyalina Donkin image
  3184. Navicula hyalina Hajós image
  3185. Navicula hyalina var. fossilis Pantocsek image
  3186. Navicula hyalina var. minima Bristol image
  3187. Navicula hyalinula De Toni
  3188. Navicula hyalosira Cleve image
  3189. Navicula hyalosirella Hustedt
  3190. Navicula hybrida M. Peragallo & Heribaud image
  3191. Navicula hyperborea Grunow
  3192. Navicula hyrtlii Pantocsek image
  3193. Navicula hyrtlii f. minor Østrup image
  3194. Navicula hyrtlii var. linearis Østrup image
  3195. Navicula iasnitskii Skvortzov & Meyer image
  3196. Navicula iasnitskii var. obtusa Skvortzov & Meyer image
  3197. Navicula iberica Azpeitia image
  3198. Navicula icostauron (Ehrenberg) O'Meara image
  3199. Navicula icostauron Grunow image
  3200. Navicula icostauron var. conifera J. Brun & Héribaud
  3201. Navicula icostauron var. conifera J. Brun & Heribaud image
  3202. Navicula ignobilis Krasske image
  3203. Navicula ignobilis Pantocsek image
  3204. Navicula ignorata H. Schimanski
  3205. Navicula ignorata Schimanski image
  3206. Navicula ignota Krasske
  3207. Navicula ignota var. acceptata (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
  3208. Navicula ignota var. acceptata (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot {invalid}
  3209. Navicula ignota var. anglica J.W.G. Lund image
  3210. Navicula ignota var. palustris (Hustedt) J.W.G. Lund image
  3211. Navicula ignota var. tahitiensis Coste & Ricard {invalid}
  3212. Navicula ikarii var. curta Skvortzov
  3213. Navicula ikarii var. nipponica Skvortzov image
  3214. Navicula ikarii_('jkarii') Skvortzov
  3215. Navicula illicita E. Manguin ex Kociolek & Reviers
  3216. Navicula illicita E. Manguin {invalid}
  3217. Navicula illicita Manguin image
  3218. Navicula illinoensis Ehrenberg image
  3219. Navicula illustra var. antiqua Heiden image
  3220. Navicula illustra var. cuneata Heiden image
  3221. Navicula illustrioides Hustedt
  3222. Navicula illustris Krasske image
  3223. Navicula illustris Pantocsek image
  3224. Navicula illustris var. neapolitana Hustedt image
  3225. Navicula illustris_('illustra') Pantocsek
  3226. Navicula ilopangoensis Hustedt image
  3227. Navicula imbecilla Cholnoky image
  3228. Navicula imbellis M.H. Hohn & Hellerman image
  3229. Navicula imbricata W. Bock
  3230. Navicula imitans A. Mann
  3231. Navicula impangenica Cholnoky image
  3232. Navicula impercepta Hustedt
  3233. Navicula imperfecta Cleve
  3234. Navicula imperfecta var. antarctica Heiden image
  3235. Navicula imperfecta var. lanceolata Heiden image
  3236. Navicula imperialis (Ehrenberg) Kützing image
  3237. Navicula impertila M.H. Hohn & Hellerman image
  3238. Navicula impexa Hustedt image
  3239. Navicula implana Hustedt
  3240. Navicula impleta Cleve & Grove image
  3241. Navicula importuna Hustedt
  3242. Navicula impossibilis Cholnoky image
  3243. Navicula impressa Grunow image
  3244. Navicula impressa Lagerstedt image
  3245. Navicula impressa Lagerstedt image
  3246. Navicula inaequalis Crouan fr. image
  3247. Navicula inaequalis Crouan fr. image
  3248. Navicula inaequalis Ehrenberg
  3249. Navicula inaequilatera Lagerstedt
  3250. Navicula inaequistriata Rattray
  3251. Navicula inattingens R. Simonsen
  3252. Navicula inaurata Hendey
  3253. Navicula incarum H. Lange-Bertalot & U. Rumrich
  3254. Navicula incerta Grunow image
  3255. Navicula incerta f. asiatica Skvortzov
  3256. Navicula incertata Lange-Bertalot image
  3257. Navicula incisa Meister image
  3258. Navicula incisa O'Meara image
  3259. Navicula inclementis Hendey image
  3260. Navicula inclinata Hustedt image
  3261. Navicula includens Pantocsek image
  3262. Navicula incoacta Hustedt
  3263. Navicula incognita Krasske
  3264. Navicula incognita var. capitata Hustedt
  3265. Navicula incomitatus M.H. Hohn & Hellerman image
  3266. Navicula incomperta Lewis image
  3267. Navicula incomperta var. fossilis Pantocsek image
  3268. Navicula incomposita Hagelstein
  3269. Navicula incomposita var. minor Hagelstein
  3270. Navicula incompta Krasske image
  3271. Navicula incompta var. incurva C.W. Reimer
  3272. Navicula incongruens Hendey image
  3273. Navicula inconspicua Gregory image
  3274. Navicula incudiformis Grunow image
  3275. Navicula inculta Manguin image
  3276. Navicula inculta Pantocsek image
  3277. Navicula incurva Auerswald image
  3278. Navicula incurva Gregory image
  3279. Navicula incurva var. minor Gutwinski image
  3280. Navicula incurvata Gregory image
  3281. Navicula incus Grunow image
  3282. Navicula incus var. abbreviata Grunow image
  3283. Navicula indefinita M. Peragallo image
  3284. Navicula indemnis M.H. Hohn & Hellerman image
  3285. Navicula index Tempère & Brun image
  3286. Navicula indianensis Reimer image
  3287. Navicula indica Ehrenberg image
  3288. Navicula indica Greville image
  3289. Navicula indifferens Hustedt
  3290. Navicula indigens A. Mann image
  3291. Navicula inducens Cholnoky image
  3292. Navicula indulgens R. Simonsen
  3293. Navicula indulgens R. Simonsen {invalid}
  3294. Navicula indulgens Simonsen image
  3295. Navicula inelegans Grove & Sturt image
  3296. Navicula inexacta A. Mann image
  3297. Navicula inexpectans J.R. Carter image
  3298. Navicula inexplorata Krasske
  3299. Navicula infaceta Cholnoky image
  3300. Navicula infirma Grunow image
  3301. Navicula infirma Manguin image
  3302. Navicula infirmata Hustedt & Manguin image
  3303. Navicula infirmitata Giffen
  3304. Navicula inflasa Rabenhorst image
  3305. Navicula inflata (Kützing) Kützing image
  3306. Navicula inflata Gandhi image
  3307. Navicula inflata H.P. Gandhi {illegitimate}
  3308. Navicula inflata var. rostrata D. McCall image
  3309. Navicula inflata var. striata Kützing image
  3310. Navicula inflatoides H.P. Gandhi
  3311. Navicula inflexa (Gregory) Ralfs image
  3312. Navicula inflexa var. biharensis Pantocsek image
  3313. Navicula infossa B. Laslandes & J.P. Kociolek
  3314. Navicula infrenis M.H. Hohn & Hellerman image
  3315. Navicula ingapirca U. Rumrich & H. Lange-Bertalot
  3316. Navicula ingens A. Mann image
  3317. Navicula ingenua Hustedt
  3318. Navicula ingoldii Foged image
  3319. Navicula ingrata Krasske image
  3320. Navicula ingrata f. capitata Krasske image
  3321. Navicula ingstadii Foged
  3322. Navicula ingustata Cholnoky image
  3323. Navicula inhalata A. Schmidt
  3324. Navicula inhalata A.W.F. Schmidt image
  3325. Navicula inhalata var. biharensis Pantocsek image
  3326. Navicula inhalata var. lanceolata Cleve image
  3327. Navicula iniqua Krasske image
  3328. Navicula injusta R. Simonsen
  3329. Navicula injusta Simonsen image
  3330. Navicula innommata Leuduger-Fortmorel image
  3331. Navicula inornata Grunow image
  3332. Navicula inpunctata Cholnoky image
  3333. Navicula inquisitor Cholnoky image
  3334. Navicula inscendens Pantocsek image
  3335. Navicula inscriptura Hendey
  3336. Navicula insepta J.R. Carter & Denny image
  3337. Navicula insequens Hustedt image
  3338. Navicula inserata Hustedt
  3339. Navicula inserata f. undulata (Hustedt) Hustedt image
  3340. Navicula inserata var. elliptica Cholnoky image
  3341. Navicula inserata var. undulata Hustedt
  3342. Navicula inseriata Hajós image
  3343. Navicula insignificans Mann image
  3344. Navicula insignis Pantocsek image
  3345. Navicula insignita Hustedt
  3346. Navicula insignita f. minor É. Manguin
  3347. Navicula insignita f. minor Manguin image
  3348. Navicula insignita var. rostrata Suxena image
  3349. Navicula insociabilis Krasske
  3350. Navicula insociabilis var. dissipatoides Hustedt
  3351. Navicula insociabilis var. lanceolata Skvortzov image
  3352. Navicula insolita É. Manguin ex J.P. Kociolek & B. Reviers
  3353. Navicula insolita É. Manguin {invalid}
  3354. Navicula insolita Manguin image
  3355. Navicula insolubilis Cholnoky image
  3356. Navicula instabilis A. Schmidt
  3357. Navicula instabilis A.W.F. Schmidt image
  3358. Navicula insularis Ehrenberg image
  3359. Navicula insulsa D. Metzeltin & H. Lange-Bertalot
  3360. Navicula insulsa Manguin image
  3361. Navicula insuta Manguin image
  3362. Navicula intacta Pantocsek image
  3363. Navicula integra (W. Smith) Ralfs
  3364. Navicula integra var. conspicua A. Cleve-Euler image
  3365. Navicula integra var. conspicua Backman & Cleve-Euler image
  3366. Navicula integra var. elliptica Krasske image
  3367. Navicula integra var. gibba Pantocsek image
  3368. Navicula integra var. helvetica Limanowska
  3369. Navicula integra var. maculata T.G. Chin & Z. Cheng
  3370. Navicula integra var. truncata Hustedt image
  3371. Navicula integra var. truncata Hustedt image
  3372. Navicula intercedens A. Schmidt
  3373. Navicula intercedens A.W.F. Schmidt image
  3374. Navicula interglacialis Hustedt
  3375. Navicula interlineata Grove & Sturt image
  3376. Navicula intermedia Lagerstedt image
  3377. Navicula intermedia var. antarctica M. Peragallo image
  3378. Navicula intermixta Hustedt image
  3379. Navicula intermixta var. parva J.L. Stone
  3380. Navicula interposita Lewis image
  3381. Navicula interrupta (Ehrenberg) Ehrenberg image
  3382. Navicula interrupta (W. Smith) A.W.F. Schmidt image
  3383. Navicula interrupta Hemprich & Ehrenberg image
  3384. Navicula interrupta Kützing image
  3385. Navicula interrupta f. bicapitata (Lagerstedt) Fritsch
  3386. Navicula interrupta f. genuina Fritsch image
  3387. Navicula interrupta f. pseudomesolepta Fritsch & Rich image
  3388. Navicula interrupta f. sub-bicapitata Fritsch image
  3389. Navicula interrupta f. subcapitata (Gregory) Fritsch image
  3390. Navicula interrupta f. westii Fritsch image
  3391. Navicula interrupta var. bicapitata (Lagerstedt) Wolle
  3392. Navicula interrupta var. fossilis Pantocsek image
  3393. Navicula interrupta var. gorjanovicii (Pantocsek) F.W. Mills
  3394. Navicula interrupta var. microstauron_('Microstaurum') (Ehrenberg) Wolle
  3395. Navicula interrupta var. novae-seelandiae A.W.F. Schmidt image
  3396. Navicula interrupta var. novaeseelandiae_('novae seelandiae') A. Schmidt
  3397. Navicula interrupta var. stauroneiformis Lauby image
  3398. Navicula interrupta var. tallyana Grunow image
  3399. Navicula interrupta var. zanzibarica Grunow
  3400. Navicula interruptestriata G.H. Schwabe & R. Simonsen
  3401. Navicula interruptestriata Simonsen image
  3402. Navicula interversa H. Peragallo & M. Peragallo
  3403. Navicula intestinalis H. Lange-Bertalot & A. Witkowski
  3404. Navicula intractata Hustedt
  3405. Navicula intricata Keraeva image
  3406. Navicula inutilis Krasske image
  3407. Navicula invenusta Mann image
  3408. Navicula inversa Ehrenberg image
  3409. Navicula investigata Heiden
  3410. Navicula invicta Hustedt image
  3411. Navicula invisitata Heiden image
  3412. Navicula involata J.R. Carter & Denny image
  3413. Navicula involuta Mayer image
  3414. Navicula iota Cleve image
  3415. Navicula iranensis Hustedt
  3416. Navicula irata G. Krasske
  3417. Navicula irata Krasske image
  3418. Navicula ireneae B. Van de Vijver, A. Jarlman, & H. Lange-Bertalot
  3419. Navicula iridis Ehrenberg image
  3420. Navicula iridis Manguin image
  3421. Navicula iridis f. angustata M. Peragallo & Heribaud image
  3422. Navicula iridis f. intermedia Dippel image
  3423. Navicula iridis f. media Dippel image
  3424. Navicula iridis f. minor Dippel image
  3425. Navicula iridis f. minor Frenguelli image
  3426. Navicula iridis f. minor Pero image
  3427. Navicula iridis var. affinis (Ehrenberg) O'Meara image
  3428. Navicula iridis var. amphigomphus (Ehrenberg) O'Meara image
  3429. Navicula iridis var. dubia Frenguelli image
  3430. Navicula iridis var. minor (Pero) Pero image
  3431. Navicula iridis var. reducta Manguin image
  3432. Navicula iridis var. subproducta Héribaud
  3433. Navicula iridis var. subproducta Heribaud image
  3434. Navicula irmengardis H. Lange-Bertalot
  3435. Navicula irminiae A. Witkowski, C. Riaux-Gobin, & G. Daniszewska-Kowalczyk
  3436. Navicula irregularis Pantocsek image
  3437. Navicula irreversa Cholnoky image
  3438. Navicula irritans Cholnoky image
  3439. Navicula irritans R. Simonsen {invalid}
  3440. Navicula irritans Simonsen image
  3441. Navicula irrorata Greville
  3442. Navicula irrorata f. mexicana (Cleve) Hustedt image
  3443. Navicula irrorata f. typica Hustedt image
  3444. Navicula irrorata var. ceylanica Cleve image
  3445. Navicula irrorata var. elliptica Cleve image
  3446. Navicula irrorata var. fossilis Pantocsek image
  3447. Navicula irrorata var. lineata Heiden image
  3448. Navicula irrorata var. maculata Heiden image
  3449. Navicula irrorata var. mexicana Cleve image
  3450. Navicula irrorata var. substauroneiformis (Grunow) Cleve
  3451. Navicula irroratoides Hustedt
  3452. Navicula irroratoides f. elliptica Hustedt image
  3453. Navicula isabelensiformis A.W.R. Seddon & A. Witkowski
  3454. Navicula isabelensiminor A.W.R. Seddon & A. Witkowski
  3455. Navicula isabelensis A.W.R. Seddon & A. Witkowski
  3456. Navicula isabelensoides A.W.R. Seddon & A. Witkowski
  3457. Navicula iserentantii H. Lange-Bertalot & A. Witkowski
  3458. Navicula isertii Foged image
  3459. Navicula islandica Østrup
  3460. Navicula islandica Østrup image
  3461. Navicula isocephala (Ehrenberg) Kützing image
  3462. Navicula isostauron (Ehrenberg) Pantocsek image
  3463. Navicula isostauron Ehrenberg image
  3464. Navicula istriana (Grunow) Pantocsek image
  3465. Navicula iversenii Foged image
  3466. Navicula ivigtutensis Foged image
  3467. Navicula izsopallagae Heiden image
  3468. Navicula jaagi Meister image
  3469. Navicula jaagii_('jaagi') Meister
  3470. Navicula jacksoni Schrader image
  3471. Navicula jacobii Manguin image
  3472. Navicula jacotiae Schoeman image
  3473. Navicula jaernefeltii Hustedt image
  3474. Navicula jaernefeltii Hustedt image
  3475. Navicula jaernefeltii_('Järnefelti') Hustedt {invalid}
  3476. Navicula jaernefeltii_('järnefelti') Hustedt
  3477. Navicula jaernefeltioides Ricard image
  3478. Navicula jakkalsica Cholnoky image
  3479. Navicula jakovljevicii_('jakovljevici') Hustedt image
  3480. Navicula jamaicensis Greville image
  3481. Navicula jamalinensis Cleve
  3482. Navicula jamalinensis var. maculata Heiden
  3483. Navicula jamalinensis var. schizostauron Cleve image
  3484. Navicula jamalinensis var. simiaevultus (Brun) Cleve image
  3485. Navicula jamalinensis var. subcircularis Østrup
  3486. Navicula jamalinensis var. subcircularis Østrup image
  3487. Navicula jamiesonii_('jamiesoni') H.G. Barber & J.R. Carter
  3488. Navicula janischii Castracane image
  3489. Navicula japonica Heiden
  3490. Navicula jasnitskii -- image
  3491. Navicula jasnitskii f. constricta (Skvortzov) Hustedt image
  3492. Navicula jasnitskii f. obtusa (Skvortzov & Meyer) Hustedt image
  3493. Navicula jasnitskii var. constricta Jasnitsky
  3494. Navicula jatobensis Krasske
  3495. Navicula jatobensis var. capitata Krasske
  3496. Navicula javanensis Leuduger-Fortmorel image
  3497. Navicula javanica Grunow image
  3498. Navicula jeffreyae G.M. Hallegraeff & M.A. Burford image
  3499. Navicula jeffreyae_(`jeffreyi') G.M. Hallegraeff & M.A. Burford
  3500. Navicula jejuna A.W.F. Schmidt image
  3501. Navicula jejuna var. arctica Østrup image
  3502. Navicula jejunoides Van Heurck image
  3503. Navicula jejunoides f. longissima Van Heurck image
  3504. Navicula jelinekiana Grunow image
  3505. Navicula jelinekiana Grunow {illegitimate}
  3506. Navicula jelinekii_('jelineckii') Grunow
  3507. Navicula jenneri_('jennerii') W. Smith image
  3508. Navicula jenneri_(`jennerii') W. Smith {illegitimate}
  3509. Navicula jentzschii Grunow
  3510. Navicula jentzschii f. major Cleve-Euler image
  3511. Navicula jentzschii f. minor Cleve-Euler image
  3512. Navicula jentzschii f. typica Cleve-Euler image
  3513. Navicula jentzschii var. elongata A. Cleve-Euler image
  3514. Navicula jequitinhonhae Zimmermann image
  3515. Navicula jessenii Foged image
  3516. Navicula jimboi Pantocsek image
  3517. Navicula jimboi var. cymbelloides Jouse image
  3518. Navicula jimboi var. ussuriensis Jouse image
  3519. Navicula jogensis Gandhi image
  3520. Navicula jogensis H.P. Gandhi {illegitimate}
  3521. Navicula johanrossii Giffen image
  3522. Navicula johncarteri_('johncarterii') D.M. Williams
  3523. Navicula johnsoniana Greville image
  3524. Navicula johnsonii (W.Smith) O´Meara image
  3525. Navicula johnsonii var. belgica Van Heurck
  3526. Navicula jonssoni Østrup image
  3527. Navicula jordani Ehrenberg image
  3528. Navicula josephi Pantocsek image
  3529. Navicula joubaudii H. Germain
  3530. Navicula joursacensis Heribaud image
  3531. Navicula jouseana Skvortzov image
  3532. Navicula juanitalinda D. Metzeltin, H. Lange-Bertalot & F. García-Rodríguez
  3533. Navicula jucunda Cleve-Euler image
  3534. Navicula jucunda Pantocsek image
  3535. Navicula jugata Cleve image
  3536. Navicula julieni Heribaud & J. Brun image
  3537. Navicula julienii_('Julieni') Héribaud & J. Brun
  3538. Navicula jungi Krasske image
  3539. Navicula jungi var. inflata Krasske image
  3540. Navicula jungii f. inflata (Krasske) Hustedt image
  3541. Navicula jurassensis P. Fusey image
  3542. Navicula jurgensii Kützing image
  3543. Navicula jurilji Hajós image
  3544. Navicula justa Hustedt
  3545. Navicula juvens Ehrenberg image
  3546. Navicula kaapensis Cholnoky image
  3547. Navicula kaelfvensis Grunow image
  3548. Navicula kaikonkiensis Woodhead & Tweed image
  3549. Navicula kalganica Skvortzov
  3550. Navicula kamorthensis Grunow
  3551. Navicula kanemi Iltis image
  3552. Navicula kanitzii Pantocsek image
  3553. Navicula kantsiensis Giffen
  3554. Navicula kappa Cleve image
  3555. Navicula karelica Cleve-Euler image
  3556. Navicula karelica var. baicalensis Skvortzov & Meyer image
  3557. Navicula kariana Grunow image
  3558. Navicula kariana Meunier image
  3559. Navicula kariana f. curta Cleve image
  3560. Navicula kariana f. japonica Skvortzov image
  3561. Navicula kariana var. curta (Cleve) R. Ross image
  3562. Navicula kariana var. detersa Grunow image
  3563. Navicula kariana var. detersa Grunow image
  3564. Navicula kariana var. frigida (Grunow) Cleve image
  3565. Navicula kariana var. minor Grunow, inval. image
  3566. Navicula karsia Hohn image
  3567. Navicula karstenii Pantocsek image
  3568. Navicula kawamurae Skvortzov image
  3569. Navicula keeleyi Patrick image
  3570. Navicula kefvingensis Ehrenberg image
  3571. Navicula kelleri Pantocsek image
  3572. Navicula kenaiensis J.L. Stone
  3573. Navicula kenon Skvortzov image
  3574. Navicula kenyae Cholnoky image
  3575. Navicula kepesii Grunow image
  3576. Navicula kerguelensis (Ehrenberg) Ralfs image
  3577. Navicula kerguelensis Castracane image
  3578. Navicula kerguelensis Heiden image
  3579. Navicula kerguelensis Heiden {illegitimate}
  3580. Navicula kerguelensis f. major Manguin image
  3581. Navicula kernensis Hanna image
  3582. Navicula kertschiana Pantocsek image
  3583. Navicula khentiiensis D. Metzeltin, H. Lange-Bertalot & N. Soninkhishig
  3584. Navicula kincaidii Sovereign image
  3585. Navicula kinkeri_('kinkerii') Pantocsek image
  3586. Navicula kinkeriana Pantocsek image
  3587. Navicula kirchneriana Florin image
  3588. Navicula kisber M.H. Hohn & Hellerman image
  3589. Navicula kittoniana A.W.F. Schmidt image
  3590. Navicula kittoniana O'Meara image
  3591. Navicula kizakensis Skvortzov image
  3592. Navicula kjellmanii (Cleve) Cleve image
  3593. Navicula kjellmanii f. subconstricta (Grunow) Hustedt image
  3594. Navicula kjellmanii var. subconstricta (Grunow) Cleve image
  3595. Navicula klavsenii Østrup image
  3596. Navicula klavsenii var. turgida Cleve-Euler image
  3597. Navicula kleerekoperi Patrick image
  3598. Navicula knysnensis Cholnoky image
  3599. Navicula kochii (Ehrenberg) Kützing image
  3600. Navicula kochii Pantocsek image
  3601. Navicula koeiei Foged image
  3602. Navicula koenigii_('koenigi') Brockmann image
  3603. Navicula kohlenbachii H. Lange-Bertalot & U. Rumrich
  3604. Navicula kohlmaieri H. Lange-Bertalot
  3605. Navicula koidzumiana (Skvortzov) A. Tuji
  3606. Navicula kolbei Meister image
  3607. Navicula kolbei V.S. Poretzky & Anissimova {illegitimate}
  3608. Navicula kolentiensis Woodhead & Tweed image
  3609. Navicula kolugoensis Foged image
  3610. Navicula koniamboensis E. Manguin ex Kociolek & Reviers
  3611. Navicula koniamboensis E. Manguin {invalid}
  3612. Navicula koniamboensis Manguin image
  3613. Navicula konstantini Skabichevskií image
  3614. Navicula konstantinii_('konstantini') Skabichevskij
  3615. Navicula korzeniewskii A. Witkowski, H. Lange-Bertalot & D. Metzeltin
  3616. Navicula kossuthii Pantocsek image
  3617. Navicula kotschyana 'Grunow' image
  3618. Navicula kotschyana Grunow image
  3619. Navicula kotschyi Grunow
  3620. Navicula kotschyi f. hinganica Skvortzov image
  3621. Navicula kotschyi f. undulata Hustedt image
  3622. Navicula kotschyi var. asymmetrica Kisselev
  3623. Navicula kotschyi var. hueckii W. Krieger
  3624. Navicula kotschyi var. robusta Hustedt image
  3625. Navicula kotschyi var. rupestris Skvortzov image
  3626. Navicula kovalchookiana Skvortzov image
  3627. Navicula kozhovii M.S. Kulikovskiy & H. Lange-Bertalot
  3628. Navicula kpongensis Foged image
  3629. Navicula kraeuselii Cholnoky
  3630. Navicula krammerae_('krammeriae') H. Lange-Bertalot
  3631. Navicula krasskei Hustedt
  3632. Navicula krasskei var. endolithica Krasske image
  3633. Navicula krenneri Z. Levkov, M.B. Edlund, & T. Nakov
  3634. Navicula kriegeri G. Krasske
  3635. Navicula kriegeri Krasske image
  3636. Navicula krockii Grunow image
  3637. Navicula krookii_('krockii') Grunow
  3638. Navicula krsticii Z. Levkov
  3639. Navicula kryokonites Cleve
  3640. Navicula kryokonites var. islandica Østrup image
  3641. Navicula kryokonites var. semiperfecta Cleve image
  3642. Navicula kryokonites var. semistriata (Østrup) Boyer image