Silva Center for Phycological Documentation: Index Nominum Algarum

The INA is a card file and online reporting system maintained at the Silva Center for Phycological Documentation of the University Herbarium, University of California, Berkeley. It contains nearly 200,000 names of algae (in the broad sense). The BPU is a card file containing bibliographic references pertaining to algal taxonomy.
A working list of algal type specimens at UC is available here

Results from INA database

Heteroderma monostromaticum(Foslie) Adey image
Lithothamnion monostromaticumFoslie image
MONOSTROMAG.A. Thuret image
MONOSTROMA sectionLETTERSTEDTIARIA Weber-van Bosse image
MONOSTROMAThuret image
Monostroma alittorale_('alittoralis')Tanaka & K. Nozawa image
Monostroma amorphumCollins Tufts Coll. Stud. (Sci.) 3: 82, pl. I: fig. 4 1912
Monostroma angicava f. cylindracea(Kjellman) Yamada image
Monostroma angicavaKjellman image
Monostroma antarcticumV.J. Chapman image
Monostroma applanatumGain image
Monostroma arcticumV.B. Wittrock image
Monostroma arcticum var. intestiniforme(Rosenvinge) Collins image
Monostroma areolatumSetchell & N.L. Gardner Univ. Calif. Publ. Bot. 7: 281, pl. 30; pl. 31: fig. 2 1920
Monostroma areolatumW.A. Setchell & N.L. Gardner image
Monostroma balticum(Areschoug) Wittrock image
Monostroma blyttii(J.E. Areschoug) V.B. Wittrock image
Monostroma bullosum(Roth) Thuret image
Monostroma crassidermumTokida image
Monostroma crassissimumIwamoto image
Monostroma crassiusculumKjellman image
Monostroma crepidinumFarlow image
Monostroma crepidinum var. pseudocrepidinumV.J. Chapman image
Monostroma crispatumKjellman image
Monostroma cylindraceumKjellman image
Monostroma ecuadoreanumTaylor image
Monostroma ecuadoreanumW.R. Taylor Allan Hancock Pacific Exped. 12: 40 1945
Monostroma endiviifoliumGepp & Gepp image
Monostroma endiviifolium_(`endiviaefolium')A. Gepp & E.S. Gepp J. Bot. [London] 43: 105, pl. 470: figs. 1-5 1905
Monostroma expansum_('expansa')G.S. West image
Monostroma fisheriBorge image
Monostroma fisheri var. minus_('minor')Borge image
Monostroma fractumJao image
Monostroma fuscum f. blyttii(Wittrock) Collins image
Monostroma fuscum f. splendens(F.J. Ruprecht) F.S. Collins image
Monostroma fuscum f. splendens(Ruprecht) Collins Rhodora 5: 12 1903
Monostroma fuscum f. tenuisM.H. Foslie image
Monostroma fuscumV.B. Wittrock image
Monostroma fuscum var. blyttii(J.E. Areschoug) E.A.L. Batters image
Monostroma fuscum var. genuinaBatters image
Monostroma fuscum var. splendens(F.J. Ruprecht) J.L.A.K. Rosenvinge image
Monostroma fuscum var. splendens(Ruprecht) Rosenvinge Medd. Gronland 3: 942 1893
Monostroma fuscum var. typicaRosenvinge image
Monostroma fuscumWittrock Monogr. Monostroma: 53 1866
Monostroma grevillei(G.A. Thuret) V.B. Wittrock image
Monostroma grevillei(Thuret) Wittrock Monogr. Monostroma: 57 1866
Monostroma grevillei subsp. japonicumVinogradova image
Monostroma grevillei var. arcticum(V.B. Wittrock) J.L.A.K. Rosenvinge image
Monostroma grevillei var. cornucopiae(H.C. Lyngbye) E.A.L. Batters image
Monostroma grevillei var. cornucopiae(Lyngbye) Batters J. Bot. [London] 40(suppl.): 11 1902
Monostroma grevillei var. intestiniformisRosenvinge image
Monostroma grevillei var. lactuca(Linnaeus) Hauck Rabenhorst's Krypt.-Fl. Deutschl., ed. 2, 2: 425 1884
Monostroma grevillei var. lubricum(F.R. Kjellman) F.S. Collins image
Monostroma grevillei var. typicaJ.L.A.K. Rosenvinge image
Monostroma grevillei var. vahlii(J.G. Agardh) J.L.A.K. Rosenvinge image
Monostroma groenlandicumJ. Agardh Alg. Syst. 3: 107, pl. III: figs. 80-83 1883
Monostroma groenlandicumJ.G. Agardh image
Monostroma hariotii_('harioti')L. Gain image
Monostroma helgolandicumO.C. Schmidt image
Monostroma kuroshiense_('kuroshiensis')F. Bast Webbia 70: 53, fig. 7 2015
Monostroma laceratumThuret image
Monostroma lactuca(Linnaeus) J. Agardh Alg. Syst. 3: 102 1883
Monostroma lactuca var. minus_('minor')Weber-van Bosse image
Monostroma latissimum ecad australisV.J. Chapman image
Monostroma latissimumV.B. Wittrock image
Monostroma latissimum var. oxycoccum(Kützing) Hauck image
Monostroma latissimum var. palmataChalon image
Monostroma leptodermumF.R. Kjellman Nova Acta R. Soc. Sc. Upsal., ser. 3, vol. extr. ord. 1877 art. XII: 52, figs. 23, 24 1877
Monostroma lindaueriV.J. Chapman image
Monostroma lubricumF.R. Kjellman image
Monostroma lubricumKjellman image
Monostroma mauritianumJadin image
Monostroma membranaceum_('membranacea')W. West & G.S. West image
Monostroma mooreiV.J. Chapman image
Monostroma mundumKjellman in Wittrock & Nordstedt, Bot. Not. 1893: 193, no fig. 1893
Monostroma nitidumV.B. Wittrock image
Monostroma nitidum var. novaezelandiaeV.J. Chapman image
Monostroma obscurum(Kützing) J. Agardh Alg. Syst. 3: 111 1883
Monostroma obscurum(Kützing) J. Agardh image
Monostroma ochotense_('ochotensis')M. Nagai image
Monostroma orbiculatum f. variansF.S. Collins image
Monostroma orbiculatumThuret image
Monostroma oxycoccum(F.T. Kützing) G.A. Thuret image
Monostroma oxycoccum f. latissimum_('latissima')(Kützing) Hamel image
Monostroma oxycoccum f. quaternaria(Kützing) Hamel image
Monostroma oxycoccum f. quaternarium(Kützing) G. Hamel Rev. Algol. 6: 53 1921
Monostroma oxycoccumThuret Mém. Soc. Imp. Sci. Nat. Cherbourg 2: 29 1854
Monostroma oxycoccum var. laceratum(Thuret) Hamel image
Monostroma oxycoccum var. orbiculatum(Thuret) Hamel image
Monostroma oxyspermum(F.T. Kützing) M.S. Doty image
Monostroma oxyspermum(Kützing) M.S. Doty Farlowia 3: 12 1947
Monostroma oxyspermum f. orbiculatum(Thuret) Feldmann & Magne image
Monostroma oxyspermum f. wittrockii(Bornet) Feldmann & Magne image
Monostroma pacificumV.J. Chapman image
Monostroma parasiticumJ.E. Lebel image
Monostroma parvulumCrouan Frat. image
Monostroma parvumV.J. Chapman image
Monostroma pulchrumFarlow Mar. Alg. New England: 41, no fig. 1881
Monostroma quaternarium(Kützing) Crouan fr. image
Monostroma quaternarium(Kützing) Desmazières Pl. Crypt. France, ed. 3, no. 603 1859
Monostroma roseumCurrey image
Monostroma saccodeum f. cylindracea(Kjellman) Foslie image
Monostroma saccodeum f. typicaFoslie image
Monostroma saccodeumKjellman image
Monostroma sandeiWeber-van Bosse Siboga-Exped. Monogr. 59a: 49, pl. II: figs. 7, 8 1913
Monostroma splendens(F.J. Ruprecht) V.B. Wittrock image
Monostroma splendens(Ruprecht) Wittrock Monogr. Monostroma: 50 1866
Monostroma tenueH.G. Simmons image
Monostroma thermale_('thermalis')(Kützing ex Meneghini) J. Agardh image
Monostroma tubiformeIwamoto image
Monostroma undulatum f. farlowiiFoslie image
Monostroma undulatum f. typicum_('typica')Foslie image
Monostroma undulatumV.B. Wittrock image
Monostroma undulatum var. farlowii 'Foslie' image
Monostroma vahliiJ.G. Agardh image
Monostroma wittrockiiBornet in Bornet & Thuret Notes alg.: 178, pl. XLV 1880
Monostroma zostericola_('zostericolum')J.E. Tilden image
Monostroma zostericola_('zostericolum')Tilden Amer. Alg.: 388 1900
MONOSTROMATICAEJ. Agardh Alg. Syst. 3: 56 1883
Neostromatella monostromaticaM.J. Wynne, G. Furnari, & R. Nielsen in M.J. Wynne & G. Furnari Nova Hedwigia 98: 517 2014
PORPHYRA sect. MONOSTROMATICAEJ. Agardh Alg. Syst. 3: 56 1883
PROTOMONOSTROMA(Vinogradova) Golden & Garbary image
PROTOMONOSTROMAVinogradova image
Protomonostroma rosulatumVinogradova image
Protomonostroma undulatum(Wittrock) Vinogradova image
Protomonostroma undulatum f. farlowii(Foslie) Vinogradova image
Protomonostroma undulatum f. pulchrum(Farlow) M.J. Wynne Canad. J. Bot. 64: 2264 1986
Stromatella monostromaticaKornmann & Sahling Helgoländer Meeresuntersuch. 39: 223, footnote 1985
Stromatella monostromaticaKornmann & Sahling Helgoländer Meeresuntersuch. 36: 10 1983
ULVARIA(Ruprecht) J. Agardh \{also on card: [subgenus] of Monostroma] image
Ulvella monostromaticaP. Dangeard Botaniste 48: 45, pl. I: figs. 8-13; pl. III: fig. 1 1965
Ulvella monostromaticaP.J.L. Dangeard image