Silva Center for Phycological Documentation: Index Nominum Algarum

The INA is a card file and online reporting system maintained at the Silva Center for Phycological Documentation of the University Herbarium, University of California, Berkeley. It contains nearly 200,000 names of algae (in the broad sense). The BPU is a card file containing bibliographic references pertaining to algal taxonomy.
A working list of algal type specimens at UC is available here

Results from INA database

Acrochaetium griffithsianumNägeli image
Ahnfeltia griffithsiae(Turner) Fries Fl. scan.: 310 1836
Boryna griffithsiana(J.E. Smith) Bonnemaison Mém. Mus. Hist. Nat. [Paris] 16: 106 1828
Callithamnion griffithsiaeHarvey mss. image
Castagnea griffithsiana(Greville) J. Agardh image
Ceramium griffithsianum(J.E. Smith) C. Agardh Syn. Alg. Scand.: XXVII 1817
Ceramium griffithsianum(J.E. Smith) J. Agardh image
Chondrus griffithsiae(Turner) J. Agardh Alg. medit: 95 1842
Chromastrum griffithsianum(Nägeli) Stegenga & Mulder image
Conferva griffithsianaJ.E. Smith Engl. Bot. 33: pl. 2312 1812
Cryptopleura griffithsiana([J. Agardh]) Kützing image
Delesseria griffithsiaSuhr Flora 23: 260 1840
Delesseria griffithsiana "Suhr" image
Ectocarpus griffithsianusLe Jolis Trans. Bot. Soc. [Edinburgh] 7: 37, pl. iv in Harv., Phyc. Brit. 1861
EUGRIFFITHSIAG. Feldmann-Mazoyer image
Fosliea griffithsiana(Le Jolis) Hagen ex Athanasiadis Phycologia Europaea Phaeophyta: 7 2021
Fucus griffithsiae_('griffithsii')Turner Fuci ... Vol. 1: 79, pl. 37 1808
Gigartina griffithsiae(Turner) Lamouroux Ann. Mus. Hist. Nat. [Paris] 20: 137 1813
Gigartina griffithsiae var. nanaMontagne image
Gigartina griffithsiae_('griffithsii')(Turner) Lamouroux image
Gloiosiphonia griffithsianaWalker-Arnott image
GRIFFITHSIAAgardh ex Hooker image
GRIFFITHSIA subgenusANOTRICHIUM (Naegeli) Feldmann-Mazoyer image
Griffithsia acutaZanardini ex De Toni image
Griffithsia aestivanaC.W. Schneider & C.E. Lane Bot. Mar. 50: 133, figs. 13-22 2007
Griffithsia antarcticaHooker f. & Harvey image
Griffithsia antarctica var. fastigiataHarvey image
Griffithsia anthericephalaDawson image
Griffithsia anthericephalaE.Y. Dawson Amer. J. Bot. 37(2): 155, figs. 20, 21 1950
Griffithsia arachnoideaC. Agardh image
Griffithsia ardissoneiZanardini image
Griffithsia argusMontagne Histoire naturelle des Iles Canaries: 176, pl. 8: fig. 4 1841
Griffithsia australis(C. Agardh) C. Agardh Sp. Alg. 2: 135 1828
Griffithsia balaraBaldock image
Griffithsia barbata(J.E. Smith) C. Agardh image
Griffithsia barbataC. Agardh Syn.: xxviii 1817
Griffithsia binderianaSonder Bot. Zeit. 3: 52 1845
Griffithsia bornetianaFarlow image
Griffithsia brachyarthraKützing in Hohenacker Algae marinae siccatae ...: no. 437 1860
Griffithsia brachyarthraKützing image
Griffithsia caespitosaHarvey ex J. Agardh image
Griffithsia caespitosaHarvey ms. image
Griffithsia capitataBoergesen image
Griffithsia caraibicaFeldmann-Mazoyer image
Griffithsia caribaeaG. Feldmann image
Griffithsia casuarinae(DC) Gaillon image
Griffithsia caudataSchousboe image
Griffithsia caudataSchousboe Mscr. image
Griffithsia chilensisMontagne ex Kützing image
Griffithsia coactaOkamura image
Griffithsia coacta var. crassaOkamura Nippon kaiso\*^ shi [Descriptions of Japanese algae]: 719, no fig. 1936
Griffithsia comosaGrunow image
Griffithsia complanataJ.M. Huisman Algae of Australia: Marine Benthic Algae of North-western Australia. 2: 602, fig. 182A-C 2018
Griffithsia confervoidesSuhr Flora 23: 281 1840
Griffithsia corallina(L.) C. Agardh image
Griffithsia corallinaC. Agardh Syn. Alg. Scand.: XXVIII 1817
Griffithsia corallinaSchousboe image
Griffithsia corallina var. globiferaHarvey Smithsonian Contr. Knowl. 5{5}: 228, pl. XXXV.A 1853
Griffithsia corallina var. tasmanicaKützing Species algarum: 659 1849
Griffithsia corallina var. tasmanica_('tasmannica')Kützing image
Griffithsia corallina var. tenuiorC. Agardh image
Griffithsia corallina var. tenuisHarvey image
Griffithsia corallinoides(L.) Batters image
Griffithsia corallinoides(L.) Trevisan image
Griffithsia corallinoides(Linnaeus) Trevisan Nomencl. Alg.: 23 1845
Griffithsia corticataJ. Agardh ex Tisdall image
Griffithsia corticataJ. Agardh ex Wilson image
Griffithsia crassaKützing image
Griffithsia crassiusculaC. Agardh Syst. Alg.: 145 1824
Griffithsia crinitaKützing Tab. Phyc. 12: 7, pl. 21: figs. a-c 1862
Griffithsia crinitaKützing image
Griffithsia cymifloraKützing image
Griffithsia cymosaSimons image
Griffithsia dalmaticaKützing image
Griffithsia devoniensisHarvey Phycol. Brit. 1: pl. XVI 1846
Griffithsia duriaeiMontagne image
Griffithsia elegansBaldock Austral. J. Bot. 24: 538, figs. 38, 39, 82 1976
Griffithsia elongata(Harvey) J. Agardh Sp. alg. 3{1}: 62 1876
Griffithsia equisetifolia(Lightfoot) C. Agardh image
Griffithsia flabellataMontagne image
Griffithsia flabelliformisHarvey London J. Bot. 3: 450 1844
Griffithsia flabelligera(Harvey) J. Agardh Sp. Alg. 3{1}: 61 1876
Griffithsia flosculosa(Ellis) Ruprecht image
Griffithsia flosculosa var. irregularis(C. Agardh) Feldmann-Mazoyer image
Griffithsia flosculosa var. sphaerica(Schousboe) Feldmann-Mazoyer image
Griffithsia furcellataJ. Agardh Alg. Medit.: 75 1842
Griffithsia genovefaeJ. Feldmann image
Griffithsia giraudiiSolier mscr. image
Griffithsia giraudyiSolier ex Montagne image
Griffithsia globifera(Harvey) Harvey mscr. image
Griffithsia globifera(Harvey) J. Agardh Sp. Alg. 3{1}: 67 1876
Griffithsia globiferaHarvey ms. image
Griffithsia globuliferaHarvey image
Griffithsia globuliferaHarvey ex Kützing Tab. Phycol. 12: 10, pl. 30: figs. a-d 1862
Griffithsia gracilisHarvey in Hooker Fl. Tasman. 2: 332 1859
Griffithsia grandisKützing image
Griffithsia gunnianaJ. Agardh image
Griffithsia heterocladaYamada & Hasegawa image
Griffithsia heteromorphaKützing Diagn. u. Bemerk.: 14 1863
Griffithsia heteromorphaKützing image
Griffithsia heteromorphaKützing image
Griffithsia imbricataSchousboe ms. image
Griffithsia intermediaLenormand mscr. image
Griffithsia intermediaLenormand Mss. image
Griffithsia intertextaSchousboe image
Griffithsia intricataSchousboe image
Griffithsia inversaJ.M. Huisman Algae of Australia: Marine Benthic Algae of North-western Australia. 2: 606, fig. 183A-D 2018
Griffithsia irregularisC. Agardh Sp. Alg. 2: 130 1828
Griffithsia irregularis f. nanaSchiffner image
Griffithsia japonicaOkamura Icones of Japanese algae: 6: 36, pl. CCLXX 1930
Griffithsia licmophora(Harvey) J. Agardh Sp. Alg. 3{1}: 63 1876
Griffithsia ligusticaKützing image
Griffithsia metcalfii f. subsecundaTseng image
Griffithsia metcalfiiTseng Pap. Michigan Acad. Sci. Arts & Lett. 27: 111, figs. 5-9 1942
Griffithsia monilisHarvey Trans. R. Irish Acad. 22(Sci.): 559 1855
Griffithsia monilis var. cinctaBaldock image
Griffithsia multifida(Hudson) C. Agardh image
Griffithsia multifida var. piliferaC. Agardh image
Griffithsia multiramosa(Setchell & Gardner) W.R. Taylor image
Griffithsia multiramosa(Setchell & N.L. Gardner) W.R. Taylor Smithsonian Misc. Coll. 98{9}: 14 1939
Griffithsia multiramosa var. balboensisG.J. Hollenberg Amer. J. Bot. 32: 447, text-fig. 1 1945
Griffithsia multiramosa var. minorW.R. Taylor Smithsonian Misc. Coll. 98{9}: 14, pl. 2 1939
Griffithsia myriophyllumSchousboe image
Griffithsia neapolitanaNägeli ex Kützing Tab. Phycol. 12: 9, pl. 28: figs. a-c 1862
Griffithsia neapolitanaNaegeli image
Griffithsia nodulosaC. Agardh image
Griffithsia okiensisKajimura image
Griffithsia opuntiaJ. Agardh image
Griffithsia opuntioidesJ. Agardh Alg. Medit.: 76 1842
Griffithsia ovalisHarvey Trans. R. Irish Acad. 22(Science): 559 1855
Griffithsia pacificaKylin Lunds Univ. A\*orsskr., N.F., Avd. 2, 21{9}: 58, figs. 38, 39 1925
Griffithsia pedicellata(J.E. Smith) Gaillon image
Griffithsia penicillataC. Agardh Syst. Alg.: 143 1824
Griffithsia penna-pavonina_('penna pavonina')Kützing image
Griffithsia phyllamphoraJ. Agardh image
Griffithsia pilalyeaBaldock image
Griffithsia piliferaZanardini image
Griffithsia pinnataCrouan mscr. image
Griffithsia pinnataJ. Agardh image
Griffithsia pliocenicaCavara Fl. Foss. Mongardino ed. 1886: 24 [724] 1887
Griffithsia pogonoideaMeneghini image
Griffithsia pulvinataBaldock Austral. J. Bot. 24: 529, figs. 22-26, 79 1976
Griffithsia pulvinataBaldock ms. image
Griffithsia pumilaDe Notaris image
Griffithsia radicansKützing image
Griffithsia radicataSchousboe image
Griffithsia radiciformisHook. fil. & Harvey image
Griffithsia ramellosaKützing image
Griffithsia repensZanardini image
Griffithsia repensZanardini ex Kützing image
Griffithsia rhizoideaNoda image
Griffithsia rhizophoraGrunow ex Weber-van Bosse Siboga-Exped. Monogr. 59c: 313 1923
Griffithsia schimperiReinbold Wiss. Ergeb. Deutsch. Tiefsee-Exped. 1898-1899 2{2}: 576, pl. LVIII: figs. 3-5 1907
Griffithsia schousboeiMontagne in Webb Otia hispanica ...: 11, pl. X 1839
Griffithsia schousboei var. anastomosansOliveira Filho image
Griffithsia schousboei var. minorFeldmann image
Griffithsia secundaHarvey ex J. Agardh Sp. Alg. 2: 85 1851
Griffithsia secundaHarvey msc. image
Griffithsia secundifloraJ. Agardh image
Griffithsia secundirameaVickers image
Griffithsia setacea(Hudson) C. Agardh Syn. Alg. Scand.: XXVIII 1817
Griffithsia setacea var. filiformisHarvey Fl. Nov.-Zel. 2: 258 1855
Griffithsia setacea var. irregularisHauck image
Griffithsia setacea var. sphaerica(Schousboe ex C. Agardh) J. Agardh Sp. alg. 2: 85 1851
Griffithsia setacea var. tasmanica_('tasmannica')Kützing image
Griffithsia simplicifilum(DC) C. Agardh image
Griffithsia simplicisetaChevallier image
Griffithsia sonderianaJ. Agardh image
Griffithsia sonderianaJ. Agardh image
Griffithsia sphaericaSchousboe ex C. Agardh Sp. Alg. 2: 130 1828
Griffithsia subbiconicaH. Stegenga Bibliotheca Phycologica 74: 114, pl. 41 1986
Griffithsia subbiconicaStegenga image
Griffithsia subcylindricaOkamura Rec. Oceanogr. Works Japan 2: 99, pl. VIII 1930
Griffithsia subverticillataKützing image
Griffithsia tasmanica(Kützing) Kützing Tab. Phycol. 12: 7 1862
Griffithsia tasmanica(Kützing) Kützing image
Griffithsia tasmanicaJ. Agardh mscr. image
Griffithsia tegesHarvey Trans. R. Irish Acad. 22(Science): 559 1855
Griffithsia tegesHarvey ex J. Agardh image
Griffithsia tenuisC. Agardh Sp. Alg. 2: 131 1828
Griffithsia tenuissimaZanardini image
Griffithsia tenuiusC. Agardh image
Griffithsia thyrsigera(Thwaites ex Harvey) Grunow J. Mus. Godeffroy [Hamburg] 3: 30 1874
Griffithsia thyrsigera(Thwaites) Grunow image
Griffithsia tingitanaSchousboe image
Griffithsia tomo-yamadae_(`tomo-yamadai')Okamura Nippon Kaiso-Shi: 717 1936
Griffithsia torulosaZanardini image
Griffithsia torulosaZanardini image
Griffithsia torulosaZanardini image
Griffithsia traversii(J. Agardh) Baldock image
Griffithsia trichocladosC. Agardh Sp. Alg. 2: 132 1828
Griffithsia venustaYemada image
Griffithsia weber-van-bosseaeBoergesen image
Griffithsia weber-vanbosseae_('Weber-van-Bosseae')Børgesen Blumea, suppl. 2: 19, figs. 1-3 1942
Gymnogongrus griffithsiae(Turner) Martius Fl. bras. 1: 27 1833
Gymnogongrus griffithsiae f. distichoidesReis image
Gymnogongrus griffithsiae var. galapagensisPiccone & Grunow image
Gymnogongrus griffithsiae var. minutusCrouan Frat. image
Haloglossum griffithsianumKützing image
Helminthocladia griffithsiana(Greville) Harvey image
Hutchinsia griffithsiana(J.E. Smith) S.F. Gray Nat. Arr. Brit. Pl. 1: 337 1821
Lyngbya griffithsiaeCrouan fr. image
Mesogloia griffithsianaGreville ex W. Hooker The English flora of Sir James Edward Smith. Vol. V (or Vol. II of Dr. Hooker's British flora). Part I. Comprising the mosses, Hepaticae, lichens, Characeae and algae: 387 1833
Mesogloia griffithsianaR.K. Greville image
Myriocladia griffithsiana(Greville) P. Crouan & H. Crouan image
Nitophyllum griffithsianumJ. Agardh image
Nitophyllum griffithsianumJ. Agardh Sp. alg. 2: 669 1852
Oligosiphonia griffithsiana(Harvey) J.E. Gray image
Phycastrum griffithsianumNägeli Gatt. Einzell. Alg.: 128, pl. VIII:C: fig. 2 1849
Phycastrum griffithsianumNägeli image
Polyides griffithsiae(Turner) Gaillon Dict. Sci. Nat. [Levrault] 53: 365 1828
Polysiphonia griffithsiana(J.E. Smith) L.P. Jones & Kingston Fl. Devon. 2: 55 1829
Polysiphonia griffithsianaHarvey image
Polysiphonia violacea var. griffithsiana(Harvey) L. Batten image
Sauvageaugloia griffithsiana(Greville ex W. Hooker) G. Hamel ex Kylin Lunds Univ. A\*orsskr., N.F., Avd. 2, 36{9}: 33 1940
Sauvageaugloia griffithsiana(Greville) Kylin image
Schizoseris griffithsia(Suhr) Wynne Nova Hedwigia 48: 424 1989
Scutarius griffithsianus(Suhr) Kuntze image
Seirospora griffithsianaHarvey image
Seirospora griffithsiana var. miniata(Crouan) Batters image
Sphaerococcus griffithsiae var. nanusMontagne image
Sphaerococcus griffithsiae_('griffitsiae')(Turner) C. Agardh Syn. Alg. Scand.: XVI 1817
Spyridia filamentosa f. griffithsiana(J.E. Smith) J. Agardh Sp. alg. 2: 341 1852
Spyridia griffithsiana(J.E. Smith) G.C. Zuccarello, W.F. Prud'homme van Reine, & H. Stegenga Bot. Mar. 47: 486 2004
Staurastrum griffithsianum(Nägeli) W. Archer Quart. J. Micr. Sci., ser. 2, 6: 67 1866
Staurastrum spongiosum var. griffithsianum(C.W. Nägeli) N.G. Lagerheim image
Stictyosiphon griffithsianusHolmes & Batters image
Trichocladia griffithsiana(Grev. ex Harv.) Harvey image
Tylocarpus griffithsiae(Turner) Kützing Phyc. gen: 411 1843
Tylocarpus griffithsiae(Turner) Kützing image