Silva Center for Phycological Documentation: Index Nominum Algarum

The INA is a card file and online reporting system maintained at the Silva Center for Phycological Documentation of the University Herbarium, University of California, Berkeley. It contains nearly 200,000 names of algae (in the broad sense). The BPU is a card file containing bibliographic references pertaining to algal taxonomy.
A working list of algal type specimens at UC is available here

Results from INA database

Ceramium fucoides(Hudson) DC. image
Conferva fucoidesHudson Fl. Angl.: 485 1762
Cystoseira fucoidesErcegovic image
Dictyopteris fucoidesTanaka image
FUCOIDESBrongniart image
FUCOIDESMicheli ex G. Targioni-Tozzetti image
Fucoides aequalis var. flexilisAd. Brongniart image
Fucoides alleghaniensisHarlan image
Fucoides alleghaniensisHarlan image
Fucoides antiqua_('antiquus')Ad. Brongniart image
Fucoides bertrandii_('Bertrandi')Ad. Brongniart Hist. Vég. Foss. 1: 65, pl. 7: figs. 1-3 1828
Fucoides bertrandii_('bertrandi')Ad. Brongniart image
Fucoides bollensisQuenstedt image
Fucoides brardiiAd. Brongniart image
Fucoides briantea_('brianteus')A. Villa & G.B. Villa image
Fucoides caulinitoidesWatelet Description des plantes fossiles du Bassin de Paris: 33, pl. 10: figs. 1, 2 1866
Fucoides circinata_('circinatus')Ad. Brongniart image
Fucoides dentata_('dentatus')Ad. Brongniart image
Fucoides dichotoma_('dichotomus')Reich image
Fucoides digitata_('digitatus')Ad. Brongniart image
Fucoides encoelioidesAd. Brongniart image
Fucoides flabellarisAd. Brongniart image
Fucoides friburgensisHaer image
Fucoides frondosa_('frondosus')Brongniart ex Watelet Description des plantes fossiles du Bassin de Paris: 32, pl. 6: fig. 4 1866
Fucoides hechingensisQuenstedt image
Fucoides helveticusBrunner image
Fucoides heterogena_('heterogenus')Watelet Description des plantes fossiles du Bassin de Paris: 33, pl. 6: fig. 1 1866
Fucoides hypnoidesAd. Brongniart image
Fucoides latifronsHaer image
Fucoides lycopodioidesAd. Brongniart image
Fucoides lyngbiana_('lyngbianus')Ad. Brongniart image
Fucoides multifida_('multifidus')Ad. Brongniart image
Fucoides nilsoniana_('nilsonianus')Ad. Brongniart image
Fucoides obtusa_('obtusus')Ad. Brongniart image
Fucoides palmatifidusWatelet Description des plantes fossiles du Bassin de Paris: 32, pl. 9: fig. 1 1866
Fucoides pectinata_('pectinatus')Ad. Brongniart image
Fucoides procera_('procerus')Heer image
Fucoides punctulata_('punctulatus')Ad. Brongniart image
Fucoides rigida_('rigidus')Heer image
FucoidesRoussel image
Fucoides selaginoidesAd. Brongniart image
Fucoides septentrionalis(C. Agardh) Brongniart Hist. Vég. Foss. 1: 50 1828
Fucoides serraAd. Brongniart image
Fucoides spathulata_('spathulatus')Ad. Brongniart image
Fucoides stockiiAd. Brongniart image
Fucoides stricta_('strictus')C. Agardh & Brongniart image
Fucoides subtilisEichwald image
Fucoides taeniolaEichwald image
Fucoides targioniiAd. Brongniart image
Fucoides tuberculosa_('tuberculosus')Ad. Brongniart image
Grammita fucoides(Hudson) Bonnemaison image
Grammita fucoides var. spinulosaBonnemaison image
Hutchinsia fucoides(Hudson) Hooker image
Hutchinsia fucoides(Hudson) S.F. Gray image
Polysiphonia fucoides(Hudson) Greville in W. Hooker The English flora of Sir James Edward Smith. Vol. V (or Vol. II of Dr. Hooker's British flora). Part I. Comprising the mosses, Hepaticae, lichens, Characeae and algae: 332 1833
Polysiphonia nigrescens f. fucoidesJ.G. Agardh image
Polysiphonia nigrescens var. fucoides(W. Hudson) W.H. Harvey image
Vertebrata fucoides_('fucodes')(Hudson) Kuntze image