Silva Center for Phycological Documentation: Index Nominum Algarum

The INA is a card file and online reporting system maintained at the Silva Center for Phycological Documentation of the University Herbarium, University of California, Berkeley. It contains nearly 200,000 names of algae (in the broad sense). The BPU is a card file containing bibliographic references pertaining to algal taxonomy.
A working list of algal type specimens at UC is available here

Results from INA database

COCCOLITHUSE.H.L. Schwarz image
Coccolithus abisectusC. Müller N. Jb. Geol. Paleontol. Abh. 135: 92, pl. 9: figs. 9, 10; pl. 12: fig. 1 1970
Coccolithus abisectusC. Müller image
Coccolithus actinosusL.E. Stover Micropaleontology 12: 138, pl. 1: figs. 15, 16; pl. 8: fig. 7 1966
Coccolithus amplus(Kamptner) Kamptner image
Coccolithus annulusCohen image
Coccolithus apomnemoneumusHay & Mohler image
Coccolithus areolatusKamptner image
Coccolithus arkhangelskiiShumenko image
Coccolithus arrheniusii_('arrheniusi')Kamptner image
Coccolithus asellusKamptner image
Coccolithus atlanticusCohen image
Coccolithus barnesiae_('barnesae')(M. Black) Bramlette & Martini image
Coccolithus bidensBramlette & Sullivan image
Coccolithus bidentatusForchheimer image
Coccolithus biperforatus(Kamptner) Kamptner image
Coccolithus bisectus(Hay, Mohler & Wade) Bramlette & Wilcoxen image
Coccolithus bisulcusStradner image
Coccolithus braarudii(K.R. Gaarder) K. Baumann, M. Cachao, J.R. Young, & M. Geisen in Sáez et al. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA 100: 7168 2003
Coccolithus brambatiiCohen image
Coccolithus brouweriKamptner image
Coccolithus bryonalisReinhardt image
Coccolithus cachaoiP.R. Bown J. Nannoplankton Res. 27: 26, pl. 3: figs. 8-10 2005
Coccolithus californicusF.R. Sullivan Univ. Calif. Publ. Geol. Sci. 44: 180, pl. 2: figs. 3, 4 1964
Coccolithus californicusSullivan image
Coccolithus carteri(Wallich) Kamptner image
Coccolithus cavusHay & Mohler image
Coccolithus celticusM. Black image
Coccolithus coenurusReinhardt image
Coccolithus consuetusBramlette & Sullivan image
Coccolithus consuetusM.N. Bramlette & F.R. Sullivan Micropaleontology 7: 139, pl. 1: fig. 2 1961
Coccolithus cordusKamptner image
Coccolithus coronatusGartner image
Coccolithus corticosusShamrai & Lazareva image
Coccolithus crassiponsBouché image
Coccolithus crassusBramlette & Sullivan Micropalaeontology 7: 139, pl. 1: fig. 4a-d 1961
Coccolithus craterP.H. Roth image
Coccolithus crateriformisKamptner image
Coccolithus cribellum(Bramlette & Sullivan) Stradner image
Coccolithus cribosphaerellaPienaar image
Coccolithus cruciatusShamrai & Lazareva image
Coccolithus cruciferusKamptner image
Coccolithus crucisP.R. Bown J. Nannoplankton Res. 27: 27, pl. 3: figs. 19-25 2005
Coccolithus cucullusLecal & Bernheim image
Coccolithus curvidiscusKamptner image
Coccolithus cuvillieriManivit image
Coccolithus danicusN. Bramlette & E. Martini image
Coccolithus decussatusKamptner image
Coccolithus deflandrei(Noël) Shumenko image
Coccolithus deflandrei(Noël) Shumenko image
Coccolithus deflandreiManivit image
Coccolithus delus(Bramlette & Sullivan) Perch-Nielsen image
Coccolithus dentatus(Shumenko) Shumenko image
Coccolithus distributusLyul'eva image
Coccolithus doronicoides image
Coccolithus doronicoidesM. Black & B. Barnes J. Roy. Microscop. Soc., ser. 3, 80: 142, pl. 25: fig. 3 1961
Coccolithus dupouyi(Deflandre & Fert) Haq image
Coccolithus elatusKamptner image
Coccolithus eminensBramlette & Sullivan image
Coccolithus eopelagicus(Bramlette & Riedel) Bramlette image
Coccolithus eopelagicus(Bramlette & Riedel) Kamptner image
Coccolithus erythreusLecal image
Coccolithus expansusBramlette & Sullivan image
Coccolithus falcatusGartner & L.A. Smith image
Coccolithus fenestratus(G. Deflandre & C. Fert) S.W. Wise, Jr. in S.W. Wise & R.E. Constans Trans. Gulf Coast Assoc. Geol. Soc. 26: 145 1976
Coccolithus floridanusP. Roth & Hay image
Coccolithus foraminisP.R. Bown J. Nannoplankton Res. 27: 27, pl. 3: figs. 26-30 2005
Coccolithus formae-crusus_('formae crusus')Shamrai & Lazareva image
Coccolithus formosus(Kamptner) S.W. Wise, Jr. image
Coccolithus formosus(Kamptner) S.W. Wise, Jr. Initial Rep. Deep Sea Drilling Project 18: 593 1973
Coccolithus foveolatusReinhardt image
Coccolithus fragilis(Lohmann) J. Schiller Rabenhorst's Krypt.-Fl. Deutschland 10{2}: 243 1930
Coccolithus gelidusK.R. Geitzenauer in K.R. Geitzenauer & P. Huddelstun Micropaleontology 18: 407, pl. 1: figs. 1, 2, 5, 6 1973
Coccolithus gigasBramlette & Sullivan image
Coccolithus gigasM.N. Bramlette & F.R. Sullivan Micropaleontology 7: 140, pl. 1: fig. 6 1961
Coccolithus grandisBramlette & Riedel image
Coccolithus helisStradner image
Coccolithus hemisphaericusKamptner image
Coccolithus hillii_('hilli')(Black) Shumenko image
Coccolithus hoellvikensisForchheimer image
Coccolithus horticusH. Stradner, D. Adamiker, & O. Maresch in Stradner & Adamiker Erdoel-Erdgas-Zeitschrift 82: 337, figs. 1, 2; pl. 2: fig. 4 1966
Coccolithus huxleyi(Lohmann) Kamptner image
Coccolithus huxleyi f. tenuisKamptner image
Coccolithus huxleyi f. typicaKamptner image
Coccolithus huxleyi var. tenuisKamptner image
Coccolithus huxleyi var. typicaKamptner image
Coccolithus hyalinus(Gaarder & Markali) Bursa image
Coccolithus joensuuiP. Roth & Hay image
Coccolithus latusP.R. Bown J. Nannoplankton Res. 27: 27, pl. 3: figs. 31-35 2005
Coccolithus leptoporus(Murray & Blackman) J. Schiller Rabenhorst's Krypt.-Fl. Deutschland 10{2}: 245 1930
Coccolithus leptoporus(Murray & Blackman) Kamptner image
Coccolithus lineatusJ. Schiller Rabenhorst's Krypt.-Fl. Deutschland 10{2}: 246 1930
Coccolithus litosHay, Mohler & Wade image
Coccolithus loculiferusKamptner image
Coccolithus lusitanicusBlack image
Coccolithus macellus(Bramlette & Sullivan) Stradner image
Coccolithus magnicrassusBukry Trans. San Diego Soc. Nat. Hist. 16: 309, pl. 2: figs. 1-5 1971
Coccolithus marginatusCaratini image
Coccolithus marismontiumBlack image
Coccolithus marismontiumM. Black Palaeontology 7: 309, pl. 51: figs. 1-4; pl. 52: fig. 3 1964
Coccolithus matalosusStover image
Coccolithus melaniae(Gorka) Lyul'eva image
Coccolithus membranaceusKamptner image
Coccolithus meteoriJ. Schiller Rabenhorst's Krypt.-Fl. Deutschland 10{2}: 259, fig. F 1930
Coccolithus minesusKamptner image
Coccolithus minimusKamptner image
Coccolithus minimusP.R. Bown J. Nannoplankton Res. 27: 27, pl. 3: figs. 12-15 2005
Coccolithus minutulusGartner image
Coccolithus miopelagicusBukry image
Coccolithus mirabilis(Lohmann) Kamptner image
Coccolithus moluccensisKamptner image
Coccolithus muiriBlack image
Coccolithus multiporus f. diademataGardet image
Coccolithus multiporusLecal-Schlauder image
Coccolithus mutatus(Perch-Nielsen) P.R. Bown J. Nannoplankton Res. 27: 27 2005
Coccolithus nativus(Gorka) Lyul'eva image
Coccolithus neohelisMcIntyre & Bé image
Coccolithus nuntiusStradner, Adamiker & Maresch image
Coccolithus oamaruensis(Deflandre) Levin image
Coccolithus oblongoporusSchlauder image
Coccolithus obrutus_('orbutus')(Perch-Nielsen) Bukry image
Coccolithus occultatusLocker image
Coccolithus oceanicus(Kamptner) Kamptner image
Coccolithus oceanicusE.H.L. Schwarz image
Coccolithus opacusStradner image
Coccolithus orangensisBukry image
Coccolithus oregusStover image
Coccolithus oulchyensisBouché image
Coccolithus oulchyensisP.M. Bouché Rev. Micropaléontol. 5: 83, figs. 4, 5; pl. 1: figs. 15, 16 1962
Coccolithus paenepelagicusStover image
Coccolithus paralitosP. Roth & Hay image
Coccolithus parvidentatus(Deflandre & Fert) Reinhardt image
Coccolithus parvulus(Deflandre & Fert) Stradner image
Coccolithus pataecusGartner image
Coccolithus pauciradiatusKamptner image
Coccolithus pauxillusP.R. Bown J. Nannoplankton Res. 31: 15 2010
Coccolithus pelagicus(Wallich) J. Schiller Rabenhorst's Krypt.-Fl. Deutschland 10{2}: 246 1930
Coccolithus pelagicus f. braarudii(K.R. Gaarder) A. Kleijne Mar. Micropaleontol. 17: 17 1991
Coccolithus pelagicus f. diademataGardet image
Coccolithus pelagicus f. hyalinus(K.R. Gaarder & J. Markali) A. Kleijne Mar. Micropaleontol. 17: 17 1991
Coccolithus pelagicus subsp. braarudii(K.R. Gaarder) M. Geisen, C. Billard, A.T.C. Broerse, Ll. Cros, I. Probert, & J.C. Young Eur. J. Phycol. 37: 539 2002
Coccolithus pelagicus subsp. floralisW. Wei & S.W. Wise, Jr. Proc. Ocean Drilling Program, Sci. Results 120: 514, pl. 2: figs. 5-8 1992
Coccolithus pelycomorphusReinhardt image
Coccolithus perforatusHaq image
Coccolithus pertususSullivan Univ. Calif. Publ. Geol. Sci. 53: 32, pl. 3: figs. 5, 6 1965
Coccolithus pettersonii_('pettersoni')Kamptner image
Coccolithus placomorphus(Kamptner) Kamptner image
Coccolithus placomorphus(Kamptner) Stradner image
Coccolithus pliopelagicusS.W. Wise, Jr. Initial Rep. Deep Sea Drilling Project 18: 593, pl. 8: figs. 1-6 1973
Coccolithus praetextus(Caratini) Shumenko image
Coccolithus primalisP.H. Roth image
Coccolithus pseudocarteriHay, Mohler & Wade image
Coccolithus pseudogammationBouché image
Coccolithus pseudoumbilicusGartner image
Coccolithus radiatusKamptner image
Coccolithus ranusKamptner image
Coccolithus reticulatusNarasimhan image
Coccolithus reticulatusNarasimhan image
Coccolithus retiformisReinhardt image
Coccolithus robustus(M.N. Bramlette & F.R. Sullivan) F.H. Wind & S.W. Wise, Jr. in Wise & Wind Initial Rep. Deep Sea Drilling Project 36: 295 1977
Coccolithus sarsiaeM. Black image
Coccolithus scissurus(Hay, Mohler & Wade) Bramlette & Wilcoxen image
Coccolithus sertusCaratini image
Coccolithus sessilis(Lohmann) Lecal-Schlauder image
Coccolithus sestromorphus(Kamptner) Kamptner image
Coccolithus sibogae(Weber-van Bosse) J. Schiller Rabenhorst's Krypt.-Fl. Deutschland 10{2}: 248 1930
Coccolithus simillimogammationLocker image
Coccolithus solitusBramlette & Sullivan image
Coccolithus staurionBramlette & Sullivan image
Coccolithus stavensisLevin & Joerger image
Coccolithus subpertusus(W.W. Hay & H.P. Mohler) S.E. van Heck & B. Prins Abh. Geol. B.-A. 39: 289 1987
Coccolithus subpertusus(W.W. Hay & H.P. Mohler) W. Wei & J.J. Pospichal Proc. Ocean Drilling Program, Sci. Results 119: 504 1991
Coccolithus subpertusus(W.W. Hay & H.P. Mohler) W. Wei image
Coccolithus subrotundus(Perch-Nielsen) S.E. van Heck & B. Prins Abh. Geol. B.-A. 39: 289 1987
Coccolithus taganusB. Fonseca Bol. Soc. Geol. Portugal 20: 29, pl. 1: figs. 1-8 1976
Coccolithus tanianusKamptner image
Coccolithus tenuiforatus(M. Clocchiatti & L. Jerković) S.W. Wise, Jr. Initial Rep. Deep Sea Drilling Project 71: 505 1983
Coccolithus tenuiforatus(M. Clocchiatti & L. Jerkovic) S.W. Wise, Jr. image
Coccolithus tenuisKamptner image
Coccolithus tenuistriatusKamptner Ann. Naturh. Mus. Wien 66: 160, pl. 2: figs. 14, 15, text-fig. 16 1963
Coccolithus tessellatusLecal-Schlauder image
Coccolithus tetracellus-eleganticus_('tetracellus eleganticus')Shamrai & Lazareva image
Coccolithus tortuosusLevin & Joerger image
Coccolithus trinicellusShamrai & Lazareva image
Coccolithus tritusP.H. Roth image
Coccolithus tropicusKamptner image
Coccolithus turgensKamptner image
Coccolithus umbilicusLevin image
Coccolithus wallichii(Lohmann) J. Schiller Rabenhorst's Krypt.-Fl. Deutschland 10{2}: 246 1930
Coccolithus wanneriKamptner image
Coccolithus zuluensis_('zuluensium')Pienaar image
Conococcolithus minutusRay & Mohler image
Conococcolithus panisA.R. Edwards image
CRYPTOCOCCOLITHUSS. Gartner Mar. Micropaleontol. 18: 330 1992
Cryptococcolithus takayamaeS. Gartner Mar. Micropaleontol. 18: 330, pl. II: fig. 3 1992
Cyclococcolithus acclinisLevin & Joerger image
Cyclococcolithus aequiscutumGartner image
Cyclococcolithus anulatusReinhardt image
Cyclococcolithus arabellusP.H. Roth image
Cyclococcolithus astroporusStradner image
Cyclococcolithus atrematusKamptner image
Cyclococcolithus bolliiP.H. Roth image
Cyclococcolithus ciperoensisP.H. Roth image
Cyclococcolithus crateriformisKamptner image
Cyclococcolithus cricotusGartner image
Cyclococcolithus decorusKamptner image
Cyclococcolithus dictyodus(Deflandre & Fert) Hay & Towe image
Cyclococcolithus elatusKamptner image
Cyclococcolithus flexuosus_('flexuos')Chongyou Wang, Yin Cao, & Ketang Xi image
Cyclococcolithus flexuosus_(`flexuos')Chongyou Wang, Yin Cao, & Ketang Xi Bull. Inst. Geol., Chin. Acad. Geol. Sci. 14: 163, pl. 1: figs. 7-10 1987
Cyclococcolithus floridanus(Roth & Hay) Hay image
Cyclococcolithus floridanus(Roth & Hay) P.H. Roth image
Cyclococcolithus formosusKamptner Ann. Naturhist. Mus. Wien 66: 163, fig. 20; pl. 2: fig. 8 1963
Cyclococcolithus fragilis(Lohmann) Deflandre image
Cyclococcolithus fragilis(Lohmann) Gaarder image
Cyclococcolithus gammation(Bramlette & Sullivan) Sullivan image
Cyclococcolithus hemisphaericusKamptner image
Cyclococcolithus humilis(Kamptner) Kamptner image
Cyclococcolithus inversus(Deflandre) Ray, Mohler, & Wade image
Cyclococcolithus kingii_('kingi')P.H. Roth image
Cyclococcolithus krejcigrafii_('krejcigrafi')Jafar image
Cyclococcolithus leptoporus(Murray & Blackman) Kamptner image
Cyclococcolithus leptoporus subsp. centrovalisStradner & Fuchs Beitrage zur Paläontologie von Österreichs 7: 255, pl. 5: figs. 1-9; pl. 6: figs. 2-6; pl. 7: figs. 1-6; abb 2A,B 1980
Cyclococcolithus leptoporus var. inversusDeflandre image
Cyclococcolithus luminisSullivan image
Cyclococcolithus lunulusP.H. Roth image
Cyclococcolithus lusitanicus(Black) Ray, Mohler, & Wade image
Cyclococcolithus macintyreiBukry & Bramlette image
Cyclococcolithus margaritaeP. Roth & Hay image
Cyclococcolithus minutusKamptner image
Cyclococcolithus mirabilis(Lohmann) Kamptner image
Cyclococcolithus moluccensisKamptner image
Cyclococcolithus multistriatusKamptner image
Cyclococcolithus neogammationBramlette & Wilcoxon image
Cyclococcolithus orbisGartner & L.A. Smith image
Cyclococcolithus pauciradiatusKamptner image
Cyclococcolithus pirocenusKamptner image
Cyclococcolithus reticulatusGartner & L.A. Smith Univ. Kansas Paleont. Contrib. Pap. 20: 4, pl. 5 1967
Cyclococcolithus robustus(Bramlette & Sullivan) Carla Müller image
Cyclococcolithus robustus(M.N. Bramlette & F.R. Sullivan) Carla Müller Initial Reports of the Deep Sea Drilling Project 25: 591 1974
Cyclococcolithus rotula(Kamptner) Kamptner image
Cyclococcolithus sibogae(Weber-van Bosse) Gaarder, invalid image
Cyclococcolithus spatiosusKamptner image
Cyclococcolithus stradneriJafar image
Cyclococcolithus tanianusKamptner image
Cyclococcolithus tropicusKamptner image
Cyclococcolithus turgensKamptner image
Cyclococcolithus wanneriKamptner image
Cyclococcolithus waxahachiaBukry image
Nannococcolithus flosculus(Shumenko) Shumenko image
Nannococcolithus simplexShumenko image
PALEOCOCCOLITHUSGartner & Gentile image
Paleococcolithus missouriensisGartner & Gentile image
Pseudococcolithus biporosusNishida image
Pseudococcolithus deltoidesNishida image
Pseudococcolithus fusiformisNishida image
Pseudococcolithus nodulosusNishida image
Pseudococcolithus oblongusNishida image
Pseudococcolithus orbicularisNishida image
Pseudococcolithus oviformisNishida image
Pseudococcolithus reticulatusNishida image
Pseudococcolithus rotundatusNishida image
Pseudococcolithus striatusNishida image
Striatococcolithus pacificanusBukry image