Silva Center for Phycological Documentation: Index Nominum Algarum

The INA is a card file and online reporting system maintained at the Silva Center for Phycological Documentation of the University Herbarium, University of California, Berkeley. It contains nearly 200,000 names of algae (in the broad sense). The BPU is a card file containing bibliographic references pertaining to algal taxonomy.
A working list of algal type specimens at UC is available here

Results from INA database

CERATAULUS(Ehr.) Schütt image
CERATAULUSEhrenberg image
Cerataulus azoricusPavillard image
Cerataulus azoricusPavillard image
Cerataulus bergoniiH. Peragallo Diatomiste 1: 103, pl. XIII (I): figs. 15, 16 1892
Cerataulus boryanusPantocsek image
Cerataulus brittonianus(Kain & Schultze) P.A. Sims & J. Witkowski Diatom Research 27: 227 2012
Cerataulus californicusA. Schmidt Atlas: pl. 115: figs. 2, 3 1888
Cerataulus californicusSchmidt image
Cerataulus chinensisGrunow image
Cerataulus deflandreiChenevière image
Cerataulus dianaeEhrenberg image
Cerataulus galapagensis(Cleve) Schmidt image
Cerataulus granulatus_('granulata')P.A. Sims & D.M. Williams in Sims et al. Phytotaxa 382: 44 2018
Cerataulus heteroceros(Grunow) P.A. Sims & J. Witkowski Diatom Research 27: 227 2012
Cerataulus hungaricusPantocsek image
Cerataulus hustedtiiAmossé image
Cerataulus imperatorHanna & Grant image
Cerataulus japonicusPantocsek image
Cerataulus johnsonianus(Greville) Cleve image
Cerataulus kinkeriSchmidt image
Cerataulus labuaniCleve image
Cerataulus labuensisCleve image
Cerataulus labuensis var. linearisAmossé image
Cerataulus laevis(Ehrenberg) Ralfs image
Cerataulus laevis f. trimerus_('trimera')Forti image
Cerataulus laevis var. chinensisGrunow image
Cerataulus laevis var. pangeroniLeuduger-Fortmorel image
Cerataulus laevis var. schmidtiiForti Atti R. Ist. Veneto Sci. Lett. ed Arti 69{2}: 1264 1910
Cerataulus laevis var. thermalisGrunow image
Cerataulus laevis var. thomeiLeuduger-Fortmorel image
Cerataulus laevis var. typicus_('typica')Forti image
Cerataulus marginatusGrove & Sturt image
Cerataulus multicornis(Grunow) P.A. Sims & J. Witkowski Diatom Research 27: 230 2012
Cerataulus orbicularisForti image
Cerataulus orbicularis var. lacustris(Holmboe) Forti image
Cerataulus ovalisSchmidt image
Cerataulus pacificusGrunow image
Cerataulus pacificusM. Hajós image
Cerataulus pacificusM. Hajós Initial Rep. Deep Sea Drilling Project 35: 828, pl. 22: figs. 1-6 1976
Cerataulus peragalloiPantocsek image
Cerataulus petitii_('petiti')Leuduger-Fortmorel image
Cerataulus polymorphus(Montagne) Van Heurck image
Cerataulus polymorphus f. minorVan Heurck image
Cerataulus polymorphus var. petitii_('petiti')(Leuduger-Fortmorel) Forti image
Cerataulus radiatusR. Ross image
Cerataulus reichardtii_('Reichardti')Grunow Ver. K.K. Zool.-Bot. Ges. Wien 13: 158, pl. 13: fig. 22 1863
Cerataulus reversaGrove & Sturt image
Cerataulus rotundatusShibkova image
Cerataulus rotundusTempère & Brun image
Cerataulus simsiae_('simsae')D. Hernández-Becerril & S. Barón-Campis in D.U. Hernández-Becerril et al. Bot. Mar. 55: 77, figs. 37-57 2012
Cerataulus smithiiRalfs in Pritchard Hist. Inf. ed. 4: 847 1861
Cerataulus socotrensisF. Kitton image
Cerataulus strelnikovaeP.A. Sims & D.M. Williams in Sims et al. Phytotaxa 382: 44, figs. 152, 153 2018
Cerataulus subangulatusGrove & Sturt J. Quekett Microscop. Club, ser. 2, 2: 325, pl. XIX: fig. 12 1886
Cerataulus thermalis(Meneghini) Ralfs image
Cerataulus thermalis f. ceylonicus_('ceylonica')Skvortzov image
Cerataulus thermalis var. paludosusTempère & Peragallo ex Forti Atti R. Ist. Veneto Sci. Lett. ed Arti 69{2}: 1271, pl. I: fig. 25 1910
Cerataulus thermalis var. sinensis(Grunow) Forti image
Cerataulus thumiiSchmidt image
Cerataulus thumii var. hungaricusPantocsek image
Cerataulus titianusGrunow Verh. K.K. Zool.-Bot. Ges. Wien 13: 159, pl. 13: fig. 25 1863
Cerataulus turgidus(Ehrenberg) Ehrenberg image
Cerataulus turgidus var. hispidissimus_('hispidissima')Pantocsek image
Cerataulus turgidus var. polycerosCastracane image
Cerataulus weissflogiiPantocsek image
PSEUDOCERATAULUS(Pantocsek) Schütt image
Pseudocerataulus kinkeri_('kinkerii')Pantocsek image
Pseudocerataulus kochiiPantocsek image
Pseudocerataulus temperei_('tempèreii')Pantocsek image