Silva Center for Phycological Documentation: Index Nominum Algarum

The INA is a card file and online reporting system maintained at the Silva Center for Phycological Documentation of the University Herbarium, University of California, Berkeley. It contains nearly 200,000 names of algae (in the broad sense). The BPU is a card file containing bibliographic references pertaining to algal taxonomy.
A working list of algal type specimens at UC is available here

Tabular display

Results from INA database

  1. Auliscus biddulphia F. Kitton image
  2. Auliscus biddulphia var. dentata J. Rattray image
  3. Auliscus biddulphia var. prominens J. Rattray image
  4. BIDDULPHIA S.F. Gray image
  5. BIDDULPHIA Sect. EUBIDDULPHIA F. Schütt, H.G.A. Engler & K.A.E. Prantl image
  6. BIDDULPHIA groupe ODONTELLA (C.A. Agardh) A. Grunow image
  7. BIDDULPHIACEAE Bessey image
  8. BIDDULPHIACEAE Karsten image
  9. BIDDULPHIACEAE Lebour image
  10. BIDDULPHIACEAE Lemmermann image
  11. BIDDULPHIACEAE Rabenhorst image
  12. BIDDULPHIALES A.I. Proshkina-Lavrenko & I.V. Makarova
  13. Biddulphia abjecta A. Mann image
  14. Biddulphia acanthoceros A.I. Forti image
  15. Biddulphia acuta (C.G. Ehrenberg) C.S. Boyer image
  16. Biddulphia advena S.L. VanLandingham image
  17. Biddulphia africana G. Leuduger-Fortmorel image
  18. Biddulphia agulhas G.H.H. Karsten image
  19. Biddulphia alaskiensis A. Mann image
  20. Biddulphia alternans (J.W. Bailey) Van Heurck
  21. Biddulphia alternans var. tenuipunctata K.S. Mereschkowsky image
  22. Biddulphia alternans var. variabilis (T. Brightwell) K.S. Mereschkowsky image
  23. Biddulphia americana (J. Ralfs) C.S. Boyer image
  24. Biddulphia amphicephala (C.G. Ehrenberg) J. Ralfs image
  25. Biddulphia angulata A.W.F. Schmidt image
  26. Biddulphia antediluviana (Ehrenberg) Van Heurck
  27. Biddulphia antediluviana var. ornata Hendey
  28. Biddulphia antediluviana var. ornata N.I. Hendey image
  29. Biddulphia anthropomorpha H.F. Van Heurck image
  30. Biddulphia antillarum (P.T. Cleve) C.S. Boyer image
  31. Biddulphia antiqua A. Truan y Luard & O.N. Witt image
  32. Biddulphia apiculata J.A. Long, D.P. Fuge & J. Smith image
  33. Biddulphia arctica (T. Brightwell) C.S. Boyer image
  34. Biddulphia arctica f. balaena (Ehrenberg) Jørgensen image
  35. Biddulphia arctica var. californica (A. Grunow) C.S. Boyer image
  36. Biddulphia arctica var. campeachiana (A. Grunow) C.S. Boyer image
  37. Biddulphia arctica var. kerguelensis (A. Grunow) C.S. Boyer image
  38. Biddulphia arctica var. montereyi (T. Brightwell) C.S. Boyer image
  39. Biddulphia arctica var. pentagona C.S. Boyer image
  40. Biddulphia arctica var. quadrangularis (R.K. Greville) C.S. Boyer image
  41. Biddulphia arctica var. sexangulata C.S. Boyer
  42. Biddulphia arctica var. tetragona (A. Grunow) K.S. Mereschkowsky image
  43. Biddulphia areolata M. Hajós image
  44. Biddulphia argus C.S. Boyer image
  45. Biddulphia armata G. Leuduger-Fortmorel image
  46. Biddulphia astrolabensis N.I. Hendey image
  47. Biddulphia auliscoformis Strelnikova
  48. Biddulphia aurita (H.C. Lyngbye) L.A. Brebisson image
  49. Biddulphia aurita (Lyngbye) Brébisson
  50. Biddulphia aurita var. minima A. Grunow image
  51. Biddulphia aurita var. minima Grunow
  52. Biddulphia aurita var. minuscula A. Grunow image
  53. Biddulphia aurita var. obtusa (Kützing) Hustedt
  54. Biddulphia aurita var. orientalis K.S. Mereschkowsky image
  55. Biddulphia aurita var. polyspina Kisselev
  56. Biddulphia australis J.P.F.C. Montagne image
  57. Biddulphia azorica J. Pavillard image
  58. Biddulphia azorica J. Pavillard image
  59. Biddulphia baileyi_('Baileyii') W. Smith image
  60. Biddulphia balaena (Ehrenberg) Brightwell image
  61. Biddulphia balearica (P.T. Cleve & A. Grunow) A. Mann image
  62. Biddulphia baltzoi G.D. Hanna image
  63. Biddulphia barbadensis R.K. Greville image
  64. Biddulphia belgicae M. Peragallo image
  65. Biddulphia belgicae var. lata M. Peragallo image
  66. Biddulphia biddulphiana (J.E. Smith) C.S. Boyer image
  67. Biddulphia bifasciata A. Wigand image
  68. Biddulphia bifenestra J.-J. Brun image
  69. Biddulphia biquadrata (C. Janisch) C.S. Boyer image
  70. Biddulphia birostrata A. Grunow image
  71. Biddulphia birostrata Grunow
  72. Biddulphia birostrum J.-J. Brun image
  73. Biddulphia blanda A.W.F. Schmidt image
  74. Biddulphia brevis C.G. Ehrenberg image
  75. Biddulphia brittonia C.H. Kain & E.A. Schultze image
  76. Biddulphia brittoniana C.H. Kain & E.A. Schultze
  77. Biddulphia broeckii (G. Leuduger-Fortmorel) A. Mann image
  78. Biddulphia calamus J.A. Tempčre & J.-J. Brun image
  79. Biddulphia calamus Tempère & Brun
  80. Biddulphia californica (A. Schmidt) C.S. Boyer image
  81. Biddulphia californica_('californicus') (Schmidt) Wolle
  82. Biddulphia campeachiana (A. Grunow) C.S. Boyer image
  83. Biddulphia campechiana_('Campeachiana') (Grunow ex Cleve) Boyer
  84. Biddulphia capuzina A. Schmidt
  85. Biddulphia capuzina A.W.F. Schmidt image
  86. Biddulphia caraibica A. Truan y Luard & O.N. Witt image
  87. Biddulphia castellifera (A. Grunow) A. Mann image
  88. Biddulphia catenata B. Schussnig
  89. Biddulphia cayennensis C.G. Ehrenberg image
  90. Biddulphia centralis C.S. Boyer image
  91. Biddulphia chinensis Greville
  92. Biddulphia chinensis R.K. Greville image
  93. Biddulphia cingulata A. Mann image
  94. Biddulphia cirrhus C.G. Ehrenberg image
  95. Biddulphia clavulata C.G. Ehrenberg image
  96. Biddulphia clypeolus C.S. Boyer image
  97. Biddulphia concava A. Mann image
  98. Biddulphia condecora (C.G. Ehrenberg) C.S. Boyer image
  99. Biddulphia connecta E.J.F. Wood image
  100. Biddulphia consimilis (A. Grunow) C.S. Boyer image
  101. Biddulphia contorta G.H.H. Karsten image
  102. Biddulphia convexa A. Mann image
  103. Biddulphia convexiuscula (A. Grunow) C.S. Boyer image
  104. Biddulphia cookiana C.H. Kain & E.A. Schultze image
  105. Biddulphia cookiana C.H. Kain & E.A. Schultze image
  106. Biddulphia cornigera A. Mann image
  107. Biddulphia cornu-caprae J.-J. Brun image
  108. Biddulphia cornuta (R.K. Greville) A. Mann image
  109. Biddulphia cornuta J. Brun
  110. Biddulphia cornuta J.-J. Brun image
  111. Biddulphia corpulenta R.K. Greville image
  112. Biddulphia coruscans A.W.F. Schmidt image
  113. Biddulphia costata Boyer
  114. Biddulphia costata C.S. Boyer image
  115. Biddulphia costulata (A. Grunow) C.S. Boyer image
  116. Biddulphia crassiuscula J. Pantocsek image
  117. Biddulphia crenulata W.C. Walker image
  118. Biddulphia cretacea M. Hajós & H. Stradner image
  119. Biddulphia cristata A. Grunow image
  120. Biddulphia cruciata P.C.M. Petit image
  121. Biddulphia culcitella A. Mann image
  122. Biddulphia curvata N.I. Hendey & P.A. Sims
  123. Biddulphia curvinervia Boyer
  124. Biddulphia curvinervia C.S. Boyer image
  125. Biddulphia cuspidata (C. Janisch) A. Mann image
  126. Biddulphia cycloides A. Mann image
  127. Biddulphia cylindrata E.J.F. Wood, L.H. Crosby & U.V. Cassie image
  128. Biddulphia cylindrus J.F. Weisse image
  129. Biddulphia decipiens A. Grunow image
  130. Biddulphia decorata R.K. Greville image
  131. Biddulphia decumana A.W.F. Schmidt image
  132. Biddulphia decussata N.I. Strelnikova image
  133. Biddulphia deodora G.D. Hanna & W. Grant image
  134. Biddulphia discigera A. Grunow image
  135. Biddulphia discigera var. fossilis Pantocsek
  136. Biddulphia discursa A. Mann image
  137. Biddulphia dissipata E. Grove & G. Sturt image
  138. Biddulphia distincta (C. Janisch) A. Mann image
  139. Biddulphia dubia (T. Brightwell) P.T. Cleve image
  140. Biddulphia echinulata A.P. Jousé
  141. Biddulphia echinulata A.P. Jouse image
  142. Biddulphia ecornuta N.I. Strelnikova
  143. Biddulphia edwardsii Febiger ex A. Grunow image
  144. Biddulphia elaborata E. Grove & G. Sturt image
  145. Biddulphia elegans (R.K. Greville) C.S. Boyer image
  146. Biddulphia elegantula Greville
  147. Biddulphia elegantula R.K. Greville image
  148. Biddulphia elegantula var. polycystinica J. Pantocsek image
  149. Biddulphia elegantula var. polygibba J. Pantocsek image
  150. Biddulphia elegantula var. sarmatica J. Pantocsek image
  151. Biddulphia elegantula var. subgibbosa A.W.F. Schmidt image
  152. Biddulphia elesdiana_('élesdiana') J. Pantocsek image
  153. Biddulphia elesdiana_(élesdiana') Pantocsek
  154. Biddulphia elongata G.G.A. Meneghini image
  155. Biddulphia exacta A. Mann image
  156. Biddulphia eximia (A. Grunow) L.J. Laporte & P. Lefebure image
  157. Biddulphia expedita C. Janisch image
  158. Biddulphia extensa A. Mann image
  159. Biddulphia falcata C.S. Boyer image
  160. Biddulphia fenestrata (E. Grove & G. Sturt) A. Grunow image
  161. Biddulphia fimbriata (G.C. Wallich) A. Mann image
  162. Biddulphia fimbriata Greville
  163. Biddulphia fimbriata R.K. Greville image
  164. Biddulphia fistulosa J. Pantocsek image
  165. Biddulphia flos (C.G. Ehrenberg) A. Grunow image
  166. Biddulphia flos var. hebetata A. Grunow image
  167. Biddulphia flos var. hebetata Grunow
  168. Biddulphia formosa (T. Brightwell) E.H. Jørgensen image
  169. Biddulphia formosa f. balaena E.H. Jørgensen image
  170. Biddulphia fortiana J.A. Tempčre image
  171. Biddulphia fortiana J.A. Tempčre image
  172. Biddulphia fossa E. Grove & G. Sturt image
  173. Biddulphia fractosa A. Mann image
  174. Biddulphia fragilaria (C.G. Ehrenberg) J. Ralfs image
  175. Biddulphia fragilis E.C.P. Bone & R. Gosden image
  176. Biddulphia frickei H.F. Van Heurck image
  177. Biddulphia fulva C.S. Boyer image
  178. Biddulphia gallapagensis P.T. Cleve image
  179. Biddulphia gemina (A. Schmidt) A. Mann image
  180. Biddulphia gigantea R.K. Greville image
  181. Biddulphia gigas C.G. Ehrenberg image
  182. Biddulphia gladiorum A. Mann
  183. Biddulphia grandis (T. Brightwell) C.S. Boyer image
  184. Biddulphia granulata F.C.S. Roper image
  185. Biddulphia granulata Roper {illegitimate}
  186. Biddulphia granulata second card image
  187. Biddulphia grovei J. Pantocsek image
  188. Biddulphia gruendleri A.W.F. Schmidt image
  189. Biddulphia grunowiana (Castracane) A. Mann image
  190. Biddulphia gurowii J. Pantocsek image
  191. Biddulphia hebetata (A. Grunow) C.S. Boyer image
  192. Biddulphia heibergii "H.F. Van Heurck" image
  193. Biddulphia heilpriniana (C.H. Kain & E.A. Schultze) C.S. Boyer image
  194. Biddulphia hemitropa L.W. Bailey image
  195. Biddulphia heteroceros A. Grunow image
  196. Biddulphia heteroceros Grunow
  197. Biddulphia heteromorpha T.F. Kozyrenko
  198. Biddulphia heteropora (A. Grunow) C.S. Boyer image
  199. Biddulphia hexagonalis C.S. Boyer image
  200. Biddulphia homala J. Pantocsek image
  201. Biddulphia homala f. minor J. Pantocsek image
  202. Biddulphia hyalina J.L.B. Schröder image
  203. Biddulphia immanis C.S. Boyer image
  204. Biddulphia imperialis W.C. Walker image
  205. Biddulphia impressa (A. Grunow) A. Mann image
  206. Biddulphia impressa J.A. Long, D.P. Fuge & J. Smith image
  207. Biddulphia includens C.G. Ehrenberg image
  208. Biddulphia indica (C.G. Ehrenberg) F.C.S. Roper image
  209. Biddulphia inelegans (R.K. Greville) C.S. Boyer image
  210. Biddulphia inelegans var. areopora (A. Grunow) C.S. Boyer image
  211. Biddulphia inelegans var. jucatensis (A. Grunow) C.S. Boyer image
  212. Biddulphia inelegans var. micropora (A. Grunow) C.S. Boyer image
  213. Biddulphia inflata R.K. Greville image
  214. Biddulphia inflata var. recta C.S. Boyer image
  215. Biddulphia informis A. Mann image
  216. Biddulphia infundibuloides T.V. Desikachary, S. Gowthaman & Y. Latha image
  217. Biddulphia insignis (R.K. Greville) A. Mann image
  218. Biddulphia interpunctata (A. Grunow) C.S. Boyer image
  219. Biddulphia interrupta C.S. Boyer image
  220. Biddulphia inusitata Hohn & Hellerman
  221. Biddulphia inusitata M.H. Hohn & J. Hellerman image
  222. Biddulphia inverta A. Mann image
  223. Biddulphia japonica A. Grunow image
  224. Biddulphia japonica Castracane image
  225. Biddulphia japonica J. Pantocsek image
  226. Biddulphia japonica Pantocsek {illegitimate}
  227. Biddulphia jimboi J. Pantocsek image
  228. Biddulphia jimboi Pantocsek
  229. Biddulphia johnsoniana R.K. Greville image
  230. Biddulphia jucatensis (A. Grunow) C.S. Boyer image
  231. Biddulphia juncatensis (A. Grunow) A. Mann image
  232. Biddulphia juncta (A. Schmidt) A. Mann image
  233. Biddulphia kainii (E.A. Schultze) C.S. Boyer image
  234. Biddulphia keeleyi Boyer
  235. Biddulphia keeleyi C.S. Boyer image
  236. Biddulphia kemnae H.F. Van Heurck image
  237. Biddulphia lacunosa J.A. Long, D.P. Fuge & J. Smith image
  238. Biddulphia laevis C.G. Ehrenberg image
  239. Biddulphia laevis f. minor K.S. Mereschkowsky image
  240. Biddulphia laevis var. minor A.F. Meunier image
  241. Biddulphia laevis var. minor K.S. Mereschkowsky image
  242. Biddulphia laevis var. schmidtii (Forti) Hustedt
  243. Biddulphia lata (Greville) Jørgensen {illegitimate}
  244. Biddulphia lata (R.K. Greville) E.H. Jørgensen image
  245. Biddulphia lata E. Grove & G. Sturt image
  246. Biddulphia levigata V.S. Sheshukova-Poretskaja image
  247. Biddulphia litigiosa H.F. Van Heurck image
  248. Biddulphia litigiosa Van Heurck
  249. Biddulphia loczyi_('lóczyi') J. Pantocsek image
  250. Biddulphia longaeva J.A. Long, D.P. Fuge & J. Smith image
  251. Biddulphia longicruris Greville
  252. Biddulphia longicruris R.K. Greville image
  253. Biddulphia longicruris var. hyalina (J.L.B. Schröder) E.E. Cupp image
  254. Biddulphia longicruris var. japonica A. Grunow image
  255. Biddulphia longicruris var. leptoceros A. Grunow image
  256. Biddulphia longispina A. Grunow image
  257. Biddulphia luminosa (J.-J. Brun & J.A. Tempčre) A. Mann image
  258. Biddulphia lunata C.G. Ehrenberg image
  259. Biddulphia macdonaldii G. Norman image
  260. Biddulphia madagascarensis (A. Grunow) A. Mann image
  261. Biddulphia mammosa R.K. Greville image
  262. Biddulphia manca C. Janisch image
  263. Biddulphia membranacea P.T. Cleve image
  264. Biddulphia minima Schiller
  265. Biddulphia minutissima R.K. Greville image
  266. Biddulphia miraculosa J.-J. Brun image
  267. Biddulphia mobiliensis (Bailey) A. Grunow image
  268. Biddulphia mobiliensis var. major A.F. Meunier image
  269. Biddulphia mobiliensis var. minor A.F. Meunier image
  270. Biddulphia moholensis H.J. Schrader image
  271. Biddulphia mollis A. Mann image
  272. Biddulphia montereyi (T. Brightwell) K.S. Mereschkowsky image
  273. Biddulphia moronensis P.T. Cleve image
  274. Biddulphia moronensis var. nicobarica "A. Grunow" image
  275. Biddulphia moronensis var. nicobarica "Grunow"
  276. Biddulphia moronensis_(`moronense') (Greville) T.V. Desikachary
  277. Biddulphia multicornis A. Grunow image
  278. Biddulphia multicornis Grunow
  279. Biddulphia multicornis var. templum J.-J. Brun image
  280. Biddulphia murrayana N.I. Hendey image
  281. Biddulphia nervata C.S. Boyer image
  282. Biddulphia nitida R.K. Greville image
  283. Biddulphia nobilis (O.N. Witt) E.H. Jørgensen image
  284. Biddulphia nobilis J.-J. Brun image
  285. Biddulphia nobilis var. pentagona C. Brockmann image
  286. Biddulphia novae-zelandiae F.C. Wise image
  287. Biddulphia oamaruensis E. Grove & G. Sturt image
  288. Biddulphia obliquata (J.E. Smith) S.F. Gray image
  289. Biddulphia obliquata var. longa S.F. Gray image
  290. Biddulphia obliquata var. tenuior (C.A. Agardh) L.A. Brebisson image
  291. Biddulphia obtusa (C.G. Ehrenberg) C.S. Boyer image
  292. Biddulphia obtusa (F.T. Kützing) A. Grunow image
  293. Biddulphia obtusa f. anthropomorpha (H.F. Van Heurck) H. Heiden image
  294. Biddulphia obtusa var. spinosa J.A. Tempčre & J.-J. Brun image
  295. Biddulphia obtusa var. wigandii_('wigandi') G.L. Rabenhorst image
  296. Biddulphia occidentalis Wolle {invalid}
  297. Biddulphia orbiculata (G. Shadbolt) C.S. Boyer image
  298. Biddulphia ornata (G. Shadbolt) Castracane image
  299. Biddulphia ornata f. tetragona-parva (A. Grunow) C.S. Boyer image
  300. Biddulphia ornata var. hirsuta Castracane image
  301. Biddulphia ottomulleri var. cruciata (P.C.M. Petit) M. Peragallo image
  302. Biddulphia ottomulleri var. rotunda H.F. Van Heurck image
  303. Biddulphia ottomulleri_('ottomullerii') H.F. Van Heurck image
  304. Biddulphia ovalis (A. Schmidt) C.S. Boyer image
  305. Biddulphia pacifica (A. Grunow) A. Mann image
  306. Biddulphia pantocsekites S.L. VanLandingham image
  307. Biddulphia papillata (E. Grove & G. Sturt) A. Mann image
  308. Biddulphia paradoxa P.C.M. Petit image
  309. Biddulphia parallela Castracane image
  310. Biddulphia parvula (C. Janisch & G.L. Rabenhorst) C.S. Boyer image
  311. Biddulphia patagoniana J. Frenguelli image
  312. Biddulphia patagonica C.G. Ehrenberg image
  313. Biddulphia patera J.W. Barker & S.H. Meakin image
  314. Biddulphia pedalis E. Grove & G. Sturt image
  315. Biddulphia pelagica J.L.B. Schröder image
  316. Biddulphia pellucida Castracane image
  317. Biddulphia penitens G.D. Hanna & W.M. Grant image
  318. Biddulphia pentacrinus (C.G. Ehrenberg) C.S. Boyer image
  319. Biddulphia peragalloi G. Leuduger-Fortmorel image
  320. Biddulphia permagna J. Pantocsek image
  321. Biddulphia perplexa J.A. Long, D.P. Fuge & J. Smith image
  322. Biddulphia peruviana A. Grunow image
  323. Biddulphia peruviana Grunow
  324. Biddulphia petitiana (G. Leuduger-Fortmorel) A. Mann image
  325. Biddulphia petitii (G. Leuduger-Fortmorel) A. Mann image
  326. Biddulphia petrolia G.D. Hanna image
  327. Biddulphia petrolia Hanna
  328. Biddulphia phallus G. Leuduger-Fortmorel image
  329. Biddulphia plana A. Schmidt
  330. Biddulphia plana A.W.F. Schmidt image
  331. Biddulphia podagrosa R.K. Greville image
  332. Biddulphia polyacanthos J.-J. Brun image
  333. Biddulphia polymera (C.G. Ehrenberg) J. Ralfs image
  334. Biddulphia polymorpha (J.P.F.C. Montagne) A. Mann image
  335. Biddulphia polymorpha L.A. Mangin image
  336. Biddulphia polymorpha L.A. Mangin image
  337. Biddulphia polymorpha f. lata (M. Peragallo) M. Peragallo image
  338. Biddulphia polymorpha f. rotunda (H.F. Van Heurck) M. Peragallo image
  339. Biddulphia polymorpha var. anthropomorpha (H.F. Van Heurck) M. Peragallo image
  340. Biddulphia polymorpha var. belgicae (M. Peragallo) M. Peragallo image
  341. Biddulphia polymorpha var. cruciata (P.C.M. Petit) M. Peragallo image
  342. Biddulphia polymorpha var. ottomulleri_('ottomullerii') (H.F. Van Heurck) M. Peragallo image
  343. Biddulphia polymorpha var. vanheurckii_('Van Heurckii') (M. Peragallo) M. Peragallo image
  344. Biddulphia polymorpha_('polymorphus') (Montagne) Wolle
  345. Biddulphia primordialis Brun
  346. Biddulphia primordialis J.-J. Brun image
  347. Biddulphia primordialis var. inermis J.-J. Brun image
  348. Biddulphia primordinalis J.A. Long, D.P. Fuge & J. Smith {illegitimate}
  349. Biddulphia primordinalis J.A. Long, D.P. Fuge & J. Smith image
  350. Biddulphia pulchella S.F. Gray image
  351. Biddulphia pulchella f. bifasciata (A. Wigand) G.L. Rabenhorst image
  352. Biddulphia pulchella f. transversa (A. Wigand) G.L. Rabenhorst image
  353. Biddulphia pulchella f. unifasciata (A. Wigand) G.L. Rabenhorst image
  354. Biddulphia pulchella var. elliptica W. Ichikawa image
  355. Biddulphia pulchella var. grundleri (A. Schmidt) P.T. Cleve image
  356. Biddulphia pulchella var. major Castracane image
  357. Biddulphia pulchella var. quinquelocularis (F.T. Kützing) G.L. Rabenhorst image
  358. Biddulphia pulchella var. septemlocularis (F.T. Kützing) G.L. Rabenhorst image
  359. Biddulphia pulchella var. trilocularis (F.T. Kützing) G.L. Rabenhorst image
  360. Biddulphia pulverulenta A. Mann image
  361. Biddulphia pumila Castracane image
  362. Biddulphia punctata R.K. Greville image
  363. Biddulphia punctata var. belgicae M. Peragallo image
  364. Biddulphia punctata var. subaurita H.F. Van Heurck image
  365. Biddulphia punctata var. subaurita Van Heurck
  366. Biddulphia punctata var. subtriundulata H.F. Van Heurck image
  367. Biddulphia pustulata J.-J. Brun image
  368. Biddulphia pygmaea A. Mann image
  369. Biddulphia quadrans C.S. Boyer image
  370. Biddulphia quadricornis (A. Grunow) C.S. Boyer image
  371. Biddulphia quadricornis (Grunow) Wolle
  372. Biddulphia quinqueguttata (Grunow) E. Sar
  373. Biddulphia quinquelocularis F.T. Kützing image
  374. Biddulphia quinquelocularis second card image
  375. Biddulphia radiata image
  376. Biddulphia radiata_('radiatus') W. Smith image
  377. Biddulphia regia (E.A. Schultze) C.A.H. Ostenfeld image
  378. Biddulphia regia (M. Schultze) Ostenfeld
  379. Biddulphia regina W. Smith
  380. Biddulphia regina var. polygibba J. Pantocsek image
  381. Biddulphia reichardtii (Grunow) Migula
  382. Biddulphia reticulata F.C.S. Roper image
  383. Biddulphia reticulata Roper
  384. Biddulphia reticulata f. trigona (A. Grunow) E. Grove & G. Sturt image
  385. Biddulphia reticulata f. trigona A.W.F. Schmidt image
  386. Biddulphia reticulata f. trigona var. subspinosa A.W.F. Schmidt image
  387. Biddulphia reticulata var. dubia (T. Brightwell) P.T. Cleve image
  388. Biddulphia reticulata var. inermis Castracane image
  389. Biddulphia reticulata var. rawsonii E.J.F. Wood
  390. Biddulphia reticulata var. rhombica K.S. Mereschkowsky image
  391. Biddulphia reticulata var. rhombica K.S. Mereschkowsky image
  392. Biddulphia reticulata var. trigona A. Grunow image
  393. Biddulphia reticulum (C.G. Ehrenberg) C.S. Boyer image
  394. Biddulphia retiformis A. Mann image
  395. Biddulphia reversa E. Grove & G. Sturt image
  396. Biddulphia rhombus (C.G. Ehrenberg) W. Smith image
  397. Biddulphia rhombus (C.G. Ehrenberg) W. Smith image
  398. Biddulphia rhombus f. tetragona (A. Schmidt) Hustedt
  399. Biddulphia rhombus f. trigona (Cleve ex Van Heurck) Hustedt
  400. Biddulphia rhombus f. trigona J.-J. Brun image
  401. Biddulphia rhombus var. atlantica Frenguelli
  402. Biddulphia rhombus var. atlantica J. Frenguelli image
  403. Biddulphia rhombus var. fossilis J.-J. Brun image
  404. Biddulphia rhombus var. tetragona A. Schmidt
  405. Biddulphia rhombus var. tetragona A.W.F. Schmidt image
  406. Biddulphia rhombus var. trigona Cleve ex Van Heurck
  407. Biddulphia rhombus var. trigona P.T. Cleve image
  408. Biddulphia riedyi G.D. Hanna & W.M. Grant image
  409. Biddulphia rigida A. Schmidt
  410. Biddulphia rigida A.W.F. Schmidt image
  411. Biddulphia robertsiana (R.K. Greville) C.S. Boyer image
  412. Biddulphia robusta J. Pantocsek image
  413. Biddulphia roperiana R.K. Greville image
  414. Biddulphia roperiana f. discigera (A. Grunow) J. Frenguelli image
  415. Biddulphia roperiana f. obtusa (F.T. Kützing) J. Frenguelli image
  416. Biddulphia roperiana var. coronata K.S. Mereschkowsky image
  417. Biddulphia roperiana var. neogradensis J. Pantocsek image
  418. Biddulphia roperiana var. obtusa (F.T. Kützing) J. Frenguelli image
  419. Biddulphia rossica J. Pantocsek image
  420. Biddulphia rostrata F. Hustedt image
  421. Biddulphia rostrata var. alata A.I. Proshkina-Lavrenko image
  422. Biddulphia rudis A. Mann image
  423. Biddulphia russica J. Pantocsek image
  424. Biddulphia rustica (A. Mann) C.S. Boyer image
  425. Biddulphia ruthenica O. Witt
  426. Biddulphia ruthenica O.N. Witt image
  427. Biddulphia sanpedroana K.S. Mereschkowsky image
  428. Biddulphia sansibarica A.W.F. Schmidt image
  429. Biddulphia saratoviana J. Pantocsek image
  430. Biddulphia schmidtii (C. Janisch) A. Mann image
  431. Biddulphia schroederiana_('Schröderiana') B. Schussnig
  432. Biddulphia scitula A. Mann image
  433. Biddulphia scutellum A. Mann image
  434. Biddulphia scutum E.C.P. Bone & R. Gosden image
  435. Biddulphia secedens (A. Schmidt) A. Mann image
  436. Biddulphia semicircularis (T. Brightwell) C.S. Boyer image
  437. Biddulphia semicircularis var. ashburyana C.S. Boyer image
  438. Biddulphia separanda C. Janisch image
  439. Biddulphia septemlocularis F.T. Kützing image
  440. Biddulphia seticulosa A. Grunow image
  441. Biddulphia setigera (Bailey) A. Mann image
  442. Biddulphia setosa - - image
  443. Biddulphia seychellensis (Grunow) F.W. Mills
  444. Biddulphia shadboltiana (R.K. Greville) A. Mann image
  445. Biddulphia shulzei Boyer
  446. Biddulphia shulzei C.S. Boyer image
  447. Biddulphia simplex K.S. Mereschkowsky image
  448. Biddulphia sinuata R.K. Greville image
  449. Biddulphia sparsepunctata M. Hajós image
  450. Biddulphia spicata C.S. Boyer image
  451. Biddulphia spinosa (Bailey) C.S. Boyer image
  452. Biddulphia spinosa Greville
  453. Biddulphia spinosa R.K. Greville image
  454. Biddulphia spinulosa (A. Grunow) A. Mann image
  455. Biddulphia stipitata (J.E. Smith) S.F. Gray image
  456. Biddulphia stokesiana (R.K. Greville) A. Mann image
  457. Biddulphia striata G.H.H. Karsten image
  458. Biddulphia sturtii F.C. Wise image
  459. Biddulphia subaequa (F.T. Kützing) J. Ralfs image
  460. Biddulphia subaequa var. baltica A. Grunow image
  461. Biddulphia subjuncta A. Mann image
  462. Biddulphia sublaevis A. Grunow image
  463. Biddulphia suborbicularis A. Grunow image
  464. Biddulphia suborbiculata J.A. Long, D.P. Fuge & J. Smith image
  465. Biddulphia suborbiculata J.A. Long, D.P. Fuge, & J. Smith
  466. Biddulphia subquadrata C.S. Boyer image
  467. Biddulphia subrotundata (A. Schmidt) C.S. Boyer image
  468. Biddulphia subsalsa E.J. Lemmermann image
  469. Biddulphia surirella (C.G. Ehrenberg) G.L. Rabenhorst image
  470. Biddulphia surirella (Ehrenberg) Rabenhorst
  471. Biddulphia suspecta M. Peragallo image
  472. Biddulphia suzuensis W. Ichikawa image
  473. Biddulphia szurdokpuespoekiensis M. Hajós image
  474. Biddulphia tabellariaeformis A.I. Forti image
  475. Biddulphia tabellariaeformis A.I. Forti image
  476. Biddulphia tabellarium (T. Brightwell) C.S. Boyer image
  477. Biddulphia tahitianum M. Ricard image
  478. Biddulphia tahitiensis M. Ricard image
  479. Biddulphia temperei (J.-J. Brun) A. Mann image
  480. Biddulphia tenera E. Grove & G. Sturt image
  481. Biddulphia tenera N.I. Strelnikova image
  482. Biddulphia tenera N.I. Strelnikova {illegitimate}
  483. Biddulphia tentaculifera P.T. Cleve image
  484. Biddulphia tenuicornis Greville
  485. Biddulphia tenuicornis R.K. Greville image
  486. Biddulphia tenuis L.W. Bailey image
  487. Biddulphia tessellata (R.K. Greville) C.S. Boyer image
  488. Biddulphia testudo (J.-J. Brun) C.S. Boyer image
  489. Biddulphia thumii (A. Schmidt) C.S. Boyer image
  490. Biddulphia thuomeyi - - image
  491. Biddulphia titiana A. Grunow image
  492. Biddulphia tortura N.I. Hendey & P.A. Sims
  493. Biddulphia toumeyi f. capuzina_('capucina') (A. Schmidt) Jurilj
  494. Biddulphia translucida H.F. Van Heurck image
  495. Biddulphia transversa A. Wigand image
  496. Biddulphia tridens (C.G. Ehrenberg) C.G. Ehrenberg image
  497. Biddulphia tridentata C.G. Ehrenberg image
  498. Biddulphia tridentata C.G. Ehrenberg image
  499. Biddulphia tridentata C.G. Ehrenberg image
  500. Biddulphia tridentata Ehrenberg
  501. Biddulphia tridentata Ehrenberg
  502. Biddulphia tridentata Ehrenberg
  503. Biddulphia tridentata f. minor J. Pantocsek image
  504. Biddulphia tridentata var. andesitica J. Pantocsek image
  505. Biddulphia tridentula C.G. Ehrenberg image
  506. Biddulphia tridentula Ehrenberg
  507. Biddulphia triloba V.S. Sheshukova-Poretskaja image
  508. Biddulphia trilocularis F.T. Kützing image
  509. Biddulphia trinacria Bailey image
  510. Biddulphia tripos (P.T. Cleve) A. Mann image
  511. Biddulphia trisinua A. Mann image
  512. Biddulphia trisulca (Bailey) C.S. Boyer image
  513. Biddulphia tschestnovii J. Pantocsek image
  514. Biddulphia tubulosa J.-J. Brun image
  515. Biddulphia tumescens (Castracane) A. Mann image
  516. Biddulphia tumida (C.G. Ehrenberg) F.C.S. Roper image
  517. Biddulphia tumida var. peruviana (Grunow) F.W. Mills
  518. Biddulphia tumida var. peruviana A. Grunow image
  519. Biddulphia tuomeyi [second card] image
  520. Biddulphia tuomeyi f. aerodynamica A. Jurilj image
  521. Biddulphia tuomeyi f. bispina A. Jurilj image
  522. Biddulphia tuomeyi f. capucina (A.W.F. Schmidt) A. Jurilj image
  523. Biddulphia tuomeyi f. cretacea A.P. Jouse image
  524. Biddulphia tuomeyi f. elongata J. Pantocsek image
  525. Biddulphia tuomeyi f. margaritifera (G. Shadbolt) A.I. Forti image
  526. Biddulphia tuomeyi f. rigida (A. Schmidt) A. Jurilj image
  527. Biddulphia tuomeyi f. tridentata (C.G. Ehrenberg) A. Jurilj image
  528. Biddulphia tuomeyi var. aeocenica A.I. Krotov image
  529. Biddulphia tuomeyi var. boryana J. Pantocsek image
  530. Biddulphia tuomeyi var. boryana Pantocsek
  531. Biddulphia tuomeyi var. breviceps A. Grunow image
  532. Biddulphia tuomeyi var. centrospinosa A.I. Forti image
  533. Biddulphia tuomeyi var. centrospinosa A.I. Forti image
  534. Biddulphia tuomeyi var. charkoviana A.P. Jousé
  535. Biddulphia tuomeyi var. charkoviana A.P. Jouse image
  536. Biddulphia tuomeyi var. contorta A.I. Forti image
  537. Biddulphia tuomeyi var. contorta A.I. Forti image
  538. Biddulphia tuomeyi var. distenta A.I. Forti image
  539. Biddulphia tuomeyi var. elongata (J. Pantocsek) A.I. Forti image
  540. Biddulphia tuomeyi var. ensifera A. Truan y Luard & O.N. Witt image
  541. Biddulphia tuomeyi var. globiceps A. Grunow image
  542. Biddulphia tuomeyi var. hungarica J. Pantocsek image
  543. Biddulphia tuomeyi var. media A.I. Forti image
  544. Biddulphia tuomeyi var. media A.I. Forti image
  545. Biddulphia tuomeyi var. tridentata (C.G. Ehrenberg) A.P. Jouse image
  546. Biddulphia tuomeyi var. tridentata (Ehrenberg) A.P. Jousé
  547. Biddulphia tuomeyi_('tuomeyii') (Bailey) F.C.S. Roper image
  548. Biddulphia turgida (C.G. Ehrenberg) W. Smith image
  549. Biddulphia turrigera A. Mann image
  550. Biddulphia undulata J.A. Long, D.P. Fuge & J. Smith image
  551. Biddulphia undulosa A. Mann image
  552. Biddulphia unifasciata A. Wigand image
  553. Biddulphia ursina C.G. Ehrenberg image
  554. Biddulphia vanheurckii f. spinosa M. Peragallo image
  555. Biddulphia vanheurckii_('van-heurckii') M. Peragallo image
  556. Biddulphia variabilis Kozyrenko
  557. Biddulphia varians (H.S. Lauder) M.V. Lebour image
  558. Biddulphia vasta J. Pantocsek image
  559. Biddulphia venulosa J.W. Barker & S.H. Meakin image
  560. Biddulphia verrucosa C.S. Boyer image
  561. Biddulphia vesiculosa (C.A. Agardh) F.T. Kützing image
  562. Biddulphia virgata E. Grove & G. Sturt image
  563. Biddulphia vitrea J.-J. Brun image
  564. Biddulphia vittata E. Grove & G. Sturt image
  565. Biddulphia voigtii F. Meister image
  566. Biddulphia weissei (A. Grunow) E.H. Jørgensen image
  567. Biddulphia weissei (Grunow ex Witt) Jørgensen
  568. Biddulphia weissflogii A. Grunow image
  569. Biddulphia weissflogii f. aestiva H. Heiden image
  570. Biddulphia weissflogii f. aestiva J. Frenguelli image
  571. Biddulphia weissflogii f. hiberna H. Heiden image
  572. Biddulphia weissflogii f. hiberna J. Frenguelli image
  573. Biddulphia woolmanii C.H. Kain & E.A. Schultze image
  574. Biddulphia woolmanii C.H. Kain & E.A. Schultze image
  575. Biddulphia zanzibarica "A. Schmidt" image
  576. Conferva biddulphiana J.E. Smith image
  577. Denticella biddulphia Ehrenberg image
  578. Diatoma biddulphiana (J.E. Smith) C.A. Agardh image
  579. EUBIDDULPHIA F. Schütt image
  580. FLEXIBIDDULPHIA R. Simonsen
  581. Flexibiddulphia bicornigera (G D. Hanna) P.A. Sims
  582. Flexibiddulphia biddulphiodes (P.A. Sims) P.A. Sims
  583. Flexibiddulphia cretacea_('cretacera') (P.A. Sims) P.A. Sims
  584. Flexibiddulphia eocenica (P.A. Sims) P.A. Sims
  585. Flexibiddulphia hendeyi (P.A. Sims) P.A. Sims
  586. Flexibiddulphia perplexa (J.A. Long, D.P. Fuge, & J. Smith) P.A. Sims
  587. Flexibiddulphia semicircularis (Brightwell) R. Simonsen
  588. Flexibiddulphia tristictia (G D. Hanna) P.A. Sims
  589. Flexibiddulphia udiensis (Hustedt ex R. Simonsen) R. Simonsen
  590. Hemiaulus biddulphia G. Leuduger-Fortmorel image
  591. Triceratium biddulphia P.A.C. Heiberg image