Silva Center for Phycological Documentation: Index Nominum Algarum

The INA is a card file and online reporting system maintained at the Silva Center for Phycological Documentation of the University Herbarium, University of California, Berkeley. It contains nearly 200,000 names of algae (in the broad sense). The BPU is a card file containing bibliographic references pertaining to algal taxonomy.
A working list of algal type specimens at UC is available here

Results from INA database

AURICULAPatrick image
Auricula adriaticaH. Peragallo & M. Peragallo Diatomées Marines de France: pl. XLII: figs. 1-3 (desc. on p. 193, 1899) 1898
Auricula adriaticaPeragallo & Peragallo image
Auricula amphitritisCastracane image
Auricula amphoropsisKarsten image
Auricula cholnokyiGiffen image
Auricula cholnokyiM.H. Giffen Hydrobiologia 21: 220, figs. 27-29 1963
Auricula coarctata(Brun) Cleve image
Auricula complexa(Gregory) Cleve image
Auricula complexa(Gregory) Grunow image
Auricula complexa var. reniformisTsumura image
Auricula decipiens(Grunow) Cleve K. Svenska Vet.-Akad. Handl., ser. 4, 26{2}: 20 1894
Auricula densestriataK. Osada Diatom Research 12: 288, figs. 1-30 1997
Auricula dubiaH. Peragallo & M. Peragallo Diatomées Marines de France: pl. XLII: figs. 8-11 (desc. on p. 194, 1899) 1898
Auricula dubiaPeragallo & Peragallo image
Auricula flabelliformis var. hustedtii(Meister) Voigt image
Auricula flabelliformis var. interjectaVoigt image
Auricula flabelliformisVoigt image
Auricula gemmaVoigt image
Auricula gobiiMereschkowsky image
Auricula grunowiiPantocsek image
Auricula hirundinellaJ. Brun image
Auricula hoffmannii_('hoffmanni')R. Simonsen in Hinz, Simonsen, & Crawford Diatom Res. 27: 84 2012
Auricula hoffmannii_('hoffmanni')R. Simonsen Kieler Meeresf. 15: 83, pl. 12: figs. 2, 3 1959
Auricula hoffmannii_('hoffmanni')Simonsen image
Auricula holsatica(Helmcke & Krieger) Paddock & Sims image
Auricula incertaCleve image
Auricula insecta(Grunow) Cleve image
Auricula intermedia(Lewis) Cleve image
Auricula japonicaBrun image
Auricula japonicaJ. Brun in Brun & Tempère, Mém. Soc. Phys. et Hist. Nat. Genève 30{9}: 25, pl. IV: fig. 8 1889
Auricula javanicaCleve image
Auricula machutchoniaeGiffen image
Auricula minutaCleve image
Auricula mirabilis(Meister) Paddock & Sims image
Auricula mucronata(H.L. Smith) H. Peragallo image
Auricula ostreaTempère & Brun in Brun & Tempère, Mém. Soc. Phys. et Hist. Nat. Genève 30{9}: 25, pl. IV: fig. 7 1889
Auricula ostreaTempere & Brun image
Auricula pethoi_('pethöi')(Pantocsek) Pantocsek image
Auricula pulchra(Greville) Cleve image
Auricula pulchra var. namaquensisGiffen image
Auricula punctata(Pantocsek) Cleve image
Auricula punctataKarsten image
Auricula quadrangulataMereschkowsky image
Auricula quadrangulata var. sebastopolensisMereschkowsky image
Auricula quinquelobataM. Voigt Bull. Inst. Roy. Sci. Nat. Belgique 36{2}: 5, pl. II: figs. 8, 9 1960
Auricula quinquelobataVoigt image
Auricula spiculaMereschkowsky image
Auricula spicula var. elegansMereschkowsky image
Auricula stauroneisMereschkowsky image
Auricula stauroneis var. gracilisMereschkowsky image
Auricula staurophoraKarsten image
Auricula striata(Pantocsek) Pantocsek image
Auricula szontaghiiPantocsek image
Auricula weizhouensisY.L. Zeng, X.F. Dai & P.B. Wang in Zeng et al. Phycologia 61: 486, figs. 1-30 2022
Auricularia phosphorea(Linnaeus) Sowerby Engl. Fungi 3: expl. pl. 350 1801-1803
Chamaedoris auriculataBørgesen J. Indian Bot. Soc. 12: 5, figs. 3-5 1933
Chamaedoris auriculataBørgesen image
Cladophoropsis auriculata(Børgesen) F. Leliaert & E. Coppejans in F. Leliaert Tax. & Phylogenet. Stud. Cladophorophyceae: 219 2004
Cosmarium auriculatumReinsch image
Cosmarium auriculatum var. bogorienseBernard image
Cosmarium auriculatum var. chotanagpurense_('chotanagpurensis')M. Srivastava image
Cosmarium auriculatum var. reductumHinode image
Cosmarium auriculatum var. subtruncatumHinode image
Cosmarium auriculatum var. verrucosumW.B. Turner image
Cosmarium subauriculatum var. bogoriense(Bernard) Bourrelly image
Cosmarium subauriculatum var. duplo-majus_('duplo-major')Woodhead & Tweed Hydrobiologia 12: 191, fig. 16 1958
Cosmarium subauriculatum var. kwangsienseJao image
Cosmarium subauriculatum var. truncatumWest & West image
Cosmarium subauriculatumWest & West image
Dinophysis auriculariaAthanassopoulos Bulletin de l'Institut Océanographique 588: 23, fig. 37 1931
Dumontia auriculaSuhr image
Dumontia auriculaSuhr mscr. image
Eunotia auriculataA. Grunow image
Fallacia auriculata(Hustedt) D.G. Mann in Round, Crawford, & Mann Diatoms: 668 1990
Fallacia auriculata(Hustedt) Mann image
Halamphora auriculariaZ. Levkov & E. Ács in Levkov Diatoms of Europe 173, 298; pl. 90: figs. 29-41; pl. 211: figs. 1-5; pl. 212: figs. 1-5 2009
Leptofauchea auricularisDawson image
Leptofauchea auricularisE.Y. Dawson Nova Hedwigia 5: 445, pl. 81: figs. 1-3 1963
Myriogramme auricularisDawson image
Myriogramme auricularisE.Y. Dawson J. Arizona Acad. Sci. 4: 66, fig. 6,I 1966
NAVICULA subg.AURICULA Patrick image
Navicula auriculataHustedt Ber. Deutsch. Bot. Ges. 61: 273, pl. VIII: fig. 4 1944
Nitzschia auriculaR. Gersonde in Harwood & Maruyama Proc. Ocean Drilling Program, Sci. Results 120: 704 1992 (April)
Polykrikos auriculariaBergh image
Pterigospermum auriculareTargioni-Tozzetti image
Synedra auriculataG.H.H. Karsten image
Tremella auriculaLinnaeus image
Tremella auriculaLinnaeus Sp. Pl.: 1157 1753
Umbella auriculataBrazhnikova & Berchenko image
Ursinella auriculata(Reinsch) Kuntze image