Silva Center for Phycological Documentation: Index Nominum Algarum

The INA is a card file and online reporting system maintained at the Silva Center for Phycological Documentation of the University Herbarium, University of California, Berkeley. It contains nearly 200,000 names of algae (in the broad sense). The BPU is a card file containing bibliographic references pertaining to algal taxonomy.
A working list of algal type specimens at UC is available here

Tabular display

Results from INA database

  1. AMPHITETRAS (Ehr.) Schütt image
  2. AMPHITETRAS Ehrenberg image
  3. AMPHITETRASEAE Trevisan image
  4. Amphitetras acutangula (Greville) De Toni
  5. Amphitetras adriatica Kützing image
  6. Amphitetras adriatica Kützing image
  7. Amphitetras adriatica Kützing
  8. Amphitetras alternans_('altemans') H.L. Smith image
  9. Amphitetras alternans_(`altemans') H.L. Smith
  10. Amphitetras anderssonii_('andersonii') (Cleve) De Toni image
  11. Amphitetras anderssonii_(`andersonii') (Cleve) De Toni
  12. Amphitetras antediluviana Brightwell image
  13. Amphitetras antediluviana Ehrenberg
  14. Amphitetras arisata Shadbolt image
  15. Amphitetras atlantica (Castracane) De Toni
  16. Amphitetras balearica (Cleve & Grunow) De Toni
  17. Amphitetras bicornis (Cleve) De Toni
  18. Amphitetras blandita (Greville) De Toni
  19. Amphitetras canalifera (Brun) De Toni
  20. Amphitetras coerulescens (Pantocsek) De Toni
  21. Amphitetras conciliata (Pantocsek) De Toni
  22. Amphitetras conciliata var. validior (Pantocsek) De Toni
  23. Amphitetras cornuta (Greville) De Toni
  24. Amphitetras cruciata Janisch & Rabenhorst image
  25. Amphitetras crucifera Kitton image
  26. Amphitetras crux Brightwell image
  27. Amphitetras cuspidata Bailey image
  28. Amphitetras dutertrei (Pantocsek & Tempère) De Toni image
  29. Amphitetras dutertrei (Pantocsek & Tempère) De Toni
  30. Amphitetras elegans Greville image
  31. Amphitetras excavata W. Smith ms. image
  32. Amphitetras favosa Harvey & Bailey
  33. Amphitetras gemmata Ehrenberg image
  34. Amphitetras graeffeana_('Gräffeiana') O. Witt
  35. Amphitetras graeffeiana_('Gräffeiana') Witt image
  36. Amphitetras grevillei De Toni image
  37. Amphitetras inconspicua (Greville) De Toni image
  38. Amphitetras inconspicua (R.K. Greville) De Toni
  39. Amphitetras ingloria (Greville) De Toni
  40. Amphitetras intermedia (Grove & Sturt) De Toni
  41. Amphitetras kusnetzkiana (Pantocsek) De Toni
  42. Amphitetras lamprodictya Ehrenberg image
  43. Amphitetras lanceolata (Pantocsek) De Toni
  44. Amphitetras lata (Greville) De Toni
  45. Amphitetras leptotis Ehrenberg image
  46. Amphitetras leptotis Ehrenberg image
  47. Amphitetras mammillaris Ehrenberg image
  48. Amphitetras mammillaris Ehrenberg image
  49. Amphitetras margaritifera (Cleve) De Toni
  50. Amphitetras minuta Greville
  51. Amphitetras nobilis Greville
  52. Amphitetras oculata (Greville) De Toni
  53. Amphitetras ornata Shadbolt image
  54. Amphitetras parallela Ehrenberg
  55. Amphitetras parvula Greville
  56. Amphitetras parvula Janisch & Rabenhorst image
  57. Amphitetras perryana (Truan & Witt) De Toni
  58. Amphitetras pethoei (Pantocsek) De Toni
  59. Amphitetras producta Greville image
  60. Amphitetras pulvilla_('pulvillus') (Castracane) De Toni image
  61. Amphitetras pulvillus (Castracane) De Toni
  62. Amphitetras punctata Greville image
  63. Amphitetras quadrangularis (Greville) De Toni
  64. Amphitetras quadricornis (Greville) De Toni
  65. Amphitetras quadrinotatum (A. Schmidt) P. Prema
  66. Amphitetras radiata Greville image
  67. Amphitetras rectangularis (Grove & Sturt) De Toni
  68. Amphitetras sturtii (Pantocsek) De Toni
  69. Amphitetras subrotundata Janisch image
  70. Amphitetras tessellata Shadbolt image
  71. Amphitetras tetragona (Pantocsek) De Toni
  72. Amphitetras unguiculata (Greville) De Toni
  73. Amphitetras wilkesii Harvey & Bailey
  74. Amphitetras zonatulata (Greville) De Toni
  75. Fragilaria harrisonii var. amphitetras (A. Grunow) F. Hustedt image
  76. Fragilaria leptostauron var. amphitetras (Grunow) H.P. Gandhi
  77. Staurosira harrisonii var. amphitetras Grunow