Silva Center for Phycological Documentation: Index Nominum Algarum

The INA is a card file and online reporting system maintained at the Silva Center for Phycological Documentation of the University Herbarium, University of California, Berkeley. It contains nearly 200,000 names of algae (in the broad sense). The BPU is a card file containing bibliographic references pertaining to algal taxonomy.
A working list of algal type specimens at UC is available here

Tabular display

Results from INA database

  1. ACTINELLA F.W. Lewis
  2. ACTINELLA subg. CULTRIA (D. Metzeltin & H. Lange-Bertalot) D. Metzeltin & H. Lange-Bertalot
  3. Actinella amazoniana J.P. Kociolek
  4. Actinella aotearoaia R.L. Lowe, B.J.F. Biggs, & S. Francoeur
  5. Actinella astriata D. Metzeltin & H. Lange-Bertalot
  6. Actinella australis (Manguin) J.P. Kociolek, K. Rhode, & D.M. Williams
  7. Actinella bourrellyi J.P. Kociolek & K. Rhode
  8. Actinella brasiliensis Grunow
  9. Actinella brasiliensis var. cuneata A.I. Moissejeva image
  10. Actinella brasiliensis var. curta B.V. Skvortzov image
  11. Actinella candelabrum (Manguin) J.P. Kociolek & K. Rhode
  12. Actinella comperei K. Sabbe, K. Vanhoutte & W. Vyverman
  13. Actinella crawfordii J.P. Kociolek
  14. Actinella cuneiformis (E. Manguin ex G. Moser, H. Lange-Bertalot & D. Metzeltin) D. Metzeltin & H. Lange-Bertalot
  15. Actinella curvatula J.P. Kociolek
  16. Actinella digitus D. Metzeltin & H. Lange-Bertalot
  17. Actinella disjuncta D. Metzeltin & H. Lange-Bertalot
  18. Actinella eunotioides F. Hustedt image
  19. Actinella eunotioides var. minor Fusey
  20. Actinella falcifera (D. Metzeltin & H. Lange-Bertalot) D. Metzeltin & H. Lange-Bertalot
  21. Actinella fourtanierae D. Metzeltin & H. Lange-Bertalot
  22. Actinella fuseyi F.R. Schoeman
  23. Actinella gessneri F. Hustedt image
  24. Actinella giluwensis K. Sabbe & W. Vyverman
  25. Actinella giraffensis P.A. Siver, A.P. Wolfe & M.B. Edlund
  26. Actinella goodwiniorum_('goodwinii') P.A. Siver, J. Bishop, A.P. Wolfe & A. Lott
  27. Actinella gracilis_('gracile') J.P. Kociolek
  28. Actinella guianensis A. Grunow image
  29. Actinella guianensis Grunow
  30. Actinella guianensis f. minor F. Hustedt image
  31. Actinella guianensoides D. Metzeltin & H. Lange-Bertalot
  32. Actinella hawaiiensis H. Ripple & J.P. Kociolek
  33. Actinella hermes-moreirae D.T. Ruwer, T.A.V. Ludwig & L. Rodrigues
  34. Actinella hickeyi P.A. Siver, J. Bishop, A.P. Wolfe & A. Lott
  35. Actinella hustedtii J.P. Kociolek
  36. Actinella indistincta W. Vyverman & E.A. Bergey
  37. Actinella karelica K. Mölder image
  38. Actinella kimberlitica P.A. Siver, J. Bishop, A.P. Wolfe & A. Lott
  39. Actinella kociolekii D. Metzeltin & H. Lange-Bertalot
  40. Actinella lange-bertalotii J.P. Kociolek
  41. Actinella leontopithecus-rosalia J.C.F. Da Costa
  42. Actinella lima J.P. Kociolek
  43. Actinella lyoniae_('lyonae') D. Metzeltin & H. Lange-Bertalot
  44. Actinella madagascariensis (Manguin) J.P. Kociolek & K. Rhode
  45. Actinella manguinii J.P. Kociolek, K. Rhode, & D.M. Williams
  46. Actinella medliniae_(`medlinae') D. Metzeltin & H. Lange-Bertalot
  47. Actinella miocenica J.Y. Li
  48. Actinella mirabilis Grunow
  49. Actinella modesta G. Moser, H. Lange-Bertalot, & D. Metzeltin
  50. Actinella molokaiensis H. Ripple & J.P. Kociolek
  51. Actinella muylaertii K. Sabbe & W. Vyverman
  52. Actinella pararobusta D. Metzeltin & H. Lange-Bertalot
  53. Actinella parva K. Vanhoutte & K. Sabbe
  54. Actinella penzhica E.G. Lupikina & L.M. Dolmatova
  55. Actinella pereunotioides D. Metzeltin & H. Lange-Bertalot
  56. Actinella peronioides F. Hustedt image
  57. Actinella pliocenica Héribaud & M. Peragallo
  58. Actinella pliocenica J. Heribaud & M. Peragallo image
  59. Actinella pliocenica var. serpentina J. Heribaud image
  60. Actinella pliocenica var. tenuistriata J. Heribaud image
  61. Actinella pseudohantzschia D. Metzeltin & H. Lange-Bertalot
  62. Actinella pseudohantzschia D. Metzeltin & H. Lange-Bertalot {invalid}
  63. Actinella pulchella K. Sabbe & D. Hodgson
  64. Actinella punctata F.W. Lewis
  65. Actinella punctata var. alakaiensis S.P. Main
  66. Actinella punctata var. australis E.E. Manguin image
  67. Actinella punctata var. australis Manguin
  68. Actinella reviersii J.P. Kociolek & K. Rhode
  69. Actinella rionegrensis D. Metzeltin & H. Lange-Bertalot
  70. Actinella robusta F. Hustedt image
  71. Actinella robusta Fusey {illegitimate}
  72. Actinella sabbei D. Metzeltin & H. Lange-Bertalot
  73. Actinella scala Brun
  74. Actinella scala J.-J. Brun image
  75. Actinella siolii F. Hustedt image
  76. Actinella spauldingiae_(`spauldingae') D. Metzeltin & H. Lange-Bertalot
  77. Actinella subperonioides D. Metzeltin & H. Lange-Bertalot
  78. Actinella superperonioides D. Metzeltin & H. Lange-Bertalot
  79. Actinella tasmaniensis F. Hustedt image
  80. Actinella thelmae_(`thelma') D. Metzeltin & H. Lange-Bertalot
  81. Actinella undulata Fusey
  82. Plagiogramma barbadense var. actinella Brun image