Silva Center for Phycological Documentation: Index Nominum Algarum

The INA is a card file and online reporting system maintained at the Silva Center for Phycological Documentation of the University Herbarium, University of California, Berkeley. It contains nearly 200,000 names of algae (in the broad sense). The BPU is a card file containing bibliographic references pertaining to algal taxonomy.
A working list of algal type specimens at UC is available here

Tabular display

Results from INA database

  1. ACHNANTHES Bory image
  2. ACHNANTHES Bory (cont.) image
  3. ACHNANTHES sect. ACHNANTHES Brun image
  4. ACHNANTHES sect. ACHNANTHES Brun image
  5. ACHNANTHES sect. EUACHNANTHES Schütt image
  6. ACHNANTHES subg. ACHNANTHIDIUM (Kützing) C.W. Reimer image
  7. ACHNANTHES subg. ACHNANTHIDIUM (Kützing) C.W. Reimer image
  8. ACHNANTHES subg. ACHNANTHIDIUM (Kützing) C.W. Reimer
  9. ACHNANTHES subg. ACHNANTHIDIUM Hustedt image
  10. ACHNANTHES subg. ACHNANTHIDIUM Hustedt image
  11. ACHNANTHES subg. ACHNANTHIDIUM Hustedt {illegitimate}
  12. ACHNANTHES subg. MICRONEIS (Cleve) Cleve-Euler image
  13. Achnanthes (taeniata var.) hyperborea Grunow image
  14. Achnanthes aapajaervensis Cleve-Euler image
  15. Achnanthes abundans Manguin
  16. Achnanthes abundans var. elliptica É. Manguin
  17. Achnanthes abundans var. elliptica Manguin image
  18. Achnanthes acares M.H. Hohn & J. Hellerman
  19. Achnanthes acidoclinata H. Lange-Bertalot
  20. Achnanthes acus R. Simonsen
  21. Achnanthes acus R. Simonsen {invalid}
  22. Achnanthes acus Simonsen image
  23. Achnanthes acuta Frenguelli image
  24. Achnanthes adamantiformis (R. Archibald) R. Archibald image
  25. Achnanthes adamsii Cholnoky image
  26. Achnanthes adnata Bory
  27. Achnanthes affinis Grunow
  28. Achnanthes affinis var. bistriata Skvortzov image
  29. Achnanthes affinis var. jamalinensis (Grunow) Cleve image
  30. Achnanthes affinis var. minuta Skvortzov image
  31. Achnanthes africana Woodhead & Tweed image
  32. Achnanthes agglutinata Grunow image
  33. Achnanthes alaskana Patrick & Freese image
  34. Achnanthes alpestris (Brun) H. Lange-Bertalot & D. Metzeltin
  35. Achnanthes altaica (V.S. Poretzky) Cleve-Euler
  36. Achnanthes altaica var. minor R.J. Flower & V.J. Jones
  37. Achnanthes alteragracillima Lange-Bertalot
  38. Achnanthes ambigua Zimmermann image
  39. Achnanthes americana Cleve image
  40. Achnanthes amoena Hustedt
  41. Achnanthes amphicephala Hustedt
  42. Achnanthes anastasiae I. Kaczmarska
  43. Achnanthes anceps Cleve-Euler image
  44. Achnanthes andicola (Cleve) Hustedt image
  45. Achnanthes andicola var. elongata D. Gonzalves & Gandhi image
  46. Achnanthes angustata Greville
  47. Achnanthes angustissima Jasnitsky image
  48. Achnanthes antarctica M. Peragallo image
  49. Achnanthes antiqua Lauby image
  50. Achnanthes aperta J.R. Carter
  51. Achnanthes apiculata (Greville) C. Riaux-Gobin, P. Compère, F. Hinz & L. Ector
  52. Achnanthes araucaniana Frenguelli
  53. Achnanthes archibaldiana H. Lange-Bertalot
  54. Achnanthes archibaldiana Lange-Bertalot image
  55. Achnanthes arctica (Cleve) Cleve-Euler image
  56. Achnanthes arcuata (Lyngbye) Kützing image
  57. Achnanthes arcuata Cleve-Euler image
  58. Achnanthes arcus Hustedt
  59. Achnanthes arenaria Amossé image
  60. Achnanthes arenicola Bailey image
  61. Achnanthes aretasii É. Manguin
  62. Achnanthes arguta Hustedt ex R. Simonsen
  63. Achnanthes armillaris (O.F. Müller) M.D. Guiry
  64. Achnanthes arstasii Manguin image
  65. Achnanthes astridiae_('astridii') Van Landingham image
  66. Achnanthes asymbasia Hohn image
  67. Achnanthes asymetrica Patrick image
  68. Achnanthes atacamae Hustedt image
  69. Achnanthes atalanta J.R. Carter
  70. Achnanthes athenais Pantocsek image
  71. Achnanthes athenais var. minor Pantocsek image
  72. Achnanthes atomus Hustedt
  73. Achnanthes atomus var. congolensis Hustedt image
  74. Achnanthes aubertii Héribaud image
  75. Achnanthes aueri Krasske
  76. Achnanthes australis Ehrenberg image
  77. Achnanthes austriaca Hustedt
  78. Achnanthes austriaca f. intermedia Manguin image
  79. Achnanthes austriaca var. capensis Cholnoky image
  80. Achnanthes austriaca var. dracomontana Cholnoky image
  81. Achnanthes austriaca var. helvetica Hustedt
  82. Achnanthes austriaca var. parallela Krasske image
  83. Achnanthes austriaca var. tatrensis K. Starmach {invalid}
  84. Achnanthes austriaca var. ventricosa Krasske image
  85. Achnanthes baccata (Leuduger-Fortmorel) Cleve image
  86. Achnanthes baccillarioides Bory image
  87. Achnanthes bacillaris Ehrenberg image
  88. Achnanthes bacillum M. Peragallo image
  89. Achnanthes bahusiensis (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot
  90. Achnanthes baicalensis Skvortzov & K.I. Meyer
  91. Achnanthes baicalensis Skvortzov & Meyer image
  92. Achnanthes baicaliana Frenguelli
  93. Achnanthes baicaliana var. notata Frenguelli image
  94. Achnanthes baldjickii subsp. lorenziana (Grunow) Ross image
  95. Achnanthes baldjickii var. croatica Jurilj image
  96. Achnanthes baldjickii var. subquadrata Pantocsek image
  97. Achnanthes baldjickii_('Baldjikii') (Brightw.) Grunow image
  98. Achnanthes baltalensis H.P. Gandhi ex Karthick
  99. Achnanthes baltalensis H.P. Gandhi {invalid}
  100. Achnanthes baltalensis var. ovalis H.P. Gandhi ex Karthick
  101. Achnanthes baltalensis var. ovalis H.P. Gandhi {invalid}
  102. Achnanthes bavarica Ehrenberg image
  103. Achnanthes bavarica Ehrenberg image
  104. Achnanthes bengalensis Grunow image
  105. Achnanthes bengalensis var. subventricosa Grunow image
  106. Achnanthes bernieri E. Manguin ex Kociolek & Reviers
  107. Achnanthes bernieri_('bernierii') E. Manguin {invalid}
  108. Achnanthes bernieri_('bernierii') Manguin image
  109. Achnanthes biasolettiana Grunow
  110. Achnanthes biasolettiana Grunow
  111. Achnanthes biasolettiana f. minuta Grunow image
  112. Achnanthes biasolettiana var. fossilis Frenguelli
  113. Achnanthes biasolettiana var. jackii (Rabenhorst) Cleve-Euler image
  114. Achnanthes biasolettiana var. subatomus Lange-Bertalot
  115. Achnanthes biasolettiana var. sublinearis Cleve image
  116. Achnanthes biasolettiana var. thienemannii (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
  117. Achnanthes bicapitata Hustedt
  118. Achnanthes biceps Hustedt image
  119. Achnanthes biconfusa S.L. VanLandingham
  120. Achnanthes biconfusa Van Landingham image
  121. Achnanthes bigibba Heiden & Kolbe image
  122. Achnanthes bijuga Turpin image
  123. Achnanthes bilunulata Turpin image
  124. Achnanthes binodis Ehrenberg image
  125. Achnanthes bioretii H. Germain image
  126. Achnanthes bioretii_('bioreti') H. Germain
  127. Achnanthes biporoma M.H. Hohn & J. Hellerman
  128. Achnanthes biporoma M.H. Hohn & J. Hellerman verso image
  129. Achnanthes birugula Hohn image
  130. Achnanthes bistriata Skvortzov & Meyer image
  131. Achnanthes blancheana R. Maillard ex H. Lange-Bertalot & A. Steindorf
  132. Achnanthes blancheana R. Maillard {invalid}
  133. Achnanthes bongrainii (Perag.) Mann image
  134. Achnanthes bongrainii var. parallela_(`paralela') (M. Peragallo) J. Frenguelli & H.A. Orlando
  135. Achnanthes borealis A. Cleve image
  136. Achnanthes borneolanceolata Lange-Bertalot image
  137. Achnanthes borneolanceolata Lange-Bertalot {invalid}
  138. Achnanthes bottnica (Cleve) Cleve
  139. Achnanthes boudoui D. Metzeltin & H. Lange-Bertalot
  140. Achnanthes bourginii É. Manguin
  141. Achnanthes bourginii Manguin image
  142. Achnanthes boyei Østrup
  143. Achnanthes boyei Ostrup image
  144. Achnanthes boyeri Mackay image
  145. Achnanthes brachypus Montagne image
  146. Achnanthes brasiliensis Ehrenberg image
  147. Achnanthes breenii Archibald image
  148. Achnanthes bremeyeri H. Lange-Bertalot
  149. Achnanthes bremeyeri Lange-Bertalot image
  150. Achnanthes brevicostata (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot image
  151. Achnanthes brevicostata (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot & Krammer
  152. Achnanthes brevipes C. Agardh {illegitimate}
  153. Achnanthes brevipes J. Agardh image
  154. Achnanthes brevipes f. gaussii Heiden & Kolbe image
  155. Achnanthes brevipes f. rostrata Karaeva image
  156. Achnanthes brevipes f. trigona Ostrup image
  157. Achnanthes brevipes var. angustata (Greville) Cleve
  158. Achnanthes brevipes var. arctica (Cleve) Ko-Bayashi image
  159. Achnanthes brevipes var. bacillaris Peragallo image
  160. Achnanthes brevipes var. capensis (Kützing) Grunow image
  161. Achnanthes brevipes var. capensis Cleve image
  162. Achnanthes brevipes var. constricta Grunow image
  163. Achnanthes brevipes var. contracts Grunow image
  164. Achnanthes brevipes var. fragilariiformis_('fragilariaeformis') Kützing image
  165. Achnanthes brevipes var. indica (Brun) Cleve image
  166. Achnanthes brevipes var. intermedia (Kützing) Cleve image
  167. Achnanthes brevipes var. intermedia (Kützing) Cleve
  168. Achnanthes brevipes var. japonica Skvortzov image
  169. Achnanthes brevipes var. japonica Skvortzov image
  170. Achnanthes brevipes var. lata Cleve-Euler image
  171. Achnanthes brevipes var. leudugeri (TempŔre & Brun) Cleve image
  172. Achnanthes brevipes var. linearis Ostrup image
  173. Achnanthes brevipes var. marginata Cleve image
  174. Achnanthes brevipes var. marina Kützing image
  175. Achnanthes brevipes var. neogenica Milovanova image
  176. Achnanthes brevipes var. parvula (Kützing) Cleve image
  177. Achnanthes brevipes var. penniformis (Greville) Cleve
  178. Achnanthes brevipes var. penniformis_('pennaeformis') (Greville) Cleve image
  179. Achnanthes brevipes var. salina Kützing image
  180. Achnanthes brevipes var. salina Kützing
  181. Achnanthes brevipes var. salinarum C. Agardh image
  182. Achnanthes brevipes var. seriata (C. Agardh) Cleve image
  183. Achnanthes brevipes var. subcrenulata (Cleve) Cleve image
  184. Achnanthes brevipes var. tumida Hustedt image
  185. Achnanthes brevipes var. typica Cleve image
  186. Achnanthes breweri Foged image
  187. Achnanthes broenlundensis N. Foged
  188. Achnanthes broonlundensis Foged image
  189. Achnanthes bruunii Foged image
  190. Achnanthes buccula Cholnoky
  191. Achnanthes buriata E.A. Molinari, M.D. Guiry & D. Ponce
  192. Achnanthes butterfassiana H. Lange-Bertalot
  193. Achnanthes butterfassiana Lange-Bertalot image
  194. Achnanthes calamae Frenguelli
  195. Achnanthes calcar Cleve
  196. Achnanthes calcar var. australis Playfair image
  197. Achnanthes calcar var. pulcherrima Playfair image
  198. Achnanthes calcaroides Foged image
  199. Achnanthes caledonica H. Lange-Bertalot
  200. Achnanthes campechiana Hustedt
  201. Achnanthes campylopus Mantagna image
  202. Achnanthes capensis Kützing image
  203. Achnanthes capensis var. multiarticulata Kützing image
  204. Achnanthes capitata Erlandsson image
  205. Achnanthes capitatolineata No Author, inval. image
  206. Achnanthes capitellata (A. Cleve) Cleve-Euler image
  207. Achnanthes carissima Lange-Bertalot
  208. Achnanthes carmichaelii Greville
  209. Achnanthes cassida J.R. Carter image
  210. Achnanthes cataractarum (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot & Krammer
  211. Achnanthes catenata BÝly & Marvan image
  212. Achnanthes catenata J. Bílý & Marvan
  213. Achnanthes centrafricana Fusey
  214. Achnanthes ceramii Hendey image
  215. Achnanthes charcotii M. Peragallo image
  216. Achnanthes chilensis Hustedt
  217. Achnanthes chilensis var. subaequalis Reimer image
  218. Achnanthes chlidanos M.H. Hohn & J. Hellerman
  219. Achnanthes cincta G.W. Andrews image
  220. Achnanthes clara Cleve-Euler image
  221. Achnanthes clavata Pantocsek image
  222. Achnanthes clevei Grunow
  223. Achnanthes clevei f. rostrata Hustedt {illegitimate}
  224. Achnanthes clevei var. balcanica Hustedt
  225. Achnanthes clevei var. balcanica f. rostrata Hustedt image
  226. Achnanthes clevei var. bottnica Cleve
  227. Achnanthes clevei var. nipponica Skvortzov image
  228. Achnanthes clevei var. rostrata Hustedt
  229. Achnanthes coarctata (Brébisson ex W. Smith) Grunow
  230. Achnanthes coarctata (Brebisson ex W. Smith) Grunow image
  231. Achnanthes coarctata (Brebisson) Grunow image
  232. Achnanthes coarctata f. antarctica M. Peragallo image
  233. Achnanthes coarctata f. falklandica Carlson image
  234. Achnanthes coarctata var. constricta Krasske image
  235. Achnanthes coarctata var. distorta M. Peragallo image
  236. Achnanthes coarctata var. elineata (Lagerstedt) O. Müller image
  237. Achnanthes coarctata var. elliptica Krasske image
  238. Achnanthes coarctata var. parallels Vankataraman image
  239. Achnanthes coarctata var. petri-pazmanyii Éber image
  240. Achnanthes coarctata var. sinaensis Hustedt
  241. Achnanthes cocconeiformis A. Mann image
  242. Achnanthes cocconeioides Riznyk image
  243. Achnanthes cogitata R. Archibald image
  244. Achnanthes cognita R. Simonsen
  245. Achnanthes compacta A. Mann image
  246. Achnanthes confusa É. Manguin
  247. Achnanthes confusa Manguin image
  248. Achnanthes confusa var. atomoides É. Manguin
  249. Achnanthes confusa var. atomoides Manguin image
  250. Achnanthes congolensis Hustedt image
  251. Achnanthes conspicua A. Mayer
  252. Achnanthes conspicua Mayer image
  253. Achnanthes conspicua var. brevistriata Hustedt image
  254. Achnanthes conspicuoides Foged image
  255. Achnanthes contrarea H. Lange-Bertalot & A. Steindorf
  256. Achnanthes controversa Hustedt
  257. Achnanthes convergens H. Kobayasi
  258. Achnanthes convergens H. Kobayasi {invalid}
  259. Achnanthes convergens H. Kobayasi {invalid}
  260. Achnanthes convergens Kobayasi image
  261. Achnanthes corrupta Giffen image
  262. Achnanthes costata Greville
  263. Achnanthes costata_('costatus') C. Johnston image
  264. Achnanthes cotteriensis Foged
  265. Achnanthes crassa Hustedt
  266. Achnanthes crassa var. elliptica Suxena & Venkateswarlu image
  267. Achnanthes crenulata Grunow image
  268. Achnanthes crenulata var. arcuata Tsumura image
  269. Achnanthes crenulata var. confusa Van Landingham image
  270. Achnanthes crenulata var. constricta Hustedt image
  271. Achnanthes crenulata var. elliptica Gandhi image
  272. Achnanthes crenulata var. linearis Gandhi image
  273. Achnanthes crenulata var. linearis Meister image
  274. Achnanthes cristata Rabenhorst image
  275. Achnanthes crosbyana Foged image
  276. Achnanthes crucifera Ostrup image
  277. Achnanthes crucifera var. capitata Cleve-Euler image
  278. Achnanthes cucurbita Skvortzov
  279. Achnanthes cuneata Grunow image
  280. Achnanthes curtissima J.R. Carter
  281. Achnanthes curvata Leuduger-Fortmorel image
  282. Achnanthes curvirostrum J. Brun image
  283. Achnanthes cyclophora Heiden
  284. Achnanthes cyclophora Heiden & Kolbe image
  285. Achnanthes danica (Flogel) Grunow image
  286. Achnanthes danica var. major Cleve image
  287. Achnanthes danica var. maxima Cleve image
  288. Achnanthes danica var. schulzii Cleve-Euler image
  289. Achnanthes danicoides Giffen image
  290. Achnanthes daonensis H. Lange-Bertalot
  291. Achnanthes daonensis Lange-Bertalot image
  292. Achnanthes daui Foged image
  293. Achnanthes daui N. Foged
  294. Achnanthes daui var. alaskaensis Foged image
  295. Achnanthes debilissima Oestrup image
  296. Achnanthes decipiens Reimer
  297. Achnanthes deflexa C.W. Reimer
  298. Achnanthes deflexa Reimer image
  299. Achnanthes deflexa var. alpestris R. Lowe & J.P. Kociolek
  300. Achnanthes deflexa var. alpestris R. Lowe & Kociolek image
  301. Achnanthes delicatissima R. Simonsen
  302. Achnanthes delicatissima R. Simonsen {invalid}
  303. Achnanthes delicatissima Simonsen image
  304. Achnanthes delicatula (Kützing) Grunow image
  305. Achnanthes delicatula (Kützing) Grunow image
  306. Achnanthes delicatula (Kützing) Grunow
  307. Achnanthes delicatula f. angustata (Gutwinski) Gutwinski image
  308. Achnanthes delicatula subsp. engelbrechtii (Cholnoky) Lange-Bertalot
  309. Achnanthes delicatula subsp. engelbrechtii (Cholnoky) Lange-Bertalot {invalid}
  310. Achnanthes delicatula subsp. hauckiana (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot & Ruppel image
  311. Achnanthes delicatula subsp. septentrionalis (Østrup) Lange-Bertalot
  312. Achnanthes delicatula subsp. septentrionalis (Ostrup) Lange-Bertalot image
  313. Achnanthes delicatula var. australis É. Manguin
  314. Achnanthes delicatula var. australis Manguin image
  315. Achnanthes delicatula var. magellanica Frenguelli image
  316. Achnanthes delicatula var. pacis Frenguelli image
  317. Achnanthes delicatula var. robusta Hustedt
  318. Achnanthes delicatula var. rostrata (Schulz) Cleve-Euler image
  319. Achnanthes delpiroui M. Peragallo image
  320. Achnanthes depressa (Cleve) Hustedt
  321. Achnanthes depressa var. lanceolata Cleve-Euler image
  322. Achnanthes desperata Cholnoky image
  323. Achnanthes detha M.H. Hohn & J. Hellerman
  324. Achnanthes devilensis Foged image
  325. Achnanthes devilensis N. Foged
  326. Achnanthes didyma Hustedt
  327. Achnanthes didyma f. gibbosa J.R. Carter image
  328. Achnanthes diluviana Hustedt
  329. Achnanthes dimorpha Turpin
  330. Achnanthes dimorphostriata Kobayasi image
  331. Achnanthes diplopunctata R. Simonsen
  332. Achnanthes diplopunctata R. Simonsen {invalid}
  333. Achnanthes diplopunctata Simonsen image
  334. Achnanthes dispar Cleve
  335. Achnanthes dispar Mann image
  336. Achnanthes dispar var. angulata Hustedt image
  337. Achnanthes dispar var. capitata Jasnitsky image
  338. Achnanthes dispar var. fontellii Cleve-Euler
  339. Achnanthes dispar var. lanceolata P. Schulz image
  340. Achnanthes distincta E. Messikommer
  341. Achnanthes distorta M. Peragallo image
  342. Achnanthes distorta M. Peragallo image
  343. Achnanthes diversa Cleve-Euler
  344. Achnanthes dornii Lange-Bertalot image
  345. Achnanthes dornii Lange-Bertalot {invalid}
  346. Achnanthes dorogostaiskii Jasnitsky image
  347. Achnanthes dubia Bory image
  348. Achnanthes duthiei_('duthii') M.R. Sreenivasa
  349. Achnanthes duthii Sreenivasa image
  350. Achnanthes elata (Leud.-Fort.) Gandhi image
  351. Achnanthes elata var. curvula Gandhi image
  352. Achnanthes elegans H. Kobayasi image
  353. Achnanthes elegans H. Kobayasi image
  354. Achnanthes elliptica Schumann image
  355. Achnanthes elliptica Skvortzov & Meyer image
  356. Achnanthes elliptica f. ikpikpukensis Foged image
  357. Achnanthes elliptica var. elongata Cleve-Euler image
  358. Achnanthes elliptica var. minor (Schulz) Cleve-Euler image
  359. Achnanthes elliptica var. minor (Schulz) Cleve-Euler image
  360. Achnanthes elliptica var. pungens Cleve-Euler
  361. Achnanthes elliptica var. rostrata Cleve-Euler image
  362. Achnanthes elongata R. Majewska & B. Van de Vijver
  363. Achnanthes engelbrechtii Cholnoky
  364. Achnanthes engelbrechtii var. minuta Cholnoky image
  365. Achnanthes entrancensis Foged image
  366. Achnanthes erdmannensis Foged
  367. Achnanthes eureka I. Álvarez-Blanco & S. Blanco
  368. Achnanthes eutrophila H. Lange-Bertalot
  369. Achnanthes exigua Grunow
  370. Achnanthes exigua Pantocsek image
  371. Achnanthes exigua f. angustirostrata Krasske
  372. Achnanthes exigua f. semiaperta P. Guermeur
  373. Achnanthes exigua f. subcapitata Suxena & Venkateswarlu image
  374. Achnanthes exigua f. subglobosa Manguin image
  375. Achnanthes exigua var. angustirostrata (Krasske) Lange-Bertalot
  376. Achnanthes exigua var. baikalensis Skvortzov image
  377. Achnanthes exigua var. capitata Amossé image
  378. Achnanthes exigua var. capitata Hustedt image
  379. Achnanthes exigua var. constricta Hustedt image
  380. Achnanthes exigua var. elliptica Hustedt
  381. Achnanthes exigua var. heterovalva G. Krasske
  382. Achnanthes exigua var. indica Skvortzov image
  383. Achnanthes exigua var. nipponica Skvortzov image
  384. Achnanthes exigua var. siamensis_('siamense') Hirano image
  385. Achnanthes exigua var. staurophora Pantocsek image
  386. Achnanthes exigua var. undulata Frenguelli image
  387. Achnanthes exigua var. yabeana Skvortzov & Noda image
  388. Achnanthes exiguiformis Hustedt image
  389. Achnanthes exiguoides Compère image
  390. Achnanthes exilis Kützing image
  391. Achnanthes exilis Kützing image
  392. Achnanthes exilis Kützing
  393. Achnanthes exilis var. minutissima Brun image
  394. Achnanthes exiloides Cholnoky image
  395. Achnanthes exiloides J.R. Carter image
  396. Achnanthes expecta Van Landingham image
  397. Achnanthes expressa J.R. Carter image
  398. Achnanthes fasciata H.P. Gandhi image
  399. Achnanthes felinophila R.L. Lowe & A.R. Sherwood
  400. Achnanthes fimbriata (Grunow) Ross image
  401. Achnanthes flahaultii_('flahaulti') Heribaud image
  402. Achnanthes flathukensis Foged
  403. Achnanthes flexella (Kützing) Mann image
  404. Achnanthes flexella var. alpestris Brun
  405. Achnanthes fogedii H. Håkansson image
  406. Achnanthes fogedii H. Håkansson
  407. Achnanthes folliotii Fusey image
  408. Achnanthes fontana Round image
  409. Achnanthes fonticola Hustedt image
  410. Achnanthes fonticolanceolata H. Lange-Bertalot & H. Schimanski
  411. Achnanthes fossilis M. Peragallo image
  412. Achnanthes fragilarioides J.B. Petersen
  413. Achnanthes fragilis Skvortzov image
  414. Achnanthes frequentissima H. Lange-Bertalot {invalid}
  415. Achnanthes frequentissima Lange-Bertalot image
  416. Achnanthes frigida Cleve-Euler image
  417. Achnanthes frigida Hustedt {invalid}
  418. Achnanthes fugei_('fugeii') J.R. Carter
  419. Achnanthes fugeii J.R. Carter image
  420. Achnanthes fukiensis Skvortzov image
  421. Achnanthes fulla J.R. Carter
  422. Achnanthes gainii (M. Peragallo) Mann image
  423. Achnanthes gamma (Cleve) Ainosd image
  424. Achnanthes gamma var. rectilineata (Cleve) Amossé image
  425. Achnanthes genuflexa Kützing image
  426. Achnanthes georgica Reinsch
  427. Achnanthes germainii É. Manguin
  428. Achnanthes germainii Manguin image
  429. Achnanthes gessneri Hustedt
  430. Achnanthes gibberula Grunow
  431. Achnanthes gibberula Grunow
  432. Achnanthes gibberula var. angustior Grunow
  433. Achnanthes gibberula var. interrupta V.S. Poretzky & Anissimova
  434. Achnanthes gibbosa Hustedt image
  435. Achnanthes girinensis Skvortzov
  436. Achnanthes glabrata Grunow
  437. Achnanthes glabrata var. auklandica Grunow image
  438. Achnanthes gondwana D. Metzeltin & H. Lange-Bertalot
  439. Achnanthes gracillima Hustedt
  440. Achnanthes gracillima var. nipponica Skvortzov image
  441. Achnanthes grana M.H. Hohn & J. Hellerman
  442. Achnanthes granii Hohn & Hellerman image
  443. Achnanthes gregoriana Greville
  444. Achnanthes grimmei Krasske image
  445. Achnanthes grimmei var. elliptica Krasske image
  446. Achnanthes grimmei var. elliptica Krasske image
  447. Achnanthes grimmei var. hyalina Hustedt image
  448. Achnanthes grimmei var. inflata Krasske image
  449. Achnanthes grimmei_('Grimmii') Krasske
  450. Achnanthes grimmei_('grimmii') Krasske image
  451. Achnanthes grischuna M. Wuthrich image
  452. Achnanthes grischuna M. Wuthrich {invalid}
  453. Achnanthes groenlandica (Cleve) Grunow image
  454. Achnanthes groenlandica f. jaydei McIntire image
  455. Achnanthes groenlandica var. phinneyi McIntire & Reimer image
  456. Achnanthes grunowii K. Toyoda & D.M. Williams
  457. Achnanthes hankensis Skvortzov image
  458. Achnanthes hardingensis Foged image
  459. Achnanthes harrisonii Cholnoky image
  460. Achnanthes harveyi Reimer
  461. Achnanthes hastata Skvortzov & Mayer image
  462. Achnanthes hateromorpha Grunow image
  463. Achnanthes hauckiana Grunow
  464. Achnanthes hauckiana f. fossilis Manguin image
  465. Achnanthes hauckiana f. lancettula Hustedt ex R. Simonsen
  466. Achnanthes hauckiana f. nipponica Skvortzov image
  467. Achnanthes hauckiana f. rhombica Cleve-Euler image
  468. Achnanthes hauckiana var. densistriata Horikawa & Okuno image
  469. Achnanthes hauckiana var. elliptica P. Schulz image
  470. Achnanthes hauckiana var. elliptica Schulz image
  471. Achnanthes hauckiana var. nipponica Skvortzov image
  472. Achnanthes hauckiana var. rhombica Zabelina
  473. Achnanthes hauckiana var. rostrata P. Schulz image
  474. Achnanthes hauckiana var. rostrata P. Schulz ex Hustedt
  475. Achnanthes hauckiana var. rostrata Schulz image
  476. Achnanthes hauckiana var. rostrata Schulz {invalid}
  477. Achnanthes hauckii Grunow
  478. Achnanthes haynaldii Schaarschmidt
  479. Achnanthes haynaldii var. elliptico-lanceolata Schaarschmidt image
  480. Achnanthes haynaldii var. intermedia A. Cleve image
  481. Achnanthes haynaldii var. oblongo-elliptica Schaarschmidt image
  482. Achnanthes haynaldii var. vulgaris Schaarschmidt image
  483. Achnanthes hedinii_('Hedini') Hustedt
  484. Achnanthes heidenii_('Heideni') P. Schulz
  485. Achnanthes helvetica (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
  486. Achnanthes helvetica (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot {invalid}
  487. Achnanthes helvetica var. alpina Flower & Jones image
  488. Achnanthes helvetica var. alpina R.J. Flower & V.J. Jones
  489. Achnanthes helvetica var. minor Flower & Jones image
  490. Achnanthes helvetica var. minor R.J. Flower & V.J. Jones
  491. Achnanthes herteri J. Frenguelli
  492. Achnanthes heteromorpha Grunow
  493. Achnanthes heteromorpha var. binotata Frenguelli image
  494. Achnanthes heterostriata Hustedt image
  495. Achnanthes heterostriatoides Hohn image
  496. Achnanthes hexagona Cleve & Brun image
  497. Achnanthes hilliardii E. Manguin ex Kociolek & Reviers
  498. Achnanthes hilliardii E. Manguin {invalid}
  499. Achnanthes hilliardii Manguin image
  500. Achnanthes himalayensis Jao & Zhu image
  501. Achnanthes hintzii Lange-Bertalot & Krammer
  502. Achnanthes hirta J.P. Catter image
  503. Achnanthes hoermannii_('hörmanii') Gutwinski image
  504. Achnanthes holmquistii Foged image
  505. Achnanthes holsatica Hustedt image
  506. Achnanthes holstii Cleve
  507. Achnanthes holstii var. celtica Fusey image
  508. Achnanthes holstii var. celtica f. cuneiformis Fusey image
  509. Achnanthes holstii var. schwabei Krasske image
  510. Achnanthes hudsonis Grunow
  511. Achnanthes hungarica Grunow
  512. Achnanthes hungarica f. constricta Raabe image
  513. Achnanthes hungarica f. polygonata Cleve-Euler image
  514. Achnanthes hungarica f. semicruciata Cleve-Euler image
  515. Achnanthes hungarica var. andicola (Cleve) Ostrup image
  516. Achnanthes hungarica var. brevis Liebetanz image
  517. Achnanthes hungarica var. jamalinensis Grunow image
  518. Achnanthes hungarica var. linearis Abdul-Majeed image
  519. Achnanthes hungarica var. miramaris Frenguelli image
  520. Achnanthes hungarica var. rivularia (Frenguelli) Frenguelli
  521. Achnanthes hungarica var. rivularis (Freng.) Frenguelli image
  522. Achnanthes hungarica var. rumelica Istvánffi image
  523. Achnanthes hungarica var. tropica Frenguelli image
  524. Achnanthes hustedtii (Krasske) C.W. Reimer {illegitimate}
  525. Achnanthes hustedtii (Krasske) Reimer image
  526. Achnanthes hustedtii J. Bílý & P. Marvan
  527. Achnanthes hyperborea Grunow image
  528. Achnanthes hyperboreoides A. Witkowski, D. Metzeltin, & H. Lange-Bertalot
  529. Achnanthes ignota Hustedt image
  530. Achnanthes ignota Hustedt {invalid}
  531. Achnanthes imanishii Hirano image
  532. Achnanthes imperfecta H. Schimanski
  533. Achnanthes imperfecta Schimanski image
  534. Achnanthes impexa Lange-Bertalot
  535. Achnanthes impexiformis H. Lange-Bertalot
  536. Achnanthes impexiformis Lange-Bertalot image
  537. Achnanthes inaequalis Ehrenberg
  538. Achnanthes incognita Krasske
  539. Achnanthes indica Ehrenberg image
  540. Achnanthes indica J. Brun image
  541. Achnanthes indica var. sulcata M. Peragallo
  542. Achnanthes indicatrix H. Lange-Bertalot & A. Steindorf
  543. Achnanthes inflata Grunow image
  544. Achnanthes inflata f. elatoides Cholnoky image
  545. Achnanthes inflata f. subcostata Lenoble & Manguin image
  546. Achnanthes inflata f. vidarbhensis Sarode & Kamat image
  547. Achnanthes inflata var. elata (Leud.-Fortm.) Hustedt image
  548. Achnanthes inflata var. gibba Gandhi image
  549. Achnanthes inflata var. javanica Gandhi image
  550. Achnanthes inflata var. sigmata O Müller image
  551. Achnanthes inflata var. sinica Skvortzov image
  552. Achnanthes inflata var. smithiana (Greville) Cleve
  553. Achnanthes inflatagrandis D. Metzeltin, H. Lange-Bertalot, & F. García-Rodríguez
  554. Achnanthes ingratifomis Lange-Bertalot image
  555. Achnanthes ingratiformis Lange-Bertalot
  556. Achnanthes inopinata Cleve image
  557. Achnanthes intermedia Kützing image
  558. Achnanthes intermedia Kützing image
  559. Achnanthes intermedia Kützing
  560. Achnanthes interrupta J.R. Carter image
  561. Achnanthes investiens J.R. Carter image
  562. Achnanthes investiens_(`investians') J.R. Carter
  563. Achnanthes islandica ěstrup image
  564. Achnanthes jacksonii Woodhead & Tweed image
  565. Achnanthes jacobii Manguin
  566. Achnanthes jakovljevicii_('jakovljevici') Hustedt image
  567. Achnanthes jamaicensis_(`jamaicense') A.C. Podzorski
  568. Achnanthes jamalinensis Grunow image
  569. Achnanthes jan-marcinii A. Witkowski, D. Metzeltin, & H. Lange-Bertalot
  570. Achnanthes japonica H. Kobayasi
  571. Achnanthes japonica H. Kobayasi {invalid}
  572. Achnanthes japonica H. Kobayasi {invalid}
  573. Achnanthes japonica Kobayasi image
  574. Achnanthes javanica Ehrenberg, inval. image
  575. Achnanthes javanica Grunow image
  576. Achnanthes javanica var. bengalensis Grunow image
  577. Achnanthes javanica var. rhombica Grunow
  578. Achnanthes javanica var. subconstricta Meister
  579. Achnanthes javanica var. subventricosa Grunow image
  580. Achnanthes javanica var. tenuistauros (Mann) Meister image
  581. Achnanthes jeniseyensis var. undulata Skvortzov image
  582. Achnanthes jeniseyensis_('yeniseyensis') Skvortzov image
  583. Achnanthes jentzschii_('jentzschi') (Grunow) P. Schulz image
  584. Achnanthes jogensis Gandhi image
  585. Achnanthes johncarteri Lange-Bertalot & Krammer
  586. Achnanthes joursacensis_(`joursacense') Héribaud
  587. Achnanthes jourseconse Heribaud image
  588. Achnanthes juriljii Van Landingham image
  589. Achnanthes kamczatica Lupikina image
  590. Achnanthes kansouensis Skvortzov
  591. Achnanthes karelica Molder image
  592. Achnanthes kenaiensis J.L. Stone
  593. Achnanthes kenyae Cholnoky
  594. Achnanthes kerguelenensis Castracane image
  595. Achnanthes kertschiana Pantocsek image
  596. Achnanthes kizaki Skvortzov
  597. Achnanthes koenigii R. Simonsen
  598. Achnanthes koenigii Simonsen image
  599. Achnanthes koghisensis G. Moser, H. Lange-Bertalot & D. Metzeltin
  600. Achnanthes koghisensis f. angustifasciata G. Moser, H. Lange-Bertalot, & D. Metzeltin
  601. Achnanthes kohleriana K. Kopalová, R. Zidarova & B. Van de Vijver
  602. Achnanthes kolbei Hustedt
  603. Achnanthes kolbei var. elliptica Fusey image
  604. Achnanthes koshovii Jasnitsky image
  605. Achnanthes kraeuselii Cholnoky
  606. Achnanthes kraeuselii var. debegenica Cholnoky image
  607. Achnanthes kranzii Lange-Bertalot
  608. Achnanthes krasskei H. Kobayasi & A. Sawatri {invalid}
  609. Achnanthes krasskei Kobayasi & Sawatari image
  610. Achnanthes krejcii Hustedt
  611. Achnanthes kriegeri G. Krasske
  612. Achnanthes kriegeri Krasske image
  613. Achnanthes kryophila J.B. Petersen
  614. Achnanthes kryophila var. africana Cholnoky image
  615. Achnanthes kryophila var. densistriata Hustedt
  616. Achnanthes kryophila var. sublinearis Suxena & Venkateswarlu image
  617. Achnanthes kryophiloides Foged
  618. Achnanthes kryophiloides Hohn image
  619. Achnanthes kryophiloides Hohn {illegitimate}
  620. Achnanthes kuelbsii Lange-Bertalot
  621. Achnanthes kuolensis Cleve-Euler image
  622. Achnanthes kuwaitensis Hendey image
  623. Achnanthes lacunarum Hustedt image
  624. Achnanthes lacunarum var. fonticola Hustedt image
  625. Achnanthes lacunicola Patrick & Freese image
  626. Achnanthes lacus-baikali_('lacus baikali') Skvortzov image
  627. Achnanthes lacus-karluki E. Manguin ex Kociolek & Reviers
  628. Achnanthes lacus-karluki Manguin image
  629. Achnanthes lacus-karluki_('lacus karluki') E. Manguin {invalid}
  630. Achnanthes lacus-vulcani Lange-Bertalot & K. Krammer
  631. Achnanthes lacus-vulcani Lange-Bertalot & Krammer image
  632. Achnanthes laevis Østrup
  633. Achnanthes laevis Ostrup image
  634. Achnanthes laevis var. aretasii (E. Manguin) H. Lange-Bertalot {invalid}
  635. Achnanthes laevis var. austriaca (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
  636. Achnanthes laevis var. diluviana (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
  637. Achnanthes laevis var. ninckei (Guermeur & Manguin) Lange-Bertalot image
  638. Achnanthes laevis var. ninckei (P. Guermeur & E. Manguin) Lange-Bertalot
  639. Achnanthes laevis var. quadratarea (Østrup) Lange-Bertalot
  640. Achnanthes laevis var. quadratarea (Ostrup) Lange-Bertalot image
  641. Achnanthes lanceolata (Brébisson ex Kützing) Grunow
  642. Achnanthes lanceolata (Brebisson ex Kützing) Grunow image
  643. Achnanthes lanceolata (Brebisson) Grunow image
  644. Achnanthes lanceolata f. baicalensis Skvortzov & Meyer
  645. Achnanthes lanceolata f. diminuta Cleve-Euler image
  646. Achnanthes lanceolata f. dubia (Grunow) Ko-Bayashi image
  647. Achnanthes lanceolata f. elongata Lauby image
  648. Achnanthes lanceolata f. fossilis Manguin
  649. Achnanthes lanceolata f. minor P. Schulz
  650. Achnanthes lanceolata f. minores Krasske image
  651. Achnanthes lanceolata f. parallela Fusey image
  652. Achnanthes lanceolata f. pura A. Mayer
  653. Achnanthes lanceolata f. rhombica J.R. Carter image
  654. Achnanthes lanceolata f. semipura A. Mayer
  655. Achnanthes lanceolata subsp. apiculata (R. Patrick) Lange-Bertalot
  656. Achnanthes lanceolata subsp. apiculata (R. Patrick) Lange-Bertalot {invalid}
  657. Achnanthes lanceolata subsp. biporoma (M.H. Hohn & J. Hellerman) Lange-Bertalot
  658. Achnanthes lanceolata subsp. biporoma (M.H. Hohn & J. Hellerman) Lange-Bertalot {invalid}
  659. Achnanthes lanceolata subsp. dubia (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot
  660. Achnanthes lanceolata subsp. dubia (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot {invalid}
  661. Achnanthes lanceolata subsp. frequentissima H. Lange-Bertalot
  662. Achnanthes lanceolata subsp. frequentissima Lange-Bertalot image
  663. Achnanthes lanceolata subsp. frequentissima Lange-Bertalot {invalid}
  664. Achnanthes lanceolata subsp. lanceolatoides (H.E. Sovereign) Lange-Bertalot
  665. Achnanthes lanceolata subsp. lanceolatoides (H.E. Sovereign) Lange-Bertalot {invalid}
  666. Achnanthes lanceolata subsp. polymorpha Skabichevskij image
  667. Achnanthes lanceolata subsp. robusta (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
  668. Achnanthes lanceolata subsp. robusta (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot {invalid}
  669. Achnanthes lanceolata subsp. rostrata (Østrup) Lange-Bertalot
  670. Achnanthes lanceolata subsp. rostrata (Østrup) Lange-Bertalot {invalid}
  671. Achnanthes lanceolata var. abbreviata Reimer
  672. Achnanthes lanceolata var. amissa Reimer image
  673. Achnanthes lanceolata var. apiculata Patrick image
  674. Achnanthes lanceolata var. apiculata R. Patrick
  675. Achnanthes lanceolata var. baicalensis (Skvortzov & Meyer) Frenguelli
  676. Achnanthes lanceolata var. baicalensis (Skvortzov) Frenguelli image
  677. Achnanthes lanceolata var. bimaculata Hustedt
  678. Achnanthes lanceolata var. boyei (Østrup) Lange-Bertalot
  679. Achnanthes lanceolata var. boyei (Ostrup) Lange-Bertalot image
  680. Achnanthes lanceolata var. brasiliensis Zimmermann image
  681. Achnanthes lanceolata var. capitata O. Muller image
  682. Achnanthes lanceolata var. crosse Cleve-Euler image
  683. Achnanthes lanceolata var. dubia Grunow
  684. Achnanthes lanceolata var. dubia Grunow
  685. Achnanthes lanceolata var. dubia Second card image
  686. Achnanthes lanceolata var. elliptica Cleve
  687. Achnanthes lanceolata var. elliptico-lanceolata (Schaarschmidt) R. Ross image
  688. Achnanthes lanceolata var. faeroensis Ostrup image
  689. Achnanthes lanceolata var. fennica Cleve-Euler image
  690. Achnanthes lanceolata var. frequentissima Lange-Bertalot image
  691. Achnanthes lanceolata var. frequentissima Lange-Bertalot {invalid}
  692. Achnanthes lanceolata var. frequentissima Lange-Bertalot {invalid}
  693. Achnanthes lanceolata var. intermedia (A. Cleve) Van Landingham image
  694. Achnanthes lanceolata var. lanceolatoides (Sovereign) Reimer image
  695. Achnanthes lanceolata var. laterirostrata Gandhi image
  696. Achnanthes lanceolata var. magna (F. Straub) Lange-Bertalot
  697. Achnanthes lanceolata var. magna (F. Straub) Lange-Bertalot {invalid}
  698. Achnanthes lanceolata var. maxima M. Peragallo image
  699. Achnanthes lanceolata var. minor (P. Schulz) Lange-Bertalot
  700. Achnanthes lanceolata var. minor (P. Schulz) Lange-Bertalot {invalid}
  701. Achnanthes lanceolata var. minutissima Krasske
  702. Achnanthes lanceolata var. nipponica Skvortzov image
  703. Achnanthes lanceolata var. oestrupii Cleve-Euler image
  704. Achnanthes lanceolata var. oestrupii_(`østrupii') Cleve-Euler
  705. Achnanthes lanceolata var. omissa C.W. Reimer
  706. Achnanthes lanceolata var. ovalis Heribaud image
  707. Achnanthes lanceolata var. ovalis M. Peragallo image
  708. Achnanthes lanceolata var. perpusilla Grunow image
  709. Achnanthes lanceolata var. rhomboidea Gandhi
  710. Achnanthes lanceolata var. robusta Hustedt
  711. Achnanthes lanceolata var. rostrata (Oestrup) Hustedt image
  712. Achnanthes lanceolata var. rostrata Hustedt
  713. Achnanthes lanceolata var. rostratiformis Lange-Bertalot image
  714. Achnanthes lanceolata var. rostratiformis Lange-Bertalot {illegitimate}
  715. Achnanthes lanceolata var. rusticum Steinecke image
  716. Achnanthes lanceolata var. subinflata Ostrup image
  717. Achnanthes lanceolata var. tenuis Gonzalves & Gandhi image
  718. Achnanthes lanceolata var. ventricosa Hustedt
  719. Achnanthes lanceolatoides H.E. Sovereign
  720. Achnanthes lanceolatoides H.E. Sovereign {invalid}
  721. Achnanthes lancettula Ostrup image
  722. Achnanthes lapidosa Krasske
  723. Achnanthes lapidosa f. chilensis Krasske
  724. Achnanthes lapidosa f. producta Halos image
  725. Achnanthes lapidosa var. appalachiana (K.E. Camburn & R.L. Lowe) Lange-Bertalot
  726. Achnanthes lapidosa var. chilensis (Krasske) Lange-Bertalot
  727. Achnanthes lapidosa var. elliptica I. Kaczmarska
  728. Achnanthes lapidosa var. lanceolata Hustedt
  729. Achnanthes lapidosa var. rostrata Fusey image
  730. Achnanthes lapidosa var. subrostrata (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
  731. Achnanthes lapponica (Hustedt) Hustedt
  732. Achnanthes lapponica f. rostrata (Gonzalves & Gandhi) Sarode & Kamat image
  733. Achnanthes lapponica var. ninckei (Guermeur & Manguin) Reimer image
  734. Achnanthes larsenii Foged image
  735. Achnanthes lata Hustedt
  736. Achnanthes laterostrata Hustedt
  737. Achnanthes laterostrata f. krasskei_('Krasske') Foged
  738. Achnanthes laterostrata var. capitata J.L. Stone
  739. Achnanthes laterostrata var. lanceolata Krasske image
  740. Achnanthes latestriata Riznyk image
  741. Achnanthes latissima Cleve-Euler image
  742. Achnanthes lauenburgiana Hustedt
  743. Achnanthes lecohui Coste & Ricard image
  744. Achnanthes leibleinii C. Agardh image
  745. Achnanthes lemmermannii Hustedt image
  746. Achnanthes lemmermannii var. lineata Salah image
  747. Achnanthes lemmermannii var. obtusa Hustedt image
  748. Achnanthes lemmermannii var. subcapitata Fusey image
  749. Achnanthes lemmermannii_(`lemmermanni') Hustedt
  750. Achnanthes leonardii A. Witkowski & H. Lange-Bertalot
  751. Achnanthes leontopithecus-rosalia J.C.F. Da Costa
  752. Achnanthes lesothensis Schoeman image
  753. Achnanthes leudugeri Tempère & Brun image
  754. Achnanthes levanderi Hustedt
  755. Achnanthes levanderi var. helvetica Hustedt
  756. Achnanthes leveillei Heribaud image
  757. Achnanthes lewisiana Patrick image
  758. Achnanthes ligeriana Heribaud image
  759. Achnanthes lilljeborgii Grunow
  760. Achnanthes lineariformis H. Kobayasi image
  761. Achnanthes lineariformis H. Kobayasi image
  762. Achnanthes lineariformis H. Lange-Bertalot
  763. Achnanthes lineariformis Lange-Bertalot image
  764. Achnanthes linearioides H. Lange-Bertalot {illegitimate}
  765. Achnanthes linearis (W. Smith) Grunow
  766. Achnanthes linearis f. minuta Skvortzov
  767. Achnanthes linearis var. cryptocephala Sheshukova
  768. Achnanthes linearis var. jackii (Rabenhorst) Grunow
  769. Achnanthes linearis var. kansouensis Skvortzov
  770. Achnanthes linearis var. nipponica Skvortzov image
  771. Achnanthes linearis var. pusilla (Grunow) Cleve
  772. Achnanthes linearis var. pusilla Grunow image
  773. Achnanthes linearis var. pusilla f. exilis Cleve-Euler image
  774. Achnanthes linearis var. subcapitata Kolbe & Krieger image
  775. Achnanthes linkei Hustedt
  776. Achnanthes linkei Hustedt f. minor Salah image
  777. Achnanthes lintonensis J.R. Carter image
  778. Achnanthes lobata (Schwartz) Hustedt
  779. Achnanthes loczyi Pantocsek image
  780. Achnanthes longboardia A.R. Sherwood & R.L. Lowe
  781. Achnanthes longipes C. Agardh image
  782. Achnanthes longipes C. Agardh {illegitimate}
  783. Achnanthes longipes f. elliptica Foged image
  784. Achnanthes longipes f. lata Zimmermann image
  785. Achnanthes longipes f. major-elongata_('major elongata') Zimmermann image
  786. Achnanthes longipes f. minor-decussata_('minor decussata') Zimmermann image
  787. Achnanthes longipes var. carmichaelii (Greville) Brébisson
  788. Achnanthes longipes var. carmichaelii (Greville) Brebisson image
  789. Achnanthes longipes var. fossilis Pantocsek image
  790. Achnanthes looseri Frenguelli
  791. Achnanthes looseri var. lanceolata Frenguelli image
  792. Achnanthes lorenziana (Grunow) Cleve
  793. Achnanthes lorenziana var. capitata Ostrup image
  794. Achnanthes lucana J.R. Carter image
  795. Achnanthes lutheri Hustedt
  796. Achnanthes lyrata Proshkina-Lavrenko image
  797. Achnanthes lyroides D. König image
  798. Achnanthes maceneryae C.W. Reimer & J.J. Lee
  799. Achnanthes macquariensis Foged image
  800. Achnanthes macropus Kützing image
  801. Achnanthes maculata Hustedt image
  802. Achnanthes maewensis Foged image
  803. Achnanthes magnifica Hustedt
  804. Achnanthes mammalis (Castracane) Cleve image
  805. Achnanthes mammalis var. reticulata Cleve image
  806. Achnanthes manguinii Hustedt
  807. Achnanthes manguinii var. elliptica É. Manguin
  808. Achnanthes manguinii var. elliptica Manguin image
  809. Achnanthes manifera J. Brun image
  810. Achnanthes mansiensis Foged image
  811. Achnanthes maolanensis P. Yu, J.P. Kociolek, & Q.-M. You
  812. Achnanthes maranda Woodhead & Tweed image
  813. Achnanthes margaritaceum Cleve image
  814. Achnanthes margaritarum Cleve image
  815. Achnanthes marginalis Hendey image
  816. Achnanthes marginestriata R. Simonsen
  817. Achnanthes marginestriata Simonsen image
  818. Achnanthes marginulata Grunow
  819. Achnanthes marginulata f. major R.J. Flower & V.J. Jones
  820. Achnanthes marina Hustedt ex R. Simonsen
  821. Achnanthes marraitensis Foged image
  822. Achnanthes martyi Héribaud
  823. Achnanthes martyi Heribaud image
  824. Achnanthes mauiensis R.L. Lowe & A.R. Sherwood
  825. Achnanthes medioconvexa H.Z. Zhu & J.Y. Chen
  826. Achnanthes meisteri Hustedt ex R. Simonsen
  827. Achnanthes mercuryi_(`mercurii') A. Witkowski, D. Metzeltin, & H. Lange-Bertalot
  828. Achnanthes mesoconstricta H.Z. Zhu & J.Y. Chen
  829. Achnanthes mesogongyla Grunow image
  830. Achnanthes metaffinis H. Lange-Bertalot & A. Steindorf
  831. Achnanthes metakryophila H. Lange-Bertalot & R. Schmidt
  832. Achnanthes meyeri Skvortzov
  833. Achnanthes mica Hohn image
  834. Achnanthes microcephala (Kützing) Grunow image
  835. Achnanthes microcephala (Kützing) Grunow image
  836. Achnanthes microcephala (Kützing) Grunow
  837. Achnanthes microcephala f. magna Cleve-Euler image
  838. Achnanthes microcephala f. scotica J.R. Carter
  839. Achnanthes microcephala var. cryptocephala Gutwinski image
  840. Achnanthes microscopica (Cholnoky) Lange-Bertalot & K. Krammer
  841. Achnanthes microscopica (Cholnoky) Lange-Bertalot & Krammer image
  842. Achnanthes minima J.R. Carter image
  843. Achnanthes minuscula Hustedt
  844. Achnanthes minuta (Cleve) Patrick & Freese image
  845. Achnanthes minutissima Kützing image
  846. Achnanthes minutissima Kützing image
  847. Achnanthes minutissima Kützing
  848. Achnanthes minutissima f. curta Grunow
  849. Achnanthes minutissima f. gracillima (Meister) Cleve-Euler image
  850. Achnanthes minutissima f. inconspicua (Ostrup) Cleve-Euler image
  851. Achnanthes minutissima var. affinis (Grunow) Lange-Bertalot
  852. Achnanthes minutissima var. capitata Skvortzov & Noda image
  853. Achnanthes minutissima var. constricta Skvortzov
  854. Achnanthes minutissima var. cryptocephala Grunow
  855. Achnanthes minutissima var. gracillima (Meister) Lange-Bertalot
  856. Achnanthes minutissima var. inconspicua Østrup
  857. Achnanthes minutissima var. inconspicua Ostrup image
  858. Achnanthes minutissima var. jackii (Rabenhorst) Lange-Bertalot & Ruppel image
  859. Achnanthes minutissima var. macrocephala Hustedt
  860. Achnanthes minutissima var. robusta Hustedt image
  861. Achnanthes minutissima var. saprophila H. Kobayasi image
  862. Achnanthes minutissima var. saprophila H. Kobayasi & S. Mayama
  863. Achnanthes minutissima var. scotica Lange-Bertalot image
  864. Achnanthes minutissima var. scotica Lange-Bertalot {invalid}
  865. Achnanthes minutissima var. subrobusta R. Maillard {invalid}
  866. Achnanthes miota J.R. Carter & P. Denny
  867. Achnanthes miota J.R. Carter & Denny; image
  868. Achnanthes mirabilis Proshkina-Lavrenko image
  869. Achnanthes misionera Franquelli image
  870. Achnanthes modesta É. Manguin
  871. Achnanthes modesta É. Manguin {illegitimate}
  872. Achnanthes modesta Manguin image
  873. Achnanthes modesta Manguin image
  874. Achnanthes modestiformis H. Lange-Bertalot
  875. Achnanthes modestiformis Lange-Bertalot image
  876. Achnanthes modica Hustedt
  877. Achnanthes mollis Krasske image
  878. Achnanthes monela M.H. Hohn & J. Hellerman
  879. Achnanthes montana Krasske
  880. Achnanthes montana var. norvegica Hustedt image
  881. Achnanthes montana var. tropica Hustedt
  882. Achnanthes muelleri Carlson image
  883. Achnanthes muelleri G.W.F. Carlson
  884. Achnanthes multiarticulata C. Agardh image
  885. Achnanthes muscorum M. Peragallo image
  886. Achnanthes muscorum var. elliptica J. Frenguelli & H.A. Orlando {invalid}
  887. Achnanthes muscorum var. minor M. Peragallo image
  888. Achnanthes nagpurensis Sarode & Kamat image
  889. Achnanthes namae Giffen image
  890. Achnanthes nana F. Meister
  891. Achnanthes nana Meister image
  892. Achnanthes nathorstii_('Nathorsti') J. Brun
  893. Achnanthes nathorstii_('nathorsti') J. Brun image
  894. Achnanthes natrata J.R. Carter image
  895. Achnanthes navalis Giffen
  896. Achnanthes naviformis B. Van de Vijver & L. Beyens
  897. Achnanthes neocaledonica E. Manguin ex Kociolek & Reviers
  898. Achnanthes neocaledonica É. Manguin ex H. Lange-Bertalot & A. Steindorf {invalid}
  899. Achnanthes neocaledonica É. Manguin {invalid}
  900. Achnanthes neocaledonica Manguin image
  901. Achnanthes neoskvortzowii Simonsen
  902. Achnanthes nikiskii J.L. Stone
  903. Achnanthes ninckei P. Guermeur & E. Manguin
  904. Achnanthes nitida Cleve-Euler image
  905. Achnanthes nitidiformis H. Lange-Bertalot
  906. Achnanthes nitidiformis Lange-Bertalot image
  907. Achnanthes nivellis Fusey image
  908. Achnanthes nobile P. Schulz image
  909. Achnanthes nodeana Skvortzov image
  910. Achnanthes nodosa A. Cleve
  911. Achnanthes nollii O. Bock & W. Bock
  912. Achnanthes norvegica Hustedt image
  913. Achnanthes obesa (Greville) C. Riaux-Gobin, P. Compère, F. Hinz & L. Ector
  914. Achnanthes obliqua Turpin
  915. Achnanthes obliqua f. major_('maior') Foged image
  916. Achnanthes oblonga E. Manguin ex Kociolek & Reviers
  917. Achnanthes oblonga E. Manguin {invalid}
  918. Achnanthes oblonga Manguin image
  919. Achnanthes oblongella Østrup
  920. Achnanthes oblongella Oestrup image
  921. Achnanthes obscura (Krasske) H. Lange-Bertalot & M. Willmann
  922. Achnanthes obtusa Ehrenberg image
  923. Achnanthes occulta Ralbe image
  924. Achnanthes ocellata Manguin image
  925. Achnanthes octalterna Turpin image
  926. Achnanthes oculata Hustedt
  927. Achnanthes oculata f. rostrata Hustedt image
  928. Achnanthes oestrupii (Cleve-Euler) Hustedt
  929. Achnanthes oestrupii var. aperta (J.R. Carter) Lange-Bertalot
  930. Achnanthes oestrupii var. bicapitata Cleve-Euler image
  931. Achnanthes oestrupii var. ininuta Skvortzov image
  932. Achnanthes oestrupii var. lanceolata Hustedt ex R. Simonsen
  933. Achnanthes oestrupii var. nipponica Skvortzov & Noda image
  934. Achnanthes oestrupii var. parvula Patrick image
  935. Achnanthes oestrupii var. parvula R. Patrick
  936. Achnanthes oestrupii var. pungens (Cleve-Euler) Lange-Bertalot
  937. Achnanthes oestrupii_('Östrupii') Cleve-Euler {illegitimate}
  938. Achnanthes okamurae Skvortzov image
  939. Achnanthes okunoi (Hustedt) H. Tanaka
  940. Achnanthes okunoi (Hustedt) R. Simonsen
  941. Achnanthes oregonensis Riznyk image
  942. Achnanthes orellana Hohn image
  943. Achnanthes orientalis Hustedt image
  944. Achnanthes orientalis Hustedt {illegitimate}
  945. Achnanthes orientalis Meister image
  946. Achnanthes orientalis P. Petit image
  947. Achnanthes ostenii J. Frenguelli image
  948. Achnanthes ostenii var. mesogongyla J. Frenguelli
  949. Achnanthes ostenii var. parva J. Frenguelli
  950. Achnanthes ostenii_(`osteni') J. Frenguelli
  951. Achnanthes pachypus Montagne image
  952. Achnanthes pachypus var. genuflexa (Kützing) Rabenhorst image
  953. Achnanthes pagesii M. Peragallo image
  954. Achnanthes palustris P. Fusey image
  955. Achnanthes palustris var. ovalis P. Fusey image
  956. Achnanthes pamirensis Hustedt image
  957. Achnanthes pantocsekii Hajos image
  958. Achnanthes paradoxa Ehrenberg image
  959. Achnanthes parallela Castracane image
  960. Achnanthes parallela J.R. Carter image
  961. Achnanthes parexigua D. Metzeltin & H. Lange-Bertalot
  962. Achnanthes parvula Kützing image
  963. Achnanthes parvula Kützing image
  964. Achnanthes parvula Kützing msc. image
  965. Achnanthes pelta Hohn & Hallerman image
  966. Achnanthes pennaeformis Greville image
  967. Achnanthes pennata Greville image
  968. Achnanthes penniformis_('pennaeformis') Greville
  969. Achnanthes peragalloi f. borealis Foged image
  970. Achnanthes peragalloi var. fossilis Tempère & Peragallo
  971. Achnanthes peragalloi var. lanceolata Skvortzov & Meyer image
  972. Achnanthes peragalloi var. nipponica Skvortzov image
  973. Achnanthes peragalloi var. parvula (Patrick) Reimer image
  974. Achnanthes peragalloi_('peragalli') J. Brun & Héribaud
  975. Achnanthes peragalloi_('peragalli') J. Brun & Heribaud image
  976. Achnanthes perfida J.R. Carter image
  977. Achnanthes pericava J.R. Carter
  978. Achnanthes peridotitica G. Moser, H. Lange-Bertalot & D. Metzeltin
  979. Achnanthes perminuta Ostrup image
  980. Achnanthes perpusilla (Østrup) H. Lange-Bertalot
  981. Achnanthes perturba Van Landingham image
  982. Achnanthes petersenii Hustedt image
  983. Achnanthes petersenii_('peterseni') Hustedt
  984. Achnanthes petitii Aleem image
  985. Achnanthes philippinica Skvortzov image
  986. Achnanthes piafica J.R. Carter & Denny
  987. Achnanthes pictii J.R. Carter image
  988. Achnanthes pinnata Hustedt image
  989. Achnanthes pinnata var. capensis Cholnoky image
  990. Achnanthes pinnata var. japonica Hustedt image
  991. Achnanthes pirogueana R. Maillard ex H. Lange-Bertalot & A. Steindorf
  992. Achnanthes pirogueana R. Maillard {invalid}
  993. Achnanthes pirogueana f. capitata H. Lange-Bertalot & A. Steindorf
  994. Achnanthes placentuloides (Guslakov) A. Witkowski & H. Lange-Bertalot
  995. Achnanthes plana J.R. Carter image
  996. Achnanthes plitvicensis Hustedt image
  997. Achnanthes ploenensis Hustedt image
  998. Achnanthes ploenensis var. gessneri (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
  999. Achnanthes ploenensis var. woldstedtii (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot
  1000. Achnanthes ploenensis_(`plönensis') Hustedt
  1001. Achnanthes polaris Østrup
  1002. Achnanthes polaris Ostrup image
  1003. Achnanthes polynesica H. Lange-Bertalot & M. Werum
  1004. Achnanthes poretzkii Jasnitsky image
  1005. Achnanthes poretzkii var. gracilis Jasnitsky image
  1006. Achnanthes portae Cholnoky image
  1007. Achnanthes praecipua E. Reichardt
  1008. Achnanthes prava Sovereign image
  1009. Achnanthes procera Hustedt image
  1010. Achnanthes profunda Skvortzov image
  1011. Achnanthes prominula Z. Levkov & S. Tofilovska
  1012. Achnanthes promunturii Giffen
  1013. Achnanthes pseudo-obliqua H. Kobayasi image
  1014. Achnanthes pseudoaffinis R. Maillard {invalid}
  1015. Achnanthes pseudoaffinis var. capitata R. Maillard {invalid}
  1016. Achnanthes pseudoantiqua M. Peragallo image
  1017. Achnanthes pseudobiasolettiana Gandhi image
  1018. Achnanthes pseudobiceps H. Håkansson image
  1019. Achnanthes pseudobiceps H. Håkansson
  1020. Achnanthes pseudobliqua R. Simonsen
  1021. Achnanthes pseudobliqua R. Simonsen {invalid}
  1022. Achnanthes pseudobliqua Simonsen image
  1023. Achnanthes pseudobrevipes Aleem image
  1024. Achnanthes pseudocoarctata Z. Levkov & S. Tofilovska
  1025. Achnanthes pseudoconspicua Foged
  1026. Achnanthes pseudogrimmei Cholnoky image
  1027. Achnanthes pseudogroenlandica Hendey image
  1028. Achnanthes pseudohexagona Hustedt image
  1029. Achnanthes pseudohungarica Cholnoky-Pfannkuche image
  1030. Achnanthes pseudohustedtii H. Kobayasi image
  1031. Achnanthes pseudoinflata M. Rybak, L. Peszek, L. Skoczylas, L. Ector & C.E. Wetzel
  1032. Achnanthes pseudolanceolata E. Manguin {invalid}
  1033. Achnanthes pseudolanceolata Hustedt image
  1034. Achnanthes pseudolanceolata Manguin image
  1035. Achnanthes pseudolinearis Hustedt
  1036. Achnanthes pseudolongipes K. Toyoda & T. Nagumo
  1037. Achnanthes pseudopinnata Foged image
  1038. Achnanthes pseudopunctulata R. Simonsen
  1039. Achnanthes pseudopunctulata R. Simonsen {invalid}
  1040. Achnanthes pseudopunctulata Simonsen image
  1041. Achnanthes pseudoseminulum Cleve-Euler image
  1042. Achnanthes pseudosolea R. Simonsen
  1043. Achnanthes pseudosolea R. Simonsen {invalid}
  1044. Achnanthes pseudosolea Simonsen image
  1045. Achnanthes pseudosuchlandtii E. Manguin ex Kociolek & Reviers
  1046. Achnanthes pseudosuchlandtii Manguin image
  1047. Achnanthes pseudosuchlandtii_('pseudosuchlandti') E. Manguin {invalid}
  1048. Achnanthes pseudoswazi J.R. Carter image
  1049. Achnanthes pseudoswazi J.R. Carter {invalid}
  1050. Achnanthes pseudotanensis Cleve-Euler
  1051. Achnanthes pulchella Heiden & Kolbe image
  1052. Achnanthes pulvisculus_('pulviscula') Cholnoky image
  1053. Achnanthes punctata Round image
  1054. Achnanthes punctifera Hustedt
  1055. Achnanthes punctulata Patrick & Freese image
  1056. Achnanthes punctulata R. Patrick & Freese
  1057. Achnanthes punctulata R. Simonsen image
  1058. Achnanthes punctulata R. Simonsen {illegitimate}
  1059. Achnanthes punctulata R. Simonsen {invalid}
  1060. Achnanthes pusilla Grunow
  1061. Achnanthes pusilla Woodhead & Tweed image
  1062. Achnanthes pusilla var. crassa (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot & Ruppel image
  1063. Achnanthes pusilla var. petersenii (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot & Ruppel image
  1064. Achnanthes pusilla var. procera (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot image
  1065. Achnanthes pyrenaica Hustedt
  1066. Achnanthes pyropa J.R. Carter image
  1067. Achnanthes quadralterna Turpin image
  1068. Achnanthes quadratarea (Ostrup) R. Ross image
  1069. Achnanthes quadratarea var. fennica (Cleve-Euler) R. Ross image
  1070. Achnanthes quadricauda Turpin image
  1071. Achnanthes quadrijuga Turpin image
  1072. Achnanthes quadripunctata D.R. Oppenheim
  1073. Achnanthes radiata_('radiatus') Hohn & Hellerman image
  1074. Achnanthes ramosa Crouan frat. image
  1075. Achnanthes ranomafanensis Manguin image
  1076. Achnanthes rara Jurilj image
  1077. Achnanthes rautenbachiae Cholnoky image
  1078. Achnanthes recava Hohn & Hellerman image
  1079. Achnanthes rechtensis L. Leclercq
  1080. Achnanthes recurva Ehrenberg image
  1081. Achnanthes recurvata Hustedt image
  1082. Achnanthes reidensis Foged image
  1083. Achnanthes reimeri Camburn image
  1084. Achnanthes reimeri K.E. Camburn
  1085. Achnanthes renei H. Lange-Bertalot & R. Schmidt
  1086. Achnanthes reversa Lange-Bertalot & Krammer
  1087. Achnanthes rhombica Ostrup image
  1088. Achnanthes rhombica Skabitschevsky image
  1089. Achnanthes rhombica Skabitschevsky {illegitimate}
  1090. Achnanthes rhombica Voigt image
  1091. Achnanthes rhomboides Ehrenberg image
  1092. Achnanthes rhynchocephala Cleve-Euler image
  1093. Achnanthes ricula M.H. Hohn & J. Hellerman
  1094. Achnanthes rivularia Frenguelli
  1095. Achnanthes rollae Suxena & Venkateswarlu image
  1096. Achnanthes rosenstockii H. Lange-Bertalot
  1097. Achnanthes rosenstockii Lange-Bertalot image
  1098. Achnanthes rosenstockii var. sinepuncta Lange-Bertalot image
  1099. Achnanthes rosenstockii var. sinepuncta Lange-Bertalot {invalid}
  1100. Achnanthes rossii Hustedt
  1101. Achnanthes rostellata A. Cleve-Euler
  1102. Achnanthes rostellata Cleve-Euler image
  1103. Achnanthes rostrata Østrup
  1104. Achnanthes rostrata Ostrup image
  1105. Achnanthes rostrata Second card image
  1106. Achnanthes rostrata var. magna F. Straub
  1107. Achnanthes rostrata var. minor (P. Schulz) F. Straub
  1108. Achnanthes rupestoides Hohn image
  1109. Achnanthes rupestoides var. uniseriata H. Lange-Bertalot & Monnier
  1110. Achnanthes rupestris Krasske image
  1111. Achnanthes sacculus J.R. Carter image
  1112. Achnanthes sacculus_(`saccula') J.R. Carter
  1113. Achnanthes salina (Kützing) Kützing image
  1114. Achnanthes salvadoriana Hustedt
  1115. Achnanthes sapinii-jaloustrei Manguin image
  1116. Achnanthes saxatilis W. Bock image
  1117. Achnanthes saxonica Krasske ex Hustedt
  1118. Achnanthes saxophila Lange-Bertalot & Krammer
  1119. Achnanthes schmidtiana var. tibetica Jao & Zhu image
  1120. Achnanthes schmidtii Heiden & Kolbe image
  1121. Achnanthes schoemaniana Giffen image
  1122. Achnanthes schulzii Cleve-Euler
  1123. Achnanthes schulzii_('schultzii') B. Cholnoky {illegitimate}
  1124. Achnanthes schwabei Krasske
  1125. Achnanthes scotica (J.R. Carter) H. Lange-Bertalot {illegitimate}
  1126. Achnanthes scotica Lange-Bertalot image
  1127. Achnanthes scotica R.J. Flower & V.J. Jones
  1128. Achnanthes scutiformis var. delicatula I. Kaczmarska
  1129. Achnanthes secretitaeniata K. Toyoda & Ji. Tanaka
  1130. Achnanthes semen Ehrenberg image
  1131. Achnanthes semiaperta Hustedt image
  1132. Achnanthes semifasciata (Ostrup) Max Møller image
  1133. Achnanthes separata Hustedt image
  1134. Achnanthes septata Cleve-Euler image
  1135. Achnanthes septata var. doljensis Jurilj image
  1136. Achnanthes septata var. sussedana Jurilj image
  1137. Achnanthes septentrionalis Østrup
  1138. Achnanthes septentrionalis Ostrup image
  1139. Achnanthes septentrionalis var. subcapitata Ostrup image
  1140. Achnanthes seriata C. Agardh image
  1141. Achnanthes seriata var. cuneata Grunow image
  1142. Achnanthes siamexilis Lange-Bertalot image
  1143. Achnanthes siamexilis Lange-Bertalot {invalid}
  1144. Achnanthes siamlinearis Lange-Bertalot image
  1145. Achnanthes siamlinearis Lange-Bertalot {invalid}
  1146. Achnanthes sibayiensis R.E.M. Archibald image
  1147. Achnanthes sigmoides Ehrenberg image
  1148. Achnanthes silvahercynia H. Lange-Bertalot
  1149. Achnanthes silvahercynia Lange-Bertalot image
  1150. Achnanthes similis D. McCall image
  1151. Achnanthes similis Hustedt image
  1152. Achnanthes simivalvata Manguin image
  1153. Achnanthes simplex (M. Peragallo) J. Frenguelli & H.A. Orlando {illegitimate}
  1154. Achnanthes simplex Hustedt image
  1155. Achnanthes sinaensis (Hustedt) Z. Levkov, S. Tofilovska & C.E. Wetzel
  1156. Achnanthes skvortzowii Hustedt image
  1157. Achnanthes skvortzowii Jasnitsky image
  1158. Achnanthes smithiana (Greville) K. Toyoda & D.M. Williams
  1159. Achnanthes solea Hustedt image
  1160. Achnanthes solea Zimmermann image
  1161. Achnanthes sonyda J.R. Carter image
  1162. Achnanthes speciosa Hustedt
  1163. Achnanthes sperata Cholnoky image
  1164. Achnanthes sphacelata J.R. Carter image
  1165. Achnanthes squaliformis R. Majewska & B. Van de Vijver
  1166. Achnanthes standeri Cholnoky
  1167. Achnanthes stauroneiformis Prowse image
  1168. Achnanthes stauroneiformis Skabichevskii image
  1169. Achnanthes stauroneiformis Skabichevskij
  1170. Achnanthes stauroneioides É. Manguin
  1171. Achnanthes stauroneioides Manguin image
  1172. Achnanthes stauroneioides f. striata R. Le Cohu & R. Maillard {invalid}
  1173. Achnanthes stewartii Patrick
  1174. Achnanthes stolida (Krasske) Krasske image
  1175. Achnanthes stomatimorpha Turpin image
  1176. Achnanthes stomatimorpha Turpin image
  1177. Achnanthes straubiana H. Lange-Bertalot
  1178. Achnanthes striata Skvortzov & Mayer image
  1179. Achnanthes striata Suhr image
  1180. Achnanthes striata Suhr, inval. image
  1181. Achnanthes striata var. rostrata Skabichevskii image
  1182. Achnanthes stroemii Hustedt image
  1183. Achnanthes stroemii_(`strömi') Hustedt
  1184. Achnanthes subaffinis Cholnoky image
  1185. Achnanthes subaffinis var. dudpokharii Suxena & Venkateswarlu image
  1186. Achnanthes subatomoides (Hustedt) Lange-Bertalot & Archibald image
  1187. Achnanthes subatomus Hustedt
  1188. Achnanthes subconstricta (Meister) K. Toyoda
  1189. Achnanthes subcrassa R. Maillard ex H. Lange-Bertalot & A. Steindorf
  1190. Achnanthes subcrassa R. Maillard {invalid}
  1191. Achnanthes subcrenulata Cleve image
  1192. Achnanthes subelata D. Metzeltin, H. Lange-Bertalot, & F. García-Rodríguez
  1193. Achnanthes subexigua Hustedt image
  1194. Achnanthes subhudsonis Hustedt
  1195. Achnanthes subhudsonis var. densestriata R. Maillard ex H. Lange-Bertalot & A. Steindorf
  1196. Achnanthes subhudsonis var. densestriata R. Maillard {invalid}
  1197. Achnanthes subhudsonis var. kraeuselii (Cholnoky) Cholnoky image
  1198. Achnanthes subhyalina Conger image
  1199. Achnanthes subhyalina Johannes, inval. image
  1200. Achnanthes sublaevis Hustedt image
  1201. Achnanthes sublaevis var. crassa C.W. Reimer
  1202. Achnanthes sublevanderi Manguin
  1203. Achnanthes sublinearis Skvortzov image
  1204. Achnanthes sublinearis var. complexa Skvortzov image
  1205. Achnanthes sublinearis var. elliptica Skvortzov image
  1206. Achnanthes sublitoralis Skabichevskii image
  1207. Achnanthes sublitoralis Skabichevskij
  1208. Achnanthes submarina Hustedt
  1209. Achnanthes submontana Gandhi image
  1210. Achnanthes subrostrata Hustedt
  1211. Achnanthes subrostrata var. appalachiana K.E. Camburn image
  1212. Achnanthes subrostrata var. appalachiana K.E. Camburn & R.L. Lowe
  1213. Achnanthes subsalsa J.B. Petersen
  1214. Achnanthes subsalsoides Hustedt
  1215. Achnanthes subsaxonica Cholnoky image
  1216. Achnanthes subsenilis var. incurvata M. Peragallo, err. cit. image
  1217. Achnanthes subsessilis Kützing image
  1218. Achnanthes subsessilis Kützing image
  1219. Achnanthes subsessilis var. constricta Grunow image
  1220. Achnanthes subsessilis var. enervis V. Petit image
  1221. Achnanthes subsessilis var. incurvata Ostrup image
  1222. Achnanthes subsessilis var. loczyi Pantocsek image
  1223. Achnanthes subsessilis var. multiarticulata Crouan frat. image
  1224. Achnanthes subsessilis var. multiarticulata Kützing image
  1225. Achnanthes subsessilis var. ovalis Dippel image
  1226. Achnanthes subsessilis var. subcrenulata Cleve image
  1227. Achnanthes subsessilis var. subventricosa Grunow image
  1228. Achnanthes subsessilis var. tumidula Grunow image
  1229. Achnanthes subsessilis var. tumidula Grunow image
  1230. Achnanthes subtropica Cholnoky image
  1231. Achnanthes suchlandtii Hustedt image
  1232. Achnanthes suchlandtii var. robusta Hustedt image
  1233. Achnanthes suchlandtii_('suchlandti') Hustedt
  1234. Achnanthes sumera J.R. Carter image
  1235. Achnanthes suspecta Cleve-Euler image
  1236. Achnanthes sutura J.R. Carter image
  1237. Achnanthes swazi Cholnoky image
  1238. Achnanthes taeniata Grunow
  1239. Achnanthes taeniata var. rennellensis Foged image
  1240. Achnanthes taiaensis J.R. Carter & Denny
  1241. Achnanthes tanensis Cleve-Euler image
  1242. Achnanthes tatrensis K. Starmach {invalid}
  1243. Achnanthes taylorensis D.E. Kellogg, M. Stuiver, T.B. Kellogg, & G.H. Denton
  1244. Achnanthes temperei M. Peragallo
  1245. Achnanthes tenera Hustedt image
  1246. Achnanthes tenuis Hustedt
  1247. Achnanthes tenuissima Hustedt image
  1248. Achnanthes tenuissima Hustedt {illegitimate}
  1249. Achnanthes tenuissima Pantocsek image
  1250. Achnanthes tenuistauros A. Mann image
  1251. Achnanthes tenuistriata Hustedt
  1252. Achnanthes tenuistriata Hustedt {invalid}
  1253. Achnanthes terrae-novae Woodhead & Tweed image
  1254. Achnanthes teshekpukensis Foged image
  1255. Achnanthes therezienii H. Lange-Bertalot & K. Krammer {invalid}
  1256. Achnanthes therezienii Lange-Bertalot & Krammer image
  1257. Achnanthes thermalis (Rabenhorst) Schönfeldt image
  1258. Achnanthes thermalis (Rabenhorst) Schönfeldt
  1259. Achnanthes thermalis var. rumrichorum Lange-Bertalot
  1260. Achnanthes thienemannii Hustedt image
  1261. Achnanthes thienemannii_(`thienemanni') Hustedt
  1262. Achnanthes tibetica Jao image
  1263. Achnanthes trachyderma (F. Meister) C. Riaux-Gobin, P. Compère, F. Hinz & L. Ector
  1264. Achnanthes triconfusa VanLandingham image
  1265. Achnanthes trigibba H.P. Gandhi
  1266. Achnanthes trigibba Hustedt image
  1267. Achnanthes trigibba Hustedt ex R. Simonsen {illegitimate}
  1268. Achnanthes trinodis (Ralfs) Grunow
  1269. Achnanthes trinodis Ehrenberg image
  1270. Achnanthes tropica Hustedt
  1271. Achnanthes tuma J.R. Carter image
  1272. Achnanthes tumescens A.R. Sherwood & R.L. Lowe
  1273. Achnanthes turgens Ehrenberg image
  1274. Achnanthes turgida Ehrenberg image
  1275. Achnanthes tylophora (Reichelt) Cleve image
  1276. Achnanthes umara J.R. Carter image
  1277. Achnanthes undata Meister image
  1278. Achnanthes undulans Molinari & Guiry
  1279. Achnanthes undulata (Schumann) De Toni image
  1280. Achnanthes undulata Sreenivasa image
  1281. Achnanthes undulata Sreenivasa {illegitimate}
  1282. Achnanthes undulorostrata R.L. Lowe & A.R. Sherwood
  1283. Achnanthes unipunctata (Lyngbye) Greville image
  1284. Achnanthes utukakensis Patrick & Freese image
  1285. Achnanthes valida Hustedt ex R. Simonsen
  1286. Achnanthes vanhoeffenii Heiden
  1287. Achnanthes vasta Pantocsek image
  1288. Achnanthes vaszaryi (Pantocsek) Cleve image
  1289. Achnanthes vaszaryi var. oregonica Cleve image
  1290. Achnanthes ventralis (Krasske) Lange-Bertalot
  1291. Achnanthes ventralis var. crassa (C.W. Reimer) Lange-Bertalot
  1292. Achnanthes ventricosa Ehrenberg image
  1293. Achnanthes ventricosa Ehrenberg image
  1294. Achnanthes ventricosa Kützing image
  1295. Achnanthes vernalis Pantocsek image
  1296. Achnanthes vexillum Bory image
  1297. Achnanthes vicentii Manguin image
  1298. Achnanthes vistulana A. Witkowski
  1299. Achnanthes wellsiae Reimer
  1300. Achnanthes wickenensis J.R. Carter image
  1301. Achnanthes woldstedtii Hustedt image
  1302. Achnanthes woldstedtii_(`woldstedti') Hustedt
  1303. Achnanthes wolffii Foged image
  1304. Achnanthes woltereckii var. africana Cholnoky image
  1305. Achnanthes woltereckii var. swazilandica Cholnoky image
  1306. Achnanthes woltereckii_('Wolterecki') Hustedt
  1307. Achnanthes woodlawnensis Playfair image
  1308. Achnanthes wrightiana Woodhead & Tweed image
  1309. Achnanthes yabe Skvortzov image
  1310. Achnanthes yaquinensis McIntire & Reimer image
  1311. Achnanthes yeniseyensis Skvortzov image
  1312. Achnanthes ziegleri Lange-Bertalot
  1313. Achnanthes ziegleri Lange-Bertalot {invalid}
  1314. EUACHNANTHES Schütt image
  1315. Monogramma achnanthes C.G. Ehrenberg image
  1316. Stauroneis achnanthes (Ehrenberg) Kützing image
  1317. Stauroptera achnanthes C.G. Ehrenberg image