Silva Center for Phycological Documentation: Index Nominum Algarum

The INA is a card file and online reporting system maintained at the Silva Center for Phycological Documentation of the University Herbarium, University of California, Berkeley. It contains nearly 200,000 names of algae (in the broad sense). The BPU is a card file containing bibliographic references pertaining to algal taxonomy.
A working list of algal type specimens at UC is available here

Results from INA database

ASPEROCOCCUSLamouroux image
Asperococcus attenuatus(C. Agardh) Zanardini Mem. Reale Ist. Veneto Sci. Lett. ed Arti 11: 280 1863
Asperococcus attenuatus var. crinitus_('crinita')(C. Agardh) Zanardini image
Asperococcus bulbosusLamouroux image
Asperococcus bulbosus var. utricularisSolier image
Asperococcus bullosus(C. Agardh) Greville image
Asperococcus bullosus(C. Agardh) Greville f. profundus J. Feldmann image
Asperococcus bullosus f. profundusJ. Feldmann Rev. Algol. 9: 295, adnot., fig. 55B 1937
Asperococcus bullosus f. typicusJ. Feldmann image
Asperococcus bullosusLamouroux Ann. Mus. Hist. Nat. [Paris] 20: 277, pl. 12: fig. 5 1813
Asperococcus cancellatus(Bory) Endlicher image
Asperococcus cancellatus(Bory) Sonder Pl. Preiss. 2: 156 1846
Asperococcus castaneusHooker image
Asperococcus cavernosusZanardini image
Asperococcus clathratus(C. Agardh) J. Agardh Sp. Alg. 1: 75 1848
Asperococcus clathratusMeneghini image
Asperococcus compressusA.W. Griffiths image
Asperococcus cystoseiraeRuprecht Alg. Ochot.: 178 [Tange Ochotsk. Meer. 370], no fig. 1850
Asperococcus cystosirae(Ruprecht) Zanardini image
Asperococcus durvillei_('durvillaei')Bory in Duperrey Voy. Coquille: 200, pl. 11: fig. 3 1828
Asperococcus durvillei_('Durvillaei')Bory image
Asperococcus echinatus(Mertens) Greville image
Asperococcus echinatus(Roth) Agardh image
Asperococcus echinatus(Roth) C. Agardh Syn. Alg. Scand.: XXI 1817
Asperococcus echinatus f. typicus_('typica')Batters image
Asperococcus echinatus f. vermicularis(Griffiths ex D. Moore) Batters image
Asperococcus echinatus f. villosus_('villosa')Kylin image
Asperococcus echinatus var. filiformisReinke image
Asperococcus echinatus var. filiformisReinke image
Asperococcus echinatus var. rugosusChalon image
Asperococcus echinatus var. vermicularis(Griffiths ex D. Moore) Harvey image
Asperococcus ensiformis(Delle Chiaje) M.J. Wynne Webbia 58: 474 2003
Asperococcus fastigiatus f. majorReinbold in Schmidt Bot. Tidsskr. 24: 194, no fig. 1901
Asperococcus fastigiatusZanardini Mem. R. Ist. Veneto Sc. Lett. ed Arti 17: 134, pl. III: A 1872
Asperococcus filiformisReinke image
Asperococcus fistulosus(Hudson) Hooker image
Asperococcus fistulosus var. vermicularis(Griffiths ex D. Moore) Batters J. Bot. (London) 40(suppl.): 28 1902
Asperococcus fragilis(J. Agardh) Zanardini image
Asperococcus globosusSchousboe image
Asperococcus gyrosusSchousboe image
Asperococcus inflexusBonnemaison image
Asperococcus intricatusJ. Agardh Öfvers. K. [Svenska] Vet.-Akad. Förh. 4: 7 1847
Asperococcus laminariae(Lyngbye) J. Agardh Sp. alg. 1: 79 1848
Asperococcus lanceolatusLamouroux nom. nud. image
Asperococcus lessoniiBory image
Asperococcus lessonii var. cylindraceusBory Voy. Coquille 200, pl. 11: fig. 2B 1828
Asperococcus lessonii var. ventricosusBory Voy. Coquille 199, pl. 11: fig. 2C 1828
Asperococcus macgregorii_('MacGregorii') (Suhr) Zanardini image
Asperococcus multifidus_('multifida')(C. Agardh) S.F. Gray Nat. Arr. Brit. Pl. 1: 342 1821
Asperococcus multifidus_('multifida')(J.E. Smith) S.F. Gray image
Asperococcus norvegicusKylin image
Asperococcus orientalisJ. Agardh Sp. Alg. 1: 78 1848
Asperococcus plantagineus(Roth) Fries image
Asperococcus proliferJ. Agardh image
Asperococcus proliferJ. Agardh mscr. image
Asperococcus pusillusCarmichael image
Asperococcus pusillus var. majorGrun. image
Asperococcus pusillus var. majorGrunow Alg. Novara: 48, no fig. 1867
Asperococcus ramosissimus(Kützing) Zanardini image
Asperococcus rugosus(L.) Lamouroux image
Asperococcus rugosus var. bullosus(Lamouroux) Duby Bot. Gall.: 956 1830
Asperococcus scaberKuckuck image
Asperococcus schrammiiCrouan fr. image
Asperococcus sinuosus(Mertens ex Roth) Bory de Saint-Vincent Expédition scientifique de Morée. Section des sciences physiques. Tome III. -2\u\s-2e\s+2\d partie. Botanique: 326 1832
Asperococcus sinuosus(Roth) Bory image
Asperococcus sinuosus var. firmiorSonder Pl. Preiss. 2: 156 1846
Asperococcus sinuosus var. lobatus [Endlicher &Diesing] image
Asperococcus sinuosus var. lobatusEndlicher & Diesing Bot. Zeit. 3: 268 1845
Asperococcus tenuisZanardini image
Asperococcus tortilisSuhr Flora 19: 339, pl. III: figs. 24, 25 1836
Asperococcus turneri(Dillwyn ex J.E. Smith) W. Hooker The English flora of Sir James Edward Smith. Vol. V (or Vol. II of Dr. Hooker's British flora). Part I. Comprising the mosses, Hepaticae, lichens, Characeae and algae: 277 1833
Asperococcus turneri(J.E. Smith) Hooker image
Asperococcus turneri f. profundus(J. Feldmann) M. Cormaci & G. Furnari in T. Gallardo Taxon 41: 324 1992
Asperococcus ulvoideus_('ulvoides')(Postels & Ruprecht) Ruprecht Alg. Ochot.: 180 [Tange Ochotsk Meer: 372] 1850
Asperococcus utricularisBory image
Asperococcus utricularisBory de Saint-Vincent in Dumont d'Urville Mémoires de la Société Linnéenne de Paris 4: 594 1826
Asperococcus vermicularisGriffiths image
Asperococcus vermicularisGriffiths ex D. Moore in T.A. Larom, Ordnance survey of the County of Londonderry ... Vol. 1: Notices p. 9 1837 (?)
Asperococcus vermicularisGriffiths ms. image
Asperococcus vermicularisLamouroux image
Myriotrichia protasperococcusBerthold image
Protasperococcus myriotrichiiformisSauvageau image
Protasperococcus myriotrichiiformisSauvageau image