Silva Center for Phycological Documentation: Index Nominum Algarum

The INA is a card file and online reporting system maintained at the Silva Center for Phycological Documentation of the University Herbarium, University of California, Berkeley. It contains nearly 200,000 names of algae (in the broad sense). The BPU is a card file containing bibliographic references pertaining to algal taxonomy.
A working list of algal type specimens at UC is available here

Tabular display

Results from INA database

  2. BATRACHOSPERMUM A.W. Roth image
  5. BATRACHOSPERMUM sect. ARISTATA_('ARISTATAE') H.L. Skuja ex O. Necchi image
  6. BATRACHOSPERMUM sect. ARISTATA_('ARISTATAE') H.L. Skuja ex S. Kumano image
  7. BATRACHOSPERMUM sect. ARISTATA_(`ARISTATAE') Skuja ex O. Necchi {invalid}
  10. BATRACHOSPERMUM sect. CARPOCONTORTA R.G. Sheath, M.O. Morison, K.M. Cole & K.L. Vanalstyne image
  11. BATRACHOSPERMUM sect. CARPOCONTORTA R.G. Sheath, M.O. Morison, K.M. Cole, & K.L. Vanalstyne
  13. BATRACHOSPERMUM sect. CONTORTA H.L. Skuja image
  15. BATRACHOSPERMUM sect. NOTHOCLADUS (H.L. Skuja) O. Necchi & T.J. Entwisle image
  16. BATRACHOSPERMUM sect. NOTHOCLADUS (Skuja) O. Necchi, Jr. & T.J. Entwisle
  17. BATRACHOSPERMUM sect. SIRODOTIA (J.H. Kylin) O. Necchi & T.J. Entwisle image
  18. BATRACHOSPERMUM sect. SIRODOTIA (Kylin) O. Necchi, Jr. & T.J. Entwisle
  19. BATRACHOSPERMUM sect. SKOTTSBERGIA H.L. Skuja ex T.J. Entwisle & H.J. Foard image
  20. BATRACHOSPERMUM sect. SKOTTSBERGIA Skuja ex T.J. Entwisle & H.J. Foard {invalid}
  21. BATRACHOSPERMUM sect. TUOMEYA (Harvey) O. Necchi & T.J. Entwisle image
  22. BATRACHOSPERMUM sect. TUOMEYA (Harvey) O. Necchi, Jr. & T.J. Entwisle
  23. BATRACHOSPERMUM section MONILIFORMIA S. Sirodot image
  24. BATRACHOSPERMUM section MONILIFORMIA S. Sirodot image
  26. BATRACHOSPERMUM subg. CONDEA H.L. Skuja image
  29. BATRACHOSPERMUM subgenus LEMANINA J.B.G.G.M. Bory image
  30. BATRACHOSPERMUM subsect. ARISTATA_('ARISTATAE&') S. Kumano image
  32. BATRACHOSPERMUM subsection AMBIGUUM Kawano image
  33. Batrachospermum abilii M.P. Reis image
  34. Batrachospermum abilii M.P. Reis image
  35. Batrachospermum abilii Reis
  36. Batrachospermum aequinoctiale_(`Batrachosperma aequinoxialis') (Bory) Bory
  37. Batrachospermum aestivale (J.B.G.G.M. Bory) J.E. Duby image
  38. Batrachospermum aestivale_(`Batrachosperma aestivalis') Bory
  39. Batrachospermum affine F.T. Kützing image
  40. Batrachospermum afrikanum G.L. Rabenhorst image
  41. Batrachospermum alpestre R.J. Shuttleworth ex A.H. Hassall image
  42. Batrachospermum alpinum C.W. Nägeli image
  43. Batrachospermum ambiguum J.P.F.C. Montagne
  44. Batrachospermum americanum (Harvey) O. Necchi & T.J. Entwisle image
  45. Batrachospermum americanum (Harvey) O. Necchi, Jr. & T.J. Entwisle
  46. Batrachospermum americanum L.D. Schweinitz image
  47. Batrachospermum anatinum S. Sirodot image
  48. Batrachospermum anatinum var. australe H.L. Skuja ex T.J. Entwisle & H.J. Foard image
  49. Batrachospermum anatinum var. australe Skuja ex T.J. Entwisle {invalid}
  50. Batrachospermum anatinum var. confusum (Bory) S.A. Stewart & M.L. Vis
  51. Batrachospermum androgyne H.L. Skuja ex T.J. Entwisle & H.J. Foard image
  52. Batrachospermum androgyne L.H. Flint ex T.J. Entwisle {invalid}
  53. Batrachospermum androinvolucrum R.G. Sheath, M.L. Vis, & K.M. Cole
  54. Batrachospermum angolense West & G.S. West image
  55. Batrachospermum annulatum H.L. Skuja image
  56. Batrachospermum annulatum Skuja {invalid}
  57. Batrachospermum antipodites T.J. Entwisle
  58. Batrachospermum antiquum T.J. Entwisle & H.J. Foard
  59. Batrachospermum arcuatoideum M.P. Reis image
  60. Batrachospermum arcuatum J.H. Kylin image
  61. Batrachospermum arcuatum Kylin
  62. Batrachospermum aristatum H.L. Skuja image
  63. Batrachospermum atrichum H.L. Skuja image
  64. Batrachospermum atrichum Skuja
  65. Batrachospermum atrum (W. Hudson) Harvey image
  66. Batrachospermum atrum var. capallinum (J.B.G.G.M. Bory) A.H. Hassall image
  67. Batrachospermum atrum var. dillenii (J.B.G.G.M. Bory) V.B.A. Trevisan de Saint-Leon image
  68. Batrachospermum atrum var. puiggarianum (A. Grunow) O. Necchi image
  69. Batrachospermum atrum var. puiggarianum (Grunow) O. Necchi {invalid}
  70. Batrachospermum atrum var. sertularinum (J.B.G.G.M. Bory) V.B.A.Trevisan de Saint-Leon image
  71. Batrachospermum atrum var. setaceum (J.B.G.G.M. Bory) A.H. Hassall image
  72. Batrachospermum atrum var. tenuissimum (S. Sirodot) S. Kumano image
  73. Batrachospermum attenuatum T. Bonnemaison image
  74. Batrachospermum australe F.S. Collins
  75. Batrachospermum australicum Kützing ex T.J. Entwisle & H.J. Foard
  76. Batrachospermum azeredoi M.P. Reis
  77. Batrachospermum azeredoi f. cylindroideum M.P. Reis
  78. Batrachospermum azeredoi f. elongatum M.P. Reis {invalid}
  79. Batrachospermum azeredoi f. fusoideum M.P. Reis
  80. Batrachospermum azeredoi f. ovoideum M.P. Reis
  81. Batrachospermum bakarense S. Kumano & M. Ratnasabapathy image
  82. Batrachospermum balakrishnanii B.B. Chaugule
  83. Batrachospermum bambusinum (J.B.G.G.M. Bory) F.T. Kützing image
  84. Batrachospermum bambusinum_(`Batrachosperma bambusina') Bory
  85. Batrachospermum basilare L.H. Flint & H.L. Skuja image
  86. Batrachospermum beraense S. Kumano image
  87. Batrachospermum bharadwajii J.N. Misra & A.K. Dey {invalid}
  88. Batrachospermum bicudoi O. Necchi
  89. Batrachospermum bohneri W. Schmidle image
  90. Batrachospermum bornense G. Zanardini image
  91. Batrachospermum boryanum S. Sirodot image
  92. Batrachospermum boryanum Sirodot
  93. Batrachospermum boryanum var. distensum (J.H. Kylin) G. Israelson image
  94. Batrachospermum bourrellyi P. Reis
  95. Batrachospermum brasiliense O. Necchi
  96. Batrachospermum breutelii G.L. Rabenhorst image
  97. Batrachospermum breviarticulatum (O. Necchi & S. Kumano) O. Necchi
  98. Batrachospermum bruziense S. Sirodot image
  99. Batrachospermum caerulescens C.H. Persoon image
  100. Batrachospermum caerulescens_(`Batrachosperma coerulescens') (Bory) Bory
  101. Batrachospermum campyloclonum H.L. Skuja image
  102. Batrachospermum campyloclonum H.L. Skuja ex T.J. Entwisle & H.J. Foard image
  103. Batrachospermum campyloclonum T.J. Entwisle & H.J. Foard
  104. Batrachospermum capense K. Starmach ex O. Necchi & S. Kumano image
  105. Batrachospermum capense Starmach ex Necchi & Kumano
  106. Batrachospermum capense var. breviarticulatum O. Necchi & S. Kumano
  107. Batrachospermum capillaceum H.L. Skuja image
  108. Batrachospermum capillaceum Skuja {invalid}
  109. Batrachospermum carpocontortum R.G. Sheath, M.O. Morison, K.M. Cole & K.L. Vanalstyne image
  110. Batrachospermum carpocontortum R.G. Sheath, M.O. Morison, K.M. Cole, & K.L. Vanalstyne
  111. Batrachospermum carpoinvolucrum R.G. Sheath & M.L. Vis
  112. Batrachospermum cayennense J.P.F.C. Montagne ex F.T. Kützing image
  113. Batrachospermum cayennense Montagne ex Kützing
  114. Batrachospermum cayennense var. denudatum F.T. Kützing image
  115. Batrachospermum cipoense S. Kumano & O. Necchi
  116. Batrachospermum claviceps F.T. Kützing image
  117. Batrachospermum coerulescens (J.B.G.G.M. Bory) F.T. Kützing image
  118. Batrachospermum coerulescens S. Sirodot image
  119. Batrachospermum confusum (J.B.G.G.M Bory) A.H. Hassall image
  120. Batrachospermum confusum f. spermatoglomeratum M.P. Reis image
  121. Batrachospermum corbula S. Sirodot image
  122. Batrachospermum corbula var. alcoense M.P. Reis image
  123. Batrachospermum crassiusculum (J.B.G.G.M. Bory) J.E. Duby image
  124. Batrachospermum crassiusculum_(`Batrachosperma crassiuscula') Bory {illegitimate}
  125. Batrachospermum crispatum Kumano & Ratnasabapathy
  126. Batrachospermum crispatum S. Kumano & M. Ratnasabapathy image
  127. Batrachospermum crouanianum S. Sirodot image
  128. Batrachospermum curvatum Z.X. Shi
  129. Batrachospermum cylindrocellulare Kumano
  130. Batrachospermum cylindrocellulare S. Kumano image
  131. Batrachospermum dapsile I.S. Chapuis & M.L. Vis
  132. Batrachospermum dasyphyllum Skuja ex M.S. Balakrishnan & B.B. Chaugule
  133. Batrachospermum debile_('debilis') T.J. Entwisle & H.J. Foard image
  134. Batrachospermum debile_(`debilis') T.J. Entwisle & H.J. Foard
  135. Batrachospermum decaisneanum S. Sirodot image
  136. Batrachospermum delicatulum (H.L. Skuja) O. Necchi & T.J. Entwisle image
  137. Batrachospermum delicatulum (Skuja) O. Necchi, Jr. & T.J. Entwisle
  138. Batrachospermum deminutum T.J. Entwisle & H.J. Foard
  139. Batrachospermum densiverticillatum O. Necchi
  140. Batrachospermum densum S. Sirodot image
  141. Batrachospermum densum Sirodot
  142. Batrachospermum desikacharyi Sankaran
  143. Batrachospermum desikacharyi V. Sankaran image
  144. Batrachospermum detersum (C. Agardh) Bertoloni {illegitimate}
  145. Batrachospermum diaphanum H.L. Skuja ex O. Necchi image
  146. Batrachospermum diaphanum Skuja ex O. Necchi {invalid}
  147. Batrachospermum diatyches T. Entwisle
  148. Batrachospermum diatyches T.J. Entwisle image
  149. Batrachospermum dichotomum A.W. Roth image
  150. Batrachospermum dillenii (J.B.G.G.M. Bory) J.E. Duby image
  151. Batrachospermum dillenii var. nothogeae H.L. Skuja image
  152. Batrachospermum dillenii var. nothogeae Skuja {invalid}
  153. Batrachospermum dillenii var. tenuissimum S. Sirodot image
  154. Batrachospermum dimorphum F.T. Kützing image
  155. Batrachospermum discors T.J. Entwisle & H.J. Foard
  156. Batrachospermum discors_('discorum') T.J. Entwisle & H.J. Foard
  157. Batrachospermum distentum J.H. Kylin image
  158. Batrachospermum doboense S. Kumano & W.A. Bowden-Kerby
  159. Batrachospermum durum C. Agardh {illegitimate}
  160. Batrachospermum durum C.A. Agardh image
  161. Batrachospermum ectocarpoideum H.L. Skuja image
  162. Batrachospermum ectocarpum S. Sirodot image
  163. Batrachospermum ectocarpum f. gracile H.L. Skuja image
  164. Batrachospermum elegans S. Sirodot image
  165. Batrachospermum equisetifolium J.P.F.C. Montagne image
  166. Batrachospermum equisetoideum S. Kumano & O. Necchi
  167. Batrachospermum excelsum J.P.F.C. Montagne image
  168. Batrachospermum exsertum O. Necchi
  169. Batrachospermum faciferum H.L. Skuja ex T.J. Entwisle & H.J. Foard image
  170. Batrachospermum faciferum Skuja ex T.J. Entwisle {invalid}
  171. Batrachospermum faroense S. Kumano & W.A. Bowden-Kerby
  172. Batrachospermum fasciculatum J.P.E. Vaucher image
  173. Batrachospermum fennicum (H.L. Skuja) O. Necchi & T.J. Entwisle image
  174. Batrachospermum fennicum (Skuja) O. Necchi, Jr. & T.J. Entwisle
  175. Batrachospermum fernandesianum M.P. Reis image
  176. Batrachospermum ferreri M.P. Reis
  177. Batrachospermum filamentosum A. Braun image
  178. Batrachospermum flagelliforme_('flageliforme') (S. Sirodot) O. Necchi image
  179. Batrachospermum flagelliforme_('flageliforme') (Sirodot) O. Necchi {illegitimate}
  180. Batrachospermum floridanum Skuja {invalid}
  181. Batrachospermum fluitans A. Kerner {invalid}
  182. Batrachospermum fluitans Kerner
  183. Batrachospermum fruticans H.L. Skuja image
  184. Batrachospermum fruticans Skuja {invalid}
  185. Batrachospermum fruticulosum K.M. Drew image
  186. Batrachospermum gallaei S. Sirodot image
  187. Batrachospermum gallaei var. longifolium H.L. Skuja image
  188. Batrachospermum gallaei var. longipilum H.L. Skuja image
  189. Batrachospermum gallaei var. longipilum Skuja {invalid}
  190. Batrachospermum gelatinosum (C. Linnaeus) De Candolle image
  191. Batrachospermum gelatinosum f. densum (S. Sirodot) P. Compère image
  192. Batrachospermum gelatinosum f. densum (Sirodot) P. Compère
  193. Batrachospermum gelatinosum f. pyramidale (S. Sirodot) P. Compère image
  194. Batrachospermum gelatinosum f. pyramidale (Sirodot) P. Compère
  195. Batrachospermum gelatinosum f. spermatoinvolucrum (M.L. Vis & R.G. Sheath) M.L. Vis & R.G. Sheath
  196. Batrachospermum gelatinosum var. aeruginosum (C.A. Agardh) V.B.A.Trevisan de Saint-Leon image
  197. Batrachospermum gelatinosum var. caerulescens_('coerulescens') (Bory) Trevisan image
  198. Batrachospermum gelatinosum var. giganteum (C.A. Agardh) V.B.A. Trevisan de Saint-Leon image
  199. Batrachospermum gelatinosum var. guianense (Montagne) Trevisan image
  200. Batrachospermum gelatinosum var. proliferum (D. Carmichael) V.B.A. Trevisan de Saint-Leon image
  201. Batrachospermum gelatinosum var. pulcherrimum (Bory) Trevisan image
  202. Batrachospermum gelatinosum var. purpurascens (A.W. Roth) V.B.A. Trevisan de Saint-Leon image
  203. Batrachospermum gelatinosum var. viride (Bory) Trevisan image
  204. Batrachospermum gibberosum (S. Kumano) S. Kumano
  205. Batrachospermum gibbosum M.P. Reis
  206. Batrachospermum giganteum (C.A. Agardh) N.A. Desvaux ex F.T. Kützing image
  207. Batrachospermum giganteum N.A. Desvaux image
  208. Batrachospermum globosporum G. Israelson
  209. Batrachospermum glomeratum J.P.E. Vaucher image
  210. Batrachospermum glomeratum Vaucher
  211. Batrachospermum godronianum S. Sirodot image
  212. Batrachospermum gombakense S. Kumano & M. Ratnasabapathy image
  213. Batrachospermum gracillimum W. West & G.S. West
  214. Batrachospermum gracillimum West & G.S. West image
  215. Batrachospermum graibussoniense S. Sirodot image
  216. Batrachospermum guianense (J.P.F.C. Montagne) F.T. Kützing image
  217. Batrachospermum guianense (Montagne) Kützing {invalid}
  218. Batrachospermum guianense F.T. Kützing image
  219. Batrachospermum guianense_('guyanense') (Montagne) F.T. Kützing image
  220. Batrachospermum guianense_('guyanense') (Montagne) Kützing
  221. Batrachospermum gulbenkianum M.P. Reis
  222. Batrachospermum guyanense (Montagne) S. Kumano image
  223. Batrachospermum guyanense (Montagne) S. Kumano {illegitimate}
  224. Batrachospermum haematites J.B.A.P.M. Lamarck & A.P. de Candolle image
  225. Batrachospermum helminthoideum (S. Sirodot) M. Mori image
  226. Batrachospermum helminthoideum S. Sirodot image
  227. Batrachospermum helminthosum (J.B.G.G.M. Bory) J.E. Duby image
  228. Batrachospermum helminthosum Bory
  229. Batrachospermum helminthosum S. Sirodot image
  230. Batrachospermum helminthosum f. ambiguum M.P. Reis
  231. Batrachospermum helminthosum f. clavaeforme M.P. Reis
  232. Batrachospermum helminthosum f. clavoideum M.P. Reis
  233. Batrachospermum helminthosum var. heteromorphum M.P. Reis
  234. Batrachospermum helminthosum_(`Batrachosperma helmentosa') Bory
  235. Batrachospermum hemisphaericum (C. Linnaeus) De Candolle image
  236. Batrachospermum henriquesianum M.P. Reis
  237. Batrachospermum heterocorticum R.G. Sheath & K.M. Cole
  238. Batrachospermum heteromorphum Z. Shi, Z. Hu & S. Kumano image
  239. Batrachospermum heteromorphum Z. Shi, Z. Hu, & S. Kumano
  240. Batrachospermum hirosei M. Ratnasabapathy & S. Kumano image
  241. Batrachospermum hispidum (J. Thore) A.P. de Candolle image
  242. Batrachospermum hongdongense S.L. Xie & J. Feng
  243. Batrachospermum huillense Welwitsch ex W. West & G.S. West image
  244. Batrachospermum hybridum (J.B.G.G.M. Bory) J.E. Duby image
  245. Batrachospermum hybridum_(`Batrachosperma hybrida') Bory
  246. Batrachospermum hypogynum S. Kumano & M. Ratnasabapathy image
  247. Batrachospermum inflatum C.F.W. Wallroth image
  248. Batrachospermum inflatum Wallroth {illegitimate}
  249. Batrachospermum intortum C.C. Jao
  250. Batrachospermum intricatum J.P.E. Vaucher image
  251. Batrachospermum involutum M.L. Vis & R.G. Sheath
  252. Batrachospermum iriomotense S. Kumano
  253. Batrachospermum islandrinum H.L. Skuja ex T.J. Entwisle & H.J. Foard image
  254. Batrachospermum islandrinum L.H. Flint ex T.J. Entwisle {invalid}
  255. Batrachospermum iyengarii Skuja ex M.S. Balakrishnan & B.B. Chaugule
  256. Batrachospermum japonicum M. Mori image
  257. Batrachospermum jolyi O. Necchi
  258. Batrachospermum julianum G. Arcangeli image
  259. Batrachospermum kamtschaticum C.A. Agardh image
  260. Batrachospermum keratophytum (J.B.G.G.M. Bory) J.E. Duby image
  261. Batrachospermum keratophytum Bory
  262. Batrachospermum keratophytum var. chalybeum P.L. & H.M. Crouan image
  263. Batrachospermum kraftii T.J. Entwisle & H.J. Foard
  264. Batrachospermum kuehnianum G.L. Rabenhorst image
  265. Batrachospermum kuehnianum G.L. Rabenhorst image
  266. Batrachospermum kushiroense S. Kumano & M. Ohsaki image
  267. Batrachospermum kylinii M.S. Balakrishnan & B.B. Chaugule
  268. Batrachospermum lageniferum P.F. Reinsch image
  269. Batrachospermum lamprogyne H.L. Skuja ex T.J. Entwisle & H.J. Foard image
  270. Batrachospermum lamprogyne Skuja ex T.J. Entwisle {invalid}
  271. Batrachospermum latericium T.J. Entwisle & H.J. Foard
  272. Batrachospermum liburnicum Bertoloni
  273. Batrachospermum lindaueri (H.L. Skuja) O. Necchi & T.J. Entwisle image
  274. Batrachospermum lindaueri (Skuja) O. Necchi, Jr. & T.J. Entwisle
  275. Batrachospermum lochmodes H.L. Skuja image
  276. Batrachospermum loefgrenii Skuja
  277. Batrachospermum longiarticulatum O. Necchi
  278. Batrachospermum longipedicellatum D. Hua & Z.X. Shi
  279. Batrachospermum louisianae H.L. Skuja image
  280. Batrachospermum louisianae H.L. Skuja ex Flint
  281. Batrachospermum lucidum H.F.A. Roussel image
  282. Batrachospermum ludibundum Bory image
  283. Batrachospermum ludibundum var. aequinoctiale_(`Batrachosperma ludibonda var. aequinoxialis') Bory
  284. Batrachospermum ludibundum var. aequinoxialis Bory image
  285. Batrachospermum ludibundum var. caerulescens Bory
  286. Batrachospermum ludibundum var. caerulescens Bory (cont.) image
  287. Batrachospermum ludibundum var. confusum Bory
  288. Batrachospermum ludibundum var. moniliforme Bory image
  289. Batrachospermum ludibundum var. moniliforme Bory {invalid}
  290. Batrachospermum ludibundum var. pulcherrimum Bory image
  291. Batrachospermum ludibundum var. pulcherrimum_(`Batrachosperma ludibonda var. pulcherrima') Bory
  292. Batrachospermum ludibundum var. stagnale Bory image
  293. Batrachospermum ludibundum var. stagnale_(`Batrachosperma ludibonda var. stagnalis') Bory
  294. Batrachospermum ludibundum var. virescens Bory
  295. Batrachospermum ludibundum var. viride Bory
  296. Batrachospermum ludibundum_(`Batrachosperma ludibonda') Bory {illegitimate}
  297. Batrachospermum lusitanicum M.P. Reis image
  298. Batrachospermum macrosporum (H.C. Wood) F.S. Collins {illegitimate}
  299. Batrachospermum macrosporum (Wood) F.S. Collins image
  300. Batrachospermum macrosporum J.P.F.C. Montagne image
  301. Batrachospermum macrosporum Montagne
  302. Batrachospermum macrosporum var. excelsum (Montagne) S. Sirodot image
  303. Batrachospermum macrosporum var. oxycladum (J.P.F.C. Montagne) S. Sirodot image
  304. Batrachospermum mahabaleshwarense_(`mahabaleshwarensis') M.S. Balakrishnan & B.B. Chaugule
  305. Batrachospermum mahabaleshwarensis M.S. Balakrishnan & B.B. Chaugule image
  306. Batrachospermum mahlacense S. Kumano & W.A. Bowden-Kerby
  307. Batrachospermum mascomi L.H. Flint {invalid}
  308. Batrachospermum medium K. Starmach {invalid}
  309. Batrachospermum megaspermum Skuja {invalid}
  310. Batrachospermum microspermum H.L. Skuja ex T.J. Entwisle & H.J. Foard image
  311. Batrachospermum microspermum Skuja ex T.J. Entwisle {invalid}
  312. Batrachospermum mikrogyne L.H. Flint & H.L. Skuja image
  313. Batrachospermum miniatum (J.B.G.G.M. Bory) J.E. Duby image
  314. Batrachospermum miniatum_(`Batrachosperma miniata') Bory
  315. Batrachospermum minutissimiun P.F. Reinsch image
  316. Batrachospermum moniliforme A.W. Roth image
  317. Batrachospermum moniliforme f. densum (S. Sirodot) G. Israelson image
  318. Batrachospermum moniliforme f. lageniferum P.F. Reinsch image
  319. Batrachospermum moniliforme f. lipsiensis G.L. Rabenhorst image
  320. Batrachospermum moniliforme f. pyramidale (S. Sirodot) G. Israelson image
  321. Batrachospermum moniliforme f. setigera E.J. Lemmermann image
  322. Batrachospermum moniliforme subsp. atrum (Hudson) Hansgirg image
  323. Batrachospermum moniliforme subsp. confusum (Bory) Hansgirg image
  324. Batrachospermum moniliforme subsp. genuinum "Kirchner" Hansgirg image
  325. Batrachospermum moniliforme subsp. pulcherrimum (Bory) Hansgirg image
  326. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. aequinoctial (J.B.G.G.M. Bory) C.A. Agardh image
  327. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. aequinoctiale (Bory) C. Agardh
  328. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. aeruginosum C.A. Agardh image
  329. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. atrum (Hudson) G.L. Rabenhorst image
  330. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. boltonii_('boltoni') M.C. Cooke
  331. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. boryanum C. Agardh {invalid}
  332. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. boryanum C.A. Agardh image
  333. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. boryanum F.T. Kützing image
  334. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. caerulescens (J.B.G.G.M. Bory) J.E. Duby image
  335. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. capillare F.T. Kützing image
  336. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. chlorosum Sirodot
  337. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. condensatum F.T. Kützing image
  338. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. confusum (J.B.G.G.M. Bory) J.E.Duby image
  339. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. decaisneanum (S. Sirodot) G.R. Cedergren image
  340. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. detersa C.A. Agardh image
  341. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. detonsa C.F.W. Wallroth image
  342. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. dillenii_('dilleni') (Bory) G.L. Rabenhorst image
  343. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. filamentosum (A.K.H. Braun) G.L. Rabenhorst image
  344. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. giganteum C.A. Agardh image
  345. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. gracile R.J. Shuttleworth image
  346. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. gracile R.J. Shuttleworth image
  347. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. guianense image
  348. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. guianense J.P.F.C. Montagne image
  349. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. guianense Montagne
  350. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. helminthoideum S. Sirodot image
  351. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. isoeticola H.L. Skuja image
  352. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. julianum (Areschoug) Hansgirg image
  353. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. julianum G.G.A. Meneghini image
  354. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. kuehneanum (G.L. Rabenhorst) G.L. Rabenhorst image
  355. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. laxum - - image
  356. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. nodiflorum (J.P.F.C. Montagne) G. Dickie image
  357. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. nodiflorum (Montagne) Dickie
  358. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. penicillata C.F.W. Wallroth image
  359. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. pilosissimum J.E. Lebel image
  360. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. pilosissimum Lebel mscr. {invalid}
  361. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. pisanum G. Arcangeli image
  362. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. proliferum F.T. Kützing image
  363. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. pulcherrimum (Bory) C. Agardh
  364. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. pulcherrimum (Bory) C.A. Agardh image
  365. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. purpurascens (A.W. Roth) A.W. Roth image
  366. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. purpurascens C.A. Agardh image
  367. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. purpurascens S.F. Gray image
  368. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. rubescens S. Sirodot image
  369. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. rubrum (A.H. Hassall) F.T. Kützing image
  370. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. scopula S. Sirodot image
  371. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. setaceum F.T. Kützing image
  372. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. simplicius C. Agardh {illegitimate}
  373. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. simplicius C.A. Agardh image
  374. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. spermatophora C.F.W. Wallroth image
  375. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. stagnale (Bory) C. Agardh
  376. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. stagnale C.A. Agardh image
  377. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. stagnale F.T. Kützing image
  378. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. stagnale F.T. Kützing image
  379. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. stizenbergeri G.L. Rabenhorst image
  380. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. subulatum F.L. Harvey image
  381. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. subulatum F.L. Harvey image
  382. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. typicum Kirchner image
  383. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. vagum (A.W. Roth) A.W. Roth image
  384. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. virescens (Bory) C. Agardh
  385. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. virescens (J.B.G.G.M. Bory) C.A. Agardh image
  386. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. virgatum (Kützing) Kützing image
  387. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. viride (Bory) J.E. Duby
  388. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. viride (Roth) Roth image
  389. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. viridis (J.B.G.G.M. Bory) J.E. Duby image
  390. Batrachospermum moniliforme var. vogesiacum F.T. Kützing image
  391. Batrachospermum myosurus J.A.P. Ducluzeau image
  392. Batrachospermum myurus A.P. de Candolle image
  393. Batrachospermum naiadis I.S. Chapuis & M.L. Vis
  394. Batrachospermum nechochoense S. Kumano & W.A. Bowden-Kerby
  395. Batrachospermum nigrescens West & G.S. West image
  396. Batrachospermum nigricans A.P. de Candolle image
  397. Batrachospermum nodiflorum J.P.F.C. Montagne image
  398. Batrachospermum nodiflorum Montagne
  399. Batrachospermum nodosum (H.L. Skuja) O. Necchi & T.J. Entwisle image
  400. Batrachospermum nodosum (Skuja) O. Necchi, Jr. & T.J. Entwisle
  401. Batrachospermum nodosum J.N. Misra & A.K. Dey {invalid}
  402. Batrachospermum nonocense S. Kumano & L.M. Liao image
  403. Batrachospermum nothocladoideum S. Xie & Z. Shi
  404. Batrachospermum nothogeae H.L. Skuja image
  405. Batrachospermum nothogeae Skuja {invalid}
  406. Batrachospermum nova-guineense S. Kumano & I.M. Johnstone image
  407. Batrachospermum novae-zelandiae H.L. Skuja image
  408. Batrachospermum omobodoense S. Kumano & W.A. Bowden-Kerby
  409. Batrachospermum orthostichum H.L. Skuja image
  410. Batrachospermum oxycladum J.P.F.C. Montagne image
  411. Batrachospermum periplocum (H.L. Skuja) O. Necchi image
  412. Batrachospermum periplocum (Skuja) O. Necchi
  413. Batrachospermum phangii E.T. Johnston, P.-E. Lim & M.L. Vis
  414. Batrachospermum philippinarum H.L. Skuja image
  415. Batrachospermum plumosum J.P.E. Vaucher image
  416. Batrachospermum plumosum Vaucher
  417. Batrachospermum polycarpum M. Mori image
  418. Batrachospermum pozoazulense I.S. Chapuis & M.L. Vis
  419. Batrachospermum precatorium J.F.B. St.-Amans image
  420. Batrachospermum procarpum H.L. Skuja image
  421. Batrachospermum procarpum Skuja
  422. Batrachospermum procarpum var. americanum R.G. Sheath, M.L. Vis, & K.M. Cole
  423. Batrachospermum proliferum D. Carmichael image
  424. Batrachospermum proliferum D. Carmichael ex A.H. Hassall image
  425. Batrachospermum prominens T.J. Entwisle & H.J. Foard
  426. Batrachospermum protimum H.L. Skuja image
  427. Batrachospermum protimum Skuja {invalid}
  428. Batrachospermum pseudocarpum M.P. Reis image
  429. Batrachospermum pseudogelatinosum T.J. Entwisle & M.L. Vis
  430. Batrachospermum puiggarianum Grunow
  431. Batrachospermum pulcherrimum (J.B.G.G.M Bory) A.H. Hassall image
  432. Batrachospermum pulchrum S. Sirodot image
  433. Batrachospermum pullum H.L. Skuja ex T.J. Entwisle & H.J. Foard image
  434. Batrachospermum pullum Skuja ex T.J. Entwisle {invalid}
  435. Batrachospermum pulvinatum Bonhomme
  436. Batrachospermum pulvinatum J. Bonhomme image
  437. Batrachospermum pygmaum S. Sirodot image
  438. Batrachospermum pyramidale S. Sirodot image
  439. Batrachospermum pyramidale Sirodot
  440. Batrachospermum radians S. Sirodot image
  441. Batrachospermum ranuliferum T.J. Entwisle & H.J. Foard
  442. Batrachospermum reginense S. Sirodot image
  443. Batrachospermum remotum H.F.A. Roussel image
  444. Batrachospermum requienii J.P.F.C. Montagne image
  445. Batrachospermum requienii Montagne
  446. Batrachospermum rivularioides Bory de Saint-Vincent {illegitimate}
  447. Batrachospermum roseum S. Chiaje image
  448. Batrachospermum rubescens (S. Sirodot) M. Mori image
  449. Batrachospermum rubrum A.H. Hassall image
  450. Batrachospermum schwackeanum K. Möbius image
  451. Batrachospermum section Macrospora (Kumano) Entwisle, M.L. Vis, W.B. Chiasson, Necchi, & A.R. Sherwood
  452. Batrachospermum serendipidum T.J. Entwisle & M.L. Vis
  453. Batrachospermum setigerum G.L. Rabenhorst image
  454. Batrachospermum setigerum Rabenhorst
  455. Batrachospermum shanxiense I.S. Chapuis & M.L. Vis
  456. Batrachospermum simplex A.P. de Candolle image
  457. Batrachospermum sinense C.C. Jao image
  458. Batrachospermum sirodotii H.L. Skuja ex L.H. Flint image
  459. Batrachospermum sirodotii H.L. Skuja ex M.P. Reis image
  460. Batrachospermum sirodotioides H.L. Skuja image
  461. Batrachospermum sirodotioides Skuja {invalid}
  462. Batrachospermum skottsbergii J.H. Kylin image
  463. Batrachospermum skujae L. Geitler image
  464. Batrachospermum skujanum O. Necchi
  465. Batrachospermum spermatiophorum M.L. Vis & R.G. Sheath
  466. Batrachospermum spermatoinvolucrum M.L. Vis & R.G. Sheath
  467. Batrachospermum sporiferum M. Mori image
  468. Batrachospermum sporulans S. Sirodot image
  469. Batrachospermum sporulans f. pulvinatum (Bonhomme) Starmach
  470. Batrachospermum stagnale (J.B.G.G.M. Bory) A.H. Hassall image
  471. Batrachospermum stephensii H.L. Skuja ex T.J. Entwisle image
  472. Batrachospermum stephensii Skuja ex T.J. Entwisle & H.J. Foard {invalid}
  473. Batrachospermum subinconspicuum Bertoloni
  474. Batrachospermum sudeticum Fr. Müller image
  475. Batrachospermum suecicum (J.H. Kylin) O. Necchi, Jr. & T.J. Entwisle image
  476. Batrachospermum suecicum (Kylin) O. Necchi, Jr. & T.J. Entwisle
  477. Batrachospermum suevorum Kützing image
  478. Batrachospermum szechwanense C.C. Jao image
  479. Batrachospermum tabagatenense S. Kumano & W.A. Bowden-Kerby
  480. Batrachospermum tapirense S. Kumano & S.M. Phang image
  481. Batrachospermum tenellum H.F.A. Roussel image
  482. Batrachospermum tenuissimum (J.B.G.G.M. Bory) J.E. Duby image
  483. Batrachospermum tenuissimum Rabenhorst
  484. Batrachospermum tenuissimum var. dillenil R. Lenormand image
  485. Batrachospermum tenuissimum var. minor P.L. & H.M. Crouan image
  486. Batrachospermum tenuissimum var. sertularinum (J.B.G.G.M. Bory) J.E.Duby image
  487. Batrachospermum terawhiticum T.J. Entwisle & H.J. Foard
  488. Batrachospermum testale S. Sirodot image
  489. Batrachospermum texasense Skuja {invalid}
  490. Batrachospermum theaquum H.L. Skuja ex T.J. Entwisle & H.J. Foard image
  491. Batrachospermum theaquum T.J. Entwisle & H.J. Foard
  492. Batrachospermum thwaitesii G. Dickie image
  493. Batrachospermum tingitanun P.K.A. Schousboe image
  494. Batrachospermum tiomanense S. Kumano & M. Ratnasabapathy image
  495. Batrachospermum torridum J.P.F.C. Montagne image
  496. Batrachospermum torsivum Z.X. Shi
  497. Batrachospermum tortuosum S. Kumano
  498. Batrachospermum tortuosum var. majus S. Kumano image
  499. Batrachospermum transitorium S. Xie & Z. Shi
  500. Batrachospermum transtaganum M.P. Reis image
  501. Batrachospermum trichocontortum R.G. Sheath & M.L. Vis
  502. Batrachospermum trichofurcatum R.G. Sheath & M.L. Vis
  503. Batrachospermum triste (J.B.G.G.M. Bory) J.E. Duby image
  504. Batrachospermum triste Bory
  505. Batrachospermum triste var. chlora (J.B.G.G.M. Bory) J.E. Duby image
  506. Batrachospermum triste var. chlora Bory {invalid}
  507. Batrachospermum triste var. colorata (J.B.G.G.M. Bory) J.E. Duby image
  508. Batrachospermum triste var. coloratum_(`Batrachosperma tristis var. colorata') Bory
  509. Batrachospermum tumidum P.F. Reinsch image
  510. Batrachospermum turfosum (J.B.G.G.M. Bory) J.E. Duby image
  511. Batrachospermum turfosum_(`Batrachosperma turfosa') Bory
  512. Batrachospermum turgidum Kumano
  513. Batrachospermum turgidum S. Kumano image
  514. Batrachospermum ulandrium H.L. Skuja image
  515. Batrachospermum ulandrium Skuja {invalid}
  516. Batrachospermum umamaheswararaoi M. Baluswami & M. Babu
  517. Batrachospermum vagum (A.W. Roth) C.A. Agardh image
  518. Batrachospermum vagum Hooker image
  519. Batrachospermum vagum f. densa S.P. Petkoff image
  520. Batrachospermum vagum f. epiplanorbis A. Iltis image
  521. Batrachospermum vagum f. setigerum H. Klebahn image
  522. Batrachospermum vagum f. tenuissima F.S. Collins image
  523. Batrachospermum vagum f. tenuissima I. Holden image
  524. Batrachospermum vagum f. tenuissimum_(`tenuissima') Collins {illegitimate}
  525. Batrachospermum vagum subsp. genuinum Hansgirg image
  526. Batrachospermum vagum subsp. keratophytum (Bory) Hansgirg image
  527. Batrachospermum vagum var. aequinoctiale (J.B.G.G.M. Bory) S. Sirodot image
  528. Batrachospermum vagum var. aeruginosum C.A. Agardh image
  529. Batrachospermum vagum var. affine (F.T. Kützing) G.L. Rabenhorst image
  530. Batrachospermum vagum var. caerulescens (J.B.G.G.M. Bory) G.L. Rabenhorst image
  531. Batrachospermum vagum var. detersum C. Agardh
  532. Batrachospermum vagum var. detersum C.A. Agardh image
  533. Batrachospermum vagum var. detersum C.A. Agardh image
  534. Batrachospermum vagum var. dillenii (J.B.G.G.M. Bory) G.L. Rabenhorst image
  535. Batrachospermum vagum var. flagelliforme S. Sirodot image
  536. Batrachospermum vagum var. flagelliforme Sirodot
  537. Batrachospermum vagum var. guyanense J.P.F.C. Montagne image
  538. Batrachospermum vagum var. guyanense Montagne
  539. Batrachospermum vagum var. keratophytum (J.B.G.G.M. Bory) S. Sirodot image
  540. Batrachospermum vagum var. laxum C.A. Agardh image
  541. Batrachospermum vagum var. nodiflorum (Montagne) S. Sirodot image
  542. Batrachospermum vagum var. periplocum H.L. Skuja image
  543. Batrachospermum vagum var. periplocum Skuja
  544. Batrachospermum vagum var. ravenelii F. Wolle image
  545. Batrachospermum vagum var. refractum S. Sirodot image
  546. Batrachospermum vagum var. suevorum (F.T. Kützing) G.L. Rabenhorst image
  547. Batrachospermum vagum var. tenuissimum C. Agardh
  548. Batrachospermum vagum var. tenuissimum C. Agardh
  549. Batrachospermum vagum var. tenuissimum C.A. Agardh image
  550. Batrachospermum vagum var. torridum (J.P.F.C. Montagne) S. Sirodot image
  551. Batrachospermum vagum var. undulato-pedicellatum S. Kumano & M. Watanabe image
  552. Batrachospermum vagum var. vulgare S. Sirodot image
  553. Batrachospermum veprecula Mertens image
  554. Batrachospermum verticillatum (W. Withering) C.A. Agardh image
  555. Batrachospermum verticillatum (Withering) C. Agardh
  556. Batrachospermum villosum G. Zanardini image
  557. Batrachospermum virescens (Bory) Bertoloni
  558. Batrachospermum virgato-decaisneanum S. Sirodot image
  559. Batrachospermum virgato-decaisneanum var. cochleophilum E.C. Teodoresco image
  560. Batrachospermum virgatodecaisneanum_('virgato-decaisneanum") S. Sirodot
  561. Batrachospermum virgatum F.T. Kützing image
  562. Batrachospermum virgatum S. Sirodot image
  563. Batrachospermum virgatum f. hyemalis S. Sirodot image
  564. Batrachospermum viride S. Sirodot image
  565. Batrachospermum viride-brasiliense O. Necchi & D. Agostinho
  566. Batrachospermum vittatum T.J. Entwisle & H.J. Foard
  567. Batrachospermum vogesiacum F.G. Schultz ex Skuja
  568. Batrachospermum wattsii T.J. Entwisle & H.J. Foard
  569. Batrachospermum woitapense S. Kumano image
  570. Batrachospermum yunnanense S. Xie & Z. Shi
  571. Batrachospermum zeylanicum Skuja ex M.S. Balakrishnan & B.B. Chaugule
  572. Batrachospermum zostericola Bory
  573. Batrachospermum zostericola_('zostericollum') (J.B.G.G.M. Bory) J.E. Duby image
  574. CONDEA subgenus of Batrachospermum
  575. Callithamnion batrachospermum Kützing image