Silva Center for Phycological Documentation: Index Nominum Algarum

The INA is a card file and online reporting system maintained at the Silva Center for Phycological Documentation of the University Herbarium, University of California, Berkeley. It contains nearly 200,000 names of algae (in the broad sense). The BPU is a card file containing bibliographic references pertaining to algal taxonomy.
A working list of algal type specimens at UC is available here

Tabular display

Results from INA database

  3. SPHAEROCOCCUS Stackhouse image
  4. SPHAEROCOCCUS [subgenera] DROMIUS S.F. Gray image
  5. SPHAEROCOCCUS section STENOGRAMMA (Harvey) Endlicher image
  6. SPHAEROCOCCUS sections PHYLLOPHORA (Greville) Endlicher image
  7. SPHAEROCOCCUS subgenera PLOCARIA Kützing image
  8. SPHAEROCOCCUS subgenus or section GRACILARIA (Greville) Suringar image
  9. Sphaerococcus abscissus (Turner) C. Agardh image
  10. Sphaerococcus acanthophorus Kützing image
  11. Sphaerococcus acicularis (Roth) C. Agardh
  12. Sphaerococcus acicularis (Wulfen) C. Agardh image
  13. Sphaerococcus acicularis var. capensis Suhr image
  14. Sphaerococcus aculeatus (L.) Stackhouse image
  15. Sphaerococcus aculeatus Hering image
  16. Sphaerococcus aculeatus Hering {illegitimate}
  17. Sphaerococcus aculeatus Kützing image
  18. Sphaerococcus aculeatus Zanardini image
  19. Sphaerococcus aeruginosus (Turner) C. Agardh image
  20. Sphaerococcus agathoicus (Lamouroux) C. Agardh image
  21. Sphaerococcus aggregatus (Hook. fil. & Harvey) Kützing image
  22. Sphaerococcus alatus (Hudson) Stackhouse image
  23. Sphaerococcus albidus (Hudson) Stackhouse image
  24. Sphaerococcus alcicornis (J. Agardh) Kützing image
  25. Sphaerococcus alveatus (Turner) C. Agardh
  26. Sphaerococcus amansii (Lamouroux) C. Agardh image
  27. Sphaerococcus amphibius (Hudson) Stackhouse image
  28. Sphaerococcus angustifolius Kützing image
  29. Sphaerococcus angustifolius Kützing
  30. Sphaerococcus anthonini (Lamouroux) C. Agardh
  31. Sphaerococcus appendiculatus Schousboe image
  32. Sphaerococcus armatus C. Agardh
  33. Sphaerococcus articulatus (Hudson) Stackhouse image
  34. Sphaerococcus asparagoides (Woodward) Stackhouse image
  35. Sphaerococcus asper C. Agardh image
  36. Sphaerococcus attenuatus C. Agardh image
  37. Sphaerococcus australis Harvey
  38. Sphaerococcus australis Kützing image
  39. Sphaerococcus australis Kützing {illegitimate}
  40. Sphaerococcus australis var. constrictus Kützing image
  41. Sphaerococcus australis var. constrictus Kützing
  42. Sphaerococcus bangii (Hornemann) C. Agardh image
  43. Sphaerococcus bangii Schousboe image
  44. Sphaerococcus bifidus (Hudson) Stackhouse image
  45. Sphaerococcus bifidus Stackhouse
  46. Sphaerococcus bifidus var. ciliatus (Turner) C. Agardh image
  47. Sphaerococcus bifidus var. ciliatus S.F. Gray image
  48. Sphaerococcus bifidus var. decipiens S.F. Gray image
  49. Sphaerococcus bifidus var. sinuosus S.F. Gray image
  50. Sphaerococcus bifidus var. stipitatus S.F. Gray image
  51. Sphaerococcus bifidus var. subpalmatus S.F. Gray image
  52. Sphaerococcus botryosus Suhr image
  53. Sphaerococcus bracteatus (Gmelin) C. Agardh image
  54. Sphaerococcus bracteatus (S.G. Gmelin) C. Agardh
  55. Sphaerococcus brodiaei (Turner) C. Agardh image
  56. Sphaerococcus brodiaei var. angustissimus (Turner) C. Agardh image
  57. Sphaerococcus brodiaei var. concatenatus C. Agardh image
  58. Sphaerococcus brodiaei var. concatenatus Lyngbye image
  59. Sphaerococcus brodiaei var. ligulatus C. Agardh image
  60. Sphaerococcus brodiei_('brodiaei') (Turner) C. Agardh
  61. Sphaerococcus burmanni C. Agardh image
  62. Sphaerococcus canaliculatus C. Agardh image
  63. Sphaerococcus canaliculatus Kützing image
  64. Sphaerococcus canaliculatus Kützing {illegitimate}
  65. Sphaerococcus capensis J. Agardh image
  66. Sphaerococcus capillaceus (Gmelin) Naccari image
  67. Sphaerococcus capillaris (Hudson) C. Agardh image
  68. Sphaerococcus capillaris Kützing image
  69. Sphaerococcus capillaris Kützing image
  70. Sphaerococcus capillaris Kützing {illegitimate}
  71. Sphaerococcus cartilagineus (L.) C. Agardh image
  72. Sphaerococcus cartilagineus var. setaceus C. Agardh
  73. Sphaerococcus caulescens Kützing image
  74. Sphaerococcus caulescens Kützing
  75. Sphaerococcus cervicornis (Turner) C. Agardh image
  76. Sphaerococcus chamissoi C. Agardh
  77. Sphaerococcus chamissoi var. angustus C. Agardh image
  78. Sphaerococcus chamissoi var. ramentaceus C. Agardh image
  79. Sphaerococcus chamissoi var. uvifer C. Agardh image
  80. Sphaerococcus chauvinii Bory image
  81. Sphaerococcus chauvinii var. latissimus Bory image
  82. Sphaerococcus chondracanthus Kützing image
  83. Sphaerococcus chondracanthus Kützing
  84. Sphaerococcus chondroides Kützing image
  85. Sphaerococcus chondrophyllus (Brown ex Turner) C. Agardh image
  86. Sphaerococcus chondrophyllus (R. Brown ex Turner) C. Agardh
  87. Sphaerococcus chordalis C. Agardh image
  88. Sphaerococcus ciliatus (Hudson) Stackhouse image
  89. Sphaerococcus ciliatus var. angustus (Turner) C. Agardh image
  90. Sphaerococcus ciliatus var. angustus S.F. Gray image
  91. Sphaerococcus ciliatus var. fuscus Lyngbye image
  92. Sphaerococcus ciliatus var. jubatus (Goodenough & Woodward) S.F. Gray image
  93. Sphaerococcus ciliatus var. jubatus (Turner) C. Agardh image
  94. Sphaerococcus ciliatus var. lanceolatus (Turner) W.J. Hooker image
  95. Sphaerococcus ciliatus var. lanceolatus (Withering) S.F. Gray image
  96. Sphaerococcus ciliatus var. linearis C. Agardh image
  97. Sphaerococcus ciliatus var. palmatus (Turner) C. Agardh image
  98. Sphaerococcus ciliatus var. palmatus S.F. Gray image
  99. Sphaerococcus ciliatus var. pinnatifidus S.F. Gray image
  100. Sphaerococcus ciliatus var. spinosus (Turner) C. Agardh image
  101. Sphaerococcus ciliatus var. spinosus S.F. Gray image
  102. Sphaerococcus cinnabarinus (J. Agardh) Kützing image
  103. Sphaerococcus cinnabarinus (J. Agardh) Kützing
  104. Sphaerococcus cirrhosus (Turner) C. Agardh
  105. Sphaerococcus clavatus (Lamouroux) Naccari
  106. Sphaerococcus coccineus (Hudson) Stackhouse image
  107. Sphaerococcus compressus C. Agardh
  108. Sphaerococcus concinnus (Brown ex Turner) C. Agardh image
  109. Sphaerococcus concinnus var. immersus C. Agardh
  110. Sphaerococcus confertus (Brown ex Turner) C. Agardh image
  111. Sphaerococcus confervoides (L.) Stackhouse image
  112. Sphaerococcus confervoides var. caudatus C. Agardh image
  113. Sphaerococcus confervoides var. divaricatus C. Agardh image
  114. Sphaerococcus confervoides var. gracilis (Stackhouse) C. Agardh
  115. Sphaerococcus confervoides var. implexus (Turner) Martens image
  116. Sphaerococcus confervoides var. procerrimus (Esper) C. Agardh image
  117. Sphaerococcus confervoides var. procerrimus Schousboe image
  118. Sphaerococcus confervoides var. ramosissimus (Bertol.) Naccari image
  119. Sphaerococcus confervoides var. ramulosus C. Agardh
  120. Sphaerococcus confervoides var. setaceus C. Agardh image
  121. Sphaerococcus confervoides var. sordidus (Bertol.) Naccari image
  122. Sphaerococcus confervoides var. thamnophorus Kützing image
  123. Sphaerococcus confervoides var. uniformis (Esper) C. Agardh image
  124. Sphaerococcus confervoides var. verrucosus (Hudson) C. Agardh
  125. Sphaerococcus congestus (Brown ex Turner) C. Agardh image
  126. Sphaerococcus congestus (R. Brown ex Turner) C. Agardh
  127. Sphaerococcus constrictus (Turner) C. Agardh
  128. Sphaerococcus corallicola Zanardini image
  129. Sphaerococcus corallinus Bory image
  130. Sphaerococcus corallinus Bory de Saint-Vincent
  131. Sphaerococcus corallinus var. linearis (J. Agardh) Kützing image
  132. Sphaerococcus corallopsis Montagne
  133. Sphaerococcus corallorhiza (Turner) C. Agardh image
  134. Sphaerococcus corallorhiza Schousboe image
  135. Sphaerococcus cordatus (Turner) C. Agardh image
  136. Sphaerococcus coriaceus (Hook. fil. & Harvey) Kützing image
  137. Sphaerococcus coriaceus Sonder
  138. Sphaerococcus corneus (Hudson) Stackhouse
  139. Sphaerococcus corneus f. maximus_('maximam') C. Agardh image
  140. Sphaerococcus corneus var. capillaceus (Gmelin) C. Agardh image
  141. Sphaerococcus corneus var. capillaceus (S.G. Gmelin) C. Agardh
  142. Sphaerococcus corneus var. clavatus (Lamouroux) C. Agardh
  143. Sphaerococcus corneus var. clavifer (Turner) C. Agardh image
  144. Sphaerococcus corneus var. crinalis (Turner) C. Agardh image
  145. Sphaerococcus corneus var. filicinus (Hudson) W.J. Hooker image
  146. Sphaerococcus corneus var. heterophyllus (Clemente) C. Agardh image
  147. Sphaerococcus corneus var. laciniatus C. Agardh image
  148. Sphaerococcus corneus var. nereideus (Lightfoot) C. Agardh image
  149. Sphaerococcus corneus var. nitidus C. Agardh image
  150. Sphaerococcus corneus var. nitidus Martius image
  151. Sphaerococcus corneus var. pinnatus (Hudson) C. Agardh image
  152. Sphaerococcus corneus var. plumula (Esper) C. Agardh image
  153. Sphaerococcus corneus var. pristoides C. Agardh
  154. Sphaerococcus corneus var. pulchellus (Turner) C. Agardh
  155. Sphaerococcus corneus var. pulvinatus C. Agardh
  156. Sphaerococcus corneus var. sericeus (Gmelin) C. Agardh image
  157. Sphaerococcus corneus var. sesquipedalis (Clemente) C. Agardh image
  158. Sphaerococcus corneus var. setaceus (Turner) C. Agardh image
  159. Sphaerococcus corneus var. spinulosus C. Agardh image
  160. Sphaerococcus corniculatus C. Agardh
  161. Sphaerococcus cornutus (Turner) C. Agardh image
  162. Sphaerococcus coronopifolius (Goodenough & Woodward) Stackhouse image
  163. Sphaerococcus coronopifolius f. gracilior Vickers image
  164. Sphaerococcus coronopifolius var. angustatus (Turner) C. Agardh image
  165. Sphaerococcus coronopifolius var. capillaris C. Agardh image
  166. Sphaerococcus coronopifolius var. pennatus_('pennata') J. Agardh image
  167. Sphaerococcus corticatus (J. Agardh) Kützing image
  168. Sphaerococcus corticatus (J. Agardh) Kützing
  169. Sphaerococcus corymbiferus (Gmelin) C. Agardh image
  170. Sphaerococcus corymbosa Meneghini image
  171. Sphaerococcus crassicaulis C. Agardh image
  172. Sphaerococcus crassifolius C. Agardh
  173. Sphaerococcus crenulatus (Turner) C. Agardh image
  174. Sphaerococcus crinalis (Hare ex Turner) C. Agardh image
  175. Sphaerococcus crinitus (Gmelin) C. Agardh image
  176. Sphaerococcus crispus (L.) C. Agardh image
  177. Sphaerococcus crispus var. aequalis (Goodenough & Woodward) C. Agardh image
  178. Sphaerococcus crispus var. ciliatus Suhr image
  179. Sphaerococcus crispus var. corneus C. Agardh image
  180. Sphaerococcus crispus var. corymbosus C. Agardh image
  181. Sphaerococcus crispus var. dubius C. Agardh image
  182. Sphaerococcus crispus var. filiformis (Hudson) C. Agardh image
  183. Sphaerococcus crispus var. filiformis (Hudson) S.F. Gray image
  184. Sphaerococcus crispus var. genuinus C. Agardh image
  185. Sphaerococcus crispus var. incurvatus (Lyngbye) C. Agardh image
  186. Sphaerococcus crispus var. lacerus (Stackhouse) S.F. Gray image
  187. Sphaerococcus crispus var. patens (Goodenough & Woodward) S.F. Gray image
  188. Sphaerococcus crispus var. planus (Turner) C. Agardh image
  189. Sphaerococcus crispus var. planus S.F. Gray image
  190. Sphaerococcus crispus var. sarniensis (Roth) Greville image
  191. Sphaerococcus crispus var. sarniensis S.F. Gray image
  192. Sphaerococcus crispus var. stellatus (Stackhouse) C. Agardh
  193. Sphaerococcus crispus var. virens S.F. Gray image
  194. Sphaerococcus cristatus (L. ex Turner) C. Agardh image
  195. Sphaerococcus cristatus var. angustatus (Lyngbye) C. Agardh image
  196. Sphaerococcus cristatus var. angustatus Lyngbye image
  197. Sphaerococcus cristatus var. fabricianus (Lyngbye) C. Agardh
  198. Sphaerococcus cristatus var. valentiae (Turner) W.J. Hooker image
  199. Sphaerococcus dactyloides (Sonder) Kützing image
  200. Sphaerococcus dactyloides (Sonder) Kützing
  201. Sphaerococcus dasyphyllus (Woodward) Stackhouse
  202. Sphaerococcus dentatus (L.) C. Agardh image
  203. Sphaerococcus denticulatus C. Agardh image
  204. Sphaerococcus denticulatus Kützing image
  205. Sphaerococcus denticulatus Kützing
  206. Sphaerococcus difficilis C. Agardh image
  207. Sphaerococcus difficilis var. planicoma C. Agardh image
  208. Sphaerococcus dilatatus (Turner) C. Agardh
  209. Sphaerococcus disciplinalis Bory
  210. Sphaerococcus distentus (Roth) C. Agardh image
  211. Sphaerococcus distichus J. Agardh
  212. Sphaerococcus divaricatus (C. Agardh) C. Agardh image
  213. Sphaerococcus divaricatus (Greville) Montagne image
  214. Sphaerococcus divaricatus Brown ex C. Agardh
  215. Sphaerococcus divaricatus C. Agardh image
  216. Sphaerococcus divergens C. Agardh
  217. Sphaerococcus domingensis Kützing image
  218. Sphaerococcus domingensis Kützing
  219. Sphaerococcus dumosus (Harvey & Bailey) Kützing image
  220. Sphaerococcus dumosus (Harvey & Bailey) Kützing {illegitimate}
  221. Sphaerococcus dumosus Martius image
  222. Sphaerococcus durissimus_('durissima') Kützing image
  223. Sphaerococcus durus C. Agardh
  224. Sphaerococcus durus var. fruticosus (J. Agardh) G. Martens
  225. Sphaerococcus durus var. fruticosus (J. Agardh) Martens image
  226. Sphaerococcus echinatus Suhr image
  227. Sphaerococcus echinatus Suhr image
  228. Sphaerococcus echinatus Suhr image
  229. Sphaerococcus elegans (Greville) Montagne image
  230. Sphaerococcus elongatus Chiaje image
  231. Sphaerococcus erectus Greville image
  232. Sphaerococcus erinaceus (Turner) C. Agardh
  233. Sphaerococcus everniaeformis Bory image
  234. Sphaerococcus fabricii Sprengel image
  235. Sphaerococcus fabricii Sprengel {illegitimate}
  236. Sphaerococcus falcatus Hering image
  237. Sphaerococcus falcatus Hering image
  238. Sphaerococcus fastigiatus (L.) Stackhouse image
  239. Sphaerococcus fastigiatus Chiaje image
  240. Sphaerococcus filicinus (Wulfen) C. Agardh image
  241. Sphaerococcus filiformis J. Agardh image
  242. Sphaerococcus fimbriatus (Brown ex Lamouroux) C. Agardh image
  243. Sphaerococcus fimbriatus C. Agardh image
  244. Sphaerococcus fimbriatus C. Agardh {illegitimate}
  245. Sphaerococcus fimbriatus var. filiformis Suhr
  246. Sphaerococcus fimbriatus var. multifida Bory image
  247. Sphaerococcus flabellifolius Bory image
  248. Sphaerococcus flabellifolius var. tenuifolius (Kützing) Kützing image
  249. Sphaerococcus flaccidus Suhr
  250. Sphaerococcus floccosus (Esper) C. Agardh
  251. Sphaerococcus formosus Chauvin image
  252. Sphaerococcus fragilis C. Agardh
  253. Sphaerococcus friabilis (Clemente) C. Agardh image
  254. Sphaerococcus furcatus (Esper) Naccari image
  255. Sphaerococcus furcatus (Hook. fil. & Harvey) Kützing image
  256. Sphaerococcus furcellatus C. Agardh
  257. Sphaerococcus furcellatus var. minor C. Agardh image
  258. Sphaerococcus furcellatus var. minor C. Agardh image
  259. Sphaerococcus furcigerus Kützing image
  260. Sphaerococcus gaditanus Montagne image
  261. Sphaerococcus gaudichaudii Bory image
  262. Sphaerococcus gaudichaudii var. multifidus Bory image
  263. Sphaerococcus gelatinus (Esper) C. Agardh
  264. Sphaerococcus gelidium J. Agardh
  265. Sphaerococcus gigartinus (L.) Stackhouse image
  266. Sphaerococcus gigartinus var. costatus Suhr
  267. Sphaerococcus gigartoideus (Link) Nees image
  268. Sphaerococcus glandulosus Schousboe image
  269. Sphaerococcus glandulosus Schousboe image
  270. Sphaerococcus glandulosus Suhr image
  271. Sphaerococcus granateus (Lamouroux) C. Agardh image
  272. Sphaerococcus griffithsiae var. nanus Montagne image
  273. Sphaerococcus griffithsiae_('griffitsiae') (Turner) C. Agardh
  274. Sphaerococcus harveyi image
  275. Sphaerococcus harveyi Kützing image
  276. Sphaerococcus helminthochortos (Schwendimann) C. Agardh image
  277. Sphaerococcus heredia (Clemente) C. Agardh image
  278. Sphaerococcus heringii Kützing image
  279. Sphaerococcus heringii Kützing
  280. Sphaerococcus hetercoladus (Montagne) Kützing image
  281. Sphaerococcus horridus C. Agardh
  282. Sphaerococcus hypnoides (Desfontaines) Naccari image
  283. Sphaerococcus hypoglossum (Woodward) Stackhouse image
  284. Sphaerococcus imperati Chiaje image
  285. Sphaerococcus implexus (J. Agardh) Hering ex Kützing image
  286. Sphaerococcus implexus Hering & Martens image
  287. Sphaerococcus implicatus Kützing image
  288. Sphaerococcus interruptus Greville image
  289. Sphaerococcus interruptus Schousboe image
  290. Sphaerococcus intricatus C. Agardh
  291. Sphaerococcus investiens Zanardini image
  292. Sphaerococcus isiformis C. Agardh
  293. Sphaerococcus jubatus (Goodenough & Woodward) Greville image
  294. Sphaerococcus jubatus (Goodenough & Woodward) Stackhouse image
  295. Sphaerococcus juergensii (J. Agardh) Kützing image
  296. Sphaerococcus kaliformis (Goodenough & Woodward) Stackhouse image
  297. Sphaerococcus kaliformis Chiaje image
  298. Sphaerococcus koelreuteri (J.F. Gmelin) Leman image
  299. Sphaerococcus koelreuteri Leman {illegitimate}
  300. Sphaerococcus labillardierei_('labillardieri') (Mertens ex Turner) C. Agardh
  301. Sphaerococcus labillardieri (Mertens ex Turner) C. Agardh image
  302. Sphaerococcus laceratus (Gmelin) Stackhouse image
  303. Sphaerococcus laceratus var. elegans S.F. Gray image
  304. Sphaerococcus laceratus var. granatinus S.F. Gray image
  305. Sphaerococcus laceratus var. incrassatus S.F. Gray image
  306. Sphaerococcus laceratus var. ligulatus S.F. Gray image
  307. Sphaerococcus laceratus var. multifidus S.F. Gray image
  308. Sphaerococcus laceratus var. papyraceus S.F. Gray image
  309. Sphaerococcus laceratus var. uncinatus S.F. Gray image
  310. Sphaerococcus laciniatus (Hudson) C. Agardh
  311. Sphaerococcus laciniatus var. centrocarpus Montagne
  312. Sphaerococcus laciniatus var. discigena C. Agardh image
  313. Sphaerococcus laciniatus var. ferrarii C. Agardh image
  314. Sphaerococcus laciniatus var. ovalifolius S.F. Gray image
  315. Sphaerococcus lacinulatus (Vahl) Bory
  316. Sphaerococcus lacinulatus Kützing image
  317. Sphaerococcus lacinulatus Kützing {illegitimate}
  318. Sphaerococcus lactuca C. Agardh image
  319. Sphaerococcus lactuca C. Agardh {illegitimate}
  320. Sphaerococcus lactuca var. concretus C. Agardh
  321. Sphaerococcus lactuca var. luxurians C. Agardh
  322. Sphaerococcus lambertii (Turner) C. Agardh image
  323. Sphaerococcus lambertii var. gelatinosus Suhr
  324. Sphaerococcus lemania Kützing image
  325. Sphaerococcus lemania Kützing
  326. Sphaerococcus lessonii Bory image
  327. Sphaerococcus lessonii var. angustus (C. Agardh) Bory image
  328. Sphaerococcus lessonii var. ramentaceus (C. Agardh) Bory image
  329. Sphaerococcus lichenoides (Lamouroux) C. Agardh
  330. Sphaerococcus lichenoides (Turner) C. Agardh image
  331. Sphaerococcus lichenoides var. tenuis C. Agardh image
  332. Sphaerococcus lichenoides var. tenuis C. Agardh {illegitimate}
  333. Sphaerococcus licopodioides Chiaje image
  334. Sphaerococcus ligulatus (Zanardini) Kützing image
  335. Sphaerococcus ligulatus (Zanardini) Kützing
  336. Sphaerococcus ligulatus var. prolifera Kützing image
  337. Sphaerococcus lindleyanus J. Agardh image
  338. Sphaerococcus linearis (J. Agardh) Kützing image
  339. Sphaerococcus linearis C. Agardh
  340. Sphaerococcus linearis Schousboe image
  341. Sphaerococcus lividus (Turner) C. Agardh
  342. Sphaerococcus loncharion (Bertol.) Sprengel image
  343. Sphaerococcus lubricus Kützing image
  344. Sphaerococcus lucidus (Turner) C. Agardh image
  345. Sphaerococcus luxurians (C. Agardh) Martius
  346. Sphaerococcus mamillosus (Goodenough & Woodward) C. Agardh image
  347. Sphaerococcus mamillosus var. contortus C. Agardh image
  348. Sphaerococcus mamillosus var. cuneatus C. Agardh image
  349. Sphaerococcus mamillosus var. degener (Esper) C. Agardh image
  350. Sphaerococcus mamillosus var. echinatus (Stackhouse) S.F. Gray image
  351. Sphaerococcus mamillosus var. incurvatus S.F. Gray image
  352. Sphaerococcus mamillosus var. linearis (Turner) W.J. Hooker image
  353. Sphaerococcus mamillosus var. linearis S.F. Gray image
  354. Sphaerococcus mamillosus var. proliferus S.F. Gray image
  355. Sphaerococcus mamillosus var. roseus Corda image
  356. Sphaerococcus mamillosus var. rotundatus C. Agardh image
  357. Sphaerococcus maximiliani Martius image
  358. Sphaerococcus membranifolius (Goodenough & Woodward) Stackhouse image
  359. Sphaerococcus membranifolius fimbriatus (Hudson) S.F. Gray image
  360. Sphaerococcus membranifolius var. angustifolius Lyngbye image
  361. Sphaerococcus membranifolius var. angustissimus C. Agardh image
  362. Sphaerococcus membranifolius var. fibrillosus C. Agardh image
  363. Sphaerococcus membranifolius var. fimbriatus W.J. Hooker image
  364. Sphaerococcus membranifolius var. lacer (L.) W.J. Hooker image
  365. Sphaerococcus membranifolius var. lacerus S.F. Gray image
  366. Sphaerococcus membranifolius var. latifolius (Turner) C. Agardh image
  367. Sphaerococcus membranifolius var. latifolius S.F. Gray image
  368. Sphaerococcus membranifolius var. pinnatus C. Agardh image
  369. Sphaerococcus membranifolius var. roseus S.F. Gray image
  370. Sphaerococcus membranifolius var. stellatus Lyngbye image
  371. Sphaerococcus membranifolius var. stellatus S.F. Gray image
  372. Sphaerococcus meneghinii Kützing image
  373. Sphaerococcus meneghinii Kützing {illegitimate}
  374. Sphaerococcus mexicanus Kützing image
  375. Sphaerococcus microcarpus C. Agardh
  376. Sphaerococcus micrococcus Martius image
  377. Sphaerococcus miniatus Sprengel
  378. Sphaerococcus mirabilis C. Agardh
  379. Sphaerococcus multiflorus (Greville) Montagne image
  380. Sphaerococcus multipartitus (Clemente) C. Agardh image
  381. Sphaerococcus multipartitus var. angustissimus C. Agardh image
  382. Sphaerococcus multipartitus var. elongatus (Clemente) C. Agardh
  383. Sphaerococcus multipartitus var. elongatus Martius image
  384. Sphaerococcus multipartitus var. foliifer (Forsk.) C. Agardh image
  385. Sphaerococcus multipartitus var. lichenoides (Turner) C. Agardh
  386. Sphaerococcus musciformis (Wulfen) C. Agardh
  387. Sphaerococcus musciformis var. armatus C. Agardh
  388. Sphaerococcus musciformis var. divaricatus C. Agardh image
  389. Sphaerococcus musciformis var. marginalis Wulfen image
  390. Sphaerococcus musciformis var. pumila 'Harvey' image
  391. Sphaerococcus musciformis var. spinulosus (J.F. Gmelin) Martius image
  392. Sphaerococcus musciformis var. valentiae (Turner) C. Agardh
  393. Sphaerococcus nanus C. Agardh image
  394. Sphaerococcus nanus C. Agardh mss. image
  395. Sphaerococcus nervosus (DC.) C. Agardh image
  396. Sphaerococcus nervosus var. spiralis C. Agardh image
  397. Sphaerococcus nervosus var. undulatus C. Agardh image
  398. Sphaerococcus nicaeensis (Lamouroux ex Bory) Kützing image
  399. Sphaerococcus nicaeensis var. filiformis Kützing image
  400. Sphaerococcus nigrescens (C. Agardh) Kützing image
  401. Sphaerococcus nigrescens var. tenuior Kützing image
  402. Sphaerococcus nodiferus Hering
  403. Sphaerococcus norvegicus_('norvegius') (Gunnerus) C. Agardh image
  404. Sphaerococcus obtusatus (Labillardiere) C. Agardh image
  405. Sphaerococcus obtusatus (Sonder) Kützing image
  406. Sphaerococcus obtusatus (Sonder) Kützing
  407. Sphaerococcus obtusus Kützing
  408. Sphaerococcus oligacanthus Kützing image
  409. Sphaerococcus oppositifolius C. Agardh
  410. Sphaerococcus opuntia (Goodenough & Woodward) Stackhouse image
  411. Sphaerococcus osmunda (Gmelin) Stackhouse image
  412. Sphaerococcus osmunda (S.G. Gmelin) Stackhouse
  413. Sphaerococcus ovalis (Hudson) Stackhouse image
  414. Sphaerococcus palmatus (L.) Kützing image
  415. Sphaerococcus palmatus (Linnaeus) Kützing {illegitimate}
  416. Sphaerococcus palmatus S.F. Gray image
  417. Sphaerococcus palmatus S.F. Gray {illegitimate}
  418. Sphaerococcus palmatus var. bifidus (Hudson) S.F. Gray image
  419. Sphaerococcus palmatus var. concatenata (C. Agardh) Kützing image
  420. Sphaerococcus palmatus var. crassiusculus S.F. Gray image
  421. Sphaerococcus palmatus var. delicatula (C. Agardh) Kützing image
  422. Sphaerococcus palmatus var. genuinus Kützing image
  423. Sphaerococcus palmatus var. linearis S.F. Gray image
  424. Sphaerococcus palmatus var. marginifer Kützing image
  425. Sphaerococcus palmatus var. marginifer_('marginifera') (Turner) Kützing image
  426. Sphaerococcus palmatus var. pinnatus Kützing image
  427. Sphaerococcus palmatus var. prolifer Kützing image
  428. Sphaerococcus palmetta (Esper) Lyngbye image
  429. Sphaerococcus palmetta (Stackhouse) C. Agardh
  430. Sphaerococcus palmetta (Turner) C. Agardh image
  431. Sphaerococcus palmetta var. acutifolius Kützing image
  432. Sphaerococcus palmetta var. australis C. Agardh image
  433. Sphaerococcus palmetta var. bifidus (Hudson) Lyngbye image
  434. Sphaerococcus palmetta var. capensis Kützing image
  435. Sphaerococcus palmetta var. crassiusculus (Turner) C. Agardh
  436. Sphaerococcus palmetta var. discocarpa Lenormand ex Kützing image
  437. Sphaerococcus palmetta var. divaricatus Kützing image
  438. Sphaerococcus palmetta var. ellisiae Lenormand ex Kützing image
  439. Sphaerococcus palmetta var. flabelliformis Kützing image
  440. Sphaerococcus palmetta var. major C. Agardh image
  441. Sphaerococcus palmetta var. multifidus Kützing image
  442. Sphaerococcus palmetta var. nicaeensis (Montagne) Kützing image
  443. Sphaerococcus palmetta var. palmatus C. Agardh image
  444. Sphaerococcus palmetta var. pinnatus Kützing image
  445. Sphaerococcus palmetta var. spathulatus Kützing image
  446. Sphaerococcus palmetta var. subdivisus_('subdivisa') Meneghini ex Kützing image
  447. Sphaerococcus palmettoides Bory image
  448. Sphaerococcus papillatus C. Agardh
  449. Sphaerococcus parvulus (Greville) Montagne image
  450. Sphaerococcus patens (Goodenough & Woodward) Stackhouse image
  451. Sphaerococcus pectinatus Montagne
  452. Sphaerococcus pedicellatus C. Agardh
  453. Sphaerococcus pedunculatus (Hudson) Stackhouse
  454. Sphaerococcus pilulifer (Turner) C. Agardh image
  455. Sphaerococcus pinastroides Stackhouse image
  456. Sphaerococcus pinastroides Stackhouse {illegitimate}
  457. Sphaerococcus pinnatifidus (Hudson) Stackhouse
  458. Sphaerococcus platynus C. Agardh image
  459. Sphaerococcus platyphyllus Kützing image
  460. Sphaerococcus platyphyllus Kützing
  461. Sphaerococcus plicatus (Hudson) Stackhouse
  462. Sphaerococcus plicatus var. elongatus (Turner) C. Agardh image
  463. Sphaerococcus plicatus var. fastigiatus (Turner) C. Agardh image
  464. Sphaerococcus plicatus var. hippuroides (Lyngbye) C. Agardh image
  465. Sphaerococcus plicatus var. simplicior C. Agardh image
  466. Sphaerococcus plicatus var. tenuis C. Agardh image
  467. Sphaerococcus plumosus (Hudson) Stackhouse image
  468. Sphaerococcus poepigii Martens image
  469. Sphaerococcus poiteaui (Lamouroux) C. Agardh
  470. Sphaerococcus polycarpus Greville image
  471. Sphaerococcus polyides (J. Agardh) Kützing image
  472. Sphaerococcus pristoides (Turner) C. Agardh image
  473. Sphaerococcus prolifer Kützing image
  474. Sphaerococcus pseudopalmatus (Lamouroux) C. Agardh image
  475. Sphaerococcus punctatus (Stackhouse) S.F. Gray image
  476. Sphaerococcus punctatus C. Agardh image
  477. Sphaerococcus purpurascens (Hudson) C. Agardh image
  478. Sphaerococcus purpurascens var. capillaceus_('capillacea') C. Agardh image
  479. Sphaerococcus purpurascens var. distichus_('disticha') C. Agardh image
  480. Sphaerococcus purpurascens var. scorpioides (Müller) C. Agardh image
  481. Sphaerococcus purpurascens var. subinflatus_('subinflata') C. Agardh image
  482. Sphaerococcus purpureus (Vahl) C. Agardh image
  483. Sphaerococcus pusillus (Stackhouse) C. Agardh image
  484. Sphaerococcus radiatus (Goodenough & Woodward) Stackhouse image
  485. Sphaerococcus radicans Bory image
  486. Sphaerococcus radicans Bory de Saint-Vincent
  487. Sphaerococcus radula (Esper) C. Agardh
  488. Sphaerococcus radula var. maximus C. Agardh image
  489. Sphaerococcus radula var. reniformis_('reniformi') Rudolphi image
  490. Sphaerococcus radula var. stiriatus (Turner) Rudolphi
  491. Sphaerococcus radula var. stiriatus_('stiriata') (Turner) Rudolphi image
  492. Sphaerococcus radula var. striatus Hering image
  493. Sphaerococcus ramentaceus (L.) Kützing image
  494. Sphaerococcus ramulosus Martius image
  495. Sphaerococcus rangiferinus Kützing image
  496. Sphaerococcus rangiferinus Kützing
  497. Sphaerococcus reniformis (Turner) C. Agardh image
  498. Sphaerococcus reniformis var. tenuis S.F. Gray image
  499. Sphaerococcus repens C. Agardh
  500. Sphaerococcus reptans image
  501. Sphaerococcus revolutus C. Agardh
  502. Sphaerococcus rhizophylloides Rodriguez y Femenias image
  503. Sphaerococcus rigens C. Agardh
  504. Sphaerococcus rigidus (Vahl) C. Agardh image
  505. Sphaerococcus rigidus C. Agardh
  506. Sphaerococcus rigidus C. Agardh mss. image
  507. Sphaerococcus rigidus Schousboe ex Montagne image
  508. Sphaerococcus rostratus C. Agardh image
  509. Sphaerococcus rotundus (Hudson) Nees image
  510. Sphaerococcus rubens (L.) C. Agardh image
  511. Sphaerococcus salicornia C. Agardh
  512. Sphaerococcus salicornia var. simplicior C. Agardh
  513. Sphaerococcus saltuosus Suhr image
  514. Sphaerococcus sanguineus (Hudson) Stackhouse image
  515. Sphaerococcus sarniensis (Mertens) Kützing image
  516. Sphaerococcus sarniensis (Roth) C. Agardh image
  517. Sphaerococcus schousboei J. Agardh image
  518. Sphaerococcus scoparius Drège image
  519. Sphaerococcus scutellatus Hering
  520. Sphaerococcus seaforthii (Turner) C. Agardh image
  521. Sphaerococcus secundus C. Agardh
  522. Sphaerococcus sedoides (Stackhouse) Stackhouse image
  523. Sphaerococcus seminervis C. Agardh
  524. Sphaerococcus serra J. Agardh
  525. Sphaerococcus setaceus C. Agardh image
  526. Sphaerococcus setaceus Kützing image
  527. Sphaerococcus setaceus Kützing {illegitimate}
  528. Sphaerococcus sinuosus (Goodenough & Woodward) Stackhouse image
  529. Sphaerococcus soboliferus (C. Agardh) Kützing image
  530. Sphaerococcus soboliferus (Vahl) Kützing image
  531. Sphaerococcus sonderi Kützing image
  532. Sphaerococcus spermophorus (L.) C. Agardh image
  533. Sphaerococcus spermophorus (Linnaeus) C. Agardh
  534. Sphaerococcus spinellus C. Agardh
  535. Sphaerococcus spinellus var. laxior C. Agardh image
  536. Sphaerococcus spinescens Kützing image
  537. Sphaerococcus spinescens Kützing
  538. Sphaerococcus spiniformis_('spinaeformis') (Lamouroux) C. Agardh
  539. Sphaerococcus spinosus (L.) C. Agardh image
  540. Sphaerococcus spinosus C. Agardh {illegitimate}
  541. Sphaerococcus spinulosus Kützing image
  542. Sphaerococcus spinulosus Kützing
  543. Sphaerococcus spiralis (Lamouroux) C. Agardh
  544. Sphaerococcus sternbergii C. Agardh
  545. Sphaerococcus stiriatus (Turner) C. Agardh
  546. Sphaerococcus striatus Drège image
  547. Sphaerococcus strictus C. Agardh image
  548. Sphaerococcus subfuscus (Woodward) Stackhouse image
  549. Sphaerococcus subfuscus var. tenuior C. Agardh image
  550. Sphaerococcus subulatus C. Agardh
  551. Sphaerococcus subulatus var. nigrescens C. Agardh image
  552. Sphaerococcus taenioides J. Agardh image
  553. Sphaerococcus teedei var. serrata C. Agardh image
  554. Sphaerococcus teedei_('Teedii') (Mertens ex Roth) C. Agardh
  555. Sphaerococcus teedei_('teedii') (Turner) C. Agardh image
  556. Sphaerococcus tenax (Turner) C. Agardh image
  557. Sphaerococcus tenellus (Vahl) C. Agardh image
  558. Sphaerococcus tener (J. Agardh) Kützing image
  559. Sphaerococcus tentaculatus Chiaje image
  560. Sphaerococcus tenuifolius Kützing image
  561. Sphaerococcus tenuis Kützing image
  562. Sphaerococcus tenuissimus (Goodenough & Woodward) Stackhouse image
  563. Sphaerococcus textorii Suringar
  564. Sphaerococcus torreyi C. Agardh image
  565. Sphaerococcus triangularis (S.F. Gmelin) Martius image
  566. Sphaerococcus triangularis var. bifarius Martius image
  567. Sphaerococcus tripinnatus (Hering) Kützing image
  568. Sphaerococcus tripinnatus (Hering) Kützing
  569. Sphaerococcus tuberculatus Bory image
  570. Sphaerococcus tuberculosus Hampe ex Kützing image
  571. Sphaerococcus tunaeformis (Bertoloni) Kützing image
  572. Sphaerococcus ulvoides (Turner) S.F. Gray image
  573. Sphaerococcus usneoides C. Agardh
  574. Sphaerococcus ustulatus (Turner) C. Agardh
  575. Sphaerococcus ustulatus var. caespitosa C. Agardh image
  576. Sphaerococcus uvifer (C. Agardh) Bory image
  577. Sphaerococcus vagus Kützing image
  578. Sphaerococcus valentiae (Turner) C. Agardh
  579. Sphaerococcus variabilis Stackhouse image
  580. Sphaerococcus venosus (L.) C. Agardh image
  581. Sphaerococcus vermicularis C. Agardh
  582. Sphaerococcus vermicularis Kützing image
  583. Sphaerococcus verrucosus (Hudson) C. Agardh
  584. Sphaerococcus verruculosus (Bertoloni) C. Agardh
  585. Sphaerococcus vieillardii_('vieillardi') Kützing image
  586. Sphaerococcus vieillardii_(`vieillardi') Kützing
  587. Sphaerococcus violescens C. Agardh image
  588. Sphaerococcus viscidus (Forsk.) C. Agardh image
  589. Sphaerococcus vittatus (L.) C. Agardh image
  590. Sphaerococcus vittatus var. caulescens (Gmelin) C. Agardh image
  591. Sphaerococcus volans C. Agardh
  592. Sphaerococcus volubilis (L.) C. Agardh image
  593. Sphaerococcus volubilis (Linnaeus) C. Agardh
  594. Sphaerococcus wiggii_('Wigghii') (Turner) C. Agardh image
  595. Sphaerococcus zanardinii Meneghini image