Silva Center for Phycological Documentation: Index Nominum Algarum

The INA is a card file and online reporting system maintained at the Silva Center for Phycological Documentation of the University Herbarium, University of California, Berkeley. It contains nearly 200,000 names of algae (in the broad sense). The BPU is a card file containing bibliographic references pertaining to algal taxonomy.
A working list of algal type specimens at UC is available here

Tabular display

Results from INA database

  1. Chlamydomonas enteromorphae R. Brabez image
  2. Chloromonas enteromorphae (Brabez) Gerloff & Ettl image
  3. Chrysymenia enteromorpha Harvey
  4. Dermocarpa enteromorphae Anand image
  5. Dermocarpa enteromorphae Anand image
  6. Dictyosphaeria enteromorpha Montagne & Millardet
  9. ENTEROMORPHA (Link) Endlicher
  14. ENTEROMORPHA sect. ILEA Wille
  17. ENTEROMORPHA sect. LINZAE J. Agardh
  21. Enteromorpha acanthophora Kützing
  22. Enteromorpha adriatica Bliding
  23. Enteromorpha adriatica Bliding {invalid}
  24. Enteromorpha africana Kützing
  25. Enteromorpha ahlneriana Bliding {illegitimate}
  26. Enteromorpha ahlneriana var. roscoffensis R. Baudrimont {invalid}
  27. Enteromorpha angusta (Setchell & N.L. Gardner) M.S. Doty
  28. Enteromorpha aragoënsis Bliding
  29. Enteromorpha aragoensis Bliding {invalid}
  30. Enteromorpha arctica J. Agardh
  31. Enteromorpha atroviridis_(`atro-viridis') (Levring) M.J. Wynne
  32. Enteromorpha attenuata (C. Agardh) Greville
  33. Enteromorpha aureola (C. Agardh) Kützing
  34. Enteromorpha basiramosa Fritsch
  35. Enteromorpha bayonnensis P.J.L. Dangeard
  36. Enteromorpha bertolonii var. lanceolata (Linnaeus) Grunow
  37. Enteromorpha bertolonii_(`bertoloni') Montagne {illegitimate}
  38. Enteromorpha biflagellata Bliding
  39. Enteromorpha bulbosa (Suhr) Montagne
  40. Enteromorpha bulbosa f. africana (Kützing) J. Agardh
  41. Enteromorpha bulbosa f. australasica J. Agardh
  42. Enteromorpha bulbosa f. cornucopiae V.J. Chapman
  43. Enteromorpha bulbosa f. dilatata Kjellman
  44. Enteromorpha bulbosa f. elongata Kjellman
  45. Enteromorpha bulbosa f. foliacea V.J. Chapman
  46. Enteromorpha bulbosa f. genuina Kjellman
  47. Enteromorpha bulbosa f. novae-hollandiae (Kützing) V.J. Chapman {invalid}
  48. Enteromorpha bulbosa f. peruana J. Agardh {invalid}
  49. Enteromorpha bulbosa var. japonica Kjellman
  50. Enteromorpha byssoides Nees {invalid}
  51. Enteromorpha caerulescens Harvey
  52. Enteromorpha canaliculata Batters
  53. Enteromorpha capillaris M. Noda
  54. Enteromorpha chadefaudii J. Feldmann
  55. Enteromorpha chaetomorphoides Børgesen
  56. Enteromorpha chartacea Schiffner
  57. Enteromorpha chartacea f. elongata Schiffner
  58. Enteromorpha chartacea f. minor Schiffner
  59. Enteromorpha chlorotica J. Agardh
  60. Enteromorpha clathrata (Roth) Greville
  61. Enteromorpha clathrata ecad prostrata (Le Jolis) V.J. Chapman {invalid}
  62. Enteromorpha clathrata f. abbreviata (Le Jolis) Chalon
  63. Enteromorpha clathrata f. ambigua (Le Jolis) Chalon
  64. Enteromorpha clathrata f. denudata (Ahlner) Kylin
  65. Enteromorpha clathrata f. foeniculacea (Le Jolis) Chalon
  66. Enteromorpha clathrata f. gracilis (Le Jolis) V.J. Chapman
  67. Enteromorpha clathrata f. leptoclada L.P. Perestenko
  68. Enteromorpha clathrata f. linkiana (Greville) V.J. Chapman
  69. Enteromorpha clathrata f. nudiuscula (Le Jolis) Chalon
  70. Enteromorpha clathrata f. procerrima Wollny
  71. Enteromorpha clathrata f. prostrata (Le Jolis) Batters
  72. Enteromorpha clathrata f. pumila (V.J. Chapman) V.J. Chapman {invalid}
  73. Enteromorpha clathrata f. ramulifera (Ahlner) Kylin
  74. Enteromorpha clathrata f. robusta (Le Jolis) Chalon
  75. Enteromorpha clathrata f. tenuis (Le Jolis) Chalon
  76. Enteromorpha clathrata subsp. asiatica K.L. Vinogradova
  77. Enteromorpha clathrata var. agardhiana (Le Jolis) Chalon
  78. Enteromorpha clathrata var. angusta V.J. Chapman
  79. Enteromorpha clathrata var. angustimembrana V.J. Chapman
  80. Enteromorpha clathrata var. confervacea Areschoug
  81. Enteromorpha clathrata var. confervacea Areschoug ex Ahlner {illegitimate}
  82. Enteromorpha clathrata var. confervoidea (C. Agardh) Montagne
  83. Enteromorpha clathrata var. crinita (Nees) Hauck
  84. Enteromorpha clathrata var. erecta (Lyngbye) Greville
  85. Enteromorpha clathrata var. genuina Batters {invalid}
  86. Enteromorpha clathrata var. gracilis (Le Jolis) Batters
  87. Enteromorpha clathrata var. hopkirkii (M'Calla ex Harvey) G. Hamel
  88. Enteromorpha clathrata var. linkiana (Greville) Areschoug
  89. Enteromorpha clathrata var. mucosa P. Crouan & H. Crouan
  90. Enteromorpha clathrata var. plumosa (Kützing) V.J. Chapman {invalid}
  91. Enteromorpha clathrata var. procera (Ahlner) Hauck
  92. Enteromorpha clathrata var. pumila V.J. Chapman
  93. Enteromorpha clathrata var. ralfsii (Harvey) V.J. Chapman
  94. Enteromorpha clathrata var. ramulosa (J.E. Smith) Rabenhorst
  95. Enteromorpha clathrata var. rothiana Chalon {invalid}
  96. Enteromorpha clathrata var. spinosa (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  97. Enteromorpha clathrata var. uncinata (Lyngbye) Greville
  98. Enteromorpha clathrata var. usneoides (J. Agardh) V.J. Chapman
  99. Enteromorpha clavata Wollny
  100. Enteromorpha coarctata Kjellman
  101. Enteromorpha comosa J. Agardh {invalid}
  102. Enteromorpha complanata Kützing
  103. Enteromorpha complanata f. prolifera Kjellman
  104. Enteromorpha complanata f. subsimplex (Ahlner) Strömfelt
  105. Enteromorpha complanata var. abbreviata (Kützing) Kützing
  106. Enteromorpha complanata var. capillifera Suringar
  107. Enteromorpha complanata var. ciliata Grunow
  108. Enteromorpha complanata var. confervacea Kützing
  109. Enteromorpha complanata var. crinita (Nees) Kützing
  110. Enteromorpha complanata var. crispa Kützing
  111. Enteromorpha complanata var. genuina Kützing {invalid}
  112. Enteromorpha complanata var. ramellosa Kützing
  113. Enteromorpha complanata var. ramulosa Kützing
  114. Enteromorpha complanata var. subsimplex Ahlner
  115. Enteromorpha compressa (Linnaeus) Nees
  116. Enteromorpha compressa H.E. Petersen {illegitimate}
  117. Enteromorpha compressa f. angustifolia H.E. Petersen
  118. Enteromorpha compressa f. capillacea (Kützing) Ahlner
  119. Enteromorpha compressa f. complanata (Kützing) J. Agardh
  120. Enteromorpha compressa f. constricta J. Agardh
  121. Enteromorpha compressa f. intermedia V.J. Chapman
  122. Enteromorpha compressa f. micrococca (Kützing) G. Hamel
  123. Enteromorpha compressa f. nana J. Agardh {invalid}
  124. Enteromorpha compressa f. prolifera (O.F. Müller) Ahlner
  125. Enteromorpha compressa f. pumila Lakowitz
  126. Enteromorpha compressa f. racemosa Ahlner
  127. Enteromorpha compressa f. subsimplex (Ahlner) J. Agardh
  128. Enteromorpha compressa f. typica Kjellman {invalid}
  129. Enteromorpha compressa subf. abbreviata Kjellman {illegitimate}
  130. Enteromorpha compressa subf. ahlneri_(`ahlnerii') Kjellman
  131. Enteromorpha compressa subf. elongata Kjellman
  132. Enteromorpha compressa subf. major H.E. Petersen
  133. Enteromorpha compressa subf. minor H.E. Petersen
  134. Enteromorpha compressa var. abbreviata Kützing
  135. Enteromorpha compressa var. australiensis (V.J. Chapman) V.J. Chapman
  136. Enteromorpha compressa var. biattenuata V.J. Chapman
  137. Enteromorpha compressa var. blidingioides P.J.L. Dangeard
  138. Enteromorpha compressa var. bullosa Schiffner
  139. Enteromorpha compressa var. caespitosa (Le Jolis) Rabenhorst
  140. Enteromorpha compressa var. capillacea Kützing
  141. Enteromorpha compressa var. complanata (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  142. Enteromorpha compressa var. cornucopiae (Lyngbye) Chalon
  143. Enteromorpha compressa var. crinita (Nees) Montagne
  144. Enteromorpha compressa var. crispa (Kützing) Frauenfeld
  145. Enteromorpha compressa var. crispata (Lyngbye) Suringar
  146. Enteromorpha compressa var. elongata Reinbold
  147. Enteromorpha compressa var. falcata (Le Jolis) Rabenhorst
  148. Enteromorpha compressa var. flexuosa (Wulfen) G. Hamel
  149. Enteromorpha compressa var. genuina Kützing {invalid}
  150. Enteromorpha compressa var. intestinalis (Linnaeus) G. Hamel
  151. Enteromorpha compressa var. lingulata (J. Agardh) Hauck
  152. Enteromorpha compressa var. maeotica Proshkina-Lavrenko
  153. Enteromorpha compressa var. minima (Nägeli ex Kützing) G. Hamel
  154. Enteromorpha compressa var. nana (Le Jolis) Rabenhorst
  155. Enteromorpha compressa var. novae-hollandiae Kützing
  156. Enteromorpha compressa var. pallida Kützing
  157. Enteromorpha compressa var. procerrima Kützing
  158. Enteromorpha compressa var. prolifera (O.F. Müller) Greville
  159. Enteromorpha compressa var. ramellosa Kützing
  160. Enteromorpha compressa var. subsimplex Areschoug
  161. Enteromorpha compressa var. tenuior Grunow
  162. Enteromorpha compressa var. torta Schiffner
  163. Enteromorpha compressa var. trichodes Kützing
  164. Enteromorpha compressa var. usneoides (J. Agardh) Bliding
  165. Enteromorpha confervacea (Kützing) Kützing
  166. Enteromorpha confervicola De Notaris
  167. Enteromorpha constricta (J. Agardh) S.M. Saifullah & M. Nizamuddin {invalid}
  168. Enteromorpha constricta Durant
  169. Enteromorpha corniculata Kützing
  170. Enteromorpha cornucopiae (Lyngbye) Carmichael
  171. Enteromorpha coziana P.J.L. Dangeard
  172. Enteromorpha coziana var. arcassonensis P.J.L. Dangeard
  173. Enteromorpha crassimembrana V.J. Chapman
  174. Enteromorpha crinita Nees
  175. Enteromorpha crinita f. grossa Hylmö
  176. Enteromorpha crinita f. latior Schiffner {invalid}
  177. Enteromorpha crinita f. procera (Ahlner) Sjöstedt
  178. Enteromorpha crinita f. rothiana Schiffner
  179. Enteromorpha crinita var. procera-ramulifera Hylmö {illegitimate}
  180. Enteromorpha crispa (Kützing) Kützing
  181. Enteromorpha crispata (Bertoloni) Piccone
  182. Enteromorpha cruciata Collins
  183. Enteromorpha cylindracea J. Blomster {invalid}
  184. Enteromorpha dangeardii H. Parriaud
  185. Enteromorpha denudata (Ahlner) Hylmö
  186. Enteromorpha denudata f. minor Hylmö
  187. Enteromorpha denudata f. simplex Hylmö
  188. Enteromorpha echinata (Roth) Nees
  189. Enteromorpha ectocarpoidea Zanardini
  190. Enteromorpha erecta (Lyngbye) Carmichael
  191. Enteromorpha fascia Postels & Ruprecht
  192. Enteromorpha fasciculata P.J.L. Dangeard
  193. Enteromorpha firma Schiffner
  194. Enteromorpha flabellata P.J.L. Dangeard
  195. Enteromorpha flabellata f. lata J.P. Villot {invalid}
  196. Enteromorpha flabellata f. tenuis J.P. Villot {invalid}
  197. Enteromorpha flabellata var. mytilorum P.J.L. Dangeard {invalid}
  198. Enteromorpha flabellata var. scopulorum P.J.L. Dangeard
  199. Enteromorpha flexuosa (Wulfen) J. Agardh
  200. Enteromorpha flexuosa f. crispata Schiffner {invalid}
  201. Enteromorpha flexuosa f. submarina Collins & Hervey
  202. Enteromorpha flexuosa f. submarina Collins & Hervey {invalid}
  203. Enteromorpha flexuosa subsp. biflagellata (Bliding) Bliding
  204. Enteromorpha flexuosa subsp. linziformis Bliding
  205. Enteromorpha flexuosa subsp. paradoxa (C. Agardh) Bliding
  206. Enteromorpha flexuosa subsp. pilifera (Kützing) Bliding
  207. Enteromorpha flexuosa var. angulosa Kjellman
  208. Enteromorpha flexuosa var. profunda Bliding
  209. Enteromorpha fucicola (Meneghini) Kützing
  210. Enteromorpha fucicola var. ramosissima Schiffner
  211. Enteromorpha fulvescens (C. Agardh) Greville
  212. Enteromorpha fulvescens Schiffner {illegitimate}
  213. Enteromorpha gayraliae_(`gayralii') P.J.L. Dangeard
  214. Enteromorpha gelatinosa Kützing
  215. Enteromorpha gracillima G.S. West
  216. Enteromorpha gracillima f. breviramosa G.S. West
  217. Enteromorpha grevillei Thuret
  218. Enteromorpha groenlandica (J. Agardh) Setchell & N.L. Gardner
  219. Enteromorpha gujaratensis S.R. Kale
  220. Enteromorpha gunniana J. Agardh
  221. Enteromorpha hendayensis P.J.L. Dangeard & H. Parriaud {invalid}
  222. Enteromorpha hendayensis var. salensis P. Gayral {invalid}
  223. Enteromorpha hirsuta Kjellman
  224. Enteromorpha hookeriana Kützing
  225. Enteromorpha hopkirkii M'Calla ex Harvey
  226. Enteromorpha howensis A.H.S. Lucas
  227. Enteromorpha intermedia Bliding
  228. Enteromorpha intestinalis (Linnaeus) Nees
  229. Enteromorpha intestinalis f. attenuata Ahlner
  230. Enteromorpha intestinalis f. brevis Schiffner ex V.J. Chapman
  231. Enteromorpha intestinalis f. bullosa (Hornemann) Lange {illegitimate}
  232. Enteromorpha intestinalis f. bullosa (Le Jolis) Hauck
  233. Enteromorpha intestinalis f. bullosa Schiffner {invalid}
  234. Enteromorpha intestinalis f. clavata J. Agardh
  235. Enteromorpha intestinalis f. cornucopiae (Lyngbye) Areschoug
  236. Enteromorpha intestinalis f. crispa (Roth) Sjöstedt
  237. Enteromorpha intestinalis f. crispata Schiffner
  238. Enteromorpha intestinalis f. cylindracea J. Agardh {illegitimate}
  239. Enteromorpha intestinalis f. flagelliformis (Le Jolis) V.J. Chapman
  240. Enteromorpha intestinalis f. fluviatilis Simmons
  241. Enteromorpha intestinalis f. genuina Ahlner {invalid}
  242. Enteromorpha intestinalis f. guttulata Schiffner
  243. Enteromorpha intestinalis f. gyrata J. Agardh
  244. Enteromorpha intestinalis f. longissima Areschoug
  245. Enteromorpha intestinalis f. maxima (C. Agardh) J. Agardh
  246. Enteromorpha intestinalis f. microphylla Kjellman
  247. Enteromorpha intestinalis f. murmanica K.L. Vinogradova
  248. Enteromorpha intestinalis f. prolifera (O.F. Müller) Hauck
  249. Enteromorpha intestinalis f. ramosa K.L. Vinogradova
  250. Enteromorpha intestinalis f. saprobia K.L. Vinogradova
  251. Enteromorpha intestinalis f. tenuis Collins
  252. Enteromorpha intestinalis f. trivialis Deckenbach [Dekenbakh]
  253. Enteromorpha intestinalis f. trivialis Deckenbakh
  254. Enteromorpha intestinalis f. tubulosa (Kützing) V.J. Chapman
  255. Enteromorpha intestinalis f. vesiculosa Schiffner
  256. Enteromorpha intestinalis subf. cylindracea H.E. Petersen
  257. Enteromorpha intestinalis subsp. compressa (Linnaeus) M.W.R.N. de Silva & E.M. Burrows
  258. Enteromorpha intestinalis subsp. szegediensis Gyorffy & Kol
  259. Enteromorpha intestinalis var. asexualis Bliding
  260. Enteromorpha intestinalis var. attenuata (Ahlner) Hansgirg
  261. Enteromorpha intestinalis var. bullosa (Le Jolis) Rabenhorst
  262. Enteromorpha intestinalis var. bullosa Schiffner
  263. Enteromorpha intestinalis var. capillaris Kützing
  264. Enteromorpha intestinalis var. clavata (J. Agardh) R.F. Scagel
  265. Enteromorpha intestinalis var. compressa (Linnaeus) Rosenvinge
  266. Enteromorpha intestinalis var. cornucopiae (Lyngbye) Rabenhorst
  267. Enteromorpha intestinalis var. crispa (Roth) Greville
  268. Enteromorpha intestinalis var. cylindracea R.F. Scagel
  269. Enteromorpha intestinalis var. filiformis Hansgirg {illegitimate name for Enteromorpha intestinalis var. capillaris Kützing 1845}
  270. Enteromorpha intestinalis var. flagelliformis (Le Jolis) Batters
  271. Enteromorpha intestinalis var. genuina Schiffner {invalid}
  272. Enteromorpha intestinalis var. gigantea Kützing
  273. Enteromorpha intestinalis var. intestiniformis Chalon {invalid}
  274. Enteromorpha intestinalis var. maxima (C. Agardh) Rabenhorst
  275. Enteromorpha intestinalis var. mesenterica Kützing
  276. Enteromorpha intestinalis var. mesenteriformis Kützing
  277. Enteromorpha intestinalis var. micrococca (Kützing) Rosenvinge
  278. Enteromorpha intestinalis var. minima (Nägeli ex Kützing) Rosenvinge
  279. Enteromorpha intestinalis var. pontica Reinhardt
  280. Enteromorpha intestinalis var. procerrima (Le Jolis) Chalon
  281. Enteromorpha intestinalis var. prolifera P. Crouan & H. Crouan
  282. Enteromorpha intestinalis var. pumila Areschoug
  283. Enteromorpha intestinalis var. rivularis Chalon {invalid}
  284. Enteromorpha intestinalis var. spermatoidea Kützing
  285. Enteromorpha intestinalis var. tubulosa Kützing
  286. Enteromorpha intestinalis var. ulophylla Sjöstedt
  287. Enteromorpha intestinalis var. ventricosa (A.P. de Candolle) Hansgirg
  288. Enteromorpha intestinaloides R.P.T. Koeman & C. van den Hoek
  289. Enteromorpha juergensii_(`jürgensii') Kützing {illegitimate}
  290. Enteromorpha jugoslavica Bliding
  291. Enteromorpha jugoslavica Bliding {invalid}
  292. Enteromorpha kylinii_(`kylini') Bliding
  293. Enteromorpha lanceolata (Linnaeus) Rabenhorst
  294. Enteromorpha lanceolata var. angusta (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  295. Enteromorpha lanceolata var. crispata (Bertoloni) Rabenhorst
  296. Enteromorpha lanceolata var. latifolia (Le Jolis) Rabenhorst
  297. Enteromorpha lanceolata var. plana (Le Jolis) Rabenhorst
  298. Enteromorpha lanceolata var. smaragdina (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  299. Enteromorpha lanceolata var. undulata (Le Jolis) Rabenhorst
  300. Enteromorpha limosa A. Parriaud
  301. Enteromorpha lingulata J. Agardh
  302. Enteromorpha lingulata f. genuina Schiffner {invalid}
  303. Enteromorpha lingulata var. elongata Schiffner
  304. Enteromorpha linkiana Greville
  305. Enteromorpha linza (Linnaeus) J. Agardh
  306. Enteromorpha linza f. cornucopiae (Kützing) Hylmö
  307. Enteromorpha linza f. crispata (Bertoloni) J. Agardh
  308. Enteromorpha linza f. crispatissima Hylmö
  309. Enteromorpha linza f. lanceolata (Linnaeus) J. Agardh
  310. Enteromorpha linza f. lata Hylmö
  311. Enteromorpha linza f. latior H.E. Petersen
  312. Enteromorpha linza f. linearis Hylmö
  313. Enteromorpha linza f. minor Schiffner
  314. Enteromorpha linza var. bicornuta H.V. Joshi & V. Krishnamurthy
  315. Enteromorpha linza var. crispata (Bertoloni) Hylmö
  316. Enteromorpha linza var. flexicaulis M.S. Doty
  317. Enteromorpha linza var. interrupta P.J.L. Dangeard
  318. Enteromorpha linza var. lanceolata (Linnaeus) Batters
  319. Enteromorpha linza var. minor Schiffner
  320. Enteromorpha linza var. oblanceolata M.S. Doty
  321. Enteromorpha linziformis Bliding {invalid}
  322. Enteromorpha littorea Kützing
  323. Enteromorpha livida W.J. Hooker
  324. Enteromorpha longissima P.J.L. Dangeard
  325. Enteromorpha maeotica Proshkina-Lavrenko
  326. Enteromorpha marchantiae_('marchantae') Setchell & N.L. Gardner
  327. Enteromorpha marginata J. Agardh
  328. Enteromorpha marginata var. longior Kützing
  329. Enteromorpha micrococca Kützing
  330. Enteromorpha micrococca f. bullosa Collins
  331. Enteromorpha micrococca f. obconica J. Agardh
  332. Enteromorpha micrococca f. subsalsa Kjellman
  333. Enteromorpha micrococca f. tortuosa J. Agardh {invalid}
  334. Enteromorpha micrococca f. typica Kjellman {invalid}
  335. Enteromorpha micrococca var. polyopa Bornet
  336. Enteromorpha microphylla Foslie
  337. Enteromorpha minima Nägeli ex Kützing
  338. Enteromorpha minima f. elongata Schiffner
  339. Enteromorpha minima f. fastigiata V.J. Chapman
  340. Enteromorpha minima f. genuina Schiffner {invalid}
  341. Enteromorpha minima f. glacialis Kjellman
  342. Enteromorpha minima f. rivularis Collins
  343. Enteromorpha minima f. typica Schiffner {invalid}
  344. Enteromorpha minima var. capillaris Schiffner
  345. Enteromorpha minima var. elongata Schiffner
  346. Enteromorpha minima var. rivularis V.J. Chapman {invalid}
  347. Enteromorpha minima var. subsalsa (Kjellman) M.S. Doty
  348. Enteromorpha multiramosa Bliding {invalid}
  349. Enteromorpha musciformis P.J.L. Dangeard
  350. Enteromorpha musciformis var. vallorum P.J.L. Dangeard
  351. Enteromorpha muscoides (Clemente) J. Cremades
  352. Enteromorpha nana (Sommerfelt) Sjöstedt
  353. Enteromorpha nana ecad bullosa (Collins) V.J. Chapman {invalid}
  354. Enteromorpha nana ecad fastigiata (V.J. Chapman) V.J. Chapman {invalid}
  355. Enteromorpha nana ecad rivularis (Collins) V.J. Chapman {invalid}
  356. Enteromorpha nana f. gunniana (J. Agardh) V.J. Chapman
  357. Enteromorpha nana var. glacialis (Kjellman) Sjöstedt
  358. Enteromorpha nana var. marginata (J. Agardh) V.J. Chapman {invalid}
  359. Enteromorpha nana var. minima (Nägeli ex Kützing) Sjöstedt
  360. Enteromorpha nana var. subsalsa (Kjellman) Sjöstedt
  361. Enteromorpha nizamuddinii K. Aisha & M. Shameel
  362. Enteromorpha novae-hollandiae (Kützing) Kützing
  363. Enteromorpha opposita J. Agardh
  364. Enteromorpha ovata F. Thivy & V. Visalakshmi ex H.V. Joshi & V. Krishnamurthy
  365. Enteromorpha pacifica Montagne
  366. Enteromorpha pallescens Schiffner
  367. Enteromorpha paradoxa (C. Agardh) Kützing
  368. Enteromorpha paradoxa f. tenuissima (Kützing) V.J. Chapman
  369. Enteromorpha paradoxa var. erecta (Lyngbye) Batters
  370. Enteromorpha paradoxa var. tenuissima (Kützing) Kützing
  371. Enteromorpha paradoxa var. typica Batters
  372. Enteromorpha percursa (C. Agardh) Greville
  373. Enteromorpha percursa f. ramosa J. Agardh
  374. Enteromorpha percursa f. simpliciuscula J. Agardh {invalid}
  375. Enteromorpha perestenkoae K.L. Vinogradova
  376. Enteromorpha peruviana Montagne
  377. Enteromorpha pilifera Kützing
  378. Enteromorpha plumosa Kützing
  379. Enteromorpha plumosa var. tenuissima Kützing
  380. Enteromorpha polyclados (Kützing) Kützing
  381. Enteromorpha procera Ahlner
  382. Enteromorpha procera f. chlorotica (J. Agardh) V.J. Chapman
  383. Enteromorpha procera f. denudata Ahlner
  384. Enteromorpha procera f. eramosa V.J. Chapman
  385. Enteromorpha procera f. maxima V.J. Chapman
  386. Enteromorpha procera f. opposita V.J. Chapman
  387. Enteromorpha procera f. ramulifera Ahlner
  388. Enteromorpha procera f. subundulata (Schiffner) V.J. Chapman
  389. Enteromorpha procera var. minuta V.J. Chapman
  390. Enteromorpha procera var. novae-zelandiae_(`nova-zealandia') V.J. Chapman
  391. Enteromorpha procera var. prolifica V.J. Chapman
  392. Enteromorpha prolifera (O.F. Müller) J. Agardh
  393. Enteromorpha prolifera f. arctica (J. Agardh) H. Jónsson
  394. Enteromorpha prolifera f. capillaris (Kützing) V.J. Chapman
  395. Enteromorpha prolifera f. capillaris Schiffner {illegitimate}
  396. Enteromorpha prolifera f. crinita_(`crinata') (Nees) V.J. Chapman {invalid}
  397. Enteromorpha prolifera f. pilifera (Kützing) V.J. Chapman {invalid}
  398. Enteromorpha prolifera f. ramosa Schiffner
  399. Enteromorpha prolifera f. setulosa Schiffner
  400. Enteromorpha prolifera f. simplex K.L. Vinogradova
  401. Enteromorpha prolifera f. subsimplex Schiffner {invalid}
  402. Enteromorpha prolifera f. supraeramosa Schiffner {invalid}
  403. Enteromorpha prolifera f. trichodes (Kützing) V.J. Chapman
  404. Enteromorpha prolifera f. tubulosa (Kützing) Reinbold
  405. Enteromorpha prolifera subsp. gullmariensis Bliding
  406. Enteromorpha prolifera subsp. radiata (J. Agardh) Bliding
  407. Enteromorpha prolifera var. arctica (J. Agardh) Collins
  408. Enteromorpha prolifera var. australiensis V.J. Chapman
  409. Enteromorpha prolifera var. capillaris (Kützing) V.J. Chapman
  410. Enteromorpha prolifera var. crinita (Nees) V.J. Chapman {invalid}
  411. Enteromorpha prolifera var. crispatissima Schiffner
  412. Enteromorpha prolifera var. flexuosa (Wulfen) M.S. Doty
  413. Enteromorpha prolifera var. guttulata Schiffner
  414. Enteromorpha prolifera var. inflatissima V.J. Chapman
  415. Enteromorpha prolifera var. setosa Schiffner
  416. Enteromorpha prolifera var. subundulata Schiffner
  417. Enteromorpha prolifera var. tenuis Schiffner
  418. Enteromorpha prolifera var. torta (Mertens) V.J. Chapman {invalid}
  419. Enteromorpha prolifera var. trabeculata Rosenvinge
  420. Enteromorpha prolifera var. trichoclada Schiffner
  421. Enteromorpha prolifera var. tubulosa (Kützing) Batters
  422. Enteromorpha prolifera var. tubulosa P.J.L. Dangeard {invalid}
  423. Enteromorpha pseudolinza R.P.T. Koeman & C. van den Hoek
  424. Enteromorpha pulcherrima Holmes & Batters
  425. Enteromorpha quaternaria Ahlner
  426. Enteromorpha quaternaria f. ochracea (Ahlner) Strömfelt
  427. Enteromorpha quaternaria f. ramosa Lagerheim
  428. Enteromorpha quaternaria var. aureola (C. Agardh) Ahlner ex Lagerheim
  429. Enteromorpha quaternaria var. ochracea Ahlner
  430. Enteromorpha radiata J. Agardh
  431. Enteromorpha ralfsii Harvey
  432. Enteromorpha ramellosa Kützing
  433. Enteromorpha ramulosa (J.E. Smith) Carmichael
  434. Enteromorpha ramulosa ecad comosa V.J. Chapman {invalid}
  435. Enteromorpha ramulosa f. minima Schiffner
  436. Enteromorpha ramulosa f. minor (Kützing) V.J. Chapman {invalid}
  437. Enteromorpha ramulosa f. robusta (Le Jolis) Hauck
  438. Enteromorpha ramulosa f. spinescens (Kützing) V.J. Chapman {invalid}
  439. Enteromorpha ramulosa f. tenuis (Le Jolis) Hauck
  440. Enteromorpha ramulosa f. uncinata (Lyngbye) V.J. Chapman
  441. Enteromorpha ramulosa var. acanthophora (Kützing) V.J. Chapman {invalid}
  442. Enteromorpha ramulosa var. elongata Zeller
  443. Enteromorpha ramulosa var. robusta (Le Jolis) Chalon
  444. Enteromorpha ramulosa var. spinescens (Kützing) Chalon
  445. Enteromorpha ramulosa var. spinosa Kützing
  446. Enteromorpha ramulosa var. tenerrima Schiffner
  447. Enteromorpha ramulosa var. tenuis (Le Jolis) Chalon
  448. Enteromorpha ramulosa var. tenuissima Chalon
  449. Enteromorpha rhacodes Holmes
  450. Enteromorpha rivularis P.J.L. Dangeard
  451. Enteromorpha roberti-lamii H. Parriaud
  452. Enteromorpha rugosa Nees {invalid}
  453. Enteromorpha saifullahii K. Aisha & M. Shameel
  454. Enteromorpha salina Kützing
  455. Enteromorpha salina f. eramosa Rabenhorst
  456. Enteromorpha salina var. eramosa Rabenhorst
  457. Enteromorpha salina var. polyclados Kützing
  458. Enteromorpha sancti-joannis_(`sancti joannis') P.J.L. Dangeard {invalid}
  459. Enteromorpha saxicola Simmons
  460. Enteromorpha scopulorum (P.J.L. Dangeard) J.P. Villot
  461. Enteromorpha scopulorum f. lata Villot {invalid}
  462. Enteromorpha scopulorum f. tenuis Villot {invalid}
  463. Enteromorpha spermatoidea (Kützing) Kützing
  464. Enteromorpha spinescens Kützing
  465. Enteromorpha spinescens f. major Kützing
  466. Enteromorpha spinescens f. minor Kützing
  467. Enteromorpha stipitata P.J.L. Dangeard
  468. Enteromorpha stipitata var. linzoides Bliding
  469. Enteromorpha stipitata var. linzoides Bliding {invalid}
  470. Enteromorpha subulata (Wulfen) Nees
  471. Enteromorpha szegediensis Gyorffy & Kol
  472. Enteromorpha torta (Mertens) Reinbold
  473. Enteromorpha tuberculosa P.J.L. Dangeard
  474. Enteromorpha tuberculosa P.J.L. Dangeard
  475. Enteromorpha tubulosa (Kützing) Kützing
  476. Enteromorpha tubulosa f. pilifera (Kützing) Ahlner
  477. Enteromorpha tubulosa f. tenuis Schiffner
  478. Enteromorpha tubulosa var. ramosa Schiffner
  479. Enteromorpha tubulosa var. vermiculata Schiffner
  480. Enteromorpha usneoides J. Agardh
  481. Enteromorpha utricularis (Roth) Nees
  482. Enteromorpha vexata (Setchell & N.L. Gardner) M.S. Doty
  483. Enteromorpha vulgaris Edmondston {illegitimate}
  484. Enteromorpha vulgaris var. capillaris Edmondston
  485. Enteromorpha vulgaris var. compressa (Linnaeus) Edmondston
  486. Enteromorpha vulgaris var. cornucopiae (Lyngbye) Edmondston
  487. Enteromorpha vulgaris var. lacustris Edmondston
  488. Enteromorpha welwitschii J. Agardh
  489. Heterocystis enteromorpha (Harvey) J. Agardh image
  490. ULVA sect. ENTEROMORPHA (Link) Endlicher
  491. Ulva enteromorpha Le Jolis image
  492. Ulva enteromorpha Le Jolis {illegitimate}
  493. Ulva enteromorpha f. angusta (Kützing) Le Jolis
  494. Ulva enteromorpha f. bullosa Le Jolis
  495. Ulva enteromorpha f. caespitosa Le Jolis
  496. Ulva enteromorpha f. capillaris (Kützing) Le Jolis
  497. Ulva enteromorpha f. capillaris Van Heurck image
  498. Ulva enteromorpha f. complanata (Kützing) Le Jolis
  499. Ulva enteromorpha f. cornucopiae (Lyngbye) Le Jolis
  500. Ulva enteromorpha f. crinita (Nees) Van Heurck
  501. Ulva enteromorpha f. crinita Van Heurck image
  502. Ulva enteromorpha f. crispa (Roth) Le Jolis
  503. Ulva enteromorpha f. crispata (Bertoloni) Le Jolis
  504. Ulva enteromorpha f. falcata Le Jolis
  505. Ulva enteromorpha f. flagelliformis Le Jolis
  506. Ulva enteromorpha f. latifolia Le Jolis
  507. Ulva enteromorpha f. maxima (C. Agardh) Le Jolis
  508. Ulva enteromorpha f. micrococca (Kützing) Le Jolis
  509. Ulva enteromorpha f. minima Rabenhorst
  510. Ulva enteromorpha f. nana Le Jolis
  511. Ulva enteromorpha f. plana Le Jolis
  512. Ulva enteromorpha f. procerrima Le Jolis
  513. Ulva enteromorpha f. prolifera (Müller) Van Heurck image
  514. Ulva enteromorpha f. prolifera (O.F. Müller) Van Heurck
  515. Ulva enteromorpha f. smaragdina (Kützing) Le Jolis image
  516. Ulva enteromorpha f. smaragdina (Kützing) Le Jolis
  517. Ulva enteromorpha f. undulata Le Jolis
  518. Ulva enteromorpha f. ventricosa (A.P. de Candolle) Le Jolis
  519. Ulva enteromorpha var. angusta (Kützing) Le Jolis image
  520. Ulva enteromorpha var. bullosa Le Jolis image
  521. Ulva enteromorpha var. caespitosa Le Jolis image
  522. Ulva enteromorpha var. complanata (Kützing) Le Jolis image
  523. Ulva enteromorpha var. complanata (Kützing) Le Jolis
  524. Ulva enteromorpha var. compressa (L.) Hariot image
  525. Ulva enteromorpha var. compressa (L.) Le Jolis image
  526. Ulva enteromorpha var. compressa (Linnaeus) Le Jolis
  527. Ulva enteromorpha var. cornucopiae (Lyngbye) Le Jolis image
  528. Ulva enteromorpha var. crispa (Roth) Le Jolis image
  529. Ulva enteromorpha var. crispata (Bertoloni) Le Jolis image
  530. Ulva enteromorpha var. falcata Le Jolis image
  531. Ulva enteromorpha var. flagelliformis Le Jolis image
  532. Ulva enteromorpha var. intestinalis (L.) Le Jolis image
  533. Ulva enteromorpha var. intestinalis (Linnaeus) Le Jolis
  534. Ulva enteromorpha var. lanceolata (L.) Hariot image
  535. Ulva enteromorpha var. lanceolata (L.) Le Jolis image
  536. Ulva enteromorpha var. lanceolata (Linnaeus) Le Jolis
  537. Ulva enteromorpha var. latifolia Le Jolis image
  538. Ulva enteromorpha var. maxima (C. Agardh) Le Jolis image
  539. Ulva enteromorpha var. micrococca (Kützing) Le Jolis image
  540. Ulva enteromorpha var. nana Le Jolis image
  541. Ulva enteromorpha var. plana Le Jolis image
  542. Ulva enteromorpha var. procerrima Le Jolis image
  543. Ulva enteromorpha var. undulata Le Jolis image
  544. Ulva enteromorpha var. ventricosa (Poiret) Le Jolis image