Silva Center for Phycological Documentation: Index Nominum Algarum

The INA is a card file and online reporting system maintained at the Silva Center for Phycological Documentation of the University Herbarium, University of California, Berkeley. It contains nearly 200,000 names of algae (in the broad sense). The BPU is a card file containing bibliographic references pertaining to algal taxonomy.
A working list of algal type specimens at UC is available here

Tabular display

Results from INA database

  1. Acrochaete cladophorae (Hornby) R. Nielsen
  2. CLADOPHORA image
  3. CLADOPHORA image
  4. CLADOPHORA image
  5. CLADOPHORA image
  6. CLADOPHORA image
  7. CLADOPHORA image
  8. CLADOPHORA image
  9. CLADOPHORA image
  10. CLADOPHORA image
  11. CLADOPHORA image
  12. CLADOPHORA Hamel image
  13. CLADOPHORA Kützing image
  14. CLADOPHORA Kützing image
  15. CLADOPHORA Kützing image
  16. CLADOPHORA Kützing image
  17. CLADOPHORA Kützing (cont.) image
  18. CLADOPHORA [unranked] EUCLADOPHORA Hauck {invalid}
  19. CLADOPHORA sect. AFFINES Brand
  20. CLADOPHORA sect. EUCLADOPHORA (Hauck) Brand {invalid}
  21. CLADOPHORA sections EUCLADOPHORA (Kützing) Hansgirg image
  22. CLADOPHORA subgenus EUCLADOPHORA Farlow image
  23. CLADOPHORA subsect. CORNUTA Brand
  25. CLADOPHORACEA Fjerdingstad image
  26. CLADOPHORACEAE Bessey image
  27. CLADOPHORACEAE Cohn image
  28. CLADOPHORACEAE De Toni image
  29. CLADOPHORACEAE G.S. West image
  30. CLADOPHORACEAE Wille image
  31. CLADOPHORALES Bessey image
  32. CLADOPHORALES G.S. West image
  33. CLADOPHORALES Haeckel image
  34. Chaetomorpha cladophorae Crouan frat. image
  35. Chamaesiphon minutus var. cladophorae Hirose image
  36. Cladophora acrosiphonia J. Agardh image
  37. Cladophora acrosiphonia J. Agardh image
  38. Cladophora acrosperma Kützing image
  39. Cladophora aculeata (Suhr) De Toni image
  40. Cladophora aculeata (Suhr) De Toni {illegitimate}
  41. Cladophora aculeata Kützing image
  42. Cladophora aculeata Kützing
  43. Cladophora acutangula Zanardini image
  44. Cladophora acutangula Zanardini ex Frauenfeld
  45. Cladophora adhaerens Harvey image
  46. Cladophora adriatica Schiffner image
  47. Cladophora aegaea Kützing image
  48. Cladophora aegagropila (L.) [Trevisan] image
  49. Cladophora aegagropila (Linnaeus) Trevisan
  50. Cladophora aegagropila var. brownii (Dillwyn) Rabenhorst image
  51. Cladophora aegagropila var. bulnheimii (Rabenhorst) Rabenhorst image
  52. Cladophora aegagropila var. daldinii Ces. & De Notaris image
  53. Cladophora aegagropila var. holsatica (Kützing) Rabenhorst image
  54. Cladophora aegagropila var. linnaei (Kützing) Rabenhorst image
  55. Cladophora aegagropila var. linnaei (Kützing) Rabenhorst {invalid}
  56. Cladophora aegagropila var. martensii (Menegh.) Rabenhorst image
  57. Cladophora aegagropila var. muscoides (Menegh.) Rabenhorst image
  58. Cladophora aegagropila var. sauteri (Kützing) Rabenhorst image
  59. Cladophora aegagropila var. thermalis Wolle image
  60. Cladophora aegagropiloidea van den Hoek & Womersley
  61. Cladophora aegiceras (Montagne) Kützing image
  62. Cladophora aegiceras (Montagne) Kützing
  63. Cladophora aequalis Zanardini image
  64. Cladophora aequalis Zanardini ex Frauenfeld
  65. Cladophora aeruginosa Hassall image
  66. Cladophora affinis Schiffner image
  67. Cladophora afra Kützing image
  68. Cladophora afra Kützing
  69. Cladophora agardhii (Kützing) Kützing image
  70. Cladophora alaskana Collins image
  71. Cladophora alaskana Collins image
  72. Cladophora albida (Nees) Kützing
  73. Cladophora albida Kützing image
  74. Cladophora albida Kützing image
  75. Cladophora albida f. refracta (Kützing) Batters image
  76. Cladophora albida var. biflagellata van den Hoek image
  77. Cladophora albida var. refracta (Kützing) Thuret image
  78. Cladophora allantoides (Montagne) Kützing image
  79. Cladophora allantoides (Montagne) Kützing
  80. Cladophora alpina Brand
  81. Cladophora alyssoidea var. gracillima Crouan fr. image
  82. Cladophora alyssoidea_('alysoidea') Meneghini image
  83. Cladophora amphibia Collins image
  84. Cladophora amphibia F.S. Collins
  85. Cladophora amplectens Welwitsch ex W. West & G.S. West image
  86. Cladophora anastomosans Harvey
  87. Cladophora anastomosans Harvey
  88. Cladophora anisogona (Montagne) Kützing image
  89. Cladophora aokii Yamada
  90. Cladophora arachnoidea Schiffner image
  91. Cladophora arbuscula Kjellman image
  92. Cladophora arbuscula Möbius & Reinbold image
  93. Cladophora arbuscula Möbius & Reinbold {illegitimate}
  94. Cladophora arcta (Chevallier) Kützing
  95. Cladophora arcta (Dillwyn) Kützing image
  96. Cladophora arcta (Dillwyn) Kützing {illegitimate}
  97. Cladophora arcta Kützing image
  98. Cladophora arcta f. centralis Collins image
  99. Cladophora arcta f. conglutinata Collins image
  100. Cladophora arcta f. pulvinata (Foslie) Collins image
  101. Cladophora arcta f. pulvinata (Foslie) Collins image
  102. Cladophora arcta var. centralis (Lyngbye) Hooker fil. & Harvey image
  103. Cladophora arcta var. debilis Rosenvinge image
  104. Cladophora arcta var. pescettii Piccone image
  105. Cladophora arcta var. radians (Kützing) Batters image
  106. Cladophora arcta var. vaucheriiformis_('vaucheriaeformis') (C. Agardh) Hariot image
  107. Cladophora arcta var. vaucheriiformis_('vaucheriaeformis') Hariot
  108. Cladophora arctica (Dillwyn) Kützing image
  109. Cladophora arctiuscula Kützing image
  110. Cladophora arechavaletana Hauck
  111. Cladophora arenaria Sakai image
  112. Cladophora armeniaca (Wittrock) Brand
  113. Cladophora aspera (Roth) Kützing image
  114. Cladophora atro-virens (Foslie) De Toni image
  115. Cladophora aucklandica Rabenhorst image
  116. Cladophora australis Rabenhorst image
  117. Cladophora bainesii F. Mueller & Harvey
  118. Cladophora bakuana Grunow image
  119. Cladophora balliana Harvey image
  120. Cladophora basicladioides Jao image
  121. Cladophora basiramosa Schmidle
  122. Cladophora battersii C. van den Hoek
  123. Cladophora battersii van den Hoek image
  124. Cladophora beneckei Möbius image
  125. Cladophora bengalensis Martens image
  126. Cladophora bertolonii Kützing image
  127. Cladophora bertolonii var. corymbifera (Kützing) Ardissone image
  128. Cladophora bertolonii var. elongata Ardissone image
  129. Cladophora bertolonii var. hamosa (Kützing) Ardissone image
  130. Cladophora bertolonii var. verticillata Ardissone image
  131. Cladophora bicolor J. Agardh image
  132. Cladophora binderi Kützing image
  133. Cladophora binderi var. ferruginea Kützing image
  134. Cladophora blidingiana Kylin image
  135. Cladophora blomquistii van den Hoek image
  136. Cladophora bombayensis Børgesen image
  137. Cladophora bombayensis Børgesen
  138. Cladophora bombycina (Kjellman) Batters image
  139. Cladophora boodleoides Børgesen image
  140. Cladophora brachyclados (Kützing) Kützing image
  141. Cladophora brachyclados (Montagne) Kützing image
  142. Cladophora brachyclados (Montagne) Montagne image
  143. Cladophora brachyclona Montagne ex Kützing image
  144. Cladophora brachyclona f. genuina Schiffner image
  145. Cladophora brachyclona var. laxa Schiffner image
  146. Cladophora brachystelecha Rabenhorst
  147. Cladophora brasiliana V. Martens image
  148. Cladophora breuteliana Rabenhorst image
  149. Cladophora breviarticulata Reinbold image
  150. Cladophora brevis Noda image
  151. Cladophora brownii (Dillwyn) Harvey image
  152. Cladophora bruzelii Kützing image
  153. Cladophora bryoïdes Kützing image
  154. Cladophora bryopsoides Zanardini image
  155. Cladophora bulbosa Sonder image
  156. Cladophora bulbosa Sonder image
  157. Cladophora bulnheimii Rabenhorst
  158. Cladophora caespitosa (C. Agardh) Kützing image
  159. Cladophora caespitosa Crouan fr. image
  160. Cladophora caespitosa W.H. Harvey mss image
  161. Cladophora caespitula Grunow image
  162. Cladophora calida Kützing image
  163. Cladophora callicoma Kützing image
  164. Cladophora callicoma Kützing
  165. Cladophora callicoma subf. kuetzingiana_('Kützingiana') Czempyrek image
  166. Cladophora campyloclada Bornet image
  167. Cladophora canalicularis Kützing image
  168. Cladophora canalicularis Rabenhorst image
  169. Cladophora canalicularis f. capitellata G.S. West image
  170. Cladophora canalicularis f. kuetzingiana_('Kützingiana') Rabenhorst image
  171. Cladophora canalicularis f. mucosa Istvánffi image
  172. Cladophora canalicularis f. squarrulosa Rabenhorst image
  173. Cladophora canalicularis f. tenuior Rabenhorst image
  174. Cladophora canalicularis subsp. genuina Hansgirg image
  175. Cladophora canalicularis subsp. kuetzingiana (Rabenhorst) Hansgirg image
  176. Cladophora canalicularis var. tenuior (Rabenhorst) Hansgirg image
  177. Cladophora cannabina (Aresch.) Aresch. ex Kützing image
  178. Cladophora cannabina (Areschoug) Areschoug ex Kützing
  179. Cladophora capensis (C. Agardh) De Toni
  180. Cladophora cartilaginea (Ruprecht) Harvey image
  181. Cladophora catenata (Linnaeus) Kützing image
  182. Cladophora catenata Hauck image
  183. Cladophora catenata Kützing image
  184. Cladophora catenatoïdes Crouan fr. image
  185. Cladophora catenifera Kützing image
  186. Cladophora catenifera Kützing
  187. Cladophora centralis (Lyngbye) Kützing image
  188. Cladophora ceratina Kützing image
  189. Cladophora ceratina Kützing
  190. Cladophora ceratina var. bahusiensis Wittrock image
  191. Cladophora ceylanica Durairatnam
  192. Cladophora chamissonis (Ruprecht) De Toni image
  193. Cladophora chamissonis (Ruprecht) Harvey image
  194. Cladophora charoïdes Chauvin image
  195. Cladophora chartacea Grun. image
  196. Cladophora chilensis (Kützing) Kützing image
  197. Cladophora chlorocontracta van den Hoek image
  198. Cladophora chlorothrix Kützing image
  199. Cladophora cincinnata (Foslie) De Toni image
  200. Cladophora clavata Möbius image
  201. Cladophora clavigera Kützing image
  202. Cladophora clavuligera Grunow
  203. Cladophora coacta Dickie
  204. Cladophora coacta G. Dickie image
  205. Cladophora coalita (Ruprecht) Harvey image
  206. Cladophora codiola Zeller image
  207. Cladophora coelothrix Kützing image
  208. Cladophora coelothrix Kützing
  209. Cladophora cohaerens (Ruprecht) De Toni image
  210. Cladophora colabensis Børgesen image
  211. Cladophora colabensis_('colabense') Børgesen
  212. Cladophora colensoi Harvey image
  213. Cladophora columbiana Collins
  214. Cladophora comatula Kützing image
  215. Cladophora comosa DeNotaris image
  216. Cladophora comosa Kützing image
  217. Cladophora comosa Kützing image
  218. Cladophora compacta (C. Meyer) C. Meyer image
  219. Cladophora compacta A. Braun image
  220. Cladophora composita (Harvey) Kützing image
  221. Cladophora composita (Harvey) Kützing
  222. Cladophora composita var. contracta F. Brand image
  223. Cladophora conchopheria Sakai
  224. Cladophora conferta Crouan fr. image
  225. Cladophora conformis Reinbold
  226. Cladophora confusa Hariot image
  227. Cladophora confusa Hariot image
  228. Cladophora congesta Crouan fr. image
  229. Cladophora congesta Zanardini image
  230. Cladophora conglobata Kützing image
  231. Cladophora conglomerata Kützing image
  232. Cladophora conglomerata var. pusilla F. Brand image
  233. Cladophora congregata (C. Agardh) Kützing image
  234. Cladophora constricta Collins
  235. Cladophora constricta F.S. Collins image
  236. Cladophora contexta Levring
  237. Cladophora contorta Zeller image
  238. Cladophora corallicola Børgesen image
  239. Cladophora corallinicola Sonder
  240. Cladophora cornea (Kützing) Trevisan image
  241. Cladophora cornea var. verticillata (Kützing) Kützing image
  242. Cladophora cornuta Brand
  243. Cladophora corymbifera Kützing image
  244. Cladophora corynarthra Kützing image
  245. Cladophora corynarthra f. simplicior Schiffner image
  246. Cladophora corynarthra var. crassior Kützing image
  247. Cladophora corynarthra var. spinescens Batters
  248. Cladophora crassicaulis Crouan fr. image
  249. Cladophora crassicaulis var. denudata Crouan fr. image
  250. Cladophora crinalis Harvey image
  251. Cladophora crinalis Kützing image
  252. Cladophora crinalis var. aramosa V.J. Chapman image
  253. Cladophora crispata (Roth) Kützing image
  254. Cladophora crispata (Roth) Kützing
  255. Cladophora crispata f. allantoidea (Montagne) Rabenhorst image
  256. Cladophora crispata f. allantoides (Montagne) Rabenhorst
  257. Cladophora crispata f. brachyclados (Kützing) Rabenhorst image
  258. Cladophora crispata f. funiformis (Roth) Grunow image
  259. Cladophora crispata f. hilseana Grunow image
  260. Cladophora crispata f. longissima Rabenhorst image
  261. Cladophora crispata f. putealis (Kützing) Rabenhorst image
  262. Cladophora crispata f. regularis (Kützing) Rabenhorst image
  263. Cladophora crispata f. squarrosa Grunow image
  264. Cladophora crispata f. subsimplex Collins image
  265. Cladophora crispata f. subsimplex F.S. Collins
  266. Cladophora crispata f. subterrestris (Kützing) Rabenhorst image
  267. Cladophora crispata f. sudetica (Kützing) Rabenhorst image
  268. Cladophora crispata f. vitrea Rabenhorst image
  269. Cladophora crispata f. waikatensis F. Hauck image
  270. Cladophora crispata f. waikatensis Hauck image
  271. Cladophora crispata subsp. genuina Hansgirg image
  272. Cladophora crispata subsp. vitrea (Kützing) Hansgirg image
  273. Cladophora crispata var. acuta P. Richter image
  274. Cladophora crispata var. arenaria (Roth) Kützing image
  275. Cladophora crispata var. brachyclados (Kützing) Bizzozero image
  276. Cladophora crispata var. brachyclados (Kützing) Hansgirg image
  277. Cladophora crispata var. brachyclados (Kützing) Hansgirg image
  278. Cladophora crispata var. longiarticulata Grunow image
  279. Cladophora crispata var. natans [Steinecke] image
  280. Cladophora crispata var. subsimplex (C. Agardh ex Rabenhorst) Bizzozero image
  281. Cladophora crispata var. tenuis [Rabenhorst] image
  282. Cladophora crispata var. virescens (Kützing) Hansgirg image
  283. Cladophora crispata var. virescens Kützing image
  284. Cladophora crispata var. vitrea (Kützing) Kützing image
  285. Cladophora crispula Vickers image
  286. Cladophora cristata (Roth) Kützing image
  287. Cladophora cristata Kützing
  288. Cladophora cristata f . maura M. Lewin image
  289. Cladophora cristata f. minor Suringar image
  290. Cladophora cristata var. thermalis Brügger image
  291. Cladophora crouanii G. Murray image
  292. Cladophora crucigera Grun. image
  293. Cladophora crystallina (Roth) Kützing image
  294. Cladophora crystallina (Roth) Kützing
  295. Cladophora crystallina f. laxa Schiffner image
  296. Cladophora crystallina f. tenerrima (Kützing) Strömfelt image
  297. Cladophora crystallina var. abbreviata Kützing image
  298. Cladophora crystallina var. cartilaginea Kützing image
  299. Cladophora crystallina var. flaccida Kützing image
  300. Cladophora crystallina var. grandis Kützing image
  301. Cladophora crystallina var. patentiramea Kützing image
  302. Cladophora crystallina var. patentissima Kützing image
  303. Cladophora crystallina var. patula Schiffner image
  304. Cladophora crystallina var. radians Kützing image
  305. Cladophora crystallina var. rigida Ercegovic image
  306. Cladophora crystallina var. subdichotoma Ercegovic image
  307. Cladophora crystallina var. tenuissima Ercegovic image
  308. Cladophora curvata Kützing image
  309. Cladophora curvula Kützing image
  310. Cladophora curvula var. hystrix Kützing image
  311. Cladophora curvula var. incurva Kützing image
  312. Cladophora cymopoliae Børgesen image
  313. Cladophora cymosa Kützing image
  314. Cladophora dalmatica Kützing image
  315. Cladophora dalmatica Kützing
  316. Cladophora dasyclada Meneghini image
  317. Cladophora daveyana Reinbold image
  318. Cladophora daviesii Harvey image
  319. Cladophora debilis Kützing image
  320. Cladophora declinata Kützing image
  321. Cladophora declinata Kützing f. kwangsiensis Jao image
  322. Cladophora declinata subsp. fluitans (Kützing) Hansgirg image
  323. Cladophora declinata subsp. genuina (Kirchner) Hansgirg image
  324. Cladophora declinata var. genuina [Kirchner] image
  325. Cladophora declinata var. pumila (Bail) Kirchner image
  326. Cladophora declinata var. pumila (Bail.) Hansgirg image
  327. Cladophora delicatula (Montagne) Montagne image
  328. Cladophora demissa J. Agardh image
  329. Cladophora demissa J. Agardh {invalid}
  330. Cladophora densa (Roth) Kützing image
  331. Cladophora densa Harvey image
  332. Cladophora densa Harvey {illegitimate}
  333. Cladophora densissima Kützing image
  334. Cladophora densissima var. minor Kützing image
  335. Cladophora dichlora Kützing image
  336. Cladophora dichotomo-divaricata Crouan fr. image
  337. Cladophora diffusa (Roth) Harvey image
  338. Cladophora diffusa (Roth) Kützing image
  339. Cladophora diffusa Hassall image
  340. Cladophora diffusa Thuret Herb. image
  341. Cladophora dilatata (Roth) Frauenfeld image
  342. Cladophora diluta V. Martens image
  343. Cladophora distans (C. Agardh) Crouan & Crouan image
  344. Cladophora disticha Bertoloni
  345. Cladophora divaricata (Roth) Kützing image
  346. Cladophora divaricata var. hamulifera Kützing image
  347. Cladophora divergens Kjellman image
  348. Cladophora divergens Schiffner image
  349. Cladophora dotyana Gilbert image
  350. Cladophora dotyana Gilbert image
  351. Cladophora dotyana W.J. Gilbert
  352. Cladophora dubia Kützing image
  353. Cladophora dubia W. Schmidle image
  354. Cladophora dusenii Brand image
  355. Cladophora echinus (Biasoletto) Kützing image
  356. Cladophora echinus (Biasoletto) Kützing
  357. Cladophora echinus var. ungulata Heydrich image
  358. Cladophora ecklonii Kützing
  359. Cladophora ecklonii_('eckloni') Kützing image
  360. Cladophora ecklonii_('eckloni') Kützing image
  361. Cladophora elegans Möbius image
  362. Cladophora elegans f. major F. Brand image
  363. Cladophora elmorei Dawson
  364. Cladophora elongata Kützing image
  365. Cladophora elongata Martens image
  366. Cladophora engelmanni Kützing image
  367. Cladophora enomotoi C. van den Hoek & M. Chihara
  368. Cladophora enormis (Mont.) Kützing image
  369. Cladophora erecta Collins image
  370. Cladophora exigua Zeller image
  371. Cladophora exilis Harvey image
  372. Cladophora expansa (Mertens) Kützing image
  373. Cladophora expansa (Mertens) Kützing
  374. Cladophora expansa var. glomerata Thuret image
  375. Cladophora falcata Harvey image
  376. Cladophora falcata var. hamifera Rodríguez & Femenías image
  377. Cladophora falklandica (Hooker & Harvey) Hooker & Harvey image
  378. Cladophora falklandica f. tortilis Hylmö image
  379. Cladophora fascicularioïdes Crouan fr. image
  380. Cladophora fascicularis (Martens ex C. Agardh) Kützing image
  381. Cladophora fascicularis (Mertens ex C. Agardh) Kützing
  382. Cladophora fascicularis f. denudata Crouan fr. image
  383. Cladophora fascicularis f. glomerata Crouan fr. image
  384. Cladophora fasciculata Kützing image
  385. Cladophora fasciculata var. elongata Kützing image
  386. Cladophora fastigiata Harvey image
  387. Cladophora fastigiata Kützing image
  388. Cladophora feredayi Harvey
  389. Cladophora feredayoides G.T. Kraft & A.J.K. Millar
  390. Cladophora ferruginea Harvey
  391. Cladophora fertilis Askenasy image
  392. Cladophora firma Kützing image
  393. Cladophora flabelliformis (Jönsson) F. Bran image
  394. Cladophora flaccida Kützing image
  395. Cladophora flaccida var. typica Schiffner image
  396. Cladophora flagelliformis (Suhr) Kützing image
  397. Cladophora flagelliformis (Suhr) Kützing
  398. Cladophora flavescens (Roth) Kützing image
  399. Cladophora flavida Kützing image
  400. Cladophora flavida var. clavigera Kützing image
  401. Cladophora flavida var. virescens Kützing image
  402. Cladophora flavo-albida Kützing image
  403. Cladophora flavo-virens Kützing image
  404. Cladophora flexicaulis Kützing image
  405. Cladophora flexuosa (Griff.) Harv. f. floridana Collins image
  406. Cladophora flexuosa (Müll.) Kützing image
  407. Cladophora flexuosa (O.F. Müller) Kützing
  408. Cladophora flexuosa f. densa F.S. Collins image
  409. Cladophora flexuosa f. floridana F.S. Collins
  410. Cladophora flexuosa var. bruzelii (Kützing) Thuret image
  411. Cladophora floccosa K. Meier image
  412. Cladophora floccosa var. irregularis Skabichevskii image
  413. Cladophora floccosa var. irregularis Skabichevskii image
  414. Cladophora flotowiana Kützing image
  415. Cladophora fluitans Kützing image
  416. Cladophora fluviatilis Möbius image
  417. Cladophora forsskalii_('forskalii') Kützing
  418. Cladophora forsskalii_('forskalii') Kützing image
  419. Cladophora fracta (Müller) Kützing image
  420. Cladophora fracta f. bistriata Schmidle image
  421. Cladophora fracta f. breviarticulata Rabenhorst image
  422. Cladophora fracta f. dimorpha Gay image
  423. Cladophora fracta f. flavescens (Roth) Collins {illegitimate}
  424. Cladophora fracta f. flotowiana (Kützing) Brand image
  425. Cladophora fracta f. fuscescens (Rabenhorst) Rabenhorst image
  426. Cladophora fracta f. globulina (Kützing) Balsamo image
  427. Cladophora fracta f. globulina (Kützing) Balsamo
  428. Cladophora fracta f. gossypina (Kützing) Balsamo image
  429. Cladophora fracta f. gossypina (Kützing) Rabenhorst image
  430. Cladophora fracta f. gossypina Grunow image
  431. Cladophora fracta f. gracilis (Kützing) Rabenhorst image
  432. Cladophora fracta f. hauckii (Børgesen) Slootweg image
  433. Cladophora fracta f. heterocladia (Kützing) Rabenhorst image
  434. Cladophora fracta f. horrida (Kützing) Rabenhorst image
  435. Cladophora fracta f. longiarticulata Rabenhorst image
  436. Cladophora fracta f. marina Hauck
  437. Cladophora fracta f. nigrescens-crassior_('nigrescens crassior') Rabenhorst image
  438. Cladophora fracta f. prolifera (C. Agardh) Rabenhorst image
  439. Cladophora fracta f. ramosissima Brand image
  440. Cladophora fracta f. reflexa Collins image
  441. Cladophora fracta f. reflexa F.S. Collins
  442. Cladophora fracta f. rigidula (Kützing) Rabenhorst image
  443. Cladophora fracta f. submarina Schiffner image
  444. Cladophora fracta f. subsimplex (Kützing) Rabenhorst image
  445. Cladophora fracta f. subtilis Teodoresco image
  446. Cladophora fracta f. tenuior Rabenhorst image
  447. Cladophora fracta f. tolediana Budde image
  448. Cladophora fracta f. viadrina (Kützing) Rabenhorst image
  449. Cladophora fracta subsp. gossypina (Kützing) Hansgirg image
  450. Cladophora fracta subsp. rigidula (Kützing) Hansgirg image
  451. Cladophora fracta subsp. sudetica (Kützing) Hansgirg image
  452. Cladophora fracta subsp. viadrina (Kützing) Hansgirg image
  453. Cladophora fracta var. calcarea Tilden
  454. Cladophora fracta var. dichotoma (Schmidle) Schmidle image
  455. Cladophora fracta var. flavescens Batters
  456. Cladophora fracta var. flavescens Van Heurck image
  457. Cladophora fracta var. flexuosa Batters image
  458. Cladophora fracta var. flotowiana (Kützing) Rabenhorst image
  459. Cladophora fracta var. genuina (Kirchner) Hansgirg image
  460. Cladophora fracta var. genuina Kirchner image
  461. Cladophora fracta var. globulina (Kützing) Rabenhorst image
  462. Cladophora fracta var. globulina (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  463. Cladophora fracta var. gracilis (Kützing) Hansgirg image
  464. Cladophora fracta var. gracilis Kützing image
  465. Cladophora fracta var. horrida (Kützing) Hansgirg image
  466. Cladophora fracta var. horrida (Kützing) Kützing image
  467. Cladophora fracta var. incrustata Hansgirg image
  468. Cladophora fracta var. indica Kützing ex Hohenacker {invalid}
  469. Cladophora fracta var. indica Kützing ex Hohenacker image
  470. Cladophora fracta var. intricata (Lyngbye) van den Hoek image
  471. Cladophora fracta var. lacustris (Kützing) Brand
  472. Cladophora fracta var. lacustris [Nayal] image
  473. Cladophora fracta var. leptoderma M. Lewin image
  474. Cladophora fracta var. magdalenae (Harvey) Holmes & Batters image
  475. Cladophora fracta var. marina (Roth) Zanardini image
  476. Cladophora fracta var. montagneana Kützing image
  477. Cladophora fracta var. normalis Rabenhorst image
  478. Cladophora fracta var. normalis_(`uormalis') Rabenhorst {invalid}
  479. Cladophora fracta var. oligoclona (Kützing) Rabenhorst image
  480. Cladophora fracta var. patens (C. Agardh) Rabenhorst image
  481. Cladophora fracta var. patens Holmes & Batters image
  482. Cladophora fracta var. prolifera (C. Agardh) Kützing image
  483. Cladophora fracta var. rivularis (Linnaeus) Brand
  484. Cladophora fracta var. sarniensis Van Heurck image
  485. Cladophora fracta var. strepens (C. Agardh) Rabenhorst image
  486. Cladophora fracta var. suberamosa Hilse image
  487. Cladophora fracta var. subsimplex (Kützing) Hansgirg image
  488. Cladophora fracta var. subsimplex Kützing image
  489. Cladophora fracta var. sudetica (Kützing) Wittrock
  490. Cladophora fracta var. tenuissima Schmidle image
  491. Cladophora fracta var. terrestris (Kützing) Kützing image
  492. Cladophora fracta var. viadrina (Kützing) Kirchner image
  493. Cladophora frascatii Collins & Hervey
  494. Cladophora fritschii Anand image
  495. Cladophora fritschii var. kemariensis Anand image
  496. Cladophora fritschii var. kemariensis P. Anand
  497. Cladophora fritschii_('fritschi') Anand image
  498. Cladophora fritschii_(`fritschi') P. Anand
  499. Cladophora froelichiana Kützing image
  500. Cladophora fruticulosa Kützing image
  501. Cladophora fuliginosa Kützing image
  502. Cladophora funiformis (Roth) Kützing image
  503. Cladophora funiformis var. subaequalis Kützing image
  504. Cladophora fusca G. Martens
  505. Cladophora fusca V. Martens image
  506. Cladophora fusca [Kützing] image
  507. Cladophora fuscescens Kützing image
  508. Cladophora fuscescens f. typica [Schiffner] image
  509. Cladophora fuscescens var. decipiens Schiffner image
  510. Cladophora galegensis Montagne image
  511. Cladophora gattyae Harvey image
  512. Cladophora giraudyi Kützing image
  513. Cladophora glaucescens (Griffiths) Kützing image
  514. Cladophora glaucescens var. alba Kützing image
  515. Cladophora glaucescens var. pectinella Harvey image
  516. Cladophora glaucescens var. viridis Kützing image
  517. Cladophora glebifera (Kützing) Kützing image
  518. Cladophora glebifera var. occidentalis Crouan fr. image
  519. Cladophora globosa (C. Agardh) [Trevisan] image
  520. Cladophora globula_('globulus') (C. Meyer) C. Meyer image
  521. Cladophora globulina (Kützing) Kützing image
  522. Cladophora globulina (Kützing) Kützing
  523. Cladophora glomerata image
  524. Cladophora glomerata (L.) Kützing image
  525. Cladophora glomerata (Linnaeus) Kützing
  526. Cladophora glomerata Nayal image
  527. Cladophora glomerata f. boreali-americana F. Brand
  528. Cladophora glomerata f. brachystelecha (Rabenhorst) Brand
  529. Cladophora glomerata f. callicoma (Kützing) Balsamo image
  530. Cladophora glomerata f. callicoma (Kützing) Rabenhorst image
  531. Cladophora glomerata f. callicoma (Kützing) Rabenhorst
  532. Cladophora glomerata f. cartilaginea (Kützing) Rabenhorst \{also on card, before f. cartilaginea: f. glomerata image
  533. Cladophora glomerata f. crispata Brand
  534. Cladophora glomerata f. declinata (Kützing) Rabenhorst image
  535. Cladophora glomerata f. fasciculata Rabenhorst image
  536. Cladophora glomerata f. flavescens (Roth) Rabenhorst image
  537. Cladophora glomerata f. fluitans Rabenhorst image
  538. Cladophora glomerata f. intricata (Kützing) Rabenhorst image
  539. Cladophora glomerata f. karleana (Rabenhorst) Rabenhorst image
  540. Cladophora glomerata f. macrogonya (Lyngbye) Rabenhorst image
  541. Cladophora glomerata f. marina (Kützing) Hauck image
  542. Cladophora glomerata f. marina (Kützing) Hauck
  543. Cladophora glomerata f. minnesotana F. Brand
  544. Cladophora glomerata f. mucosa (Kützing) Rabenhorst image
  545. Cladophora glomerata f. pumila Rabenhorst image
  546. Cladophora glomerata f. rivularis (Rabenhorst) Rabenhorst image
  547. Cladophora glomerata f. sericea [Dekenbach] image
  548. Cladophora glomerata f. simplicior (C. Agardh) Balsamo image
  549. Cladophora glomerata f. simplicior (C. Agardh) Rabenhorst
  550. Cladophora glomerata f. virescens Rabenhorst image
  551. Cladophora glomerata subsp. fasciculata (Kützing) Hansgirg image
  552. Cladophora glomerata subsp. genuina (Kirchner) Hansgirg image
  553. Cladophora glomerata var. arbuscula Rabenhorst image
  554. Cladophora glomerata var. bakuana Grunow image
  555. Cladophora glomerata var. callicoma (Kützing) Martel image
  556. Cladophora glomerata var. cartilaginea Kützing image
  557. Cladophora glomerata var. caspia Grunow image
  558. Cladophora glomerata var. caspia Grunow image
  559. Cladophora glomerata var. crassior (C. Agardh) van den Hoek
  560. Cladophora glomerata var. dichotoma Schmidle image
  561. Cladophora glomerata var. elongata (Rabenhorst) Hansgirg image
  562. Cladophora glomerata var. fasciculata (Kützing) Rabenhorst image
  563. Cladophora glomerata var. filamentosa Anderson & Kelsey image
  564. Cladophora glomerata var. filamentosa F.W. Anderson & F.D. Kelsey image
  565. Cladophora glomerata var. flavescens (Agardh) Rabenhorst image
  566. Cladophora glomerata var. gemina 'Rabenhorst' image
  567. Cladophora glomerata var. genuina Kirchner image
  568. Cladophora glomerata var. intricata (Kützing) Kützing image
  569. Cladophora glomerata var. karleana (Rabenhorst) Hansgirg image
  570. Cladophora glomerata var. karleana Rabenhorst image
  571. Cladophora glomerata var. longissima (Wittrock) Hansgirg image
  572. Cladophora glomerata var. marina Kützing image
  573. Cladophora glomerata var. marina Kützing
  574. Cladophora glomerata var. microcladia Grunow image
  575. Cladophora glomerata var. mucosa (Kützing) Hansgirg image
  576. Cladophora glomerata var. mucosa Kützing image
  577. Cladophora glomerata var. ornata Lemmermann image
  578. Cladophora glomerata var. petraea Hansgirg
  579. Cladophora glomerata var. pumila Rabenhorst image
  580. Cladophora glomerata var. rivularis (Rabenhorst) Hansgirg image
  581. Cladophora glomerata var. rivularis Rabenhorst image
  582. Cladophora glomerata var. simplicior (C. Agardh) Hansgirg image
  583. Cladophora glomerata var. simplicior (C. Agardh) Kützing image
  584. Cladophora glomerata var. simplicior (C. Agardh) Kützing
  585. Cladophora glomerata var. stagnalis Brand
  586. Cladophora glomerata var. tenuior Kützing image
  587. Cladophora glutinosa Bertoloni
  588. Cladophora goensis F. Bast
  589. Cladophora gollmeriana Grunow image
  590. Cladophora gossypina Kützing image
  591. Cladophora goweri Lucas image
  592. Cladophora gracilis (Griffiths) Kützing image
  593. Cladophora gracilis Hassall image
  594. Cladophora gracilis Kützing
  595. Cladophora gracilis f. australis Collins image
  596. Cladophora gracilis f. elongata Collins image
  597. Cladophora gracilis f. elongata F.S. Collins
  598. Cladophora gracilis f. expansa (Farlow) Collins
  599. Cladophora gracilis f. subflexuosa Collins image
  600. Cladophora gracilis f. vadorum (J.E. Areschoug) Strömfelt image
  601. Cladophora gracilis var. elongata (Collins) Schiffner image
  602. Cladophora gracilis var. expansa Farlow
  603. Cladophora gracilis var. harveyana Sjöstedt image
  604. Cladophora gracilis var. kuetzingii Sjöstedt image
  605. Cladophora gracilis var. stricta Schiffner image
  606. Cladophora gracilis var. tenuis Thuret image
  607. Cladophora gracilis var. tenuis Thuret ex Farlow image
  608. Cladophora gracilis var. vadorum (Areschoug) F.S. Collins image
  609. Cladophora gracillima Harvey image
  610. Cladophora gracillima Harvey {illegitimate}
  611. Cladophora gracillima Kützing image
  612. Cladophora gracillima var. conferta Kützing image
  613. Cladophora gracillima_('gracilima') Crouan fr. image
  614. Cladophora graeca Schiffner image
  615. Cladophora graminea F.S. Collins
  616. Cladophora grandis Kützing image
  617. Cladophora gyrfalconica J.A. Stanford & G.W. Prescott
  618. Cladophora haligeniae Crouan frat. image
  619. Cladophora hamifera Reinbold image
  620. Cladophora hamifera Zanardini ex Frauenfeld image
  621. Cladophora hamosa (Kützing) Kützing
  622. Cladophora hamosa Kützing image
  623. Cladophora hamosa f. bertolonii (Kützing) J. Feldmann image
  624. Cladophora hamosa f. lepidula (Montagne) J. Feldmann image
  625. Cladophora hamosa f. refracta (Kützing) J. Feldmann image
  626. Cladophora hamosa f. refracta Hauck image
  627. Cladophora hariotiana Howe image
  628. Cladophora harveyi Womersley
  629. Cladophora hauckii Børgesen image
  630. Cladophora hauckii Børgesen
  631. Cladophora hawaiiana Tilden
  632. Cladophora hemisphaerica Gardner
  633. Cladophora hemisphaerica N.L. Gardner image
  634. Cladophora herpestica (Montagne) Kützing image
  635. Cladophora hesperia S. & G. image
  636. Cladophora hesperia Setchell & N.L. Gardner
  637. Cladophora heterochloa (C. Agardh) Kützing image
  638. Cladophora heterochloa (C. Agardh) Kützing image
  639. Cladophora heterocladia (Kützing) Kützing image
  640. Cladophora heterocladia var. chilensis Kützing image
  641. Cladophora heteronema (Agardh) Kützing image
  642. Cladophora heteronema f. sandwicensis F. Brand image
  643. Cladophora heteronema var. pycnoderma Schiffner image
  644. Cladophora heteropsis Kützing image
  645. Cladophora heteropsis Kützing
  646. Cladophora heufleri Zanardini {invalid}
  647. Cladophora hirta Kützing image
  648. Cladophora hirta var. borealis Foslie image
  649. Cladophora hochstetteri Grun. image
  650. Cladophora holsatica Kützing image
  651. Cladophora hookeriana Kützing image
  652. Cladophora horii C. van den Hoek & M. Chihara
  653. Cladophora hormocladia Kützing image
  654. Cladophora hospita (Mertens ex Chamisso) Kützing
  655. Cladophora hospita (Mertens) Kützing image
  656. Cladophora hospita var. nuda Kützing image
  657. Cladophora hospita var. polyclados Kützing image
  658. Cladophora howei Collins
  659. Cladophora howei F.S. Collins image
  660. Cladophora humida Brand image
  661. Cladophora humilis Kützing image
  662. Cladophora humilis K. Meier image
  663. Cladophora humilis var. gracilior K. Meier image
  664. Cladophora hunanensis Jao image
  665. Cladophora hutchinsiae (Dillwyn) Harvey image
  666. Cladophora hutchinsiae (Dillwyn) Kützing image
  667. Cladophora hutchinsiae (Dillwyn) Kützing
  668. Cladophora hutchinsiae Hassall image
  669. Cladophora hutchinsiae f. diffusa (Harvey) Holmes & Batters image
  670. Cladophora hutchinsiae var. distans (Agardh) Kützing image
  671. Cladophora hutchinsiae var. divaricata Harvey ms. image
  672. Cladophora hutchinsioides van den Hoek & Womersley image
  673. Cladophora hyalina Kützing image
  674. Cladophora hystrix (Strömfelt) De Toni image
  675. Cladophora implicata (Zanardini) Zanardini image
  676. Cladophora inclusa Børgesen image
  677. Cladophora incompta Hook. F. & Harvey f. tenuis Reinbold image
  678. Cladophora inconspicua G.S. West image
  679. Cladophora incrustans Grun. image
  680. Cladophora incrustata (Zanardini) Zanardini image
  681. Cladophora incurva Meneghini image
  682. Cladophora incurvata Durairatnam image
  683. Cladophora incurvata West & West image
  684. Cladophora indica 'Martens' image
  685. Cladophora inops (Zanardini) Zanardini image
  686. Cladophora inserta Dickie
  687. Cladophora inserta G. Dickie image
  688. Cladophora inserta f. ungulata (Brand) Setchell
  689. Cladophora insignis (C. Agardh) Kützing image
  690. Cladophora insignis f. abbreviata Rabenhorst image
  691. Cladophora insignis f. crispata Grunow image
  692. Cladophora insignis f. fluviatilis Rabenhorst image
  693. Cladophora insignis f. intermedia Rabenhorst image
  694. Cladophora insignis f. linoides (Kützing) Rabenhorst image
  695. Cladophora insignis f. tenuior Rabenhorst image
  696. Cladophora insignis subsp. crispata (Grunow) Hansgirg image
  697. Cladophora insignis subsp. genuina Hansgirg image
  698. Cladophora insignis subsp. linoides (Kützing) Hansgirg image
  699. Cladophora insignis var. abbreviata Kützing image
  700. Cladophora insignis var. crispata Grunow image
  701. Cladophora insignis var. fluviatilis Kützing image
  702. Cladophora insignis var. fuscescens Rabenhorst image
  703. Cladophora insignis var. insignis Rabenhorst image
  704. Cladophora insignis var. nigrescens Rabenhorst image
  705. Cladophora insignis var. rivularis (Linnaeus) Hansgirg
  706. Cladophora insignis var. rivularis (Vaucher) Hansgirg image
  707. Cladophora insignis var. tenuior [Nave] image
  708. Cladophora intermedia (Foslie) De Toni image
  709. Cladophora intertexta Collins image
  710. Cladophora intertexta Collins image
  711. Cladophora intertexta F.S. Collins
  712. Cladophora intricata Cramer
  713. Cladophora intricata Kützing image
  714. Cladophora irregularis Grunow image
  715. Cladophora isaacii Simons image
  716. Cladophora japonica Yamada
  717. Cladophora japonica var. kajimurae C. van den Hoek & M. Chihara
  718. Cladophora javanica Kützing image
  719. Cladophora javanica f. minor Sonder image
  720. Cladophora jongiorum van den Hoek image
  721. Cladophora kamerunica Brand image
  722. Cladophora kelanensis Grunow image
  723. Cladophora kemariensis Anand image
  724. Cladophora kemariensis P. Anand
  725. Cladophora kerkennae Hamel image
  726. Cladophora kilneri Sonder image
  727. Cladophora kjellmaniana Wittrock image
  728. Cladophora koeiei_('køiei') Børgesen image
  729. Cladophora koeiei_(`køiei') Børgesen
  730. Cladophora koktschetavensis B.F. Sviridenko
  731. Cladophora kosterae C. van den Hoek
  732. Cladophora kosterae van den Hoek image
  733. Cladophora kotschyana Grunow image
  734. Cladophora kozhowii Zagorenko & Izhboldina image
  735. Cladophora kuetzingiana_('Kützingiana') Grunow image
  736. Cladophora kuetzingii_('Kutzingii') Hariot image
  737. Cladophora kuetzingii_('kützingii') Ardissone image
  738. Cladophora kursanovii Skabichevskij image
  739. Cladophora kusnetzowii K.I. Meyer
  740. Cladophora lacustris Kützing image
  741. Cladophora lacustris Kützing
  742. Cladophora laetevirens (Dillwyn) Kützing
  743. Cladophora laetevirens f. glomerata (Thuret) Batters image
  744. Cladophora laetevirens var. adunca Kützing image
  745. Cladophora laetevirens var. glomerata Thuret image
  746. Cladophora laetevirens var. mediterranea [Rodríguez & Femenías] image
  747. Cladophora laetevirens var. regularis V.J. Chapman image
  748. Cladophora laetevirens_('laete-virens') (Dillwyn) Kützing image
  749. Cladophora lagunarum Schiffner image
  750. Cladophora lagunarum f. densa Schiffner image
  751. Cladophora lagunarum f. laxa Schiffner image
  752. Cladophora lagunarum f. minor Schiffner image
  753. Cladophora lagunarum var. elongata Schiffner image
  754. Cladophora lagunarum var. prolifera Schiffner image
  755. Cladophora lanosa (Roth) Kützing image
  756. Cladophora lanosa f. uncialis (O. F. Müller) Hauck image
  757. Cladophora lanosa var. uncialis (Müller) Thuret image
  758. Cladophora lanosa var. zosterae (Dillwyn) Batters image
  759. Cladophora lateralis Zanardini image
  760. Cladophora laxa Kützing image
  761. Cladophora lehmanniana (Lindenberg) Kützing image
  762. Cladophora lehmanniana (Lindenberg) Kützing
  763. Cladophora lehmanniana var. cristata Kützing image
  764. Cladophora lehmanniana var. effusa Kützing image
  765. Cladophora lepidula (Montagne) Kützing image
  766. Cladophora leprieurii Kützing image
  767. Cladophora leptocladia Kützing image
  768. Cladophora leucobryoides Setchell
  769. Cladophora leucocoma Kützing image
  770. Cladophora liebetruthii Grunow
  771. Cladophora liniformis Kützing image
  772. Cladophora linnaei (Kützing) Kützing image
  773. Cladophora linnaei (Kützing) Kützing
  774. Cladophora linoides Kützing image
  775. Cladophora longiarticulata (Kützing) Kützing image
  776. Cladophora longiarticulata Nordstedt image
  777. Cladophora longiarticulata Nordstedt image
  778. Cladophora longiarticulata Nordstedt {illegitimate}
  779. Cladophora longiarticulata_('longe-articulata') De Toni image
  780. Cladophora longicellulata C. van den Hoek
  781. Cladophora longicellulata van den Hoek image
  782. Cladophora longicoma Kützing image
  783. Cladophora longicoma Kützing image
  784. Cladophora lubrica Kützing image
  785. Cladophora lucens Kützing image
  786. Cladophora luteola Crouan fr. image
  787. Cladophora luteola Harvey image
  788. Cladophora lutescens Kützing image
  789. Cladophora lutescens var. longiarticulata Kützing image
  790. Cladophora luxurians (Gilbert) Abbott & Huisman
  791. Cladophora luzoniensis V. Martens image
  792. Cladophora lyallii Harvey image
  793. Cladophora lyngbyana Kützing image
  794. Cladophora lyngbyei Børgesen image
  795. Cladophora lyngbyei Børgesen image
  796. Cladophora macallana Harvey image
  797. Cladophora macallana f. harveyana Hamel image
  798. Cladophora macallana f. kuetzingiana Hamel image
  799. Cladophora macallana var. longiarticulatis Crouan frat. image
  800. Cladophora macdougalii Howe image
  801. Cladophora magdalenae Harvey
  802. Cladophora magellanica Ardissone image
  803. Cladophora mamillata F. Leliaert
  804. Cladophora mammiformis (Montagne) Montagne image
  805. Cladophora margaritifera Kützing image
  806. Cladophora martensii Meneghini ex Kützing image
  807. Cladophora mauritiana Kützing image
  808. Cladophora mauritiana Kützing
  809. Cladophora mauritiana var. ungulata Brand
  810. Cladophora mauritiana var. ungulata F. Brand image
  811. Cladophora mediterranea (Kützing) Kützing image
  812. Cladophora mediterranea Hauck image
  813. Cladophora membranacea (C. Agardh) Kützing image
  814. Cladophora membranacea (Hofman Bang ex C. Agardh) Kützing
  815. Cladophora meneghiniana (Kützing) Kützing image
  816. Cladophora meridionalis Sakai & Yoshida image
  817. Cladophora merrifieldae R. Br. ter image
  818. Cladophora mertensii (Ruprecht) De Toni image
  819. Cladophora mertensii Harvey image
  820. Cladophora mexica Crouan fr. image
  821. Cladophora meyerii Skabichevskij image
  822. Cladophora michalensis_('michalense') O.C. Schmidt image
  823. Cladophora microcladia Grunow image
  824. Cladophora microcladioides Collins
  825. Cladophora microcladioides F.S. Collins image
  826. Cladophora microcladioides f. stricta Collins image
  827. Cladophora microcladioides f. stricta Collins image
  828. Cladophora microcladioides f. stricta F.S. Collins
  829. Cladophora minima (Foslie) De Toni image
  830. Cladophora minima (Okada) Sakai {illegitimate}
  831. Cladophora minima f. crassa Sakai image
  832. Cladophora minisakaii C. van den Hoek & M. Chihara
  833. Cladophora minuta G. Dickie image
  834. Cladophora minutissima Zeller
  835. Cladophora minutula Reinhardt image
  836. Cladophora mirabilis (C. Agardh) Rabenhorst image
  837. Cladophora mirabilis (C. Agardh) Rabenhorst image
  838. Cladophora modonensis Kützing image
  839. Cladophora modonensis Kützing
  840. Cladophora moniliformis Ardissone image
  841. Cladophora moniliformis Collins image
  842. Cladophora montagneana Kützing image
  843. Cladophora montagneana Kützing
  844. Cladophora montagnei Kützing image
  845. Cladophora montagnei Kützing
  846. Cladophora montagnei var. radicans Yamada
  847. Cladophora montagnei var. waianaeana F. Brand
  848. Cladophora monumentalis Børgesen image
  849. Cladophora monumentalis Børgesen
  850. Cladophora moravica (Dvorák) Gardavský
  851. Cladophora morrisiae Harvey image
  852. Cladophora multifida Kützing image
  853. Cladophora muscoides Meneghini ex Kützing image
  854. Cladophora mutila Kützing image
  855. Cladophora nana Wittrock image
  856. Cladophora neapolitana Schiffner image
  857. Cladophora neapolitana f. elongata Schiffner image
  858. Cladophora nebulosa Kützing image
  859. Cladophora neesiorum (C. Agardh) Kützing image
  860. Cladophora neesiorum (C. Agardh) Kützing
  861. Cladophora neesiorum var. humilis (Kützing) Batters image
  862. Cladophora neesiorum var. neapolitana Schiffner image
  863. Cladophora nigrescens Zanardini ex Frauenfeld image
  864. Cladophora nipponica Silva image
  865. Cladophora nitellopsis Børgesen image
  866. Cladophora nitellopsis Børgesen
  867. Cladophora nitida Kützing image
  868. Cladophora nitida Kützing
  869. Cladophora nitida var. minor Ardissone image
  870. Cladophora nitida var. ruchingeri (C. Agardh) Ardissone image
  871. Cladophora nitidissima Meneghini image
  872. Cladophora nitidissima var. penicillata (Meneghini) Kützing image
  873. Cladophora nitidula (Sonder) Kützing image
  874. Cladophora nitidula (Sonder) Kützing
  875. Cladophora nordstedtii De Toni image
  876. Cladophora nordstedtii Hauck image
  877. Cladophora nordstedtii Hauck {illegitimate}
  878. Cladophora notarisii Ardissone & Strafforello image
  879. Cladophora novae-zelandiae (J. Agardh) De Toni image
  880. Cladophora nuda (Harvey) Harvey image
  881. Cladophora nuda (Harvey) Harvey ex Kützing image
  882. Cladophora nuda Hassall image
  883. Cladophora nudiuscula (Zanardini) Zanardini image
  884. Cladophora oblitterata Söderström image
  885. Cladophora obtusata Zanardini image
  886. Cladophora oedogonia (Montagne) Montagne image
  887. Cladophora oedogonia (Montagne) Montagne image
  888. Cladophora ohkuboana E.M. Holmes image
  889. Cladophora ohkuboana Holmes
  890. Cladophora okadae Sakai & Yoshida
  891. Cladophora okadae f. crassa (Sakai) Sakai & Yoshida image
  892. Cladophora okamurae f. adnata T. Christensen
  893. Cladophora okamurae_('okamurai') (Ueda) van den Hoek image
  894. Cladophora oligoclada Harvey image
  895. Cladophora oligocladoidea C. van den Hoek & M. Chihara
  896. Cladophora oligoclados Rabenhorst image
  897. Cladophora oligoclona (Kützing) Kützing image
  898. Cladophora oligoclona f. genuina Istvánffi image
  899. Cladophora oligoclona subsp. flotowiana (Kützing) Hansgirg image
  900. Cladophora oligoclona subsp. genuina Hansgirg image
  901. Cladophora oligoclona var. crispata Kützing image
  902. Cladophora oligoclona var. gossypina (Grunow) Hansgirg image
  903. Cladophora oligoclona var. incrustata Istvánffi image
  904. Cladophora olympica Grunow image
  905. Cladophora opaca Sakai image
  906. Cladophora ophiophila Magnus & Wille image
  907. Cladophora opposita Kützing image
  908. Cladophora ordinata (Børgesen) van den Hoek image
  909. Cladophora ordinata (Børgesen) van den Hoek image
  910. Cladophora ordinata (Børgesen) van den Hoek
  911. Cladophora ovoidea Kützing image
  912. Cladophora ovoidea Kützing
  913. Cladophora ovoidea f. crassicaulis Crouan ft. image
  914. Cladophora oxyclada (Montagne) Kützing image
  915. Cladophora oxyclada (Montagne) Kützing
  916. Cladophora pachyderma (Kjellman) Brand image
  917. Cladophora pachyderma var. tenuior (Børgesen) Brand image
  918. Cladophora pachyderma var. tenuior (Børgesen) Brand image
  919. Cladophora pachyderma var. tenuis (Kjellman) Brand image
  920. Cladophora pachyliebetruthii C. van den Hoek & M. Chihara
  921. Cladophora pacifica (Montagne) Kützing image
  922. Cladophora pallida (Kjellman) Batters image
  923. Cladophora panamensis Taylor image
  924. Cladophora panamensis W.R. Taylor
  925. Cladophora pannosa G. Dickie image
  926. Cladophora papenfussii Pham-hoàng Hô image
  927. Cladophora parriaudii van den Hoek image
  928. Cladophora parvula Möbius image
  929. Cladophora patens Kützing image
  930. Cladophora patens var. prolifera Kützing image
  931. Cladophora patentiramea (Montagne) Kützing image
  932. Cladophora patentiramea (Montagne) Kützing
  933. Cladophora patentiramea f. longiarticulata Reinbold
  934. Cladophora patula Sakai image
  935. Cladophora patula Zanardini image
  936. Cladophora pectinata (Zanardini) Frauenfeld image
  937. Cladophora pectinella Grunow
  938. Cladophora pectinicornis Kützing image
  939. Cladophora pellucida (Hudson) Kützing
  940. Cladophora pellucida (Hudson) Kützing image
  941. Cladophora pellucida Zanardini image
  942. Cladophora pellucida f. nana Hauck image
  943. Cladophora pellucida f. rhizophora Ercegovic image
  944. Cladophora pellucida f. tenuissima Ercegovic image
  945. Cladophora pellucida var. comosa Kützing image
  946. Cladophora pellucida var. cristata Kützing image
  947. Cladophora pellucida var. curvata Kützing image
  948. Cladophora pellucida var. maderensis Grunow
  949. Cladophora pellucidoidea C. van den Hoek
  950. Cladophora pellucidoidea van den Hoek image
  951. Cladophora penicillata Kützing image
  952. Cladophora penicillata Meneghini image
  953. Cladophora penicillata [Kützing] image
  954. Cladophora penicillata f. genuina [Schiffner] image
  955. Cladophora penicillata f. longiarticulata (Kützing) Ardissone image
  956. Cladophora penicillata f. occidentalis Crouan fr. image
  957. Cladophora penicillata var. elongata Schiffner image
  958. Cladophora penicillata var. gracilis Schiffner image
  959. Cladophora penicillata var. lutescens (Kützing) Ardissone image
  960. Cladophora penicillioides C. van den Hoek & M. Chihara
  961. Cladophora perpusilla Skottsberg & Levring image
  962. Cladophora peruviana (Taylor) Dawson, Acleto, & Foldvik image
  963. Cladophora philippinensis Manza
  964. Cladophora physarthra Kützing image
  965. Cladophora physarthra Kützing
  966. Cladophora pinnata G. Dickie image
  967. Cladophora pinnigera_('pinniger') Setchell
  968. Cladophora pinnulata Solimabi & Das image
  969. Cladophora piscinae Collins & Hervey image
  970. Cladophora piscinae Collins & Hervey image
  971. Cladophora piscinae F.S. Collins & Hervey
  972. Cladophora pistillata Kützing image
  973. Cladophora pithophoroides Phinney image
  974. Cladophora plumosa Kützing image
  975. Cladophora plumosa Kützing image
  976. Cladophora plumula Kützing image
  977. Cladophora plumula var. glebifera Kützing image
  978. Cladophora polaris Harvey image
  979. Cladophora polyacantha (Montagne) Montagne image
  980. Cladophora prasina Harvey image
  981. Cladophora prehendens G.T. Kraft & A.J.K. Millar
  982. Cladophora profunda Brand
  983. Cladophora profunda var. nordstedtiana Brand
  984. Cladophora prolifera (Roth) Kützing image
  985. Cladophora prolifera (Roth) Kützing
  986. Cladophora prolifera var. confertissima Kützing image
  987. Cladophora prolifera var. firma Kützing image
  988. Cladophora prolifera var. flaccida Kützing image
  989. Cladophora prolifera var. scoparia (Kützing) Schiffner image
  990. Cladophora prolixa (Montagne) Montagne image
  991. Cladophora pseudobainesii C. van den Hoek & R.B. Searles
  992. Cladophora pseudopellucida Van den Hoek image
  993. Cladophora pseudorupestris van den Hoek image
  994. Cladophora pseudosericea Crouan frat. image
  995. Cladophora pseudostruveoides G.T. Kraft & A.J.K. Millar
  996. Cladophora pulverulenta (Mertens) Phinney image
  997. Cladophora pulvinata (C. Meyer) C. Meyer image
  998. Cladophora pumila Kützing image
  999. Cladophora punaensis Tilden
  1000. Cladophora punctulosa Bertoloni
  1001. Cladophora punica Hamel image
  1002. Cladophora pura Kützing image
  1003. Cladophora pusilla Sakai image
  1004. Cladophora putealis Kützing image
  1005. Cladophora putealis Meneghini image
  1006. Cladophora putealis Nave ex Holzinger image
  1007. Cladophora pycnoderma Schiffner image
  1008. Cladophora pygmaea Reinke
  1009. Cladophora quisumbingii Manza
  1010. Cladophora quisumbingii W.R. Taylor image
  1011. Cladophora quisumbingii W.R. Taylor {illegitimate}
  1012. Cladophora raciborski Gutwinski image
  1013. Cladophora radians Kützing image
  1014. Cladophora radians Kützing image
  1015. Cladophora radians Kützing
  1016. Cladophora radians Kützing {illegitimate}
  1017. Cladophora radiosa (Suhr) De Toni
  1018. Cladophora ramellosa Kützing image
  1019. Cladophora ramosa "Menegh." image
  1020. Cladophora ramosa Kützing image
  1021. Cladophora ramosissima Kützing image
  1022. Cladophora ramulosa Meneghini image
  1023. Cladophora ramulosa var. typica [Schiffner] image
  1024. Cladophora rechingeri Reinbold image
  1025. Cladophora rectangularis (Griff. ex Harvey) Harvey image
  1026. Cladophora rectangularis Hassall image
  1027. Cladophora rectangularis var. hispida Kützing image
  1028. Cladophora rectangularis var. subnuda Kützing image
  1029. Cladophora refracta Kützing image
  1030. Cladophora refracta var. rufescens Kützing image
  1031. Cladophora refracta var. spinulifera Kützing image
  1032. Cladophora regularis Kützing image
  1033. Cladophora repens Harvey
  1034. Cladophora repens Kützing image
  1035. Cladophora repens f. meneghiniana (Kützing) Hauck image
  1036. Cladophora repens var. colombensis Grunow, inval. image
  1037. Cladophora reticulata Kützing image
  1038. Cladophora reticulata f. laxiuscula Kützing image
  1039. Cladophora reticulata var. conferta Kützing image
  1040. Cladophora retroflexa (Crouan frat.) Hamel image
  1041. Cladophora retroflexa Crouan frat. image
  1042. Cladophora rhadina Setchell
  1043. Cladophora rhizobrachialis Jao image
  1044. Cladophora rhizoclonioidea van den Hoek & Womersley image
  1045. Cladophora rhizophora Kützing image
  1046. Cladophora rhizoplea Kjellman image
  1047. Cladophora rhodolithicola F. Leliaert
  1048. Cladophora rigidula Collins & Hervey image
  1049. Cladophora rigidula Kützing image
  1050. Cladophora riparia (Roth) Hook. f. & Harvey image
  1051. Cladophora riparia Hassall image
  1052. Cladophora rissoana Montagne ex Kützing image
  1053. Cladophora rivularis (L.) Kuntze image
  1054. Cladophora rivularis (Linnaeus) Kuntze
  1055. Cladophora roettleri (Roth) Kützing image
  1056. Cladophora ruchingeri (C. Agardh) Kützing image
  1057. Cladophora ruchingeri f. typica [Schiffner] image
  1058. Cladophora ruchingeri var. elongata Schiffner image
  1059. Cladophora rudolphiana (C. Agardh) Kützing image
  1060. Cladophora rudolphiana f. brevisegmentea Sakai image
  1061. Cladophora rudolphiana f. densior Schiffner image
  1062. Cladophora rudolphiana f. elongata Schiffner image
  1063. Cladophora rudolphiana f. eramosa Gardner image
  1064. Cladophora rudolphiana f. eramosa N.L. Gardner
  1065. Cladophora rudolphiana f. genuina Schiffner image
  1066. Cladophora rudolphiana f. subpatula Schiffner image
  1067. Cladophora rudolphiana var. mollissima Schiffner image
  1068. Cladophora rudolphiana var. tenuiclada Schiffner image
  1069. Cladophora rugulosa G. Martens
  1070. Cladophora rugulosa Martens image
  1071. Cladophora rupestris (L.) Kützing image
  1072. Cladophora rupestris f. contracta Simmons image
  1073. Cladophora rupestris f. flaccida Suringar image
  1074. Cladophora rupestris f. gracilior Suringar image
  1075. Cladophora rupestris f. mediterranea (Kützing) Ardissone image
  1076. Cladophora rupestris f. nuda Hamel image
  1077. Cladophora rupestris f. rigida Suringar image
  1078. Cladophora rupestris f. submarina Foslie image
  1079. Cladophora rupestris f. typica Foslie image
  1080. Cladophora rupestris var. baltica Kützing image
  1081. Cladophora rupestris var. distorta Harvey image
  1082. Cladophora rupestris var. mediterranea Kützing image
  1083. Cladophora rupestris var. nuda (Harvey) Holmes & Batters image
  1084. Cladophora ryukyuensis Sakai & Yoshida image
  1085. Cladophora sabulosa H.L. Lyon
  1086. Cladophora sabulosa Lyon image
  1087. Cladophora saccata Kützing image
  1088. Cladophora sacculifera Kützing image
  1089. Cladophora sagraeana Montagne image
  1090. Cladophora sakaii Abbott image
  1091. Cladophora sakaii I.A. Abbott
  1092. Cladophora samoensis Grunow image
  1093. Cladophora sandei_('sandii') Suringar image
  1094. Cladophora sandei_(`sandii') Suringar
  1095. Cladophora sandrii_('sandri') (Zanardini) Frauenfeld image
  1096. Cladophora saracenica Børgesen image
  1097. Cladophora saracenica Børgesen
  1098. Cladophora sauteri (Kützing) [Trevisan] image
  1099. Cladophora sauteri f. kannoi (Tokida) Sakai image
  1100. Cladophora sauteri f. kurilensis (Nagai) Sakai image
  1101. Cladophora sauteri f. toroensis Kanda image
  1102. Cladophora sauteri var. borgeana Brand image
  1103. Cladophora saviniana Børgesen image
  1104. Cladophora saviniana Børgesen
  1105. Cladophora savoeana Reinbold
  1106. Cladophora saxatilis (Ruprecht) De Toni
  1107. Cladophora scitula (Suhr) Kützing image
  1108. Cladophora scitula (Suhr) Kützing
  1109. Cladophora scopaeformis (Ruprecht) Collins, Holden, & Setchell image
  1110. Cladophora scoparia Kützing image
  1111. Cladophora scoparioides Hauck image
  1112. Cladophora scoparioides f. tenerior Schiffner image
  1113. Cladophora scoparioides var. crassior Schiffner image
  1114. Cladophora scoparioides var. nodulosa Schiffner image
  1115. Cladophora scopiformis_('scopaeformis') (Ruprecht) Collins, Holden, & Setchell
  1116. Cladophora scopiformis_('scopaeformis') (Ruprecht) Harvey image
  1117. Cladophora secunda Kützing image
  1118. Cladophora secundiramea Crouan & Crouan
  1119. Cladophora senegalensis Kützing image
  1120. Cladophora senescens (Kützing) Kützing image
  1121. Cladophora senta F. Brand image
  1122. Cladophora sericea (Hudson) Kützing image
  1123. Cladophora sericea (Hudson) Kützing
  1124. Cladophora sericea f. marina Reinbold image
  1125. Cladophora sericea f. ruchingeri (C. Agardh) Hamel image
  1126. Cladophora sericea var. biflagellata van den Hoek image
  1127. Cladophora sericea var. flaccida Kützing image
  1128. Cladophora sericioides Børgesen
  1129. Cladophora sertularina (Montagne) Kützing image
  1130. Cladophora sertularina var. adriatica Kützing image
  1131. Cladophora setiformis Kützing image
  1132. Cladophora shensiensis Jao image
  1133. Cladophora sibogae Reinbold
  1134. Cladophora simplex Schiffner image
  1135. Cladophora simplicior (Suhr) Rabenhorst
  1136. Cladophora simpliciuscula Kützing image
  1137. Cladophora simpliciuscula Kützing
  1138. Cladophora sirocladia Kützing image
  1139. Cladophora sirocladia var. gracilis Kützing image
  1140. Cladophora siwaschensis C. Meyer image
  1141. Cladophora socialis Kützing image
  1142. Cladophora socialis Kützing
  1143. Cladophora socialis var. hawaiiana F. Brand image
  1144. Cladophora sonderi Kützing image
  1145. Cladophora sonderi var. bicolor Kützing image
  1146. Cladophora sordida Kützing image
  1147. Cladophora sordida var. rigidula Kützing image
  1148. Cladophora speciosa Sakai image
  1149. Cladophora spinescens Kützing image
  1150. Cladophora spinescens Kützing
  1151. Cladophora spinigera (Montagne) Montagne image
  1152. Cladophora spinulifera (Kützing) Kützing image
  1153. Cladophora spinulosa Kützing image
  1154. Cladophora spongiosa Bertoloni
  1155. Cladophora spongophila Koorders image
  1156. Cladophora spongopsimorpha Reinhardt image
  1157. Cladophora squarrulosa Grunow image
  1158. Cladophora sterrocladia Skuja
  1159. Cladophora stewartensis Brand image
  1160. Cladophora stimpsonii_('stimpsoni') Harvey
  1161. Cladophora stolonifera (Kjellman) Batters image
  1162. Cladophora strepens (C. Agardh) Kützing image
  1163. Cladophora striata Schmidle image
  1164. Cladophora stricta Crouan fr. image
  1165. Cladophora stricta Kützing image
  1166. Cladophora stricta Kützing
  1167. Cladophora striolata Kützing image
  1168. Cladophora stuartii Harvey
  1169. Cladophora subglomerata Kützing image
  1170. Cladophora submarina Crouan fr. image
  1171. Cladophora subnitida Schiffner image
  1172. Cladophora subnitida f. aegagropila Schiffner image
  1173. Cladophora subnitida f. normalis Schiffner image
  1174. Cladophora subnuda Schiffner image
  1175. Cladophora subpectinata Kützing image
  1176. Cladophora subpectinata f. flaccida Suringar image
  1177. Cladophora subpectinata f. gracilior Suringar image
  1178. Cladophora subpectinata f. rigida Suringar image
  1179. Cladophora subsimplex Kützing image
  1180. Cladophora subsimplex Kützing
  1181. Cladophora subsimplex f. fuegiana De Toni image
  1182. Cladophora subtilis (Kützing) [Crouan fr.] image
  1183. Cladophora subtilis var. oahuana F. Brand image
  1184. Cladophora subtilissima R.L. Taylor & D.W. Freshwater
  1185. Cladophora subulifera Kützing image
  1186. Cladophora subulifera var. divaricata Kützing image
  1187. Cladophora subvaricosa G. Dickie image
  1188. Cladophora sudetica Kützing image
  1189. Cladophora sudetica Kützing
  1190. Cladophora suhriana Kützing image
  1191. Cladophora suhriana var. nigra Kützing image
  1192. Cladophora sulphurea Zanardini image
  1193. Cladophora sumatrana V. Martens image
  1194. Cladophora sumbawensis Sonder image
  1195. Cladophora surera E.R. Parodi & E.J. Cáceres
  1196. Cladophora surera E.R. Parodi & E.J. Caceres image
  1197. Cladophora tenella Kützing image
  1198. Cladophora tenerrima Kützing image
  1199. Cladophora tenuior (Børgesen) Woronichin image
  1200. Cladophora tenuis Kützing image
  1201. Cladophora tenuissima Schiffner
  1202. Cladophora teterochloa Kützing image
  1203. Cladophora theotonii O.C. Schmidt image
  1204. Cladophora thermalis Crouan ft. image
  1205. Cladophora thoreana Kützing image
  1206. Cladophora thwaitesii Harvey
  1207. Cladophora tiburonensis Dawson image
  1208. Cladophora tiburonensis E.Y. Dawson
  1209. Cladophora tietkensi Sonder image
  1210. Cladophora tildenii Brand mscr. image
  1211. Cladophora tildenii F. Brand
  1212. Cladophora timorensis G. Martens
  1213. Cladophora timorensis V. Martens image
  1214. Cladophora tomentosa Suringar image
  1215. Cladophora tondanensis G. Martens image
  1216. Cladophora torulosa Kützing image
  1217. Cladophora traillii (Batters) Batters image
  1218. Cladophora tranquebariensis (Roth) Kützing image
  1219. Cladophora trichocoma Kützing image
  1220. Cladophora trichotoma (C. Agardh) Kützing image
  1221. Cladophora trichotoma (C. Agardh) Kützing f. elongata Gardner image
  1222. Cladophora trichotoma (C. Agardh) Kützing
  1223. Cladophora trichotoma f. elongata Gardner
  1224. Cladophora trinitatis Kützing image
  1225. Cladophora tropica Crouan fr. image
  1226. Cladophora tuberosa Kylin image
  1227. Cladophora uberrima Lambert image
  1228. Cladophora uberrima Lambert ex F.S. Collins
  1229. Cladophora uncata Bertoloni
  1230. Cladophora uncialis (Müller) Harvey image
  1231. Cladophora uncialis Hassall image
  1232. Cladophora uncialis var. lanosa (Roth) Kleen image
  1233. Cladophora uncinata Børgesen image
  1234. Cladophora uncinella Harvey
  1235. Cladophora utriculosa Kützing image
  1236. Cladophora utriculosa Kützing
  1237. Cladophora utriculosa f. humilior Schiffner image
  1238. Cladophora utriculosa f. lehmanniana (Lindenberg) Hauck image
  1239. Cladophora utriculosa f. lutescens (Kützing) Hamel image
  1240. Cladophora utriculosa f. virgata (Kützing) Hauck image
  1241. Cladophora utriculosa var. aegaea (Kützing) Kützing image
  1242. Cladophora utriculosa var. cartilaginea Kützing image
  1243. Cladophora utriculosa var. diffusa Hauck image
  1244. Cladophora utriculosa var. elongata Kützing image
  1245. Cladophora utriculosa var. falcata (Harvey) Holmes & Batters image
  1246. Cladophora utriculosa var. genuina Hauck image
  1247. Cladophora utriculosa var. laetevirens Hauck image
  1248. Cladophora utriculosa var. laxa (Kützing) Schiffner image
  1249. Cladophora utriculosa var. longiarticulata Kützing image
  1250. Cladophora utriculosa var. ramulosa (Meneghini) Hauck image
  1251. Cladophora utriculosa var. virgata Kützing image
  1252. Cladophora vadorum (Areschoug) Kützing image
  1253. Cladophora vadorum f. tenuior Suringar image
  1254. Cladophora vaga Kützing image
  1255. Cladophora vagabunda (L.) van den Hoek image
  1256. Cladophora vagabunda (Linnaeus) van den Hoek
  1257. Cladophora valonioides (Sonder) Kützing image
  1258. Cladophora valonioides (Sonder) Kützing
  1259. Cladophora vandenhoekii J.N. Norris & J.L. Olsen
  1260. Cladophora vaucheriiformis_('vaucheriaeformis') (Agardh) Kützing image
  1261. Cladophora vaucheriiformis_('vaucheriaeformis') Kützing {illegitimate}
  1262. Cladophora vaucheriiformis_('vaucheriaeformis') Kützing {illegitimate}
  1263. Cladophora vaucherioides Wolle image
  1264. Cladophora vaughanii_('vaughani') Børgesen image
  1265. Cladophora vaughanii_(`vaughani') Børgesen
  1266. Cladophora veneta (Zanardini) Zanardini image
  1267. Cladophora verticillata (J.D. Hooker & Harvey) Kützing image
  1268. Cladophora vesiculosa Kützing image
  1269. Cladophora viadrina Kützing image
  1270. Cladophora villosa Kützing image
  1271. Cladophora viminea (Ruprecht) De Toni image
  1272. Cladophora viminea (Ruprecht) Harvey image
  1273. Cladophora virgata (Kützing) Kützing image
  1274. Cladophora virgata Kützing image
  1275. Cladophora virgata Kützing
  1276. Cladophora virgulata Grunow image
  1277. Cladophora viridifusca (Montagne) Montagne
  1278. Cladophora viridifusca_('viridi-fusca') (Montagne) Montagne image
  1279. Cladophora viridula Kützing image
  1280. Cladophora viridula Kützing
  1281. Cladophora viridula var. refracta Kützing image
  1282. Cladophora vitrea Kützing image
  1283. Cladophora warburgii Schmidle image
  1284. Cladophora weitzenbaurii_('weitzenbauri') O.C. Schmidt image
  1285. Cladophora willeelloides G.T. Kraft & A.J.K. Millar
  1286. Cladophora woollsii Sonder image
  1287. Cladophora wormskioldii (Mertens) Kützing image
  1288. Cladophora woronichinii Hollerbach image
  1289. Cladophora wrightiana Harvey image
  1290. Cladophora wrightiana var. minor C. van den Hoek & M. Chihara
  1291. Cladophora yuennanensis Skuja image
  1292. Cladophora zelleri G. Martens image
  1293. Cladophora zollingeri Kützing image
  1294. Cladophora zollingeri Kützing
  1295. Cladophora zostericola Crouan fr. image
  1296. Cladophora zostericola V. Martens image
  1297. Conferva cladophora Crouan frat. image
  1298. Conferva cladophorae V. Martens image
  1299. Dermocarpa cladophorae (Tilden) P.C. Silva
  1300. EUCLADOPHORA (Hauck) Brand {invalid}
  1301. EUCLADOPHORA (Kützing) Hansgirg image
  1302. EUCLADOPHORA F. Ardissone image
  1303. EUCLADOPHORA Hauck {invalid}
  1304. EUCLADOPHORA [Farlow] image
  1305. Ectochaete cladophorae (Hornby) Pankow image
  1306. Endoderma cladophorae Hornby
  1307. Entocladia cladophorae (Hornby) Starmach image
  1308. Entocladia cladophorae Noda image
  1309. Erythrocelis cladophorae Batters mss. image
  1310. Gonyaulacysta cladophora (Deflandre) Dodekova image
  1311. Gonyaulacysta cladophora (Deflandre) Sarjeant image
  1312. Gonyaulacysta cladophora (Deflandre) Sarjeant image
  1313. Gonyaulax cladophora Deflandre image
  1314. Gonyaulax cladophora subsp. extensa Klement image
  1315. Gonyaulax cladophora subsp. hemipolyedrica Klement image
  1316. Gonyaulax cladophora subsp. isovalvata Klement image
  1317. Hystrichogonyaulax cladophora (Deflandre) Stover & Evitt image
  1318. Hystrichogonyaulax cladophora subsp. cladophora (Deflandre) Stover & Evitt image
  1319. Hystrichogonyaulax cladophora subsp. extensa (Klement) Stover & Evitt image
  1320. Hystrichogonyaulax cladophora subsp. hemipolyedrica (Klement) Stover & Evitt image
  1321. Hystrichogonyaulax cladophora subsp. isovalvata (Klement) Stover & Evitt image
  1322. Lyngbya cladophorae Jao image
  1323. Lyngbya cladophorae Tilden image
  1324. Microchaete cladophorae Jao image
  1325. PSEUDOCLADOPHORA Boedeker & Leliaert
  1326. PSEUDOCLADOPHORACEAE C. Boedeker & F. Leliaert
  1327. Pringsheimia scutata f. cladophorae Tilden
  1328. Pseudocladophora conchopheria (Sakai) C. Boedeker & F. Leliaert
  1329. Pseudocladophora horii (C. van den Hoek & M. Chihara) C. Boedeker & M. Leliaert
  1330. Ptilothamnion cladophorae (Yamada & Tak. Tanaka) Feldmann-Mazoyer
  1331. Ptilothamnion cladophorae (Yamada & Tanaka) Feldmann-Mazoyer image
  1332. Schmitziella cladophorae Chapman image
  1333. Spermothamnion cladophorae Yamada & T. Tanaka
  1334. Spermothamnion cladophorae Yamada & Tanaka image
  1335. Ulvella cladophorae (Hornby) A.C. Mathieson & C.J. Dawes
  1336. Ulvella cladophorae (Hornby) P. Skaloud & F. Leliaert
  1337. Valonia cladophora Kützing image
  1338. Valonia cladophora Kützing image
  1339. Valonia cladophora Kützing
  1340. Xenococcus cladophorae (Tilden) Setchell & Gardner image
  1341. Xenococcus cladophorae (Tilden) Setchell & N.L. Gardner