Silva Center for Phycological Documentation: Index Nominum Algarum

The INA is a card file and online reporting system maintained at the Silva Center for Phycological Documentation of the University Herbarium, University of California, Berkeley. It contains nearly 200,000 names of algae (in the broad sense). The BPU is a card file containing bibliographic references pertaining to algal taxonomy.
A working list of algal type specimens at UC is available here

Tabular display

Results from INA database

  1. Acrochaetium chylocladiae (Batters) Batters image
  2. Acrochaetium chylocladiae f. hypoglossi Miranda image
  3. Acrochaetium chylocladiae f. pulchrum_('pulchra') Batters image
  4. Audouinella chylocladiae (Batters) Dixon image
  5. CHYLOCLADIA image
  6. CHYLOCLADIA image
  7. CHYLOCLADIA image
  8. CHYLOCLADIA Greville image
  9. CHYLOCLADIA Greville image
  10. CHYLOCLADIACEAE Sjøstedt image
  11. Chantransia chylocladiae (Batters) van Heurck image
  12. Chantransia chylocladiae f. pulchra (Batters) De Toni image
  13. Chylocladia acicularis (J. Agardh) J. Agardh image
  14. Chylocladia affinis Hook. fil. & Harvey image
  15. Chylocladia affinis J. Hooker & Harvey
  16. Chylocladia affinis var. arcuata Hooker f. & Harvey
  17. Chylocladia albertisii Piccone
  18. Chylocladia articulata (Lightfoot) Hooker image
  19. Chylocladia articulata var. linearis (Zanardini) Hauck image
  20. Chylocladia baileyana Harvey image
  21. Chylocladia baileyana var. filiformis Harvey
  22. Chylocladia baileyana var. valida Harvey image
  23. Chylocladia caespitosa Harvey image
  24. Chylocladia capensis Harvey
  25. Chylocladia catenata (Harvey) J. Agardh
  26. Chylocladia clavata (Roth) Bliding image
  27. Chylocladia clavellosa (Turner) Hooker image
  28. Chylocladia clavellosa f. major Schiffner image
  29. Chylocladia clavellosa var. conferta Schiffner image
  30. Chylocladia clavellosa var. sedifolia (Turner) Hooker image
  31. Chylocladia clavellosa var. sedifolia J. Agardh image
  32. Chylocladia cliftonii_('cliftoni') Harvey image
  33. Chylocladia cliftonii_(`cliftoni') Harvey
  34. Chylocladia compressa (Kützing) Ardissone image
  35. Chylocladia corynephora J. Agardh
  36. Chylocladia divaricata (Turner) J. Agardh image
  37. Chylocladia divaricata Harvey image
  38. Chylocladia fasciata Meneghini
  39. Chylocladia firma (J. Agardh) J. Agardh image
  40. Chylocladia foliifera J. Agardh image
  41. Chylocladia fruticulosa (Reinbold) De Toni image
  42. Chylocladia gelidioides Harvey image
  43. Chylocladia grandis Reedman & Womersley image
  44. Chylocladia iridescens image
  45. Chylocladia iridescens J. Agardh image
  46. Chylocladia iridescens var. capensis Harvey image
  47. Chylocladia japonica (Harvey) Okamura image
  48. Chylocladia kaliformis (Goodenough & Woodward) Hooker image
  49. Chylocladia kaliformis f. aestivalis Le Jolis image
  50. Chylocladia kaliformis f. helminthoides 'Le Jolis' image
  51. Chylocladia kaliformis f. vernalis Le Jolis image
  52. Chylocladia kaliformis var. brevirama Solier image
  53. Chylocladia kaliformis var. helminthoides Le Jolis image
  54. Chylocladia kaliformis var. patens (Kützing) Harvey image
  55. Chylocladia kaliformis var. squarrosa (Kützing) Harvey image
  56. Chylocladia kaliformis-bistratosa_('kaliformis bistratosa') Ercegovic image
  57. Chylocladia kaliformis-unistratosa var. breviarticulata A. Ercegovic image
  58. Chylocladia kaliformis-unistratosa var. breviarticulata A. Ercegovic
  59. Chylocladia kaliformis-unistratosa_('kaliformis unistratosa') A. Ercegovic
  60. Chylocladia kaliformis-unistratosa_('kaliformis unistratosa') Ercegovic image
  61. Chylocladia lomentaria Yates image
  62. Chylocladia lubrica Yendo
  63. Chylocladia mediterranea (Kützing) Zanardini image
  64. Chylocladia mediterranea J. Agardh
  65. Chylocladia monochlamydea J. Agardh image
  66. Chylocladia muelleri (Sonder) Harvey
  67. Chylocladia muelleri var. cactoides Crouan fr. image
  68. Chylocladia multiramea Sonder image
  69. Chylocladia novae-zelandiae_('Novae Zelandiae') Hooker f. & Harvey
  70. Chylocladia novae-zelandiae_('Novae-Zelandiae') Hook. f. & Harvey image
  71. Chylocladia opuntioides Harvey
  72. Chylocladia ovalis (Hudson) Hooker image
  73. Chylocladia ovalis f. subarticulata (Turner) Kylin image
  74. Chylocladia ovalis var. coulteri (Harvey) C.L. Anderson image
  75. Chylocladia ovalis var. microphylla Lenormand image
  76. Chylocladia ovalis var. subarticulata Lenormand image
  77. Chylocladia ovata var. subarticulata (Turner) Batters image
  78. Chylocladia ovata_('ovatus') (Hudson) Batters image
  79. Chylocladia parvula (C. Agardh) Hooker image
  80. Chylocladia parvula (C. Agardh) W. Hooker
  81. Chylocladia parvula f. elata Mazza image
  82. Chylocladia pelagosae Ercegovic image
  83. Chylocladia perpusilla Weber-van Bosse
  84. Chylocladia phalligera J. Agardh image
  85. Chylocladia podagrica Harvey image
  86. Chylocladia podagrica Harvey image
  87. Chylocladia polycarpa Zanardini image
  88. Chylocladia polyclados Zanardini image
  89. Chylocladia pygmaea (Funk) Kylin image
  90. Chylocladia ramsayana J. Agardh image
  91. Chylocladia reflexa (Chauvin) Zanardini image
  92. Chylocladia reflexa Lenormand image
  93. Chylocladia reflexa Lenormand image
  94. Chylocladia repens Solier image
  95. Chylocladia reptans Zanardini image
  96. Chylocladia rigens (C. Agardh) J. Agardh
  97. Chylocladia rigida (De Notaris) De Notaris & Dufour image
  98. Chylocladia robusta (De Notaris) J. Agardh image
  99. Chylocladia rosea (Harvey) J.E. Gray image
  100. Chylocladia saccata J. Agardh
  101. Chylocladia salicornia (Kützing) Crouan fr. image
  102. Chylocladia schneideri D.L. Ballantine
  103. Chylocladia secunda (Hook. f. & Harvey) Hook. f. & Harvey image
  104. Chylocladia sedifolia (Turner) Strømfelt image
  105. Chylocladia squarrosa (Kützing) Thuret image
  106. Chylocladia subarticulata (Turner) Yates image
  107. Chylocladia subtilis Zanardini image
  108. Chylocladia tasmanica Harvey
  109. Chylocladia tenera J. Agardh image
  110. Chylocladia torulosa (Kützing) Sauvageau
  111. Chylocladia umbellata J.D. Hooker & Harvey image
  112. Chylocladia uncinata (Meneghini ex Zanardini) J. Agardh image
  113. Chylocladia uncinata (Meneghini) Meneghini image
  114. Chylocladia uncinata f. major Schiffner image
  115. Chylocladia uncinata var. baileyana (Harvey) J. Agardh image
  116. Chylocladia uncinata var. filiformis Grunow image
  117. Chylocladia uncinata var. secunda (Hook. & Harvey) J. Agardh image
  118. Chylocladia valida (Kützing) J. Agardh image
  119. Chylocladia verticillata (Lightfoot) Bliding image
  120. Chylocladia verticillata f. breviarticulata (A. Ercegovic) M. Cormaci & G. Furnari
  121. Chylocladia verticillata f. breviarticulata M. Cormaci & G. Furnari image
  122. Chylocladia verticillata var. kaliformis-unistratosa (A. Ercegovic) M. Cormaci & G. Furnari
  123. Chylocladia verticillata var. kaliformis-unistratosa M. Cormaci & G. Furnari image
  124. Chylocladia wrightii (Harvey) Okamura image
  125. Chylocladia wynnei G. Alongi, M. Cormaci, & G. Furnari
  126. Chylocladia zostericola (Harvey) Kylin
  127. Colaconema chylocladiae Batters image