Silva Center for Phycological Documentation: Index Nominum Algarum

The INA is a card file and online reporting system maintained at the Silva Center for Phycological Documentation of the University Herbarium, University of California, Berkeley. It contains nearly 200,000 names of algae (in the broad sense). The BPU is a card file containing bibliographic references pertaining to algal taxonomy.
A working list of algal type specimens at UC is available here

Tabular display

Results from INA database

  1. ACLISTOCHARA Peck image
  3. ACUTOCHARA L. Ya. Sajdakovskij image
  4. ACUTOCHARA L.Ya. Sajdakovskij
  5. ALTOCHARA Saidakovsky image
  6. AMBLYOCHARA L. Grambast image
  7. AMPHOROCHARA L.K. Krasavina
  8. ANOMALOCHARA Maslov image
  9. ASTROCHARA Stache image
  10. ATOPOCHARA Peck image
  11. ATOPOCHARACEAE Peck image
  12. AUERBACHICHARA Kisielevsky & Sajdakovskij image
  13. Aclistochara bransonii_('bransoni') Peck image
  14. Aclistochara brevis S. Wang ex X.G. Zhou
  15. Aclistochara brotzenii Horn af Rantzien image
  16. Aclistochara clivulata Peck & Reker image
  17. Aclistochara complanata Peck image
  18. Aclistochara compressa (Knowlton) Peck & Reker image
  19. Aclistochara coronata Peck & Reker image
  20. Aclistochara crassa (Dollfus & Fritel) Grambast & Grambast image
  21. Aclistochara cylindrica Peck image
  22. Aclistochara datongheensis Z.X. Wei
  23. Aclistochara elliptica (Fritzsche) A.B. Doweld
  24. Aclistochara elongata Peck image
  25. Aclistochara faceta Z.X. Wei
  26. Aclistochara firma Z.X. Wei
  27. Aclistochara fortis Z.X. Wei
  28. Aclistochara fusca Mädler image
  29. Aclistochara fusca Mädler
  30. Aclistochara fusca var. minor Mädler image
  31. Aclistochara gothanii_('gothani') Rásky image
  32. Aclistochara grovesii_('grovesi') Rásky image
  33. Aclistochara gulistanica (Kyansep-Romashkina) M. Feist & N. Grambast-Fessard
  34. Aclistochara helicteres (Brongniart) Grambast & Grambast image
  35. Aclistochara hildesiensis Mädler image
  36. Aclistochara hongguensis Z.X. Wei
  37. Aclistochara huangshuiensis G.D. Yang
  38. Aclistochara hungarica Rásky image
  39. Aclistochara jimusaerensis Junying Liu & Xinying Wu
  40. Aclistochara jonesii_('jonesi') Peck image
  41. Aclistochara kimmeridgensis Mädler image
  42. Aclistochara kraeuselii_('kräuseli') Rásky image
  43. Aclistochara lata Peck image
  44. Aclistochara latisulcata Peck image
  45. Aclistochara latitruncata Peck image
  46. Aclistochara lianmuxinensis Junying Liu & Xinying Wu
  47. Aclistochara longiconica Y.C. Hao
  48. Aclistochara longiformis S. Wang ex G.D. Yang
  49. Aclistochara lufengensis (Z. Wang et al.) unknown
  50. Aclistochara maedleri_('mädleri') Rásky image
  51. Aclistochara maxima P. Donze
  52. Aclistochara medicaginula (Lamarck) Grambast & Grambast image
  53. Aclistochara minima Mädler image
  54. Aclistochara minima Mädler
  55. Aclistochara minima f. brevis Mädler image
  56. Aclistochara mitella Peck & Reker image
  57. Aclistochara moreyi (Peck) Peck image
  58. Aclistochara mundula Peck
  59. Aclistochara nana (Lu) Horn af Rantzien image
  60. Aclistochara noszkyi Rásky image
  61. Aclistochara nuguishanensis (Z. Wang et al.) unknown
  62. Aclistochara obovata Peck image
  63. Aclistochara oligospirata Peck image
  64. Aclistochara peckii_('pecki') Rásky image
  65. Aclistochara platyglobata Y.C. Hao
  66. Aclistochara poculiformis G.D. Yang
  67. Aclistochara polyspirata Mädler image
  68. Aclistochara polyspirata Mädler
  69. Aclistochara polyspirata f. elegans Mädler image
  70. Aclistochara polyspirata f. globosa Mädler image
  71. Aclistochara raskyae Mädler image
  72. Aclistochara rotunda Peck
  73. Aclistochara shanchengensis Z.X. Wei
  74. Aclistochara shiwanensis X.G. Zhou
  75. Aclistochara sinkiangensis (Lu) Horn af Rantzien image
  76. Aclistochara staubii_('staubi') Rásky image
  77. Aclistochara stellerides Z.X. Wei
  78. Aclistochara subquadrularia Z.X. Wei
  79. Aclistochara supraplana Peck & Reker image
  80. Aclistochara tasnadii Rásky image
  81. Aclistochara thoerenensis var. minor Mädler image
  82. Aclistochara thoerenensis_('thörenensis') Mädler image
  83. Aclistochara torulosa (Dollfus & Fritel) Grambast & Grambast image
  84. Aclistochara triassica Saidakovsky image
  85. Aclistochara truncata G.D. Yang
  86. Aclistochara umbonata Z.X. Wei
  87. Aclistochara urniformis Z.X. Wei
  88. Aclistochara usitata Z.X. Wei
  89. Aclistochara vadaszii_('vadaszi') Rásky image
  90. Aclistochara wangii_('wangi') G.D. Yang image
  91. Aclistochara wangii_(`wangi') G.D. Yang
  92. Aclistochara westerbeckensis Mädler image
  93. Aclistochara wrightii Grambast & Grambast image
  94. Aclistochara xiangtangensis Z.X. Wei
  95. Aclistochara yunnanensis (Z. Wang et al.) unknown
  96. Acutochara chinensis L. Ya. Sajdakovskij image
  97. Acutochara chinensis L.Ya. Sajdakovskij
  98. Acutochara gansuensis (Zhen Wang) L. Ya. Sajdakovskij image
  99. Acutochara gansuensis (Zhen Wang) L.Ya. Sajdakovskij
  100. Acutochara jimsarensis (H.N. Lu & Q.X. Luo) L. Ya. Sajdakovskij image
  101. Acutochara jimsarensis (H.N. Lu & Q.X. Luo) L.Ya. Sajdakovskij
  102. Acutochara turpanensis (H.N. Lu & S. Zhang) L. Ya. Sajdakovskij image
  103. Acutochara turpanensis (H.N. Lu & S. Zhang) L.Ya. Sajdakovskij
  104. Altochara continua Saidakovsky image
  105. Altochara delicata Saidakovsky image
  106. Altochara luetkevichii Saidakovsky image
  107. Amblyochara begudiana Grambast image
  108. Amblyochara brevis G.D. Yang
  109. Amblyochara latifasciata (Peck) L. Grambast image
  110. Amblyochara producta G.D. Yang
  111. Amblyochara rotunda V.D. Nikol'skaya
  112. Amblyochara sunanensis Z. Wang, Z.Z. Zhao & P.X. Yuan
  113. Amblyochara sunanensis var. polita Z. Wang, Z.Z. Zhao & P.X. Yuan
  114. Amphorochara grambastii L.K. Krasavina
  115. Anomalochara polymorpha Maslov image
  116. Apodococcus characioides Hindák image
  117. Astrochara liburnica Stache image
  118. Astrochara pisinensis Stache image
  119. Atopochara multivolvis Peck image
  120. Atopochara reticulata Sirna image
  121. Atopochara trivolvis Peck image
  122. Atopochara trivolvis subsp. triquetra L. Grambast image
  123. Auerbachichara collacerata Sajdakovskij image
  124. Auerbachichara kisielevskyi Sajdakovskij image
  125. BRACHYCHARA L. Grambast & N. Grambast image
  126. BREVICHARA Horn af Rantzien image
  127. Brachychara caelata (Reid & Groves) L. Grambast & N. Grambast image
  128. Brachychara compressa (Knowlton) L. Grambast & N. Grambast image
  129. Brachychara compressa (Knowlton) L. Grambast & N. Grambast image
  130. Brachychara crassa (Dollfus & Fritel) L. Grambast & N. Grambast image
  131. Brachychara lemanii (Brongniart) L. Grambast & N. Grambast image
  132. Brachychara medicaginula (Lamarck) L. Grambast & N. Grambast image
  133. Brachychara stiriaca (Unger) L. Grambast & N. Grambast image
  134. Brachychara torulosa (Dollfus & Fritel) L. Grambast & N. Grambast image
  135. Brevichara caelata (Reid & Groves) Horn af Rantzien image
  136. Brevichara crassa (Dollfus & Fritel) Horn af Rantzien image
  137. Brevichara hordlensis Horn af Rantzien image
  138. CATILLOCHARA R.E. Peck & J.A. Eyer image
  139. CHARA image
  140. CHARA image
  141. CHARA image
  142. CHARA image
  143. CHARA image
  144. CHARA image
  145. CHARA image
  146. CHARA image
  147. CHARA image
  148. CHARA image
  149. CHARA image
  150. CHARA image
  151. CHARA image
  152. CHARA image
  153. CHARA image
  154. CHARA image
  155. CHARA image
  156. CHARA image
  157. CHARA image
  158. CHARA image
  159. CHARA image
  160. CHARA Hooker image
  161. CHARA L. image
  162. CHARA R.D. Wood image
  163. CHARA R.D. Wood image
  164. CHARA R.D. Wood image
  165. CHARA R.D. Wood image
  166. CHARACEAE Bennett & Murray
  167. CHARACEAE Bennett & Murray
  168. CHARACEAE Bessey image
  169. CHARACEAE C. Agardh image
  170. CHARACEAE Dumortier image
  171. CHARACEAE Greville image
  172. CHARACEAE Haeckel image
  173. CHARACEAE Haeckel image
  174. CHARACEAE Hassall image
  175. CHARACEAE L.C. Richard image
  176. CHARACEAE Link image
  177. CHARACEAE Link image
  178. CHARACEAE Loiseleur Deslongchamps image
  179. CHARACEAE Luerssen image
  180. CHARACEAE Rabenhorst image
  181. CHARACEAE Reichenbach image
  182. CHARACEAE Reichenbach image
  183. CHARACEAE Richard ex Dumortier image
  184. CHARACEAE Schimper image
  185. CHARACEAE Sprengel image
  186. CHARACEAE W.J. Hooker image
  187. CHARACEES Richard image
  188. CHARACEITES Tuzson image
  189. CHARACELLA Gaillon image
  190. CHARACELLA Gaillon {illegitimate}
  193. CHARACIDIOPSIS Pascher image
  194. CHARACIEAE (Nägeli) Wittrock image
  195. CHARACIEAE Haeckel image
  196. CHARACIEAE Nägeli image
  197. CHARACIEAE Rabenhorst image
  198. CHARACIEAE Stizenberger image
  199. CHARACIELLA Schmidle image
  200. CHARACIELLOPSIS Iyengar image
  205. CHARACIOCHLORIS Pascher image
  206. CHARACIOIDEAE Korshikov image
  207. CHARACIOPODIUM G.L. Floyd & S. Watanabe {invalid}
  208. CHARACIOPSIDACEAE Pascher image
  209. CHARACIOPSIDALES Ettl image
  210. CHARACIOPSIELLA R. Amaral, K.P. Fawley, Y. Nemcová, T. Sevčíková, A. Lukesová, M.W. Fawley, L.M.A. Santos & M. Eliás
  211. CHARACIOPSIS Borzi image
  212. CHARACIOPSIS Borzi image
  213. CHARACIOPSIS Borzi image
  214. CHARACIOSIMILIS Palik image
  215. CHARACIOSIPHON Iyengar image
  217. CHARACIOSIPHONACEAE Iyengar image
  218. CHARACIOSIPHONACEAE Iyengar image
  219. CHARACIOSIPHONALES D.E. Wujek & R.H. Thompson
  220. CHARACIUM A. Braun image
  221. CHARACIUM sect. EUCHARACIUM Pascher image
  222. CHARADEAE S.F. Gray image
  223. CHARALES Bessey image
  224. CHARALES Engler image
  225. CHARALES Engler image
  226. CHARALES Lindley image
  227. CHARALES Mädler image
  228. CHARALES McClatchie image
  229. CHARALES R. Wettstein
  230. CHARAPHYCEAE Haeckel image
  231. CHARARIEAE Dumortier image
  232. CHARATAE W. Rothmaler
  233. CHARAXIS T. Harris image
  234. CHLOROPHYTES CHARATES Chadefaud image
  235. CUNEATOCHARA Sajdakovskij image
  236. Carteria characola Skvortzov & Noda image
  237. Catillochara moreyi (Peck) Peck & Eyer image
  238. Chara acanthica Stache image
  239. Chara acicularis Wallman image
  240. Chara aculeolata Kützing image
  241. Chara aculeolata Kützing
  242. Chara aculeolata subsp. intermedia (A. Braun) Corillon image
  243. Chara aculeolata subsp. polyacantha (A. Braun) Corillon image
  244. Chara africana Braun image
  245. Chara agardhiana Braun image
  246. Chara agardhiana Wallman image
  247. Chara agardhii_('agardhi') Braun image
  248. Chara ajensis Krassavina image
  249. Chara alopecuroidea Delile image
  250. Chara alopecuroidea Delile ex A. Braun {invalid}
  251. Chara alopecuroidea Delile ex Kützing image
  252. Chara alopecuroidea Delile ex Kützing {illegitimate}
  253. Chara alopecuroidea var. montagnei A. Braun {invalid}
  254. Chara alopecuroidea var. montagnei Braun image
  255. Chara alopecuroidea var. montagnei Braun image
  256. Chara alopecuroidea var. papulosa (Wallroth) Kützing image
  257. Chara alopecuroidea var. papulosa (Wallroth) Kützing
  258. Chara alopecuroidea var. pouzolsii (Gay) Braun image
  259. Chara alopecuroidea var. pouzolsii (Gay) Braun image
  260. Chara alopecuroidea var. pouzolsii (J. Gay ex A. Braun) A. Braun {invalid}
  261. Chara alopecuroidea var. wallrothii (Ruprecht) Braun image
  262. Chara alopecuroidea var. wallrothii A. Braun {invalid}
  263. Chara alopecuroides Wallman {illegitimate}
  264. Chara alopecuroides var. montagnei A. Braun
  265. Chara alopecuroides var. pouzolsii (J. Gay ex A. Braun) A. Braun
  266. Chara altaica Braun image
  267. Chara amplexa Groves & Stephens image
  268. Chara amplexa var. brevibracteata Groves & Stephens image
  269. Chara amplexa var. longibracteata Groves & Stephens image
  270. Chara andreanszkyi Rásky image
  271. Chara angarica L.K. Krasavina
  272. Chara angarica f. tenera L.K. Krasavina
  273. Chara angolensis Braun image
  274. Chara angusta V.D. Nikol'skaya
  275. Chara annulata (Liljeblad) Wallman image
  276. Chara anoplotheriorum Saporta image
  277. Chara aragonensis A. Braun
  278. Chara archiaci var. undulata Dollfus & Fritel image
  279. Chara armata Meyen image
  280. Chara armata var. diaphana Kützing image
  281. Chara arrudensis Mendes image
  282. Chara aspera Willdenow image
  283. Chara aspera [var.] capillacea Hartman image
  284. Chara aspera [var.] fallax (C. Agardh) Hartman image
  285. Chara aspera [var.] firma Hartman image
  286. Chara aspera [var.] galioides (DC.) Hartman image
  287. Chara aspera [var.] longispina Kützing image
  288. Chara aspera f. brevifolia Vilhelm image
  289. Chara aspera f. brevispina Leonhardi image
  290. Chara aspera f. brevispina Wahlstedt image
  291. Chara aspera f. incrustata Wahlstedt image
  292. Chara aspera f. leptophylla Leonhardi image
  293. Chara aspera f. leptophylla Wahlstedt image
  294. Chara aspera f. longispina Wahlstedt image
  295. Chara aspera f. marina Wahlstedt image
  296. Chara aspera f. maritima Wallman image
  297. Chara aspera f. munda Wahlstedt image
  298. Chara aspera f. munda Wahlstedt image
  299. Chara aspera f. nodulifera Wahlstedt image
  300. Chara aspera f. pachyphylla Wahlstedt image
  301. Chara aspera f. pachyphylla Wahlstedt image
  302. Chara aspera f. rohlenae Vilhelm image
  303. Chara aspera f. serrata Krassavina image
  304. Chara aspera f. spitsbergensis Mordstedt image
  305. Chara aspera f. stagnalis (Wallman) Wahlstedt image
  306. Chara aspera f. stagnalis Wallman image
  307. Chara aspera f. stricta P. Sydow image
  308. Chara aspera f. strigosa Wallman image
  309. Chara aspera subf. incrusta Wahlstedt image
  310. Chara aspera subsp. desmacantha H. Groves & J. Groves image
  311. Chara aspera var. aculeolata Wallman image
  312. Chara aspera var. brachyphylla A. Braun ex Rabenhorst image
  313. Chara aspera var. brachyphylla Kützing image
  314. Chara aspera var. brevispina Kützing image
  315. Chara aspera var. capillacea Kützing image
  316. Chara aspera var. collabens (C. Agardh) Hartman image
  317. Chara aspera var. crassior Kützing image
  318. Chara aspera var. curta Nolte image
  319. Chara aspera var. dasyacantha Leonhardi image
  320. Chara aspera var. equisetifolia (Nolte) Kützing image
  321. Chara aspera var. glabrata Bruzelius image
  322. Chara aspera var. lacustris H. Groves & J. Groves image
  323. Chara aspera var. leptophylla Wahlstedt image
  324. Chara aspera var. longispina Kützing image
  325. Chara aspera var. macounii Allen image
  326. Chara aspera var. macrosphaera A. Braun image
  327. Chara aspera var. minor Brébisson
  328. Chara aspera var. nudibasis Trabut image
  329. Chara aspera var. subinermis Gonçalves da Cunha image
  330. Chara aspera var. subinermis Kützing image
  331. Chara aspera var. tenuifolia A. Braun ex Rabenhorst image
  332. Chara assinovskiensis Krasavina [Krassavina] image
  333. Chara assinovskiensis f. ascendens Krasavina image
  334. Chara assinovskiensis f. baschkirica Krassavina image
  335. Chara assinovskiensis f. elongata Krasavina image
  336. Chara australis R. Brown image
  337. Chara australis f. simplicissima (Filarszky) Zaneveld image
  338. Chara australis f. stuartiana (F. Mueller ex Kützing) Zaneveld image
  339. Chara australis f. tenerior A. Br. ex Zaneveld image
  340. Chara australis f. typica Zaneveld image
  341. Chara australis f. typica Zaneveld image
  342. Chara australis f. typica Zaneveld image
  343. Chara australis f. vitiensis Nordstedt image
  344. Chara australis subsp. estipulodica Macdonald & Hotchkiss image
  345. Chara australis var. lucida A. Braun
  346. Chara australis var. vieillardii_('viellardi') A. Braun
  347. Chara baltica Bruzelius image
  348. Chara baltica Fries image
  349. Chara baltica f. brachyphylla Lakowitz image
  350. Chara baltica f. condensata Wahlstedt image
  351. Chara baltica f. elongata Wahlstedt image
  352. Chara baltica f. elongata Wahlstedt image
  353. Chara baltica f. macroteles Wahlstedt image
  354. Chara baltica f. paragymnophylla Wahlstedt image
  355. Chara baltica subf. condensata Wahlstedt image
  356. Chara baltica subf. elongata Wahlstedt image
  357. Chara baltica var. affinis H. Groves & J. Groves image
  358. Chara baltica var. breviaculeata Kützing image
  359. Chara baltica var. fastigiata Wallman image
  360. Chara baltica var. firma (C. Agardh) Kützing image
  361. Chara baltica var. glabrata Bruzelius image
  362. Chara baltica var. glabrata C. Agardh image
  363. Chara baltica var. humilis Wallman image
  364. Chara baltica var. nolteena (A. Braun) Rabenhorst image
  365. Chara baltica var. rigida J. Groves & Bullock-Webster image
  366. Chara barbata Meyen image
  367. Chara barbata var. spinosa (Amici) Braun image
  368. Chara barbata var. spinosa Kützing image
  369. Chara barbieri Balsamo Crivelli image
  370. Chara baschkiriana Krassavina [Krasavinal image
  371. Chara batrachioidis F. v. Müller image
  372. Chara batrachosperma Thuillier image
  373. Chara batrachosperma Thuillier {illegitimate}
  374. Chara batrachosperma Weis image
  375. Chara baueri Braun image
  376. Chara baueri f. minor Rabenhorst
  377. Chara baueri f. muelleri (A. Braun) R.D. Wood image
  378. Chara baueri f. pelosiana (Avetta) R.D. Wood image
  379. Chara behriana F. v. Müller image
  380. Chara bellangeri Braun image
  381. Chara benthamii_('benthami') Braun image
  382. Chara bernoullii A. Braun mscr. image
  383. Chara berteroi (Kützing) Braun image
  384. Chara bharadwajae Y.S.R.K. Sarma & M. Khan image
  385. Chara bharadwajae Y.S.R.K. Sarma & M. Khan {invalid}
  386. Chara bisulcata Peck & Reker image
  387. Chara bleicheri Saporta image
  388. Chara borreri Babington image
  389. Chara boulletii_('boulleti') A. Braun image
  390. Chara brachypus A. Braun ex Kützing image
  391. Chara brachypus Braun image
  392. Chara brachypus Braun image
  393. Chara brachypus f. robusta Filarszky image
  394. Chara brachypus var. gracilescens Braun image
  395. Chara brachypus var. majores Imahori image
  396. Chara brachypus var. nubica Kützing image
  397. Chara brachypus var. setigera Kützing image
  398. Chara braunii C.C. Gmelin image
  399. Chara braunii f. colombiana Mora-Osejo image
  400. Chara braunii f. coromandelina (A. Braun) R.D. Wood image
  401. Chara braunii f. eremosperma (Ruprecht) Zaneveld image
  402. Chara braunii f. incrustata Wahlstedt image
  403. Chara braunii f. kurzii (Zaneveld) R.D. Wood image
  404. Chara braunii f. leptocoronulata (Filarszky) Zaneveld image
  405. Chara braunii f. maxima (Migula) G. Feldmann
  406. Chara braunii f. oahuensis (Meyen) R.D. Wood image
  407. Chara braunii f. perrottettii (A. Braun) R.D. Wood image
  408. Chara braunii f. schweinitzii (A. Braun) R.D. Wood image
  409. Chara braunii f. sinnatrensis Zaneveld image
  410. Chara braunii f. typica Zaneveld image
  411. Chara braunii f. typica Zaneveld image
  412. Chara braunii var. brasiliensis R. Bicudo
  413. Chara braunii var. braunii (Gmelin) Zaneveld image
  414. Chara braunii var. coromandelina (A. Braun) Zaneveld image
  415. Chara braunii var. divergens R.D. Wood image
  416. Chara braunii var. foliolosa Wallman image
  417. Chara braunii var. kurzii Zaneveld image
  418. Chara braunii var. oahuensis (Meyen) Zaneveld image
  419. Chara braunii var. perrottetii (Braun) Wallman image
  420. Chara braunii var. schweinitzii (A. Braun) Zaneveld image
  421. Chara braunii var. soleirolii (Braun) Béguinot & Formiggini image
  422. Chara braunii var. stalii (Visiani) Béguinot & Formiggini image
  423. Chara brewsterensis J. Groves image
  424. Chara brionica Stapf
  425. Chara brittonii Allen image
  426. Chara brongniartiana Weddell
  427. Chara brongniartii A. Braun image
  428. Chara brongniartii var. cylindrella [Unger] image
  429. Chara brongniartii var. oblonga [Unger] image
  430. Chara buckelii J. Groves image
  431. Chara buckellii C.O. Allen image
  432. Chara bulbillifera (C.C. Carl de Donterberg) A. García
  433. Chara burmanica B.P. Pal image
  434. Chara burmanica Pal image
  435. Chara caelata Reid & Groves image
  436. Chara caelata var. baccata Reid & Groves image
  437. Chara caelata var. bicincta Reid & Groves image
  438. Chara canescens Loiseleur Deslongchamps image
  439. Chara canescens f. compacta (Migula) Verdam
  440. Chara canescens f. fusca Krassavina image
  441. Chara canescens f. hirsuta (T.F. Allen) R.D. Wood image
  442. Chara canescens f. laxa (Migula) Verdam
  443. Chara canescens f. pachysperma (A. Br.) J. Feldmann image
  444. Chara canescens f. popavae Vilhelm image
  445. Chara canescens f. pseudospinosissima (Holtz) Formiggini image
  446. Chara canescens f. spinosissima (Migula) G. Feldmann
  447. Chara canescens f. transcaspica Vilhelm image
  448. Chara canescentiformis Hollerbach image
  449. Chara capensis E. Meyer image
  450. Chara capensis E. Meyer image
  451. Chara capillacea Thuillier image
  452. Chara capillaris Thuillier image
  453. Chara capillata Michaux image
  454. Chara capitata Elliott image
  455. Chara capitata Nees von Esenbeck image
  456. Chara capitata var. opaca (C. Agardh) Braun image
  457. Chara capitellata Elliott image
  458. Chara carinata Stache image
  459. Chara carmenensis T.F. Allen
  460. Chara ceratophylla Wallman image
  461. Chara ceratophylla Wallroth image
  462. Chara ceratophylla [var.] fossilis Braun image
  463. Chara ceratophylla f. brachyphylla Nordstedt image
  464. Chara ceratophylla f. clausa Nordstedt image
  465. Chara ceratophylla f. incrustata Nordstedt image
  466. Chara ceratophylla f. micracantha Nordstedt image
  467. Chara ceratophylla f. microstephana Nordstedt image
  468. Chara ceratophylla f. microteles Nordstedt image
  469. Chara ceratophylla f. microteles Vilhelm image
  470. Chara ceratophylla f. microteles Vilhelm image
  471. Chara ceratophylla f. munda Wahlstedt image
  472. Chara ceratophylla f. rudis Nordstedt image
  473. Chara ceratophylla f. saviczii Vilhelm image
  474. Chara ceratophylla f. woronichinii_('woronichini') Vilhelm image
  475. Chara ceratophylla subsp. disjuncta Nordstedt image
  476. Chara ceratophylla var. brachyphylla Brébisson
  477. Chara ceratophylla var. heteromalla Leonhardi image
  478. Chara ceratophylla var. latifolia (Willdenow) Rabenhorst image
  479. Chara ceratophylla var. macroptila A. Braun image
  480. Chara ceratophylla var. macroptila A. Braun image
  481. Chara ceratophylla var. macroptila Brébisson
  482. Chara ceratophylla var. macroptila Kützing image
  483. Chara ceratophylla var. microptila A. Braun image
  484. Chara ceratophylla var. microptila Braun image
  485. Chara ceratophylla var. orthophylla Brébisson
  486. Chara ceratophylla var. rejecta C. Agardh ex Wahlstedt image
  487. Chara ceratophylla var. tomentosa (L.) Wallman image
  488. Chara cespitosa Wallman image
  489. Chara ceylonica 'Klein ap. Willdenow' image
  490. Chara chamaepitys Braun image
  491. Chara chidamuensis S. Wang
  492. Chara chilensis Kützing image
  493. Chara chrysospora Groves & Stephens image
  494. Chara cienegaensis Tindall image
  495. Chara cingulata Stache image
  496. Chara circinnata Waltman image
  497. Chara clavata Bertero image
  498. Chara clavata C. Cay image
  499. Chara coarctata Wallman image
  500. Chara collabens C. Agardh image
  501. Chara collarina Kiyosawa image
  502. Chara columnaria S. Wang
  503. Chara commersonii Braun image
  504. Chara commutata Ruprecht image
  505. Chara compacta C.B. Robinson image
  506. Chara compacta Robinson
  507. Chara compressa F.H. Knowlton image
  508. Chara compressa Kunth image
  509. Chara concava V.D. Nikol'skaya
  510. Chara concinna Cosson & Durieu de Maisonneuve image
  511. Chara condensata Ruprecht image
  512. Chara condensata var. subflexilis Wallman image
  513. Chara congesta R. Brown image
  514. Chara conica (Mädler) S. Wang
  515. Chara conimbrigensis Gonçalves da Cunha image
  516. Chara conjungens (A. Braun) C.B. Robinson image
  517. Chara conjungens f. inaequalis A. Braun image
  518. Chara connivens Salzmann ex Braun image
  519. Chara connivens f. brevifolia Vilhelm image
  520. Chara connivens var. duriaei Kralik image
  521. Chara connivens var. heteromorpha Han & Chen image
  522. Chara contraria A.Braun ex Kützing image
  523. Chara contraria f. balcanica Vilhelm image
  524. Chara contraria f. bohemica Vilhelm image
  525. Chara contraria f. brachyphylla Vilhelm image
  526. Chara contraria f. capitulifera Vilhelm
  527. Chara contraria f. clausa Filarszky image
  528. Chara contraria f. condensata Vilhelm image
  529. Chara contraria f. elongata Vilhelm
  530. Chara contraria f. ganocziana (Ullep.) Filarszky image
  531. Chara contraria f. hispidula (A. Braun) G. Feldmann image
  532. Chara contraria f. humilior Vilhelm image
  533. Chara contraria f. jubataeformis Vilhelm image
  534. Chara contraria f. monteborana Vilhelm
  535. Chara contraria f. montenegrina Vilhelm image
  536. Chara contraria f. polysperma Vilhelm image
  537. Chara contraria f. pseudofoetida Vilhelm
  538. Chara contraria f. pulvinata Vilhelm
  539. Chara contraria f. stagnalis Filarszky image
  540. Chara contraria f. subinermis A. Braun image
  541. Chara contraria f. thermalis Filarszky image
  542. Chara contraria f. turfosa Vilhelm image
  543. Chara contraria f. vulgaris Kützing image
  544. Chara contraria var. australis Braun image
  545. Chara contraria var. behriana Braun image
  546. Chara contraria var. hispidula Braun image
  547. Chara contraria var. hispidula f. leptosperma Vilhelm image
  548. Chara contraria var. jubata (A. Braun) Nordstedt image
  549. Chara contraria var. longilinea Cáceres image
  550. Chara contraria var. moniliformis (Braun) Braun image
  551. Chara contraria var. saboiana Gonçalves da Cunha image
  552. Chara corallina Willdenow image
  553. Chara corallina f. inflata (Filarszky & G.O. Allen ex Filarszky) R.D. Wood image
  554. Chara corallina f. kyusyensis (Imahori) R.D. Wood image
  555. Chara corallina f. mascarensis Groves & Stephens image
  556. Chara corallina f. simplicissimus (Filarszky) R.D. Wood image
  557. Chara corallina f. stuartiana (Muell. ex Kützing) R.D. Wood image
  558. Chara corallina var. kyusyensis Imahori image
  559. Chara corallina var. portonovensis Subramanian image
  560. Chara corallina var. ranchiensis Sinha & Choudhary invalid image
  561. Chara corfuensis J. Groves image
  562. Chara coronata Ziz image
  563. Chara coronata Ziz ined. image
  564. Chara coronata f. albocingulata Filarszky image
  565. Chara coronata f. balcanica Vilhelm image
  566. Chara coronata f. brevibracteata A. Br. image
  567. Chara coronata f. foliolosa T.F. Allen image
  568. Chara coronata f. leptocoronulata Filarszky image
  569. Chara coronata f. macroptila T.F. Allen image
  570. Chara coronata f. maxima Migula
  571. Chara coronata f. microptila T.F. Allen image
  572. Chara coronata f. tenuissima Filarszky image
  573. Chara coronata subsp. braunii (C. Gmelin) Braun image
  574. Chara coronata subsp. perrottetii Braun image
  575. Chara coronata subsp. schweinitzii_('schweinizii') Braun image
  576. Chara coronata var. atlantica Braun image
  577. Chara coronata var. atlantica Braun image
  578. Chara coronata var. braunii (C. Gmelin) T.F. Allen image
  579. Chara coronata var. brevibracteata_('brevibracteata, condensata') Braun image
  580. Chara coronata var. brevibracteata_('brevibracteata, laxa') Braun image
  581. Chara coronata var. coromandelina Braun image
  582. Chara coronata var. cortiana Leonhardi image
  583. Chara coronata var. gracilis T.F. Allen image
  584. Chara coronata var. havaiensis Grunow image
  585. Chara coronata var. kamtschadalis Hasslow image
  586. Chara coronata var. longibracteata Braun image
  587. Chara coronata var. macroptila Braun image
  588. Chara coronata var. meyenii Braun image
  589. Chara coronata var. microptila Braun image
  590. Chara coronata var. oahuensis (Meyen) Braun image
  591. Chara coronata var. orientalis Braun image
  592. Chara coronata var. perrottetii (Braun) T.F. Allen image
  593. Chara coronata var. schweinitzii (A. Braun) T.F. Allen image
  594. Chara coronata var. soleirolii Braun image
  595. Chara coronatiformis B. Robinson image
  596. Chara correntina Cáceres image
  597. Chara cortlana Amici image
  598. Chara cortlana Amici image
  599. Chara cosinensis Stache image
  600. Chara crassa Dollfus & Fritel image
  601. Chara crassicaulis Schreber image
  602. Chara crassicaulis Schreber image
  603. Chara crassicaulis var. segregata Feldmann image
  604. Chara crinita Wallroth image
  605. Chara crinita f. brachyacantha Wahlstedt image
  606. Chara crinita f. brachyphylla Wahlstedt image
  607. Chara crinita f. compacta Migula
  608. Chara crinita f. condensata (Wallman) Wahlstedt image
  609. Chara crinita f. crassispina Filarszky image
  610. Chara crinita f. dasyacantha Wahlstedt image
  611. Chara crinita f. elegans Filarszky image
  612. Chara crinita f. elongata Wahlstedt image
  613. Chara crinita f. gracilis Filarszky image
  614. Chara crinita f. gracillima Filarszky image
  615. Chara crinita f. laxa Leonhardi image
  616. Chara crinita f. laxa Migula
  617. Chara crinita f. leptosperma (A. Braun) Wahlstedt image
  618. Chara crinita f. leptosperma Allen image
  619. Chara crinita f. longissima Filarszky image
  620. Chara crinita f. macracantha Wahlstedt image
  621. Chara crinita f. microstephana Filarszky image
  622. Chara crinita f. muricata (Wallman) Wahlstedt image
  623. Chara crinita f. pachysperma A. Braun image
  624. Chara crinita f. pachysperma Allen image
  625. Chara crinita f. pseudospinosissima Holtz image
  626. Chara crinita f. pusilla Wahlstedt image
  627. Chara crinita f. robustior Wahlstedt image
  628. Chara crinita f. sordida Filarszky image
  629. Chara crinita f. spinosissima Migula
  630. Chara crinita f. subinermis Wahlstedt image
  631. Chara crinita f. tenuior Wahlstedt image
  632. Chara crinita f. tenuispina Filarszky image
  633. Chara crinita f. uliginosa Filarszky image
  634. Chara crinita f. variabilis Filarszky image
  635. Chara crinita subsp. condensata Wallman image
  636. Chara crinita subsp. muricata Wallman image
  637. Chara crinita var. americana T.F. Allen image
  638. Chara crinita var. baltica (Bruzelius) T.F. Allen image
  639. Chara crinita var. detonsa Hartman image
  640. Chara crinita var. erythrella A. Braun ex Wallman image
  641. Chara crinita var. karelini (Lessing) Kützing image
  642. Chara crinita var. leptosperma A. Braun image
  643. Chara crinita var. leptosperma Braun image
  644. Chara crinita var. pachysperma A. Braun image
  645. Chara crinita var. pachysperma Braun image
  646. Chara crinita var. pachysperma Braun image
  647. Chara crinita var. subflexilis Wallman image
  648. Chara crinita var. subflexilis Wallman image
  649. Chara crinita var. toletana Prósper
  650. Chara crinitiformis C.B. Robinson image
  651. Chara crinitoides Hollerbach image
  652. Chara cripspe Wallman image
  653. Chara crugeriana A. Braun image
  654. Chara cubensis T.F. Allen image
  655. Chara curta Nolte image
  656. Chara curta Nolte ex Kützing image
  657. Chara curtissii Allen image
  658. Chara decipiens Desvaux image
  659. Chara delicatula Desvaux image
  660. Chara delicatula var. setacea Bruzelius image
  661. Chara delicatula var. setacea C. Agardh image
  662. Chara denudata Braun image
  663. Chara denudata Braun image
  664. Chara depauperata T.F. Allen image
  665. Chara dichopitys Braun image
  666. Chara dichopitys f. polyphylla Nordstedt image
  667. Chara diffusa Liljeblad image
  668. Chara diffusa var. annulata Liljeblad image
  669. Chara dioica var. confervoides Griffith image
  670. Chara disjuncta (Nordstedt) Trabut mscr. image
  671. Chara dissoluta Braun ex Leonhardi image
  672. Chara dissoluta var. ohridana Kostić image
  673. Chara distans Wallman image
  674. Chara distorta Reid & Groves image
  675. Chara divergens Koch & Ziz image
  676. Chara divergens [var.] subhispida Ziz image
  677. Chara divergens var. subhispida Koch & Ziz image
  678. Chara doliolum Stache image
  679. Chara domingensis Turpin ex Martius image
  680. Chara dregeana Braun image
  681. Chara drummondii Braun image
  682. Chara duplicicarinata Papp image
  683. Chara duriaei (Braun) Braun image
  684. Chara eboliangensis S. Wang
  685. Chara ecklonii A. Braun image
  686. Chara ecklonii var. albaniensis R.D. Wood image
  687. Chara ecklonii var. mollusca (A. Braun) R.D. Wood image
  688. Chara ehlei J. Groves image
  689. Chara elastica Amici image
  690. Chara elegans Dollfus & Fritel image
  691. Chara elegans var. morinii_('morini') Dollfus & Fritel image
  692. Chara elliptica Fritzsche
  693. Chara elliptica V.D. Nikol'skaya {illegitimate}
  694. Chara elongata Wallroth image
  695. Chara elongatoelliptica_('elongato-elliptica') V.D. Nikol'skaya
  696. Chara equisetifolia Nolte image
  697. Chara equisetina Kützing image
  698. Chara eremosperma Ruprecht image
  699. Chara erythraea Hering image
  700. Chara escheri A. Braun mscr. image
  701. Chara evanida M.T. Casanova
  702. Chara evoluta Allen image
  703. Chara excelsa Allen image
  704. Chara exigua Rabenhorst image
  705. Chara exilis Barbieri ex Amici image
  706. Chara fallax C. Agardh image
  707. Chara fasciculata Amici image
  708. Chara fibrosa C. Agardh ex Bruzelius image
  709. Chara fibrosa f. arnheimensis R.D. Wood image
  710. Chara fibrosa f. crinitiformis (C.B. Robinson) R.D. Wood image
  711. Chara fibrosa f. curtissii (T.F. Allen) R.D. Wood image
  712. Chara fibrosa f. drummondii (A. Braun) R.D. Wood image
  713. Chara fibrosa f. hunnanica (Pal) R.D. Wood image
  714. Chara fibrosa f. keukensis (T.F. Allen) R.D. Wood image
  715. Chara fibrosa f. longicorollata (Kasaki) R.D. Wood image
  716. Chara fibrosa f. mexicana (T.F. Allen) R.D. Wood image
  717. Chara fibrosa f. morongii (C.B. Robinson) R.D. Wood image
  718. Chara fibrosa f. robbinsii (Halsted) R.D. Wood image
  719. Chara fibrosa f. schneckii (C.B. Robinson) R.D. Wood image
  720. Chara fibrosa f. taiwania (Imahori) R.D. Wood image
  721. Chara fibrosa f. tylacantha (Nordstedt) R.D. Wood image
  722. Chara fibrosa subsp. benthamii (A. Braun) Zaneveld image
  723. Chara fibrosa subsp. flaccida (A. Braun) Zaneveld image
  724. Chara fibrosa var. hookeri (A. Braun) R.D. Wood image
  725. Chara fibrosa var. minuta Imahori image
  726. Chara fibrosa var. myriophylla (F. Mueller ex A. Braun) R.D. Wood image
  727. Chara filarszkyi Rásky image
  728. Chara filicaulis C.B. Robinson image
  729. Chara filiformis Hertzsch image
  730. Chara firma C. Agardh image
  731. Chara fischeri Migula
  732. Chara flabellata A. Braun image
  733. Chara flaccida A. Braun image
  734. Chara flaccida var. gaudichaudii A. Braun image
  735. Chara flaccida var. wightii A. Braun
  736. Chara flexilis L. image
  737. Chara flexilis Roussel image
  738. Chara flexilis [var.] vera Braun image
  739. Chara flexilis [var.] virgata A. Braun image
  740. Chara flexilis nidifica (O.F. Mueller) Hartman image
  741. Chara flexilis subsp. glomerulifolia Braun image
  742. Chara flexilis subsp. glomerulifolia Braun image
  743. Chara flexilis var. acarpa Wallroth image
  744. Chara flexilis var. acuminata A. Braun image
  745. Chara flexilis var. dichocarpa Wallroth image
  746. Chara flexilis var. epicarpa Wallroth image
  747. Chara flexilis var. flabellata A. Braun image
  748. Chara flexilis var. gracilis (J.E. Smith) S.F. Gray image
  749. Chara flexilis var. major Pollini image
  750. Chara flexilis var. minor Pollini image
  751. Chara flexilis var. nidifica Wallroth image
  752. Chara flexilis var. nitifica Reichenbach image
  753. Chara flexilis var. prolifera S.F. Gray image
  754. Chara flexilis var. prolifera Wallroth image
  755. Chara flexilis var. ramentacea Wallroth image
  756. Chara flexilis var. stellata Wallroth image
  757. Chara flexilis var. syncarpa (Thuillier) Persoon image
  758. Chara foetida Braun image
  759. Chara foetida [subsp.] brevibracteata (Braun) Wahlstedt image
  760. Chara foetida [var.] chilensis Braun image
  761. Chara foetida [var.] crassicaulis Braun image
  762. Chara foetida [var.] crassicaulis Braun image
  763. Chara foetida f. aequistriata Leonhardi image
  764. Chara foetida f. athoina Vilhelm image
  765. Chara foetida f. atrosperma Vilhelm
  766. Chara foetida f. atrovirens A. Braun image
  767. Chara foetida f. bohemica Vilhelm image
  768. Chara foetida f. brevibracteata Hilse, inval. image
  769. Chara foetida f. brevibracteata Wahlstedt image
  770. Chara foetida f. brevibracteata Wahlstedt image
  771. Chara foetida f. brevifolia Wahlstedt image
  772. Chara foetida f. brevifolia Wahlstedt image
  773. Chara foetida f. brevispina Vilhelm image
  774. Chara foetida f. canescens Vilhelm image
  775. Chara foetida f. capitata Filarszky image
  776. Chara foetida f. capitato-condensata Wahlstedt image
  777. Chara foetida f. capitulifera Vilhelm image
  778. Chara foetida f. clausa Leonhardi image
  779. Chara foetida f. compacta Filarszky image
  780. Chara foetida f. condensata Leonhardi image
  781. Chara foetida f. condensata Wahlstedt image
  782. Chara foetida f. congesta Migula, Sydow, & Wahlstedt image
  783. Chara foetida f. conglobata Vilhelm image
  784. Chara foetida f. convergens Wahlstedt image
  785. Chara foetida f. crassibracteata Filarszky image
  786. Chara foetida f. crassior Filarszky image
  787. Chara foetida f. crassior Filarszky image
  788. Chara foetida f. crassiuscula Filarszky image
  789. Chara foetida f. divergens Wahlstedt image
  790. Chara foetida f. diversifolia Filarszky image
  791. Chara foetida f. elongata Wahlstedt image
  792. Chara foetida f. elongato-condensata Leonhardi image
  793. Chara foetida f. flagellifolia Filarszky image
  794. Chara foetida f. flexilis Filarszky image
  795. Chara foetida f. flexiloides Vilhelm image
  796. Chara foetida f. gracilis Leithe image
  797. Chara foetida f. gymnoteles Vilhelm image
  798. Chara foetida f. heteroverticillata Filarszky image
  799. Chara foetida f. humilis Vilhelm image
  800. Chara foetida f. incrustata Leonhardi image
  801. Chara foetida f. incrustata Wahlstedt image
  802. Chara foetida f. incurvata Filarszky image
  803. Chara foetida f. laxior Vilhelm image
  804. Chara foetida f. laxo Leonhardi image
  805. Chara foetida f. leptophylla Wahlstedt image
  806. Chara foetida f. longiarticulata Filarszky image
  807. Chara foetida f. longibracteata Hilse image
  808. Chara foetida f. longibracteata Wahlstedt image
  809. Chara foetida f. longifolia Wahlstedt image
  810. Chara foetida f. macropyrena Vilhelm image
  811. Chara foetida f. macrostephana Wahlstedt image
  812. Chara foetida f. macroteles Wahlstedt image
  813. Chara foetida f. major Leonhardi image
  814. Chara foetida f. maroccensis Filarszky image
  815. Chara foetida f. melanopyena Wahlstedt image
  816. Chara foetida f. melanopyrena Leonhardi image
  817. Chara foetida f. micracantha Vilhelm image
  818. Chara foetida f. microsperma Vilhelm image
  819. Chara foetida f. microstephana Filarszky image
  820. Chara foetida f. microstephana Wahlstedt image
  821. Chara foetida f. microteles Wahlstedt image
  822. Chara foetida f. molliceps Braun image
  823. Chara foetida f. montenegrina Vilhelm image
  824. Chara foetida f. munda A. Braun image
  825. Chara foetida f. munda Braun image
  826. Chara foetida f. munda Wahlstedt image
  827. Chara foetida f. munda Wahlstedt image
  828. Chara foetida f. munda Wahlstedt image
  829. Chara foetida f. nitelloides Vilhelm image
  830. Chara foetida f. normalis Migula
  831. Chara foetida f. normalis Wahlstedt image
  832. Chara foetida f. pachyphylla Wahlstedt image
  833. Chara foetida f. paludosa Vilhelm image
  834. Chara foetida f. paragymnophylla Wahlstedt image
  835. Chara foetida f. pratensis Vilhelm image
  836. Chara foetida f. prolifera Vilhelm image
  837. Chara foetida f. pseudacantha Wahlstedt image
  838. Chara foetida f. pseudocondensata Vilhelm image
  839. Chara foetida f. pseudopygmaea Filarszky image
  840. Chara foetida f. pumila Leonhardi image
  841. Chara foetida f. rarimpina Vilhelm image
  842. Chara foetida f. refracta Leonhardi image
  843. Chara foetida f. refracta Wahlstedt image
  844. Chara foetida f. rivularis Vilhelm image
  845. Chara foetida f. robustior Leonhardi image
  846. Chara foetida f. rohlenae Vilhelm image
  847. Chara foetida f. rosariifolia Filarszky image
  848. Chara foetida f. rudicorticata Braun image
  849. Chara foetida f. rudicorticata Wahlstedt image
  850. Chara foetida f. rudis Leonhardi image
  851. Chara foetida f. saxatilis Vilhelm image
  852. Chara foetida f. streptophylla Wahlstedt image
  853. Chara foetida f. stricta A. Braun image
  854. Chara foetida f. stricta Wahlstedt image
  855. Chara foetida f. subaequistriata Braun image
  856. Chara foetida f. subaequistriata Wahlstedt image
  857. Chara foetida f. subaequistriata Wahlstedt image
  858. Chara foetida f. subhispida A. Braun image
  859. Chara foetida f. subhispida Wahlstedt image
  860. Chara foetida f. subinermis Nordstedt image
  861. Chara foetida f. subinermis Wahlstedt image
  862. Chara foetida f. submacrophylla Filarszky image
  863. Chara foetida f. submucronata Filarszky image
  864. Chara foetida f. submunda Leonhardi image
  865. Chara foetida f. submunda Wahlstedt image
  866. Chara foetida f. subnuda Leonhardi image
  867. Chara foetida f. subnudifolia Filarszky image
  868. Chara foetida f. subrudis Vilhelm image
  869. Chara foetida f. tenella Leonhardi image
  870. Chara foetida f. tenuis Vilhelm image
  871. Chara foetida f. thermalis Filarszky image
  872. Chara foetida f. tortuosa Wahlstedt image
  873. Chara foetida f. turfosa Vilhelm image
  874. Chara foetida f. uliginosa Vilhelm image
  875. Chara foetida f. virescens Filarszky image
  876. Chara foetida f. vulgaris Leonhardi image
  877. Chara foetida subf. longibracteata Wahlstedt image
  878. Chara foetida subf. longifolia Wahlstedt image
  879. Chara foetida subf. macrophylla Leonhardi image
  880. Chara foetida subsp. longibracteata (Kützing) Wahlstedt image
  881. Chara foetida subvar. densa (Cosson & Germain de Saint-Pierre) Cosson & Germain de Saint-Pierre image
  882. Chara foetida subvar. longibracteata (Kützing) Cosson & Germain de Saint-Pierre image
  883. Chara foetida subvar. longibracteata (Kützing) Cosson & Germain de Saint-Pierre
  884. Chara foetida subvar. subhispida (A. Braun) Cosson & Germain de Saint-Pierre image
  885. Chara foetida subvar. vulgaris (Cosson & Germain de Saint-Pierre) Cosson & Germain de Saint-Pierre image
  886. Chara foetida var. athoina (Vilhelm) Schiffner image
  887. Chara foetida var. brachyphylla A. Braun image
  888. Chara foetida var. brachyphylla Leonhardi image
  889. Chara foetida var. brachyteles Braun image
  890. Chara foetida var. brevibracteata A. Braun ex Rabenhorst image
  891. Chara foetida var. contraria Cosson & Germain de Saint-Pierre image
  892. Chara foetida var. crassicaulis (A. Braun) Wahlstedt image
  893. Chara foetida var. densa Cosson & Germain de Saint-Pierre image
  894. Chara foetida var. elongata Rabenhorst image
  895. Chara foetida var. foetida Cosson & Germain de Saint-Pierre image
  896. Chara foetida var. gallocantae Prósper
  897. Chara foetida var. gymnophylla A. Braun image
  898. Chara foetida var. longibracteata A. Braun ex Rabenhorst image
  899. Chara foetida var. macranthera Caballero image
  900. Chara foetida var. macroteles Braun image
  901. Chara foetida var. moniliformis A. Braun image
  902. Chara foetida var. montana (Persoon) Rabenhorst image
  903. Chara foetida var. oligospira Braun image
  904. Chara foetida var. papillaris A. Braun image
  905. Chara foetida var. paragymnophylla Vilhelm image
  906. Chara foetida var. pseudacantha A. Braun image
  907. Chara foetida var. refracta (Kützing) Wahlstedt image
  908. Chara foetida var. subhispida (Braun ex Wallman) Wahlstedt image
  909. Chara foetida var. subinermis A. Braun image
  910. Chara foetida var. subinermis Braun image
  911. Chara foetida var. subinervis [Arnoldi & Aleksenko] image
  912. Chara foetida var. subsegregata Nordstedt image
  913. Chara foetida var. vulgaris Cosson & Germain de Saint-Pierre image
  914. Chara foliolata Hartman image
  915. Chara foliolosa Mühlenberg ex Willdenow image
  916. Chara foliolosa f. compressa (Kunth) Stehle image
  917. Chara foliolosa f. haitensis (Turpin) Stehle image
  918. Chara foliolosa f. inconstans (Kützing) Stehle image
  919. Chara foliolosa f. indica (Bertero) Stehle image
  920. Chara foliosa 'Willdenow' image
  921. Chara formosa C.B. Robinson image
  922. Chara formosa Krassavina image
  923. Chara fragifera Durieu de Maisonneuve image
  924. Chara fragifera var. kralikii Braun image
  925. Chara fragifera var. oligospira Nordstedt image
  926. Chara fragilis Desvaux image
  927. Chara fragilis [subsp.] longibracteata Wahlstedt image
  928. Chara fragilis [var.] brachyphylla A. Braun image
  929. Chara fragilis f. brachyphylla Wahlstedt image
  930. Chara fragilis f. brevibracteata Leithe image
  931. Chara fragilis f. brevifolia Vilhelm image
  932. Chara fragilis f. bulbillifera Wahlstedt image
  933. Chara fragilis f. capillata Heidt image
  934. Chara fragilis f. capitellata Vilhelm image
  935. Chara fragilis f. clausa Leonhardi image
  936. Chara fragilis f. cylindracea Krassavina image
  937. Chara fragilis f. gracilior Vilhelm image
  938. Chara fragilis f. gracilis Heidt image
  939. Chara fragilis f. insignis Filarszky image
  940. Chara fragilis f. longifolia Leonhardi image
  941. Chara fragilis f. macrophylla Vilhelm image
  942. Chara fragilis f. macroptila G. Feldmann image
  943. Chara fragilis f. macroptila G. Feldmann image
  944. Chara fragilis f. macrostephana Vilhelm image
  945. Chara fragilis f. macrostephana Wahlstedt image
  946. Chara fragilis f. major Wahlstedt image
  947. Chara fragilis f. migulae Vilhelm image
  948. Chara fragilis f. minor Wahlstedt image
  949. Chara fragilis f. misera Spegazzini image
  950. Chara fragilis f. mollis Vilhelm image
  951. Chara fragilis f. nigricans (Wallman) Wahlstedt image
  952. Chara fragilis f. pachyphylla Leithe image
  953. Chara fragilis f. platensis Spegazzini image
  954. Chara fragilis f. pseudacantha Vilhelm image
  955. Chara fragilis f. pusilla Vilhelm image
  956. Chara fragilis f. pusilla Wahlstedt image
  957. Chara fragilis f. rudicorticata Wahlstedt image
  958. Chara fragilis f. streptophylla Wahlstedt image
  959. Chara fragilis f. stricta Leonhardi image
  960. Chara fragilis f. tenuifolia Hilse image
  961. Chara fragilis f. tenuis Vilhelm image
  962. Chara fragilis f. tortuosa Wahlstedt image
  963. Chara fragilis f. uralica Krassavina Krasavina image
  964. Chara fragilis f. verrucosa Wahlstedt image
  965. Chara fragilis subsp. annulata (Liljeblad) Wahlstedt image
  966. Chara fragilis subsp. capillacea Wallman image
  967. Chara fragilis subsp. delicatula A. Braun ex Nordstedt
  968. Chara fragilis subsp. fragilis Wallman image
  969. Chara fragilis subvar. capillacea (Thuillier) Cosson & Germain de Saint-Pierre image
  970. Chara fragilis subvar. longibracteata Cosson & Germain de Saint-Pierre image
  971. Chara fragilis var. aculeolata Ruprecht image
  972. Chara fragilis var. bacillaris Nordstedt image
  973. Chara fragilis var. barbata (Ganterer) Wahlstedt image
  974. Chara fragilis var. barbata (Ganterer) Wallman image
  975. Chara fragilis var. brevifolia Leonhardi image
  976. Chara fragilis var. capensis Braun image
  977. Chara fragilis var. capillacea (Thuillier) Rabenhorst image
  978. Chara fragilis var. capillaris Kützing image
  979. Chara fragilis var. crassa Kützing image
  980. Chara fragilis var. crassiuscula Kützing image
  981. Chara fragilis var. delicatula Leonhardi image
  982. Chara fragilis var. elongata Kützing image
  983. Chara fragilis var. equisetifolia (Nolte ex Kützing) Kützing image
  984. Chara fragilis var. fulcrata (Ganterer) H. Groves & J. Groves image
  985. Chara fragilis var. hedwigii (C. Agardh) Rabenhorst image
  986. Chara fragilis var. hedwigii (C. Agardh) Wallman image
  987. Chara fragilis var. hedwigii C. Agardh image
  988. Chara fragilis var. longibracteata Braun image
  989. Chara fragilis var. longibracteata Braun image
  990. Chara fragilis var. longibracteata Rabenhorst image
  991. Chara fragilis var. meridionalis Braun image
  992. Chara fragilis var. meridionalis Braun image
  993. Chara fragilis var. nigricans Wallman image
  994. Chara fragilis var. pulchella (Wallroth) Wallman image
  995. Chara fragilis var. pulchella Wallroth image
  996. Chara fragilis var. streptophylla Leonhardi image
  997. Chara fragilis var. sturrockii H. Groves & J. Groves image
  998. Chara fragilis var. trichodes (Kützing) Kützing image
  999. Chara fragilis var. trichodes Kützing image
  1000. Chara fragilis var. verrucosa A. Braun image
  1001. Chara fragilis var. virgata (Kützing) Kützing image
  1002. Chara fragilis var. virgata Kützing image
  1003. Chara fritelii_('friteli') L. Grambast image
  1004. Chara fulcrata Ganterer image
  1005. Chara fulgens Filarszky image
  1006. Chara funicularis Thuillier image
  1007. Chara furcata Amici image
  1008. Chara furcata Roxburgh ex Bruzelius image
  1009. Chara furculata Reichenbach image
  1010. Chara galioides DC. image
  1011. Chara galioides var. duriaei Braun image
  1012. Chara gardnerae J. Groves image
  1013. Chara gayeri Rásky image
  1014. Chara gelatinosa (L.) Roth image
  1015. Chara gelatinosa Braun image
  1016. Chara gelatinosa Braun image
  1017. Chara gelatinosa var. microcephala 'A. Braun' image
  1018. Chara gelatinosa var. purpurascens Roth image
  1019. Chara gelatinosa var. vaga Roth image
  1020. Chara gelatinosa var. viridis Roth image
  1021. Chara globosaforma Papp image
  1022. Chara globularis Thuillier
  1023. Chara globularis f. amplexa (J. Groves & Stephens) R.D. Wood image
  1024. Chara globularis f. bulbillifera A. Langangen, J.B. Hansen, & H. Mann {invalid}
  1025. Chara globularis f. capensis (Meyen ex Kützing) R.D. Wood image
  1026. Chara globularis f. chrysospora (J. Groves & Stephens) R.D. Wood image
  1027. Chara globularis f. connivens (Salzm. ex A. Braun) R.D. Wood image
  1028. Chara globularis f. curta (Nolte ex Kützing) R.D. Wood image
  1029. Chara globularis f. fischeri (Migula) R.D. Wood
  1030. Chara globularis f. galioides (DC.) R.D. Wood image
  1031. Chara globularis f. hakonensis Kasaki image
  1032. Chara globularis f. handae (Pal) R.D. Wood image
  1033. Chara globularis f. hereroensis (Nordstedt) R.D. Wood image
  1034. Chara globularis f. kraussiana (J. Groves & Stephens) R.D. Wood image
  1035. Chara globularis f. leiopitys (Vilhelm) R.D. Wood image
  1036. Chara globularis f. macounii (T.F. Allen) R.D. Wood image
  1037. Chara globularis f. mauretanica (G. Feldmann) R.D. Wood image
  1038. Chara globularis f. poopoensis (G.O. Allen) R.D. Wood image
  1039. Chara globularis f. schroederi (Migula) R.D. Wood image
  1040. Chara globularis f. seminudifolia Kasaki image
  1041. Chara globularis f. strigosa (A. Braun) R.D. Wood image
  1042. Chara globularis f. tanyglochis (H. & J. Groves) R.D. Wood image
  1043. Chara globularis var. aspera (Detharding ex Willdenow) R.D. Wood image
  1044. Chara globularis var. capillacea (Thuillier) Zaneveld image
  1045. Chara globularis var. hedwigii (C. Agardh image
  1046. Chara globularis var. hupehensis Jao & Y.Y. Lee image
  1047. Chara globularis var. kokeilii (A. Braun) R.D. Wood image
  1048. Chara globularis var. kraussii (A. Braun ex Kützing) R.D. Wood image
  1049. Chara globularis var. stachymorpha (Ganterer) R.D. Wood image
  1050. Chara globularis var. tenuispina (A. Braun) R.D. Wood image
  1051. Chara globularis var. virgata (Kützing) R.D. Wood image
  1052. Chara glomerata Desvaux image
  1053. Chara glomerulifera Ruprecht image
  1054. Chara gomboczi Rásky image
  1055. Chara gracilis J.E. Smith
  1056. Chara gracilis var. brachyphylla A. Braun ined. image
  1057. Chara gracilis var. capensis Braun image
  1058. Chara gracilis var. senegalensis A. Braun image
  1059. Chara grandis Braun image
  1060. Chara grovesii B.P. Pal image
  1061. Chara guairensis R.M.T. Bicudo
  1062. Chara guatemalensis (Nordstedt) C.B. Robinson image
  1063. Chara guineensis Willdenow herb. image
  1064. Chara guttifera Stache image
  1065. Chara gymnophylla Braun image
  1066. Chara gymnophylla [var.] algeriensis Kützing image
  1067. Chara gymnophylla f. brevipapillata Braun image
  1068. Chara gymnophylla f. caespitosa Filarszky image
  1069. Chara gymnophylla f. elegans Filarszky image
  1070. Chara gymnophylla f. glaucescens Filarszky image
  1071. Chara gymnophylla f. heteromorpha Filarszky image
  1072. Chara gymnophylla f. incrustata Raciborski image
  1073. Chara gymnophylla f. longibracteata Filarszky image
  1074. Chara gymnophylla f. mucronata Filarszky image
  1075. Chara gymnophylla f. paludosa Filarszky image
  1076. Chara gymnophylla f. paragymnophylla Leonhardi image
  1077. Chara gymnophylla f. robustior Kostic image
  1078. Chara gymnophylla f. rohlenae (Vilhelm) Filarszky image
  1079. Chara gymnophylla f. sphagnoides Filarszky image
  1080. Chara gymnophylla f. subhispida Braun image
  1081. Chara gymnophylla f. subinermis Braun image
  1082. Chara gymnophylla f. subsegregata (Nordstedt) Filarszky image
  1083. Chara gymnophylla f. tanula Vilhelm image
  1084. Chara gymnophylla f. velenovskyi Vilhelm image
  1085. Chara gymnophylla var. fontanesiana A. Braun image
  1086. Chara gymnophylla var. longipapillata Braun image
  1087. Chara gymnophylla var. nudifolia Trabut image
  1088. Chara gymnophylla var. pachyphloea Braun image
  1089. Chara gymnophylla var. patens Braun image
  1090. Chara gymnophylla var. rohlenae (Vilhelm) A. Ahmadi, M. Sheidai, H. Riahi, & J.C. Van Raam {invalid}
  1091. Chara gymnophylla var. subsegregata 'Nordstedt' image
  1092. Chara gymnopitys A. Braun image
  1093. Chara gymnopitys Braun image
  1094. Chara gymnopitys f. aequistriata Nordstedt image
  1095. Chara gymnopitys f. aequistriata-polyphylla_('aequistriata polyphylla') Nordstedt image
  1096. Chara gymnopitys f. brevibracteata Nordstedt image
  1097. Chara gymnopitys f. longibracteata Nordstedt image
  1098. Chara gymnopitys f. tylacantha Nordstedt image
  1099. Chara gymnopitys var. brachyphylla A. Braun image
  1100. Chara gymnopitys var. flaccida (Braun) Imahori image
  1101. Chara gymnopitys var. keukensis T.F. Allen image
  1102. Chara gymnopitys var. microstephana Imahori image
  1103. Chara gymnopitys var. taiwania Imahori image
  1104. Chara gymnopus Braun image
  1105. Chara gymnopus subsp. guatemalensis Nordstedt image
  1106. Chara gymnopus var. armata (Meyen) Nordstedt image
  1107. Chara gymnopus var. conjungens_('conjugens') (Braun) T.F. Allen image
  1108. Chara gymnopus var. delilei A. Braun image
  1109. Chara gymnopus var. elegans A. Braun image
  1110. Chara gymnopus var. elegans Braun image
  1111. Chara gymnopus var. humboldtii (Kützing) T.F. Allen image
  1112. Chara gymnopus var. michauxii (A. Braun) T.F. Allen image
  1113. Chara gymnopus var. sanctae-margaritae T.F. Allen image
  1114. Chara gymnopus var. trichacantha Braun mss. image
  1115. Chara haitensis Turpin image
  1116. Chara halina A. García image
  1117. Chara halina A. García
  1118. Chara handae B.P. Pal image
  1119. Chara hatei Dixit image
  1120. Chara hedvigii C. Agardh image
  1121. Chara helicteres Brongniart image
  1122. Chara hellenica A. Langangen
  1123. Chara hereroensis Nordstedt image
  1124. Chara heteroica Trabut mscr. image
  1125. Chara heteroica subsp. segregata Trabut mscr. image
  1126. Chara heterophylla Braun image
  1127. Chara heterophylla Braun image
  1128. Chara hirmeri Rásky image
  1129. Chara hirsuta T.F. Allen image
  1130. Chara hirta Meyen image
  1131. Chara hispida L. image
  1132. Chara hispida Roussel image
  1133. Chara hispida [var.] communis Braun image
  1134. Chara hispida [var.] fossilis Braun image
  1135. Chara hispida f. brachyphylla Braun image
  1136. Chara hispida f. brachyphylla Wahlstedt image
  1137. Chara hispida f. breviradiata Filarszky image
  1138. Chara hispida f. condensata Wahlstedt image
  1139. Chara hispida f. convergens Wahlstedt image
  1140. Chara hispida f. dasyacantha Wahlstedt image
  1141. Chara hispida f. elongata Filarszky image
  1142. Chara hispida f. elongata Wahlstedt image
  1143. Chara hispida f. expansa Wahlstedt image
  1144. Chara hispida f. fastigiata (Wallman) R.D. Wood image
  1145. Chara hispida f. heteromorpha Wahlstedt image
  1146. Chara hispida f. heteroteles Filarszky image
  1147. Chara hispida f. intermedia (A. Braun) R.D. Wood image
  1148. Chara hispida f. liljebladii (Wallman) R.D. Wood image
  1149. Chara hispida f. macrophylla Wahlstedt image
  1150. Chara hispida f. macrostephana Wahlstedt image
  1151. Chara hispida f. macroteles Filarszky image
  1152. Chara hispida f. macroteles Wahlstedt image
  1153. Chara hispida f. mantenegrina Vilhelm image
  1154. Chara hispida f. micracantha Wahlstedt image
  1155. Chara hispida f. microstephana Wahlstedt image
  1156. Chara hispida f. microteles Wahlstedt image
  1157. Chara hispida f. polyacantha (A. Braun) R.D. Wood image
  1158. Chara hispida f. ramosissima Filarszky image
  1159. Chara hispida f. refracta Wahlstedt image
  1160. Chara hispida f. robustior Wahlstedt image
  1161. Chara hispida f. squarrosa Braun image
  1162. Chara hispida f. stricta Filarszky image
  1163. Chara hispida f. stricta Wahlstedt image
  1164. Chara hispida f. tenuior Wahlstedt image
  1165. Chara hispida subf. dasyacantha Wahlstedt image
  1166. Chara hispida var. aculeis-longissimis_('aculeis longissimis') A. Braun ined. image
  1167. Chara hispida var. aculeolata (Kützing) Rabenhorst image
  1168. Chara hispida var. baltica (Bruzelius) R.D. Wood image
  1169. Chara hispida var. brachyclados Kützing image
  1170. Chara hispida var. brachyphylla Braun ex Wallman image
  1171. Chara hispida var. brevibracteata Kützing image
  1172. Chara hispida var. crassicaulis A. Braun image
  1173. Chara hispida var. crinita Wahlenberg image
  1174. Chara hispida var. dalmatica R. Visiani
  1175. Chara hispida var. dasyacantha Braun image
  1176. Chara hispida var. dasyacantha Kützing image
  1177. Chara hispida var. fastigiata Braun image
  1178. Chara hispida var. fossilis Lyell
  1179. Chara hispida var. gracilis Bruzelius image
  1180. Chara hispida var. gracilis C. Agardh image
  1181. Chara hispida var. gymnoteles A. Braun image
  1182. Chara hispida var. gymnoteles Kützing image
  1183. Chara hispida var. hispida Cosson & Germain de Saint-Pierre image
  1184. Chara hispida var. longibracteata Kützing image
  1185. Chara hispida var. longispina Wallman image
  1186. Chara hispida var. macracantha Kützing image
  1187. Chara hispida var. micracantha A. Braun ex Wallman image
  1188. Chara hispida var. micracantha Kützing image
  1189. Chara hispida var. microphylla Schumacher image
  1190. Chara hispida var. pseudocrinita A. Braun image
  1191. Chara hispida var. sibirica (Migula) R.D. Wood
  1192. Chara hispida var. spinis-longissimis_('spinis longissimis') Braun image
  1193. Chara hispida var. subinermis A. Braun image
  1194. Chara hispida var. tomentosa (L.) S.F. Gray image
  1195. Chara hispido-rudis Krassavina image
  1196. Chara hookeri Braun image
  1197. Chara hookeri_('hookerii') Braun image
  1198. Chara hornemannii Wallman image
  1199. Chara hornemannii f. longifolia (C.B. Robinson) R.D. Wood image
  1200. Chara hornemannii f. nordhoffiae (T.F. Allen) R.D. Wood image
  1201. Chara hornemannii var. nordhoffiae T.F. Allen image
  1202. Chara horrida Wellman image
  1203. Chara horrida Wellman ined. image
  1204. Chara horridula Detharding image
  1205. Chara horridula Detharding ex Rabenhorst image
  1206. Chara huangii_('huangi') Y.H. Lu image
  1207. Chara huangii_(`huangi') Y.H. Lu
  1208. Chara humboldtii f. gymnoteles A. Braun image
  1209. Chara hungarica Filarszky image
  1210. Chara hungarica f. crassior Filarszky image
  1211. Chara hungarica f. robustior Filarszky image
  1212. Chara hyalina DC. image
  1213. Chara hydropitys Braun image
  1214. Chara hydropitys f. gymnophylla Braun image
  1215. Chara hydropitys f. major Braun image
  1216. Chara hydropitys f. minor Braun image
  1217. Chara hydropitys f. plumosa Sundaralingam image
  1218. Chara hydropitys f. rororiverensis R.N. Das & R. Peter image
  1219. Chara hydropitys f. rororiverensis R.N. Das & R. Peters
  1220. Chara hydropitys var. flaccida Braun image
  1221. Chara hydropitys var. indica Braun image
  1222. Chara hydropitys var. majuscula Nordstedt
  1223. Chara hydropitys var. mexicana T.Y. Allen image
  1224. Chara hydropitys var. septentrionalis Nordstedt
  1225. Chara hypnoides C.B. Robinson image
  1226. Chara imperfecta A. Braun image
  1227. Chara imperfecta Braun image
  1228. Chara inconnexa T.F. Allen image
  1229. Chara inconspicua A. Braun mscr. image
  1230. Chara inconspicua F. v. Müller image
  1231. Chara inconstans A. Braun image
  1232. Chara inconstans subsp. oerstediana A. Braun image
  1233. Chara inconstans var. hicksiana T.F. Allen image
  1234. Chara inconstans var. hicksiana T.F. Allen image
  1235. Chara indica Bertero image
  1236. Chara indica Mukherjee & Noor image
  1237. Chara inermis Zaneveld image
  1238. Chara inflata (Filarszky & Allen ex Filarszky) Macdonald & Hotchkiss image
  1239. Chara intermedia A. Braun image
  1240. Chara intermedia Braun ined. image
  1241. Chara intermedia f. aculeata Wahlstedt image
  1242. Chara intermedia f. bulgarica Vilhelm image
  1243. Chara intermedia f. condensata Migula
  1244. Chara intermedia f. microptila T.F. Allen image
  1245. Chara intermedia f. papillosa Wahlstedt image
  1246. Chara intermedia f. streptophylla Wahlstedt image
  1247. Chara intermedia f. thermalis Filarszky image
  1248. Chara interrupta Ruprecht image
  1249. Chara intertexta Desvaux image
  1250. Chara intricata Trentepohl ex Roth
  1251. Chara javanica Braun image
  1252. Chara javorkae_('javorkai') Rásky image
  1253. Chara jubata A. Braun image
  1254. Chara jubata A. Braun image
  1255. Chara jurensis Hy image
  1256. Chara juvenilis_('juvenile') Cáceres image
  1257. Chara karelinii_('karelini') Lessing image
  1258. Chara karolii M.T. Casanova
  1259. Chara kenoyeri Howe image
  1260. Chara keukensis (T.F. Allen) C.B. Robinson image
  1261. Chara kieneri F.K. Daily image
  1262. Chara kirghisorum Lessing image
  1263. Chara knowltonii_('knowltoni') Seward image
  1264. Chara kohrangiana A. Ahmadi
  1265. Chara kokeilii A. Braun image
  1266. Chara kokeilii f. aculeata Filarszky image
  1267. Chara kokeilii f. gymnophylla Kostic image
  1268. Chara krausei M. Shameel
  1269. Chara kraussiana Groves & Stephens image
  1270. Chara kraussii var. genuina Braun image
  1271. Chara kraussii_('krausii') A. Braun ex Kützing image
  1272. Chara lagenalis Straub image
  1273. Chara lalitpurensis M.P. Singh image
  1274. Chara langeri Ettingshausen image
  1275. Chara latifolia Willdenow image
  1276. Chara latifolia f. incrustata Nordstedt image
  1277. Chara latifolia f. levis Nordstedt image
  1278. Chara latifolia f. macroptila Nordstedt image
  1279. Chara latifolia f. macroteles Nordstedt image
  1280. Chara latifolia f. micracantha Nordstedt image
  1281. Chara latifolia f. microstephana Nordstedt image
  1282. Chara leei S. Wang
  1283. Chara leiopitys Wheldon
  1284. Chara leiopytis Whelden image
  1285. Chara lemani_('lemani') Brongniart image
  1286. Chara leptopitys Braun image
  1287. Chara leptopitys Braun image
  1288. Chara leptopitys f. subebracteata (Nordstedt) R.D. Wood image
  1289. Chara leptopitys subsp. subebracteata Nordstedt image
  1290. Chara leptospora Sakayama
  1291. Chara lhotzkyi Braun image
  1292. Chara lhotzkyi Braun image
  1293. Chara liljebladii Wellman image
  1294. Chara locuples Hollerbach image
  1295. Chara longiarticulata Han image
  1296. Chara longibracteata Kützing image
  1297. Chara longibracteata Kützing
  1298. Chara longibracteata Salzmann image
  1299. Chara longibracteata Salzmann herb. image
  1300. Chara longibracteata Wallman image
  1301. Chara longibracteata var. brevibracteata (A. Braun) Wallman image
  1302. Chara longibracteata var. crassicaulis (Schleich. ex Braun) Wallman image
  1303. Chara longibracteata var. subhispida Braun ex Wallman image
  1304. Chara longicorollata Kasaki image
  1305. Chara longifolia C.B. Robinson image
  1306. Chara longifurca Ruprecht image
  1307. Chara longovata Papp image
  1308. Chara lucida (A. Braun) M.T. Casanova & K.G. Karol
  1309. Chara lyellii_('Lyelli') A. Braun
  1310. Chara macounii (Allen) Allen image
  1311. Chara macropogon Braun image
  1312. Chara macropogon Braun image
  1313. Chara macropogon var. heterophylla A. Braun image
  1314. Chara macropogon var. tasmanica Braun image
  1315. Chara macrosphaera (A. Braun) Wallman image
  1316. Chara macrosphaera A. Braun mss. image
  1317. Chara magninii_('magnini') Hy image
  1318. Chara maioricensis Colum image
  1319. Chara majoriformis Papp image
  1320. Chara martiana Braun image
  1321. Chara martiana Braun ex Wallman image
  1322. Chara martiusii A. Braun ined. image
  1323. Chara mauretanica G. Feldmann image
  1324. Chara medicaginula (Lamarck) Brongniart image
  1325. Chara medicaginula var. minor Dollfus & Fritel image
  1326. Chara medicaginula var. minor Unger image
  1327. Chara medicaginula var. polygyrata Dollfus & Fritel image
  1328. Chara merianii subsp. minoritesta Papp image
  1329. Chara merianii_('meriani') A. Braun image
  1330. Chara meridionalis (A. Braun) A. Braun ex Kützing image
  1331. Chara meridionalis A. Braun image
  1332. Chara mexicana (Allen) C.B. Robinson image
  1333. Chara michauxii A. Braun ex Kützing image
  1334. Chara michauxii Braun image
  1335. Chara microcarpa Ziz image
  1336. Chara microceras Shivarudrappa image
  1337. Chara microphylla F. v. Müller, herb. image
  1338. Chara microphylla Ferd. Mueller ex Kützing image
  1339. Chara microsperma A. Braun image
  1340. Chara molassica Straub image
  1341. Chara molassica f. kirghisensis (Maslov) Krassavina image
  1342. Chara mollusca Braun image
  1343. Chara mollusca Braun image
  1344. Chara monilifera Peck & Reker image
  1345. Chara montagnei A. Braun
  1346. Chara montagnei A. Braun {invalid}
  1347. Chara montagnei A. Braun {invalid}
  1348. Chara montagnei Braun image
  1349. Chara montagnei Braun ined. image
  1350. Chara montana Persoon image
  1351. Chara morini Dollfus & Fritel image
  1352. Chara morongii C.B. Robinson image
  1353. Chara mosis Ehrenberg image
  1354. Chara mosis Ehrenberg image
  1355. Chara mucronata A. Braun
  1356. Chara mucronata Braun image
  1357. Chara mucronata Filarszky image
  1358. Chara mucronata var. americana Braun image
  1359. Chara mucronata var. flabellata Weddell
  1360. Chara mucronata var. heteromorpha Braun
  1361. Chara mucronata var. sieberi A. Braun
  1362. Chara mucronata var. sieberi Braun image
  1363. Chara mucronata var. sieberi Braun image
  1364. Chara multispira Papp image
  1365. Chara muricata (Wallman) Hartman image
  1366. Chara muricata Wallman image
  1367. Chara muscosa J. Groves & Bullock-Webster image
  1368. Chara myriophylla Ferd. Müller image
  1369. Chara myriophylla Ferd. Müller image
  1370. Chara myriophylla var. contexta Braun image
  1371. Chara myurus Requien image
  1372. Chara nana Lu image
  1373. Chara neglecta Hollerbach image
  1374. Chara neogenica Engelhardt image
  1375. Chara nidifica (O.F. Müller) J.E. Smith image
  1376. Chara nidifica [var.] polysperma 'Braun' image
  1377. Chara nielfalensis Dollfus & Fritel image
  1378. Chara nigricans Braun image
  1379. Chara nigricans Ehrenberg ex Braun image
  1380. Chara nigricans Wallman image
  1381. Chara nikolskae A.B. Doweld
  1382. Chara nivea Steudel Herb. image
  1383. Chara nodosa Lu image
  1384. Chara nolteana A. Braun image
  1385. Chara nolteana A. Braun image
  1386. Chara nordhoffiae (Allen) C.B. Robinson image
  1387. Chara nuda B.P. Pal image
  1388. Chara nuda f. kolhapurensis Dixit image
  1389. Chara nudipes Wallman image
  1390. Chara nudus B.P. Pal image
  1391. Chara oahuensis Meyen image
  1392. Chara oedophylla G. Feldmann image
  1393. Chara opaca C. Agardh ex Bruzelius image
  1394. Chara opaca var. pseudoflexilis Braun image
  1395. Chara ornata Stache image
  1396. Chara pachygyra Braun ined. image
  1397. Chara palaeobalcanica Kitanov & Palamareva image
  1398. Chara palaeobalcanica var. major Kitanov & Palamareva image
  1399. Chara palaeofoetida Kitanov & Palamareva image
  1400. Chara palaeofragilis Krassavina Krasavina image
  1401. Chara palaeofragilis f. objensis Krassavina Krasavina image
  1402. Chara palaeofragilis f. ornata L.K. Krasavina
  1403. Chara palaeohispida Krassavina Krasavina image
  1404. Chara palaeohungarica Rásky image
  1405. Chara palmeri R.D. Wood image
  1406. Chara pannonica f. condensata (Migula) Vilhelm
  1407. Chara papillata Wallroth image
  1408. Chara papillosa Kützing image
  1409. Chara papulosa Wallroth
  1410. Chara paragymnopitys Han image
  1411. Chara pashanii Dixit image
  1412. Chara patens Ehrenberg image
  1413. Chara paucicorticata Cáceres image
  1414. Chara pedunculata Kützing image
  1415. Chara pellucida Ducros image
  1416. Chara pelosiana Avetta image
  1417. Chara penicillata Braun, inval. image
  1418. Chara perarmata Stache image
  1419. Chara perlata Peck & Raker image
  1420. Chara perpusilla Groves image
  1421. Chara perrottetii A. Braun image
  1422. Chara phaeochiton Braun image
  1423. Chara piestanensis Vilhelm image
  1424. Chara pilifera C. Agardh image
  1425. Chara plebeja R. Brown ex A. Braun image
  1426. Chara plebeja R. Brown ex A. Braun image
  1427. Chara plumosa Braun image
  1428. Chara polita Reid & Groves image
  1429. Chara polita Wallman image
  1430. Chara polyacantha A. Braun image
  1431. Chara polyacantha A. Braun image
  1432. Chara polyacantha f. munda P. Sydow image
  1433. Chara polyacantha var. brachyphylla Nordstedt image
  1434. Chara polycarpa Han & Tuan image
  1435. Chara polycarpica Del. ex A. Braun image
  1436. Chara polycarpica Delile {invalid}
  1437. Chara polyclados Don image
  1438. Chara polyphylla A. Braun image
  1439. Chara polyphylla Kützing image
  1440. Chara polyphylla [var.] subglabra Kützing image
  1441. Chara polyphylla f. brachyphylla A. Braun image
  1442. Chara polyphylla f. brevibracteata A. Braun image
  1443. Chara polyphylla f. gymnoteles A. Braun image
  1444. Chara polyphylla f. leptacantha A. Braun image
  1445. Chara polyphylla f. longibracteata A. Braun image
  1446. Chara polyphylla f. micracantha A. Braun image
  1447. Chara polyphylla f. paragymnophylla Braun image
  1448. Chara polyphylla subsp. armata (Meyen) A. Braun image
  1449. Chara polyphylla subsp. berteroi (Kützing) A. Braun image
  1450. Chara polyphylla subsp. conjungens A. Braun image
  1451. Chara polyphylla subsp. foliolosa (Willdenow) Braun image
  1452. Chara polyphylla subsp. guadeloupensis Braun image
  1453. Chara polyphylla subsp. humboldtiana Braun image
  1454. Chara polyphylla subsp. humboldtii (Kützing) Braun image
  1455. Chara polyphylla subsp. javanica Braun image
  1456. Chara polyphylla subsp. michauxii (Braun ex Kützing) Braun image
  1457. Chara polyphylla subsp. michauxii (Braun) Braun image
  1458. Chara polyphylla subsp. michauxii Braun image
  1459. Chara polyphylla subsp. muhlenbergii Braun image
  1460. Chara polyphylla subsp. zeylanica_('ceylanica') (Willdenow) A. Braun image
  1461. Chara polyphylla var. berteroi A. Braun image
  1462. Chara polyphylla var. compressa (Kunth) Braun image
  1463. Chara polyphylla var. conjungens 'Braun' image
  1464. Chara polyphylla var. guadelupensis Braun image
  1465. Chara polyphylla var. humboldtii Kützing image
  1466. Chara polyphylla var. indica (Bertero ex Sprengel) Braun image
  1467. Chara polyphylla var. meyenii (Braun) Wallman image
  1468. Chara polyphylla var. meyenii Braun image
  1469. Chara polyphylla var. michauxii Braun image
  1470. Chara polyphylla var. minor Kützing image
  1471. Chara polyphylla var. muhlenbergii Braun image
  1472. Chara polyphylla var. zeylanica_('ceylonica') (Willdenow) Braun image
  1473. Chara polysperma Braun image
  1474. Chara polysperma Kützing image
  1475. Chara poopoensis G.O. Allen image
  1476. Chara porteri M.T. Casanova
  1477. Chara pouzolsii Gay herb. image
  1478. Chara pouzolsii J. Gay ex A. Braun
  1479. Chara preissii Braun image
  1480. Chara preissii var. major A. Braun image
  1481. Chara preissii var. microptila Braun image
  1482. Chara preissii_('preisii') Braun image
  1483. Chara prisca Unger image
  1484. Chara prolifera Ziz herb. image
  1485. Chara protocharoides M.T. Casanova & K.G. Karol
  1486. Chara pseudo-brachypus Groves & Stephens image
  1487. Chara pseudo-hydropitys Imahori image
  1488. Chara pseudogymnophylla Filarszky image
  1489. Chara pseudogymnophylla Filarszky image
  1490. Chara pseudogymnophylla f. aspera Filarszky image
  1491. Chara pseudogymnophylla f. curdistanica Filarszky image
  1492. Chara pulchella Wallroth image
  1493. Chara pulchella var. globularis (Thuillier) Wallroth
  1494. Chara punctata Lebel image
  1495. Chara pusilla Detharting image
  1496. Chara pusilla Floerke image
  1497. Chara pusilla Floerke ex Kützing image
  1498. Chara pusilla [var.] gymnoclada Kützing image
  1499. Chara refracta Kützing image
  1500. Chara repens Withering image
  1501. Chara reussiana Ettingshausen image
  1502. Chara rigida Krassavina Krasavina image
  1503. Chara robbinsii Halsted image
  1504. Chara robusta Stache image
  1505. Chara rohlenae Vilhelm
  1506. Chara rollei Unger image
  1507. Chara rostrata Wallman image
  1508. Chara rotunda Stephens & Kent image
  1509. Chara roxburgii Braun image
  1510. Chara rudis f. brevifolia Leithe image
  1511. Chara rudis f. longifolia Leithe image
  1512. Chara rusbyana Howe image
  1513. Chara sadleri F. Unger
  1514. Chara sanctae-margaritae (Allen) C.B. Robinson image
  1515. Chara santiaguensis Cáceres image
  1516. Chara sausari B. Sahni & S.R.N. Rao image
  1517. Chara sausari Sahni & Rao image
  1518. Chara scepusiensis Filarszky image
  1519. Chara scepusiensis f. breviradiata Filarszky image
  1520. Chara scepusiensis f. glauca Filarszky image
  1521. Chara scepusiensis f. glaucescens Filarszky image
  1522. Chara scepusiensis f. sphagnoides Filarszky image
  1523. Chara scepusiensis f. stricta Filarszky image
  1524. Chara schneckii C.B. Robinson image
  1525. Chara schroederi Migula image
  1526. Chara schuebleri_('schubleri') A. Braun image
  1527. Chara schweinitzii (A. Braun) Kützing
  1528. Chara schweinizii A. Braun image
  1529. Chara schweinizii var. longibracteata Braun image
  1530. Chara schweinizii var. macroptila A. Braun image
  1531. Chara schweinizii var. microptila A. Braun image
  1532. Chara scoparia Bauer image
  1533. Chara scoparia var. baueri Braun image
  1534. Chara scoparia var. muelleri Braun image
  1535. Chara segregata Trabut mscr. image
  1536. Chara sejuncta Braun image
  1537. Chara sejuncta f. elongata T.F. Allen image
  1538. Chara sejuncta f. tenuifolia T.F. Allen image
  1539. Chara sejuncta var. brevibracteata Braun image
  1540. Chara sejuncta var. longibracteata Braun image
  1541. Chara seminuda Kützing image
  1542. Chara sertularioides G.H. Weber image
  1543. Chara setigera Klein image
  1544. Chara setosa Klein ex Willdenow image
  1545. Chara setosa f. inermis (Zaneveld) R.D. Wood image
  1546. Chara setosa f. pseudobrachypus (J. Groves & Stephens) R.D. Wood image
  1547. Chara sibirica Migula
  1548. Chara sieberi A. Braun image
  1549. Chara sinkiangensis Han & Tuan image
  1550. Chara sinkiangensis Lu image
  1551. Chara sivana Ehrenberg image
  1552. Chara smithii Babington image
  1553. Chara socotrensis Nordstedt image
  1554. Chara socotrensis f. fulgens (Filarszky) R.D. Wood image
  1555. Chara socotrensis f. nuda (Pal) R.D. Wood image
  1556. Chara socotrensis f. pashanii (Dixit) R.D. Wood image
  1557. Chara socotrensis var. bulbillifera (C. Donterberg) R.D. Wood image
  1558. Chara sperguloides Bory ined. image
  1559. Chara sphagnoides Griffith image
  1560. Chara sphagnoides Wallman image
  1561. Chara spinescens Fée image
  1562. Chara spinescens Fée {invalid}
  1563. Chara spinosa Amici image
  1564. Chara spinosa [var.] vaillantii Ruprecht image
  1565. Chara spinosa f. brachyphylla Nordstedt image
  1566. Chara spinosa f. crassicaulis Nordstedt image
  1567. Chara spinosa var. gymnoteles (A. Braun) Nordstedt image
  1568. Chara spinosa var. longispina (Wallman) Nordstedt image
  1569. Chara spinosa var. micracantha (A. Braun) Nordstedt image
  1570. Chara spirocarinata Papp image
  1571. Chara spondylophora Kützing image
  1572. Chara spondylophylla Kützing image
  1573. Chara squamosa Desfontaines image
  1574. Chara squamosa f. subhispida G. Feldmann image
  1575. Chara squamosa f. subinermis G. Feldmann image
  1576. Chara squamosa var. fontanesiana (A. Braun) G. Feldmann image
  1577. Chara squamosa var. gymnophylla (A. Braun) G. Feldmann image
  1578. Chara squamosa var. pachyphloea G. Feldmann image
  1579. Chara squamosa var. patens (A. Braun) G. Feldmann image
  1580. Chara squamosa var. subsegregata (Nordstedt) G. Feldmann image
  1581. Chara squarrosa Dollfus & Fritel image
  1582. Chara squarrosa var. crebrinoda Dollfus & Fritel image
  1583. Chara stalii Meneghini image
  1584. Chara stalii Visiani image
  1585. Chara stantonii_('stantoni') F.H. Knowlton image
  1586. Chara stellata C.B. Robinson image
  1587. Chara stellata Robinson {illegitimate}
  1588. Chara stellata Wallroth image
  1589. Chara stelligera Bauer image
  1590. Chara stenhamariana Wallman image
  1591. Chara stiriaca Unger image
  1592. Chara stoechadum Sprengel image
  1593. Chara stoechadum Sprengel {invalid}
  1594. Chara stricta Kützing image
  1595. Chara stricta var. inermis 'Kützing' image
  1596. Chara strigosa Braun image
  1597. Chara strigosa var. longispina Kützing image
  1598. Chara strigosa var. myriacantha Trabut image
  1599. Chara strobilocarpa Reid & Groves image
  1600. Chara strobilocarpa var. bitruncata Reid & Groves image
  1601. Chara strobilocarpa var. ellipsoidea Reid & Groves image
  1602. Chara strobilocarpa var. laticosta Rásky image
  1603. Chara strumosa Braun image
  1604. Chara stuartiana (F. Mueller ex Kützing) M.T. Casanova & K.G. Karol
  1605. Chara stuartiana F. v. Müller herb. image
  1606. Chara subcylindrica Reid & Groves image
  1607. Chara subglobosa Groves image
  1608. Chara subimpressa Stache image
  1609. Chara submollusca Nordstedt image
  1610. Chara subtilis F. Mueller image
  1611. Chara succincta A. Braun image
  1612. Chara superba Stache image
  1613. Chara syncarpa Thuillier image
  1614. Chara syncarpa [var.] oxygyra Braun ined. image
  1615. Chara syncarpa var. capitata (Nees) A. Braun image
  1616. Chara syncarpa var. opaca (C. Agardh) Braun image
  1617. Chara syncarpa var. pseudoflexilis Braun image
  1618. Chara syncarpa var. smithii Weddell
  1619. Chara tanyglochis H. Groves & J. Groves image
  1620. Chara tasmanica F. v. Müller image
  1621. Chara tasmannica Müller image
  1622. Chara tatarica Lessing image
  1623. Chara tehuacanensis Sámano Bishop image
  1624. Chara tenella Braun image
  1625. Chara tenera Hasslow image
  1626. Chara tenuis Bauer image
  1627. Chara tenuispina Braun image
  1628. Chara tenuispina f. elegans Filarszky image
  1629. Chara tenuispina f. longifolia Kostic image
  1630. Chara tenuispina f. minutissima Filarszky image
  1631. Chara tenuispina f. subgymnophylla Kostic image
  1632. Chara tenuissima Braun image
  1633. Chara tenuissima Desvaux image
  1634. Chara tenuissima var. americana Braun image
  1635. Chara tenuissima var. batrachosperma (Thuiller) Ganterer
  1636. Chara tenuissima var. ramulosa Ganterer
  1637. Chara tenuitecta Straub image
  1638. Chara tenuitecta var. levis Straub image
  1639. Chara texensis J. Groves image
  1640. Chara tomentosa L. image
  1641. Chara tomentosa f. brachyphylla Wahlstedt image
  1642. Chara tomentosa f. condensata Wahlstedt image
  1643. Chara tomentosa f. elongata Wahlstedt image
  1644. Chara tomentosa f. gracilior Crouan frat. image
  1645. Chara tomentosa f. incrustata Nordstedt image
  1646. Chara tomentosa f. laevis Nordstedt image
  1647. Chara tomentosa f. macracantha Nordstedt image
  1648. Chara tomentosa f. macrophylla Wahlstedt image
  1649. Chara tomentosa f. macroptila Nordstedt image
  1650. Chara tomentosa f. macrostephana Nordstedt image
  1651. Chara tomentosa f. macroteles Nordstedt image
  1652. Chara tomentosa f. marina Wahlstedt image
  1653. Chara tomentosa f. micracantha Nordstedt image
  1654. Chara tomentosa f. microptila Nordstedt image
  1655. Chara tomentosa f. microstephana Nordstedt image
  1656. Chara tomentosa f. microteles Nordstedt image
  1657. Chara tomentosa f. munda Nordstedt image
  1658. Chara tomentosa f. robustior Wahlstedt image
  1659. Chara tomentosa f. rudis Nordstedt image
  1660. Chara tomentosa f. stagnalis Wahlstedt image
  1661. Chara tomentosa f. tenuior Wahlstedt image
  1662. Chara tomentosa subf. marina Wahlstedt image
  1663. Chara tomentosa subf. stagnalis Wahlstedt image
  1664. Chara tomentosa subsp. disjuncta Nordstedt image
  1665. Chara tomentosa var. ceratophylla (Wallroth) Hartman image
  1666. Chara tomentosa var. disjuncta (Nordstedt) R.D. Wood image
  1667. Chara tomentosa var. munda Kützing image
  1668. Chara tomskiensis Krassavina Krasavina image
  1669. Chara tornata Reid & Groves image
  1670. Chara torulosa Dollfus & Fritel image
  1671. Chara torulosa var. disjuncta Dollfus & Fritel image
  1672. Chara translucens J.E. Smith image
  1673. Chara translucens Persoon image
  1674. Chara translucens Persoon image
  1675. Chara translucens Wallman msc. image
  1676. Chara translucens var. prolifera Wallroth image
  1677. Chara translucens var. syncephala Wallroth image
  1678. Chara trichodes Kützing image
  1679. Chara tuberculata Lyell
  1680. Chara tuberculata Opiz image
  1681. Chara turbinata Reid & Groves image
  1682. Chara turgida Ehrenberg image
  1683. Chara tuzsonii_('Tuzsoni') Rásky image
  1684. Chara ulmensis Straub image
  1685. Chara ulmensis var. bullaefera Straub image
  1686. Chara ulvoides Bertoloni image
  1687. Chara ulvoides Bertoloni image
  1688. Chara ungeri Ettingshausen image
  1689. Chara uzbekistanica Hollerbach image
  1690. Chara vandalurensis Sundaralingam image
  1691. Chara variabilis Filarszky image
  1692. Chara vasiformis Reid & Groves image
  1693. Chara vectensis Groves image
  1694. Chara verticillata Peck image
  1695. Chara vespiformis Groves image
  1696. Chara virgata Kützing image
  1697. Chara visianii J. Blazencic & V. Randjelovic
  1698. Chara visianii f. dalmatica (R. Visiani) J. Blazencic image
  1699. Chara visianii f. dalmatica (R. Visiani) J. Blazencic & V. Randjelovic
  1700. Chara vitalii R. Bicudo image
  1701. Chara voltzii A. Braun
  1702. Chara voluta Peck image
  1703. Chara vulgaris L. image
  1704. Chara vulgaris [var.] delicatula (Desvaux) Desvaux image
  1705. Chara vulgaris [var.] papillaris "Wallr." image
  1706. Chara vulgaris f. arrudensis (Mendes) R.D. Wood image
  1707. Chara vulgaris f. brionica (Stapf) R.D. Wood
  1708. Chara vulgaris f. calveraënsis R.D. Wood image
  1709. Chara vulgaris f. conimbrigensis (Gonçalves da Cunha) R.D. Wood image
  1710. Chara vulgaris f. contraria (A. Braun ex Kützing) R.D. Wood image
  1711. Chara vulgaris f. crassicaulis (A. Braun) R.D. Wood image
  1712. Chara vulgaris f. crispa (Wallman) R.D. Wood image
  1713. Chara vulgaris f. excelsa (T.F. Allen) R.D. Wood image
  1714. Chara vulgaris f. grovesii (Pal) R.D. Wood image
  1715. Chara vulgaris f. hispidula (A. Braun) R.D. Wood image
  1716. Chara vulgaris f. howeana R.D. Wood image
  1717. Chara vulgaris f. hungarica (Filarszky) image
  1718. Chara vulgaris f. kieneri (Daily) R.D. Wood image
  1719. Chara vulgaris f. lata Krassavina image
  1720. Chara vulgaris f. longibracteata (Braun) Verdam image
  1721. Chara vulgaris f. muscosa (J. Groves & Bullock-Webster) R.D. Wood image
  1722. Chara vulgaris f. normalis (Migula) Verdam
  1723. Chara vulgaris f. papillosa (Kützing) R.D. Wood image
  1724. Chara vulgaris f. polysperma (Braun) Verdam image
  1725. Chara vulgaris f. punctulata Krassavina image
  1726. Chara vulgaris f. rohlenae (Vilhelm) R.D. Wood image
  1727. Chara vulgaris f. scepusiensis (Filarszky) R.D. Wood image
  1728. Chara vulgaris f. seminuda (Kützing) Verdam image
  1729. Chara vulgaris f. socotrensioides R.D. Wood image
  1730. Chara vulgaris f. tenera (Hasslow) R.D. Wood image
  1731. Chara vulgaris subsp. boveana (A. Braun) Zaneveld image
  1732. Chara vulgaris subsp. crassicaulis (A. Braun) Zaneveld image
  1733. Chara vulgaris subsp. eu-vulgaris Zaneveld image
  1734. Chara vulgaris subsp. subinermis (A. Braun) Trabut image
  1735. Chara vulgaris var. chilensis (Kützing) Horn af Rantzien image
  1736. Chara vulgaris var. crassicaulis Kützing image
  1737. Chara vulgaris var. decipiens (Desvaux) Kützing image
  1738. Chara vulgaris var. denudata (A. Braun) R.D. Wood image
  1739. Chara vulgaris var. elongata Wallroth image
  1740. Chara vulgaris var. glomerata Kützing image
  1741. Chara vulgaris var. imperfecta (A. Braun ex Leonhardi) R.D. Wood image
  1742. Chara vulgaris var. inconnexa (T.F. Allen) R.D. Wood image
  1743. Chara vulgaris var. intermedia C. Agardh image
  1744. Chara vulgaris var. kirghisorum (Lessing) R.D. Wood image
  1745. Chara vulgaris var. longibracteata Kützing image
  1746. Chara vulgaris var. melanopyrenia G. Feldmann image
  1747. Chara vulgaris var. moniliformis (A. Braun) Kützing image
  1748. Chara vulgaris var. munda Wallroth image
  1749. Chara vulgaris var. oedophylla (G. Feldmann) R.D. Wood image
  1750. Chara vulgaris var. papillata Wallroth image
  1751. Chara vulgaris var. paragymnophylla G. Feldmann image
  1752. Chara vulgaris var. subhispida A. Braun ex Kützing image
  1753. Chara vulgaris var. subhispida G. Feldmann image
  1754. Chara vulgaris var. subinermis G. Feldmann image
  1755. Chara wallichii Braun image
  1756. Chara wallrothii Ruprecht image
  1757. Chara wallrothii Ruprecht {illegitimate}
  1758. Chara wightii (A. Braun) M.T. Casanova
  1759. Chara wikstroemii_('Wikströmi') Wallman image
  1760. Chara woodringii_('woodringi') Berry image
  1761. Chara wrightii var. minor Reid & Groves image
  1762. Chara wrightii var. rhytidocarpa Reid & Groves image
  1763. Chara youngii_('youngi') Lu image
  1764. Chara zeylanica Willdenow image
  1765. Chara zeylanica f. angolensis (A. Braun) Rosa Bicudo image
  1766. Chara zeylanica f. armata (Meyen) Zaneveld image
  1767. Chara zeylanica f. berteroi (Kützing) H. Groves & J. Groves image
  1768. Chara zeylanica f. carmenensis (T.F. Allen) R.D. Wood
  1769. Chara zeylanica f. conjungens (Braun) H. Groves & J. Groves image
  1770. Chara zeylanica f. cubensis (T.F. Allen) R.D. Wood image
  1771. Chara zeylanica f. depauperata (T.F. Allen) R.D. Wood image
  1772. Chara zeylanica f. diaphana (Meyen) Zaneveld image
  1773. Chara zeylanica f. drouetii R.D. Wood image
  1774. Chara zeylanica f. filicaulis (C.B. Robinson) image
  1775. Chara zeylanica f. formosa (C.B. Robinson) R.D. Wood image
  1776. Chara zeylanica f. guatemalensis (Nordstedt) Zaneveld image
  1777. Chara zeylanica f. humboldtiana (A. Braun) Zaneveld image
  1778. Chara zeylanica f. humboldtii (Kützing) H. & J. Groves image
  1779. Chara zeylanica f. inconstans (Kützing) H. Groves & J. Groves image
  1780. Chara zeylanica f. kenoyeri (Howe) R.D. Wood image
  1781. Chara zeylanica f. michauxii (Braun) H. Groves & J. Groves image
  1782. Chara zeylanica f. oerstediana (A. Braun) R.D. Wood image
  1783. Chara zeylanica f. tenuifolia R.D. Wood image
  1784. Chara zeylanica f. typica Zaneveld image
  1785. Chara zeylanica f. vandalurensis (Sundaralingam) R.D. Wood image
  1786. Chara zeylanica var. brittonii (T.F. Allen ex C.B. Robinson) R.D. Wood image
  1787. Chara zeylanica var. diaphana (Meyen) R.D. Wood image
  1788. Chara zeylanica var. inconstans (Braun ex Kützing) H. Groves & J. Groves image
  1789. Chara zeylanica var. sejuncta (A. Braun) R.D. Wood image
  1790. Chara ziethenii_('zietheni') A. Braun image
  1791. Characeites acuminata Tuzson image
  1792. Characeites globosa Tuzson image
  1793. Characeites verrucosa Tuzson image
  1794. Characella tomentosa (L.) Gaillon image
  1795. Characella vulgaris (L.) Gaillon image
  1796. Characidiopsis acuta Pascher image
  1797. Characidiopsis ellipsoidea Pascher image
  1798. Characidiopsis elongata Pascher image
  1799. Characidiopsis piriformis Ettl image
  1800. Characiella rukwae Schmidle image
  1801. Characiellopsis anophelesii (M.O.P. Iyengar & M.O.T. Iyengar) M.O.P. Iyengar image
  1802. Characiellopsis skujae (Fott) Komárek image
  1803. Characiochloris acuminata K.W. Lee & H.C. Bold image
  1804. Characiochloris anomala Korshikov mss. image
  1805. Characiochloris anophelesii Iyengar image
  1806. Characiochloris apiculata Korshikov image
  1807. Characiochloris blatnense (Ettl) Bourrelly image
  1808. Characiochloris characioides Pascher image
  1809. Characiochloris clathrata Skuja image
  1810. Characiochloris crassa Korshikov image
  1811. Characiochloris curvata (Ettl) Bourrelly image
  1812. Characiochloris epizootica Pascher image
  1813. Characiochloris ettlii Vott image
  1814. Characiochloris incrassata Skuja image
  1815. Characiochloris klinorostris Skuja image
  1816. Characiochloris monopleura Skuja image
  1817. Characiochloris obtusa Korshikov image
  1818. Characiochloris piriformis Ettl image
  1819. Characiochloris pseudopyriformis Bourrelly image
  1820. Characiochloris pyriformis Skuja image
  1821. Characiochloris rotatoriorum Proshkina-Lavrenko
  1822. Characiochloris salina Proshkina-Lavrenko image
  1823. Characiochloris sasae H. Nozaki
  1824. Characiochloris sessilis Pascher image
  1825. Characiochloris sideropus Skuja image
  1826. Characiochloris stellata (Ettl) Bourrelly image
  1827. Characiopodium californicum (K.W. Lee & H.C. Bold) G.L. Floyd & S. Watanabe
  1828. Characiopodium hindakii (K.W. Lee & H.C. Bold) G.L. Floyd & S. Watanabe
  1829. Characiopodium oviforme (K.W. Lee & H.C. Bold) H. Ettl image
  1830. Characiopodium oviforme H. Ettl & G. Gärtner {invalid}
  1831. Characiopodium pseudopolymorphum (M.T. Philipose) G.L. Floyd & S. Watanabe
  1832. Characiopodium typicum G.L. Floyd & S. Watanabe {invalid}
  1833. Characiopsiella minima (Pascher) R. Amaral, K.P. Fawley, Y. Nemcová, T. Sevčíková, A. Lukesová, M.W. Fawley, L.M.A. Santos & M. Eliás
  1834. Characiopsis acicularis H. Pizarro
  1835. Characiopsis aculeata Pascher image
  1836. Characiopsis aculeata var. obtusa Ettl image
  1837. Characiopsis acuta (A. Braun) Borzi image
  1838. Characiopsis acuta var. schroederi Printz image
  1839. Characiopsis aegyptica_('aegypticum') Brunnthaler image
  1840. Characiopsis ambrosiana H. Ettl image
  1841. Characiopsis americana Skvortzov & Noda image
  1842. Characiopsis anabaenae Pascher image
  1843. Characiopsis anabaenae f. maior (Ettl) Dedusenko-Shchegoleva image
  1844. Characiopsis anabaenae var. maior Ettl image
  1845. Characiopsis anas Pascher image
  1846. Characiopsis aquilonaris Skuja
  1847. Characiopsis aquilonaris var. azollae H. Pizarro
  1848. Characiopsis aquilonaris var. chompi H. Pizarro & G. Tell
  1849. Characiopsis aquilonaris var. fusiformis H. Pizarro
  1850. Characiopsis aquilonaris var. incompleta H. Pizarro
  1851. Characiopsis aristulata Beck-Mannagetta image
  1852. Characiopsis armata Ettl image
  1853. Characiopsis armata var. claricis H. Pizarro & G. Tell
  1854. Characiopsis avis Pascher image
  1855. Characiopsis borziana Cedercreutz image
  1856. Characiopsis borziana Lemmermann image
  1857. Characiopsis bourrellyi_(`bourrelyi') J.A. Rino
  1858. Characiopsis brevispina H. Pizarro
  1859. Characiopsis brevispina var. titae H. Pizarro
  1860. Characiopsis callosa Ettl image
  1861. Characiopsis calyptrata Pascher image
  1862. Characiopsis caudata H. Pizarro
  1863. Characiopsis cedercreutzii_('cedercreutzi') Pascher image
  1864. Characiopsis clava (Hermann) Lemmermann image
  1865. Characiopsis claviformis H. Pizarro
  1866. Characiopsis coccolisii H. Pizarro
  1867. Characiopsis cochlearis Pascher image
  1868. Characiopsis columnaris Pascher image
  1869. Characiopsis columnaris var. pusilla H. Pizarro image
  1870. Characiopsis columnaris var. pusilla H. Pizarro & G. Tell
  1871. Characiopsis communis Skvortzov image
  1872. Characiopsis commutata Pascher image
  1873. Characiopsis crassi-apex Printz image
  1874. Characiopsis crassirostrum Pascher image
  1875. Characiopsis crustacearum Elenkin image
  1876. Characiopsis curvata (G.M. Smith) Skuja image
  1877. Characiopsis curvata var. minuta Couté & Rousselin image
  1878. Characiopsis cylindrica (Lambert) Lemmermann image
  1879. Characiopsis cystodinioformis_('cystodinioforme') Thérézien image
  1880. Characiopsis difflugicola Huber-Pestalozzi image
  1881. Characiopsis discospinata H. Pizarro
  1882. Characiopsis discospinata var. pedicellata H. Pizarro
  1883. Characiopsis dubia Pascher image
  1884. Characiopsis elegans Ettl image
  1885. Characiopsis elephantipes Ettl image
  1886. Characiopsis ellipsoidea G.S. West image
  1887. Characiopsis elliptica S. Péterfi image
  1888. Characiopsis epiphytica Bourrelly & Georges image
  1889. Characiopsis ettliana H.N. Pizarro
  1890. Characiopsis ettliana var. hemiovalis H. Pizarro
  1891. Characiopsis ettliana var. pseudolongipes H. Pizarro
  1892. Characiopsis falcata (Br. Schröder) Lemmermann image
  1893. Characiopsis falx Pascher image
  1894. Characiopsis falx var. guyanensis_('guyanense') H. Pizarro
  1895. Characiopsis falx var. nana H. Pizarro
  1896. Characiopsis frutosiae var. tecamebiana H. Pizarro
  1897. Characiopsis frutosiae_('frutii') H.N. Pizarro image
  1898. Characiopsis frutosiae_(`frutii') H.N. Pizarro
  1899. Characiopsis fusiformis S. Péterfi image
  1900. Characiopsis galeata Ettl image
  1901. Characiopsis geitleri Halász image
  1902. Characiopsis gibba (A. Braun) Borzi image
  1903. Characiopsis gladius Pascher image
  1904. Characiopsis gracilis Pascher image
  1905. Characiopsis grandis Pascher image
  1906. Characiopsis groenlandica (P. Richter) Lemmermann image
  1907. Characiopsis groenlandica var. rossica Elenkin image
  1908. Characiopsis guyanense Thérézien image
  1909. Characiopsis guyanensis_('guyanense') Thérézien
  1910. Characiopsis heeringiana Pascher image
  1911. Characiopsis heeringiana f. maior (Pascher) Dedusenko-Shchegoleva image
  1912. Characiopsis heeringiana var. maior Pascher image
  1913. Characiopsis horizontalis (Braun) Lemmermann ex Pascher
  1914. Characiopsis horizontalis Lemmermann image
  1915. Characiopsis incrassata Pascher image
  1916. Characiopsis incurva Ettl image
  1917. Characiopsis korschikovii Matvienko
  1918. Characiopsis kozloffii Skvortzov & Noda image
  1919. Characiopsis lacostei M.S. Vigna & S. Mac Carthy
  1920. Characiopsis lacrimaeformis H. Pizarro
  1921. Characiopsis lagena Pascher image
  1922. Characiopsis lagena var. parva H. Pizarro
  1923. Characiopsis lageniformis Pascher image
  1924. Characiopsis lanceolata Skvortzov image
  1925. Characiopsis lilloensis Conrad image
  1926. Characiopsis longipes (Rabenhorst) Borzi image
  1927. Characiopsis longipes var. dubia Pascher image
  1928. Characiopsis longipes var. minor H. Pizarro & G. Tell
  1929. Characiopsis longipes var. westii Lemmermann image
  1930. Characiopsis lunaris Pascher image
  1931. Characiopsis lunaris var. delicatissima H. Pizarro
  1932. Characiopsis magna Pignatti image
  1933. Characiopsis malleolus Pascher & Klug image
  1934. Characiopsis malleus Pascher image
  1935. Characiopsis malleus var. oblonga H. Pizarro
  1936. Characiopsis mamelonata H. Pizarro
  1937. Characiopsis microcysticola Skuja
  1938. Characiopsis microcysticola f. phacuscola J.A. Rino
  1939. Characiopsis microcysticola var. azollae Tell & Pizarro
  1940. Characiopsis minima Pascher
  1941. Characiopsis minima var. bichromatophora Bourrelly invalid image
  1942. Characiopsis minima var. maior H. Pizarro
  1943. Characiopsis minor Pascher image
  1944. Characiopsis minuta (A. Braun) Borzì image
  1945. Characiopsis minuta var. major Wille image
  1946. Characiopsis minutissima Pascher image
  1947. Characiopsis minutissima var. brevis H. Pizarro
  1948. Characiopsis minutissima var. truncata H. Pizarro
  1949. Characiopsis naegelii (A. Braun) Lemmermann image
  1950. Characiopsis nasuta Skvortzov image
  1951. Characiopsis naviculiformis Kufferath image
  1952. Characiopsis nematoceras O. Bock image
  1953. Characiopsis nosuta Skvortzov image
  1954. Characiopsis oblique Pascher image
  1955. Characiopsis obovoidea Pascher image
  1956. Characiopsis obovoidea f. epizoica M.S. Vigna
  1957. Characiopsis obovoidea var. epizoica (M.S. Vigna) H. Pizarro
  1958. Characiopsis obtusa (Ettl) Ettl image
  1959. Characiopsis ovalis (Chodat) Chodat image
  1960. Characiopsis pachypus Pascher image
  1961. Characiopsis pachypus var. clavata Tell & Pizarro
  1962. Characiopsis pachypus var. columnata H. Pizarro
  1963. Characiopsis pandorinae Skvortzov image
  1964. Characiopsis pernana Pascher image
  1965. Characiopsis pileata J.J. Copeland image
  1966. Characiopsis pinguis Ettl image
  1967. Characiopsis polychloris Pascher image
  1968. Characiopsis praeacuta (Ettl) Ettl image
  1969. Characiopsis pseudospinifer (Ettl) Ettl image
  1970. Characiopsis pyrenoidosa Ettl image
  1971. Characiopsis pyriformis (A. Braun) Borzi image
  1972. Characiopsis pyriformis f. calyptrata (Ettl) Dedusenko-Shchegoleva image
  1973. Characiopsis pyriformis f. decrescens (Printz) Dedusenko-Shchegoleva image
  1974. Characiopsis pyriformis f. incrassata (Pascher) Dedusenko-Shchegoleva image
  1975. Characiopsis pyriformis f. subsessilis (Lemmermann) Dedusenko-Shchegoleva image
  1976. Characiopsis pyriformis var. calyptrata Ettl image
  1977. Characiopsis pyriformis var. cerasiformis (Eichler & Raciborski) Lemmermann image
  1978. Characiopsis pyriformis var. decrescens Printz image
  1979. Characiopsis pyriformis var. incrassata Pascher image
  1980. Characiopsis pyriformis var. ovata H. Pizarro
  1981. Characiopsis pyriformis var. pseudotuba H. Pizarro
  1982. Characiopsis pyriformis var. subsessilis_('subsessile') Lemmermann image
  1983. Characiopsis pyriformis var. teres Printz image
  1984. Characiopsis pyriformis var. zalocarii Tell & Pizarro
  1985. Characiopsis reticulata Skvortzov & Noda image
  1986. Characiopsis richiana Pascher image
  1987. Characiopsis rossica (Elenkin) Dedusenko-Shchegoleva image
  1988. Characiopsis saccata N. Carter image
  1989. Characiopsis sagittata H. Pizarro
  1990. Characiopsis salviniae H. Pizarro
  1991. Characiopsis seattlensis Skvortzov & Noda image
  1992. Characiopsis sessilis Pascher image
  1993. Characiopsis sphagnicola Pascher image
  1994. Characiopsis sphagnicola var. chiqui H. Pizarro
  1995. Characiopsis sphagnicola var. nordestis H. Pizarro
  1996. Characiopsis spina Pascher image
  1997. Characiopsis spinaelegans H. Pizarro
  1998. Characiopsis spinifer Printz image
  1999. Characiopsis spinifer var. correntinensis H. Pizarro & G. Tell
  2000. Characiopsis spinifer var. gracilis Ettl image
  2001. Characiopsis spinifer var. robusta Ettl image
  2002. Characiopsis sublinearis Pascher image
  2003. Characiopsis sublinearis var. minor H. Pizarro
  2004. Characiopsis sublinearis var. praeacuta Ettl image
  2005. Characiopsis submalleolus Starmach image
  2006. Characiopsis subsessilis Kufferath image
  2007. Characiopsis subsphaerica S. Péterfi image
  2008. Characiopsis subulata (A. Braun) Borzì image
  2009. Characiopsis subulata var. ensiformis (Hermann) Lemmermann image
  2010. Characiopsis subulata var. linearis Lemmermann image
  2011. Characiopsis subulata var. ventricosa Ettl image
  2012. Characiopsis teres Pascher image
  2013. Characiopsis teres var. minor Tell & Pizarro
  2014. Characiopsis tuba (Hermann) Lemmermann image
  2015. Characiopsis tuba var. major (Hansgirg) Lemmermann image
  2016. Characiopsis tuba var. minor L.F. Agujaro
  2017. Characiopsis tuba var. pseudopyriformis Tell & Pizarro
  2018. Characiopsis turgida W. West & G.S. West image
  2019. Characiopsis turgida var. holsatica Lemmermann image
  2020. Characiopsis umbilicata Skuja image
  2021. Characiopsis varians Pascher image
  2022. Characiopsis ventricosa (Ettl) Ettl image
  2023. Characiopsis ventricosa var. pseudoelegans H. Pizarro
  2024. Characiosimilis brevicauda Palik image
  2025. Characiosiphon rivularis Iyengar image
  2026. Characium acuminatum A. Braun ex Kützing image
  2027. Characium acuminatum f. maior Peterfi image
  2028. Characium acuminatum var. elegans Kufferath image
  2029. Characium acuminatum var. minus_('minor') Nayal image
  2030. Characium acutatum Korshikov image
  2031. Characium acutum A. Braun image
  2032. Characium ambiguum Hermann image
  2033. Characium ambiguum var. elongatum Jao image
  2034. Characium ambiguum var. rhaphidiforme Rainhard image
  2035. Characium ambiguum var. rhaphidiiforme Reinhard
  2036. Characium ambiguum var. tenue (Hermann) Riabinine
  2037. Characium ancora (G.M. Smith) Fott image
  2038. Characium angustum Braun image
  2039. Characium angustum f. minor Stockmayer image
  2040. Characium angustum var. exacuatum Printz image
  2041. Characium ankistrodesmiforme Skvortzov image
  2042. Characium anophelesi M.O.P. Iyengar & M.O.T. Iyengar image
  2043. Characium apiculatum Chodat image
  2044. Characium apiculatum Rabenhorst image
  2045. Characium apiculatum var. stipitata Printz image
  2046. Characium apiocystiforme Hermann image
  2047. Characium arizonicum W.R. Taylor image
  2048. Characium astipitatum Metting image
  2049. Characium asymmetricum Korshikov image
  2050. Characium bicaudatum Woronikhin image
  2051. Characium boldii J.A. Rino image
  2052. Characium boldii J.A. Rino {illegitimate}
  2053. Characium braunii Brugger image
  2054. Characium braunii var. hungaricum Kiss image
  2055. Characium braunii var. minor Liebetanz image
  2056. Characium brunnthaleri Printz image
  2057. Characium bulbosum Korshikov image
  2058. Characium bulgariense K.W. Lee & Bold image
  2059. Characium californicum K.W. Lee & Bold image
  2060. Characium californicum K.W. Lee & H.C. Bold
  2061. Characium cerassiforme Eichler & Raciborski image
  2062. Characium cerassiforme var. minimum Playfair image
  2063. Characium chlamydopus Hermann image
  2064. Characium chrysopyxidis Pascher image
  2065. Characium clava Hermann image
  2066. Characium conicum Korshikov image
  2067. Characium coronatum P.F. Reinsch image
  2068. Characium cucurbitinum Jao image
  2069. Characium curvatum G.M. Smith image
  2070. Characium cylindricum F.D. Lambert
  2071. Characium cylindricum Lambert ex Collins, Holden & Setchell image
  2072. Characium debaryanum (Reinsch) De Toni image
  2073. Characium dyeri_('dyerii') Reinsch image
  2074. Characium elipticum L. Reinhard
  2075. Characium ensiforme Hermann image
  2076. Characium epipyxis Hermann image
  2077. Characium eurypus Hermann image
  2078. Characium falcatum Schröder image
  2079. Characium fusiforme K.W. Lee & Bold image
  2080. Characium gibbum Braun image
  2081. Characium giganteum (Wolle) De Toni image
  2082. Characium gracile Naumann image
  2083. Characium gracile Schiller image
  2084. Characium gracilipes F.D. Lambert
  2085. Characium gracilipes Lambert ex Collins, Holden & Setchell image
  2086. Characium groenlandicum Richter image
  2087. Characium guttula Playfair image
  2088. Characium hagmeierianum O.C. Schmidt image
  2089. Characium heteromorphum (Reinsch) Wolle image
  2090. Characium hindakii K.W. Lee & Bold image
  2091. Characium hindakii K.W. Lee & H.C. Bold
  2092. Characium hookeri (Reinsch) Hansgirg image
  2093. Characium horizontale Braun image
  2094. Characium indicum R.J. Patel & Isabella image
  2095. Characium inspersum Beck-Mannagetta image
  2096. Characium issaevi Kiselev image
  2097. Characium issajewi Kiselev image
  2098. Characium judayi var. microspina Hortobagyi image
  2099. Characium judayi_('judai') (G.M. Smith) Fott ex Hortobágyi {invalid}
  2100. Characium lanceolatum O. Jaag image
  2101. Characium limneticum Lemmermann image
  2102. Characium longipes Rabenhorst image
  2103. Characium longipes var. affine L. Reinhard
  2104. Characium lundii Fott image
  2105. Characium macrosporum (Turner) Biswas image
  2106. Characium marinum Kjellman image
  2107. Characium maximum S. Watanabe
  2108. Characium michailovskoense Elenkin image
  2109. Characium michailovskoense var. angustius Elenkin
  2110. Characium minutum A. Braun ex Kützing image
  2111. Characium minutum var. disculiferum Wittrock image
  2112. Characium naegelii A. Braun image
  2113. Characium naegelii var. maius Hansgirg image
  2114. Characium nasutum Rabenhorst image
  2115. Characium obesum W.R. Taylor image
  2116. Characium obovatum L. Reinhard
  2117. Characium obovatum var. longipes L. Reinhard
  2118. Characium obtusellum De Toni image
  2119. Characium obtusum Braun image
  2120. Characium obtusum var. majus Printz image
  2121. Characium ocellatum Korshikov image
  2122. Characium operculum Ackley image
  2123. Characium orissicum Philipose image
  2124. Characium ornithocephalum Braun image
  2125. Characium ornithocephalum f. alpinum Beck-Mannagetta image
  2126. Characium ornithocephalum f. constrictum_('constricta') Eichler
  2127. Characium ornithocephalum var. adolescens Printz image
  2128. Characium ornithocephalum var. constrictum Eichler image
  2129. Characium ornithocephalum var. harpochytriiforme_('Harpochytriiformis') Printz image
  2130. Characium ornithocephalum var. longisetum H. Ettl image
  2131. Characium ornithocephalum var. majus_(`major') R.J. Patel & Isabella George
  2132. Characium ornithocephalum var. pringsheimii (A. Braun) Komáek image
  2133. Characium ovale Sande Lacoste & Suringar
  2134. Characium ovatum L. Reinhard
  2135. Characium ovatum f. minus Hollerbach image
  2136. Characium oviforme K.W. Lee & Bold image
  2137. Characium oviforme K.W. Lee & H.C. Bold {invalid}
  2138. Characium pachypus Grunow image
  2139. Characium pedicellatum Hermann image
  2140. Characium perforatum K.W. Lee & Bold image
  2141. Characium perforatum K.W. Lee & H.C. Bold {invalid}
  2142. Characium phascoides Hermann image
  2143. Characium phascoscelis Itzigsohn image
  2144. Characium philippinense Behre image
  2145. Characium planctonicum Skuja image
  2146. Characium pluricoccum Korshikov image
  2147. Characium polymorphum F.R. Trainor & H.C. Bold image
  2148. Characium polymorphum F.R. Trainor & H.C. Bold {illegitimate}
  2149. Characium polymorphum Printz image
  2150. Characium pringsheimii Braun image
  2151. Characium pringsheimii f. minor Hortobagyi image
  2152. Characium prodani Peterfi image
  2153. Characium pseudo-polymorphum Philipose image
  2154. Characium pseudopolymorphum_(`pseudo-polymorphum') M.T. Philipose
  2155. Characium pseudopyriforme _('pseudo-pyriforme') Philipose image
  2156. Characium pyriforme Braun image
  2157. Characium pyriforme J.W.G. Lund image
  2158. Characium pyriforme f. acuminatum_('acuminata') Eichler
  2159. Characium pyriforme var. acuminatum_('acuminata') Eichler image
  2160. Characium rabenhorstii De Toni image
  2161. Characium rostratum L. Reinhard
  2162. Characium rostratum Reinhard image
  2163. Characium saccatum Filarszky
  2164. Characium salinum Ivanow
  2165. Characium sarmae R.S. Pandey & D.C. Pandey image
  2166. Characium sarmae R.S. Pandey & D.C. Pandey {invalid}
  2167. Characium schweickerdtii Cholnoky image
  2168. Characium sessile Hermann image
  2169. Characium setiferum Cortés Latorre image
  2170. Characium setigerum (Schroeder) Bourrelly image
  2171. Characium setosum Filarszky
  2172. Characium sieboldii var. disculifera Bohlin image
  2173. Characium sieboldii var. parvulum Skuja image
  2174. Characium sieboldii_('sieboldi') A. Braun ex Kützing image
  2175. Characium sikangense Jao image
  2176. Characium simplex Korshikov image
  2177. Characium simplicissimum Korshikov image
  2178. Characium skujae Fott image
  2179. Characium spinulosum Woloszynska image
  2180. Characium starrii Fott image
  2181. Characium starrii Fott image
  2182. Characium stipitatum (Bachmann) Wille image
  2183. Characium strictum Braun image
  2184. Characium subsessile (Wolle) De Toni image
  2185. Characium substrictum Jao image
  2186. Characium subulatum Braun image
  2187. Characium subulatum f. gracilior Rabenhorst image
  2188. Characium subulatum f. robustior Rabenhorst image
  2189. Characium tenue Hermann
  2190. Characium tenue var. raphidiiforme L. Reinhard
  2191. Characium terrestre_('terrestris') Kanthamma image
  2192. Characium transvaalense Cholnoky image
  2193. Characium tuba Hermann image
  2194. Characium typicum K.W. Lee & Bold image
  2195. Characium typicum K.W. Lee & H.C. Bold {invalid}
  2196. Characium urnigerum Hermann image
  2197. Characium vacuolatum K.W. Lee & Bold image
  2198. Charaxis durlstonense T. Harris image
  2199. Charaxis schuebleri (Braun) T. Harris image
  2200. Charaxis striatus Peck image
  2201. Charaxis ziethenii_('zietheni') (Braun) T. Harris image
  2202. Chlamydomonas characioides A.A. Korshikov image
  2203. Conferva chara Roth
  2204. Corallina chara Lamarck
  2205. Corallina chara_('charra') Lamarck image
  2206. Cuneatochara acuminata Sajdakovskij image
  2207. Cuneatochara angusta Sajdakovskij image
  2208. Cuneatochara bellatula (H.N. Lu & Q.X. Luo) L.Ya. Sajdakovskij
  2209. Cuneatochara capitata Sajdakovskij & Kisielevsky image
  2210. Cuneatochara cuneata Sajdakovskij image
  2211. Cuneatochara elliptica (H.N. Lu & Q.X. Luo) L.Ya. Sajdakovskij
  2212. Cuneatochara jinxiensis (Zhen Wang) L.Ya. Sajdakovskij
  2213. Cuneatochara nanpiaoensis_(`nanpioaensis') (Zhen Wang) L.Ya. Sajdakovskij
  2214. Cuneatochara nanpiaonsis (Zhen Wang) L.Ya. Sajdakovskij image
  2215. Cuneatochara procera Sajdakovskij image
  2216. Cuneatochara xinjiangensis_('xinjiagensis') (H.N. Lu & Q.X. Luo) L.Ya. Sajdakovskij image
  2217. Cuneatochara xinjiangensis_(`xinjiagensis') (H.N. Lu & Q.X. Luo) L.Ya. Sajdakovskij
  2218. DEUTEROCHARACIUM K. Petry image
  2219. DIECTOCHARA Musacchio image
  2220. Deuterocharacium fallax B. Fott image
  2221. Deuterocharacium polyplastidicum K. Petrý image
  2222. Deuterocharacium polyplastidicum var. petryae B. Fott image
  2223. Deuterocharacium polyplastidicum_('polyplastidium') Petrý
  2224. Diectochara andica Musacchio image
  2225. ECHINOCHARA R.E. Peck image
  2226. EOCHARA Choquette image
  2227. EOCHARACEAE Grambast image
  2228. ESCHARA L. image
  2229. ESCHARA Linnaeus
  2230. EUCHARA K.H.B. Braun image
  2231. EUCHARA P.C.P.G.H. Leonhardi image
  2232. EUCHARA V.B.A. Trevisan de Saint-Leon image
  2233. EUCHARACIUM A.A. Pascher image
  2234. Echinochara spinosa Peck image
  2235. Entophysa charae Möbius image
  2236. Eochara wickendenii_('wickendeni') Choquette image
  2237. Eschara acicularis Reuss image
  2238. Eschara ciliata Pallas image
  2239. Eschara divaricata L. image
  2240. Eschara divaricata Linnaeus
  2241. Eschara fascialis Pallas image
  2242. Eschara fistulosa L. image
  2243. Eschara fistulosa Linnaeus
  2244. Eschara foliacea L. image
  2245. Eschara foliacea Linnaeus
  2246. Eschara fragilis L. image
  2247. Eschara fragilis Linnaeus
  2248. Eschara spongites Pallas image
  2249. Eschara verticillata L. image
  2250. Eschara verticillata Linnaeus
  2251. Euaclistochara lufengensis Z. Wang et al.
  2252. Euaclistochara mundula var. orientalis Z. Wang, P.X. Yuan, & Z.Z. Zhao
  2253. Euaclistochara nuguishanensis Z. Wang et al.
  2254. Euaclistochara yunnanensis Z. Wang et al.
  2255. FLABELLOCHARA L. Grambast image
  2256. Flabellochara grovesii_('grovesi') (T. Harris) Grambast image
  2257. Flabellochara hangzhouensis Zhen Wang
  2258. Flabellochara harrisii_('harrisi') (Peck) L. Grambast image
  2259. Flabellochara jurongica S. Wang & Zhang
  2260. Flabellochara niwanensis G.D. Yang & X.G. Zhou
  2261. GEMMICHARA Zhen Wang
  2262. GOBICHARA Karczewska & Ziembinska-Tworzydlo image
  2263. GRAMBASTICHARA Horn af Rantzien image
  2264. GROVESICHARA Horn af Rantzien image
  2265. Gemmichara sinensis Zhen Wang
  2266. Gobichara alba Karczewska & Ziembinska-Tworzydlo image
  2267. Gobichara deserta Karczewska & Ziembinska-Tworzydlo
  2268. Gobichara nigra Karczewska & Ziembinska-Tworzydlo image
  2269. Gobichara rubra Karczewska & Ziembinska-Tworzydlo image
  2270. Gobichara tenera Karczewska & Ziembinska-Tworzydlo image
  2271. Grambastichara atopa G.D. Yang
  2272. Grambastichara breviconica G.D. Yang
  2273. Grambastichara communis Zhen Wang
  2274. Grambastichara conica (Madler) Horn af Rantzien image
  2275. Grambastichara cylindrica (Madler) Horn af Rantzien image
  2276. Grambastichara elongata (Madler) Horn af Rantzien image
  2277. Grambastichara fusiformis G.D. Yang
  2278. Grambastichara qinghaiensis G.D. Yang
  2279. Grambastichara satpaevii Nikolskaja image
  2280. Grambastichara straubii (Madler) Horn af Rantzien image
  2281. Grambastichara subcylindrica (Reid & Groves) Horn af Rantzien image
  2282. Grambastichara tornata (Reid & Groves) Horn af Rantzien image
  2283. Grambastichara tortonica (Madler) Horn af Rantzien image
  2284. Grambastichara yuntaishanensis Zhen Wang
  2285. Grambastichara yuntaishanensis var. acuta Zhen Wang
  2286. Grovesichara changzhouensis Huang & S. Wang
  2287. Grovesichara distorta (Reid & Groves) Horn af Rantzien image
  2288. Grovesichara kielanii_('kielani') Karczewska & Ziembinska-Tworzydlo image
  2289. Grovesichara minheensis G.D. Yang
  2290. Grovesichara stepanovii_('stepanovi') Karczewska & Ziembinska-Tworzydlo image
  2291. Grovesichara stiriaca (Unger) Horn af Rantzien image
  2292. Grovesichara yangii_('yangi') (S. Wang) Zhen Wang image
  2293. Grovesichara yangii_(`yangi') (S. Wang) Zhen Wang {invalid}
  2294. HARRISICHARA L.J. Grambast image
  2295. HORNICHARA V.P. Maslov image
  2296. HYALOCHARACIUM A.A. Pascher image
  2297. HYALOCHARACIUM Pascher image
  2298. Harrisichara bisulcata (Peck & Reker) Horn af Rantzien image
  2299. Harrisichara bressonii subsp. major M. Feist-Castel
  2300. Harrisichara bressonii_('bressoni') Castel & L. Grambast image
  2301. Harrisichara denticulata M. Feist-Castel
  2302. Harrisichara diastemosa M. Feist-Castel
  2303. Harrisichara honghuensis Zhen Wang
  2304. Harrisichara lineata L. Grambast image
  2305. Harrisichara margaritata Zhen Wang
  2306. Harrisichara mitella (Peck & Reker) Horn af Rantzien image
  2307. Harrisichara monspeliensis M. Feist-Castel
  2308. Harrisichara paracylindrica G.D. Yang
  2309. Harrisichara saportae M. Feist-Castel
  2310. Harrisichara squarrulosa Castel & L. Grambast image
  2311. Harrisichara stipitata G.D. Yang
  2312. Harrisichara vasiformis (Reid & Groves) L. Grambast image
  2313. Hornichara kazakstanica Maslov image
  2314. Hornichara leduensis G.D. Yang
  2315. Hornichara miocenica Maslov image
  2316. Hornichara mucronata V.D. Nikol'skaya
  2317. Hornichara sarmatica Maslov image
  2318. Hornichara volgaensis Maslov image
  2319. Hornichara yiduensis Zhen Wang
  2320. Hyalocharacium chrysopyxidis Pascher image
  2321. LATOCHARA L. Morellet & J. Morellet image
  2322. LOBOCHARACIUM P. Kugrens, B.L. Clay, & R. Aguiar
  2323. Latochara acute Saidakovsky image
  2324. Latochara bellatula Peck image
  2325. Latochara collina Peck image
  2326. Latochara columelaria (Wei) M. Feist & N. Grambast-Fessard image
  2327. Latochara columelaria (Z.X. Wei) M. Feist & N. Grambast-Fessard
  2328. Latochara concinna Peck image
  2329. Latochara curtula Zhen Wang
  2330. Latochara cylindrica Zhen Wang
  2331. Latochara latitruncata (Peck) Mädler image
  2332. Latochara maxima Prosnyakova & Shajkin image
  2333. Latochara qinshuiheensis Junying Liu & Xinying Wu
  2334. Latochara shiheziensis_('hiheziensis') Junying Liu & Xinying Wu image
  2335. Latochara shiheziensis_(`Latocharas hiheziensis') Junying Liu & Xinying Wu
  2336. Latochara sphaerica R.E. Peck
  2337. Latochara tenuicostata Peck image
  2338. Latochara waynei F.K. Daily image
  2339. Latochara yuananensis Zhen Wang
  2340. Lobocharacium coloradoense P. Kugrens, B.L. Clay & R. Aguiar
  2341. MASLOVICHARA Saidakovsky image
  2342. MESOCHARA L.J. Grambast image
  2343. MICROCHARA L. Grambast image
  2344. MINHECHARA Z.X. Wei
  2345. MONGOLICHARA N.P. Kjansep-Romasckina image
  2347. Maslovichara arguta Saidakovsky image
  2348. Maslovichara brevicula Saidakovsky image
  2349. Maslovichara compacta Saidakovsky image
  2350. Maslovichara crassa Saidakovsky image
  2351. Maslovichara fragilis Saidakovsky image
  2352. Maslovichara gracilis Saidakovsky image
  2353. Maslovichara incerta Saidakovsky image
  2354. Maslovichara lipatovae Saidakovsky image
  2355. Maslovichara magna Saidakovsky image
  2356. Maslovichara rotunda Saidakovsky image
  2357. Maslovichara sokolovi Saidakovsky image
  2358. Membranilarnax characta Tasch image
  2359. Mesochara amoena (Mädler) Schaikin image
  2360. Mesochara canellata (Mädler) Schaikin image
  2361. Mesochara gumudiensis (Junying Liu & Xinying Wu) M. Feist & N. Grambast-Fessard
  2362. Mesochara gumudiensis (Liu & Wu) M. Feist & N. Grambast-Fessard image
  2363. Mesochara harrisii (Mädler) Schaikin Shajkin image
  2364. Mesochara laminata Karczewska & Ziembinska-Tworzydlo image
  2365. Mesochara latiovata X.G. Zhou
  2366. Mesochara minuta (Mädler) Shaikin
  2367. Mesochara producta Junying Liu & Xinying Wu
  2368. Mesochara quaternaria Ehrenberg image
  2369. Mesochara romanovii_('romanovi') Shaikin
  2370. Mesochara stankevitchii Kyans.
  2371. Mesochara stantonii_('stantoni') (Knowlton) Grambast image
  2372. Mesochara stipitata (S. Wang) unknown
  2373. Mesochara symmetrica (Peck) L. Grambast image
  2374. Mesochara taxiheensis Junying Liu & Xinying Wu
  2375. Mesochara terebrata Karczewska & Ziembinska-Tworzydlo image
  2376. Mesochara xiagouensis (S. Wang) unknown
  2377. Mesochara xuanziensis G.D. Yang
  2378. Mesochara xuanziensis subsp. minor G.D. Yang
  2379. Mesochara yanbianensis Z. Wang, H.N. Liu, & C.B. Zhao
  2380. Metagoniolithon chara (Lamarck) Ducker
  2381. Metagoniolithon chara var. dichotomum Ducker
  2382. Microchara cristata L. Grambast
  2383. Microchara deserta (Karczewska & Ziembinska-Tworzydlo) M. Feist & N. Grambast-Fessard
  2384. Microchara hystrix L. Grambast image
  2385. Microchara leiocarpa L. Grambast
  2386. Microchara tigellaris Feist-Castel image
  2387. Millepora eschara Linnaeus image
  2388. Minhechara columelaria Z.X. Wei
  2389. Minhechara sphaerica_('sphaereca') (R.E. Peck) Junying Liu & Xinying Wu image
  2390. Minhechara sphaerica_(`sphaereca') (R.E. Peck) Junying Liu & Xinying Wu {invalid?}
  2391. Minhechara xiaoxiaensis G.D. Yang & X.G. Zhou
  2392. Multispirochara subovalis Y.C. Hao
  2393. NEMEGTICHARA Karczewska & Ziembinska-Tworzydlo image
  2394. NEOCHARA Zhen Wang & Lin
  2395. NODOSOCHARA Mädler image
  2396. Nemegtichara brevicylindrica G.D. Yang
  2397. Nemegtichara brevis G.D. Yang
  2398. Nemegtichara latiovalis X.G. Zhou
  2399. Nemegtichara microcylindrica Zhen Wang
  2400. Nemegtichara prima Karczewska & Ziembinska-Tworzydlo image
  2401. Nemegtichara quarta Karczewska & Ziembinska-Tworzydlo image
  2402. Nemegtichara sadleri (F. Unger) Zhen Wang
  2403. Nemegtichara secunda Karczewska & Ziembinska-Tworzydlo image
  2404. Nemegtichara tertia Karczewska & Ziembinska-Tworzydlo image
  2405. Neochara dangyangica Zhen Wang
  2406. Neochara gaochunensis Zhen Wang & Lin
  2407. Neochara huananensis Zhen Wang & Lin
  2408. Nodosochara clivulata (Peck & Reker) Mädler image
  2409. Nodosochara compressa (Knowlton) Horn af Rantzien image
  2410. Nodosochara heilongjiangensis (Z. Wang, Lu, & Zhao) M. Feist & N. Grambast-Fessard
  2411. Nodosochara specialis (Z. Wang) M. Feist & N. Grambast-Fessard image
  2412. Nodosochara specialis (Zhen Wang) M. Feist & N. Grambast-Fessard
  2413. OBTUSOCHARA Mädler image
  2414. Obtusochara cylindrica (Peck) Peck image
  2415. Obtusochara honghuensis Zhen Wang
  2416. Obtusochara jianglingensis Zhen Wang
  2417. Obtusochara luodianensis Zhen Wang
  2418. Obtusochara madleri Peck image
  2419. Obtusochara mitella (Peck & Reker) Peck image
  2420. Obtusochara prima Mädler image
  2421. Obtusochara songheensis Zhen Wang
  2422. Obtusochara sphericovalis Zhen Wang
  2423. Obtusochara subparallelos G.D. Yang
  2424. Obtusochara tenuiconica Y.C. Hao
  2425. PALAEOCHARA A.B. Massalongo image
  2426. PALAEOCHARA W.A. Bell image
  2427. PALAEOCHARACEAE Wartenberg image
  2429. PECKICHARA L. Grambast image
  2430. PIRIFORMACHARA Junying Liu & Xinying Wu
  2431. PLATYCHARA Grambast image
  2432. POROCHARA K. Mädler image
  2433. POROCHARACEAE Grambast image
  2434. PRAECHARA Horn af Rantzien image
  2435. PROTOCHARA (H.B.S. Womersley & Ophel) M.T. Casanova & K.G. Karol
  2436. PROTOCHARA H.B.S. Womersley & I.L. Ophel image
  2437. PSEUDOCHARACIOCHLORIS Bourrelly image
  2439. PSEUDOCHARACIOPSIDACEAE Lee & Bold ex Hibberd image
  2440. PSEUDOCHARACIOPSIDALES K.W. Lee & Bold image
  2441. PSEUDOCHARACIOPSIS Lee & Bold image
  2442. PSEUDOCHARACIUM Korshikov image
  2444. PSILOCHARA L. Grambast image
  2445. Paracuneatochara bellatula H.N. Lu & Q.X. Luo
  2446. Paracuneatochara bellatula f. longa H.N. Lu & Q.X. Luo
  2447. Paracuneatochara elliptica H.N. Lu & Q.X. Luo
  2448. Paracuneatochara gansuensis Zhen Wang
  2449. Paracuneatochara jimsarensis H.N. Lu & Q.X. Luo
  2450. Paracuneatochara jinxiensis Zhen Wang
  2451. Paracuneatochara nanpiaoensis Zhen Wang
  2452. Paracuneatochara xinjiangensis H.N. Lu & Q.X. Luo
  2453. Peckichara callosa Maslov image
  2454. Peckichara cancellata L. Grambast
  2455. Peckichara coronata (Peck & Reker) L. Grambast image
  2456. Peckichara dangyangensis Zhen Wang
  2457. Peckichara gayeri (Rásky) Horn af Rantzien image
  2458. Peckichara gejiajiensis Zhen Wang
  2459. Peckichara lefeldii_('lefeldi') Karczewska & Ziembinska-Tworzydlo image
  2460. Peckichara nanzhangensis Zhen Wang
  2461. Peckichara paomagangensis Zhen Wang
  2462. Peckichara pectinata L. Grambast
  2463. Peckichara pliocenica Maslov image
  2464. Peckichara polita (Reid & Groves) Horn af Rantzien image
  2465. Peckichara rudongensis (Lin & Z. Wang) M. Feist & N. Grambast-Fessard
  2466. Peckichara sertulata L. Grambast
  2467. Peckichara torulosa (Dollfus & Fritel) L. Grambast image
  2468. Peckichara varians L. Grambast image
  2469. Peckichara zhijiangensis Zhen Wang
  2470. Peckichara zoumalingensis Zhen Wang
  2471. Piriformachara gumudiensis Junying Liu & Xinying Wu
  2472. Piriformachara tuguluensis Junying Liu & Xinying Wu
  2473. Platychara caudata L. Grambast
  2474. Platychara compressa Grambast image
  2475. Platychara grambasti Peck & Forester
  2476. Porochara abjecta Saidakovsky image
  2477. Porochara aksuensis H.N. Lu & Q.X. Luo
  2478. Porochara anluensis Zhen Wang
  2479. Porochara arguta (Peck) Shaikin
  2480. Porochara bachmutica Saidakovsky image
  2481. Porochara belorussica Saidakovsky image
  2482. Porochara brotzenii_('brotzeni') (Horn af Rantzien) L. Grambast image
  2483. Porochara concisa Saidakovsky image
  2484. Porochara concisa subsp. germanica Kozur & P. Reinhardt image
  2485. Porochara fusca (Mädler) Mädler
  2486. Porochara gonganzhaiensis Zhen Wang
  2487. Porochara hildesiensis (Mädler) Mädler image
  2488. Porochara huzhuensis X.G. Zhou
  2489. Porochara jargaraensis Shaikin & Saidakovskiy
  2490. Porochara jingshanensis Zhen Wang
  2491. Porochara kimmeridgensis (Mädler) Mädler image
  2492. Porochara kucheensis H.N. Lu & Q.X. Luo
  2493. Porochara maedleri G.D. Yang
  2494. Porochara minima (Mädler) Shaikin
  2495. Porochara moreyi (Peck) Mädler image
  2496. Porochara moyuensis Q.X. Luo
  2497. Porochara mundula (Peck) Shaikin
  2498. Porochara mursiniae_('mursinae') Shaikin
  2499. Porochara parasphaerica H.N. Lu & Q.X. Luo
  2500. Porochara pedunculata R. Pereira, M. Feist, & A.C. Azerêdo
  2501. Porochara polyspirata (Mädler) Shaikin
  2502. Porochara raskyae (Mädler) Mädler image
  2503. Porochara rotunda (Peck) Shaikin
  2504. Porochara sardiniae (M. Feist & N. Grambast-Fessard) M. Feist & N. Grambast-Fessard
  2505. Porochara stipitata Zhen Wang
  2506. Porochara sulcata Grambast-Fessard
  2507. Porochara triassica (Saidakovsky) Saidakovsky image
  2508. Porochara ukrainica Saidakovsky image
  2509. Porochara urusovae_('urusovi') Saidakovsky image
  2510. Porochara volgensis Saidakovsky image
  2511. Porochara westerbeckensis (Mädler) Mädler image
  2512. Praechara donetziana Saidakovsky image
  2513. Praechara elongata Saidakovsky image
  2514. Praechara glypta (Peck) Peck image
  2515. Praechara maedleri_('mädleri') Horn af Rantzien image
  2516. Praechara ovata Saidakovsky image
  2517. Praechara pseudoglypta Horn af Rantzien image
  2518. Praechara symmetrica Peck image
  2519. Praechara texensis (J. Groves) Peck image
  2520. Praechara voluta (Peck) Peck image
  2521. Proctormonas characola Skvortzov & Noda image
  2522. Protochara australis H.B.S. Womersley & Ophel
  2523. Protochara australis Womersley & Ophel image
  2524. Protochara inflata (Filarsky & G.O. Allen) Womersley & Ophel image
  2525. Pseudastasia saccharata Skvortzov & Noda image
  2526. Pseudocharaciopsis minuta (Braun) Hibberd image
  2527. Pseudocharaciopsis ovalis (Chodat) Hibberd image
  2528. Pseudocharaciopsis texensis Lee & Bold image
  2529. Pseudocharacium acuminatum Korshikov image
  2530. Pseudocharacium americanum K.W. Lee & Bold image
  2531. Pseudocharacium obtusum (Braun) Petry image
  2532. Pseudolatochara gracilis Zhen Wang
  2533. Pseudolatochara jianghanensis Zhen Wang
  2534. Pseudolatochara rhombica Zhen Wang
  2535. Psilochara polita (Reid & Groves) L. Grambast image
  2536. Psilochara pulvinata M. Feist-Castel
  2537. Psilochara undulata (Dollfus & Fritel) L. Grambast image
  2538. QINGHAICHARA G.D. Yang
  2539. Qinghaichara longiconica G.D. Yang
  2540. Qinghaichara ovalis G.D. Yang
  2541. RASKYAECHARA H. Horn af Rantzien image
  2542. RETUSOCHARA L. Grambast
  2543. RHABDOCHARA K. Mädler image
  2544. Raskyaechara bellatula G.D. Yang
  2545. Raskyaechara elegana G.D. Yang
  2546. Raskyaechara grovesii (Rasky) Horn af Rantzien image
  2547. Raskyaechara jucunda G.D. Yang
  2548. Raskyaechara peckii (Rasky) Horn af Rantzien image
  2549. Raskyaechara purniagiriensis R.N. Lakhanpal, S. Kapoor, & K.P. Jain
  2550. Raskyaechara subcylindrica G.D. Yang
  2551. Raskyaechara tangyinensis Zhen Wang
  2552. Retusochara chishanensis Z. Wang, P.X. Yuan, & Z.Z. Zhao
  2553. Retusochara macrocarpa L. Grambast
  2554. Rhabdochara czuensis Nikalskaja image
  2555. Rhabdochara hungarica Mädler image
  2556. Rhabdochara kraeuseli_('kräuseli') (Rasky) L. Grambast image
  2557. Rhabdochara langeri (Ettingshausen) Mädler image
  2558. Rhabdochara stockmansii_('stockmansi') L. Grambast image
  2559. SPHAEROCHARA K. Mädler image
  2560. STELLATOCHARA H. Horn af Rantzien image
  2561. STENOCHARA L.J. Grambast image
  2562. STEPHANOCHARA L.J. Grambast image
  2563. STOMOCHARA L. Grambast image
  2564. Sinochara rudongensis Lin & Z. Wang
  2565. Songliaochara heilongjiangensis Z. Wang, Lu, & Zhao
  2566. Songliaochara huadongensis Z. Wang, Z.Z. Zhao & P.X. Yuan
  2567. Sphaerochara biambonaria Y.C. Hao
  2568. Sphaerochara bicarinata G.D. Yang
  2569. Sphaerochara brewsterensis (J. Groves) Mädler image
  2570. Sphaerochara bulgarica Kitanov & Palamareva image
  2571. Sphaerochara convexa G.D. Yang
  2572. Sphaerochara decora Saidakovsky image
  2573. Sphaerochara globosa (Saidakovsky) Saidakovsky image
  2574. Sphaerochara globosa (Saidakovsky) Saidakovsky image
  2575. Sphaerochara headonensis (Reid & Groves) Horn af Rantzien image
  2576. Sphaerochara hirmeri (Rásky) Mädler image
  2577. Sphaerochara hybogona Feist-Castel image
  2578. Sphaerochara intricata (Trentepohl ex Roth) M. Feist & N. Grambast-Fessard image
  2579. Sphaerochara intricata (Trentepohl ex Roth) M. Feist & N. Grambast-Fessard {invalid}
  2580. Sphaerochara kuitunensis Junying Liu & Xinying Wu
  2581. Sphaerochara latifasciata Peck image
  2582. Sphaerochara magna Zhen Wang
  2583. Sphaerochara minheensis G.D. Yang
  2584. Sphaerochara minuscula G.D. Yang
  2585. Sphaerochara parvula (Reid & Groves) Horn af Rantzien image
  2586. Sphaerochara perlata (Peck & Reker) Mädler image
  2587. Sphaerochara rollei (Unger) Horn af Rantzien image
  2588. Sphaerochara rugulosa Zhen Wang
  2589. Sphaerochara stantonii_('stantoni') (Knowlton) Peck image
  2590. Sphaerochara subglobosa (Groves) Horn af Rantzien image
  2591. Sphaerochara subquadrata G.D. Yang
  2592. Sphaerochara ulmensis (Straub) Grambast image
  2593. Sphaerochara verticillata (Peck) Peck image
  2594. Sphaerochara wetlugensis Saidakovsky image
  2595. Sphaerochara yangii_(`yangi') S. Wang
  2596. Staurastrum saltans var. polycharax A.M. Scott & G.W. Prescott image
  2597. Staurastrum saltans var. polycharax A.M. Scott & G.W. Prescott image
  2598. Stellatochara arguta Peck
  2599. Stellatochara bulgarica Saidakovsky image
  2600. Stellatochara dnjeprovica Saidakovsky image
  2601. Stellatochara dnjeproviformis Saidakovsky image
  2602. Stellatochara germanica Kozur & P. Reinhardt image
  2603. Stellatochara hoellvicensis Horn af Rantzien image
  2604. Stellatochara lipatovae (Saidakovsky) Kozur & P. Reinhardt image
  2605. Stellatochara maedleri_('mädleri') Horn af Rantzien image
  2606. Stellatochara maedleriformis Saidakovsky image
  2607. Stellatochara minor Z.X. Wei
  2608. Stellatochara mundula (Peck) Peck image
  2609. Stellatochara obovata (Peck) Peck image
  2610. Stellatochara piriformis Kozur & P. Reinhardt image
  2611. Stellatochara prolata Peck & Eyer image
  2612. Stellatochara schneiderae Saidakovsky image
  2613. Stellatochara sellingii Horn af Rantzien image
  2614. Stellatochara sublaevis Peck image
  2615. Stellatochara subsphaerica Kozur & P. Reinhardt image
  2616. Stellatochara thuringica Kozur & P. Reinhardt image
  2617. Stenochara blanda Saidakovsky image
  2618. Stenochara donetziana (Saidakovsky) Grambast image
  2619. Stenochara donetziana subsp. parva Kozur & P. Reinhardt image
  2620. Stenochara elongata (Saidakovsky) Saidakovsky image
  2621. Stenochara maadleri (Horn af Rantzien) L. Grambast image
  2622. Stenochara ovata (Saidakovsky) Saidakovsky image
  2623. Stenochara pseudoglypta (Horn af Rantzien) Grambast image
  2624. Stenochara pseudoovata Saidakovsky image
  2625. Stenochara rantzienii Saidakovsky image
  2626. Stenochara schaikinii_('schaikini') Saidakovsky image
  2627. Stephanochara acris Zhen Wang
  2628. Stephanochara compta L. Grambast image
  2629. Stephanochara fortis Zhen Wang & Lin
  2630. Stephanochara jingmenensis Zhen Wang
  2631. Stephanochara vectensis (Groves) L. Grambast image
  2632. Stomochara bellatula (H.N. Lu & Q.X. Luo) L.Ya. Sajdakovskij
  2633. Stomochara bellatula f. longa (H.N. Lu & Q.X. Luo) L.Ya. Saidakovsky image
  2634. Stomochara bellatula f. longa (H.N. Lu & Q.X. Luo) L.Ya. Sajdakovskij
  2635. Stomochara crispa Saidakovsky image
  2636. Stomochara diserta Saidakovsky image
  2637. Stomochara lubrica Saidakovsky image
  2638. Stomochara luii L.Ya. Saidakovsky image
  2639. Stomochara luii L.Ya. Sajdakovskij
  2640. Stomochara moreyi (Peck) L. Grambast image
  2641. Stomochara moyuensis (Q.X. Luo) L.Ya. Saidakovsky image
  2642. Stomochara moyuensis (Q.X. Luo) L.Ya. Sajdakovskij
  2643. Stomochara valvenkovensis Shaikin image
  2644. TECTOCHARA image
  2645. TECTOCHARA (L. Grambast & N. Grambast) L. Grambast & Soulié-Märsche image
  2646. TECTOCHARA L. Grambast & N. Grambast image
  2647. TURBOCHARA Zhen Wang
  2648. Tectochara bernoullii (A. Braun) Mädler image
  2649. Tectochara conica Mädler image
  2650. Tectochara conica Mädler
  2651. Tectochara conica var. lagenalis (Straub) Mädler image
  2652. Tectochara cylindrica Mädler image
  2653. Tectochara diluviana (Mädler) L. Grambast image
  2654. Tectochara diluviana (Mädler) L. Grambast image
  2655. Tectochara diluviana var. usboensis Maslov image
  2656. Tectochara doliumis G.D. Yang
  2657. Tectochara duplicicarinata (Papp) Mädler image
  2658. Tectochara elongata Mädler image
  2659. Tectochara escheri (A. Braun) Mädler image
  2660. Tectochara etrusca Tongiorgi image
  2661. Tectochara fortangensis Maslov image
  2662. Tectochara fusiformis G.D. Yang
  2663. Tectochara gayeri (Rásky) Mädler image
  2664. Tectochara gomboczii_('gomboczi') (Rásky) Mädler image
  2665. Tectochara grambastiorum_('grambastorum') Peck image
  2666. Tectochara helicteres (Brongniart) L. Grambast & N. Grambast image
  2667. Tectochara huangii (Lu) Horn af Rantzien image
  2668. Tectochara ixtapensis F.K. Daily & Durham image
  2669. Tectochara javorkae_('javorkai') (Rásky) Mädler image
  2670. Tectochara kaukasica Maslov image
  2671. Tectochara lii S. Wang
  2672. Tectochara maedleri (Rásky) Horn af Rantzien image
  2673. Tectochara majoriformis (Papp) Mädler image
  2674. Tectochara merianii (Braun) L. Grambast & N. Grambast image
  2675. Tectochara merianii subsp. bicarinata Mädler image
  2676. Tectochara merianii subsp. diluviana Mädler image
  2677. Tectochara merianii subsp. globula Mädler image
  2678. Tectochara merianii subsp. helvetica Mädler image
  2679. Tectochara merianii subsp. huangii_('huangi') (Y.H. Lu) S. Wang {illegitimate}
  2680. Tectochara merianii subsp. minoritesta (Papp) Mädler image
  2681. Tectochara merianii subsp. octospirae Mädler image
  2682. Tectochara merianii subsp. stipitata Mädler image
  2683. Tectochara minutissima Mädler image
  2684. Tectochara morulosa M. Feist-Castel
  2685. Tectochara nana (Lu) Mädler image
  2686. Tectochara nethoiensis Maslov image
  2687. Tectochara palaeohungarica (Rásky) Mädler image
  2688. Tectochara reussiana (Ettingshausen) Mädler image
  2689. Tectochara sinkiangensis (Lu) Horn af Rantzien image
  2690. Tectochara straubii_('straubi') Mädler image
  2691. Tectochara supraplana (Peck & Reker) Horn af Rantzien image
  2692. Tectochara tasnadii (Rásky) Mädler image
  2693. Tectochara thaleri Castel & L. Grambast image
  2694. Tectochara thaleri subsp. pradensis M. Feist-Castel
  2695. Tectochara tornata (Reid & Groves) Mädler image
  2696. Tectochara tortonica Mädler image
  2697. Tectochara ulmensis (Straub) Mädler image
  2698. Tectochara ulmensis var. bullifera_('bullaefera') (Straub) Mädler image
  2699. Tectochara wangdianensis Zhen Wang
  2700. Turbochara specialis Zhen Wang
  2701. WANGICHARA Junying Liu & Xinying Wu
  2702. WILLDENOWIA R.D. Wood Subsection of Chara image
  2703. Wangichara chanjiensis_('changjiensis') Junying Liu & Xinying Wu image
  2704. Wangichara chanjiensis_(`changjiensis') Junying Liu & Xinying Wu
  2705. Wangichara tanshanensis Junying Liu & Xinying Wu