Silva Center for Phycological Documentation: Index Nominum Algarum

The INA is a card file and online reporting system maintained at the Silva Center for Phycological Documentation of the University Herbarium, University of California, Berkeley. It contains nearly 200,000 names of algae (in the broad sense). The BPU is a card file containing bibliographic references pertaining to algal taxonomy.
A working list of algal type specimens at UC is available here

Tabular display

Results from INA database

  1. CAULERPA image
  2. CAULERPA image
  3. CAULERPA image
  4. CAULERPA image
  5. CAULERPA Lamouroux image
  6. CAULERPA Lamouroux (cont.) image
  7. CAULERPACEA Haeckel image
  8. CAULERPACEAE Bessey image
  9. CAULERPACEAE Cohn image
  10. CAULERPACEAE Engler image
  11. CAULERPACEAE Haeckel image
  12. CAULERPACEAE McNab image
  13. CAULERPALES J. Feldmann image
  14. CAULERPALES Setchell image
  15. Calothrix caulerpae Zanardini image
  16. Caulerpa abies J.E. Areschoug image
  17. Caulerpa abies-marina_('abies marina') J. Agardh image
  18. Caulerpa acuta (Yamada) Yamada image
  19. Caulerpa agardhii Weber-van Bosse
  20. Caulerpa alternans Womersley image
  21. Caulerpa alternifolia Crouan fr. image
  22. Caulerpa alternifolia J. Agardh image
  23. Caulerpa alternifolia J. Agardh {illegitimate}
  24. Caulerpa alternifolia P. Crouan & H. Crouan
  25. Caulerpa ambigua Okamura
  26. Caulerpa ambigua var. dichotoma Eubank image
  27. Caulerpa ambigua var. furcifolia (Taylor) Eubank image
  28. Caulerpa ambigua var. luxurians (W.R. Taylor) L.L. Eubank
  29. Caulerpa ambigua var. simplex Eubank image
  30. Caulerpa ambigua var. vickersiae (Børgesen) Eubank image
  31. Caulerpa amicorum Harvey
  32. Caulerpa anceps Harvey image
  33. Caulerpa anceps Harvey image
  34. Caulerpa anceps Harvey nomen nudum image
  35. Caulerpa andamanensis (W.R. Taylor) Draisma, Prud'homme, Sauvage & G. Belton
  36. Caulerpa annulata (Glocker) W.P. Schimper
  37. Caulerpa annulata Lucas image
  38. Caulerpa annulata Lucas {illegitimate}
  39. Caulerpa antoensis Yamada
  40. Caulerpa araucaria Harvey mss. image
  41. Caulerpa arbuscula W.P. Schimper
  42. Caulerpa arcuata W.P. Schimper
  43. Caulerpa arenicola Taylor image
  44. Caulerpa arenicola W.R. Taylor
  45. Caulerpa articulata Harvey image
  46. Caulerpa ashmeadii Harvey
  47. Caulerpa asplenioides Greville
  48. Caulerpa bartoniae G. Murray
  49. Caulerpa bikinensis Taylor image
  50. Caulerpa bikinensis W.R. Taylor
  51. Caulerpa biloba Kemperman & Stegenga image
  52. Caulerpa biserrulata Sonder image
  53. Caulerpa boryana J. Agardh
  54. Caulerpa brachypus Harvey
  55. Caulerpa brachypus f. exposita Børgesen image
  56. Caulerpa brachypus f. exposita Børgesen
  57. Caulerpa brachypus f. parvifolia (Harvey) A.B. Cribb
  58. Caulerpa brachypus f. parvifolia (Harvey) Cribb image
  59. Caulerpa brachypus var. brasiliana A.B. Joly & J. Semir
  60. Caulerpa brachypus var. mauritiana (Børgesen) Børgesen image
  61. Caulerpa brachypus var. mauritiana (Børgesen) Børgesen
  62. Caulerpa brachypus var. nordestina Joly & Semir image
  63. Caulerpa brownii (C. Agardh) Endlicher
  64. Caulerpa brownii Endlicher image
  65. Caulerpa brownii f. laxa V.J. Chapman image
  66. Caulerpa brownii var. brownii J. Agardh image
  67. Caulerpa brownii var. minor J. Agardh image
  68. Caulerpa brownii var. selaginoides J. Agardh image
  69. Caulerpa buginensis_(`buginense') E. Verheij & W.M. Prud'homme van Reine
  70. Caulerpa cactoides (Turner) C. Agardh
  71. Caulerpa cactoides (Turner) Lamouroux image
  72. Caulerpa cactoides var. fergusonii Grunow image
  73. Caulerpa cactoides var. gracilis G. Murray
  74. Caulerpa cactoides var. gracilis Murray image
  75. Caulerpa campbelliana Sonder image
  76. Caulerpa carruthersii Murray image
  77. Caulerpa charoides (Weber-van Bosse) Thivy & Visalakshmi
  78. Caulerpa chemnitzia (Esper) Lamouroux
  79. Caulerpa chemnitzia f. laxa Reinbold image
  80. Caulerpa chemnitzia f. minor Piccone image
  81. Caulerpa chemnitzia var. chemnitzia J. Agardh image
  82. Caulerpa chemnitzia var. laetevirens (Montagne) Fernández-Garcia & Riosmena-Rodríguez
  83. Caulerpa chemnitzia var. major Weber-van Bosse image
  84. Caulerpa chemnitzia var. occidentalis J. Agardh
  85. Caulerpa chemnitzia var. peltata (Lamouroux) Zanardini
  86. Caulerpa chemnitzia var. turbinata (J. Agardh) Fernández-Garcia & Riosmena-Rodríguez
  87. Caulerpa chemnitzia var. vanbosseae (Setchell & N.L. Gardner) Fernández-Garcia & Riosmena-Rodríguez
  88. Caulerpa cicatricosa Heer image
  89. Caulerpa clavifer Lamouroux nom. nudum image
  90. Caulerpa clavifera (Turner) C. Agardh
  91. Caulerpa clavifera (Turner) Lamouroux image
  92. Caulerpa clavifera f. macrophysa (Sonder ex Kützing) Svedelius
  93. Caulerpa clavifera f. nudicaulis Weber-van Bosse {invalid}
  94. Caulerpa clavifera f. remota Svedelius
  95. Caulerpa clavifera var. condensata (Kützing) Crouan fr. image
  96. Caulerpa clavifera var. gracilis Zanardini
  97. Caulerpa clavifera var. lamourouxii (Turner) C. Agardh image
  98. Caulerpa clavifera var. nudiuscula Zanardini
  99. Caulerpa clavifera var. platydisca Harvey image
  100. Caulerpa clavifera var. turbinata J. Agardh
  101. Caulerpa clavifera var. uvifera (C. Agardh) C. Agardh
  102. Caulerpa clavifera var. uvifera C. Agardh image
  103. Caulerpa cliftonii_('cliftoni') Harvey image
  104. Caulerpa cliftonii_(`cliftoni') Harvey
  105. Caulerpa complanata J. Agardh
  106. Caulerpa complanata var. oligophylla J. Agardh image
  107. Caulerpa compressa (Weber-van Bosse) M.A. Howe image
  108. Caulerpa concinna Harvey image
  109. Caulerpa constricta I.R. Price, J.M. Huisman, & M.A. Borowitzka
  110. Caulerpa coppejansii G. Belton & Prud'homme
  111. Caulerpa corynephora Montagne
  112. Caulerpa corynephora f. complanata (J. Agardh) Svedelius
  113. Caulerpa corynephora var. minus [Harvey] image
  114. Caulerpa costata Kützing image
  115. Caulerpa crassifolia (C. Agardh) J. Agardh
  116. Caulerpa crassifolia C. Agardh) J. Agardh image
  117. Caulerpa crassifolia f. delicatula Weber-van Bosse image
  118. Caulerpa crassifolia f. exposita Børgesen image
  119. Caulerpa crassifolia f. exposita Børgesen
  120. Caulerpa crassifolia f. laxior (Weber-van Bosse) Collins image
  121. Caulerpa crassifolia f. mexicana (Sonder) Børgesen ex Kützing image
  122. Caulerpa crassifolia f. minima Børgesen image
  123. Caulerpa crassifolia f. pectinata (Kützing) Collins image
  124. Caulerpa crassifolia f. pectinata (Kützing) Collins
  125. Caulerpa crassifolia f. rotundiloba Weber-van Bosse image
  126. Caulerpa crassifolia f. typica Børgesen image
  127. Caulerpa crassifolia var. mexicana (Sonder ex Kützing) J. Agardh image
  128. Caulerpa crassifolia var. mexicana (Sonder ex Kützing) J. Agardh
  129. Caulerpa crispata (Harvey) G. Belton & Gurgel
  130. Caulerpa cupressina 'C. Agardh' image
  131. Caulerpa cupressoides (Vahl) C. Agardh
  132. Caulerpa cupressoides f. alternifolia (Crouan) Weber-van Bosse image
  133. Caulerpa cupressoides f. alternifolia (P. Crouan & H. Crouan) Weber-van Bosse
  134. Caulerpa cupressoides f. amicorum (Harvey) Weber-van Bosse
  135. Caulerpa cupressoides f. canariensis Weber-van Bosse image
  136. Caulerpa cupressoides f. denudata Weber-van Bosse
  137. Caulerpa cupressoides f. disticha Weber-van Bosse
  138. Caulerpa cupressoides f. elegans (Crouan) Weber-van Bosse image
  139. Caulerpa cupressoides f. elegans (P. Crouan & H. Crouan) Weber-van Bosse
  140. Caulerpa cupressoides f. gardineri Weber-van Bosse
  141. Caulerpa cupressoides f. intermedia Weber-van Bosse image
  142. Caulerpa cupressoides f. nuda Weber-van Bosse
  143. Caulerpa cupressoides f. thuyoides (J. Agardh) Weber-van Bosse image
  144. Caulerpa cupressoides f. typica Weber-van Bosse image
  145. Caulerpa cupressoides f. typica Weber-van Bosse image
  146. Caulerpa cupressoides var. alternifolia (P. Crouan & H. Crouan) P. Crouan & H. Crouan image
  147. Caulerpa cupressoides var. disticha Weber-van Bosse
  148. Caulerpa cupressoides var. elegans (Crouan frat.) Børgesen image
  149. Caulerpa cupressoides var. ericifolia (Turner) Weber-van Bosse
  150. Caulerpa cupressoides var. flabellata Børgesen image
  151. Caulerpa cupressoides var. flabellata Børgesen image
  152. Caulerpa cupressoides var. flabellata Børgesen
  153. Caulerpa cupressoides var. lycopodium Weber-van Bosse
  154. Caulerpa cupressoides var. mamillosa (Montagne) Weber-van Bosse
  155. Caulerpa cupressoides var. plumarioides Børgesen image
  156. Caulerpa cupressoides var. plumarioides Børgesen image
  157. Caulerpa cupressoides var. plumarioides Børgesen
  158. Caulerpa cupressoides var. serrata (Kützing) Weber-van Bosse image
  159. Caulerpa cupressoides var. tenuis Grunow, herb. Godefroy image
  160. Caulerpa cupressoides var. turneri Weber-van Bosse image
  161. Caulerpa cupressoides var. typica Weber-van Bosse image
  162. Caulerpa cupressoides var. urvilleana (Montagne) I.R. Price
  163. Caulerpa curvifolia J. Agardh image
  164. Caulerpa curvifolia J. Agardh ms. image
  165. Caulerpa cylindracea Sonder
  166. Caulerpa cylindracea var. laxa (Greville) J. Agardh
  167. Caulerpa cylindracea var. macra Harvey image
  168. Caulerpa cyparissoides Sprengel image
  169. Caulerpa dactyloides Lamouroux herb. image
  170. Caulerpa decomposita Brown mscr. image
  171. Caulerpa decomposita R. Brown image
  172. Caulerpa delicatula Grunow
  173. Caulerpa denticulata Decaisne
  174. Caulerpa denticulata var. intermedia (Weber-van Bosse) M.J. Wynne
  175. Caulerpa dichotoma Svedelius
  176. Caulerpa diesingii (Unger) W.P. Schimper
  177. Caulerpa diligulata G.T. Kraft & A.J.K. Millar
  178. Caulerpa distichophylla Sonder
  179. Caulerpa domingensis Sprengel image
  180. Caulerpa ellistoniae Womersley
  181. Caulerpa elongata Weber-van Bosse
  182. Caulerpa elongata f. disticha Taylor image
  183. Caulerpa elongata f. disticha W.R. Taylor
  184. Caulerpa ericifolia (Turner) C. Agardh
  185. Caulerpa ericifolia (Turner) Lamouroux image
  186. Caulerpa eseri (Unger) W.P. Schimper
  187. Caulerpa etheliae_('ethelae') Weber-van Bosse image
  188. Caulerpa falcata Kützing image
  189. Caulerpa falcata Kützing image
  190. Caulerpa falcifolia Harvey & Bailey image
  191. Caulerpa faridii Nizamuddin
  192. Caulerpa fastigiata Montagne
  193. Caulerpa fastigiata f. delicatula Thivy & Visalakshmi
  194. Caulerpa fastigiata f. minor Weber-van Bosse
  195. Caulerpa fastigiata var. confervoides Crouan fr. image
  196. Caulerpa fastigiata var. confervoides Crouan fr. ex Weber-van Bosse image
  197. Caulerpa feldmannii Rayss & Edelstein image
  198. Caulerpa fergusonii G. Murray
  199. Caulerpa fergusonii Murray image
  200. Caulerpa filicoides Yamada image
  201. Caulerpa filicoides var. andamanensis W.R. Taylor
  202. Caulerpa filifolia Harvey mss. image
  203. Caulerpa filiformis (Suhr) Hering
  204. Caulerpa filiformis J. Agardh image
  205. Caulerpa filiformis J. Agardh {illegitimate}
  206. Caulerpa filiformis var. latior Hering
  207. Caulerpa filiformis var. palmata Hering
  208. Caulerpa fissidentoides Greville
  209. Caulerpa fissidentoides R.K. Greville image
  210. Caulerpa flagelliformis Ag. mss. image
  211. Caulerpa flagelliformis C. Agardh image
  212. Caulerpa flagelliformis f. ligulata (J. Agardh) Weber-van Bosse image
  213. Caulerpa flagelliformis f. ligulata Weber-van Bosse
  214. Caulerpa flagelliformis f. typica Weber-van Bosse image
  215. Caulerpa flagelliformis var. ligulata (Harvey) Reinke image
  216. Caulerpa flexibilis Lamouroux image
  217. Caulerpa flexilis Lamouroux
  218. Caulerpa flexilis Lamouroux ex C. Agardh image
  219. Caulerpa flexilis var. muelleri (Sonder) Womersley
  220. Caulerpa floridana W.R. Taylor image
  221. Caulerpa fontinaloides J. Agardh image
  222. Caulerpa freycinetii C. Agardh
  223. Caulerpa freycinetii f. angusta Weber-van Bosse
  224. Caulerpa freycinetii f. lata Weber-van Bosse
  225. Caulerpa freycinetii f. longidentata_('longi-dentata') Weber-van Bosse
  226. Caulerpa freycinetii f. occidentalis Weber-van Bosse image
  227. Caulerpa freycinetii f. serrulata (J. Agardh) Weber-van Bosse image
  228. Caulerpa freycinetii f. spiralis Weber-van Bosse
  229. Caulerpa freycinetii f. torulosa Weber-van Bosse
  230. Caulerpa freycinetii f. typica Weber-van Bosse image
  231. Caulerpa freycinetii var. deboryana_('de Boryana') (J. Agardh) Weber-van Bosse image
  232. Caulerpa freycinetii var. deboryana_('de Boryana') Weber-van Bosse
  233. Caulerpa freycinetii var. integerrima Zanardini
  234. Caulerpa freycinetii var. pectinata Weber-van Bosse image
  235. Caulerpa freycinetii var. serrulata (J. Agardh) Zanardini image
  236. Caulerpa freycinetii var. typica Weber-van Bosse image
  237. Caulerpa furcifolia Hooker f. & Harvey image
  238. Caulerpa geminata Harvey
  239. Caulerpa harveyana Kützing image
  240. Caulerpa harveyi F. Mueller ex Harvey image
  241. Caulerpa harveyi var. crispata Harvey
  242. Caulerpa hedleyi Weber-van Bosse
  243. Caulerpa heterophylla I.R. Price, J.M. Huisman & M.A. Borowitzka
  244. Caulerpa hodkinsoniae J. Agardh image
  245. Caulerpa holmesiana G. Murray
  246. Caulerpa holmesiana Murray image
  247. Caulerpa hummii Díaz-Piferrer image
  248. Caulerpa hummii Díaz-Piferrer
  249. Caulerpa hypnoides (Turner) C. Agardh image
  250. Caulerpa hypnoides C. Agardh {illegitimate}
  251. Caulerpa hypnoides Lamouroux image
  252. Caulerpa hypnoides f. antarctica V.J. Chapman image
  253. Caulerpa hypnoides f. compacta Weber-van Bosse image
  254. Caulerpa hypnoides f. densa Weber-van Bosse image
  255. Caulerpa hypnoides f. lanceolata Weber-van Bosse image
  256. Caulerpa hypnoides f. muelleri_('Mülleri') (Sonder) Reinke image
  257. Caulerpa hypnoides f. novae-zeelandiae Weber-van Bosse image
  258. Caulerpa hypnoides f. pyramidalis Weber-van Bosse image
  259. Caulerpa hypnoides var. flexilis (Lamouroux) Weber-van Bosse image
  260. Caulerpa hypnoides var. laxa Weber-van Bosse image
  261. Caulerpa hypnoides var. muelleri (Sonder) Weber-van Bosse
  262. Caulerpa hypnoides var. typica Weber-van Bosse image
  263. Caulerpa imbricata G. Murray
  264. Caulerpa imbricata f. minor Svedelius
  265. Caulerpa imbricata f. mixta Svedelius
  266. Caulerpa indica (Sonder ex Kützing) Mazé & Schramm
  267. Caulerpa integerrima (Zanardini) M.J. Wynne, H. Verbruggen, & D.L. Angel
  268. Caulerpa juniperoides J. Agardh image
  269. Caulerpa kempfii Joly & Pereira image
  270. Caulerpa kilneri J. Agardh
  271. Caulerpa laetevirens f. caespitosa Svedelius
  272. Caulerpa laetevirens f. depauperata Svedelius
  273. Caulerpa laetevirens f. laxa (Greville) Svedelius
  274. Caulerpa laetevirens_('laete-virens') Montagne
  275. Caulerpa lagara T.J.B. Carruthers, D.I. Walker, & J.M. Huisman
  276. Caulerpa lamourouxii (Turner) C. Agardh image
  277. Caulerpa lanuginosa J. Agardh
  278. Caulerpa lanuginosa var. delicatula (Grunow) P.C. Silva
  279. Caulerpa laurifolia Bory image
  280. Caulerpa laurifolia Bory ex Lamouroux
  281. Caulerpa laxa Greville
  282. Caulerpa laxa R.K. Greville image
  283. Caulerpa lehmannii_('lehmanni') Heer image
  284. Caulerpa lentillifera J. Agardh
  285. Caulerpa lentillifera f. parvula Børgesen image
  286. Caulerpa lentillifera f. parvula Børgesen
  287. Caulerpa lentillifera var. compacta Trono & Ang image
  288. Caulerpa lentillifera var. condensata Yamada image
  289. Caulerpa lentillifera var. condensata Yamada image
  290. Caulerpa lentillifera var. kilneri (J. Agardh) Weber-van Bosse
  291. Caulerpa lentillifera var. longistipitata Weber-van Bosse
  292. Caulerpa lessonii Bory
  293. Caulerpa lessonii f. tuticorinensis Svedelius
  294. Caulerpa lessonii f. typica Svedelius image
  295. Caulerpa ligulata Harvey image
  296. Caulerpa ligulata Harvey ex J. Agardh {illegitimate}
  297. Caulerpa longifolia C. Agardh
  298. Caulerpa longifolia f. crispata (Harvey) Womersley
  299. Caulerpa longifolia var. crispata (Harvey) Womersley image
  300. Caulerpa longistipitata (Weber-van Bosse) Svedelius
  301. Caulerpa lucasii Prud'homme, Draisma & G. Belton
  302. Caulerpa lycopodium C. Agardh
  303. Caulerpa lycopodium Harvey image
  304. Caulerpa lycopodium Harvey {illegitimate}
  305. Caulerpa lycopodium J. Agardh image
  306. Caulerpa lycopodium J. Agardh {illegitimate}
  307. Caulerpa lycopodium var. delicatula (Grunow) Weber-van Bosse
  308. Caulerpa macra (Weber-van Bosse) G.S. Draisma & W.F. Prud'homme
  309. Caulerpa macrodisca Decaisne
  310. Caulerpa macrophysa (Sonder ex Kützing) G. Murray image
  311. Caulerpa macrophysa (Sonder ex Kützing) G. Murray
  312. Caulerpa mamillosa Montagne
  313. Caulerpa manorensis Nizamuddin
  314. Caulerpa matsueana Yamada image
  315. Caulerpa matsueana Yamada image
  316. Caulerpa mauritiana Børgesen image
  317. Caulerpa mauritiana Børgesen
  318. Caulerpa megadisca G.S. Belton & C.F.D. Gurgel
  319. Caulerpa mexicana Sonder ex Kützing image
  320. Caulerpa mexicana Sonder ex Kützing
  321. Caulerpa mexicana f. indica M. Umamaheswara Rao {invalid}
  322. Caulerpa mexicana f. laxior (Weber-van Bosse) W.R. Taylor
  323. Caulerpa mexicana f. pectinata (Kützing) W.R. Taylor image
  324. Caulerpa mexicana f. pectinata (Kützing) W.R. Taylor
  325. Caulerpa mexicana f. vietnamica Pham-Hoàng Ho & Luong-Cong-Kinh
  326. Caulerpa mexicana var. exposita E. Coppejans
  327. Caulerpa mexicana var. harveyana (Kützing) Crouan fr. image
  328. Caulerpa mexicana var. pluriseriata W.R. Taylor image
  329. Caulerpa microdisca Decaisne image
  330. Caulerpa microdonta J. Agardh image
  331. Caulerpa microphysa (Weber-van Bosse) J. Feldmann
  332. Caulerpa muelleri_('Mülleri') Sonder image
  333. Caulerpa muelleri_('Mülleri') Sonder
  334. Caulerpa murrayi Weber-van Bosse image
  335. Caulerpa myriophylla Lamouroux image
  336. Caulerpa najadiformis Bory image
  337. Caulerpa najadiformis Bory de Saint-Vincent ex Kützing
  338. Caulerpa najadiformis Bory mss image
  339. Caulerpa novoebudarum_('Novo-Ebudarum') Sonder & Mueller image
  340. Caulerpa nummularia Harvey image
  341. Caulerpa nummularia Harvey ex J. Agardh
  342. Caulerpa obscura Sonder
  343. Caulerpa obscura f. sonderi (F. Mueller) Weber-van Bosse image
  344. Caulerpa obscura f. sonderi (Mueller) Weber-van Bosse
  345. Caulerpa obscura f. typica Weber-van Bosse image
  346. Caulerpa obscura var. sonderi (Müller) Reinke image
  347. Caulerpa obtusa Lamouroux
  348. Caulerpa occidentalis 'C. Agardh' image
  349. Caulerpa occidentalis (J. Agardh) Jaasund invalid image
  350. Caulerpa occidentalis (J. Agardh) Jaasund technically invalid image
  351. Caulerpa occidentalis Jaasund image
  352. Caulerpa ocellata Lamouroux image
  353. Caulerpa okamurae f. minor S. Narita image
  354. Caulerpa okamurae f. oligophylla Okamura image
  355. Caulerpa okamurae_('Okamurai') Weber-van Bosse image
  356. Caulerpa okamurae_('Okamurai') Weber-van Bosse image
  357. Caulerpa oligophylla Montagne
  358. Caulerpa ollivieri Dostál
  359. Caulerpa ophioglossum (Weber & Mohr) C. Agardh image
  360. Caulerpa ophioglossum C. Agardh {illegitimate}
  361. Caulerpa ophioglossum Schousboe image
  362. Caulerpa opposita E. Coppejans & A. Meinesz
  363. Caulerpa palmata Hering image
  364. Caulerpa palmata Hering image
  365. Caulerpa papillosa J. Agardh
  366. Caulerpa parvifolia Harvey
  367. Caulerpa parvula Svedelius
  368. Caulerpa paspaloides (Bory) Greville image
  369. Caulerpa paspaloides [var.] compressa (Weber-van Bosse) M.A. Howe image
  370. Caulerpa paspaloides f. compressa Weber-van Bosse image
  371. Caulerpa paspaloides f. flabellata Weber-van Bosse image
  372. Caulerpa paspaloides f. paspaloides Weber-van Bosse image
  373. Caulerpa paspaloides f. phleoides (Bory) Weber-van Bosse image
  374. Caulerpa paspaloides f. phyllophlaston (Murray) Weber-van Bosse image
  375. Caulerpa paspaloides var. laxa Weber-van Bosse image
  376. Caulerpa paspaloides var. minima H.J. Humm & S.E. Taylor {invalid}
  377. Caulerpa paspaloides var. paspaloides J. Agardh image
  378. Caulerpa paspaloides var. phleoides (Bory) J. Agardh image
  379. Caulerpa paspaloides var. typica Weber-van Bosse image
  380. Caulerpa paspaloides var. wurdemannii_('Wurdemanni') Weber-van Bosse image
  381. Caulerpa pectinata Kützing image
  382. Caulerpa pectinata Kützing
  383. Caulerpa peltata Lamouroux
  384. Caulerpa peltata f. exigua (Weber-van Bosse) Reinke image
  385. Caulerpa peltata f. imbricata (G. Murray) Weber-van Bosse
  386. Caulerpa peltata f. imbricata (Kjellman) Weber-van Bosse image
  387. Caulerpa peltata f. stellata (Harvey) Reinke image
  388. Caulerpa peltata var. exigua Weber-van Bosse image
  389. Caulerpa peltata var. macrodisca (Decaisne) Weber-van Bosse
  390. Caulerpa peltata var. nummularia (Harvey ex J. Agardh) Weber-van Bosse
  391. Caulerpa peltata var. stellata (Harvey ex J. Agardh) Weber-van Bosse
  392. Caulerpa peltata var. typica Weber-van Bosse image
  393. Caulerpa peniculus (Brown ex Turner) C. Agardh image
  394. Caulerpa pennata J. Agardh image
  395. Caulerpa pennata Lamouroux
  396. Caulerpa perplexa J. Huisman, G. Belton, Draisma, Gurgel & Prud'homme
  397. Caulerpa phleoides (Bory) Greville image
  398. Caulerpa phyllaphlaston Murray image
  399. Caulerpa pickeringii Harvey & Bailey
  400. Caulerpa pinnata (L.) R.K. Greville image
  401. Caulerpa pinnata (L.) R.K. Greville (cont.) image
  402. Caulerpa pinnata (Turner) Lamouroux image
  403. Caulerpa pinnata C. Agardh
  404. Caulerpa pinnata f. laxior Weber-van Bosse
  405. Caulerpa pinnata f. mexicana (Sonder ex Kützing) Weber-van Bosse
  406. Caulerpa pinnata f. mexicana (Sonder) Weber-van Bosse image
  407. Caulerpa pinnata f. pectinata (Kützing) Weber-van Bosse image
  408. Caulerpa pinnata f. pectinata (Kützing) Weber-van Bosse
  409. Caulerpa pinnata f. typica Weber-van Bosse image
  410. Caulerpa pinnata var. mexicana (Sonder ex Kützing) Reinke image
  411. Caulerpa plumaris (Forssk.) C. Agardh image
  412. Caulerpa plumaris (Forsskål) C. Agardh
  413. Caulerpa plumaris f. brevipes (J. Agardh) Weber-van Bosse image
  414. Caulerpa plumaris f. farlowii Weber-van Bosse
  415. Caulerpa plumaris f. farlowii_('Farlowi') Weber-van Bosse image
  416. Caulerpa plumaris f. flagellata Weber-van Bosse image
  417. Caulerpa plumaris f. longipes (J. Agardh) Weber-van Bosse image
  418. Caulerpa plumaris f. longiseta (Bory) Weber-van Bosse image
  419. Caulerpa plumaris f. tenuior Reinbold image
  420. Caulerpa plumaris f. umbellata Weber-van Bosse
  421. Caulerpa plumaris var. boryana Kützing image
  422. Caulerpa plumaris var. brevipes J. Agardh
  423. Caulerpa plumaris var. elegans Crouan fr. image
  424. Caulerpa plumaris var. elegans P. Crouan & H. Crouan
  425. Caulerpa plumaris var. longipes J. Agardh
  426. Caulerpa plumaris var. longiseta Bory image
  427. Caulerpa plumaris var. longiseta Bory de Saint-Vincent
  428. Caulerpa plumulifera Zanardini
  429. Caulerpa prolifera (Forssk.) Lamouroux image
  430. Caulerpa prolifera (Forsskål) Lamouroux
  431. Caulerpa prolifera f. dichotoma Weber-van Bosse
  432. Caulerpa prolifera f. obovata (J. Agardh) Weber-van Bosse image
  433. Caulerpa prolifera f. zosterifolia Børgesen image
  434. Caulerpa prolifera f. zosterifolia Børgesen image
  435. Caulerpa prolifera f. zosterifolia Børgesen
  436. Caulerpa prolifera var. nervata (Kützing) J. Agardh image
  437. Caulerpa prolifera var. obovata J. Agardh
  438. Caulerpa pusilla (Kützing) Martens & Hering mscr. image
  439. Caulerpa pusilla Martens & Hering ined. image
  440. Caulerpa pusilla var. mucronata A.B. Joly & M. Sazima
  441. Caulerpa qureshii Nizamuddin
  442. Caulerpa racemosa (Forssk.) J. Agardh image
  443. Caulerpa racemosa (Forssk.) Trevisan image
  444. Caulerpa racemosa (Forsskål) J. Agardh
  445. Caulerpa racemosa f. complanata (J. Agardh) Weber-van Bosse
  446. Caulerpa racemosa f. compressa Taylor image
  447. Caulerpa racemosa f. compressa W.R. Taylor {illegitimate}
  448. Caulerpa racemosa f. compressa Weber-van Bosse
  449. Caulerpa racemosa f. condensata Weber-van Bosse
  450. Caulerpa racemosa f. cylindracea (Sonder) Weber-van Bosse
  451. Caulerpa racemosa f. elongata Weber-van Bosse image
  452. Caulerpa racemosa f. hypocrateriformis Weber-van Bosse image
  453. Caulerpa racemosa f. intermedia Taylor image
  454. Caulerpa racemosa f. intermedia W.R. Taylor {illegitimate}
  455. Caulerpa racemosa f. intermedia Weber-van Bosse
  456. Caulerpa racemosa f. laetevirens (Montagne) Nizamuddin image
  457. Caulerpa racemosa f. laxa (Greville) Weber-van Bosse
  458. Caulerpa racemosa f. macrophysa (Kützing) Weber-van Bosse image
  459. Caulerpa racemosa f. macrophysa (Sonder ex Kützing) Weber-van Bosse
  460. Caulerpa racemosa f. major Weber-van Bosse image
  461. Caulerpa racemosa f. microphysa Weber-van Bosse
  462. Caulerpa racemosa f. occidentalis (J. Agardh) Nizamuddin
  463. Caulerpa racemosa f. reducta Børgesen image
  464. Caulerpa racemosa f. reducta Børgesen
  465. Caulerpa racemosa f. requienii (Montagne) Weber-van Bosse
  466. Caulerpa racemosa f. semifalcata Chauhan & Thivy
  467. Caulerpa racemosa f. simplicissima Børgesen
  468. Caulerpa racemosa f. simplicissima Børgesen image
  469. Caulerpa racemosa f. turbinata (J. Agardh) Weber-van Bosse
  470. Caulerpa racemosa f. typica Weber-van Bosse image
  471. Caulerpa racemosa f. typica Weber-van Bosse image
  472. Caulerpa racemosa f. vietnamensis A. Zinova & Nguyen Huu Dinh image
  473. Caulerpa racemosa var. chemnitzia (Esper) Weber-van Bosse
  474. Caulerpa racemosa var. clavifera (Turner) Weber-van Bosse
  475. Caulerpa racemosa var. corynephora (Montagne) Weber-van Bosse
  476. Caulerpa racemosa var. cylindracea (Sonder) M. Verlaque, J.M. Huisman, & C.F. Boudouresque
  477. Caulerpa racemosa var. disticha V.J. Chapman image
  478. Caulerpa racemosa var. exigua (Weber-van Bosse) Eubank image
  479. Caulerpa racemosa var. gracilis (Zanardini) Weber-van Bosse
  480. Caulerpa racemosa var. imbricata (G. Murray) L.L. Eubank
  481. Caulerpa racemosa var. imbricata (Kjellman) Eubank image
  482. Caulerpa racemosa var. intermediata Anand image
  483. Caulerpa racemosa var. intermediata P. Anand
  484. Caulerpa racemosa var. laetevirens (Montagne) Weber-van Bosse
  485. Caulerpa racemosa var. laetevirens_('laete-virens') (Montagne) Weber-van Bosse image
  486. Caulerpa racemosa var. lamourouxii (Turner) Weber-van Bosse
  487. Caulerpa racemosa var. laxa J. Agardh image
  488. Caulerpa racemosa var. macra Weber-van Bosse
  489. Caulerpa racemosa var. macrophysa (Kützing) Taylor image
  490. Caulerpa racemosa var. macrophysa (Sonder ex Kützing) W.R. Taylor
  491. Caulerpa racemosa var. microphysa (Weber-van Bosse) Reinke
  492. Caulerpa racemosa var. mucronata L.N. de Senerpont Domis
  493. Caulerpa racemosa var. nummularia (Harvey ex J. Agardh) D. Dixit
  494. Caulerpa racemosa var. nummularia [(Harvey ex J. Agardh)] Dixit image
  495. Caulerpa racemosa var. occidentalis (J. Agardh) Børgesen image
  496. Caulerpa racemosa var. occidentalis (J. Agardh) Børgesen
  497. Caulerpa racemosa var. peltata (Lamouroux) Eubank image
  498. Caulerpa racemosa var. peltata (Lamouroux) Eubank image
  499. Caulerpa racemosa var. peltata (Lamouroux) L.L. Eubank
  500. Caulerpa racemosa var. racemosa J. Agardh image
  501. Caulerpa racemosa var. turbinata (J. Agardh) Eubank
  502. Caulerpa racemosa var. uvifera (C. Agardh) J. Agardh
  503. Caulerpa racemosa var. uvifera (Turner) J. Agardh image
  504. Caulerpa racemosa var. uvifera (Turner) Weber-van Bosse image
  505. Caulerpa racemosa var. zeyheri (Kützing) Weber-van Bosse image
  506. Caulerpa racemosa var. zeyheri (Kützing) Weber-van Bosse
  507. Caulerpa remotifolia Sonder image
  508. Caulerpa remotifolia Sonder Herb. image
  509. Caulerpa reniformis G.R. South & P.A. Skelton
  510. Caulerpa requienii (Montagne) J. Agardh image
  511. Caulerpa reyesii E.G. Meñez & H. Calumpong
  512. Caulerpa scalpelliformis (Brown ex Turner) C. Agardh image
  513. Caulerpa scalpelliformis (R. Brown ex Turner) C. Agardh
  514. Caulerpa scalpelliformis (Turner) Lamouroux image
  515. Caulerpa scalpelliformis f. denticulata (Decaisne) Svedelius
  516. Caulerpa scalpelliformis f. dwarkensis Børgesen image
  517. Caulerpa scalpelliformis f. dwarkensis Børgesen
  518. Caulerpa scalpelliformis f. intermedia (Weber-van Bosse) Svedelius
  519. Caulerpa scalpelliformis var. denticulata (Decaisne) Weber-van Bosse
  520. Caulerpa scalpelliformis var. dwarkensis (Børgesen) Gopalkrishnan invalid image
  521. Caulerpa scalpelliformis var. intermedia Weber-van Bosse
  522. Caulerpa scalpelliformis var. typica Weber-van Bosse image
  523. Caulerpa sedoides (Turner) Lamouroux image
  524. Caulerpa sedoides C. Agardh
  525. Caulerpa sedoides f. crassicaulis (J. Agardh) Weber-van Bosse
  526. Caulerpa sedoides f. geminata (Harvey) Weber-van Bosse
  527. Caulerpa sedoides f. mixta Svedelius
  528. Caulerpa sedoides f. novaezelandiae V.J. Chapman image
  529. Caulerpa sedoides f. tasmanica (J. Agardh) Weber-van Bosse image
  530. Caulerpa sedoides f. tasmanica Weber-van Bosse {invalid}
  531. Caulerpa sedoides var. crassicaulis J. Agardh
  532. Caulerpa sedoides var. geminata (Harvey) Harvey
  533. Caulerpa sedoides var. tasmanica J. Agardh image
  534. Caulerpa sedoides var. tasmanica J. Agardh {invalid}
  535. Caulerpa selaginoides Lamouroux mscr. image
  536. Caulerpa selago (Turner) C. Agardh
  537. Caulerpa selago (Turner) Lamouroux image
  538. Caulerpa selago R. Brown image
  539. Caulerpa selago var. brownii C. Agardh
  540. Caulerpa septentrionalis C. Agardh
  541. Caulerpa serrata Kützing image
  542. Caulerpa serrulata (Forssk.) J. Agardh (cont.) image
  543. Caulerpa serrulata (Forsskål) J. Agardh
  544. Caulerpa serrulata (Forsskål) J. Agardh image
  545. Caulerpa serrulata f. angusta (Weber-van Bosse) Eubank
  546. Caulerpa serrulata f. angusta (Weber-van Bosse) W.R. Taylor image
  547. Caulerpa serrulata f. lata (Weber-van Bosse) Tseng
  548. Caulerpa serrulata f. longifolia Gilbert image
  549. Caulerpa serrulata f. occidentalis (Weber-van Bosse) Yamada image
  550. Caulerpa serrulata f. occidentalis (Weber-van Bosse) Yamada & Tanaka image
  551. Caulerpa serrulata f. serrulata (Forssk.) Gilbert image
  552. Caulerpa serrulata f. spiralis (Weber-van Bosse) Gilbert
  553. Caulerpa serrulata f. torulosa (Weber-van Bosse) E. Coppejans, F. Leliaert, & O. De Clerck
  554. Caulerpa serrulata var. boryana (J. Agardh) Gilbert
  555. Caulerpa serrulata var. hummii (Díaz-Piferrer) Farghaly
  556. Caulerpa serrulata var. pectinata (Weber-van Bosse) W.R. Taylor image
  557. Caulerpa sertularioides (S. Gmelin) Howe
  558. Caulerpa sertularioides (S.G. Gmelin) M.A. Howe image
  559. Caulerpa sertularioides f. brevipes (J. Agardh) Svedelius
  560. Caulerpa sertularioides f. corymbosa Taylor image
  561. Caulerpa sertularioides f. farlowii (Weber-van Bosse) Børgesen image
  562. Caulerpa sertularioides f. farlowii (Weber-van Bosse) Børgesen
  563. Caulerpa sertularioides f. flagellata (Weber-van Bosse) Weber-van Bosse image
  564. Caulerpa sertularioides f. longipes (J. Agardh) Collins
  565. Caulerpa sertularioides f. longiseta (Bory de Saint-Vincent) Svedelius
  566. Caulerpa sertularioides f. longiseta (Bory) Svedelius image
  567. Caulerpa sertularioides f. typica Børgesen image
  568. Caulerpa sertularioides f. umbellata (Weber-van Bosse) Svedelius
  569. Caulerpa sertularioides var. brevipes Cordero image
  570. Caulerpa sertularioides var. gracilis Yamada image
  571. Caulerpa seuratii Weber-van Bosse image
  572. Caulerpa seuratii f. major Weber-van Bosse image
  573. Caulerpa seuratii f. minor Weber-van Bosse image
  574. Caulerpa simplex Levring
  575. Caulerpa simpliciuscula (R. Brown ex Turner) C. Agardh
  576. Caulerpa simpliciuscula (Turner) C. Agardh image
  577. Caulerpa simpliciuscula var. laxa Womersley image
  578. Caulerpa simpliciuscula var. vesiculifera Harvey
  579. Caulerpa sonderi F. Mueller image
  580. Caulerpa sonderi Mueller
  581. Caulerpa spathulata Womersley & Bailey
  582. Caulerpa splendida Weber-van Bosse {invalid}
  583. Caulerpa stahlii Weber-van Bosse
  584. Caulerpa stellata Harvey image
  585. Caulerpa stellata Harvey ex J. Agardh
  586. Caulerpa subserrata Okamura image
  587. Caulerpa superba Greville
  588. Caulerpa superba R.K. Greville image
  589. Caulerpa tateyamensis Yendo image
  590. Caulerpa taxifolia (Vahl) C. Agardh
  591. Caulerpa taxifolia Lamouroux nom. nud. image
  592. Caulerpa taxifolia f. asplenioides (Greville) Weber-van Bosse
  593. Caulerpa taxifolia f. interrupta Svedelius
  594. Caulerpa taxifolia f. tristichophylla Svedelius
  595. Caulerpa taxifolia f. typica Svedelius image
  596. Caulerpa taxifolia var. asplenioides (Greville) Harvey image
  597. Caulerpa taxifolia var. crassifolia C. Agardh
  598. Caulerpa taxifolia var. distichophylla (Sonder) M. Verlaque, J. Huisman, & G. Procaccini
  599. Caulerpa taxifolia var. falcifolia (Harvey & Bailey) W.R. Taylor image
  600. Caulerpa tenella Harvey
  601. Caulerpa thuyoides J. Agardh image
  602. Caulerpa tomentella (Harvey) image
  603. Caulerpa tomentella Harvey ex J. Agardh
  604. Caulerpa tongaensis Papenfuss image
  605. Caulerpa triangularis Crouan fr. image
  606. Caulerpa trifaria Harvey
  607. Caulerpa tristicha J. Agardh
  608. Caulerpa turbinata Hering image
  609. Caulerpa turneri Lamouroux image
  610. Caulerpa urvilleana f. microdonta (J. Agardh) Weber-van Bosse image
  611. Caulerpa urvilleana f. serrata Weber-van Bosse image
  612. Caulerpa urvilleana f. tristicha (J. Agardh) Weber-van Bosse
  613. Caulerpa urvilleana var. typica Weber-van Bosse image
  614. Caulerpa urvilleana var. vitiensis Weber-van Bosse image
  615. Caulerpa urvilleana_('urvilliana') Montagne image
  616. Caulerpa urvilleana_(`urvilliana') Montagne
  617. Caulerpa uvaria C. Agardh mss. image
  618. Caulerpa uvifera C. Agardh
  619. Caulerpa uvifera f. compressa (Weber-van Bosse) Svedelius
  620. Caulerpa uvifera f. intermedia (Weber-van Bosse) Svedelius
  621. Caulerpa uvifera f. planiuscula Svedelius
  622. Caulerpa vanbosseae Setchell & Gardner image
  623. Caulerpa vanbosseae Setchell & N.L. Gardner
  624. Caulerpa vanbosseae_('Van Bosseae') Papenfuss image
  625. Caulerpa veravalensis Thivy & Chauhan
  626. Caulerpa verticillata J. Agardh
  627. Caulerpa verticillata f. acuta Yamada image
  628. Caulerpa verticillata f. charoides Weber-van Bosse
  629. Caulerpa verticillata f. typica Børgesen image
  630. Caulerpa verticillata var. pusilla Vickers
  631. Caulerpa vesiculifera (Harvey) Harvey
  632. Caulerpa vickersiae Børgesen image
  633. Caulerpa vickersiae Børgesen
  634. Caulerpa vickersiae var. furcifolia W.R. Taylor image
  635. Caulerpa vickersiae var. luxurians Taylor image
  636. Caulerpa vickersiae var. luxurians W.R. Taylor
  637. Caulerpa vickersiae_('vickersii') Børgesen image
  638. Caulerpa vieillardii_('Vieillardi') Kützing image
  639. Caulerpa vieillardii_(`vieillardi') Kützing
  640. Caulerpa vitiensis Sonder, herb. du mus. Brit. image
  641. Caulerpa vitifolia C. Agardh image
  642. Caulerpa webbiana Montagne
  643. Caulerpa webbiana f. disticha Vickers image
  644. Caulerpa webbiana f. disticha Weber-van Bosse image
  645. Caulerpa webbiana f. divergens (J. Agardh) Weber-van Bosse
  646. Caulerpa webbiana f. elegans Yamada & Tanaka image
  647. Caulerpa webbiana f. tomentella (Harvey ex J. Agardh) Weber-van Bosse
  648. Caulerpa webbiana f. tomentella (Harvey) Weber-van Bosse image
  649. Caulerpa webbiana f. typica Weber-van Bosse image
  650. Caulerpa webbiana var. divergens J. Agardh
  651. Caulerpa webbiana var. pickeringii (Harvey & Bailey) Eubank
  652. Caulerpa wurdemannii_('Wurdemanni') Harvey ms. image
  653. Caulerpa zeyheri Kützing
  654. Caulerpa zeyheri Sonder, Herb. image
  655. Cocconeis caulerpicola_('caulerpacola') A. Witkowski, A. Car & S. Dobosz
  656. EUCAULERPA S.F.L. Endlicher image
  657. Heteroderma caulerpae (Foslie) Foslie image
  658. Melobesia caulerpae Foslie
  659. Pneophyllum caulerpae (Foslie) Jones & Woelkerling image
  660. Pneophyllum caulerpae (Foslie) P. Jones & Woelkerling