Silva Center for Phycological Documentation: Index Nominum Algarum

The INA is a card file and online reporting system maintained at the Silva Center for Phycological Documentation of the University Herbarium, University of California, Berkeley. It contains nearly 200,000 names of algae (in the broad sense). The BPU is a card file containing bibliographic references pertaining to algal taxonomy.
A working list of algal type specimens at UC is available here

Tabular display

Results from INA database

  1. ACROCHAETIUM (Nägeli) De Toni image
  2. ACROCHAETIUM Nägeli image
  3. Acrochaetium acanthophora Aziz ex Garbary image
  4. Acrochaetium actinocladium Abbott image
  5. Acrochaetium affine Howe & Hoyt image
  6. Acrochaetium agardhiellae Joly & Cordeiro image
  7. Acrochaetium alacranense Aziz ex Garbary image
  8. Acrochaetium alariae (Jöns.) Batters image
  9. Acrochaetium alcyonidii var. cylindricum Chin-Chih Jao image
  10. Acrochaetium alcyonidii_('alcyonidiae') Chin-Chih Jao image
  11. Acrochaetium amahatanum Kumano image
  12. Acrochaetium americanum (Jao) Papenfuss
  13. Acrochaetium amphiroae (Drew) Papenfuss image
  14. Acrochaetium amphiroae (K.M. Drew) Papenfuss
  15. Acrochaetium angustum (Drew) Papenfuss image
  16. Acrochaetium angustum (K.M. Drew) Papenfuss
  17. Acrochaetium antillarum Taylor image
  18. Acrochaetium arcuatum (Drew) Tseng image
  19. Acrochaetium arcuatum (K.M. Drew) C.K. Tseng
  20. Acrochaetium armoricanum J. Feldmann image
  21. Acrochaetium arnoldii Weber-van Bosse image
  22. Acrochaetium ascidiophilum Dawson image
  23. Acrochaetium ascidiophilum E.Y. Dawson
  24. Acrochaetium asparagopsis (Chemin) Papenfuss image
  25. Acrochaetium attenuatum (Rosenv.) Hamel image
  26. Acrochaetium avrainvilleae Børgesen image
  27. Acrochaetium bahreinii Børgesen image
  28. Acrochaetium bahreinii Børgesen
  29. Acrochaetium barbadense (Vickers) Børgesen image
  30. Acrochaetium barbadense (Vickers) Børgesen
  31. Acrochaetium battersianum Hamel image
  32. Acrochaetium bengalicum A.K.N. Nurul-Islam & A. Aziz
  33. Acrochaetium bisporum (Børgesen) Børgesen image
  34. Acrochaetium blomquistii Aziz ex Garbary image
  35. Acrochaetium boergesenii S.P. Singh, R.K. Tiwari, & D.C. Pandey {illegitimate}
  36. Acrochaetium boergesenii Schiffner image
  37. Acrochaetium boergesenii Singh, Tiwari, & Pandey image
  38. Acrochaetium boergesenii_('børgesenii') Schiffner
  39. Acrochaetium bonnemaisoniae (Batters) J. Feldmann & G. Feldmann
  40. Acrochaetium bornetii Papenfuss image
  41. Acrochaetium botryocarpum (Harvey) Hamel image
  42. Acrochaetium brebneri (Batters) Hamel image
  43. Acrochaetium bulbosum Hamel image
  44. Acrochaetium byssaceum (Kützing) Nägeli image
  45. Acrochaetium byssaceum (Kützing) Nägeli
  46. Acrochaetium caesareae J. Feldmann
  47. Acrochaetium caespitiforme Børgesen image
  48. Acrochaetium caespitosum (J. Agardh) Nägeli image
  49. Acrochaetium caespitosum (J. Agardh) Nägeli
  50. Acrochaetium canariense Børgesen image
  51. Acrochaetium canariense Børgesen
  52. Acrochaetium candelabrum Børgesen image
  53. Acrochaetium candelabrum Børgesen
  54. Acrochaetium carneum_('carnea') "J. Agardh" image
  55. Acrochaetium catenulatum Howe
  56. Acrochaetium chaetomorphae (Tanaka & Pham Hoàng Hô) Heerebout image
  57. Acrochaetium champiae_('champii') Anand image
  58. Acrochaetium champiae_('champii') P. Anand
  59. Acrochaetium cheminii J. Feldmann image
  60. Acrochaetium chnoosporae Børgesen image
  61. Acrochaetium chnoosporae Børgesen
  62. Acrochaetium chondriae Aziz ex Garbary image
  63. Acrochaetium chylocladiae (Batters) Batters image
  64. Acrochaetium chylocladiae f. hypoglossi Miranda image
  65. Acrochaetium chylocladiae f. pulchrum_('pulchra') Batters image
  66. Acrochaetium cladestinum (Mont.) Howe image
  67. Acrochaetium clandestinum (Montagne) Howe
  68. Acrochaetium coccineum (Drew) Papenfuss image
  69. Acrochaetium coccineum (K.M. Drew) Papenfuss
  70. Acrochaetium codicola Børgesen image
  71. Acrochaetium codicola Børgesen
  72. Acrochaetium codii (Crouan frat.) Børgesen image
  73. Acrochaetium codii Børgesen {invalid}
  74. Acrochaetium codii Hamel
  75. Acrochaetium colaconemoides Pham Hoàng Hô image
  76. Acrochaetium collinsianum Børgesen image
  77. Acrochaetium collinsianum Børgesen {illegitimate}
  78. Acrochaetium collopodum (Rosenvinge) Hamel image
  79. Acrochaetium compactum Chin-Chih Jao image
  80. Acrochaetium comptum Børgesen image
  81. Acrochaetium comptum Børgesen
  82. Acrochaetium concave (Schmitz & Heydrich) Setchell & Gardner image
  83. Acrochaetium corymbiferum (Thur.) Batters image
  84. Acrochaetium crassipes (Børgesen) Børgesen image
  85. Acrochaetium crassipes (Børgesen) Børgesen
  86. Acrochaetium crassipes var. longisetum_('longiseta') Børgesen image
  87. Acrochaetium crassipes var. longisetum_('longiseta') Børgesen
  88. Acrochaetium crassipes var. typicum_('typica') Børgesen image
  89. Acrochaetium curtum Baardseth image
  90. Acrochaetium cymopoliae Børgesen image
  91. Acrochaetium cytophagum (Rosenv.) Hamel image
  92. Acrochaetium dasyae Collins
  93. Acrochaetium dasyae F.S. Collins image
  94. Acrochaetium daviesii (Dillw.) Nägeli image
  95. Acrochaetium daviesii (Dillwyn) Nägeli
  96. Acrochaetium delisea Aziz ex Garbary invalid image
  97. Acrochaetium densum (Drew) Papenfuss image
  98. Acrochaetium desmarestiae Kylin
  99. Acrochaetium dictyopteridis Hamel & Hamel-Joukov image
  100. Acrochaetium dictyopteridis Hamel & Hamel-Joukov {invalid}
  101. Acrochaetium dictyotae F.S. Collins
  102. Acrochaetium discoideum Børgesen image
  103. Acrochaetium distichosporum Dawson, Acleto, & Foldvik image
  104. Acrochaetium domerguei Hamel & Hamel-Joukov image
  105. Acrochaetium domerguei Hamel & Hamel-Joukov {invalid}
  106. Acrochaetium dotyi Abbott image
  107. Acrochaetium drewii Baardseth
  108. Acrochaetium duboscqii Feldmann image
  109. Acrochaetium dufourii (Collins) Børgesen image
  110. Acrochaetium dufourii Collins image
  111. Acrochaetium dufourii Collins mscr. image
  112. Acrochaetium dumontiae (Rosenv.) Hamel image
  113. Acrochaetium dwarkense Børgesen image
  114. Acrochaetium dwarkense Børgesen
  115. Acrochaetium eastwoodiae_('eastwoodae') (Setchell & Gardner) Papenfuss image
  116. Acrochaetium efflorescens (J. Agardh) Nägeli image
  117. Acrochaetium effusum Levring image
  118. Acrochaetium elegans (Drew) Papenfuss image
  119. Acrochaetium emergens (Rosenvinge) Weber-van Bosse image
  120. Acrochaetium endophyticum Batters
  121. Acrochaetium endophyticum var. tristanense Baardseth image
  122. Acrochaetium endozoicum (Darbishire) Batters image
  123. Acrochaetium entophyticum Batters image
  124. Acrochaetium epispiculum Joly & Cordeiro image
  125. Acrochaetium epizooicum A.A. Aleem
  126. Acrochaetium erectum Børgesen image
  127. Acrochaetium erectum Børgesen
  128. Acrochaetium ernothrix Børgesen image
  129. Acrochaetium erythrophyllum C.C. Jao
  130. Acrochaetium erythrophyllum Jao image
  131. Acrochaetium extensum A. Ercegovic image
  132. Acrochaetium extensum A. Ercegovic
  133. Acrochaetium extensum var. longicellulare A. Ercegovic image
  134. Acrochaetium extensum var. longicellulare A. Ercegovic
  135. Acrochaetium fernandezianum (Levr.) Papenfuss image
  136. Acrochaetium fernandezianum (Levring) De Toni fil. image
  137. Acrochaetium fernandezianum (Levring) Papenfuss
  138. Acrochaetium flexuosum Vickers
  139. Acrochaetium fuegiense Kylin image
  140. Acrochaetium galaxaurae Aziz ex Garbary image
  141. Acrochaetium globosum Børgesen image
  142. Acrochaetium godwardense Patel image
  143. Acrochaetium godwardense R.J. Patel
  144. Acrochaetium gracile Børgesen image
  145. Acrochaetium gracile Børgesen
  146. Acrochaetium gracile var. vietnamense Pham Hoàng Hô image
  147. Acrochaetium grande (Levring) De Toni fil. image
  148. Acrochaetium grande (Levring) Papenfuss image
  149. Acrochaetium grande_('grandis') (Levring) Papenfuss
  150. Acrochaetium grateloupiae Dawson image
  151. Acrochaetium grateloupiae E.Y. Dawson
  152. Acrochaetium griffithsianum Nägeli image
  153. Acrochaetium gymnogongri (Drew) Papenfuss image
  154. Acrochaetium gymnogongri (K.M. Drew) Papenfuss
  155. Acrochaetium gymnogongri Setchell & Gardner image
  156. Acrochaetium gymnogongri Setchell & N.L. Gardner {invalid}
  157. Acrochaetium gynandrum (Rosenv.) Hamel image
  158. Acrochaetium hallandicum (Kylin) G. Hamel
  159. Acrochaetium hallandicum (Kylin) Hamel image
  160. Acrochaetium hallandicum f. armoricum_('armorica') Hamel image
  161. Acrochaetium hallandicum f. parvulum_('parvula') (Kylin) Hamel image
  162. Acrochaetium hamelii J. Feldmann image
  163. Acrochaetium hancockii (Dawson) Papenfuss image
  164. Acrochaetium hauckii V. Schiffner
  165. Acrochaetium hirsutum (K.M. Drew) P.W. Gabrielson
  166. Acrochaetium hlulekaense H. Stegenga
  167. Acrochaetium hormorhizum Børgesen image
  168. Acrochaetium howei (Yamada) Papenfuss image
  169. Acrochaetium hoytii F.S. Collins image
  170. Acrochaetium humile (Rosenvinge) Børgesen image
  171. Acrochaetium hummii Aziz ex Garbary image
  172. Acrochaetium hyalosiphoniae (Nakamura) Papenfuss image
  173. Acrochaetium hypneae (Børgesen) Børgesen image
  174. Acrochaetium imitator Abbott image
  175. Acrochaetium immersum (Rosenv.) Hamel image
  176. Acrochaetium inclusum (Levring) Papenfuss image
  177. Acrochaetium incrassatum A. Ercegovic image
  178. Acrochaetium incrassatum A. Ercegovic
  179. Acrochaetium indicum_('indica') Raikwar image
  180. Acrochaetium indicum_(`indica') S.K.S. Raikwar
  181. Acrochaetium infestans Howe & Hoyt image
  182. Acrochaetium inkyui Y.P. Lee
  183. Acrochaetium intermedium Chin-Chih Jao image
  184. Acrochaetium interpositum (Heydrich) Børgesen image
  185. Acrochaetium islamii Aziz ex Garbary image
  186. Acrochaetium iyengarii Børgesen image
  187. Acrochaetium iyengarii Børgesen
  188. Acrochaetium jamaicense_('jamaicensis') Chapman image
  189. Acrochaetium japonicum Papenfuss image
  190. Acrochaetium jonssonii Papenfuss image
  191. Acrochaetium keralayense_(`keralayensis') L. Jose & R.J. Patel
  192. Acrochaetium krusadii Børgesen image
  193. Acrochaetium krusadii Børgesen
  194. Acrochaetium kuckuckianum Hamel image
  195. Acrochaetium kurilense (Nagai) Papenfuss image
  196. Acrochaetium kurogii (Y.P. Lee & S.C. Lindstrom) Y.P. Lee & I.K. Lee
  197. Acrochaetium kylinii_('Kylini') Hamel image
  198. Acrochaetium kylinioides Feldmann image
  199. Acrochaetium kylinioides J. Feldmann image
  200. Acrochaetium laminariae J. Feldmann image
  201. Acrochaetium laminariae J. Feldmann image
  202. Acrochaetium lanuginosum (Dillwyn) Nägeli image
  203. Acrochaetium lauterbachii (Schmitz & Heydrich) Hamel image
  204. Acrochaetium laxum Abbott image
  205. Acrochaetium lenormandii (Suhr) Nägeli image
  206. Acrochaetium leptonema (Rosenvinge) Børgesen image
  207. Acrochaetium leptonemoides Levring image
  208. Acrochaetium levringii Papenfuss image
  209. Acrochaetium liagorae (Weber-van Bosse) G. Hamel {illegitimate}
  210. Acrochaetium liagorae (Weber-van Bosse) Hamel image
  211. Acrochaetium liagorae Børgesen image
  212. Acrochaetium liagorae Børgesen
  213. Acrochaetium liagoraefilum Børgesen
  214. Acrochaetium liagoroides Børgesen image
  215. Acrochaetium liagoroides Børgesen
  216. Acrochaetium lorrain-smithiae (Lyle) Lily Newton image
  217. Acrochaetium luxurians (J. Agardh) Nägeli image
  218. Acrochaetium macounii (Collins) Hamel
  219. Acrochaetium macropoda P. Dangeard image
  220. Acrochaetium macropus Kylin image
  221. Acrochaetium macula (Rosenv.) Hamel image
  222. Acrochaetium madininae Hamel & Hamel-Joukov image
  223. Acrochaetium madininae Hamel & Hamel-Joukov {invalid}
  224. Acrochaetium magnificum (Drew) Papenfuss image
  225. Acrochaetium mahumetanum Hamel image
  226. Acrochaetium maluinum Hamel image
  227. Acrochaetium manorense Anand image
  228. Acrochaetium manorense P. Anand
  229. Acrochaetium mauritianum Børgesen image
  230. Acrochaetium mauritianum Børgesen
  231. Acrochaetium mediterraneum (Levring) A. Athanasiadis
  232. Acrochaetium mediterraneum (Levring) Boudouresque image
  233. Acrochaetium microfilum Chin-Chih Jao image
  234. Acrochaetium microfilum Levring image
  235. Acrochaetium microfilum Levring {illegitimate}
  236. Acrochaetium microscopicum (Nägeli) Nägeli image
  237. Acrochaetium microscopicum (Nägeli ex Kützing) Nägeli
  238. Acrochaetium microscopicum var. collopoda (Rosenvinge) Børgesen image
  239. Acrochaetium microscopicum var. densum Schiffner image
  240. Acrochaetium minimum Collins image
  241. Acrochaetium minimum F.S. Collins
  242. Acrochaetium minutissimum (Suhr) Nägeli image
  243. Acrochaetium mirabile (Suhr) Nägeli image
  244. Acrochaetium molinieri Coppejans & Boudouresque image
  245. Acrochaetium molle (Pilger) Hamel image
  246. Acrochaetium moniliforme (Rosenvinge) Børgesen image
  247. Acrochaetium moniliforme (Rosenvinge) Børgesen
  248. Acrochaetium moniliforme var. mesogloiae Chin-Chih Jao image
  249. Acrochaetium multisporum Børgesen image
  250. Acrochaetium multisporum Børgesen
  251. Acrochaetium naumannii_('Naumanni') (Askenasy) Børgesen image
  252. Acrochaetium nemalii_('nemalionis') (De Notaris ex Dufour) Børgesen
  253. Acrochaetium nemalionis (De Notaris) Børgesen image
  254. Acrochaetium neozeelandicum Levring image
  255. Acrochaetium netrocarpum Børgesen image
  256. Acrochaetium nitidulum Abbott image
  257. Acrochaetium nitophylli (Levring) Levring image
  258. Acrochaetium nitophylli (Levring) Papenfuss
  259. Acrochaetium obscurum (Drew) Papenfuss image
  260. Acrochaetium occidentale Børgesen image
  261. Acrochaetium occidentale Børgesen
  262. Acrochaetium occidentale var. caespitosum BÝrgesen image
  263. Acrochaetium opetigenum Børgesen image
  264. Acrochaetium ophioglossum_(`ophioglossa') (C.W. Schneider) D.L. Ballantine & N.E. Aponte
  265. Acrochaetium pacificum Kylin
  266. Acrochaetium pallens (Zanardini) Nägeli image
  267. Acrochaetium papenfussii Abbott image
  268. Acrochaetium parva D.J. Garbary {invalid}
  269. Acrochaetium parvulum (Kylin) Hoyt image
  270. Acrochaetium pectinatum (Kylin) Hamel
  271. Acrochaetium penetrale (Drew) Papenfuss
  272. Acrochaetium penetrale (Drew) Taylor image
  273. Acrochaetium penetrans (Levring) Papenfuss image
  274. Acrochaetium phacelorhizum Børgesen image
  275. Acrochaetium phuquocense_('phuquocensis') Pham Hoàng Hô image
  276. Acrochaetium plumosum (Drew) G.M. Smith image
  277. Acrochaetium plumosum (K.M. Drew) G.M. Smith
  278. Acrochaetium polyblastum (Rosenvinge) Børgesen image
  279. Acrochaetium polyidis (Rosenvinge) Børgesen image
  280. Acrochaetium polyrhizum (Harvey) Hamel image
  281. Acrochaetium polysporum Howe image
  282. Acrochaetium porphyrae (Drew) G.M. Smith image
  283. Acrochaetium porphyrae (K.M. Drew) G.M. Smith
  284. Acrochaetium posidoniae (Zanardini) Nägeli image
  285. Acrochaetium proskaueri J.A. West
  286. Acrochaetium pseudoerectum_('pseudo-erectum') Pham Hoàng Hô image
  287. Acrochaetium pubes (C. Agardh) Nägeli image
  288. Acrochaetium pulchellum Børgesen image
  289. Acrochaetium pulvereum Nägeli image
  290. Acrochaetium pulvinatum Levring image
  291. Acrochaetium punctatum Dawson image
  292. Acrochaetium punctatum E.Y. Dawson
  293. Acrochaetium pusillum Feldmann image
  294. Acrochaetium pygmaeum (Kützing) Nägeli image
  295. Acrochaetium pygmaeum (Kützing) Nägeli
  296. Acrochaetium radians Hamel image
  297. Acrochaetium radiatum Chin-Chih Jao image
  298. Acrochaetium radicans (Harvey) G. Hamel
  299. Acrochaetium radicans (Harvey) Hamel image
  300. Acrochaetium radicans (Harvey) Levring image
  301. Acrochaetium ralfsiae Børgesen image
  302. Acrochaetium reductum (Rosenvinge) Hamel image
  303. Acrochaetium reniforme Aziz ex Garbary image
  304. Acrochaetium repens Børgesen image
  305. Acrochaetium reticulatum (Batters) Papenfuss image
  306. Acrochaetium rhipidandrum (Rosenv.) Hamel image
  307. Acrochaetium rhipidandrum f. oppositum_('opposita') Hamel image
  308. Acrochaetium rhizoideum (Drew) Jao image
  309. Acrochaetium rhizoideum (K.M. Drew) C.C. Jao
  310. Acrochaetium rhizoideum var. patens (Drew) G.M. Smith image
  311. Acrochaetium robustum Børgesen image
  312. Acrochaetium robustum Børgesen
  313. Acrochaetium rongelapense Abbott image
  314. Acrochaetium rongelapense I.A. Abbott
  315. Acrochaetium roseolum Nägeli image
  316. Acrochaetium rosulatum (Rosenv.) Papenfuss image
  317. Acrochaetium rosulatum (Rosenvinge) Papenfuss
  318. Acrochaetium ryukyuense (Nakamura) Papenfuss image
  319. Acrochaetium sagraeanum (Mont.) Bornet image
  320. Acrochaetium sanctaemariae_('Sanctae Mariae') (Darbishire) Hamel image
  321. Acrochaetium sancti-thomae_('Sancti Thomae') Børgesen
  322. Acrochaetium sancti-thomae_('Sancti Thomae') BÝrgesen image
  323. Acrochaetium sargassi Børgesen image
  324. Acrochaetium sargassicaulinum Noda image
  325. Acrochaetium sargassicola Børgesen image
  326. Acrochaetium sargassicola Børgesen
  327. Acrochaetium sarmae_(`sarmaii') M. Khan
  328. Acrochaetium sarmaii Khan image
  329. Acrochaetium savianum (Meneghini) Nägeli image
  330. Acrochaetium savianum (Meneghini) Nägeli
  331. Acrochaetium scapae (Lyle) Papenfuss image
  332. Acrochaetium scinaiae Dawson image
  333. Acrochaetium scinaiae E.Y. Dawson
  334. Acrochaetium secundatum (Lyngbye) Nägeli image
  335. Acrochaetium secundatum (Lyngbye) Nägeli
  336. Acrochaetium secundatum var. crassitrichum (Verlaque, Boudouresque, Meinesz, Giraud & Marcot-Coqueugniot) M. Cormaci, G. Furnari & J. Alongi
  337. Acrochaetium seiriolanum (Gibson) Hamel image
  338. Acrochaetium seriasporum_('seriaspora') (E.Y. Dawson) J.N. Norris
  339. Acrochaetium seriatum Børgesen image
  340. Acrochaetium seriatum Børgesen
  341. Acrochaetium sertulariae Jaasund image
  342. Acrochaetium sessile (Y. Nakamura) Y.P. Lee
  343. Acrochaetium simplex (Drew) Papenfuss image
  344. Acrochaetium simplex (K.M. Drew) Papenfuss
  345. Acrochaetium sinicola_(`sinicolum') (E.Y. Dawson) Papenfuss
  346. Acrochaetium sparsum (Harvey) Nägeli
  347. Acrochaetium spathoglossi Børgesen image
  348. Acrochaetium spathoglossi Børgesen
  349. Acrochaetium spermatochni J. Feldmann image
  350. Acrochaetium spiculiphilum Dawson image
  351. Acrochaetium spiculiphilum E.Y. Dawson
  352. Acrochaetium spinulosum (Suhr) Nägeli image
  353. Acrochaetium spongicola_('spongicolum') Weber-van Bosse image
  354. Acrochaetium spongicola_(`spongicolum') Weber-van Bosse
  355. Acrochaetium stilophorae (Levring) Kylin image
  356. Acrochaetium streblocladiae P. Dangeard image
  357. Acrochaetium strictum (Rosenv.) Hamel image
  358. Acrochaetium stypopodiae Aziz ex Garbary image
  359. Acrochaetium subimmersum (Setchell & Gardner) Papenfuss image
  360. Acrochaetium subimmersum (Setchell & N.L. Gardner) Papenfuss
  361. Acrochaetium subpinnatum Hamel image
  362. Acrochaetium subreductum Levring image
  363. Acrochaetium subseriatum Børgesen image
  364. Acrochaetium subseriatum Børgesen
  365. Acrochaetium subseriatum Chin-Chih Jao image
  366. Acrochaetium subsimplex Levring image
  367. Acrochaetium subtilissimum (Kützing) Hamel image
  368. Acrochaetium tenuissimum (Collins) Kylin image
  369. Acrochaetium tenuissimum (Collins) Papenfuss
  370. Acrochaetium terminale (Nakamura) Y.P. Lee
  371. Acrochaetium thuretii (Bornet) Collins & Hervey
  372. Acrochaetium thuretii var. agamum_('agama') (Rosenvinge) Dawson image
  373. Acrochaetium toyamaense Noda & Honda image
  374. Acrochaetium trichogloeae Børgesen image
  375. Acrochaetium trichogloeae Børgesen
  376. Acrochaetium trifilum (Buffham) Batters image
  377. Acrochaetium trifilum var. schiffneri Hamel image
  378. Acrochaetium tuticorinense Børgesen image
  379. Acrochaetium tuticorinense Børgesen
  380. Acrochaetium unifilum C.C. Jao
  381. Acrochaetium unifilum Chin-Chih Jao image
  382. Acrochaetium unifilum Levring image
  383. Acrochaetium unifilum Levring {illegitimate}
  384. Acrochaetium unilaterale (Kjellman) Hamel image
  385. Acrochaetium unipes Børgesen image
  386. Acrochaetium unipes Børgesen
  387. Acrochaetium vagum (Drew) C.C. Jao
  388. Acrochaetium vagum (Drew) Jao image
  389. Acrochaetium vagum (Drew) Papenfuss image
  390. Acrochaetium vanbosseae Papenfuss
  391. Acrochaetium variabile (K.M. Drew) G.M. Smith
  392. Acrochaetium variable (Drew) G.M. Smith image
  393. Acrochaetium villiforme Levring image
  394. Acrochaetium vinculoides (Heydrich) Okamura image
  395. Acrochaetium virgatulum (Harvey) Batters
  396. Acrochaetium virgatulum f. luxurians (J. Agardh) F.S. Collins image
  397. Acrochaetium virgatulum f. secundatum_('secundata') (Lyngbye) Hamel image
  398. Acrochaetium virgatulum f. tenuissimum_('tenuissima') (Collins) Collins image
  399. Acrochaetium virgatulum f. tetricum (Rosenvinge) G. Hamel
  400. Acrochaetium virgatulum f. tetricum_('tetrica') (Rosenvinge) Hamel image
  401. Acrochaetium virgatulum var. crassitrichum Verlaque, Boudouresque, Meinesz, Giraud & Marcot-Coqueugniot
  402. Acrochaetium virgatulum var. crassitrichum Verlaque, Boudouresque, Meinesz, Giraud, & Marcot-Coqueugniot image
  403. Acrochaetium virgatulum var. tertricum (Rosenvinge) Celan image
  404. Acrochaetium yamadae (D.J. Garbary) Y.P. Lee & I.K. Lee
  405. Acrochaetium zosterae Papenfuss image
  406. Pseudacrochaetium liagora farinosae von Stosch, inval. image