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Fortuna to Eureka

--Vegetation is rank and along the fence-lines wild hedges of Rose,
herbaceous stuff and the beautiful Azalea occid-
have sprung up like mad. It is, moreover, a land of dairy cattle and creameries.
It is so near the ocean that the fog and rain keeps things green all the year.

--No. 1916. Azalea occidentalis. Loleta
--No. 1917. Carex triquetra Boott. Det. K.K.M.
--No 1917a. Malus fusca (Raf.) C.K. Schneid. Fortuna to Loleta
--Sitka Spruces were seen between Loleta and Eureka and were frequent
as far at least as half-way to Korbel.
--Abies grandis, Eureka to Korbel and half-way to Angels Ranch.
Trees on the mt [mountain] side; 1000 ft elevation at least.
Trees 150 ft high. =Pyrus diversifolia Bong.
--Sitka Spruce trees 125, perhaps 200, ft. high
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