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_Blue Rock Ridge_
NW. Mendocino Co.
Blue Rock to
4200 ft. alt.
--My watch stopped last night.
Watches do occasionally require winding. That is the great trouble with a watch. Mr. G. gave me the time lest his stop and we "lose the seed".
--The altitude of the ridge near Blue Rock is about 4200; we made quite a drop and came to a ranch mail box labeled 3500 ft.
Along the ridge to Bell's Springs were splendid groves of Black Oak. The tees ran up to 70 ft, possibly 80. There was enough Quercus Garryana all along. It was noticeable that Garryana was on the highest ridges and in finer or at least larger form than we had seen it.
Harris, June 18, 1902
=2100 ft.
Near Bell's Spring's were splendid sapling forests of Quercus Garryana
--the trunks standing as thickly as regularly as stalks of corn in a corn field. These were on the north slope for 1 1_2 mi or 2 mi along the road. There were Black Oak thickets of similar character. The Garryana was 6 to mostly 10 _or 12_ ft. high.
We made a big drop from Bell's Spring to our camping place, coming down "Chemise Mt"-_not a very definite topographically, but covered with Adenostoma
--not pure by any means_. Camped on a hog's back, with the water in a canon 200 ft. down and

A. fasculata H. & A.
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