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The Village

-The Blacksmith. Shrinking a tire to a wagon wheel.
-The drug store and its aromas.
-The village forum. Presidential campaigns.
-When a very small lad, I liked to go with my father on trips to the village. Sometimes though, the day palled and waiting I grew tiresome. I wandered to the end of the village business street and stood a bit at the corner by the Wilson House down the side street, at its further end, all shaded by tall trees and beyonth the trees the grain fields stretch away to the hills, there at the street end two lads about my own age played ball, shouting aloud to each other as the ball went to and fro. The happy scene warmed my heart and left an unimperishable imprint. Thought I, how (cont. p. 85)

Wild Animals
-Jack Rabbits. U.S. Div. Ornithology and Mammalogy, Bull. 8. (T.S. Palmer).
-Tule Elk. Cervus nannodes. Cf. Academy News Letter, no. 57, Sept., 1944.

The old Spanish Trail to Sonoma and Vallejo. Cf. my article in Vacaville Prunings.

Trips across Country
It was common, when we wished to go anywhere, to drive. One of our driving trips was to Berryesa Valley whither we went to pass the night with Abraham Clark and family. The Berryesa Valley floor consisted of very large and very fine-looking grain ranches. The ranchers had built for themselves large good-looking homes and lived well. One of these fine places was that of Abe Clark. A rather fine looking genial man, now sixty-five or thereabouts. Although he had accumulated much wealth, he had had no formal education and could not write. Nor could he read as I remember. Mother, sister Frankie (? Alive then?) and I made the trip on May 1, 1884.

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