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2 Berkeley

--John Thomas Howell has just arrived from the Rancho Santa Ana. I asked him if he had been able to adjust himself to the ways of Mrs. Bryant. He replied with a little asperity that he did not feel it to be his duty to adjust himself to Mrs. Bryant. He feels that she also has no proper appreciation of his status as a botanist and expects an amount of work performed which is out of the question. She has an idea of how much laborers can do in working on the ranch and makes no unreasonable demands - but in the case of botani-

[transcribed 8-6-16 Diana Wilson, Paso Robles, CA]
3 Berkeley, Dec. 20, '28

cal matters she has no experience to serve her as a guide, so he says. It seems that Mrs. Bryant does not consult him before taking certain steps which he, Howell, thinks she ought to do. And much more. Evidently he is not at all pleased with Mrs. Bryant's policy (Cf. [F.B., vol. 50, 149], Jan. 5, 1928).
My secretary, Mrs. C.D. Howard, had never met Howel before. When he came in to the laboratory I was out (and away). Mrs Howard was not pleased with him: She said: "Your young fellows here are so fine: Mr. Mason lifts his own weight. Mr. Goddards lifts his own weight. Mr. Meyer likewise. But Mr. Howell lies right down on you!" It is wonderful

[transcribed 8-6-16 Diana Wilson, Paso Robles, CA]
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