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Mts. above Castaic Creek_ Los Angeles Co.
(Ridge Route, 3200 ft.)

A sage brush 2-3 ft. h. and dark colored
XXXX above

We collect it Castaic station

No. 8928a Salvia mellifera Jepson
Mountains n. of Castaic Valley

No. 8929 Arctostaphylos glauca Lindl.

No. 8930 Astragalus antisellii Gray
Gray This is common all through these mountains.

No. 8931 Dendromecon rigida Bth. Very common, more of it I think than ever seen elsewhere.

No. 8932 Eriodictyon trichocalyx Hel. Common at the higher alt.

No. 8933 Cryptantha murricata nels micfr. Lower altitudes

No. 8934 Lotus salsuginosus Greene

_Castaic is the spelling on maps of Los Angeles Co., S. Cal. Auto Club spelled "Castxxx creek" on Tejon Quadrangle but incorrectly I think.
3 May 1920

No. 8935 Isomeris arborea Nutt var. globosa Gov at foot of hill when coming down from Ridge road just before Tejon Pass

No. 8936 Artemisia tridentata Nutt ssp. tridentata

No. 8937 Gilia tricolor Bth. var. longipedicellata Greenm. Near Ft. Tejon

No. 8938 Astragalus douglasii Gray. Near Ft. Tejon

The mountain scenery from the Ridge Road is surprisingly fine. Deep canons, great chaparral slopes, rocky ridges and a multitude of peaks. Westerly lie the great peaks of Frazier Mt. and Mt. Pinos.

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