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Pi_on Well Grade, c. 2500 ft.
N. of Indio. not Cottonwood Mts = Conchillo Mts.
No. 5999. Chilopsis saligna Don.
Calyx inflated, minutely 5-toothed and slit down the lower side. Corolla pink, Mimulus-shaped, the long throat curving horizontally from the short tube but no sharp distinction recognizable between the two except insertion of the 4 stamens. Trees, sprawling clumps, stems 2 to 10 in. in diam; 8 to 14 ft. h.
No. 6000. Phoradendron folleanum Eichler ssp. densum (Torr. ex Trel.) Wiens
On Juniperus no. 6035
No. 6001. Quercus dumosa Nutt.
No. 6002. Thelypodium intergrifolium = Streptanthus hallii (Payson) Jepson
Pi_on Well ca_on. Doubtful det.[determination]
18 May, 1914.
No. 6003 Gilia pungens Bth. var hallii (Millikin) = Leptodactylon
Mts. of the Pi_on Well. Fine clump 20 inches high, very woody at base and very "stickery". Pi_on Well ca_on.
No. 6004. Arctostaphylos glauca Lindl. Shrubs spreading 2 to 4 ft. h. Berries elliptic and somewhat acutish; skin very viscid; stone solid.
No. 6005. A. palmeri Gray Astragalus oocarpus Gray.
Stems sprawling & forming a mat in stream bed.
No. 6006. Oenothera bistorta Nutt. var. hallii Jepson.
Prostrate. Stream bed.
No. 6007. Penstemon eatonii Gray.
Summit_ Pi_on Well Ca_on road
No. 6008. Baccharis serothroides Gray
Char. shrub of stream beds, 3 (to 4) ft. h.
_ betw. Pi_on Well and County Well

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