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many people in Zurich was happily placed between Professor Schroter and [?Frau] Dr. Brockmann.
C. Hart Merriam was there at my invitation.
For toasts, after my [introductory] speech, I called on my colleague Professor Setchell to join me in welcoming the guests of honor.
I then rose to introduce Barrons, acting President of the [University] of [California] but was interrupted by Mrs. Lemmon who seized he floor and gave a running biography of herself and husband.
Then I introduced Barrows, claiming him as a botanist by reason the classical paper of his earlier youth, the Ethno-
Sept. 12, 1913
Botany of the Coahuilla Indians.
After Barrows, came Cowles who spoke most happily and with a bubbling humor; then Tuboef who spoke in German with [translation] by [Dachnowski]; then finally Engler who spoke with great power.
He has few English words but used them with Biblical strength.
He told of his pleasure in California and made a plea for a great Botanic Garden in California, instancing the favoring climate and the wonderful vegetation of the state.
But you say you have no money.
Ah, no.
You who have rebuilt in almost a day the great city of San Francisco destroyed by a terrible earth quake cannot say you have no money.
It is not right to have money to build cities and no money for a scientific garden in a country like California. [cont. p.14.]
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