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Needles 450 ft.

No. 5478. Encelia frutescens Gray. Comp. bush 2 ft. h. Deep dark green foliage. Round bush.
No. 5479. Sphaeralcea [=Eremelche] rotundifolia Jepson. Malvaceae.
No. 5480. Coldenia palmeri Gray.
No. 5481. Eschscholtzia
No. 5482. Cryptanthe angustifolia (Torr.) Greene.
No. 5483. Prosopis juliflora DC. var. [glandulosa CKll.] Torreyana L. [= P. glandulosa var. Torreyana]
No. 5484. Lycium torreyi Gray Berries red, not bad tasting but lacking any decided flavor. Size of small peas. See next p.
No. 5485. Grass. [= Hilaria] Pleuraphis rigida Thurb.
No. 5486. Dalea parryii T. & G. Needles, in dry wash.
No. 5487. Larrea tridentata Cov. var. glutinosa Jepson.
11 May 1913 [San Bern. Co.]

No. 5488. Grass Tridens pulchellus (H.B.K.) Hitchc.
No. 5489. Tribulus terrestris L. Streets of Needles.

10 May 1913

No. 5490. Phlox stansburyi (Torr.) Hel. See p. 79. New York Mts., near Barnwell.
No. 5491. Verbena ciliata Bth. [goodingii Briq.] New York Mts. near Barnwell.
No. 5492. Pentstemon centranthifolius. See p. 78. New York Mts. near Barnwell.
No. 5493. Cont. p. 86. Eriogonum reniforme. Calyx segs. ovate-elliptic, inner narrower, glandular-hispidulose outside. Invol. glabrous & glaucous. Ludlow.

- Lycium torreyii. Shrubs 4-5 ft. h. Colo. R. bottom. Berries rather abundant, showy for the desert in the way of berries, rather good eating in the absence of anything else, but on the whole rather tasteless and flat than having any positive character No. 5484. (Not L. andersonii.)
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