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New York Mts. Barnwell
c. 4000 ft.

No. 5471. Phacelia tanacetifolia Benth = P. distans Bth.!!
No. 5472. Cryptanthe pterocarya (Torr.) Greene.
No. 5473. Baileya multiradiata Harv. & Gray. Comp. Rays deep golden yellow.
No. 5474 [Haplopappus gracilis (Nutt.) Gray] Comp. Rays yellow.
No. 5475. Franseria eriocentra Gray. Comp. bush 2 ft. h.
No. 5476. Gilia [sinuata] latiflora Gray = G. tenuiflora var. sinuata (Dougl.).
No. 5476a. Gilia leptomeria Gray.
No. 5477. Hymenoclea salsola T. & G. Comp. bush 2 ft. h.
- Barnwell is a little station on the Searchlight branch in the New York Mts. It is a fearful little place of tin-and-scraps-of-
10 May 1913.

board-shacks. Here lives W.J. Connor, Sainte Fe Agt. but perhaps the greater local celebrity is Morrison (postmaster, _10.00 per mo., and Justice of the Peace, _15.00 per mo.) who hasn't bathed or washed in eleven years. Morrison has a really remarkable purity of speech but his notions of purity stop abruptly with the exercise of language. He was wealthy once (_90,000.00); dropped it all in a mine! And simply stayed on and sunk back as it were into a crack of the desert. "I git _80.00 a month" say Connor. "I'm Irish but born in this country. The ingineer of the mixed train gits 300.00 a mo., the conductor 250.00 a mo. and the brakeman 160.00 a mo., and I tind to the whoole feenances of the coompanie. O'course the little stations down below do their own unloading but I handle all the bills -- and we gitting 80.00 a month. Noo, you're right, I can't spind much here, -- but I got a mine over in Arizony. A copper mine. It's a fine mine. And we've bonded it. And when I git me share, it'll be 60,000.00 or maybe 70,000.00 I'm going to see Californy. I bin 34 years with the coompanie but I aint seen Californy. Ah, thin I'll travel Californy in an autymobile. Not on the train, no. I saw the Midwinter [?] Fair but it wasn't worth the money. But I'm going to see the Panama. Yes. And if I see a nice bit land I'll buy it. I'd like a nice bit land".
The drinking water is hauled in from Goffs 50 miles away. The desert at this place is good botanizing.
Cont. p. 93.
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