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Mohave Desert, Barstow
2100 ft.

- Abronia pogonanta No. 5332. Cont. from p. 36. Per. pink, its limb deeply cleft into 5 unequal segments each divergently 2-lobed. Stamens 5, unequally inserted high on tube. Style & stigma one, reaching to middle of tube. Ovary developing into a 1-, 2-, or 3-winged fruit, the wings unequal on a fruit (when more than one!).
No. 5413. Salazaria mexicana Torr. 15 in. h. dense thorny many-stemmed bush, the flowering branchlets at top of the simple stems become next year spiny, dead and the new flowering branchlets are put out mostly below
5 May 1913

them. Upper lip white shortly galeate, pubescent, the short-lateral lobes approximate to it with recurved tips. Middle lobe of lower lip appearing to be the whole lower lip, spreading, with strong palate closing throat, blue. Lateral lobes of lower lip white. Stamens 4.
- Chorizanthe rigida, no. 5388. Low simple-stemmed dwarf 1 or 2 in. high. Invol. with 3 unequal spines. Perianth tubular, a little inflated on summit, with 6 short oblong hairy lobes. Stamens probably 9. The whole fl. very minute. Gravelly sandy slopes.
- Nama demissum Gray. cont. no. 5367 Cor. purple, tubular, the limb shortly 5-lobed, the lobes broad & short & very obtuse. Sepals
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