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Mohave Desert, Barstow
2100 ft.

No. 5383. Phacelia hispida Gray. [distans Bth.] Always in shadow of or about brush. Cor. pale blue, rotately spreading from the short tube, a darker dot in tube opp. each sinus. Scales coherent in front of fils. Fils blue. Style deeply cleft.
No. 5384. Stanleya pinnata Britt. Bush 3 to 4 ft. h. with woody base. Sepals turned backward, in anthesis longer than petals. Petals abruptly spreading from the middle. Stamens long-exserted, the long-stipitate ovary much longer. -- Calico Wash, only a few plants seen. Sepals & stamens 1 in. long. Pets. 3/4 inch long.
No. 5385. Senecio [douglasii DC.] Flowering stems tufted at
4 May 1913

summit of woody stems 1/2 inch thick. Wash, Calico Mts. Shrub, the woody stems 2 to 3 ft. h., whole bush 2 1/2 to 4 ft. h.
No. 5386. Cryptanthe augustifolia (Torr.) Greene.
No. 5387. Gilia matthewsii Gray. = Langloisia matthewsii Greene.
No. 5388. Chorizanthe rigida T. & G. Same as 5409. See also p. 57. cont.
No. 5389. Chaenactis carphoclinia Gray. Comp. [discarded too badly insect-damaged RB. 4/14/55]
No. 5390. Mentzelia affinis Greene [albicaulis Dougl.] Cor. yellow, fading white. No! [see image] = M. albicaulis Dougl.
No. 5391. Eriogonum nidularium
No. 5392. Gilia dichotoma (Bth.) [Linanthus dichotomus] Fls. opening about 5 o'clock.
No. 5393. Cryptantha barbigera Greene, var. inops (K. Bdg.). = C. nevadensis Nels. & Kan.
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