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and growing with it. The berries more depressed and plainly hairy altho the hairs are short, few and inconspicuous.
Berkeley to Kramer, Apr 30, '13 Left on the Santa Fe for Kramer at 900 oclock in the evening. Kramr looked uninviting botanically as seen from the train but when one explores the mesas and washes a great abundance of things are to be found now. I was more than satisfied with the results from this part of the desert.
R.B. Coun [?] of the Kramer Mercantile Supply Co. was friendly. He keeps the little mdse. store and runs the blind pig (for Kramer is in a "dry" precinct) and the postoffice
Next day went on to Barstow where I had the usual hearty welcome from Miss Waterman who at once drove me out towards Hinckley. On the way we found a disabled Western Grebe on the desert which when I approached showed fight, advancing and thrusting vigorously at my hands with its long sharp bill. We took him home and put him in a tub of water.
Kramer, 1 May 1913
2479 ft Mohave Desert

No. 5320. Oenothera dentata Cav. Fls. yellow, fading brownish. Red spot below each stamen in throat of cor. Sandy soil
No. 5321. Eriogonum mohanvense. Det. O.K. -- S.G.S. Sepals ovate, very small. Fls. pale yellowish, 1/2 line long, glabrous. Involucre subcylindric, angled, glab. Sandy soil. Leaves roundish, undulate, cuneately decurrent on upper part of petiole.
No. 5322. Eriogonum gracillimum Fls. pink. Outer per. segs. elliptic or broadly oblong, edges incurved erect with the white tips abruptly spreading Per. minutely hispiulose outside Leaves blistery, elongated, erect, strongly revolute. Per. & invol. minutely glandular-hispid Inner per. segs. smaller, all the segs. distinctly erosulate [?].
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