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Red Mt. ca. 3000 ft. alt.

No. 3039. Torreya Californica Trees 50 feet high in Mill Creek Canon. Also occurs in the scrubby growth on north slopes in the range above, towards the summit of Purdy Ridge and towards Eight Mile Valley. The trees and shrubs are fruiting heavily this year.
June 18, 1908.

Cases of Nanism observed as follows on Purdy Ridge and Red Mt.
- Arctostaphylos Manzanita, does not stump sprout. Comes into bearing very early from seed-sown plants. Is a clear adaptation to fire conditions.
- Torreya Californica, fruits very early, at about 12 years old.
- Pinus tuberculata. Fruits young here as elsewhere.
- Cupressus Sargentii, fruits at height of one foot.
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