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Shackleford Canyon
[July 4, 1907]
Western Siskiyou Co., region of Marble Mt.
Trees and Shrubs of Shackleford Canyon.
-Pinus ponderosa, 35% stand. Also covers gravelly floors of Scott Valley where stand is dense and reproduction splendid.
-Libocedrus decurrens, 35% stand. Trees of first diameter.
-Douglas Fir, 20% stand.
Saxifraga peltata.
-Sugar Pine, a little.
-Populus trichocarpa, along stream in meadows.
-Abies concolor, very abundant in upper part canyon, replacing Pinus ponderosa, 75% stand.
-Pinus Murrayana, about meadows upper part of canyon.
-Acer macrophyllum, lower part canyon.
-Ceanothus integerrimus, blue and nearly white, each shrub alike.
-Ceanothus velutinus, not in fl. [flower] upper part canyon. Also Marble Mt.
-Populus tremuloides, 6 to 15 ft. h. [feet high], forming thickets in the upper part of Shackleford Canyon.
-Alnus tenuifolia, forming thickets 7 to 12 feet high in lower part canyon.
-Cerasus emarginata, Sierra Cherry, forming 10 to 20 acre thickets on sharp high slopes about Marble Mt. Frostbitten badly this season.
-Alpine Hemlock, base of snow drifts about summits of Marble Mt. 70 ft. h. at outside, 3 1/2 ft. diam. max. Tips very slender and pliable, never broken here as are the Red Firs.
-Pinus monticola, upper Shackleford Canyon. Large trees.
-Quercus Sadleriana, Marble Mt.

[Shackleford Canyon]
July 4, 1907
No. 2809. Chaenactis suffrutescens Gray. Scott Valley, stony creek bed.
No. 2810. Cercocarpus betuloides, 10 ft. h., slender. See p. 146a.
No. 2811. Rosa gymnocarpa. Lower Shackelford Canyon. 3 ft. h. See p. 146a. No. 2812. Ribes. See p. 146a. Spreading as bush 2 to 3 ft. h. anthers lavender, sepals purple, petals white.
No. 2813. Pinus Murrayana. Shackelford Canyon. Of small size here. Staminate cones in cluster = 17 to 31.
No. 2814. Ranunculus californicus Benth. var. orsusulus. Strictly erect plants at edge of gravel-edged meadow. Petals 5, yellow.
No. 2815. Potentilla breweri Wats. Gravelly drift meadow. Petals yellow, broad, retuse or obcordate with obtuse sinus.
No. 2816. Spraguea umbellata. Sepals 2, orbicular with small central green spot. Petals 4, white. Sepals white. Stamens 3. Style one, undivided.
No. 2817. Oreobroma, Petals 7 to 10, white, strongly pink-veined along middle. Stamens 6 to 9, often but not always same no. as petals, united at base 1/4 their length. Great low broad rock forming a perfect garden on it. Head of Shackelford Canyon. (=O. cotyledon Howell.)
No. 2818. Streptanthus. Sepals yellowish, their tips pale yellow. Petals very narrow, dull pink with marked purple veins. On rocks, upper Shackelford. Cont. p. 146a.
No. 2819. Ribes. Petals yellow. Sepals dark velvety purple. Stems 2 or 3 feet long bush 1 foot high. Upper Shackelford seen near Marble in low almost mat-like colonies 7 feet across and circular. R. Marshallii Greene.
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