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The Hague, Holland
"School of Anatomy" by the master is here and is a marvelous composition - the portraits are almost live men. There are two portraits of the artist; David playing the Harp before Saul; etc. The worthy Jan Steen is well represented, and the far famed Bull of Potter attracts a great deal of attention. Handekoeter's fine fowls are here, too, aplenty.
All Hague turns out into the streets towards evening and as far as you can see are people, people, people.
The Groot Kerk is a mighty curious and a huge old pile. The old Knights
May 13, 1906
Hall in the Binnenhof is somewhat interesting.
I write all this at Delft Poort Station, Rotterdam.
- "God made the sea and we made the land" say the Dutch. How true it is! Everywhere one sees the canals above the level of the fields and the utter flatness and lowness of the country proclaim the vigil of the dykes. Took train to the Hook of Holland and embarked on Great Eastern Co's steamer for Harwich. Left about 11:20 and got in about 6:00 Am. Passed through the customs and boarded the "Continental Express" for London - a slow train, but it seemed

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