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Addresses, 1906.

= M.F. Gagnepain, Botanic Garden, Paris, collab. with A. Finet on "Contrib La Flore de L'Asie Orientale" (N.A. Thellung, working on Lepidium).
= Franz Herrmann, 5 Rue Alboni, Passey, Paris, France.
= Sir Thomas Hanbury, Lady Hanbury, Mr. Pease, Lady Northcote -- La Mortola, Ventimiglie, Italie.
= Dr. Penzig, Hanbury Institute, Orto Botanico, Universitete di Genova, Genes [?], Italia.
= Percy Brammell, 29, Rue Vineuse, 16e, Paris, France, who so kindly gave me street directions on the Paris Subway.
= Giuseppe Pappalado, Veiozianto Provigico di Salerno, Cetara, Italy.
= Miss Annie Florence Brown, 566 Caledonia Ave. (Main 1074.)
Wells Fargo Checks

= Thomas Cook & Son, Rue de Rivoli, Paris, No. 1022992 [?], Feb. 7, 1906.
= Wells Fargo & Co's Cannon st London office, No 1022998, June, 1, 1906.
Carl Stanger's ticket office Berlin
Addresses, 1906

- Mr. William Coldstream, H.M. Bengal Civil Service (retired), 69 West Cromwell Road, S.W.
- Mr. & Mrs. J. Page Hopps, The Roserie, Shepperton on Thames.
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