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British Museum (Nat. Hist.)
[August 20, 1905]

-Bridges, Thos. L. Extract from obituary notice in Trans. Bot. Soc. Edin. 8,434. "The world of science has lost an invaluable coadjutor in the death of Thomas L. Bridges who had resided with his family in California for the last twelve years, and has traversed nearly every part of the state in pursuit of his favorite sciences of Botany and Zoology. With them he was intimately and practically acquainted, and had gathered seeds and plants and animals for societies and wealthy individuals in Europe, including hundreds of specimens of our indigenous Flora and Fauna, particularly in the Mariposa Mountains and those of the Coast Range. For several years previous to 1853 he had resided in

[British Museum (Nat. Hist.)]
August 20, 1905

Chile, where his botanical gardens, near Valparaiso, were the resort of every love of flowers and rare plants. He had also accumulated property, but lost it all by a winter's flood which completely swept away the earnings of his life and caused him to emigrate to California, where he continued to reside near Oakland, until his departure for Nicaragua, on a scientific exploration in the spring of 1865. It was while returning to his family from that country that he died at sea on the 9th of Sept. [September] last. He had in former years (made explorations in South America, rendering his name famous among British naturalists.) Bridges was a true devotee of nature. He was of a most
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