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British Museum (Nat. Hist.) [Natural History]
[August 1905]

-Bridges, Thomas. In London's Gardeners' Magazine, 16, 115 (1840) a writer advises a correspondent against turning Botanical Collector and cites the case of "poor Drummond" who though his plants were eagerly bought up did not make enough to realize his wish of buying a few acres to settle down with his family. Douglas barely got a living and often sacrificed his health in search of plants and was often in most distressing circumstances.
Bridges had other sources of income than the plants, animals, etc. sent over to Engl. [England].
-Collie and Lay, former surgeon, the latter naturalist under Beechey. Cf. Britten's Bibliog. Index. Layia.
-Calandrinia-the Chilian species in Brit. Mus. [British Museum] with their tufts of basal leaves and tuber-like roots parallel the West. Am. [Western America] montane plants of Oreobroma (Howell) and Lewisia most remarkably.
August, 1905.
-McNab & Sadler. For list of paper see Roy. Soc. Cat. [Royalty Society Catalogue].
-Barclay. Cf. Obione Barclayana, Benth. Bot. Sulph. 48.
-Potamogeton rufescens, fertile in shallow water, sterile in deep water where the veg. [vegetative] grown is luxuriant-Schimpfer.

_Cont. from p. 57.
This date calculated from a reference calendar many years later. This Sunday must have been between Aug. 6 (day I arrived in London) and the next following date, Aug. 20 (p. 67).
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