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- Voices of the Madrona: -- coming along the ridge above the cementery on last Sunday -- see note back -- I heard in the woods that crowned the hill voices of anguish and of pain and of remonstrance succeeding each other, mostly stifled but some sharp or quick as a cry of "Don't"! I was instantly held by the noises and turning to descry their source saw 2 branches from dif. Madrona trees crossed high in air, and rubbing against each other voiced the swaying breeze. A superstitious or imaginative person would have here been quite in their element. It is wonderful how few branches cross in the forest -- so thick are the trees -- yet does Nature avoid conflicts.
June 18, 1903

[Tan Oak.]
- A foreman in the woods says: -- A big tree may make two cords (5200 lbs) bark but usually it takes two average trees to make a cord. The ton was 2450 to begin with; the putting in of green bark caused it to raise to 2550 and then 2600. Bark was originally sold by measure but on account of inconvenience the buyers took to weighing a few cords to determine the average and finally weight became the rule. Bark lies in the woods three weeks before being piled and brought in. It is supposed to be ready as soon as it curls.
This country in here will average 400 cords to quarter-section: some quarters here as little as 222, some
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